Introduction to Esoteric Astrology

The Soul’s Purpose Triangle— this represents what the Soul wants to accomplish in its expression on the earth. The Triangle is determined by the Ascendant; the Esoteric Ruler of the Ascendant; the Esoteric Ruler of the Sign on the House Cusp of that Ruler;

My theory is that the Ascendant and its esoteric ruler represents the core of the Soul’s purpose and the esoteric ruler of its House placement is something that satisfies the personality in working with the Soul.

Many of us are part of a major Soul Grouping. That Group usually has a grand plan, a gestalt, with which it seeks to express itself. I use the following triangle to represent this…

Betelgeuse (27 Gemini) Jupiter Uranus— these positions represent both Heart Centered and Group Consciousness

The House positions of Betelgeuse, Jupiter and Uranus indicate the Heart Centered activities in which your Soul Group is working.

Water signs in the Water Houses often indicate that the individual is part of a Soul Group that seeks to serve through the Transmutation of Energies. In the past, members of this Group might have been burned at the stake for such “miracles” and they have learned that it is best to modulate their energies in doing this work. They often manifest as Healers and Scientists (physicists).


ARIES— Mercury

TAURUS— Vulcan (3 degrees from Mercury in direction of Sun)


CANCER— Neptune

LEO— Sun


LIBRA— Uranus


SAGITTARIUS— Earth (180 degrees from the Sun)




  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I studied the Triangle with the Seven Ray Group and Judi Laws in the 1980s. I would calculate your Triangle as:
    Sagittarius ASC * Earth in Gemini in 6th * Vulcan in Scorpio in 11th.
    There is another Group who would use the 3rd point as Venus in the 2nd House in Capricorn.

    Sagittarius is the World Teacher who must ground information in some practical way because Earth in Gemini is the 2nd point of the Triangle. Gemini is also a teacher and it makes information simple and easy for others to understand.
    The 6th House is one of the healing Houses. Vulcan in the 11th would be working with a group or collective that shares a common vision — a vision to liberate others (read Vulcan in my articles).
    You could use Venus near the 2nd and this is another healing House but it heals through Body Movements, stimulating the Chi in the body (helping others move beyond anger issues since Mars R opposes it). This is going to be true anyway since you have planets around the 2nd House.
    So, it gets confusing but it all works, regardless of which system you use.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Moone – Your Triangle is ARIES Asc * Mercury in Sagittarius in the 9th * Earth in Gemini in 2nd.
    While the 9th rules education and Consciousness Expansion, and Aries rules inspired problem solving, the 2nd rules all body movements that maintain health and move Chi through the body.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I will eventually be posting more articles that I wrote in the 1980s onto this site (most were written then).
    The Seven Ray Institute has a website that may offer articles too.
    Your Triangle is Leo*Sun in Aries in 9th*Mercury in Pisces in the 8th House. Education, expanding consciousness and transformation (all forms of healing) is highlighted. Read what I have said about the signs and see if you have an interpretation. You can post it here.

  4. Sue Z Smith Says:

    Ascendant = Cancer
    Esoteric Ruler of Ascendant = Neptune
    E.R. of sign on House Cusp of Ruler = Uranus.

    I have Cancer rising (at 1+ degrees). Natal Uranus (at 1+ degrees) is conjunct my Ascendant from the 12th house. My natal moon opposes this conjunction from the 7th (at 1+ degrees Capricorn). Neptune is in the 5th, in Libra.

    I’m an artist (painter) and also a writer. My work seems to always involve healing on some level. Articles I’m assigned often healthcare- or healing-related. Even with art — once I had a painting show and the wife of a friend (an ICU nurse) brought along one of her patients to my exhibition because she thought that seeing my paintings would make her patient feel good. Of course, I was honored.

    My question is: in my soul triangle, what exactly is the role of Uranus — besides non-conventionalism — particularly since it’s also prominent in my natal chart?

    Thank you so much. Your website is so illuminating :)


  5. Sue Z Smith Says:


    As an addendum to my previous post/question, I’ve just read your articles on the Esoteric Cancer and Neptune in the 5th house. I am blown away.

    For the 5th house, you say: “Creative ability must be used to uplift the consciousness of mankind.” I have always felt this way about my own work.

    What you write about Esoteric Cancer (my ascendant): the need to develop a “sense of belonging to the family of humanity rather than being so concerned with biological roots [and] clannishness so often manifesting in the young Cancerian soul” — really hit home.

    I’ve now discovered (from reading your articles) what Pluto transiting my moon is trying to teach me. I’ve been feeling an emotional tug to the past as of late and have been contemplating moving back to the city where I was born (3,000 miles away). Synchronicity played a role in my discovery of your website at this time.

    I have so many transits hitting my chart right now that sometimes it’s hard for me to “move toward the light.” I thank you for your incredible insight and so generously sharing it on your website.


  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Yes, Sue, you calculated the Triangle correctly. Uranus in Cancer is really conjunct your ASC, since people are often born slightly earlier than the time on the birth certificate.

    You gave a good interpretation of this Triangle in terms of your life experience. I will add that, with Uranus as part of the Triangle, you will be psychically more connected to your Soul Group, a Group that often incarnated with Uranus is in Cancer to change traditions that affect the masses. The 1st House implies some type of activism at some point in your life.

    I have many more old articles from the 1980s that I will drag out of the basement and post on this website since there is little, practical information on Esoteric Astrology. There is good information but even I do not always understand it. One group is
    The Seven Ray Institute does a lot of teaching on this subject.
    I believe in the 12th Century I felt that special education was best not wasted on the peasants. In this life, I am drawn to working with the average person, not the rich and famous.

  7. Sue Z Smith Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    Thank you so much for your response. It’s interesting to learn that Uranus is really conjunct my ASC. It makes sense. I’m always suppressing an urge to speak out on a grand scale against the many atrocities committed by our society.

    Thank you also for illuminating me about my Soul Group. I have so many retrograde planets (including Mercury) and often have had issues with joining writers groups because of the amount of time I need to deliver a well thought-out critique (another confirmation about myself that I gleaned from one of your articles). Perhaps joining with writers around my chronological age would ease that problem.

    When you wrote (above) about education the 12th Century, were you referencing a previous existence in another lifetime? I’m guessing you determined that from your lunar nodes…?

    Thank you again. I love your website. It’s an astrological treasure trove and feel so lucky to have stumbled upon it.

  8. Christa Says:


    I have my ASC at 4.58 Taurus conjunct my Vulcan (Ruler of Taurus) at 5.1 Taurus.
    Not only are the two conjunct, but my Soul Triangle would be:
    Ascendant= Taurus
    Ruler of Ascendant= Vulcan
    Ruler of Sign (Taurus) on House Cusp (ASC) of Ruler (Vulcan)= Vulcan

    It seems they are all kind of intertwined.

    Can you make any sense of this?

    Thank you

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I will give my House descriptions so look at these meanings and see how these apply to your work in the world. As I stated in another article here, Earth means that you must ground your work into something practical and tangile.

    FIFTH HOUSE: This House rules our attitude towards children and specifically how we interact with our birth born child and qualities of that child. It shows your attitude toward the child in yourself. How did you play or NOT play as a child? How you can enjoy yourself. It shows your type of creativity. How do you enjoy fun relationships with others. This House rules the system of chakras and the psychological system of chakras, such as Caroline Myss. In is strong in the charts of therapist who focus upon Inner Child psychology. There is a spiritual connection with children and young people. It portends mentor qualities.

    ESOTERIC: The 5th House Creativity of the Soul. Its Soul’s Purpose is connected with nurturing the creativity in young people. The Soul’s Purpose may involve working with children, helping others to become more creative and spontaneous (such as Martha Stewart and the woman who made the poncho in prison). Children can be connected with nurturing and acceptance – retarded, homeless, foster care. Critical people are rarely spontaneous. Creativity helps bring out the child in one’s self. Studies in personality development and the Chakras are ruled by the 5th. The 5th is associated with drama, film, theater, psycho-dramas and educational arenas in which people have fun – conferences, expos, festivals and seminars.

    MEDICAL: As stated above, the 5th House rules the Chakras in general. It rules the psychological system of Chakras as taught by Caroline Myss. When this House is strong, the individual has a capacity for healing through Chakra manipulation and the individual is likely to respond to healings via the Chakras. The 5th House and Leo has an association with the Heart Chakra but, always, this House rules Chakras because it represents the vortexes the Chakras create.

    LYNN: I have observed that the 5th House is involved almost all of the time with liver disease. I cannot account for this. Virgo rules the liver over all but specifically the lower lobe, while Cancer rules the upper lobe. Cornell says that Leo rules the internal mechanism of the liver. Cornell feel that the signature of a liver disorder is the Sun in Virgo square Jupiter. He associates Yellow Jaundice with Leo. Some have suggested that the 5th House may indicate a life style issue connected with the liver but I have not found this to always be true. It is true in the charts of famous people.

    SIXTH HOUSE: This House rules our attitude towards out job and how we do it. How do we solve problems? It rules habits and systems. It rules congenital health weaknesses. Our attitude towards our job can impact our health, as well as poor health habits. How do we work with others? Can we work with others? This House is associated with the helping professions.

    ESOTERIC: This is a Service House and it is a Healing House. For healing, it is setting up health systems, herbs, vitamins and exercise. Sixth House healers help others to change negative patterns in their lives in order to improve overall health and well-being. Spiritually, this House rules Health and Human Services, Public Service (esp. with 7th and 10th Houses), labor relations, healing services, nutrition, improving and reforming work conditions, animal rights, especially animals who serve man

    MEDICAL: The 6th House indicates congenital health issues. This is an interpretation from Classical Astrology (old European style) and I agree with this interpretation. Any and all 6th House planets indicate a congenital weakness. These people respond the changes in diet and exercise. Pluto in the 6th describes one who finds some cure and treatment during the course of their live and then, suddenly, they become the great apostle of this technique. One woman went to an acupuncturist. This treatment changes her life. Later, she studied acupuncture and this became her career.

    LYNN: I feel that this House is connected with the body’s filtering system and its ability to handle toxins.

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TWELFTH HOUSE: Qualities deemed intolerable by the parents so we learned to repress these qualities. It is difficult to express the energy of the planet at the personality level so it can only be expressed or cultivated through the career and worldly interaction. It is what we keep from ourselves…and this can bring us great sorrow. It does have a connection with past life issues that impact us now. Gina Cerminara’s Many Mansions I & II give good examples of past life issues and possibilities. I have Mercury in Leo in 12th – an error in judgment from a past life makes me afraid of making certain decisions, possibly fearing that thousands may die if I decide badly. Bush has this in the 1st so he is making these mistakes now. People with planets in the 12th House need private time. Especially with the Sun here, these people can not be ON 24/7. They need to get away. When others get noisy or aggressive, these people get quiet.

    ESOTERIC: This said to be the House of Personal Un-doing. Lack of acceptance, lack of nurturing and lacking in an ability to RECEIVE is truly self-undoing. The emotional handicap we experience creates a self-imposed prison. The sentence ends when we learn to accept ourselves AS IS – as well as others. In going through hell ourselves, we can learn compassion and acceptance of others. This House is a Guinea Pig house —what happens to us we can use to help others. Let go of fear!! Fear itself can provide a feeling of security – I cannot do something because of my “nerves,” my phobias, my fears! Remember, when the ego dominates, you will ALWAYS feel insecure. After this process has taken place, the individual can help others to free themselves from similar entanglement. For example, in the chart of Martin Luther King Jr, Vulcan in Aquarius in the 10th shows a destiny to free people from restricting positions, status and standards of living by opening up professional avenues and changing societal views, such as equal rights for blacks, women and minorities. This House is connected with unseen worlds, spirit guides and going inside for guidance.

    MEDICAL: This is the House of the Guinea Pig! My health issues all help me help others. This House is medical implications connected with repression and lacking an outlet for the 12th House planet(s). Health issues can be karmic in nature. Personally, I have Mercury in Leo in the 12th House. I have always had ear problems, specifically due to infections. After Neptune opposed this Mercury, I noticed that my hearing is not very good. Now I have to really listen to hear others. I obviously tuned others out in the past. I did not listen. Now I have to force myself to hear others.

  11. Nicholas Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I should have been more explicit in my question, so forgive me and I know you are in great demand – and I am saving up for a reading :)

    I do love (and prefer) finding the info out for myself though in parts I get a bit stuck. I have been reading more of your pages to learn more about myself and my purpose.

    Here is what I have gleaned about my triangle so far:

    Asc in Cancer – establishing a (spiritual) home, relinquishing the reliance on the physical mother in favour of a connection to the universe – and as gleaned from you – tapping into universal consciousness, once having overcome unsettled emotions, bias and prejudice.

    I am achieving the this through Neptune in my 6th house, the healing house, (which is where my north node also resides @ Sag 25 so I know I am on the right path) and helping others through both various healing practices (energy and talking-based) I use for myself and others. My own self-healing work has overcome most of the prelude to true universal connection. I can do readings for others though am still working on being comfortable in receiving that information for them.

    As the Earth is the physical location of my path – Virgo in the 4th – , I do not quite see how this fits: healing / serving others gives me my (soul/spiritual) home or rooting? The 4th house here in this part causes my current confusion. My Neptune is conjunct Antares and my other current job is in the public sector helping those with addiction.

    Any additional insight (especially on how the 3 fit) is much appreciated.

    Best Wishes,

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NICHOLAS (10-2011): Because you have taken the time to work on your Triangle, I will gladly look at it myself. But, you should have posted this under the Cancer ASC article, where I could have made reference to it.

    What you say is accurate but I will add some extra insights for you to examine –

    The Cancer ASC needs the experience of travel and meeting people with different backgrounds and cultures so that you come to see HUMANITY AS YOUR FAMILY — from this, you will develop universal consciousness. Cancer needs to develop the highest aspect of intuition – Soul level, not through the astral body.

    Neptune in the 6th in Sagittarius is indeed connected with healing practices and the etheric body. With Antares, the love of your work will keep you grounded and connected to the planet.

    There is an article (3) on Empaths somewhere on this website. Be sure to read this.

    Normally, I use the sign on the cusp of the ruler of the ASC but some other astrologers do as you have done — the dispositor.

    With Scorpio on the cusp of the 6th and Mars in the 12th, this means that you will always see yourself as a Guinea Pig — the problems that you solve for yourself you will use to help or heal others. I am a 12th House person myself and my experiences are always experiences to help others.

    If you want to use the dispositor, Earth, this always means that you need to ground your ideas in the material, not leaving this to the world of imagination and meditation.

    You do have Earth in the 4th, regardless of whether or not this part of your triangle so it will always work.

    This is my interpretation of the 4th House —

    FOURTH HOUSE: This House represents our attitude towards the home and family, what type of home and family we want because it is what we are accustomed through our childhood. One woman with Uranus in the 4th was always looking for a home with the white picket fence but never found it —because her family was always packing up and moving — because she was looking for something that she had never experienced and would never really enjoy.

    This House rules ancestral patterns – often patterns of an ancestral nature that we much break. Planets in the House always indicate traumas from the early environment. It is very difficult to make a break from these traumas. The best we can do is to help heal these issues in other people. One woman with a Leo stellium (Pluto-Transpluto-Saturn-Mars) in the 4th came from an abusive family. As a result, she developed an eating disorder, anorexia. In time, she came to help others who were suffering from this disorder. There are diseases that are specifically connected to traumas that occurred in the formative years. One such heath problem is Endometriosis. There was often a trauma that occurred between 10 and 15 years of age, involving the father. This could be a divorce.

    ESOTERIC: This House rules environmental issues, the environments in which people lives, humanitarian issues connected with disasters of nature. When I began traveling to Europe, I found people who looked exactly like people I knew in America. I found the astrological connection to be with the 4th House…that there must be some ancient, ancestral connection with each other. This House, with the Fixed Star, Antares (9° Sagittarius), rules the Root Chakra – our rootedness to the planet. When disturbed, our immune system is affected. The House position of Antares shows where we can feel rooted. This could be helpful for Immune System diseases. Caroline Myss wrote that, when there is a sickness in society, there is some global sickness. During WWI, there was the Great Influenza. During the Great Depression, there was polio. When the economy improved after WWII, a cure for polio was discovered. The 4th House rules grass-roots political movements and one who always opposes those in office. Spiritually, the 4th is associated with nurturing the very young and very old, visiting and working with the elderly, halfway houses, AA programs, day care centers, services to improving the quality of life for the less fortunate and improving the ecology and environment where you live. This is a House that rules grass roots politics, as well as environmental issues. One environmentalist in Prag has Virgo rising but the Moon is in the 2nd House in Libra. Mars and Saturn are in the 4th but not connected to Soul’s Purpose – this means that it is a vehicle for her anger from her childhood.

    MEDICAL: As stated, this House rules diseases that may be connected with some shock or trauma for the early environment. The trigger for the trauma may be determined by the Solar Arc distance from the IC to the 4th House planet. This could determine the psychological basis for the disease and what needs to be healed psychologically before a physical healing can take place. I have observed that 4th House people find it almost impossible to let go of the trauma from the 4th House event. I feel that there is a connection with Chiron and the 4th. Chiron-strong people always feel like they are a stranger in a strange land. They may not feel connected here. Chiron rules wounds from either being on this planet in general (the “stranger” feeling) or from childhood traumas. The 4th and 10th Houses can indicate inherited medical issues. The 4th House is ancestral, passed down through the generations.

  13. Fay Says:

    Dear Lynn
    More and more as I study astrology, I feel comfortable with the Esoteric approach to astrology and I was very interested to find your website (which I’ve now put on my favourites bar) and your article for The Soul’s Purpose Triangle.

    My Asc is 26 Leo, my Sun 29 Leo, 1st House. Therefore, in the emphasis on meaning of my triangle the Asc ruler is Sun, that’s in the 1st, 1st house ruler is the Sun, that’s in the 1st! I know it seems silly to ask but should I just be looking at Sun + 1st house? Do I look at Leo too? How should I read the soul’s purpose here, is it simply about self expression?

    Normally, I’m quite reserved in my way and possibly express the greater part of me through my Cancer Moon but most definately through the ‘soul’ part of me. Lynn, do you mind if I ask for your help to clarify how I get to the meaning please. Thank you very much. Fay.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    FAY (4-2012): I receive this question frequently because it appears that you do not have a triangle…and this is correct.

    ASC Leo
    Sun in Leo in 1st House…and it really stops here.

    This puts an extra focus upon Leo and the 1st House – developing a strong, healthy personality that will shed light upon your spiritual path. The 1st House has an activist quality to it.
    I have short descriptions on the ASC signs on this website. I have many more articles but so little time to type them into this website – they were written on an old manual typewriter.

  15. Fay Says:

    Thank you for your response Lynn and I can see why I was going around in circles, searching for a triangle that wasn’t there!

    So, ASC Leo, Sun Leo 1st, makes the focus sharp and to the point and I can apply a better understanding now as to how to shine the light on my spiritual path. That’s really helped a lot and I do appreciate your speedy reply Lynn.

    Thank you too for sharing so much knowledge and insight through your website for the benefit of all, it’s absolutely brilliant.

    Very best wishes

  16. Nicole Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I just came upon your website today and I find what you’ve written on this topic fascinating. I am trying to make sure I understand the triangle concept and would greatly appreciate any insights on its meaning in my natal chart as understanding my purpose on this earth is direly important to me at this time. Forgive me for being late to the party and I hope there are still snacks available. :-)

    My ascendant is 27 Cancer 39. Neptune is in my fifth in Scorpio, at 21.37. If I understand “the esoteric ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house of that ruler” correctly, my fifth house cusp is 18 Sco 28, and its esoteric ruler as well as its traditional ruler is Mars. For what it’s worth, and what it may elucidate, my sun is in Leo in the first house conjunct my ascendant and squares Mars as well as my south node which are basically right on top of each other at 2 Sco 09. My sun is trine Neptune though the orb is wide at 9 degrees and separating. I truly can’t figure out what I’m supposed to be doing and not doing here. Any insights greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NICOLE (5-2012): First, when I sent you a private e-mail, it bounced because you gave a phoney e-mail. This makes me crazy because I never use the e-mails but sometimes write privately.

    So this is all that I will do — since I get over 2000 hits each day, I cannot give personal interpretations to all who write.

    However, if you attempt to make an interpretation from the sign information on my website, I will go over this with you. I did this for another posted on the Esoteric articles and he did a great job and I helped him…Lynn

  18. M Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
    Just wanted to know if I understood your triangle concept.
    Asc: 4 degrees of Taurus
    So that would lead to my Vulcan: Aries, 12th house
    Which would lead to my Mercury: Pisces, 12th house, 29degrees.

    Jupiter is in Virgo, 5th house
    Uranus is in Capricorn, 9th house.

    Can you direct me to which direction I need to go (whether on your site, or specifically what my natal chart is), that would be greatly appreciated as I am a newbie to Esoteric Astrology?

    How does the North Node (Capricorn, 9th house), Chiron (Leo, 4th house) flavor the triangle?

    Thank you once again! I am truly excited to learn more :).


  19. Anwar Says:

    - Good morning regardless of ‘Time’ : )

    Thank you for your effort & help bringing such valuable knowledge in such an easy way.

    - Reading the above I conclude that My Soul’s Purpose Triangle is:

    - Asc* 15° TAURUS ~~~ VULCAN in 20° LIBRA ( VI house)

    ~~~ URANUS in 27° SAGITTARIUS ( VIII house).

    and from reading your Esoteric House Interpretations page it would be…

    “The Soul’s Purpose is to release attachment to the entanglement of materiality as indicated by the House Position of Vulcan.”

    which is in my case – 6th. house – in the form of Service & Healing for others.

    - Through Libra “…bridging the activities of humanity, as shown by the House Position of Uranus,” >>> VIII >>>
    also healing! but now in wider possibilities.

    “This is a MAJOR Healing House… healing can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual,..”

    - one question though (if I may) E.R, URANUS is in Conj. with Hierarchical Ruler SATURN in 27° SAGITTARIUS, does that change anything ?


  20. Lynn Koiner Says:

    M (8-2012): You calculated this correctly – Taurus Asc – Vulcan in Aries in the 12th + Mercury in Pisces in the 12th.

    The Nodes are not planets, objects or anything tangible. They are only where in the sky that the Moon crosses the Sun’s path. Never use these.

    Chiron is a temporary object in our solar system. It is an “in-house” comet so it will eventually leave — but I do use it. It has not connection with the Bailey system of esoteric astrology.

    Jupiter and Uranus are esoteric planets and there is a triangle using them but this is not part of your personal triangle. ]

    Great Job!

    ANWAR: You did an excellent job calculating the Triangle and finding an interpretation. Great Job!
    The interpretation will not change with the conjunction with Saturn. I know it will add something but I am not sure what. Hierarchical rulers only kick in with great spiritual advancement. You could read about Saturn esoterically and add this to the interpretation.

  21. Edward Says:

    My ascendant is Gemini 4 degrees, Uranus 6 degrees Gemini, Betelgeuse 27 degrees Gemini (all in first house). Esoternic ruler of Gemini Venus is in Scorpio at 2 degrees Scorpio in 6th House, with Libra on cusp (ruled by Uranus). Jupiter is at 27 degrees Leo in 4th House w. Leo on cusp of this house.

    I’m just beginning to examine this esoteric area. How can I translate the meanings for soul purpose and intention plus soul group energy?

    Thanks for your help and any suggestions you have for study materials in this regard!


  22. Lynn Koiner Says:

    EDWARD (9-2012): Your SP Triangle is —

    Gemini Ascendant + Venus in Scorpio in 6th + Uranus in Gemini in 1st

    If you preferred to use the dispositor of Scorpio rather than the sign on the cusp then Mars in Gemini in the 1st would be the 3rd point in the triangle…so it would be the same Houses and signs.
    Jupiter is not involved in the Triangle.

    ESOTERIC FIRST HOUSE: This House rules our Soul’s Purpose – the purpose for which the Soul came into manifestation. For example, Gemini-Virgo, ruled by Hermes, is the communicator at all levels. This House rules activities with National Implications – social reforms, national issues, social services, and activism.

    ESOTERIC6th HOUSE: This is a Service House and it is a Healing House. For healing, it is setting up health systems, herbs, vitamins and exercise. Sixth House healers help others to change negative patterns in their lives in order to improve overall health and well-being. Spiritually, this House rules Health and Human Services, Public Service (esp. with 7th and 10th Houses), labor relations, healing services, nutrition, improving and reforming work conditions, animal rights, especially animals who serve man

    Even Exoterically, Mars-Uranus is associated with activism and reform (especially Uranus R).

    I personally feel that our Uranus sign is indicative of our Soup Group’s motivations. So, those born with Uranus in Gemini often either incarnate or become active in spirit (guiding those on the planet from spirit realms) when Uranus is in Gemini.

    I have Uranus in Gemini myself. I feel that my last incarnation was in the 12th century — and there Uranus was also in Gemini. I always say that I will be back in 500 years. If I count ahead 500 years from my birth, Uranus is in Gemini.

    Not that I always come in at this time but I feel that my group comes in when the world in ready for new ideas and communication.

    While I do not feel that I incarnated during the American Revolution, I feel a connection to this time — as part of a group that channeled information to our group in the physical (about liberty, freedom and democracy). This is an ideal for Gemini, especially with Betelgeuze there.

    Airs signs are good at transmission and what we might call mental telepathy – a skill developed in the non-physical worlds.

    See if you can write up an interpretation of the SPT. I will make suggestions – but you know yourself best. But, as a Group, Uranus in Gemini brings in the new ideas and concepts, even revolutionary ones.

  23. Edward Says:

    Hi again Lynn, I wrote in on September 27th, and since you responded I’ve been worrying this issue of soul purpose for my self. Trying a cookbook approach didn’t satisfy, but when I looked to both esoteric meanings AND these exoteric definitions, I got a result that felt more satisfying. Here is what I got:

    My Soul Purpose

    GEMINI— This is the sign of the World Teacher. Giving Love wisely and applying Wisdom lovingly; spreading Light and bridging gaps between people; being a channel of Love-Wisdom to help connect people and promote planetwide unity of all Humanity. Gemini and Virgo, ruled by Hermes/Mercury, is the communicator at all levels.

    The First House House rules activities with National Implications – social reforms, national issues, social services, and activism. I do promote these with various elementals who help us get our needs met here inside through Earth Keeping, promotion and facilitation of a spiritualism which recognizes both heavenly and earthly divinity, ceremonialism, and meditational service to the Earth and its inhabitants, as in the following web sites I established and maintain:

    I also conduct spiritual ceremonies at my place here near Cary, NC to bond people to the Earth energies.

    Astrologically, I wrote this to complement soul purpose:

    Traditionally, the first house is the house concerned with the establishment of a personal identity, i.e. “Whatcha gonna be? Its the mask we wear to optimally project our birth chart as well as our inner needs, the persona that makes us feel strong and centered, a social identity or personality which gives us the feeling of autonomy and authority over our life. Without this mask, one experiences the madness or confusion of “not knowing who one really is“and so cannot develop a reasonable, purposeful plan of action in the world. This madness comes from trying to fulfill too many roles in one’s life…trying to become who one is not or not accepting who one is. A weak response to one’s own ascendant makes a person feel crazy and disconnected. Life gets ‘out of control’. And one can feel really overwhelmed by life. The ascendant channels the totality of the birthchart into the external world through this personality, persona or mask.

    At age 69, I have spent all of this life so far fighting to be something other than this purpose or perhaps better more than just this communicator role. Therefore, one might conclude that this whole life has been dedicated to figuring out and accepting just what that purpose must be to be able to accomplish this purpose in this life and age.

    My Venus is in Scorpio in my 6th House. The House Position of Venus (sixth house) shows where I express love to humanity though sharing my knowledge and experiences. The sixth is a Service House, and it is a Healing House. Sixth House healers help others to change negative patterns in their lives in order to improve overall health and well-being. So I must be a teacher of the behaviors and psychological issues stemming from old wounds of the soul and of how people can awake to their own distress and re-pattern their lives. Astrology clearly comes in here to help with this re-patterning and purposing of others.

    Venus is concerned with the restoration of equilibrium to the shattered sensitivity and the stabilization of a network of emotional bonds. In Scorpio, it deals primarily with one’s relationship with one’s own inner realms. Finding calmness and introspection in the course of the turmoil of uprising issues needing to be resolved psychologically, spiritually, and/or metaphysically. Indirectly, it pertains to one’s love for ones own needs, one’s own directions in life, and perhhaps even with one’s will and ability to “take command of one’s own life”.

    The sign ruler of my sixth house is Libra, esoterically ruled by Uranus, which is also in the 1st House in Gemini; or by Mars, Scorpio’s esoteric ruler planet (which is also in the 1st House in Gemini). Uranus in Gemini. The first house also feels like the house of ego/self, associated with instinctive, will-focused Mars. But my natal Saturn is also positioned here in my Gemini-ruled first house.

    In a sense then, my first house contains the planetary rulers (traditional) of Aquarius…Saturn and Uranus AND the esoteric ruler of Scorpio (Mars). The issue with Aquarius, sign of the incoming New Age, is nearly always to balance the disruptive energy of Uranus in revolutionary change with the stabilizing energies of ego-driven Saturn in the face of the erupting energies Scorpio, (Saturn just moved into Scorpio BTW) channeled through Mars in the personality, also in my first house.

    My first house, itself, contains all the energies of the esoteric soul purpose and the sixth house means to effect that purpose.

    Can I express my personality, persona or mask as a manifestation or a form of the soul purpose and the means to serve that purpose? Is the native, or person, the embodiment of its soul purpose? If so, this suggests to me that I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose just by being who I was born to be.

    The term “World Teacher” just seems far more than the details seem to imply. It seems I don’t have to buy into any grand scheme to teach the world; I just have to be and accept who I already was…a change bringer.


  24. Edward Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    I’ve gotten interested in determining my Soul Ray and Personality Ray from my astrology chart and have been struggling a bit with Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam’s book “Interpret Your Rays” booklet that lays out how to do this.

    I don’t know if this methodology is still current, but I hope you know the latest techniques. In this booklet however, the identification of Soul Ray is presented as a primary ray and a sub-ray determined by exact time of birth and day of the week of birth. The problem I immediately confronted is that my exact time of birth is precisely on the dividing line between two rays: 5:05 pm…a time which is included in both ray categories. So my Soul Ray, as I understand this chart, is either the 6th Ray with a 7th sub-Ray; OR the 7th Ray with a 1st sub-Ray.

    If the correct ray is the 6th, the Triad of signs is Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, and Neptune is the sacred planet. In my chart, I have Chiron in Virgo and my Sun in Sagittarius. No planets are in Pisces.

    If the correct ray is the 7th, the Triad of signs is Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. Uranus is the sacred planet. In my chart, I have only mercury in Capricorn.

    I’ve attempted to use planet values I found at plus information on planetary exhaltations, debilities, and dignities to ascertain which planets carry the greatest power, but for the most part the issue isn’t serious except in examining my personality rays.

    If the 6th Ray is my Soul Ray, my Sun in Sagittarius designates Sagittarius as the sign through which the Soul acts. If the 7th Ray is my Soul Ray, Mercury in Capricorn designates the sign (Capricorn) through which my Soul acts.

    However, the two alternates don’t seem so different to me. I can see myself in either, so I’m not sure what to do from here.

    The same problem of 5:05 pm comes up with my Personality Ray identification, of course; so my personality ray is either the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence or the 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

    If the Personality Ray is the 3rd, the relevant Triad is Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Saturn is the sacred planet. In my natal chart, I have Neptune in Libra in the 5th House and Mercury in Capricorn in the 8th House. From the tables I accessed on, I decided that Neptune was the stronger planet, so Libra would be the sign through which the personality acted.

    If the Personality Ray is the 4th, the relevant Triad is Taurus, Scorpio and Sagittarius, and the sacred planet is Mercury. In my natal chart, I have the Moon in Taurus, Venus in Scorpio, and my Sun in Sagittarius. I note that Taurus is Venus-ruled, the Sun is in a house (7th) associated with Libra (again Venus), and Venus is in Scorpio, so what to make of all that Venus energy? But it looks like Sagittarius wins out on the surface. I’m very much a Sagittarian anyway.

    But I’m really fishing here. I’m afraid that I have no idea how to do this correctly, so I’m guessing. Can you give me any insights about this process?

    From our earlier communication above, you can see my soul purpose triangle was Gemini (asc) + eso ruler Venus in Scorpio in the 6th House, with Libra on its cusp.

    I’m wondering how all this ties together? And how to resolve this issue arising from the 5:05 pm time of birth?


  25. Lynn Koiner Says:

    EDWARD (12-2012): I was not successful with Mae’s technique. Sometimes the Ray that comes through the chart most strongly is NOT the Soul Ray — but Personality, Mental body, Astral Body or, less likely, the Physical body Ray. This depends upon where you are most strongly focused.

    If you are driven strongly by emotions or polarized in the astral body, Ray 6 would seem to dominate but there are few Ray 6 Souls in manifestation now so it is surely your astral body.

    I studied using an interview technique. The best teachers are Adele Wilson and Judi Laws. Adele and I studied with Judi. Judi lives in Saint Louis MO but I do not think you can contact her by email. Adele still gives Ray reports and I would suggest contacting her.

    Your time of birth would have no relevance, using my technique. Courses are taught by the SEVEN RAY INSTITUTE and Philip Lindsey in Australia sends out posts periodically that are excellent.

  26. Kron Says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I am intrigued by what I’ve been reading here. I was wondering if you could help me decipher my triangle.
    Pisces ascendant with Pluto in Scorpio in 8th house (sextile Neptune in Sagg & opposite Aries Moon) and esoteric ruler of Libra on cusp Uranus in the 9th house (sextile Mars in Libra).
    Can u also give more detailed info on 8th and 9th house as it pertains to this?
    Thnx in advance

  27. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KRON (1-2013): I want my readers to attempt to decipher themselves. Never include aspects to the Triangle, only the rulers. Yes, aspects can mean something — supports and interferences to manifesting Higher Self.

    If you read what I said about Pisces rising and Houses — on other articles on this website….

    PISCES— The individual must explode Piscean Age myths and cliches in one’s self and then in others. Tolerance in Pisces becomes a fault, as well as devotional idealism that is separative. Putting up with something that you do not like only generates anger, resentment and the desire to control others on subtle levels because you see yourself as a victim. Face your real motivations. NOTE: I have observed that many religious fanatics are very angry people.

    The House position of Pluto will indicate where you need to transform your Piscean Age attitudes.

    ESOTERIC EIGHTH HOUSE: This is a MAJOR Healing House— healing those who are totally out of control. But, healing can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and even technological. It has great power for transformation and rejuvenation.

    Neptune here rules a spiritual guide of someone we knew in our youth. With the 4th and 12th, it rules our connection with our Soul Group. When there are strong afflictions between the 4th and 12th Houses, this often indicates a violent death in the past life. This can be part of the trauma. It rules psychic dreams, out of body experiences, life after life studies, near death experiences (inconjunct to ruler) and a connection with spirit guides. It can help others make transitions. It is our attitude towards death— do we fear God? Saturn in the 8th is often afraid of God. But, studies in reincarnation and life after death are transformational for these individuals, liberating them from the fear. It is also a House of Inventions. Spiritually, it is associated with finding money for those in need. A lesson is found in learning acceptance through studies in reincarnation.

    NOTE: Liberating and change can come with the death. A friend with Virgo rising and the Moon in the 8th helped others cross over.

    ESOTERIC NINTH HOUSE: Spiritually, the individual experiences expansion through exposure to people who are socially and culturally different from one’s self. The lesson is in learning to accept differences through travel, education and the cultivation of inclusiveness in spiritual concepts and philosophies. Remember, “the children of God are of One Blood.”

  28. Lynn Koiner Says:

    FROM KRON (1-2013):

    My interpretation would be that the Pisces ascendant suggests sacrificing self for greater good or world saviour through deep exploratory research (Pluto Scorpio 8th) and this is done via higher learning, mental exploration and publishing (Uranus Sagittarius 9th) in a field such as Psychology/Psychiatry/Esoteric Philosophy.

    Pluto/Uranus combination also suggest occult & transformation and are key generational subjects.

    Scorpio, Saggitarius, Pisces combination suggest spiritual role as ‘Priest’.

    LYNN: There is only one part that I disagree on and, of course, this is very subjective. Pisces is no longer about sacrifice. I say that the DAY OF THE DOORMAT IS OVER.

    Otherwise, you did an excellent job with this. Pisces is here to explode old myths and dogmas — like sacrificing self. No more of the Good Woman or the Good Man.

    Edgar Cayce had this and his readings exploded myths with regard to reincarnation, healing and even the Christian Bible. So, the Plutonian Transformation will be a key factor here.

    It pleases me when I see people getting a grasp of this subject…good job…Lynn

  29. Anna Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I wanted to thank you for sharing this wonderful and insightful information. I just did my triangle and it makes so much sense, I almost have chills.

    I’m a Leo Rising, Pisces Sun in the 8th house and Pluto in Scorpio in my 4th house (1 degree so close to 3rd house as well)

    My path has always called to me, despite coming from a very tough childhood and teenage years. I’ve transformed many times over. And don’t think I would be living the mostly happy life I am now if I did not heal my 4th house issues. I also have had to overcome huge hurtles around my 1st house, I spent most of my life hiding, and trying to not get noticed. I used to have crippling social anxiety. I always felt this was due to being too public or vocal in a past life, one in which I was punished for my talents of beliefs.

    I’m so glad I found this information, thank you so much Lynn!

  30. Irma Says:

    Hi Lynn
    I am trying to work out my soul purpose. I have Cancer ascendant 15deg, Neptune in Scorpio at 16deg in 5th, but Libra is on the cusp. So the esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus?

    I am a Sagittarian, a truth seeker. I do feel I have a very Uranian mind though and feel it rules my chart as have Uranus in Virgo at 9deg in 3rd conjunct IC. Uranus squares my Sun & Mercury in 6th, and Saturn in Aquarius in 8th sextiles my mercury and squares my Neptune.
    I also have Moon in 11th.

    I work as a healer/alternative medicine. I understand energy and also how it flows in the Universe. I have a quirky mind and receive answers in lightning speed sometimes, way before others have worked things out but this is frequently misunderstood. Occultism is part of me. I feel I have a mission in life that is to bring people up to a higher level of awareness, heal, and move them on from where they are stuck.

    Have I worked this out correctly? Thanks for your directions and the brilliant info you give out.

  31. Lynn Koiner Says:

    IRMA (11-2014): You have asked a good question but there is still a lot of controversy on this matter.

    When I studied with an esoteric group in the 1980s, we used the sign on the cusp — this being for you, Uranus in Libra.

    But, there were other astrologer who, because different House systems would have something different, they used the dispositor which would be Mars in your chart.

    If the planet is not part of the Triangle, do not take this into consideration — aspects, the Moon in the 11th. Yes, they do have important meaning but not for the triangle.

    I will be out of town from November 15 until the 22nd.

  32. KC Says:

    Gleaning these parts of my “Soul’s Purpose Triangle” is confirming for me of the direction I am perceiving for myself at this point. Thank you for sharing your concepts.

    Regarding the position of Vulcan, the Astrodienst site does include Vulcan within its list of hypothetical planets to include in the chart, on the Extended Chart Selection page. Using that option, my Vulcan is placed on the opposite side of my Sun from Mercury and in a different house than where your estimate of three degrees from Mercury towards Sun would place it.

    Personally, the Vulcan position would relate only to the third part of my “triangle,” but do you have an opinion regarding if the Vulcan position is valid?

  33. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KC (1-2015): You have asked a very good question.

    All of the positions of Vulcan are theoretical.

    You are the best one to sort this out — which House would best describe the life area whereby you feel that you need to release yourself from material bondage?
    I would be curious as to what you think.

  34. Sai Grafio Says:

    Neptune the esoteric ruler of my ascendant is conjunct my Sun in Libra. I guess the Neptunian soul purpose is ego transcendence, “ne’st pas?

  35. Student Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    I have a Gemini Ascendent, Venus is (R in Aries) in the eleventh house, sixth house has Uranus (R in Scorpio). Please light my way to find my soul purpose and earthly life purpose through the right vocation :)

    Best Regards …


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