Mars in Capricorn 2020


Mars is in the most efficient and organized sign when in Capricorn. While some signs focus upon anger and conflict, Capricorn emphasizes accomplishments and initiative. Capricorn represents an organized type of activity that enables the individual to work hard and accomplish a great deal.

During this period, we may find that there will be a great need to organize, restructure and handle problems with efficient maturity. Mars in any Cardinal sign (Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn) can produce crises in which the individual must take charge and provide a solution through reorganization.

In reviewing my personal journals for the past periods when Mars transited Capricorn, I found myself dealing with poor organization with regard to my energies. If I scattered my energies and spread myself too thin, I experienced a burn-out. When I did not pace myself efficiently, I paid for this with energy depletion and exhaustion. It is not a problem to be scattered when Mars is in Sagittarius, as it was in December and the first half of January, but it is a serious problem when Mars is in Capricorn. This sign likes to have its time and energies properly budgeted.

My journals recorded periods when I was trying to help friends get organized, when I engaged in banking activities and trying to get the best investment rate, and when I was purchasing and working with computers and office machinery. In Capricorn, people find themselves either getting organized or being plagued with disorganizational chaos.

In previous Capricorn cycles, I often found myself stressed by health crises – health issues for myself or for my cats! With crises in my life, I often felt my energies paralyzed. This type of immobility is common for the Cardinal signs. When a Cardinal sign cannot do anything about a crisis, it becomes indecisive, immobilized or gets stuck spinning its wheels. During this current cycle, the health of my cat was affected and a friend found herself handling the medical crises of her ex-husband.

During the Capricorn Cycle around January 2009, it seemed different as my life focused upon the ambition and achievement association with Capricorn – I was busy with readings, I started teaching my online classes and I won by a substantial margin an election for International Liaison of the NCGR.

In 2018, I went through periods of feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I did travel to CT to lecture and Agneta was a lovely person. I connected her with Lars.

When activities are not paced well and when there are unresolved anger issues, health problems occur that will slow us down and make us pay attention to the details in our lives. If you take on too much, you will not accomplish much. Capricorn rules the homeopathic cell salt, Calcium Phosphate. When there are imbalances with this sign, there can be problems with mucosity, colds and flu, swollen glands or inflamed tonsils. This cell salt normalizes the gastric secretions. Poor assimilation of vitamins and minerals can ensue.
When acids and toxins accumulate, swelling occurs in the joints and any acidity can attract the cold virus. Stress can lead to colds, the flu and disturbances in the gall bladder. In the last Mars in Capricorn cycle, several of my friends and I did a liver/gall bladder cleanse that helped restore our energies.

NOTE: Since this is the cold and flu season, there are two suggestions at the onset: Take Alka-Salzer (without aluminum, only baking soda and calcium) at night on an empty stomach (so as not to interfere with digestion) or, as my physiotherapist in Berlin suggests ANDROGRAPHIS, easily purchased at health food stores. This is an herb used in Asia before antibiotics.

Probiotics are natural immune boosters. I also take Garlinase daily to thin blood and kill bacteria.

CRITICAL DATES: March 22 Mars conjunct Pluto at 24 Capricorn

  1. Carol Yarger Says:

    Dear Lynn, When I read this report, I was stunned. Dec. 28, 2008 is when I went to the hospital with heart failure. I would say that since I kept telling my self that ‘I was gasping for air’ because of my bronchitis. Well, surprize to me, gasping for air is a sign of congestive heart failure. Well when I went to the hospital, I weighed 230, I am now 215 1/2, also my blood pressure was 218 over 93, and its down to 125 over 70. So I guess I did embrace my heart. So I realize I am reading this after the fact, but I don’t think I would have thought you were refering to my heart.
    Peace and hugs,

  2. Melissa Says:

    Hello, I am very interested in this calcium phosphate to do with capricor n, I have a hospital appt tomorrow at 2pm to see if i have a serious disease and very worried as most planets in capricorn and i have saturn in taurus at 29 degrees!! i know that zinc really helps me, what foods can i buy with calcium phosphate, ps i have autonomic dysfunction and get swelling in my hand joints though the doctors are not interested in anything i tell them

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CAROL & MELISSA: Diagnosing one’s self from the Mars sign does not always work. Yes, in late December 2008, Mars did enter Capricorn and, unfortunately, I did not update the current transit dates. I am amazed!

    Mars is in Capricorn from December 7 2010 through January 15 2011.

    Melissa, Calcium Phosophate is a homeopathic remedy and you cannot obtain this in food…calcium and phosphorus, yes, but not the homeopathic form. Your symptoms seem to be more than an imbalance of a cell salt. You might try writing on the Medical Forum for more insights.

  4. Manuela Says:

    Mars in Capricorn squared my Aries Sun in the eight house and my Mars in Cancer in the eleven house few days ago. Also Pluto is squaring my Sun. I had a terrible fight with the boy I’m going out with, he entered in my e- mail account, I had to confront myself with stressful situation, and now I fell drained, I’ve got cold, cough, sore throat, and feel stucked, like If I everything make me tired!

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MANUELA (12-2012): Very good example of this double hit.

    I have an article on the Mars Cycles on this website. The Mars opposition cycle (Mars in Capricorn opposes Mars in Cancer) is a low energy cycle. Stressful situations or too much activity will affect the health and recuperation is very difficult, until Mars enters the next sign.

    For colds and flus, one needs to alkalize the system but usually as the symptoms first appear. Then, taking either Alka-Salkzer (with baking soda – not aluminum) or just baking soda in water. This is a powerful alkalizer — but do not eat around this time as alkaline inhibits digestion.

    I went to Europe with year under my Mars opposition and I quickly got bronchitis from breathing the cold, dry air hiking in the mountains of Bavaria. It took a long time to get better.

  6. Manuela Says:

    Thanks Lynn, I’ll try the Alka-Salzer and I hope it will give me some relief. I’m in Singapore at the moment and as soon as I arrived I got sick.. I would also share how Mars in Capricorn affected me. As soon as it entered in my fifth house and opposited my Mars in Cancer and squared my Mercury in Aries in the eight house( I have in my birth chart Mars and Mercury that make a square) I had a miscarriege. (But there is also Uranus on my sun which is squaring my Mars.)

    I’m an Aries and I must admit that The difficult transits of Mars affect me very badly, maybe also because my Sun in Aries square my Mars in Cancer.

    What I have noticed is also that all the problems that I had gone throght this summer, with the opposition of Mars in Libra, and that weren.t resolved, exploded in my face with this transit. Things are not going well at all.

    At the end of the month Mars will opposite also my Saturn in Cancer, so what can say? Waiting for Mars in Acquarius!!

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MANUELA (12-2012): The AlkaSalzer only works for colds and flu. For energy, you could try raw adrenal supplement but it must contain only raw adrenal fro cow or pig.

    Adrenal is taken in waves but you can use this until Mars enters Aquarius, then stay off a few days and then take it again. You need stops and starts with raw adrenal so that your body does not become accustomed to the supplement.

    But, not much really helps until Mars leaves its opposing sign. Good luck…Lynn


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