Mars in Virgo 2019


From AUGUST 18 through OCTOBER 3, 2019, Mars transits the sign of Virgo. Mars describes what makes us angry and how we respond to aggravating situations. In Virgo, when angered or in response to anger, people will tend to be critical. If criticized, it is easy at this time to respond with an attack of criticism. In dealing with people, it is best to use diplomacy rather than anything that could be construed as recrimination. It is important to exercise “tongue control” in order to prevent matters from getting out of hand. I have found a pattern of organizational stress to which people easily respond with impatience and critical dissatisfaction with anything that does not work properly.

I have observed that irritation, frustration and aggravation occur when little things go wrong, when hurried and when over-worked. These all contribute to an imbalance in Virgo’s homeopathic cell salt, KALI SULPHATE. The function of this Cell Salt is to manufacture and distribute oil. Deficiencies can cause the body’s oil to thicken and clog, turning heat and secretions back upon the inner organs. I have observed that such an imbalance will frequently cause dandruff, skin irritations and allergy symptoms (sinus congestion). This Cell Salt also serves to alkalize blood acidity, a condition that can cause a skin condition associated with Arthritis.

I have found in my medical research that Virgo is associated with sugars in the body and sugar metabolism. When Mars transits Virgo, I have recorded many times having great difficulty when I eat sugary foods. Especially in Virgo, sugar causes inflammations and this, in turn, affects my moods – becoming more irritable and agitated.

In examining my journals of past Mars in Virgo periods, I did find that many people were both critical and angry and these feelings were often projected onto others. Blaming and criticizing others is the easy explanation for one’s personal ills. I did feel that I was providing more “services” to others and I needed to establish boundaries. Often, I had company visiting and staying in the lower level. These people are always a joy but, when the visit occurs during Mars in Virgo (and this often occurs), I feel that I have to be overly responsible and helpful – it is ME and never them. It is most helpful when the visitor is a Scorpio or a Capricorn – they just tell me what to do and I do it, something very liberating as I do not have to make any decisions.

UPDATE 2008: During this period, I noticed that I was unusually agitated, easily annoyed and impatient, especially with little things (yes, I sweated the little things a lot) and people who were an aggravating waste of my time. I had no patience with people who went on and on without making a point and unnecessarily obsequious types who I saw as wasting my time by saying, “I am so sorry. I do not want to bother you. I hope I am not disturbing you”…..over and over again. I am normally not this way. I surmised that high blood acidity during this transit increased my agitation. My future suggestion to myself would be to eat a more alkalizing diet when Mars is in Virgo. During the 2008 transit, I have mechanical breakdowns…and, now in 2010, I need to have my copier repaired again. I was actively researching Leaky Gut syndrome, an ailment ruled by Virgo. I was exercising faithfully at the Senior Fit center and this always makes me feel better with an endorphin rush.


KALI SULPH (Virgo)-potassium sulphate – a constituent of the infrastructure of the body. Deficiency impairs muscle and nerve fibers, causing cramps, spasms and neuralgia pain, usually accompanied by prostration and profuse sweat. NOTE: Sweetens the blood.

Kali Sulphate corrects the functioning of oils in the body. Deficiency symptoms show up as dryness and in the later stages of inflammation including acne and intestinal disorders. Mental symptoms include worry and lack of judgment.

MEDICAL UPDATE: With Mars in Virgo, this transit is in my 1st House and it afflicted all of my Mutable signs. In 2008, I suffered with bronchitis, a disease associated with the Lymphatic System (see article on this website) and the Lymphatic System is ruled by Mutable signs.

  1. Kata Says:

    Wow! This totally makes sense. Mars is in virgo and I woke up shortly after it changed signs (mars is my ruling planet) itching and having weird skin/muscle symptoms. Im worried this transit is gonna give me insomnia. Do you know of any remedies for the sulfate imbalance?

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KATA (11-2011): Kata, the answer is in the article. Kali Sulphate homeopathic supplement. This alkalizes the blood.
    Itching can be a reaction to some food and muscle spasms is often due to a mineral deficiency — this is why some older people drink tonic water with quinine.

  3. Sharon Rose Says:

    Thanks for this. Virgo rising here too. My skin is going wild this fall. I’m ready to shed it! Been taking homeopathic sulphur, which helped some, but the bottle was empty this morning. Pretty symbolic. I will try the cell salts.
    I did giggle when I read, “The function of this Cell Salt is to manufacture and distribute oil.” My head went totally symbolic and produced an image of the Goddess Kali blowing up an oil well. I do have Uranus-Pluto on the Asc., which tends to be transpersonal about these things. Thanks again.

  4. Kata Says:

    Hmmm my bad. I guess I didn’t understand. Have never heard of it. It’s like another language to me. I really like your page.I found it half asleep late last night when I woke up to google mars transits. Thanks

  5. Eb Says:


    This information is helpful.

    Despite many years of focused prayer and the exploration of alternative health regimens for healing, I have not found all the answers – nor could I expect to.

    I am grateful to find this information; it is what I needed to hear at this challenging time.

  6. Karina Luna Says:

    No wonder I felt irritable this weekend! I also had/have the skin irritation. There moments where I think that I’m loosing my mind. I have to stay still and breathe…
    I am going to print this, so I can remember that I have to think before I say anything. If only I could sleep during this period and wake up on July, ha! :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Kathie Says:

    Thank you for your article/post! Synchronistically, I felt the need to voice my opinion on a work issue, this morning, out of frustration/irritation with the situation. I tried to bite my tongue, but I just couldn’t hold in my thoughts and frustrations. However, I think I voiced my opinion in a very diplomatic way.
    I work at a university, and it was in regard to an international student (the need for the university to set clear parameters/boundaries is the issue). Am I feeling anger around these 9th house areas, because my natal Mars is in the 9th house, or is it simply because Mars is transiting Virgo, which is connected to work? My Sun, Venus, Pluto and Mercury are actually in Virgo, in the 4th house.
    I have also noticed an increase in my body’s oil production, in the past few days. My skin tends to be oily, but it is even more so, now. Based on your post, I’m assuming that this is due to the oil thickening and not being distributed appropriately throughout my body. I still have some Kali Sulphate from the last time Mars was in Virgo, which was the only other time that I left a comment on your site. I must be really affected by Mars in Virgo!
    On my own, I discovered that sugar as well as processed flours (bread/wheat/gluten) cause inflammation in my body, triggering my endometriosis (abdominal pain) and causing achy joints/body. I didn’t know that this was connected with the sign of Virgo, especially with Mars in Virgo. Very interesting!
    I’m sorry to write so much (feel free to edit). I just feel so amazed by the uncanny connections between astrology, the body and my personal experiences! Thank you for revealing the connections! I appreciate it!

  8. Rod Xeryus Says:

    Great website!!!!, had a healthy relationship closure per Jup in R, girding up now to fight (not my strong suit) for visitation of my twins, missing since 03. Also launching a football critique business :(. My moon,Ur,Pl are in Virgo, Amazing headway during Merc R transits, bigger ones now for ALL my career aspirations (gemini :) (6/14/67 6:58am, Omaha,NE)
    This is the most green lights I have ever seen on my dashboard, but afraid of supersuccess followed by horrible public reversal Can Asc 12th house
    Any insights on insomnia? I get almost daily invention downloads, great for creativity, my lungs are about to fall out however, Asthma -8 day coma 7/18/07. Any insight is welcome

  9. horoscope Says:

    This site is really beautiful, I have done everything, to find out. Congratulations to the “Creator” of this site. Very pleasant.

  10. Starkttn Says:

    Thank you for this article, Lynn.

    I’m cannot find kali sulphate in my country. Are there any food combinations or fruit/vegetable sources that would help raise the levels in our bodies?

    Does our bodies produce this naturally when we are healthy? Bananas have high potassium levels, would this help?

    I appreciate your knowledge and guidance in this.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    STARKTTN (21-2011): I hate to say this but Kali Sulphate is a homeopathic remedy and it can only be obtained from a homeopathic remedy. Bananas will not help.
    See if you can Google “Homeopathy” for your country.
    If you e-mail me privately with your specific health concern, I will try to find a better remedy.

  12. s8 Says:

    I think I came across this at a great time. I have multiple sclerosis, of which inflammation is a hallmark, along with the nerve/muscle challenges. I don’t know a lot about astrology, but I have esoteric astrology readings just about once a year. I am virgo/pisces rising—an ageless wisdom student who has envisioned herself as another person to be a helper of humanity. Just had an esoteric astrology reading done, but the person does not do medical astrology, although he said that I will have health challenges all of my life. Not sure if that’s because natal chiron in aquarius is in the 12th house, or because of venus, sun, pluto in virgo in 6th house, along with uranus and mercury in leo there,as well— or just what… I know there’s so much more to the interpretations that are formed…Do you have suggestions for people with multiple sclerosis? At this point, I’m very unsure as to my place in this whole scheme of things, since the MS is so life-encompassing

    Many thanks.

  13. Ana Says:

    Lynn, when do you think is the best time to quit smoking? Is it reasonable to quit smoking during Mars retro? You listed Feb 19 – 21st as good electional days but it’s right before a new moon(Pisces rules addiction!!!). Lots of astrologers believe that the initiation of something has no energy in the period between full moon and new moon. Meaning, the attempt will fail. What do you think/advise? Thanks in advance!

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANA (2-2012): Breaking an addiction is not easy. There are many astrological factor that assist in breaking a long time habit. The easiest might be to start when the transiting Moon is in the sign in your natal chart. You could find your lunar return charts on These would give the start dates. Do this for your current location.
    This might be a better start time as this is a powerful period in one’s life, occurring every month. Good luck!

  15. Ana Says:

    Lynn, thank you! I’m libra sun, scorpio rising and I have aqua moon, so my new lunar return is coming. Transiting Jupiter’s exactly trining my Virgo venus on Feb 21st, so I’ll try to use aqua fixed energy to do that. And I’ll keep in mind moon in scorpio transit. Thanks again for your insights!!!

  16. Sharlene Mentzos Says:

    Since mars retrograde (natal in virgo) I have been sick and tired all the time. Neptune opposing jupiter, mercury and mars during next 5 years. What can I do to help my energy? I take care of my grand kids full time. Born 8-1-1944 at 1:51. Any suggustions greatly appreciated.

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SHARLENE (2-2012): There can be many, many reasons for fatigue.
    Read the health suggestions in my Neptune Transit article.

    The basic suggestion would be taking 2 Raw adrenal pills in the morning…and in waves starting with 1 month, taking then 10 days off; then 10 days on and 1 week off.
    The body becomes accustomed to raw adrenal so it must be taken in waves.
    Right now, Solaray is the only one in the vitamin stores that has actual raw adrenal.
    Personally, I order my adrenal and thyroid from and I get the porcine source.

    Then, you can have food intolerances that create low grade inflammation. At least, get off sugar. You could check on books at the library on anti-inflammatory diets…and take curcumin 3 times a day. Everyone should do this anyway.

    ANA: Jupiter transits rarely do anything but make us want to spend more and eat more…but good luck anyway.

  18. Charley Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Someone mentioned that you suggest a link between Mars retro periods and acne or skin issues? I’ve tried to find where they found this but no luck! I woke up on the morning of Jan 24th with a weird rash across my face that has over the past month become horrible cystic acne, dermatitis and a staph infection all at once, had three rounds of antibiotics, topicals, tried leaving it, tried natural remedies, nothing is working. It either gets worse or stays the same but never better. I should add that although I’m prone to acne I had perfect skin until that day, it’s all very odd. I’m a Scorpio with Aries rising, so pretty Martian and liable to be effected by the movements of Mars. I’d just be interested to hear if you think there is a link. Thank you!

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CHARLEY (3-2-12): It is not Mars R but Mars in Virgo and an imbalance of Kali Sulphate. I would also suggest avoiding all foods from the Nightshade family — tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and pepper (sweet and hot).
    You might find information on my medical forum but you have to sign up. This information is never used but it keeps hackers out.

  20. Susanne Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I think my boyfriend Thomas has been influenced by transit Mars in Virgo, since his rising sign is Virgo. Another significant influence is Uranus transiting his natal mars several times for the last couple of years(Mars placed in Aries (sextile his sun in 10th, and opposite pluto in 2nd house).
    His Ascendant and Sun sign ruler is Mercury in Gemini, Sun is also placed in Gemini.

    He has been feeling realy poorly, starting october 2011. Slowly one of his lymphs started to swell, and more lymphs followed, and they hurt, especially when he had eaten and when he should sleep. In january and february he felt dizzy and had stomac pain. Now he is better but still feels tired and have these pains in his lymphs, but they are not that swallowed any more. Now he has acne, and his skin rashes when he is in bed.

    By boyfriend is ambitious and likes his job, and he has been working a lot during these Uranus transits of his natal Mars. But it seems to me that his system couldn’t take more, when transit mars entered Virgo. He has been checked several times at the hospital but they find nothing wrong.

    Do you agree on my interpretation, and do you think Thomas will regain his energy when Mars enters Libra? I hope so – I have been really worried!

  21. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SUSANNE (5-2012): It is impossible for me to understand what is going on when someone tells me generally where some of the planets are and what transits are occurring. This problem started with Mars in Leo.

    The Lymph is ruled by the Mutable signs, Water signs, the Moon and Neptune. The function of the lymph has a connection with the 2nd House, storehouse for Chi in the body.

    I have information on the Lymph on my medical forum and you can look there for information. You should check there. However, I am unable to give a diagnosis without a detailed analysis of the chart…and I cannot do this from my website, receiving 2000 hits each day.

    Do check the medical forum as I may have some analyses there or you can post the question but you would need the timing for onset and what was occurring psychologically plus complete date. I cannot answer any questions until I return from the UAC conference (returning in early June).

  22. Alex Says:

    Well, I guess this explains a lot in my case… on November 14th 2011 I got entangled in a fight, defending my rights. I had a landlord who is known as an abusive person and whose father is a corrupt police general. I was tired of the landlord’s abuse, and a whole year of abuse ended in a rather tough fist fight, lawyers and trials… trial is not over yet, it has been going on all throughout the transit… hoping by the 3rd to have a positive response.

    I now got an astrological answer to the matter, making it understandable. Virgo is located in my 4th house (of home)…
    Venus and Moon in Aries… the issue started on November 12th, (very beginning of the transit) and the fight 2 days after

    …. Definitely astrology is the mathematics of daily living… so, I guess I will have an answer soon, in resolution of what started on November 12th…

    thanks for posting astro-info, and for the insight…

  23. Monika Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    Thank you very much for sharing with your amazing knowledge and awareness.

    I am a Leo with a Virgo stellium (H12: Saturn con. Mercury, Asc, con. Venus, Mars, North Node)

    What you have written about Mars in Virgo I have been practising all my life but I noticed my skin going crazy when Mars entered Virgo this autumn. Now after the pre-Xmas cold it has been out of control. I hoped once in Libra, Mars will ease on me.

    Following your advice I have bought KALI SULPHURIC 6 (by Nelson) and cannot find how to dose it. I have a visible acne mixed with eczema on my face, many other eczema paths on my body and acne on my chest. I am on allergy pills and taking calcium but to no result so far. I found on the Internet that I should take 4 tablets 4 times a day but there is nothing written on the box.

    I would be very grateful for any direction.

    Best wishes and Happy New Year!

  24. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MONIKA (1-2014): Kali Sulphate can help to sweeten the blood. It must be taken under the tongue and you cannot eat 1 hour before or after taking it as this works by vibration.

    Next, avoid all members of the Nightshade family – tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant or peppers.

    If you live in the US, take a bubble bath with Joy or Palmolive dish washing soap. This was recommended by a dermatologist years ago.

    You need to change the diet, maybe, only chicken and vegetables for 2 weeks.

    There are other suggestions for this skin condition but let’s try the easiest ones first.

  25. Monika Says:

    Thank you Lynn for your reply and your help.

    I live in London but I will look for the Joy or Palmolive dish washing soap.

    because of my skin, I have been gluten free and usually dairy free for years now. I am also on contraceptive pills helping to control my acne.

    I will avoid the Nightshade family now and I am happy to try other remedies.

    Best wishes,

  26. mrs kumar Says:

    I am having an Aries ascendant with Mars placed in7th house in my natal chart. Since Virgo has recently receded backwards and gone retrograde once again in Virgo, I am experiencing severe indigestion and hyperacidity problems which have multiplied, besides lack of sleep for the past many days. Can you please suggest a remedy?

  27. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MRS KUMAR (4-2014): I cannot make a diagnosis from an Aries Ascendant and Mars in the 7th. However, indigestion and hyper-acidity is often caused by a lack of digestive enzymes.

    I take digestive enzymes as a supplement from Life Extension but some foods help replace these enzymes, such sauerkraut. I could consult a holistic nutritionist about replacing these enzymes.

    When I have acid reflux, I take an Edgar Cayce Formula 636. It has digestive enzymes and it stimulates the glandular system.

  28. syl Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    I need your assistance to provide a medical report for my brother.

    he suffers from an unknown disease. a pain in the chest that changes positions. as of late he is also developing sore pimples on his tongue.

    he was born on 10 April 1986, Engela, Namibia.

    time unknown.

    please help


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