Mars in Aquarius 2020

MARS IN AQUARIUS 2020 – March 31 through May 12

Remember, Mars’ sign by transit shows how people will respond to anger in others or how they will respond when angered themselves. Mars shows how we express our energies in general – and anger is a manifestation of energy. Mars in Aquarius is plagued with CONTRARINESS! People, including ourselves, will do just the opposite when annoyed or provoked. Not much can be accomplished when tempers flare and Mars is influenced by this willful sign! Try not to tap into this type of energy when you sense that others are being uncooperative. It can snowball into outdoing each other with uncooperativeness.

As I reviewed my personal journals, I found several of the Mars in Aquarius cycles to be very stimulating. It was stimulating because I found an unusual idea to pursue, an innovative interest or subject that fired up my mental energies. During one cycle, I studied and gave Ray Readings (the study of the 7 Rays as applied to the Soul-Personality-Mental-Astral-Physical bodies). Aquarius is a sign that is naturally gifted with the ability to “People Read” – the ability to size up, analyze and dissect human behavior. Studies that enhance this ability were quite intriguing under this transit. Aquarius enjoys doing the atypical, the controversial and extraordinary. It is a sign that likes to gain attention in this manner. During this earlier cycle, I partnered with another astrologer to provide this counseling service on the Seven Rays. It was unique and it set us apart from other astrologers. It was a perfect resolution of the Mars in Aquarius energies. In 2007, I developed my medical lecture materials for an educational conference, especially developing my Common Cures handouts. This proved life-altering in my medical studies.

During another Aquarian cycle, I took a radical action. I impulsively booked a flight to Germany to see the Berlin Wall as it was coming down. While this sounds simple enough, it was done in pure Aquarian style. I had never traveled to Europe, much less a non-English speaking country, and I had never traveled alone. Against all the advice to the contrary from my friends, I was determined to do what I wanted to do – to be a part of the Berlin Wall event!

During the last Mars in Aquarius cycle (late March through April 2005), the radical behavior of Aquarius took the form of activism whereby I fought for the rights of the local farmers at the Silver Spring farmers market. This became a heated battle but a battle that I eventually won with the support of friends, neighbors, local merchants and historical society.
For the first time in my life, I took part in town meetings and advisory boards. I gained such a reputation for my speaking abilities that I was asked to be a spokesperson for other groups.

In terms of the negative side of Mars in Aquarius, I found that, when I was pushed, felt unappreciated or bullied, I would react in a very contrary, passive-aggressive manner. Since I have Mars conjunct Uranus natally, I am struggling to overcome this trait but there have been many examples of when I rebelled and politely refused to do something because I was angered while Mars was in Aquarius.

In 2018, Mars in Aquarius was reacting to T Uranus square Venus (11th) and T Pluto opposing Saturn (11th). I had a total technological breakdown. Both of my “work horse” computers crashed. By early July, they were still not completely up and running. I felt depressed and overwhelmed. I felt that everything that could go wrong did. There was a great astrological conference in Chicago and this was one of the best. And, a neighbor is a computer tech for NIH and she started working hours on the computers.

When we feel angry and provoked, Mars in Aquarius will upset the biochemical cell salt, Natrum Muriaticum, or Salt. Common table salt is too crude to be assimilated efficiently. Excessive use of table salt can cause skin disorders, high blood pressure and it hardens the arteries. As a cell salt it impacts the efficient distribution of fluids in the body. Too much water in the body can cause edema, watery colds and drowsiness. Too little water in the body can cause cracking joints, eczema, dryness, constipation and inflammations.

MARCH 30-APRIL 1 2020: Mars squares Uranus cautioning against poor cooperation and impulsive actions that work to your detriment. If you have planets at 0 degrees of Fixed Signs, this alignment will have a powerful impact and you need to exercise caution and patience.

  1. Trish Says:

    It’s phenominal.
    Thanks Lynn.


  2. Jennifer Says:

    Very informative. I have Chiron in Aquarius which opposes my venus conjucnt uranus natally and this is definitely affecting me, particularly with women. It explains a lot.
    Thank you.

  3. ann Says:

    My Moon is in Aquarius and I find I am too touchy emotionally when mars comes around love this site its very informative thank you

  4. Diana Says:

    Hi Lynn, Great article.
    I appreciate your comments on your own personal mars transit. Even we as astrologers when we know our transits
    can still become overwhelmed.
    I have jupiter 2Aqu, 5 degree asc and saturn 26 cap. I feel them a few days ahead of time andif I really focus on it, it started sooner.
    Needless to say, I did not handle it well yestarday and you are right. I felt challenged and I lost my temper which seldom happens. (duct tape on mouth) =)

    Take care, Diana

  5. Ryan Says:

    informative…thank you

  6. Marina Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for this very insightful article. I too have Mars conjunct Uranus natally, and I felt downright ornery all of last week, there were stressful situations I could have handled more skillfully. Absolutely a good time for duct tape! A day off with lots of rest and self care has smoothed my rough edges, I hope to remain calm and practice mindfulness these coming days.
    with aloha,

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MARINA: Thanks for the reminder of what is going on. However, currently I am relating more to the Endin Cycle that I described on Global Gatherings XI.

    My car died, my cell phone died, my computer died (using a tiny netbook to write), my best friend died, my cousin died and one of our astroology group members died suddenly on January 31 2011. Personally, I am too overwhelmed to feel contrary. All of this happened during the last week of January 2011.

    But, I do understand ornery! All too well!! Iam thinking that, if you have the energy to feel ornery, you are actually in pretty good shape.

  8. Isabella Says:

    Dear Lynn

    Just a line to say how sorry I am to read of the deaths of your best friend, your cousin and your colleague all at once. Beaming heartfelt blessings your way at this ending cycle time.

    Thank you for your continued input which is inspiring.

    Warmest wishes


  9. Laxmi Lorraine Says:

    I found your website because I was wondering about the subject of Mars BEING in Aquarius. I am into Vedic Astrology, its Sidereal. Anyway this Super Moon on March 19, 2011 will have Mars in Aquarius in the 9th house. Its a Full Moon in Virgo with a retrograde Saturn and both are in the 4th house. In Vedic a retrograde planet means more powerful & Saturn is a malefic. Anyway my feeling is it will be very intense emotionally for many of us. And this is a SUPER MOON, in perigee.

    By the way on Weds night at 10:30 pm we had an earthquake here in Siskiyou County. Both my roommate & I felt it..maybe a 2 or a 1…on the strength of it.

    I would expect we will feel the effects of this Moon 3 days before & 3 days after, similar to an eclipse energy.

  10. Lana Says:

    thanks.. am having issues that could snowball into a legal battle and all practical indications is that I jump on it now. But I felt hesitant about the mars in aquarius, [and in general]tho I wasn’t sure why other than it opposed my mars/ pluto in the next few days. That was too easy.. I just didn’t trust the mars in Aquarius on a gut level.
    Since my objective is to win, and not just be a bully, I am trying to listen and go with flow. You just verified my intuitive sense to just wait for something to fall into my lap or collapse of its own weight rather than pursue it aggressively. Also have pluto in 12th now and am figuring that out. AND.. saw a comment by you that Jupiter is the signature of death when in easy aspect, something I have noticed and brought up to to others who ignored me like I was nuts. Like when it crosses a south node in particular [Princess Di for example].. Its like an escape through a big door, a new freedom. Soo …. you have a new fan.


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