Advanced Esoteric Astrology

NOTE: The esoteric and hierarchical rulerships are given separately on this website.

In the 1980s, I developed my own theories on Esoteric Astrology and its theory of Triangles of Energy. I am posting my lecture notes for anyone to use in their own research.

The following are areas that I have researched in the field of Esoteric Astrology:

1. The study of the Soul’s Purpose Triangle specifically in connection with the individual’s career orientation and Life Path— Ascendant * Esoteric Ruler of Ascendant & its House position * The Dispositor of the House cusp of the Esoteric Ruler of the Ascendant (although, some people who the dispositor of the planet’s sign, rather than the cusp but this is often the same).

NOTE: I know that, in the 1980s, there was some controversy regarding the type of Zodiac to use. Some insisted that the Sidereal Zodiac be used but Alice A. Bailey herself used the Tropical Zodiac. In the 1980s, I saw one of her hand-typed Soul’s Purpose readings. I have always found the Tropical to work in my Soul’s Purpose readings. However, in my own research, I feel that the Sidereal Zodiac is used only for the Hierarchical Rulerships, used only for very advanced Souls.

Hierarchically, Leo and the 1st House dominate in my current horoscope. I feel that, in my last lifetime, I incarnated in a position of power, feeling that it would be easy for any leader to accomplish great good if they used their power wisely. However, in 12th century Europe, spies, betrayal and deception made wise rulership impossible for me. And so, I ran away, allowing my people to feel that I died when I merely disguised myself as a monk, stayed at Glastonbury for a time and then followed the Pilgrims’ Path to southern Germany where I lived for many years in a monastery.

I am not supposed to be in positions of prominence in this lifetime and probably not the next one either. I have too many lessons to learn about responsible leadership, following intuition and not running away. So, for me, the Sidereal Zodiac does not work.

I have found that the most practical application of this triangle is in the selection of the most satisfying career. The interpretation of the Houses in spiritual activity is a continual research subject for me. For example, I have observed that the 2nd House is a Healing House but one associated with body movements— yoga, aerobics etc. I have observed that the 5th House is associated with the Chakras and a strong interest in this subject. The 5th House approach is similar to the Caroline Myss technique but I observed this long before her books were written. A local psychologist with a 5th House stellium uses Chakra Evaluation as a diagnostic technique.

2. I have always been interested in triangles of energy and how to use them in the horoscope. There are three triangles which I call Extra-Systemic Triangles— what the Soul is attempting to accomplish on its own level— and I have developed Triangles for the Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan stocks. Since we are currently on an evolutionary path for developing the Aryan Root Race, this is the Triangle that the Soul is using at this time. For those on this advanced path, Hierarchical Rulers are used.

The Extra-Systemic Triangles for the Aryan Root Race, for which the archetype of the fully developed Aryan is Plato, might be Ascendant/Descendent axises (using the Hierarchal Rulerships)/Sirius House Position/Uranus, its sign and House Position.

I have Virgo ASC-Pisces DESC/Sirius (always around 12-13 degrees Cancer)/Uranus in Gemini in the 10th House. The Hierarchical Ruler of Virgo is Jupiter and the Hierarchical Ruler of Pisces is the same as the Esoteric Ruler, Pluto.

To analyze this Triangle, my mission is to synthesize (integration) the energies of Virgo-Pisces, bringing order out of chaos, and the Hierarchical Rulers, Esoteric Jupiter and Esoteric Pluto. Jupiter works with Unity Consciousness and Pluto, on esoteric and hierarchical levels, seeks to explode old Piscean Age dogmas— for myself and for others. In the late 1960s, when Saturn transited my 8th House and Pluto was finishing its last square to all of my Mutable planets, I embraced the belief in Reincarnation, freeing myself from the dogmas of the Catholic Church.

Sirius, the home of our Hierarchical Masters and where the Will of God is known, is placed in my 11th House. Seeking Unity Consciousness in organizations is of paramount importance in my life. In the 1990s, I established a Triangle of Light with sister organizations. It was emotionally draining when I had to daily confront the “Old Guard” who only believed in separatism, not sharing. I never gave up on this Ideal. I promoted all of the groups equally, regardless of what they did. In the end, new people came into the groups who instinctively believed in Unity Consciousness. We support each other as strongly as we promote ourselves. All benefit from this sharing and inclusiveness. Our Baltimore and Annapolis Maryland groups are truly acting as Twin Souls, as they truly are since they were once the same organization.

Uranus is in my 10th House so that my Soul does seek to work in some public arena. While I have never been “politically connected” in professional organizations, I am very connected with the people and the public. Public does not mean organizational leadership/rulership. Uranus, esoterically and hierarchically, symbolizes unity consciousness— no one can be free until all are free, since no man is truly an island unto himself. We are all part of the collective.

Uranus is in Gemini, the sign symbolizing the true principles of Democracy— that there can be no true Democracy unless all have the knowledge, the education and the information by which they can make free choices. Hierarchically, Earth is its ruler— bringing into matter these principles in a real and practical way.

To reiterate:

1) The first part of the Triangle is to synthesize and integrate the energies of the polarizing opposites;

2) The fixed star Sirius is both a Brow Chakra and a Heart Chakra of two separate Galactic Entities, one living within the other. Working with the House Position of Sirius will stimulate the Heart Chakra of the individual but, at the Hierarchical level, it would stimulate the Will Center through manifesting the Will of God— this is the true Will, not the will of the little ego;

3) This 3rd part is the planetary energy to be adjusted or corrected within the individual. At its best, Uranus is the expression on the physical plane of Spirit in Matter. At its worst, Uranus is mental isolation which would need to be corrected in the personality by the Soul in its development.

NOTE: As all can see, one does not have to be very advanced to work with this Hierarchical Triangle of Energy.

The Extra-Systemic Triangle for those coming out of the Atlantean Root Race is ASC-DESC/Betelgeuse (27 degrees Gemini)/Neptune.

1) The first part of the Triangle is the integration of the personality in terms of the Esoteric Rulerships, making the personality whole, complete and responsive to the Soul.

2) The House position of Betelgeuse is the 2nd point of the Triangle. Betelgeuse, In ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY II, is the Heart Chakra of a Galactic Entity. Its House position shows what activities will stimulate the opening of this Center. In Houses 2-6-8, it would refer to health and healing activities as stimulating the opening of one’s Heart Chakra. The political orientation of the 10th House can be demonstrated by Franklin D. Roosevelt who had both Betelgeuse and Sirius in this House.

3) The 3rd point of this Triangle is the planetary energy to be corrected by the Soul. Neptune is used to dry up the illusions and attachments to the astral plane. Neptune helps the individual to go beyond the Solar Plexus by dissolving the attachments symbolized by its House position. In “going beyond,” the individual is able to tap into Cosmic or Universal Consciousness where all things are known and where all things are truly ONE.

First Point: Using my own chart with the Virgo/Pisces axis, the Moon is the esoteric ruler of Virgo. Being drawn into a perfectionist environment, self-acceptance is difficult for Virgo to achieve. Self-acceptance and the acceptance of the idiosyncrasies or perceived shortcomings in all people will be found through the activities of the House Position of the Moon. The theme of Virgo— I am human, therefore, nothing human is alien to me.

With Pisces, the individual must explode Piscean Age myths and cliches in oneself and then in others. Tolerance in Pisces becomes a fault, as well as devotional idealism that is separative. Putting up with something that you do not like only generates anger, resentment and the desire to control others on subtle levels because you see yourself as a victim. Face your real motivations. I have observed that many religious fanatics are very angry people. The House position of Pluto will indicate where you need to transform your Piscean Age attitudes.

Second Point: Betelgeuse is in my 10th House, the same location as the esoteric ruler of my Virgo Ascendant, the Moon. The 10th House is a House of a Public Service Career such as teaching or counseling… or even astrology. Acceptance comes through a public career and nurturing the needs of others. And, using Betelgeuse, these activities will open my Heart Chakra.

Third Point: Neptune rules drying up the attachment to the astral plane. Neptune is in my 2nd House, the most compulsive House in the horoscope. I am battling personal addictions with food and spending. Physical activities and body movements truly help with this. In Universal Consciousness, I must have faith that all of my needs will be taken care of just as God tends to the needs of the flowers, the birds and all His creations.

There was a point in my life when I worried about spending so much on others in foreign countries. Would there be enough for me? A Voice spoke to me and said that all will be taken care of— that I should live my life in this respect as if I was rich because, by the time I was secure in my own mind financially, many of these people would be gone and the opportunities lost. I never regret giving too much but I always regret giving too little.

While it seems much easier for me to work on the Aryan Triangle, it is much more difficult to address the issues from Old Atlantean sources. These issues must be addressed before we can truly work on the Hierarchical Triangle— this is where the Soul is working on its own plane.

The Extra-Systemic Triangle for those coming from old Lemurian stock (aboriginal tribes— but not the current aborigines who are more Aryan than Lemurian) is the synthesis and integration of the ASC-DESC axis in terms of the exoteric or traditional rulerships/Denebola/Saturn.

At this lower stage of development, probably not in manifestation at this time, except for rare and only recently discovered tribes…

1) Synthesis and Integration of the Exoteric ASC/DESC.

2) This second point of this Triangle has a debatable rulership which I have given to the fixed star, Denebola, which I am using (to coin a phrase frequently used by Alice Bailey) as a “veil” for the star representing the Solar Plexus of a Galactic Being. It is placed at 20 degrees Virgo and its House position indicates where we can become irrationally emotional, emotional triggers, so to speak.

3) The third point of this Triangle is Saturn, the energies that the Soul needs to correct. Saturn rules our fears and the attachment to the physical and the form in general.

Alice Bailey gave little information on the lower chakras of Great Entities. I decided to go into deep meditation and ask for the information on the low chakras of the Galactic Being. This Galactic Being is not the Heavenly Man or the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT CAN BE SAID but He is referred to by Bailey as having Sirius as the Brow Chakra and Betelgeuse as His Heart Chakra.

I cannot guarantee that the information which I received is correct but I have used these stars in research horoscopes and I do feel that they are correct. In the meditation, I saw the sign of Leo over the solar plexus, Libra over the sacral center and Scorpio over the root chakra. I did not know if this referred to the signs or the constellations.

I looked up each constellation and discovered that Nemean Lion was originally from the Moon, exoterically connected with the Solar Plexus! I then looked up the major fixed stars in this constellation and I saw that several fell into the astrological sign of Virgo, a sign with strong Ray 6/Solar Plexus connected tendencies. I picked Denebola, which is the second brightest star, Beta classification, at 20-21 degrees of Virgo, as being the Solar Plexus of this Galactic Being.

To check out this area, I looked at its position in several charts to see if this area would be highly active in the life with solar plexus activity. That means, wherever the solar plexus of the Galactic Being at 20 degrees Virgo would fall in an individual’s chart, that would be the area in the life that would keep the individual emotionally in a “tumble dryer,” an area that stokes the solar plexus, when activated.

In my own chart, it falls in my 1st House and self-image is a tender spot for me. I looked at the chart of a cool, calm and collected friend for whom 20 degrees Virgo falls in her 2nd House ruling health and money. The only time that I have observed powerful emotions in this lady was when there was no money for the rent and she was too ill to get a job. Another friend with Denebola in her 6th House feels the emotional tumult connected with her job which has seriously affected her health.

NOTE: Ebertin states that Denebola rose when the Titanic was launched with nearly 1500 people lost at sea. Hitler, when assuming power, had the same degree— mass solar plexus stimulation occurred with both events.

The third area of research relates to the diagnosis of disease with the chakras being implicated in the disease, as demonstrated by planetary pictures (another triangle configuration). Planetary pictures involving Saturn would show that the individual is working on transferring energy from the sacral chakra to throat chakra and the planetary pictures involving Jupiter would show that the individual is transferring energy from the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra. I used this technique initially with diabetes. The lifestyle and personality traits substantiated this hypothesis. This is discussed in my website article on Transpluto.

The fourth area of interest was the use of what I call the New Age Triangle of Energy. The Triangle is Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus, using the horoscope of a lady who worked closely with Alice Bailey in the 1940s. In working with these planets, the individual was able to overcome the pull of the Moon and the solar plexus or, as Alice Bailey would say, “… going from a Ray 6 (emotionally charged) to a Ray 2 (emotionally serene) astral body!”

When responding to the Moon in the natal chart, the desire nature interferes with true group service. Lunar groups are highly separative and clannish. Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus refer to the activities of the New Group of World Servers and each planet is a ruler or exalted position of the sign Aquarius.

In my lecture at AMETHYST in 1984, I made the following statements:

After passing the initiation of Capricorn, the Aquarian World Server (or the New Age World Server) comes back to serve humanity. At this point, Uranus replaces the Moon in the natal chart and relationships formally based upon the desire nature are replaced with Transpersonal Relationships.

These relationships are task-oriented so that what is done or accomplished is more important than the relationships themselves— thus making the relationships very important in terms of the Whole. Transpersonal relating is based upon gestalts, the whole and Oneness. Look at your own chart to find where Uranus can help you to move away from the pull of the Moon, substituting Transpersonal Relating for separative/selective/exclusive relating.

Uranus rules independence and leadership qualities which bring about desired changes and produce new conditions which help the Soul of Humanity to express itself more freely. On the other hand, esoterically, Uranus manifests order and organization— establishing the proper fitness and relationship of things so that harmony is achieved.

In the New Age Triangle, Uranus shows the expression on the physical plane of spirit in matter and the interconnection between these two. Uranus will show the type of matter, group consciousness, through which spirit will manifest. Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of Aquarius and this planet stimulates spiritual consciousness through which love can be poured out into the world. Jupiter rules Group Consciousness and service to the masses.

It is interesting to note that Edgar Cayce stated that, in the pre-earthly sojourns between incarnations, the sojourn in Jupiter consciousness enabled the individual to work for and with the masses. Jupiter is a Ray II planet associated with the Heart Chakra and the Heart Chakra is stimulated through group service.

In the New Age Triangle, Jupiter shows the type of love expression that will manifest through the group. For example, the 9th House could be Enlightenment; the 2nd, 6th and 8th Houses could be Healing; the 7th House could be law or psychology.

Mercury, veiled by the Moon, is “the field of service and mode of attaining the goal… and the mode is always that of conflict and struggle in order to achieve harmony (Ray 4). Mercury rules the resolution of that conflict.” Its House position shows where the Soul communicates to the personality. Mercury rules the types of conflicts that the Soul desires to resolve.

In the horoscope of Alice Bailey’s friend and student, Mercury was in Aquarius in the 9th House; Jupiter was in Aquarius in the 8th House; Uranus was in Sagittarius in the 6th House. Here, we find an international arena with Mercury in the 9th House and Uranus in Sagittarius. The 6th and 8th Houses show the area for healing. The conflict was indeed international— this lady joined the Red Cross and served overseas in World War II, as urged by Alice Bailey herself.

I would like to add another thought. My friend and mentor in the 1980s, Judi Laws, briefly mentioned speaking to a friend who said that she disagreed that the Sun influenced the ray of the physical body. I am not particularly interested in the physical body rays since I feel that they can be quite easily determined by observation and questioning. However, I do feel that the Pre-Natal Epoch chart can actually determine the ray of the physical body. This chart explains my hardy Ray 3 body. I am not sure if it is the Sun sign at conception or the Ascendant at conception that determines the ray of the body since, in my case, both are Ray 3 in my pre-natal chart.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    The Soul’s Purpose Triangle is Bailey. I have read some of her typed reports on legal sized paper that she wrote in the early 1940s. This is what she did and she used the Tropical Zodiac.

    In ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, she discussed triangles of energy. When I was active with my own group, AMETHYST, and the SEVEN RAY INSTITUTE, I worked on this with Judi Laws. So, in this advanced article, much is my own, combined with what I learned from Bailey and Judi.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    12th HOUSE MOON:

    This position indicates that the mother’s needs came first. You learned to repress your own emotional needs. Obviously, mom was not getting her own needs satisfied so that this frustration became the dominant feature of that relationship.

    NOTE: If the Moon afflicts Saturn, the message was that, “before you can be happy, the people that you love must be happy.” Of course, they will never be happy as long as you are putting them first.
    These people often hesitate revealing how they FEEL out of fear that other people will not understand their feelings. It is easier to repress their own feelings and emotional needs. As a result, they have a difficult time truly feeling close to other people.

    They fear rejection.

    IMPORTANT: Life planets in the 7th, it is essential that they establish relationships with people whose natal Moon is well aspected by sign to the 12th House Moon.

    Health problems that arise often have an emotional origin. If the only time your mother paid attention to you was when you were sick, you have been programed to get sick in order to have people take care of you. This can also happen with Venus in the 12th. (B.G. example).

    People often get sick just for attention, especially when you have a lot of emotions that build up inside. Find another type of emotional outlet!

    The Moon in the 12th House can have Water Retention problems with emotions that are bottled under the surface. The further back into the 12th House, away from the ASC, the more repressed is the energy. If the retention is around the ankles, it may very well be connected with an under-active thyroid (ruled by Mars and Saturn, suppressing the Will).
    The Moon in Virgo can affect blood sugar through the liver releasing glycogen and self-criticism.
    Eating disorders are common – eating rather than dealing with emotions!

    Karmically, it may be those people who you neglected in a past life are coming back to make their demands this time around.

    EXAMPLE: A 12th House Moon in Leo woman found herself taking care of her mother for years. She spend a fortune tending to her welfare. Her mother lived to be close to 100 years old. I would tell her, “Why would mom die when she knows she has a hair appointment next week.” Once mom felt the debt was paid, she finally died.

    These people need to get in touch with their sensitive feelings and they need to find an occupation or activity that allows they to do this. They can be attracted to nurturing types of occupations but this is NOT nurturing to themselves or expressing their own emotions.
    I can allow to empathy and an emotional connection with others, possibly those you had neglected in the past.
    NOTE: In a Cayce reading, the entity who had been NERO was an arrogant quadriplegic who was experiencing the people who had died in the Roman arena take care of him. He was totally dependent upon these people. This can be a 12th House example of taking care of others as an emotional catharsis of a past life experience.

    The Moon in the 12th House invariably indicates problems in the relationship with the mother. The individual does not feel nurtured as the mother’s emotional needs came before the child. The child, in turn, learned to suppress emotional needs and reaching out for nurturing.

    Because of the repressed feelings about the mother, this can make it very difficult to breaks the ties with the mother, especially with aspects from Saturn (guilt) or Neptune (sacrifice).

    The individual often has difficult dealing with their own Inner Child. They feel quite vulnerable where their feelings are concerned. They may not feel that they can cry or show their tears. There may have been injunctions, “Stop that crying!”

    They have difficulty with Needy and Dependent types. They are very aware that others are not being considerate of their feelings. They need to learn to satisfy their own needs, stand up for their own feelings and do something that nurtures them without consideration for others – even though it may appear selfish!

    In denying their own feelings and emotions, they learn to become emotional sufficient, especially with aspects to Transpluto (good or bad). People cannot get so close that they can criticize, try to change or tell them what to do. This can lead to Virgo Burn-Out. See Transpluto article on my website.

    Remember, when you do not allow yourself to receive, then it is etched in granite that the only people you will attract into your life are people who CANNOT GIVE!

    OCCUPATION: Counseling is common; director of a medical program; writer or musician are more fulfilling choices. The Moon rules our purpose in life. When we do not tend to our own emotional needs, we may feel adrift, without a purpose in life.

    GIVE to yourself if you cannot receive from others! But, learn to RECEIVE!

  3. melissa Says:


    I am not sure whether to use tropical or sidereal when interpreting the Aryan root triangle. I have always been under the impression that this life is not one of public. The impression of my natal chart is one of privacy and self understanding. This is primarily based on my 4th house stellium. Moreover a majority of my natal planets reside in the first quadrant of my chart.

    So I was wondering if this is the correct line of thought or am I stuck in an exoteric mind-set?

    I would appreciate it if you could look at my chart & recommend the tropical or sidereal chart to use in the Aryan Root Triangle. I am not asking for a reading just what system to use.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Melissa: Do not use Sidereal but rather the Hierarchial Rulerships. Use the Chart on Esoteric Rulerships.
    Your Aryan Extra-Systemic Triangle is…

    Libra Asc + Saturn in Gemini in 9th + Earth in Cancer in 10th

    Saturn is the Hierarchical ruler of Libra; Earth is the Hierarchial ruler of Gemini

    The Soul on its own level seeks to Unify, expand unity consciousness and ground these ideas into something tangible and permanent for humanity.

    There is more but this is sufficient for your studies…Lynn

  5. ana Says:

    Hi, i would like to ask you what is the meaning of sun conjunct ascendant in esoteric astrology?

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANA (2-2013): For me, esoteric astrology does not work this way. I interpret the Triangles and the signs plus their esoteric rulers.

    I have my Sun conjunct my Ascendant (and I am a leader and my personality brings light to my Soul’s Purpose) but I do not interpret it esoterically in the triangle. The Ascendant sign and its esoteric ruler are more important. See my article on the signs on this website.

  7. ana Says:

    Thank you Lynn, i asked because i read somewhere that sun rising in natal chart means that the person is still the personality, maybe because he is not conscius yet of soul personality duality, or is the meaning of sun rising that of soul infused personality? superimposition of two charts , one of personality and other of soul, this is done by progressing the sun on natal ascendant…if you superinpose one upon the other you see that sun rising chats shows that the iner and outer life is the same…that mean that the esoteric ruler of the sun and that of the rising are the same…is this not alignment of the ray?

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANA (2-1013): Whoever wrote this interpretation is incorrect!

    I have the Sun on the Ascendant but I feel very connected with my Soul – yet, I would not go so far as to say that I am Soul infused.

    I will tell you candidly that you cannot tell the spiritual level of an individual from the chart. In superstitious parts of the world, they teach this but I never do.

    This technique that you use is not one that I would ever use. There is no esoteric ruler for the Sun – the Sun is both the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Leo.

    I have observed that the work that one is doing in the world is a good indicator of the spiritual level. Not that the person has to be doing something spiritual for a living like a healer or minister.

    The most spiritual man who I have ever known never thought he was an advanced soul. His job was a parole officer, dealing with men who had been released from prison. He said that he never sent a prisoner back to prison, even one who jumped over his desk and tried to strangle him. He kept working with them until they got their life together.
    After he retired, he volunteered at the hospital to counsel people with mental illness — he gave over 16,000 hours in about 30 years.
    SPTriangle: Libra Asc – Uranus in Aquarius in 4th

    A life well lived tells you more about the Soul of an individual than their horoscope.

    I am sure that my dad is a Ray 3 Soul because of his love of nature and farming. At the Farmers Market, everyone loves him, he sells at fair prices and he loves the vegetables and his customers. At 92 years, he exemplifies a LIFE WELL LIVED.

    For determining the Rays, I prefer the Questionnaire method. Adele Wilson in West Virginia studied this with me and she still provides this service by mail or e-mail.

  9. mariyana halacheva Says:

    Hi,Lynn’s very strange “coincidence”,that searching random info for isis-transpluto,I found the information,I really needed-“Esoteric Astrology“at your site.Of course we know-there is no coincedences… :)Few days ago,when I started to read Bailey’s book,I was wondering,if there any astrologer who use and develop this kind of astrology…and I found you-this is from the…
    Ok,I have- Asc-Leo/Desc- Aquarius
    Leo ruler -Sun-pisces-8 house
    Aquarius ruler-Moon-Twins-11 house
    Sirius-11 house
    Uranium-retrograde-in Leo- end of 12/1-st house(conjunct Asc)
    I still can’t find “my place under the sun”,but what is attracting me,is esoteric and astrology.In fact years ago I started with the astrology,but decided ,that need to study esoteric matter to understand better the astrology…and today I’m here on the spot…I have so much to learn…And thank you so much for all your knowledge you share here

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Mariyana (11-2013): Your Sun-Moon-Asc have nothing to do with your Soul’s Purpose Triangle as used by Bailey. I am guessing that it is….

    Leo Asc – Sun in Pisces in 8th – Pluto in…..

  11. mariyana halacheva Says:

    Lynn,sorry,but I meant the The Extra-Systemic Triangles for the Aryan Root Race-Asc/Dsc/Sirius/Uranium.Don’t you use it also for the soul purpose or I didn’t understand it’s right meaning?
    For my normal triangle for Soul’s purpose-
    Ruler Leo-Sun-8 house-Pisces
    Ruler Pisces-Pluton-in 1 house-Virgo

    If you need and Virgo’s ruler position-Jupiter-4 house-Sagittarius

    NOTE FROM LYNN: This is very complex information and I do not make analyses from this. You must do this yourself, looking at the Fixed Stars, Uranus and Jupiter.
  12. mariyana halacheva Says:

    LOL…of course,Lynn, I’ll try to do it,but just asked for your opinion,as you are more experienced with the esoteric matter.Here is what I think about my Soul’s triangle-The individual is more self-conscious about her Soul’s Mission and assist it.(Asc ruler in Sun’s sign)Through attraction to occult,esoteric,astrology,studing life after dead(8 house),the individual pass through major transformation.Sensing the Spirit,the Universe,she has to transmit it to the High and then to the Low mind,to find some practical expressing on material level for serving and helping others(Virgo-1 house). Esoteric Astrology is the Higher form for healing,self-awareness and growth.This is my analys for now….Anyway-thank you :)I did some notes about the Fixed Stars-very helpful…and will continue to read the“Esoteric Astrology”-A.Bailey.Have a great evening!:)

  13. Skylar Phoenix Says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I have been fascinated with Baileys work for many years. As per the formula, I got:

    Leo Ascendant (Leo Duad/Leo Decanate)
    Jupiter in Leo 1st (Scorpio Duad/Leo Decanate)
    Sun in Cancer in the 12th (Cancer Duad/Decanate)
    Venus is the ruler of my Gemini 12th house cusp
    Venus is in Gemini 11th with Taurus on the cusp

    Im really curious to know what happens when your exoteric/esoteric chart ruler is un-aspected and intercepted and at 0 degrees??

    Actually, Vulcan is conjunct Sun but all of the planets are not in aspect to it. I know that normally this would imply that the expression of the Sun has no support and no outlet.

    I think an added challenge is that the Sun is in the 12th house. I also have Mercury in Cancer in the 12th. I believe my Sun position is the reason why I have had so many cyclical identity crises and experienced so many ego deaths in my life, with experiences of nebulousness and being lost, under the tide so to speak. My super creative, passionate Leo energy doesn’t always seem to have an easy outlet for expression. And a lot of the times it feels that its being sabotaged by something hidden, unknown, karmic.

    On the other hand, because of the interception in my chart, I have Leo-Aquarius on double duty as rulers of cusps 1/7 + 2/8. So lots of ease and capability in expressing these sign qualities in a sense.

    Its interesting that with the chart ruler Sun in Cancer 12th, making the cusp ruler Venus (Gemini) there may be a connection between this part of the formula and the Venus-Neptune opposition in my 11th/5th house polarity. As Venus being the esoteric ruler of Gemini and Neptune being the esoteric ruler of Cancer. Although, Neptune is in Sagittarius – which is ruled by Earth – which in my case is 0 degree Capricorn 6th/also intercepted.

    On a separate note, I had a reading once with a woman claims to works with the Masters and can clairvoyantly determine your rays for each of your vehicles. When I received the info I was feeling mixed intuitive signals. The 6th Ray soul resonated but not the 5th Ray personality. She also has been “shown” colours associated with the rays and ascended masters that don’t comply with the well known material out there. So things were a bit off. Including which master she said was with my from the 6th ray.

    BTW, I am so glad I found your super informative website. Cant wait to peruse some more… :)


  14. Moon mother Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    I have a new born son with an unaspected 12th house moon… Since his father left me during pregnancy I’ve had a tough time than and still struggeling now and then, but I try to always look at his needs first, keeping him so near me. I quit my job to be with him full-time etc. How do you deal with this moon position? How can you help a child not becoming afraid to be open and feel his needs don’t count etc.
    I know we all carry our own karma into this life, but this feels so sad.
    could you give any advice?

    I am curious…

    With Love

  15. Moon mother Says:

    P.s. I am a cancer sun in 12th house, mars and mercury there too…!!

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SKYLAR (12-2013): Let me first clarify your SPT

    Leo Asc – Sun in Cancer in 12th – Venus in Gemini in 11th (or some people use the dispositor for the Sun, which would be Neptune.
    You can try each and I do have an article on Esoteric Cancer whereby you can look up Neptune’s position esoterically.

    I always use wide orbs for aspects. Just because some old man hundreds of years ago used narrow orbs does not mean that this should be accepted unchallenged – especially when we now apply psychological influences unknown informer times.

    Many astrologers with a psychological orientation (Betty Lunsted, Alan Epstein etc) use wide orbs and so do I. I always use wide orbs in Medical Astrology.
    It is RARE that I find a planet unaspected.

    This is my complete notes on the 12th House —

    TWELFTH HOUSE: Qualities deemed intolerable by the parents so we learned to repress these qualities. It is difficult to express the energy of the planet at the personality level so it can only be expressed or cultivated through the career and worldly interaction. It is what we keep from ourselves…and this can bring us great sorrow. It does have a connection with past life issues that impact us now. Gina Cerminara’s Many Mansions I & II give good examples of past life issues and possibilities. I have Mercury in Leo in 12th – an error in judgment from a past life makes me afraid of making certain decisions, possibly fearing that thousands may die if I decide badly. Bush has this in the 1st so he is making these mistakes now. People with planets in the 12th House need private time. Especially with the Sun here, these people can not be ON 24/7. They need to get away. When others get noisy or aggressive, these people get quiet.

    ESOTERIC: This said to be the House of Personal Un-doing. Lack of acceptance, lack of nurturing and lacking in an ability to RECEIVE is truly self-undoing. The emotional handicap we experience creates a self-imposed prison. The sentence ends when we learn to accept ourselves AS IS – as well as others. In going through hell ourselves, we can learn compassion and acceptance of others. This House is a Guinea Pig house —what happens to us we can use to help others. Let go of fear!! Fear itself can provide a feeling of security – I cannot do something because of my “nerves,” my phobias, my fears! Remember, when the ego dominates, you will ALWAYS feel insecure. After this process has taken place, the individual can help others to free themselves from similar entanglement. For example, in the chart of Martin Luther King Jr, Vulcan in Aquarius in the 10th shows a destiny to free people from restricting positions, status and standards of living by opening up professional avenues and changing societal views, such as equal rights for blacks, women and minorities. This House is connected with unseen worlds, spirit guides and going inside for guidance.

    MEDICAL: This is the House of the Guinea Pig! My health issues all help me help others. This House is medical implications connected with repression and lacking an outlet for the 12th House planet(s). Health issues can be karmic in nature. Personally, I have Mercury in Leo in the 12th House. I have always had ear problems, specifically due to infections. After Neptune opposed this Mercury, I noticed that my hearing is not very good. Now I have to really listen to hear others. I obviously tuned others out in the past. I did not listen. Now I have to force myself to hear others.

    If Vulcan is conjunct your Sun, the SP is to liberate others from some form of entrapment – physical or psychological – but this comes from liberating yourself first.

    Planets at 0 degrees are significant – the Sun marks a person who tries different activities and experiences in order to round out the personality.
    I have a Manual on the topic available from the website…but it is not a free publication, as most of my material is. I need to make some money to pay for this website and its maintenance.

  17. Linda Adalina Says:

    Dear Lynn, ★★

    I am Linda Adalina from Norway. Just want to thank you with all my heart, for your beautiful website. You give so much support and higher Wisdom. (esoteric) This is awesome ;) Thank You ★

    I read all information on internet regarding Esoteric Astrology. And have collected lot of knowledge over the past 5 years. But I am only a student! Nothing else! ;) I am born in Capricorn, ASC in Virgo, and Moon in Pisces. I have Uranus in the 12th House and Sun in the 5th House.

    I am curious about what it means to have Uranus in the 12th house ? ;) If you have time to answer, I would appreciate your comment. If not its ok ;)

    Thank You so much for your Loving Support and care for the exciting world of Astro. ★★

    With Light and Love
    Linda Adalina ★

  18. Geraldine Says:

    I’m beginning to realise both zodiacs should be used. The tropical first because it reflects personality/mind which is the instrument which accesses the larger picture. Karma is acted out in this world so the work starts here. The tropical zodiac is the “immediate” one relevant to the life in process of the individual soul. The sidereal relates more to the back drop of the activities of large swathes of souls/incarnations and is less of the individual journey?

    Alice Bailey/DK inferred that the constellation of the Great Bear/Ursa Major was of huge importance to humanity in the 20/21st C. This covers a huge section of the sidereal zodiac and goes from 26 degrees tropical Cancer to 26 Virgo.

    With respect to the 20th century and Pluto, this covers astrological generations of late Pluto in Cancer, all of Pluto in Leo and most of Pluto in Virgo. The 20th Century saw two world wars and the most accelerated technological advances in human history which in turn have accelerated culture and knowledge in an unprecedented way.

    The last throes of the influence of Ursa Major might ironically be from the fixed star Alkaid at 26 tropical Virgo. The word Alkaid is phonetically also Alqaed, derived from from Ka’id Banat al Na’ash, the Governor of the Daughters of the Bier, i.e. The Chief of the Mourners. Some of the Arabic poets wrote that these Daughters — the stars epsilon (ε Alioth), zeta (ζ Mizar), and this star eta (η Alkaid) — were
    “Good for nothing people whose rising and setting do not bring rain.”

    Alkaid – (the K is a translation sometimes written as C or Q.) The word means “hired mourners” and the star was known by Islamic astrologers as “the destroyer of nations.”

    So perhaps at the tail end of the influence of Ursa Major, we see the breakdown of nations and national identities as we – the 20th C sidereal soul group of Ursa Major advance into the influences of a strange sidereal area, Libra which is comprised of the feet of Virgo and the claws of Scorpio. We can see the overlapping of detailed Virgoan technology which is flooding the stratosphere with words and analysis of everything (!!!) and hence the bickering and swiping of the Scorpio claws behind the Libran cool balance.

  19. Deborah Lippitt Says:

    I haven’t gotten in to the details of all this yet (duads triads fixed stars etc) Will be exploring that further though and in depth.
    But I see a reference to animals and 3rd Ray. Where do you come across practical thoughts like this? Most of the stuff I read is very abstract and intellectual. I keep wanting more down to earth examples.
    I’m a bit of a farmer and breed/train horses and have cats dogs and chickens yet I don’t think I have any 3rd Ray in me.
    Have read mostly Michael Robbins Kurt Abraham and a tad of Douglas Baker.
    Another thing I wonder about is how planets in the natal chart combine and appear like Rays.. For instance. I have Sun Moon opposition. Uranus receives the power from that opposition with a trine to Sun and a sextile to Moon. Uranus is 12 degrees away from Midheaven in the 10th. So Uranus strong. Combine that with Virgo rising and Virgo Moon and It looks a lot like 7B anarchist etc. Yet I don’t really think I do have a Ray 7 ..unless a legacy Ray. Keeping my mind open but not sure where I would place it?
    I do have strong Ray 4 and 1 in there though.
    Very interesting site..will keep up with ideas I see here.


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