At least through 2018, Pluto and Uranus will be transiting Cardinal signs. The Cardinal signs will cause problems associated with the endocrine system, specially the adrenal and thyroid glands. Cardinal signs respond to all crises. They can respond by trying to organize a crisis, mediate a crises, address the crises head on or simply go into an avoidance mode and internalize the crises in the life.

This is the list of Cardinal Crisis health symptoms due to Adrenal stress and Cortisol Imbalance:

• Shakiness, higher heart rate and a pounding heart when you move
• Panic Attacks
• Inability to handle stress and difficulty focusing
• Emotional Sensitivity — even becoming paranoid at times
• Episodes of low blood sugar (you feel better when you eat – eating stopped some of my shakiness)
• Severe headaches – as soon as my Cortisol levels spike, I get a terrible headache and aspirin does not help
• Chronic Fatigue and constant hungries
• Breathing more to get more oxygen
• Dark circles under the eyes (I never had this)
• Persistent Allergies
IBS/diarrhea symptoms
• Critical insomnia – Cortisol will keep you awake
• Depression (I never realize how depressed I was until I started taking these supplements)
• Insomnia (I never realized that I had serious sleeping problems until I took DHEA liquid and Seriphos and slept soundly for the first time in years)
• Calcium Loss, even for men!

The endocrine system is ruled by Cardinal signs. With so many planets transiting Cardinal signs plus Neptune in Pisces, mental health issues, ADD and ADHD will come to the forefront.

When Saturn was transiting Scorpio – and it will return to this sign from June through September 2015 – issues connected with the Thyroid (psychologically, from swallowing one’s words), Colitis from fears and situations that you cannot stomach and back pain due from shouldering overwhelming burdens.

With Saturn entering Sagittarius, the most common health issue will be Sciatica, a very painful inflammation of the large sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the leg. Sometimes, the sciatic nerve is inflamed when our potassium levels are low (often from too much salt in the diet). If this is a possibility, Twin Labs Super K is the fastest remedy. However, sciatica can also arise from a fear of moving forward with the changes that come with the shift into this new sign.

Sagittarius shows us a vision of change. When we become paralyzed with fear of change and moving forward, the leg is actually immobilized by the sciatic nerve. I experienced this years ago when Uranus entered Sagittarius. I knew that my life would totally change and I was afraid.

Since Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, fears and fear of change can impact the lymphatic system. This can cause inflammation of the lymphatic glands in the body, edema, ear infections, sinusitis and, at its worse, a hardening of the connective tissues (scleroderma). Individual who are set in their old ways may experience respiratory ailments when they feel that they cannot breathe under the demands of the higher standards of Sagittarius. When we feel under the pressure of criticism, health issues can manifest through the liver. This includes diabetes.

With any transit involving Sagittarius, it is essential that we be honest – in our actions and about what we are feeling. If one senses the pressures and demands of higher performance, be honest about what you feel and express this to those around you.

  1. Nicole Says:

    I quite a few Planets in Cardinal signs: Uranus in Libra, Chiron in Aries, Mars/N.Node in Capricorn and Libra rising. I’ve experienced almost all of the symptoms above (they got worse after the sudden death of my boyfriend last year) especially the insomnia and digestive issues.

    I developed sciatic seven years ago after the birth of my daughter. I was given an epidural and it caused lots of issues for me. I’m definitely tapping into my Chiron in Aries in the 6th and my Hygeia in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto in Libra in the 12th house.

    My solar return for next year has an abundance of Pisces planets (Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Neptune and Chiron) all in the 12th house opposite Jupiter in Virgo in the 6th. I feel as though I may be hospitalized during this time or at least secluded in order to deal with some of the health/emotional issues I’m dealing with (I have the Sun-Mercury-Venus all in Pisces in the 5th) I plan on taking Reiki classes and I want to study healing techniques.

    Lynn, thank you so much for this site. It has truly been a life saver!

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NICOLE (2-2015): Digestive problems with insomnia could be a need for Serotonin. Seraphos produces Serotonin but 1 capsule should be taken at night. It helps sleep. Did you know that most of the Serotonin is stored in the stomach?
    I cannot help with Sciatica but I was helped by an acupuncturist and taking Twin Labs Super K — this is a liquid Potassium (K). This was my problem.

    If you are going through a Neptune transit, these health pains can be a way that the body tries to ground you. I need to start taking Bach Flower Essence Clematis again as I am having pain here and there (Sciatica and Tooth).

    LEO STELLIUM: Cardinal signs affect the endocrine system. The Adrenals, after a long period of stress, pull on the Thyroid.

  3. Nancy Says:

    Hope this is the right place for this question…Male born June 14, 2005 9:35AM (EST) Clearwater, Florida, USA… diagnosed ADHD….what can be supplemented for him to calm his jittery nervous system? Very emotional, with ocassional behavioral outbursts. Very intelligent, doesnt seem to have problems academically, but impulsive behavior seems to be the biggest problem. How can I help my Grandson?

  4. Nicole Says:

    I’m a huge fan of Clematis, Lynn! It was a life saver when I was working as a home health aid (dealing with clingy clients who would call me during my days off!) I didn’t realize HOW much it helped me until I stopped taking it!

    Yoga has helped with my sciatica and I ordered some of Twin Labs Super K last week. I’ve also invested in a quality B-Complex and supplements for adrenal fatigue.

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NANCY (4-2015): I never received a notice of your post and I just found it.

    Your grandson has a lot of planets in Cardinal signs. This impacts the endocrine system. I would try a good endocrinologist before taking heavy drugs. Another friend put her grandson in Catholic school (they are NOT Catholic) and the quiet in these classes calmed him down but he still needs to be active all the time with sports.

    1 – Life Extension Foundation offers a FOOD SAFE (food intolerance) test on sale in May and June. Often, some foods make the condition worse. But, the easiest is to take off all sugar, gluten and dairy – the worst offenders.

    2 – Some ADHD children respond to coffee since it revs up the system just like the ADHD meds.

    3 – With so many planets in Cardinal signs, he could have Adrenaline Dominance (over stimulation of adrenals). An endocrinologist can give a Hormone Saliva Test and check the adrenals for overstimulation. This actually leads to a type of hypoglycemia that is not connected with diabetes.

    These are just suggestions based upon ADHD. You can just give these a try.

  6. Juli Says:

    Just found your website today, I have all of these symptoms, how do I deal with them?

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JULI (7-2015): I am not a psychic so I cannot diagnose your problem. I have another article on this website on Cardinal Afflictions under Medical Astrology. Read the article and the posts.

    Seriphos, taken at night on an empty stomach, produces Serotonin that counteract cortisol production. This helps with most of the symptoms there.

    You should really consult an endocrinologist or a really good gynecologist, one who prescribes bioidentical hormones and preferably one who does kinesiology (muscle testing). You may not be at an age whereby you need hormones – this just shows if the doctor is up-to-date.

  8. Denise Says:

    So yes, it’s been a wild ride, and it continues – Uranus is nearly done with me, but my Sun at 15 Aries is square Pluto. I tried the supplements you mentioned, including Seriphos, and these have helped quite a bit, (and got me off the Temazepam) but the shakiness and emotional volatility continued. At some point I realized I needed flower remedies. Everything I had was past its effective date, so I ordered a new set from Healingherbs and mixed myself up some Holly, Walnut, and Crabapple. Holly for the multitude of vexations, Crabapple for cleansing, and perhaps most importantly, Walnut for transition – these planets put one through some major transitions. My Pluto prescription – a few hours later I felt a sense of peace I hadn’t experienced for a long time. Thank you Dr. Bach and Julian Barnard. And thank you, Lynn, for recognizing the health issues related to these transits. I no longer feel like I’m going to totally lose it. And if that feeling returns, I now have a fresh bottle of Cherry Plum.

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DENISE (8-2015): Thank you for posting your first hand experience. So, this company is called Healing Herbs? These seem the same as Bach.

    Another cause of shakiness is food intolerances. These create a low level inflammation that is agitating. T Uranus is agitated by caffeine and sugar or high glycemic index foods.

  10. Maya Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Cinnamon and Tumerick are wonderful for stabilizing blood sugar. Sugar, and food, cravings almost disappear. The Tumerick heals nerves. St Johns Wort is a “the world isn’t ending” herb to remove panic, stress, fear and sadness and also heals nerves.

    My sister told me to brush my teeth with Tumerick to whiten teeth. It seems to work.

    I need to find the raw adrenal that you told me about. I forgot about it until I reread your posts again a few times this weekend. I can’t find the other Mars Rx Pist that you mentioned a few times.

    Interesting info about Sat Sag / Sat Scoripio and your wording about “shouldering” things. My shoulders started falling out of the socket approximately 6 months ago when I’m sitting at my desk, taking a shirt or dress off or putting a shirt or dress on.

    Thank goodness I listened to you months ago when you told me not to take on any stress. I was hoping to do Invitro. So happy I didn’t. You were so right. It would have been impossible to handle that and get 2 shoulder surgeries 1 after another, move out of my house, and have a court trial after an 11 year legal battle. The case is about telling the truth. How appropriate to have the trial during a Sat Sag! So curious what will happen when this big company keeps lying at trial with a mountain of evidence in April 2016 during a Sat Sag!

    I have re read your Mars Rx post, and all comments, 6 or 7 times and this post 3 times. Just want you to know that some people do read all of the comments before posting a question that you’ve answered 15 times. You said you’re going to delete some comments. There’s a lot of good stuff. The 7 paragraph questions with a bunch of numbers and aspects would be my first vote off the island because they’re totally incomprehensible to a normal person. And most of the time they aren’t even helpful to you.

    Lots of love, good wishes and appreciation for the gift of knowledge you share with us all! xoxxoxo


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