BRIEF - Retrogrades in the Natal Horoscope

When a planet is retrograde, it does not work in its normal manner. It frequently needs to make changes or work on an inner, psychological level before it can express itself outwardly.


When Mercury is retrograde, the thought processes are introspective, deliberate and internalized. Before any personal matter can be discussed, it must be processed internally. This means that, if you want to discuss a personal matter with a Mercury Retrograde friend, you must tell them what you want to discuss and set up an appointment to discuss it. If you want an immediate answer, you will not get an honest or well though out answer. They need time to brood and ponder. They can easily discuss non-personal subjects, their own interests and expertise, without introspection. On personal subjects, they may not know immediately how they feel about something – they need that brood and ponder time. Perception is quite good because they are sensitive to how they feel about things; the perceptions are highly individualized.


There is an innate sense of being unlovable that seems to have been experienced all throughout the life. Sometimes there was no real event but a general feeling of not being loved as a child. This could actually be some real karmic pattern – truly brought over from a past life. In feeling unlovable, not attractive, not being worthy, they learn to value what is often overlooked by others. This can be humanitarian.


With Mars R, reactions, aggressive urges and hostilities are internalized in some way. On the surface, they can appear calm but, inside, they can be a raging volcano. In other cases, anger is expressed inappropriately. And, it can be passive-aggressive in its indirectness. These people do not know how to express their anger.


When Jupiter is Retrograde, if you strive for material accomplishment and this is your main goal, you will find that these material things come up short; the more material/external your accomplishments, the more you will come to feel dissatisfied with your life. There may be a great questing and seeking but, until the look inside, they will never find what they feel they are looking for.


When Retrograde, you were never really taught an accurate sense of what the rules are and how much to you have to do in order to be responsible. House position shows where you have trouble saying NO!


This is not a bad position to have. It is more rebellious but the person may not always see themselves as rebellious. Like Mars, it is where you bottle up, bottle up, bottle up and then rebel! Retrograde makes Uranus more potent when it explodes forth! Because it builds up, it has a higher energy level when it expresses itself.


When Neptune is Direct, its House position is where you seek to fulfill your dreams, where you can manifest things, and where you seek to escape reality and, when it is Direct, it is much easier to get a handle on what that dream or vision really is. Direct rules more traditional forms of creativity. Neptune R tends to be more vague, more unclear and the individual may not know exactly what they are looking for in expressing their personal creativity. If Neptune turns direct by progression, it signifies that time when they suddenly realize what they want to do creatively – it can be something that they have been doing all along and did not realize it!


Pluto is more intense when Retrograde and this intensity is highly psychological which can make them more suspicious of others because they pick up more… at the psychological level.
Pluto D is more interested in external power. Pluto R is definitely more psychological— investigation, healing, transformational

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    The 5th House rules our ability to play, to enjoy life and to express our “creative/free child.” Saturn in the 5th and Saturn R in the 5th usually indicate that you learned to take life seriously and, as a result, you would take your responsibility for children very seriously. When R, Saturn in the 5th has a hard time saying NO to children, especially the first-born child.

    While there can be much creative talent (Jupiter aspects in the natal chart portent creativity), being responsible to others can take presidence over being responsible to YOU.

    I had a student, who is now in her 70s, with Saturn in the 5th. She was always so responsible but extremely creative. Her home was like an art museum. Finally, when her son got married, she gave herself permission to be creative herself — she wrote a successful book and travels around the country giving seminars on being creative after retirement. So, the only block to creativity is one’s self. Do not wait until you have retired to express yourself creatively. Do it NOW!

  2. Alexander Says:

    Lynn, I happen to have a Venus retrograde in my chart, and I can identify on a very real level with what you have shared. I do a lot of personal work to try and combat that unlovable feeling I have deep down, and I was wondering if that’s something that can be changed? Does having a Venus retrograde in my chart mean that this is something I will have to struggle with during this incarnation? Are there tactics to overcome that?

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ALEXANDER (6-2014): I would suggest that you read my longer article on the Retrogrades through the Houses.
    I do not know anyone who suffers with the issues of Venus R for a lifetime. As you get older, you should easily work with the issues.
    Venus R has its good influences and it is not all bad. Schindler, the Holocaust rescuer, had Venus R and he did great good – but he was not good in business after the war. He was better at helping others than helping himself.
    We all need to come to appreciate our Retrograde planets and work with how they work best.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BETH (2-2016): PLUTO IN THE 12th — If you had read any of these posts, it tells you to go to the longer article on Natal Retrogrades. This is from my lecture notes on Pluto in the 12th…

    12th HOUSE PLUTO:

    With Pluto in the 12th House, a parent did not want you to be more powerful than they were —and often that parent had an internal sense of powerlessness. The individual learned to suppress their power and to give in to the power of that parent.

    Being powerful was deemed intolerable by a parent so that the individual learned not to come on strong. If the person did not have the potential to be very powerful, it would not need to be repressed.

    The parental message was: Do not be more powerful than I am. This made the parent controlling and overwhelming. The 12th House Pluto has issues or fears about being powerless or out of control.

    NOTE: I have Pluto in the 12th. I believe that my mother was my daughter in the last lifetime. She did not want me to assume my former power in our current relationship…because I do not think she wanted me to abandon her again.

    There is a fear of being vulnerable, especially to the power of others or more powerful people.

    There are difficulties dealing with powerful or controlling people.

    They are sensitive to manipulative people. This gives them great internal insight into the motives of others. Since Survival@ within the family and dealing with the power parent was dependent upon picking up subtle cues from that parent, the individual cultivates great psychological insights. Profiling becomes natural, especially for those issues from the childhood.

    The individual learned to be manipulative very early because they were dealing with manipulative people. They are very aware of the strengths and weaknesses of others.

    This is an excellent position for a therapist, healer, counselor or profiler. They possess insightful skills into the psychological behavior of other people. Being able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of others can be helpful in matters of business.

    They are excellent researchers, in all areas. Because they know how to keep some things hidden, they can succeed in undercover work or covert activities.

    Their insights are so keen and perceptive that they can range from insightful to paranoid!

    When these people get angry, it is intense and they seem to IMPLODE.

    The benefit – these people have such a fear of powerless and out of control that they are protected in life-threatening situations. One woman was the sole survivor in an auto crash. Once they get their back up against the wall, the safety shield comes out.
    • Whenever an enemy grows so powerful that they can cause hard, when they reach that out of control point, something happens B the enemy dies or goes away.
    • They do not have to DO anything. It=s the force shield that comes out and intimidates the other person, driving them away.

  5. Escott Says:

    I have Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto natally retrograde. Thought it was a curse but now I understand they’re the best teacher I could ever ask for.
    Thanks for this brilliiant article.


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