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Hi Lynn,
I am worried about August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse at 28 degree Leo.
My Ascendent is 29 degrees Leo and I have a sixth/7th house Mars …

Claire (Esoteric House Interpretations)

Hi Lynn,
I really learnt a lot from your articles! So I tried to interpret my triangle and was wondering if you could please shed some light on my …

Sabrina S (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

Lynn … The BMW is a lease. Basically you rent the car for three years and then turn it back in. The oil changes and warranty stuff is all …

Taz Harris (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

I have Venus rx 11° natally in my 10th house but in Virgo (11the house cusp). Transiting Venus rx is 11° Aries(6th house). How will I be affected?

Jndo (EYES - Age Related macular Degeneration)

Maybe fish oil can help?

Lynn Koiner (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

SABRINA (3-2017): I am in Europe so I cannot do much. Why a BMW? Do you know how much an oil change costs on these …

Sabrina S (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

Greetings. Great stuff in here. Thank you!
On March 3, right before Venus went Rx, I made a decision to order a new car. (Horrors I know with Venus …

Stellium (Mercury Retrograde 2016 Plus Crises Lunations)


I am refinancing my home, and renewing my mortgage on May 1st 2017. I will likely be changing lenders, although a refinancing could be considered routine for a homeowner. Mercury …

Lyra (Thoughts on the Galactic Center)

I am curious if others can comment. My ASC is 29.30 deg. Sag conjunct Saturn at 0.00 deg. The GC at 26 Sgr 17’22”.

Sun in Virgo




I just got to be distinctly aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s genuinely informative. I will watch your writing skill and ideas. I will acknowledge on …

Eva (THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House)

My Pisces stellium is in the 12th house. I have been reading your comments about planets in one house. All I see is my having Pisces in: sun, moon, mercury, …

Kathryn (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

…one thing I can add to my post above, so far my experience of Venus conjuncting my Mars I’ve noticed that I’ve been compelled to champion womens causes, not petty …

Karin (THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House)

Hi, I have a stellium in my 1st and 2nd house, what advice do you have for me . 1st house is in Pisces and 2nd house in Aries.

Kathryn (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

Hello Lynn! Back to another Venus retrograde period, this time Venus conjuncts my Mars at 10 degrees Aries then back tracks over it then when direct goes back …

varun (Saturn retrograde 2017)

Sir, my D.O.B is 3rd May’82,Ambala,India, 07:05 AM. Life has been full of hardships till now. I am a Computer engineer but entangled in family business of metal casting …

ritika (Saturn retrograde 2017)

Hello lynn,

Greetings from india!
I am a leo ascendant, have a retrograde saturn in my natal chart in 7th house of aquarius (about 18 deg)

I have always (even now) …

Sofia (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

Hi Lynn in the year of 2017 Venus retrograde takes place in my 8th house. I have some responsibility concerning my taxes but just come about the revelation I …

MARCIA (Venus Retrograde for 2017)

Hi Lynn,
I’m interested in cosmetic surgery. I have a big high school reunion on May 20 (I’m 67), but I could do the surgery anytime—don’t have to do it …

Lynn Koiner (Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit)

LISA ANNE (3-2017): Lisa, it is because I receive between 2500 and 4000 hits each day, I cannot give personal readings on my website and I am …

Lisa Anne (Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit)

Hi there! My name is Lisa Anne. Can you please help me? My sun and moon are in the seventh house and Pluto is on my second hit him square …

Lynn Koiner (Esoteric Cancer)

CLAUDIA (2-2017): If you have Cancer on the Asc, Neptune in Sagittarius in the 6th would be the 2nd Point in the Triangle. The 3rd Point is …

Claudia Garza (Esoteric Cancer)

Hi Lynn,

I stumbled upon your website since I having poking around in the ever most fascinating world of Astrology.

I am a little confused with the definition of Esoteric Ruler …


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RACHEL (2-2017): I cannot make a prediction based solely upon an eclipse but it could very well be that communication starts up again.

One would have to …


Hi Lynn very interesting that I just found your post whilst looking up information on eclipses hitting a natal planet as the eclipse this week (February 2017) was exact my …

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