Esoteric Ray Rulership Table

Download the table by clicking on the image below.

Esoteric Ray Rulership Table

  1. Grace Says:


    Thank you for posting this. It is my first time seeing it. Can you give me a little background on how this is related to the actual natal chart is astrology or where I can read more about it. Thank you.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    GRACE (7-2016): This is based upon the writing of Alice A Bailey in Theosophy. She told the percentage of Rays in each sign. So, it is based upon what she gave in ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY (not an easy book to understand).

    I am not sure if this table is helpful to any one. I would read the other esoteric articles.

  3. gclub Says:

    nice table, thanks for sharing



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