OUT OF BOUNDS PLANETS with Ema Kurent – SEPEMBER 16 2017 at 12pm EDT
WEBINAR using GoToMeeting – $25
If you are interested in attending this webinar, please contact Lynn Koiner at and she will send you the PayPal link for the Annapolis NCGR
You can also send a check to NCGR Annapolis at 737 Easley Street; Silver Spring MD 20910
Before the lecture, you will be sent a link. Just click on the click and you will see Ema’s computer screen on your computer. The webinar will be recorded and you will receive a copy after the lecture.
Declination or the Other Dimension, as it has been called since the original research done by late Kt Boehrer, has remained a neglected astrological technique but it’s extremely important and useful.
Planets in declination are measured north and south of the celestial equator. My lecture will focus on those planets which exceed the maximum N or S declination of the Sun which is 23.5 degrees.
Those planets are called OOB and have special meanings which are important for a proper natal chart understanding. Planets also go OOB by progression, and the Moon is especially important in this respect. The progressed chart, measured in declination and including OOB planets, is a forecasting technique which can be extremely helpful to every practitioner.
Ema will discuss natal Out Of Bounds Planets and she will discuss the meaning of that important cycle when our Progressed Moon goes out of Bounds.
If anyone does not know if they have Out Of Bounds Planets or when their Progressed Moon goes Out of Bounds, send me your birth data with your payment.

Lynn Koiner will be doing the calculations for you. This is just a service we offer in case you have no idea how to figure this out.

  1. Helen Says:

    is this available for download/purchase? My husband and I have a ton of OOB placements, both natal and progressed, very curious to learn more.

    Thank you

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    HELEN, yes, it is available as an MP4 — that is, you see all of her powerpoint presentation on your computer.

    I will send an invoice to the email that you listed. You can pay it and I will tell Linda to send it to you or you can ignore it. It was a great presentation — she discussed the OOB planets and the P Moon OOB.

    You may need the graph — I can send it or there is one on


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