BANK OF AMERICA FIRST TRADE: Jun 5 1979; 10:00 am; New York City, NY

This is the First Trade chart for the Bank of American given by Alphee LaVoie. The Saturn Return found BOA in bad financial shape. I did put money in this bank in April 2010, despite the rumors, because this bank has reciprocity with Die Deutsche Bank in Europe so that I can use my BOA ATM card to withdraw money from the machines in Germany and Austria. They also have reciprocity with Barkley’s in the UK and a bank in France.

This is an interesting story of how things are very different in the US from Germany. The first card that I received to use in these machines was not the correct card. I was stuck in Europe without an ATM card. I had to withdraw using my MasterCard, paying 3% interest.
My friends in Germany could not believe this but, as soon as I returned, I stormed into BOA and raised hell. I was given the wrong ATM card and I had to pay 3% conversion. I insisted upon getting the correct card and to be reimbursed for all of the commission fees…and the bank manager agreed.
This country may have a lot of problems now but the customer still has rights!

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