From *JULY 1- 2 through AUGUST 17-18 2019, Mars will transit the sign of Leo. Since the Mars sign shows how people respond when they are angry and how they react to the anger in others, Mars in Leo causes people to become angered and highly uncooperative due to pride and respect (the lack of) issues. It is important to keep this in mind when interacting with others and cooperation is required. Of course, we ourselves will be equally sensitive to pride and (dis)respect issues but, if we want to accomplish our objectives, we need to treat others with the same respect that we demand for ourselves.

In past Mars in Leo cycles, I purchased tacky earrings and boot jewelry. I got my first tattoo and, 2 years later, my 2nd tattoo. I began renovations in my home and purchasing new furniture. Being good to yourself is essential with this Mars cycle. In my journals, I found my energies more extroverted. My need for love and appreciation was strong. I seemed to get despondent when I was ignored or felt a lack of affection in my life.

In 2010, Mars was in Leo for a very long since it was retrograde at that time. I do remember that this was a very social time, ME time, and I attended parties, took day trips with a senior group and I had fun in general.

In 2013, Yes, there were important social events, including a big event at the Slovenian Embassy. A neighbor and I took a luxurious trip to Cape May. I adopted another stray that showed up…he is still with me. I was active planning my trip to Poland.

Mars in Leo will always be in my 12th House so it is not always active but the 12th House rules Foreign and Distant Places where people do not know you and this part was active.

I realize that many times my Greatest Astrological Picnic is held every other year when Mars is in Leo! This was true in 2015 and 2017.

HEALTH ISSUES: When angered or provoked, Mars in Leo will manifest as a disturbance in the biochemical cell salt of Magnesium Phosphate. This cell salt acts upon the motor nerves and these respond to any pain felt in the sensory nerves. Magnesium Phosphate is found inside the cells of muscles, nerves, bones, the brain and spine. Deficiency affects muscle fibers and nerve endings. This is known as the anti-pain cell salt. It helps us to let go and relax.

Magnesium Phosphate calms agitated nerves for pain relief of headache, writers cramp, sciatica, neuralgia. Spasmodic is a key symptom and Magnesium Phosphate calms spasmodic coughs, menstrual cramps and leg cramps. This Cell Salt improves the body’s ability to absorb Magnesium. If lacking in Magnesium Phosphate, nerves are on edge with the inability to relax emotional (showing as anxiety, nervous disorders, depression) and physically (showing as muscle problems, fibromyalgia even worse with a light touch, nerve sensitivity-even the skin may feel overly sensitive).

When I experienced stress, my back ached. Leo rules the back and, in shouldering burdensome responsibilities, the back will suffer. Sometimes this type of back ache is due to adrenal stress. When I take two capsules of Adrenal caps (Solaray is only one now with Raw Adrenal), the pain is gone within 30 minutes. Sometimes it can be due to electrolyte imbalance and a good potassium-magnesium supplement can be very helpful.

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Each autumn, they have a homeopathic remedy for the seasonal and swine flus.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:
    Q: Will my new diet be successful with the transit?

    To be honest, the Mars transits are minor and I rarely use these in my readings, except when I see a Mars Return. I also like using the Mars Return charts to see where my energy will be manifesting during the next 2 years.

    Mars in a Fire sign will always energize the House that it transits, better than in other signs. It can be very helpful with 6th House issues, such as diet.

    The process of changing yourself to such an extent is what I call The Hero’s Journey. I have written an articles on Weight Loss and the Transformational Process on this website. It is a heartfelt article that I consider the best that I have ever written because it did, indeed, come from the heart and personal experiences.
    Wishing you much success in your personal transformation.

  2. Callie Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Great site! I have transiting Mars opposite my natal Mars on June 13, natal Mars at 19 Aquarius which is conjunct transiting Neptune, with my ascendant at 6 Leo (born 1/16/66 at 5:44pm in Northwest Indiana). How might this manifest for me, especially the difficult aspect with transiting Mars opposite transiting Neptune? Thank you.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Callie – It is most likely that nothing will happen on June 13 that is related to Mars opposing Mars. You are experiencing a Mars opposition for the entire time that Mars is in Leo. It will be a critical low when the Moon is in Gemini, opposite your natal Moon.

    This is a low energy cycle, a time when the physical body is on recharge. Just do not do too much or push yourself too hard. Allow the body to recharge. This happens every 2 years for everyone.

    I have an article on this topic on this website, Mars Cycles.
    You might download the “daily journal” program on the internet and keep a journal of what happens every day for future reference. I have been doing this for years.

  4. katie Says:

    Hi Lynn, Luv your site! I have mars in leo at 4 /12th with a 16 asc. So Mars is in my first now. This was so interesting to read because I have been making big big plans for myself that don’t seem supported by others right now. It was great to read that the timing is more when the square energy arrives in Scorpio where my sun is as 1. I want to change my diet, lose weight and make a very long distance move and career change. That’s not too much to ask is it? lol . I feel very impractical at times and discouraged. but I’ll hang in there. Thanks for the great articles.

  5. shanel Says:

    Hi Thanks for your website I couldn’t find your Mars Return article. Could you please direct it to me? I’m especially interested since I have Mars in Leo in the 6th house and was born on October 16th.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I found that the article was listed as Transiting Mars so I changed the title. Sorry about this. You could actually have 3 Return charts (Direct-Retrograde-Direct) if Mars crosses the degree of your Mars 3 times. It is the last crossing that will last for 2 years. It marks where the energy will be focused. This should not be interpreted as bad.

    These cycles will help support your changes but your own drive and will is the directing force. Please read my article on WEIGHT LOSS & THE TRANSFORMATIONAL CYCLE. It was written from the heart.

  7. James Keehner Says:


    I just read your Mars article. I am ready to send a book proposal to publishers and since I have four planets in Leo wonder if it is ok during this Mars retrograde through Leo. I would prefer not to wait until March to send.



  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Sometimes we just HAVE to act while a planet is Retrograde. I would certainly wait until AFTER Mercury turns direct. Then, I would choose a day when the Moon only makes favorable aspects. I give these in my monthly astro-column and this should be on Laura’s website (accessed from my homepage).
    However, I know the dates for January and the best dates are January 21 and January 28 — after 7:22am EST and before 11:49 pm EST.
    February is not a good month, unless you wait until the end.

  9. Thomas Reyes Says:

    I am a Leo and looking for advise on when to file a lawsuit in that when mars is retrogade it is advised not to engage in lawsuits or war. when would be a good time to engage?

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    This requires the skills of an electional astrologer. Yes, do not initiate a lawsuit with Mars-Venus-Mercury Retrograde.
    You would have to have a lawyer who would agree to file at the exact time. There are astrologers who calculate electional charts for initiating but I do not.

    A simple rule (while Mars is in Leo) is to use a chart with Aries or Scorpio on the Ascendant so that Mars would be your ruler and have it in the 9th or 10th House. Then, look for Venus (your opponent having a weak Venus).

    Initiate on a day when the Moon only makes favorable aspects (and not too many aspects as this means the activity in the matter will take longer). The last aspects favoring Mars in Leo would be great but this will not happen until Mars is in late degrees of Leo. The last aspect is the outcome of the matter.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    This is the website for my horary teacher. I understand that he does electional charts for $45.
    His name is Gilbert Navarro.

  12. Katrina Archibald Says:

    Thanks for another enlightening article. I found your comments on Mars in Leo to be really interesting as i myself have this placement of Mars. But just for your research purposes, I thought it might be interesting to share that, up until the past few years, I had suffered with ‘depression’ on and off for many of the preceding years. I wonder if this may be to do with the fact that my Mars is intercepted in the 1st house????
    Thank you

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Any repression of Mars energy can cause depression. Mars intercepted is very frustrating, trapped energy like being in the 12th House.
    However, aspects to the natal Mars (use wide orbs) can produce depression.
    Sometimes Mars in Leo can cause depression due to an injury to a spinal nerve (Cayce) or adrenal depletion due to stress (manifesting also as lower back pain).
    Since you have Mars in Leo natally, this is a Mars Return — there is an article on Mars Cycles on this website.
    It would be interesting to know what brought you out of the depression.

  14. ana Says:

    hi, love all your information, I dont know much abut my chart the only thing that i know is that i was born april,15 1956,in Santiago,Chile,last 28 of march my partner left with out an explanation he is libra, i was wondering if the full moon ..I’m lost please can you give alitle information, many thanks. Ana.

  15. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Ana – I do not give romantic advice on this website. Without your birth time, no one can tell anything about your Moon, Ascendant or Houses. Mars in Leo was transiting your Fixed T-Square. Planets transiting a configuration generate crises in the life…with Mars in Leo over pride and respect issues. Libra men can be shallow. Let him go!

  16. kat Says:

    This is spot on! I’m a leo and have been adversely affected by Mars being in my chart for so long. Let me tell it in a nutshell…Met an Aries in October..was a difficult relationship, and just ended the second week of May. Have had health issues, yes since October, that I pray get better daily. Have suffered bad depression…yes since October. Have not had much outside support. I truly know what alone really means. I hope things turn around. My birthday is August 16. This article cleared alot of things up. Thank you!

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