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Since MauerFall (Fall of the Wall in Berlin), I have been traveling to Europe. In November 2010, I began conducting Global Gatherings interviews with astrologers, health practitioners and even artists in the countries that I visit. These interviews are posted here under Global Gatherings, on Global Gatherings Facebook and on my Astro-Column E-List (anyone can ask to receive this).

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In 2011, I arrived in Vienna, Austria, first. Then, I traveled to Slovenia where I stay in Kamnik — I love this small village and friends can easily park here — impossible in the big city of Ljubljana!

My next stop was my spiritual home and the home of my ancestors, Mittenwald, Germany. I stay at a small hotel, Alpenrose, where there is a ghost. He makes such a disturbance when I am there that I leave the television on all night. At this hotel, I will discuss Ghosts and my research in this area. I am the president of Silver Spring Ghosts. An interview by FOX-TV on my ghost investigations (with my ghost partner, Barbara Finch) can be viewed from my website at Both Barbara and I have been investigating the ghosts of Silver Spring for 20 years.

My last stop was be in Munich where I will visited astrologers and an artist whom I interviewed in my last Global Gatherings of 2010.
If you are in these areas and if you would like to be a part of my first Global Gatherings, please contact me at

ATTENTION: If you live in the areas where I am visiting and if you would like to be interviewed on my GLOBAL GATHERINGS, please contact me at anytime.

As International Liaison for the NCGR, I also want to promote the international memberships and the study group memberships for small groups. There are many advantages with the membership, especially if astrologers want to build a name for themselves in the international community by writing posts and articles for this organization.

  1. siofa Says:

    Hi Lynn, do you ever include Ireland on your trips ?!

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SIOFA (4-2012): Part of my family is from Ireland. I have been there only once. I will travel almost anywhere where there are astrologers to meet. My Ireland families are Curtin and Hayes (Helen Hayes the actress is my first cousin twice removed).

  3. Dana Says:

    Hi Lynn any plans on visiting the middle east?? (dubai in particular)

  4. goldenslot Says:

    hi there, I am interested. Is this group still exist today?



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