FULL MOON: January 1 and 31

NEW MOON: May 15 (2 days away from Perigee), June 13, July 13, August 11 and September 9 – this is a very long series of Crises New Moon periods


JANUARY 1: Crises Full Moon at 11 Cancer 37 at 9:52 pm EST
JANUARY 2: Uranus turns Direct at 18 Cancer 34
JANUARY 16: New Moon at 26 Capricorn 54 at9:17 pm EST
JANUARY 26: Mars enters Sagittarius
JANUARY 31: Crises Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 11 Leo 37 at 8:27 am EST

NOTE: This is a Blue Moon month that is bracketed with Crises Lunations. This usually means that the entire month can have crises in the world. I wrote this years ago.


JANUARY 4: The Moon is in the sign of Leo and, from 7am to 6 pm EST, the Moon forms a Grand Fire Trine with Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This is a period for inspired thinking, creative writing and enthusiastic communication. Those with planets in Fire signs from 21-24 degrees will be especially inspired at this time.

JANUARY 9: The Moon will be in the sign of Libra and there is a brief period from 5am to 11 am EST when the Moon makes a sextile to Mercury in Sagittarius. This is a good period for mental activity and communications but Mercury is in its detriment so you must exercise caution in your decision making.

JANUARY 9 through early 11: The Moon is in the sign of Scorpio from 3:06 pm EST on the 9th to 9:50 am EST on the 11th. The Moon on makes favorable aspects although around midnight on the 11th (EST) Mercury changes signs, leaving its detriment for the sign of Capricorn. Since Mercury rules an Earth sign (Virgo), it marks a time of leaving a difficult situation for something more comfortable. The Moon ends with a favorable aspect to the Sun-Venus conjunction at 21 Capricorn. It is an excellent time to initiate an activity, one requiring much energy, and ending with positive relationships and support from one in authority.
NOTE: I will be leaving on the 10th for Europe. Something will be dropped soon after I arrive in Europe or possibly on the flight but this will be an improvement.

JANUARY 13: The Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius and this is a brief period when the Moon only trines Uranus – from 3pm on the 13th to 3:45am on the 14th. This period is best used for working alone on some unique or progressive project. It favors cutting through any red tape and lucky breaks help you to achieve your goals.

JANUARY 14 (after 3pm EST) – 16: The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn but there is a square to Uranus between 4-5pm on the 16th. For smooth sailing, initiate AFTER 5pm EST on the 16th when the Moon forms a New Moon, ending with a conjunction with Venus. This favors finalizing any financial activities or business affairs.

JANUARY 20-21: The Moon is in the sign of Pisces and it is well aspected. The ending aspects are a trine to Jupiter-Mars in Scorpio. This is an excellent time for creative and intuitive projects and activities. Assistance comes from an assertive and enterprising individual. Intuition gives you the edge in achieving success. The ending aspect occurs at 8pm on the 21st.

  1. Rahima Miller Says:

    I have many times read about the moon and other inner planets triggering other transits in one’s chart. As you said above, “The Moon is in Scorpio and your 1st House every 28 days. This is not significant unless it triggers other transits and progressions in your chart. “
    My 3 questions are 1) If you have particular aspects in your natal chart, are they activated also? For instance I have a Tsquare with Uranus at the base in 3rd house and Saturn-6th opposition Mercury in 12th. So when there is a moon, or retro mercury etc. in transit in those houses, would it trigger the concerns of my T-Square planets and houses? Or do you see the trigger as primarily active when it aspects my progressions and/or other current transits?
    2) What orb do you use for the trigger?
    3) I always look at transits by how they affect natal patterns, but then my chart is constructed with almost every major planet part of a T-square or if you include Chiron a grand cross. So it’s never a “Jupiter conjunct your mercury” without it also being opposite my Saturn, and square my Uranus, for instance. So if there is a good aspect between that Jupiter transiting my natal Mercury, like a trine to transiting Mercury, which would prevail?
    I have a bunch of other questions, but that’s it for now. I’m so glad I happened on to your column and articles.
    Thanks! Rahima
    PS March 17, 1951, 7:15 AM, Richmond VA is my birth data.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    RAHIMA (8-2011): You have asked a lot of good questions.
    I will answer a general one on TIMING:
    To be honest, I have not found an accurate system for picking the date when an event occurs. Uranus transits last for 1 year but it is impossible for me to predict on which dates Uranian events will occur.
    The Transiting Mars 1 degree behind the Ascendant is often a trigger for some event.
    If the Ruler of the 11th House is a slow moving planet, its aspect to the Ascendant will trigger a relationship meeting with someone from your past.
    I have Venus in the 11th and, when it aspects my Ascendant, I receive a call from someone from my past.

    T-SQUARE TIMING: I have observed this for years that the T-Square is triggered from the time an outer planet enters the earliest degree in the T-Square until it finally leaves the latest degree in the T-square. Say you have a T-square with the Moon at 2 degrees/Mercury at 4 degrees/Saturn at 6 degrees. Pluto transiting this will last from the time Pluto entered 2:00 degrees to the time when Pluto leaves 6:59. This can be a 2-3 year period.
    During this entire period, the T-Square is triggered with some event that commenced when Pluto first aspected the Moon, at the earliest degree.

    Years ago, when my mother’s progressed Moon entered her T-Square involving her money Houses, I told her that there would be complications around receiving money but it would be over and she would get the money when the P Moon lefted the T-Square. This was accurate.

    In working with clients in the 1980s, I did not find that the Personal Planets (through Mars) wuld trigger the T-Square, unless there was an outer planet in this configuration as well.

    So, I do not use triggers for specific dates as I can be wrong. I can give specific dates as Progressed to Progressed aspects often occur on the date when they are exact and the Moon making minor apsects (150-135-72 etc) often produces an event on the exact date.

    You need to make these observations yourself — which is exactly what you are doing. Then, it all becomes clear as to what works and what does not.

    Now, events that occurred before 15.5 years of age are easier to predict. Use the degree of separation of exactness to show when a natal aspect became embossed upon the personality.
    For example, supposed you have the Moon at 10 degrees and Saturn at 15 degrees making a square. At the age of 5, you were weened emotionally and learned to 1) take care of others before yourself and 2) that you cannot rely upon mother to take care of you. Sometimes this can actually be the birth of a younger sibling and mother has less time for the individual.

    I use the technique in my Medical Courses, determining when a childhood (unexpressed) trauma occurred that has planted a seed for some future health issue.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SAIIDIA (11-2012): No one can put their life on hold while Mercury is R. You need the money so take the job if offered. R is fine for a temporry job. Only start
    permanently when Mercury goes D

  4. student Says:

    Hi, came here hoping to find the good days for May. Was wondering if I could be put on the list for “electional good days.” Thanks. :)

  5. Lina Says:

    I am wondering if I also can be put on the list for ‘‘electional good days’‘.

    Thank you. Lina.

  6. Marilyn Says:

    Please send me the electional good days. Thanks.

  7. Bob Silver Says:

    Hi Lynn

    How have you been? My email has changed, so I’ve included the new one.

    Isn’t the Pluto mission fascinating? The heart-shaped pattern (the heart shape has a Roman erotic history) and the reddish color (co-ruler Mars?) are very interesting. I’m sure there will be more surprises in store.

    I’d like to share an observation from the past 5 years of following progressions/transits in order to make predictions.

    It seems when I’m following an aspect closely, I see very few hits. However, when I use progressions to go back in time, some big events over the years (aneurysm, lawsuits, disinheritance, deaths of family members) are clearly associated with the aspects.

    By the way, many years ago, when I was your student, my apprehension of Pluto getting ready to conjunct my Mars- Saturn- Midheaven exact conjunction in Scorpio was correct. At the time, I feared for my father (Saturn, ruler of ascendant conjunct Midheaven ) and my younger brother (Mars; in 10th, ruler of the 3rd). Mars was first, located at 7 Scorpio 35 and followed by Saturn 7 Scorpio 50. My brother first committed suicide in May 1986 and my father committed suicide in December 1986.

    I recall you at the time you said that aspects to planets in fixed signs guarantee an observable event. Do you still believe that?

    I really enjoy reading your blogs and newsletters – you’re a great writer!



  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BOB (7-2015): Bob, I have a really good FB astrology account. I hope you can join. I am just finishing up an article on prostate cancer for a free e-zine. You can get the link on my FB. Yes, Fixed signs are more observable but, today, I feel that the Cardinals are affecting health issues through high cortisol.

  9. Niki Says:

    Have you got any good electional days for September and October? My son wants to release music which he has worked on for over the past year and 1/2. His birthday is on the upcoming September 13th partial eclipse. There is only one aspect the moon makes which is to a sextile to saturn. Thank you.

  10. Laurel Says:

    Hi Lynn, I’m very pleased to have found your site! I am in the market to buy a new car and have held off until Mercury goes direct this Friday (10/9). Are there days coming up that would be optimal for new car buying? I’m not in a hurry but would like to do it before the end of 2015.
    Thanks in advance!!!

  11. Jen Says:

    Please add me to your electional list e mail list.
    Thank you kindly,

  12. Martha Says:

    Please put me on your monthly list for the electional good days! Thank you so much!

  13. Nicole Says:


    I would like to be added to your monthly electional good days list.


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