Catalog of tapes and CDs of lectures by Lynn Koiner.

Widgets World This is the main site with free astrology charts and articles and important links to other astrology sites.

All-Day Workshop on Transpluto available from this organization

PROJECT ENCELADUS International Research for Earthquake Prediction Using Advanced Astrological Techniques

Adam Gainsburg— If you are suffering from any outer planet transit, Adam’s essences have saved my life. I use Venus when dealing with people so that I come across well.
Lately, I am using the “Uranus Transit” essence so that I do not feel trapped by Uranus squaring my Mars in 2009. It helps me to feel free, even when I am actually trapped by circumstances.

Janet Kane
Janet offers many articles and a blog

FREE ASTROLOGY REPORTShttp://www.chaosastrology.net/freeastrologyreports.cfm

Cut & Paste this to find astrological organizations and activities in your area

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