Mars retrograde 2018


From JUNE 26 through AUGUST 27 2018, the planet Mars will be in retrograde motion. This period is inappropriate for activities requiring the normal flow of Mars initiative. Using the constructive aspects of these transits, it is an excellent time to reinforce some aspect of our lives. This will be shown by the House position of this transit.

When Mars is retrograde, it depletes the vitality so that it is never a time to initiate. *Whoever initiates loses*— a new project, a great love, an argument, a lawsuit, or an international war. With a new project, it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. With a hot romance, it too fizzles and it rarely gets to the altar. With an argument, the hostility will come back to haunt you later. In legal matters, stoke your opponent into initiating the lawsuit first. It will be etched in granite that they will lose. In an international war, whoever fires first will automatically lose or ultimately withdraw. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions until they finally fizzle out. At this time, people become irritated when activities do not run smoothly. The anger may disrupt indirectly and inappropriately – like getting a traffic ticket when you feel annoyed with your job.

During this cycle, never buy anything mechanical unless it is heavily insured! Office machinery and computers easily break down. A friend who owned a word processing service found this period to always be a disaster. During one retrograde cycle, the printer, the back-up printer and the rented printer all failed to work. When they finally got one that worked, the mailing labels printed but there was no ink! I often notice that the world needs a brake job when Mars in retrograde.

Those who have Aries or Scorpio strong in their horoscopes are dramatically affected by this shift in direction of their natural ruler. For Arians, they find themselves being less aggressive, less pushy and less impatient to have THEIR WAY in a situation. Both Mars-ruled types find themselves more inclined to sit back and review matters in a more detached or impersonal way. They feel more patient to wait on circumstances to unfold before they take action. These individuals may not recognize the anger they feel inside. They may express an unusual passiveness while under fire because they need too much processing time before they can retaliate. Only when Mars turns direct can they move the Mars energy forward.

For those who are NOT ruled by Mars, it may feel quite differently. They may feel more impatient to force matters to a conclusion, to get a project going or to take immediate action. This would be an unwise course of action! Remember, initiating or impulsively taking action will not work to your favor.

In GOOD DAYS ACTION PLANNING GUIDE, Mary Shea describes an ideal way to handle Mars retrograde. “You go back over situations (either in your mind or in reality), doing things again and again while making corrections in the way you handle events. While Mars is retrograde, you will be reviewing the way you handle anger, self-defense, self-motivation and sexual relationships… outward anger or conflicts may not be appropriate.” She rightfully feels that using passive-aggressive techniques, manipulation, arbitration or subtle power plays may be more appropriate at this time. “If you are normally non-assertive, you may be forced to defend yourself. Whatever your tactics, you must give thought to what you are doing. If your tactics do not work or they are inappropriate to the situation, your anger will continue to build while Mars is retrograde. You can expect the anger to manifest full-blown by the time Mars turns direct. If you have seriously wronged or angered another with…acts of aggression, you can expect the backlash as Mars turns direct.”

When the 1997 Retrograde got underway in Libra and Virgo, I noticed that non-aggressive types seemed to now be intolerant of lazy people who waste their time. They were not willing to take action and eliminate the non-essential personnel. One Pisces man felt that it was a bad time for employees when it was actually a time when he had grown intolerant of intolerable work practices by irresponsible workers. In 1999, with Mars in Scorpio and Libra, I met many people from my past, people whom I had not seen in a long time. The connections were temporary. I found myself dealing with manipulative emotional outbursts in others but I reacted with calmness and just listened to what they had to say. In 2001, there were daily accidents on our Beltway, tying up traffic for miles. Other cities reported the same. McVeigh’s execution was postponed exactly as Mars went Retrograde which put the spotlight on John Doe #3 and #4 and a possible cover-up conspiracy.

When Mercury went Retrograde with Mars, a US and a British missile crashed upon launching. In 2003, at its Station, there was an unsuccessful coup in the Philippines. There were many terrorists bombings, including the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad. There were several oustings, referendums and resignations of political leaders during this cycle.

NOTE: During the last week of July 2018, Mars R in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Scorpio warning against over-reacting. You could take an action that is not what it is really about – for example, you may be angry at yourself and some decisions that you have made but you will project it onto someone else.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Unlike Mercury Retrograge, Mars R does not always have a strong impact on individuals – unless Mars R hits something in your chart…and only in combination with other transits only.

    In my father’s chart, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is sitting on his IC and square the Asc. Mars R is approaching his 10th House Pluto.
    On December 3, a huge branch (100 feet long and 18 inches wide) fell on his truck and destroyed it completely.
    Nothing like this was happening in my chart so I had pulled my car up further in the driveway so that it was untouched.

    Since he does not need to use the truck, I told him to wait until February when Mars is Direct before purchasing another truck. Mars R is not good for purchases that are mechanical.
    It is not good for initiating a new project because the energy fizzles when Mars goes direct.

    You can go through a Mars R and not experience anything but, if there are a lot of hits to your chart, something assocaited with Mars activities will go awry.

    Mars was R while I was traveling in Europe (I just returned). Because I chose a great day to start my trip (November 7 – the Moon was making good aspects and I had a favorable transit to my Nodes, always favoring changes of any type).

    There were so many mishaps connected with Mars R — train strikes, train and plane breakdowns, all types of mechanical problems and accidents that occurred around me but I was never affected by any of these events.

    So, if you need to initiate something while Mars in R, choose a good “electonal” date — a date when the Moon is making all favorable aspects before it leaves the sign. I give this information in my monthly column.

  2. Lynn Koiner Response Says:

    Why is the date of conception not important in a chart?

    In my medical astrology research, I use the PreNatal Epoch horoscope. It is considered a conception chart and I use it as a chart for the physical body. This chart indicates vulnerable areas for the physical body. These patterns are actually shown in the natal chart but the PNE tells me that this is a congenital pattern or a pattern active during gestation. For example, in childhood IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), there are usually afflictions between the Cardinal signs and the Moon is usually afflicting Mars. This same pattern shows up in the PNE chart as well. This indicates to me that the family tensions were occurring during the gestation period. By the waym, the 6th House in the natal chart is also an indicator of congenital weaknesses in the body. So, a conception chart is used. There are several methods for determining this (the Solar Fire program has these methods) astrologically. And, it denotes the chart for the physical body while the birth chart is the chart for the personality. Determining actual conception would be very difficult as it can occur long after intercourse. So, I am satisfied with the Bailey PNE. Thank you for writing. This was a very good question....Lynn Koiner
  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MARS R & ANGER ISSUES: In my personal experience, this Mars in Leo R has brought up a lot of anger issues. This can make for accidents as a way of releasing this energy.
    I am just trying to keep my mouth shut and not say anything I regret. I am currently in a group in which a lot of anger issues are surfacing but not directly.
    Praising people has helped with Mars in Leo. This has produced very positive results.

  4. Glenn Jones Says:

    “I often notice that the world needs a brake job when Mars is in retrograde.”

    Hence the massive Toyota brake recall. You’re a prophet Lynne!

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Your insight is brilliant! I wrote this article many years ago and I forgot all about it. My current car’s brakes need replacing now as well.

  6. Robby Coker Says:

    MARS R IN SIGNS: I have found that if Mars occupies either Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn (its signs of rulership and exaltation), the effects of it being Retrograde are diminished.

    One case of this is the online company They have Mars Retrograde in Scorpio in their chart, and they expanded into a very big company over the years. Their forum is one of the most visited ones on the internet.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:
    SHADOW PERIOD (12-2011): The Shadow Period is a relatively modern “invention” in interpretation. I never use it. With Mars R or the other slow moving planets, it would almost always be Retro or Shadow.

    Yes, if you do something just before Mercury or Mars turn retrograde, there can be a disruption when they do turn retrograde.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CLEO (12-2011): If a project is in motion, you need to use the positive qualities of Mars R.
    In my article, I quote Mary Shea —

    In GOOD DAYS ACTION PLANNING GUIDE, Mary Shea describes an ideal way to handle Mars retrograde. “You go back over situations (either in your mind or in reality), doing things again and again while making corrections in the way you handle events. While Mars is retrograde, you will be reviewing the way you handle anger, self-defense, self-motivation and sexual relationships… outward anger or conflicts may not be appropriate.” She rightfully feels that using passive-aggressive techniques, manipulation, arbitration or subtle power plays may be more appropriate at this time. “If you are normally non-assertive, you may be forced to defend yourself. Whatever your tactics, you must give thought to what you are doing. If your tactics do not work or they are inappropriate to the situation, your anger will continue to build while Mars is retrograde. You can expect the anger to manifest full-blown by the time Mars turns direct. If you have seriously wronged or angered another with…acts of aggression, you can expect the backlash as Mars turns direct.”

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    USING VOC (1-2012): January 12 is a good day in general. If you wish no reaction, pick a day when the Moon is Void of Course.
    You can move when Mars is retrograde.

    When you do something when the Moon is VOC, people just do not react, generally speaking. It has nothing to do with the long-term relationship but just their reaction at the time that you tell them. Years ago, when I was in a long-term relationship with a cheap Capricorn, I used the VOC to tell him that I bought a xerox type copier for printing my newsletters. He had no reaction and then, when he saw the copier in the basement (where I ran it), I told him that I had told him a couple of months earlier -- he still did not react and all was fine. I am older now and I would never tolerate something disapproving of how I spent my money. So, do not worry about using the VOC period.
  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    YELENA (1-2012): Mars is not good for ELECTIONAL surgery but I have had emergency surgery with Mars and Mercury R that turned out beautifully.
    You NEED cortizone so this is not electional. Boxtox can wait. I list Good Days on my home page.
    There is another Mars R article which is much longer on this website. Read that one too.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ZOE (1-2012): Your baby will be born under the aspects that exactly fit his/her personality – there is nothing that you can do to change this. Usually with Mars R, the family has a history of not handling anger properly. Physical outlets and sports will be very helpful to the developing personality.

    Hello Lynn: You need to submit it on one of the good days which I mention on my homepage.

    RA: I have no clue what you are asking. Be specific and as it pertains to the article. Also, read the longer article on Mars R on this website.

    MIKE: There is no way any astrologer can answer this question simply because Mars is R. You might follow the instructions for a horary question as I mention in #52 for LB.

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TO EVERYONE ABOUT PREGNANCY: I am constantly answering this same question — Mars R in itself has nothing to do with getting pregnant.
    It is your natal chart that counts. You must look at the aspects in your natal chart.

    NOTE: On February 1, I will start to delete many of these posts as it is getting too long and people rarely read the posts anyway.

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TRAVELING with MARS R: (2-2012): First, when planning a trip, use one of my Good Days listed on my homepage.
    Next, sometimes I HAVE to travel when there is a Retrograde or not the best aspects. I just go and I do not look at the transits — this only energizes any negativity.
    In the past the American Feberation of Astrologers always had their conferences in July and Mercury was often Retrograde. I just booked a flight and went when it is convenient.
    The biggest conference in the U.S. now is UAC. I have to arrive on May 23 and this is when I am going. I am not looking at the aspects — I HAVE to fly on this date. There is nothing that I can do.
    When I visit friends in Phoenix or travel to Europe, I can control this and I pick a good date astrologically — such as those listed on my homepage.
    Transits to your natal Nodes are always good for changes and travel as well.
    Changing your flight date may not change it for the better, especially by only one day.
    Just go and have a good trip.

  14. MaryHu Says:

    MARS R &CHILDREN: I am applying all of this knowledge about Mars retrograde to my 7 year old son’s situation. His natal Sun and Mars are conjunct in Virgo in the seventh house (11 degrees and 14 degrees, respectively) and his moon is in Aries. There has been a lot of aggressive behavior lately among his peers, and it had been stressing him out terribly, so with Mars retrograde, we have just with drawn from group activities that involve the Bully Boys. Interestingly, the King Bully is moving out of the country in June; maybe we’ll re-enter some of that social scene, then. But during Mars retrograde, he’s playing with his more cerebral friends (gotta work that Virgo intellect), taking theater and swim classes (hello, Neptune in Pisces) and working in the garden a lot. He seems less stressed already.

  15. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MICHELLE (2-2012): My neighbor and I have both been frantically de-cluttering and renovating and shifting the energies in our homes.
    Usually, such transformations are associated with Pluto but we are not experiencing any Pluto action.
    It can be Mars R but I am thinking that it is due to all of the astrological and astronomical shifts going on at this time.

    When I initially made big changes in my homes about 20 years ago, I also made BIG changes in my personal life.
    I think we are changing the energies in our homes because we are changing energetically and the new environmental energy shift will help and facilitate these personal changes.

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANGER (5-2012): From my personal experience, I find that I am never right when I express anger at another. I feel that, if I “lay my cards on the table (honesty)” and express my feelings without becoming angry, I do better.

    Internalizing the pulling angry inside will only make you ill or depressed. Mars in the 12th needs physical activity that releases the angry energy. Sports helps, being involved in activist activities — working on something outside of yourself to express the anger.

    I am a 12th House person myself so being alone and obsessing on the problem only makes it worse. I need to get outside and put the problem behind me.

    Talking with a friend also helps me to get the feelings out but I need to talk with someone who is practical and and someone who will tell me the truth. Such people are not easy to find — but someone more mature who can see both sides.

    Good luck with this. It is not easy…L

  17. Sai Grafio Says:

    Whenever a planet is in the opposite sign of the sign it rules, it sets up a seventh house karmic vibration. Libra is the seventh house sign ruling relationships. This sets up a karmic tie from a past life; that is, some unfinished business from the past; e.g. this life or a past life. The way out of this conflict is diplomacy (Libra( seeking the solution rather then trying to get the advantage. World leaders will be forced to come to the table.

  18. I Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’ve been laid off from job effective May 6. The company claims that it’s due to finances however I suspect it’s in retaliation( I have email proof). They have offered me a low severance(verbally) but i want to negotiate a higher package. I’m consulting a lawyer tomorrow, with emails(my boss telling me they want me to leave the company and then sent me a job posting) if they can negotiate a higher severance. My questions is whom is the initiator? Me for going to the lawyer or the company for laying me off?

    Thanks so much Lynn

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:


    If you seek a lawyer, YOU are the initiator.

    You can also calculate a horary chart when you think of the question, “Should I initiate a lawsuit?” This is a chart for the time and place that you ask this question.

    Horary has simple rules. For a legal action question, you are the 1st House and your company would be the 7th.

    1. The Ruler that is closer to the MC will be more successful
    2. Only applying aspects are used – is there a favorable or unfavorable applying aspect between the rulers?
    3. The Moon’s applying aspects show the “activity in the matter.”

    There are more rules but these are the easiest.

  20. Terrell Wall Says:

    I need help understanding this topic. I have noticed that I am very volatile around this time of the year. My relationships diminish. I always spend a lot of money on some projects that ends up a failure. What resources should I reference?

  21. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TERRELL (5-2014): You are very correct with your insights on Mars R. It has been a difficult time for relationships. I receive posts all the time – you can read some here.

    I do not understand what is happening. I had a friend act very strangely recently and I do not know what the change was all about — I consult a friend who channels. This may be the only hope for understanding.

    Initiating is always bad under Mars R. This Cardinal afflictions this year have been terrible for so many people. Even my 93 year old dad is experiencing the crises with the weather and being so late with his garden. We often sell at the farmers market in March but we still have not gone this year as we have nothing and all of our fig trees died. It will take at least 2 years for them to start producing again.

    My desktop is an XP and I have everything on it and now I cannot email. All of my technical equipment has problems. It does not seem to be getting better so I can only go with the flow.

    So, it is just a bad time. With Mars in Libra for a long time, this problems will last a long time. I do not know any resources.

  22. kris Says:

    hi Lynn,
    since mars rx is coming soon (2/17)
    Wondering retrogarde is a bad time to start/‘initiate’ a new job or move to a new city?

    Lots of changes happening in the home environment, and we are contemplating job/relocating but it will likely happen around earliest by feb/march.

    my partner dob is 9/15/1980 and looks like mars is transiting thru mostly 3rd and some 4th house (sag). while my dob is 2/18/1976 and mars will transit mostly 6th and some 7th house. I also have mars iin the first house (gemini), so I suspect I maybe more sensitive to mars RX than most people.
    Thank you in advance,

  23. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KRIS (2-2016): No, it is not R until April. There is a much longer article on Mars R on this website. Read this article. Mars R is NOT like Mercury R so it is more mechanical and it is bad for aggressive action.

  24. Nancy Says:

    Watch the opposition point of Mars Retro to the Sun, lots of action there, re-vamping and re-organizing rapidly, esp. if it’s hitting a Natal planet.
    I was trying to sell a house in ’12. The realtor we had was an a*s. During the opposition point, we fired him, scrambled to get a new realtor and got a firecracker. It was at the end of the buying market, too, where we lived. She staged it for free, gave us a realistic market assessment and the house went into contract a week after Mars stationed direct. Mars in Virgo that year, and she was a quintessential Virgo! She almost drove me nuts w/ her staging and being “over-involved,” but her attention to detail probably sealed the deal for us.

  25. beth Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    the Mars Retro will be going right over my Scorpio 27 descendant; it will trine my IC, and sextile my moon/MC conjunction. I’m unemployed, broke & job hunting, and hopefully will get a job in March ahead of the retro…I also want to start a business on the side.

    btw – I DON“T want to move, so I’m not sure if this indicates a move, but hopefully NOT.

    Any thoughts on a mars retro over the DESC?


  26. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BETH (2-2016): Mars transits of any kind have little to do with getting a job. It can be a trigger but much depends upon slower moving planets and the progressed Moon.

    Horary astrology (the chart calculated for a question) can answer this better.

    Mars will cross your 7th cusp 3 times and there is often a connection event-wise between the events or only 1 produces an event. I cannot tell.

    A 7th House transit triggers events in the lives of the people around us. Someone could be angry or contentious but it only takes 1 day for Mars to cross an angle.

    With Mars R, you could take a temporary job until you find something permanent – anything just to have money coming in.

  27. beth Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’m surprised that Mars transits don’t indicate (among other things..) getting a job. I thought that mars (and Mars Return Chart) indicates initiatives – which includes work.

    Does it indicate a move?

    BTW – my Mars Return has the retrograde happening right over my ASC vs DESC in my natal chart! I hope this doesn’t indicate fighting with someone (my mother has sun @ 27 Scorpio) but it looks like it does.


  28. Deb Says:

    This Mars Rx is going to happen over my Asc where Venus lives, with Mars just entering my first house today. Would it be fair to say it’s a chance to review unfinished (psychological) business? What would you suggest I do in this direct period to prepare? BTW I’m presently closing a house refi and having dreams of suitcases of money going back and forth, like in the movies.

  29. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DEB (2-2016): I have a longer article on Mars R on this website — it is the first one listed under Retrogrades. It tells more about Mars R. Yes, when it is Retrograde, it is good for reviewing but not the same as Venus or Mercury Retrograde.

    Deb, I rarely pay attention to Mars R, except for not showing anger and not buying anything mechanical.

    Over the years, I have noticed that Mars is strongest abut 1 degree from the ASC into the 12th. This is not always a good thing as you must be careful.

    Look at Saturn outward and your Progressed Moon more than Mars.

  30. Nancy Says:

    I looked back and during one Mars Retrograde, I flew to a different state, rented a house, flew back and moved to the new location about a month later (all within the Mars retrograde period). The move was successful. I lived in that area 15 years.

    I keep hearing about not doing anything major (relocating, changing jobs, etc.) during a Mars Retrograde from many astrologers, but am wondering what the real scoop is. I have an Aries Ascendant, too!

  31. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NANCY (3-2016): I had major broken foot surgery when both Mars and Mercury were R. Now I would not deliberately schedule surgery at such a time (I did this once and the doctor forgot to take out 2 stitches, causing an infection) but this was an emergency.

    Mars R is more about mechanical items, initiating a professional project or initiating a conflict. It really does not affect moves. If someone moves when Mercury is R, the movers may be late or the apartment/house is not ready but it does not indicate the outcome.

    I hope others read your post and feel reassured about changes with Mars R.

  32. San Says:

    I will be starting a new job on the 18th April 2016, just a day after Mars retrograde.
    Even though I had signed the contract in Feb already.
    how will this effcet me?

    My date of Birth- 10th June 1975

  33. Maria Thereza Young Says:

    Selling and buying a new house right now. What to do?
    Mars R. and I have to do it. contract signing in March and closing in June. Buying the new place probably around that time (June). Is it going to be ok? what should we keep our eyes on ?

    Thank you!

  34. Gigi Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Love your site! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    I am experiencing a situation that I need a bit of help with. Last week, my ex filed a legal motion that impacts me and my children greatly. I need to respond to it this week, at the onset of the Mars R.

    Additionally, things are not going well on my job and I may be in a position to have to find another job. Both of these things are cautioned against during this energy period.

    How can I respond to both of these issues, minimizing negative outcomes? What cues or clues should I look for?

    I have Mars in my 9th house and have a Libra sun/Scorpio moon with Pisces rising.

    Any suggestions you can offer are most appreciated.

    Thank you!

  35. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SAN-MARIA-GIGI (4-2016): If you HAVE to take an action when Mars is R, then do it. It is only when you ELECT a R period does it really hit you. I mentioned this in #31.

    I have to give a deposition in New Jersey on June 7. I am not concerned about it because it HAS to be done then and I have great aspects in May and June.

    Gig, an astrologer would have to really look at your chart to give you more details. Actually, for legal questions, I recommend a horary chart done for a specific question. I can recommend such astrologers if you wish to pursue this further. I receive between 2500-4000 hits every day and I cannot offer this service to all who ask.

  36. Linda Says:

    I have Mars in my first house; I’m Scorpio x 4, including sun & rising. I feel that I can’t move, stuck, motivation! I want to stay hidden. This is a terrible and sad state of feeling to me however-

  37. Chelsea Says:

    Is a mars retrograde known to bring back exes?
    My ex and I broke up over the last venus retrograde I believe…
    So about 7 months ago. We haven’t spoken in months and then on April 17th he requested me on instagram and we chatted briefly. Hes a taurus and im an aries. I know hes slow moving so what do you think are the possible outcomes of this situation? He initiated it, so am I safe?

  38. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CHELSEA (4-2016): First, I am an astrologer and not a psychic so I cannot predict relationship issues based solely upon retrogrades. No astrologer can.

    Taurus is not just slow – they never listen! This drives Aries crazy. I would be very suspicious that he is contacting you now. He is probably out of a relationship and you do not seem to want to reject him – unpleasant for Taurus.

    DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK!!! Move on!

  39. burka Says:

    I have an important question. I would like to open a firm. It will happen next week, I don’t really have a lot of time and would be really thankfull if you could recommend the best day next week to do so if possible. I don’t think I can postpone it unless you strongly advise me to. I’m Cap with cap ascendant and Mars retro almost exactly on my natal Venus at 5 Sag in 10th house…Also going through my 1st saturn return.

  40. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BURKA (4-2016): You picked a time with all of the Rs to write??!! You might have a Grand Opening when everything is D. You can open earlier but the official can be later.

    APRIL 25-26: The Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius and, from 4pm EDT on the 25th to 11:30am EDT on the 26th, it forms a trine to Uranus and Venus in Aries. Mercury is about to turn Retrograde so this is a better to use the energies to socialize and have fun. The Fire energy is motivational, inspirational and spirited so this type of activity, which is mental, is favored.

  41. Rana Says:

    I have Mars retro in my natal 4th house conj my saturn right now. And opposition my natal moon, Mars and chiron in gemini in my 10th house and I have been very aggressive lately pickinhg up arguments with my father and mother!

    I still live with them and lately we have a “cat crisis”. During all winter a neighbours cat has lived with us part time. He comes and goes to our home and my parents lets him in every day and the cat spends the whole nights at our home sleeping! The cats owners have no clue about this.

    And I feel this is very wrong, especially now when my father also have started to purshase cat food to the cat to feed him!

    And its really shitty low quality cat food that will make the cat sick in the long term, I know because I’m very well educated about thise matters.

    I’m already a control freak (virgo asc with a strong pluto) so this is driving me nuts!

    I’m picking up fights several times a week and my parents just won’t budge about this matter! Their argument is “the cat owners clearly don’t care about their cat since they don’t put up flyers about their cat”. etc.

    I feel so upset that I can’t sleep at night! This anger boils inside me and I feel I have to be more diplomatic with my peers and that I have to resolve this in a “sneaky” way (strong scorpio after all, I like sneaky ways lol).

    I have found out who the owners is so now I have to let them know about their cats whereabouts. But I have to do it without giving away my parents name adress etc.

    I thought that I can put up a flyer near the owners house with an email urging them to contact me about the cat because if I give away my phone nr they can look my name up and find my parants house!

    I just don’t have the curage yet, don’t know what to expect from the owners, how they will react etc

    I absolutly not wanna wait until Mars is direct again! This has gone too far for mounts now. So maybe Mars retro is a good opportunity to initiate contact with the cat owners and resolve this matter in a diplomatic (ok, sneaky) way?

    I hate feeling this upset and out of control! :(

  42. Tijana Says:

    “With a new project, it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. With a hot romance, it too fizzles and it rarely gets to the alter.”

    Is this applicable when Mars Rx transits houses that rule projects and romance or should we not start anything in general for the whole retrograde period?

    For example, if Mars Rx transits a person’s 5th, 7th, 11th house – it is clear. But what if it transits 4th or 8th or 12th house – they have nothing to do with a romance or a project – can their romance or a project survive long-term? Or can a person file a law suit when Mars Rx transits their 10th or 3rd house for example and win?

    Mars Rx is a long transit, it is impossible to not initiate absolutely anything during that time…

  43. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TIJANA (5-2016): Yours is a good question. One cannot put everything on hold just because of retrogrades. But, the Retrogrades will play themselves out in some way.

    Friends met under Mars R and they never married. Finally, after 30 years, due to health insurance reasons, they got married. Everything depends upon the synastry and maturity of the couple as to whether or not it will last. For these friends, marriage was delayed 30 years.

    I had a recall on my car with the last Mercury R but it was not done properly. It was finally completed with Mars R.

    Mars is R in my 4th House and I need the plumber to come in, R or D, it HAS to be done.

    If you take the initiative on an action, this will pose a problem.

    I would never file a lawsuit when Mars is R.

    While Mars has been R, I had to occasions when I could have expressed anger but I did not. This was a good decision as it would have made the situations much worse. Appeasement works to my benefit.

  44. dd Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for this great website! Your interpretations and insights on so many transits and aspects etc. are very accurate, literally!

    I had my second mars return this year last sunday [this time mars is retrograde, and the chart showed clearly my son`s sudden unexpected death on the same day and it keeps scaring me!!! ] ; so my questions are:

    - Does the retrograde movement influence end to me with mars turning direct, or it is valid until my third Mars return in August?

    and, during the given retrograde period:
    - should I REinitiate any legal and/or medical stuff etc., like: retrying to get a lawyer [the same person, another case]?

    - REcontact same people for the same reason I did before[medical/legal counseling and/or reinitiating an insurance claim? the claims were denied/rejected before, and the lawyer didn`t try to initiate any legal matter afterwards.

    - undergo a minor surgery for the second time? The last attempt wasn`t successful, because the surgeon didn`t choose the most appropriate method: he tried to drain a cyst instead of removing it completely! this time he knows exactly what to do and how to perform the surgery. it has already been postponed and delayed some 3 times, for various reasons.
    the cyst is a complication after some minor aesthetic surgery I underwent in July 2015, and I`m wondering if I should also make a first attempt [now/after mars will have turned direct?] to get some money back for the aesthetic surgery.
    the surgeon is removing the cyst for free, but there was no information or whatsoever on such possible complications after the surgery before.

    I can send you any charts/data you need

    thank you!
    best regards

  45. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DD (5-2016): First, a Mars transit will not indicate a death. It is too weak for this. There are many indicators for this and Mars can just be a trigger – so no need to worry about another death in the family. Trigggers can be the 150 aspect, a transit of progressed aspect between the 8th and 11th (death in the family circle)…just to name 2 major ones.

    When Mars is R and makes 3 Returns, the first 2 returns will be active until the next one and the last return is the one that lasts for 2 years.

    Unless you HAVE to re)initiate, I would not initiate legal activity. Yes, you can talk with a lawyer but do not initiate unless time is running out and you HAVE to do this.
    I have to drive to another state on June 7 to give a deposition – my comment about an accident that occurred 2.5 years ago. There is no problem with this and it is something that HAS to be done. If you cannot wait, then just DO IT…and pick a good day when the Moon is only making favorable aspects until it leave the sign.

    There is a system of astrology called horary astrology, a chart for the time a question is asked giving the outcome, that may be more helpful. If you lived in the U.S. I could make referrals but I presume from your email that you live in Poland. Such a chart – and you can do this yourself if you understand the rules – would tell if you should return to the previous lawyer or find a new one. Such a chart would tell you the outcome of any legal action. This is much better than looking at the natal chart.

    For elective surgery, I prefer not to have Mars R BUT I have had major surgery with Mars R and Mercury R and it was the best surgery that the doctor had ever done. So, you could have this done but pick a day when all of the Moon’s aspects are favorable before it leaves the sign.

    Since I receive between 2500 and 4000 hits each day, I cannot look at all of the charts that are sent to me…and I am going to be 71 this summer.

  46. Nancy Says:

    I am noticing, since Mars went Rx, how agitated and edgy people are around me. The postman complaining, elderly people I work w/, co-workers, spouse, customer service, everyone!! I am just not engaging a lot of people at this time. It is fruitless. I’m mostly dodging bullets as best I can. I wonder how Mars/Scorpio will change how the “anger” manifests. Can’t wait till June 29th!!

  47. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NANCY (5-2016): I have observed the same agitation with any frustration. When I feel agitated, I know from years of Mars R experience that I must not say or do anything about what is annoying me or I will regard it big time!

    Mars in Scorpio is more resentment – more likely to get even. It has a lot of control issues.
    Good observation.

  48. Diana Shaw Says:

    I was reviewing Mars R because I have Mars in Scorpio, when I noted that it will be stationary direct at 23 Scorpio 03. Well, it goes stationary before reaching my own Mars, BUT it will be stationary on Hillary Clinton’s 8:02AM chart Ascendant, 22Scorpio07 (Chicago Ill, 10/26/47)(which is my preferred chart). Even if you don’t like this chart, her SN is 23Scorpio34, and her natal Saturn is 21Leo18. Yikes! While her email troubles have been floating around for a while, the most recent State Dept. announcement that she broke the rules occurred during Mars R, a couple of days ago. I also note that Trump has Mars (in Leo) Rising. So, if there is a a fight amongst Mars types during Mars R, this is it. I’m a Hillary fan so I have my fingers crossed for her. But, clearly her past is coming up for review under this Mars R.

  49. Tori Says:

    Hi, I have been offered a new job which will begin after Mars goes direct, but I need to sign the contract while Mars is retrograde. I am a Pisces with Sag rising, an Aquarius-heavy birth chart with Mars in Gemini 21 degrees. It’s the job of my dreams but I’m being pressured to sign the contract asap – is it safe for me to do so?

  50. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DIANA SHAW (6-2016): I did not receive your post – and a couple of others. A couple of months ago I talked with the director of the CounterIntelligence Centre, David Major. He had recently been discussing this issues about Hilary with FBI and State Dept people. There is no way that she can be prosecuted for this. He said it is just a political issue by the Republicans so you can rest assured it will be OK.

    When Hilary ran against Obama, a client supported her campaign and said that, if Hilary won, she could get sex tapes on all of those Republicans and whip them into shape. This may not be true but it is a good thought!

    TORI: I cannot tell if you should take a job or not just by Mars R. If it is the job of your dreams, TAKE IT.

  51. Diana Shaw Says:

    Thank you so much for this interesting tidbit, Lynn. I always learn so much from your site. Mars rules Aries and both Uranus and Eris are conjuncting in Aries contributing explosive, vengeful rage to Mars in Scorpio. I think that is one reason that there is so much tragic, uncontrolled violence in the news. The Grand Cross with Neptune opposite Jupiter intersected by Saturn (opposing Sun/Venus at the last New Moon) makes it big, upsetting and irretrievable. There are a lot of broken hearts (Sun/Venus) in one way or another. How this applies to Hillary when Mars stations on her natal SN remains to be seen. I’m a supporter and I’m holding my breath.

  52. A.P Says:

    Hi, i just recently discover your blog and its of great help. Im going through a hard transit. exactly when mars retrograde hitted my natal southnode/uranus in sag.5th my boyfriend broke up with me. Is not that it was sudden, as we had been having bad months. But it broke me literally. 2 months have passed and im wondering if once mars direct reaches those points if i’ll hear from him again. Im completely heartbroken. we are both càncer (me càncer sun asc, and he càncer with virgo asc).
    im also undergoing the uranus transit on top of my natal 21 aries moon.
    And he is a plutomoon scorpio in 3th. is true when a scoprio cuts you out is forever?
    thank you so much

  53. Lynn Koiner Says:

    AP (6-2016): It is possible that, when Mars crosses the same point as the break up, you could hear form him again. However, this does not mean that you should take him back — or that he really wants to get back.

    Many people have written to me about relationship endings and will they get back together. Why would you want to go back to a bad relationship? Moving on is VERY HARD but this you must do. You are correct – Scorpio (Moon) is unforgiving.

  54. A.P Says:

    Thank you. Since the venus retro september last year when i thought he lied to me we had been on a bad track. Now is when i realised he must really not have cheated, but i took it very badly all that happened. i have behaved crazily and paranoid since that and he decided to finish the relationship. i guess i have undermined his confidence in me and that he will not come back. he saied to remain just as friends. and now i not forgive myself my behaviour.

    none of us did things correctly, but cant stop regreting it would have been easy to trust him and forgive him, and keep forward the relationship.

    now all i do is count the days to august, to hear from him again.

    in any case if there is a reconciliation, will his moon act vendeta like? i mean, or if he forgives would it be for true?

    thats all. thank you so much.

  55. John Ramage Says:

    Thanks for your earlier comments about the problems I’ve been having under Mars retrograde in Scorpio. I have just had a thought. I think that the British referendum on whether to leave the European Union (June 23, 2016), happened under Mars retrograde in Scorpio! It’s not such a very nice time for it to have happened. While voting to leave the EU is not an act of violence as such, it does represent a dramatic rupture in a long-term relationship, which had positive aspects. Leaving the EU, in this way makes the United Kingdom the initiator, and under Mars retrograde-especially in Scorpio-this does not bode well for my country! Even without astrology, I could have told people that. But it confirms what I told people before the vote took place.

  56. holly Says:

    Do you know when mars was last retrograde in the same degrees it will be in 2018? I noticed the 2018 venus retrograde is close to where it was in late 2010.

  57. Nancy Says:

    The Opposition point of Mars to the Sun this year ( I always see something reshuffle itself then) is the same day as the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius conjuncts Mars. Whoa.

    And, Mercury is stationing Retro in Leo, while Uranus in Taurus is ready to Retro, too, and Squaring Mars! Double Whoa.

  58. nini Says:

    oh my god, i saved this link and was lazy to read it, so i did tonight. i’m a taurus with accentant cancer, before i read this article, i found myself so calm since few days, i was thinking, what happened to me…. , (i told my hunsband, see i’m trying to be nice and calm, don’t make me angry…. hahaha). while my hunsband was acting more aggressive and impatient. how the astrology can go that far! i’ve never really believe it, until a friend warning from time to time when mars retrogade. how i understand why she believes that much……

    thank you for this very interesting article and well plained!!!

  59. Rea Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’ll have this retro Mars in Aquarius conjucting my Ascedant for a while… and that’s gonna be really thight conjuction – less then one degree and at the same time Mars will square my natal Pluto in 9th. I wonder what these transits gonna bring me… I hoped they’ll bring new love into my life, but now after bit of reashearching I’ve got bit affraid of these aspects and I’m worried is it safe for me to book a holliday in foreign country this summer?

  60. dheer Says:

    Namaste Lynn,

    You mentioned natal planets in Aries and Scorpio.

    Well I have Mars(13) Venus(21) in 8H, and Jupiter(26) 9 H , all in scorpio sign.Was wondering whether this retrogession will impact these planets.Thank you
    Currently Mars is transiting in 11 H for me.


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