Benign Cysts and Breast Cancer

In the 1990s, a friend who is a holistic health therapist and an astrologer called about a phenomenon that she had observed astrologically and psychologically regarding breast cancer. She has observed this tendency to occur under certain transits of Pluto and my own research has found the same. Over the years, I noticed that some women (and I do stress only SOME) during Pluto-Moon transits would experience surfacing resentments regarding the mother and the emotional life during the childhood. These resentments crystallize in the form of cysts or, in some cases, tumors. Another female in the life can serve as a catalyst in arousing these emotions. For example, a woman with the Moon conjunct Saturn in Aries in the 4th House developed a cyst, which surfaced when she found herself washing the feet of an elderly woman. The woman reminded her of her mother and how she had washed her mother’s feet before she died. Her mother had been dead for years and she thought that she had released the resentments. When she re-experienced the feet washing, all of the buried resentments came to the surface.

In my research, I found that, when the emotional situation was basically benign, so was the tumor. The cancerous tumors were descriptive of an emotional situation that was intense, seemingly unresolvable, and very hostile. When the body could no longer contain the angry feelings, it expelled them in the form of a tumor. The level of empowerment in the individual’s life is significant in determining recovery. I am by no means suggesting that cancer is psychological! But, there can be psychological patterns that contribute to what may already be a genetic pre-disposition.

My psychological profile ended here until my friend shared her personal research. These women were in a Virgo Burn-Out space as they felt tugged at to nurture the neediness of others, especially those personality types that had separation difficulty during the first 18 months of age. Such needy types demand sympathy “like sucking on a breast” yet they never seem to get enough. The “breast cancer susceptible” woman feels that she is being forced to give more than she has and she resents it. The therapist stated that these women should be alert that they are reaching the danger point when they feel that they are not doing enough for others.

With further observation, I find a strong but dysfunctional Saturn that makes the individual feel super responsible and it is very difficult for them to say no or limit the demands of others. I have found some indications that negative Neptune aspects make the individual pre-disposed to being drained by others and highly empathetic to the needs of others. Neptune also rules boundary (the lack of) issues. This same pattern combined with Mars afflictions appear in the charts of auto-immune diseases.

The difference between those who had a simple benign tumor and the malignant tumor appears to be the influence of Pluto in the natal chart. When the tumor was cancerous, the individual truly felt powerless and out of control. There seemed to be no way out— no way out of the demands of the perpetually needy! Of course, there is always a way out but the individual could not see it. With the benign tumors, the individuals usually felt that they had some control and they could take action in eliminating the problem; they could see a clear way out of the situation.

Many years ago, actress Jill Ireland appeared on “NightWatch.” At that time, she had recovered from breast cancer and I wondered how this profile would fit with her strong personality. It worked perfectly! She said that she and her husband, Charles Bronson, lived in a 12-bedroom house, which she cared for herself. Their children (from previous marriages as well as their own) were always home and they thought nothing of bringing in friends to stay for long periods with Ms. Ireland providing the maid service— cooking, cleaning and doing their laundry. Her struggle with breast cancer accomplished one major change— it got rid of the “sucklings!” After her surgery, she told the children to move out; she sold the 12-bedroom house and moved into a much smaller one that she could easily manage. However, Ms Ireland lost her battle with cancer with a reoccurence of the disease. She never seemed to be able to divest herself of the anger and rage that she felt inside. Her anger was projected onto the disease as she continually referred to herself as a “Cancer Survivor.” She felt powerless to deal with the anger at its root source— and the cancer returned. Jill Ireland was born on April 24 1936 in London. She had been experiencing Pluto in Scorpio opposing her Taurus stellium. She died on May 18 1990 as Pluto was opposing her Mars.

To summarize the personality profile, in essence, these are often background and support people who feel suppressed by their female role— and they often do not realize this! In placing the needs of others first, they are not fulfilling their own needs. This pattern can readily be seen in so many First Ladies who develop breast cancer after devoting their lives to supporting their husbands’ political careers.

I should also add that I have observed the development of breast cancer in women who were not experiencing Pluto transits or any serious anger issues. These women always recovered and there was little invasive surgery. I feel that this arises from congestion in the lymph-– the root of this being dietary and a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise, drinking a lot of water, Vitamin C, castor oil packs and lymph massages are the best preventatives in this case.

ADDENDUM: Dr. Phil McGraw, on the OPRAH Show, said that he had a background in Behavioral Medicine. One of their findings is that, those women who have breast cancer, score very high on “Need for Attention” in testing. According to McGraw, they see their identity coming from being a Patient. The partner, however, goes through a psychological pattern of feeling ignored, rejected but “how can I say anything— she has cancer.” The partner needs acknowledgment.

Astrologically, I have not observed natal patterns of attention needs. Although, if tested after the breast cancer diagnosis, I can understand the higher need for attention and support, as this can be a very frightening disease.



Observations have demonstrated that non-invasive and post menopausal breast cancer is linked to an unexpressed trauma from the childhood that is connected to the mother. When suppressed, the trauma is a seed that is planted that grows into a tumor when triggered by some associated event. The invasive type breast cancer that occurs in younger women is associated with a trauma associated with the father. The trauma is always unexpressed, a planted seed that is triggered to grow when a related psychological event occurs in the life.

One can look at the degrees of separation on the aspect grid for hard aspects to the Moon. This can quickly point to when the trauma occurred. One can print out the Solar Arc-2ndary Progressions-Transits to see when clusters of stress aspects occurred.

For example, one woman was forced to take on responsibilities for her mother’s health in her childhood. Washing her mother was something that she did but always resented giving up her childhood. Around the time of the onset, she found herself working as a nurse in a nursing home for the elderly. Once again, she found herself washing older women and the old emotions began to surface and a tumor developed.

In this case, the woman experienced a “communion” with her late mother, who had been imprisoned during the Holocaust. When her hair had to be shaved off, she experienced the communion moment as she suddenly knew what her mother had experienced in the concentration camp when her hair was shaved.

  1. Pamela Valemont Says:

    Hi there, I am not an Astrologer but a Numerologist, from Australia. All of the things you mention in relation to Jill Ireland would appertain to all Cancerian types I know, whether or not they end up with breast cancer. I think the mistake you are making here is in not recognizing the fact that any Cancerian person, male or female, having access to the funds that Jill had, would react by taking care of family and extended family in this manner. Cancerians are the natural mothers and nurturers of the Zodiac. However, there are certain numbers associated with breast cancer and other cancers that show up on a person’s (birth) chart initially, and then again certain other numbers when it is time for a person to depart this earth. Links to these can be found in the numbers on the charts of those closest to that person, you might say, those surrounding that person. That leads me to believe that such matters may indeed be ultimately predestined and not avoidable as many would seem to think. I am led to the conclusion that this would point to a link genetically, not necessarily a totally dietary or environmental one. Already we have genetic testing which shows our predisposition to certain diseases. This may or may not help us to avoid them totally. However, rather than take destiny as a given and sit back and do nothing to save lives or alleviate suffering, I believe it is vitally important that we quest after understanding of these matters and strive after finding cures for all disease. The world evolves, and even though people may be destined to die from a certain disease now and in years prior, there is nothing to say that will continue to be the case. The mathematics of the world changes, ( for example, the move from 1999 to 2000) and so in a parallel fashion, do the charts of the people in it. But I am advancing the suggestion that it is very cruel indeed to tell sufferers of disease that they have brought the whole thing on themselves, or that they have a “death wish”. It may indeed be the case that a person (subconsciously) knows their destiny, but then again, it may not. Most people valiantly fight against death from disease, until it becomes apparent to them that they have lost the fight, at which time they say their goodbyes to those they love. Blame for death by disease may be an issue when a person smokes and they now have lung cancer, (the predisposition for this will also be a huge factor in whether they contract it or not. After all, some are dead in their 30’s from heavy smoking – many do not get ill until shortly before they die in their 80’s!) but blame should not be an issue or laid at the feet of anyone from doing something so loving and positive as taking care of their family and extended family. In regard to Jill Ireland and the closing chapter of her life: her move to a smaller home, her children leaving home…. Naturally when a person becomes ill, they are forced to abdicate the throne of responsibility whether they like it or not. And the families surrounding the loved one want to do this as soon as possible for that person too. The load must be lightened immediately to give that person the best chance of survival. Simultaneously, help must be brought in for the sufferer. Rest and recovery with the goal of healing is of paramount importance in the fight for survival. The desistance from certain behaviour does not necessarily persuppose departure from mistaken or erroneous paths, rather a sad departure forced by necessitous (tragic) circumstances. Pamela Valemont Numerologist.

  2. Pamela Valemont Says:

    WHOOPS! Pamela here again. I made the mistake of calling Jill Ireland a Cancerian in the above communique, when she was indeed a native of Taurus, born on April 24. However, I was trying to point out that these traits that are spoken of in regard to Jill would point to strong Cancerian characteristics. To you astrologers out there: her astrological chart will perhaps show this? Now, whilst all Cancerians do not contract breast cancer, or any other cancer for that matter, during my career as a Numerologist, I have noticed over a period of more than 30 years, that one of the numbers on Jill’s chart, that of the Master Number 47/11/2 is one of those associated with breast cancer, and also with the death of people born under the sign of Cancer, regardless of whether their passing was due to the disease of cancer or from natural causes. This number may appear as a month or year vibration at the time of death. To explain: Jill’s Life Lesson/Spirit Number is the Master 47/11/2: 24th April, 1936= 24+4+(1+9+3+6=19)= Master 47/11/2. The Year of her Death= Last Birthday= 24+4+1990= Master 47/11/2. I hope that clears things up. Pamela Valemont Numerologist Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia.

  3. rakesh singhal Says:

    Hello all,

    Case of breast cancer of Jill ireland has been explained as per lifescape astrology at this link.

    In case you have birth info of other breast cancer patients , please add the data at forums of lfiescape astrology.We will add the chart and explanation.

    We hope that astrology will be useful in identifying and eliminating breast cancer in case of many women.

  4. Voyante Says:

    This blog is wonderful, thank you propose. Glad to see new projects! I wish you much success .

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:
    POST FROM A READER WHO WISHES TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS: I was diagnosed w/invasive ductal carcinoma on 2/01/2010. Underwent a bilateral mastectomy on 3/31/2010.
    I had one round of chemo that landed me in the hospital for a week w/neutropenic fever/neutropenia.
    At the 2nd infusion, I had a very severe allergic reaction, so it was stopped and I didn’t bother having any more chemo. (Was told that the chemo was for preventative purposes. Radiation was not an option and I was triple negative for hormone therapy, meaning that hormone therapy was not an option for me).
    The tumor was a stage II, grade 3.
    I can tell you that I had mammograms EVERY year and sometimes ultra sounds as well since I had fibrocystic breast disease.
    These diagnostic tests are not always helpful in catching problems, or at least that was the case w/me.
    The tumor in my R breast was not picked up on the mammogram, but during an exam between mammograms.

    ASTROLOGICAL from Lynn:

    I always look 1 or 2 years before diagnosis to see what is going on. Uranus and Pluto were hitting Mars and Moon. Psychologically, this can be related to an UNEXPRESSED trauma from the period around the age of 6.

    The Progressed Moon was hitting Neptune-Pluto in early 2012, the Solar Arc Moon was crossing the Ascendant and SA Neptune square Venus.


    Cross-Roads of Decision relationship
    Depression – Neptune
    Anger-Resentment, even unexpressed from childhood – Pluto

    Benign Cysts indicate more control in life

  6. Victoria Strong Says:

    Wow, Lynn – thank you for sharing this news with us. It seems you had quite the ordeal and I hope all is fine now. My breast cancer was diagnosed Feb 2010 too, though mine was contained. I was very lucky, my regular radiologist found it very very early. I was told by many that most would have missed it. Interestingly, I was going to delay my annual mammo just because I was so tired of going to doctors. But then I read something about Chiron being well placed for health matters, so I made the appt. So glad I did. I did have to get a mastectomy (because of additional existing health issues.) But all fine now. In fact, I was inspired to bring this subject into my work. I’m a somatic sexologist. So I’ve started a service for sex and intimacy coaching after breast cancer. I resonate with all the general observations, including benign cysts which I also had. Fascinating. Here’s to vibrant health!

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    VICTORIA: Thank you for your kind words. Then, I realized that the way I wrote the August 20 post implied that I had been ill.
    A woman wrote to me and, with her permission, I posted her comments without any data. I will do this for anyone who asks.
    What pleases me is that other read my articles and your comment with concern let me know that someone is reading the article.
    While I get 2000 hits every day, most look at the current Retrogrades.
    For those who are interested in Breast Cancer research, Alphee LaVoie is doing data research on this topic. You can send your data to
    Alphee is very well known in the astrological community so no fear in submitting to him.
    And, again, thank you for your kind words. They are indeed much appreciated.
    I do have a tiny cyst with ducts that causes concern with each exam but a friend took Pregnenolone and her cysts disappeared very quickly. Only take about 1 mg daily…do not exceed 5 mgs.

    MY RESEARCH: I do not collect raw data for my medical research. I interview subjects so that I gain a personality profile for the illness. This takes longer but these profiles are very important – if you change the attitude, you can change the disease or, at least, prevent it.


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