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Lynn Koiner (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

VIRGO (5-2017): First, I have no idea about a mother giving birth during a shadow period, if at all. The Shadow Period is something only popular since …

Idyll (Saturn retrograde 2017)

Hello ,

Born 15.october.1974 time : 10.50 am city : ankara

Natal saturn in 8 th house , transit saturn i ascendant sagitarrius.dealing with very serious health issues.will it be over …

Virgo (Venus Retrograde for 2017)


I was wondering how Venus retrograde affects a person who is born in the beginning of the shadow period? And also how it affects the mother when giving birth during …


Hi Lynn

Was reading your other article on the vertex and posed a question and then came to this one. The vertex is also part of my kite Neptune …

Jen (The Vertex in the Natal Chart)

Hi Lynn,

Trying to understand what effect exactly my vertex has in my chart. It is an 8th house in Virgo placement and sits right on top of my natal …

Claire (The Vertex in the Natal Chart)

Hi Lynn,

Can you let me know what you think natal south node conjunct the natal vertex could mean. Very tight orb, less than 1 degree.

Thank you so much for your …

D (Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit)

Hi, I hope its okay to ask. I’m a little confused… basically when I go to to view my transits. Pluto is rx in Capricorn, but my confusion is …

mary (Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit)

Thanks so much! – especially the heads up on the Neptune I will check out the Facebook file.

Lynn Koiner (Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit)

MARY (5-2017): I cannot tell what your chart looks like but the Pluto transit will be over after early January 2018. The only advice I can give …

Lynne (Neptune Retrograde 2017)

Dear Lynn, I must tell you that I have found your musings on Pluto and Neptune the best online. Thankyou. My DOB 13th July 1956, Nottingham. England, approx 3.36 …

mary (Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit)

Hi Lynn

I have transit Pluto squaring my Venus in Aries and have been going through a long, torturous separation since the end of 2014 from my ex of over 20 …

Lynn Koiner (The Point of Sonia-- A Point of Personal Transformation)

ANGELA (5-2017): If your birth time is exact, the POT is at 14 Leo in the 11th House.

There is a online calculator for this, which …

Angela (The Point of Sonia-- A Point of Personal Transformation)

Hi Lynn,
I’m having trouble figuring this out. Would you please help me find my point of transformation?

Indianapolis, IN
5:00 a.m.

Lynn Koiner (THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House)

Having most of your planets on the right side of the chart indicates that you are too influence by the needs and emergencies of others.

I normally attribute constant …

Katy (THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House)

Hi, loved your article. My life is and have been quite demanding. I’m known to be person to whom things happen or possibly I unconsciously make things happen to my …


this article today May 3/17 has made a HUGE difference in my day and my greater understanding. Can t thank you enough.cj

Alejandra Aroca (THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House)

Hello, I’m really into astrology as of lately and decided to see my dad’s birth chart he has the sun, mercury, venus, saturn and the true node as a stellium …

Le (THE EMPATH by Elisabeth Fitzhugh)

Hi Lynn,
I really enjoy all of your amazing insight. I sit here on the computer researching transits and your articles are very helpful. Sometimes I felt crazy but I …

Julia (Thoughts on the Galactic Center)

Wow, I love finding this article today. I ave all kinds of things I could say about my background but I’ll keep it simple for now. I have a natal …

Lynn Koiner (Notes on Transpluto)

CHARLOTTE (4-2017): These are really old posts but, for the past couple of years I have been putting in the year – very helpful!

When the progressed Sun enters …

Charlotte (Notes on Transpluto)

hi it would help to have the year on posts.
So april 2017 is exact Tp Rx conj. progressed sun leo. 3 degrees and sun will outspeed it but …

Lynn Koiner (Pluto Retrograde 2017)

SAMANTHA (4-2017): My webmaster is away and I see that you text did not appear but I did receive it. I can see that some of my …

samantha (Pluto Retrograde 2017)

Hi Lynn,

Much love,


MISSY (4-2017): Neptune transits are not easy. Do read my Neptune Transit article. Basically, Neptune speeds up the frequency of your etheric body and your subtle …


i currently have neptune transiting my natal sun and opposing my uranus pluto conjunction at my midheaven. and saturn finishing a transit thru my first house. terrible anxiety/panic …

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