Neptune transits

There are 3 issues symbolized by Neptune that I will address using the examples submitted by readers. These issues are: 1) DISSOLUTION OF BOUNDARIES, 2) STRANGE ILLNESSES, 3) BETRAYAL, DISAPPOINTMENT or DECEPTION.

Dissolution of Boundaries

Neptune dissolves our psychological and physiological boundaries through the vehicle of confusion and ambivalence which allows us to float beyond our perceived limitations. A friend said that, when Neptune crossed her Scorpio Ascendant in the 1950s, the communist government made the decision to give Hungarians passports for the first time. By some miracle, she obtained a passport and a visa that allowed her to move to England. Because it was a frightening and heroic adventure, she could not imagine doing this at any other time in her life. Although she spoke no English, she found employment with a family who greatly abused her and her ignorance of the language. They paid her less than originally promised and they found excuses to hold back even that small amount. This was also a deception/betrayal situation that always comes under “hard” aspects1 to Neptune. Amazingly, she was able to float into another job. One day she was in the park crying. Someone approached her and offered her a good job. England is now her home. She had to be in England— Neptune, via deception— took her there. Her life has been very different from the one that she would have lived if she had remained in Hungary.

Strange Illnesses

I have observed that there are general health vulnerabilities that always accompany the Neptune transit. These are:

  1. Low blood calcium. In women, this can cause menstrual cramping and osteoporosis
  2. Low blood potassium. This is a major problem! The symptoms can easily be mistaken for other ailments— joint pain, especially in the arms and the back of the neck/shoulder area, muscle spasms and cramps, fatigue and weakness in the muscles, heart fibrillations. While liquid “K-Plus” is a powerful source of potassium-magnesium, it is very expensive ($18). Sundown sells a very inexpensive supplement called Fortified or Multi-Source Potassium for $3,
  3. Allergies and allergic reactions to drugs and chemicals and foods,
  4. Lowered metabolism and difficulty metabolizing sugars,
  5. High blood acidity which leaves you vulnerable to colds and flu. Alkalizing the system is helpful.
  6. Hormonal imbalances regardless of age,
  7. Adrenal depletion and endocrine problems (have your doctor conduct an all-day saliva test),
  8. Many complained of flabbiness and poor muscle tone, especially in the area of the body ruled by the sign being afflicted by Neptune.
  9. Always, the immune system is lowered. In extreme cases, this can lead to degenerative diseases. If the individual is HIV positive, strong Neptune transits can trigger full blown AIDS. Olive Leaf, Wild Oregano and Peptides help the immune system. Do ask your doctor if these would interfere with any other medications that you are taking!

On April 3, 1997, under a Neptune transit, a friend developed fibromyalgia, a very common and painful ailment that has no cure or no known cause. It is becoming so common that support groups are available —(when people feel disconnected, group involvement helps.

Most health issues are vague and undefined. Often, when the transit ends, so does the undefined health issue. Always check with your doctor to make sure that it is nothing serious but, if not, it is just the Neptune transit.


Regardless of the sign that Neptune is transiting, over the years, I have always observed this pattern of betrayal-disappointment-deception. A client with Neptune squaring his Sun asked about investing $10,000 with some friends. The entire enterprise that he described sounded highly suspicious but, under Neptune, you only see what you want to see and none of the complications— whether this is a relationship, a financial situation or a business enterprise. This man also gave me a bad check! A woman with Neptune contra-parallel her 6th House Saturn believed that her supervisor was going to promote her as promised. She felt very betrayed when the promotion went to someone else. So many times, a long term friendship ends. You are changing energetically with the Neptune transit but you do not see how this is impacting the people close to you. It just seems impossible to really see what is going on with these relationships. The delusion is based upon your expecting them to be what you want them to be…and they are not!

In 1993, I could not see the anger in those around me as I was losing weight and found a new relationship. I just thought that I was doing something wrong but I had no idea what it was. The ambivalence of Neptune allowed me to tolerate the intolerable. In various situations, I felt either excluded or abandoned. In another situation, I had totally misjudged another’s character yet this person had clearly stated her “values” at the beginning of my Neptune transit. At the time, I just could not believe someone would think that way. For me, this has probably been one of the most painful aspects of Neptune transits.

The benefit of the deception— it dissolves your boundaries, your connection to a person or situation, freeing to move on in your life. Maintain ETHICS! Remember, Neptune dissolves all that is not real in our lives – just let it go! Astrologer Pat Geisler advises: Make NO choices based on “new” ethics, but only on the standards you had used all your life.

“Follow the routines you had created for yourself, accept the responsibilities that are yours without whining about it and just keep on plugging. In other words, the only way through the transit was one step at a time, refusing to veer off the chosen path and ignoring any siren songs along the way. So, I made a decision to trust that I had tried to make a good decision and not to think about it any more but to just do the job in front of me one day at a time. It really helped me get through those days.”

Through a disappointment, we can actually go beyond our boundaries, let go of restricting loyalties. When Neptune opposed Pluto in my chart, I had been writing a Sun-sign column for DC-ONE magazine. When they owed me over $500, they said that I did not have a contract with them so…no money! I felt so betrayed but this allowed me to write my column the way that I wanted to write it. It was the best thing that ever happened.

Remember, that any betrayal or disappointment is assisting us to let go and move forward in our lives— to go beyond our boundaries. There is always a specific Spirit Guide in our lives at the time of a major Neptune transit. We are not alone!

Remedies for the Neptune Transit

I feel that the Bach Remedy, CLEMATIS, saved my life in 1997. That summer I became so disconnected that I could have easily lost my grip on reality. It takes about 4 days for the effects to kick in but Clematis grounded me and it has allowed me to feel very normal. Everyone who has started to use this remedy states that they do not feel anything… until they stop taking it. Put some under your tongue every morning. Not every Neptune transit operates this way, especially if you are having Uranus or Pluto transits at the same time.

CLEMATIS (Bach): Mechthild Scheffer recommends Clematis for people “who are wanderers between the worlds. Reality does not hold much attraction for them and, whenever possible, they will withdraw from the painful present.” They manifest symptoms: Being lost in thought, absent-minded and inattentive, appears slightly confused, little reaction to events, good or bad, a floating sensation, poor memory, poor body image causing the individual to bump into things, visual or hearing problems. These people need more light and sun and yoga assists them in strengthening the etheric body.

I have personally observed that, during a Neptune transit, the etheric web thins so there is a very tenuous veil between the physical world and the astral world. Disconnectedness can be frightening, even when you understand what is going on. Clematis gently pulls one back into the physical and simply feel normal again.

NOTE: All Neptune transits can stress the adrenals. In the 1990s, a Bethesda,Maryland, doctor recommended a product by Enzymatic Therapy called RAW ADRENAL. His recommendation is to take 2 pills when you first get up and then 2 more around 11am. This is very helpful for low body temperature and allergies. I am now recommending Solaray’s ADRENAL CAPS.

There is a new book, ADRENAL FATIGUE, by James Wilson, MD. This book discusses the latest discoveries in adrenal exhaustion. The Bethesda doctor is now recommending the supplements mentioned in this book. There is another book that has been around since the 1980s on Hypothyroidism by Brota Barnes MD. This often occurs as we get older and it is indicated by low body temperature called Wilson’s Syndrome. The basic treatment for this is Armour Thyroid.

After contracting the Epstein-Barr Virus, I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My dentist gave me 30 mgs of Armour (a natural thyroid but it may not be strong enough for extreme cases). Within 3 days, my energy level soared and it gave a boost to my immune system. The blood test for the thyroid is a waste of time. Even a woman who had her thyroid removed many years earlier showed normal T levels. The 4-times-a-day Saliva Test is the best test at this time.


Neptune transiting Capricorn, an Earth sign, seemed to be the most disorienting for me personally. Now that Neptune is in Aquarius, I have not personally experienced the need to use Clematis but I know others who have found it immensely helpful. However, change through dissolving what no longer works is still the prominent feature of a strong Neptune transit.

In 2003, when Neptune in the 6th opposed Pluto in the 12th House, I had been writing a column for a upscale magazine. In writing my monthly e-column, my interpretation was tailored to the requirements of the editor. During this time, there was a change in management and, because I did not have a contract, they refused to pay me several hundred dollars. I felt so betrayed but I knew, typical of Neptune, that this was for the best. Now I could change my column and write it exactly as I wished. I was no longer limited by the editor of this magazine. This turned out to be a great boon to my column. I could be intuitive, as well as technical. The column was picked up by an Italian website. I knew that I had outgrown this magazine. My personal energies were shifting and expanding. They could no longer be contained by the magazine’s limited format.

In 2007-2008, Neptune is opposing my 12th House Mercury. I am aware that my hearing is worse but this forces me to really listen to what others are saying. Mercury in the 12th can easily tune out of a conversation that is not stimulating. I need to listen better!

I worried about losing friendships but this has not happened. I have lost them but in a very different way— retiring and moving away! Several important people in my life moved away and my beloved dentist retired. Initially, I feel lost without them yet I know that Neptune always works to our long-term benefit. With a friend moving to Arizona, this will allow me to lecture for the astrology groups there and visit my friend. We lost out ARE meeting place when she moved. I thought that this would be the end of our group. With the shift in the group’s energy, a lot of people are joining our group and we have 2 good locations to meet. This shift allowed the group to grow and expand!

With regard to retirement, I have observed that, when a client is at retirement age, strong Neptune transits can trigger their retirement. Neptune tunes out and no longer wants to work so hard. They long for something else in their life.

1 NOTE: I consider the hard aspects to be the Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Parallel and Contra-Parallel. The minor afflictions such as the 45, 135 and 150 degree aspects indicate deceptive situations that occur AROUND you but not involving you directly. With the minor afflictions, it is essential that you do not get involved with any situation that is not clear or directly involving yourself— or it will become a hard aspect!


From Elisabeth Fitzhugh…several similar articles are on the Medical Forum

…on Empath Energy – Chiron and Neptune/Pisces energy

The Empath – those who have at the core of their nature the innate ability to receive energy, information, awareness from others. If you recognize this within yourself, it is also time for you to become conscious of this attribute. The difference between an Empath and a Channel is that the channel most often is aware that they are receptive, that energy flows through “channels”, and usually the channel recognizes a distinction between the channel and the energy being channeled or received.

The Empath does not receive through channels in the same way. Rather, the Empath expands their own nature like a sponge; fills its own nature with what is received. The Empath essentially absorbs into itself all the fluid energy, all the contact, all the content of interaction with others. The difficulty, of course, is that there is then a confusion of what is in the original ‘sponge’ and that which is filling it. ‘Do I feel this way within myself or have I absorbed this from another?’

Further, the difficulty and challenge for the Empath, is that most Empaths are not aware of the intensity or fullness or their receptive nature until certain things happen that interfere with and often endanger the present self. Then they say things as, “I didn’t feel like myself” or others say to them, “You’re not acting like yourself”, etc. Hints come into the conscious mind that something other than the self is interacting in their lives. Of course, there is a whole psychological way of looking at this, but we’re going to put that aside and stay in the metaphysical and the spiritual view.

In societies of Empaths, which do not exist per se at this time, there are cultural morals and mores that develop around the Empathic nature that help balance life with such receptive energy. More importantly, in an Empathic society individuals are taught how to work with the energy; learning that received energy is then transmuted, changed, translated. The ability to change the energy, which is part-conscious, part-energetic, and can be initiated by conscious will and thought. This ability to recognize and change energy is often what is NOT understood by the Empaths in this reality.

In this culture, the abilities of the Empath often are reflected in how they deal with people psychologically and emotionally and often literally in their careers as well; people who can absorb and change energy. Empaths may serve as translators. In a job, you may take one set of information and make a translation for another group. You try to help those in two different situations find the same language, to come to an understanding. Empaths can change the energy; helping others to let go of one feeling and allowing in another – transmutation. They can step down energy that is too intense for someone else by finding another way of speaking, making a more subtle thing of it; giving the principle without all the energy. Transducing -stepping down the energy.

It is vital that when you come to recognize yourself as an Empath, and then let yourselves fully understand this element of your being. It is an element which is akin to having a health condition. Like the diabetic who must watch certain dietary things, who must manage medication in a very concentrated and focused manner, if one goes off balance with these things, one can throw the Self into crisis.

We feel, it is very vital for each of you to begin very consciously addressing the energetic flow in your lives. You learn to work with the Empath energy by first, recognizing it and then consciously addressing and questioning it. Each of you must be very conscious now of focusing on when you need to be open, when it is time to be closed. “When is this my energy?” “When am I working as an Empath?” “If I am working as an Empath, it is energy if this feeling is not of mine, what am I to do with it.” You can ask. “Can I have clarity as to what this energy is? Is this energy to be translated? Is this energy to be transmuted? Is this energy to be transduced – stepped down and then translated?” Follow your own awareness of your empathic nature with letting yourself discover and then applying for yourself — evolving, your own techniques and structures; your own way of managing your Empath energy.

The Empath also must come to understand that they must set up structures for the body to work most effectively and in balance. When you live in an unstructured ,totally Empathic state, you overwhelm the body and eventually “short-circuit”. In a way, the physical body’s limitations or, rather, requirements, [which are limited compared to what the energy or spirit of the Empath can do], in a way save you by short-circuiting and therefore, closing the situation. Thus, your physical body has saved some of you from being enamored of intensity and basing too many actions on energy that may not be balanced.

In light of all this, you can see some of your choices and actions, perhaps more so reactions, were the outgrowth of unconscious Empathic connection: connecting into other people’s’ needs; connecting into needs from other times of yourself, etc. The greatest challenge for the mature Empath is discernment and differentiation.

We see in the Empath the struggle for balance. Often there are periods of excess and then a rebalance. Many of you have gone through your own periods of excess. Now you are going to come into your own period of more conscious honing of these abilities. That is part of your job, your discoveries.

In this discussion of the nature of the Empath, we are setting forth some principles and, in a way, activating your own knowledge of these things. Then because you have this perspective, you will start to see and comprehend your own actions, and how energy comes to you and you will find the mechanisms, devices, the structures that will help you work with your selves.


Following is the preface to an article written in conjunction with a presentation given at The Monroe Institute:
“In thinking on my involvement with the Monroe Institute’s Positive Immunity Program, I came to see again the sympatico link between my work with Orion over the years and the Hemi-Sync approach. Orion and the Positive Immunity Program both encourage us to approach the Immune System as an element within that we can work with. In the early days, two contributors were Christian and David, both HIV positive. They were Orion clients as well and had several sessions with Orion discussing their individual and joint approaches toward working with their situation. One situation I recall was that David had a more ‘battle’ oriented approach – he visualized killing off the virus, while Christian wanted to engage the immune system to transmute the virus.

It became an argument between them, but Orion emphasized the need to keep the language of the tapes open enough to allow people to mesh their individual approaches into the scripts of the tapes. This became an important factor in the workshops I participated in – people would lock into the imagery given in the tape and become confused when their own imagery was different. As a result, we made sure to address this issue in the Positive Immunity Program guidebook; giving concrete examples of how you may get many responses to a suggestion on the tapes. I see that the Hemi-Sync approach and the Orion work is based on respect of the individuals who come to the work; a trusting in the innate wisdom available to each of us.” Elisabeth

We, Orion, invite you to explore with us another view, some new ideas on that wonderful element within you, the Immune System. Some see it as a mechanism in the body that works with energizing the system, with maintaining the system, perhaps with ‘defending’ the physical system against difficulty, stress, bacteria, assault and invasion to the body.

We ask you to consider to think of this wonderful element as a guide, a guardian; the carer of the soul of the body. A guardian element so sensitive, so sympatico, so in connection with the All of you. Connected not only with your environment within and without the physical form, connected not only with your emotions and the sensitivity of your personality and self but this dear friend, the Immune System, is also connected to further than the physical self. Connected to what some may think of as the soul, what others may think of as the All of you. Encompassing, touching into, knowing all of the travels and expressions of yourself that may have been.
Understanding this can open a doorway to forming a relationship, a communication with your Immune System. Picture the Immune System as a sea. It has an element of fluctuation, as the movement of the wave. When it is disturbed or thrown into motion like the sea, it can create peaks and valleys. It can create storms and calms. Thinking of the Immune System as a sea, gives you an image not of an even plane, but an element within yourself that is in motion and more so, this motion is natural, an expression of the natural way for the Immune System to be. It is helpful to hold the idea of ‘motion’ and ‘movement’ whenever you visualize the work of the Immune System, whenever you dialogue with it; whenever you wish to engage or direct the energy of the Immune System. All of its work occurs in ebbs and flows and although you may experience it as an intense flow or rush of energy, image instead that it has built slowly, back and forth – culminating in a wave of energy bringing support and change.

Think of the Immune System as a guide; as a part of you that is very knowing, a part of you that you can speak with. It follows certain internal laws; responds to external laws, but what is so wonderful about it and indeed is wonderful about the whole nature of your physical body and physical world is it’s extreme responsiveness and ability to change, its ability to comprehend and understand, to learn. This attribute is often underestimated and many people although are just beginning to understand that they can work with the Immune System , giving it different guidelines to follow.

The body may follow certain patterns. For instance, if a cell is growing within and the Immune System recognizes this growth it may work against it. Difficulty then arises when the cell is part of the needful cells for healthiness of the body, such as in the condition labeled ‘cancer’. The Immune System will then work against this cell and at the same time can reduce the strength of the physical body. Yet you can redirect, re-educate this guide within. If you come to this dialogue with the understanding that the Immune System has as its goal and its ideal to support you, to keep a harmony in the body, then you can come to speaking with it without anger or fear, without the sense of betrayal or attack that often people in stressful physical condition begin to experience toward their body. Your body is, in its deepest intent, at one with you. It may be that the outcome seems as if one’s body is working against you. We offer you another image, that the intent is always toward support and harmony and that you can work with the body to bring the outcomes, the changes that may be different than the Immune System itself perceives need occur.

You must remember also that the Immune System is in a dance with the All of you. It dances with your fears, it dances with your stresses. It dances with your doubts. It dances with the old messages from childhood. It dances with the beliefs of your own life, of your society’s life. It dances with the time that you live and it dances with other times you have lived. Knowing this helps you to remember that there are many questions to ask; there are many things to explore when working with this responsive guardian.

If you find that you have been visualizing or meditating towards a certain outcome and yet it doesn’t seem successful, it may be that you need to dialogue, that you need to ask the Immune System , ‘What else is at work here? When I picture health, when I picture change of a symptom and it does not come, what else is at work?’ Perhaps you can help the Immune System speak by asking the questions more specifically. ‘Are we dancing with the fear of another time, of another life?’ ‘Am I dancing with a belief from childhood?’ ‘Is a part of me remembering what happened to Grandfather?’ ‘Is a part of me fearing what happened to Mother?’

All of these questions need to be asked and often; for when you are working with changes in the body it is not a single thing. It is like the onion, layer upon layer. This dialoguing can occur simply by speaking aloud, by picturing yourself engaging with this guardian of the body as a partner, as a compatriot, coming together to harness you views, to bring an outcome of harmony and balance in the physical realm.

One does not need to only be struggling with a condition or an injury to the physical to want to engage in a dialogue with the guardian of the body. You can learn many things about yourself. You can come to clarity in many ways by this dialoguing with the sea of the Immune System. You can learn why you are drawn to certain foods. You can learn why you explore certain times of tiredness or energy in your day. Some of the information that comes to you may be information that you need to accept, that will not be changed, yet this still is information which in a complex way supports the All of you even though in the moment it does not seems one you want to have.

We do not agree with those who say good health is the ‘natural’ way of life and that all variations on that reflect a lack in the body and spirit of a being. We feel that the natural impetus is towards a unity and a harmony between all beings and all aspects of life, but harmony and unity can be experienced in myriad ways, not only in a small, even flow of perfection. Perfection is also like the sea – a moving, variable element, that is at times calm and still; at other times rolling and flowing; and at other times still, crashing and powerful. The movement of all these times together encompass the perfection.

If you approach your physical world only through the image of a singular view of perfection, you will probably come to some place of disappointment; you will probably at some point judge yourself and find yourself lacking. Yet it is not that you are in lack. Rather, it is that your image of perfection, your image of the naturalness of being is too limited, too rigid, too specific. If you allow the idea of being alive, of being in the body, of being in health to be like the sea – full of opportunity to change, full of opportunity to express in many ways – then you begin with a wide image, a varied model of wellness and harmony in the body.

Having that large vision, having an acceptance that your variation, your stress, your physical struggles may be in some place of harmony with the whole of your life, may give you the foundation to change those situations or change how you experience and live with those situation or come into a deeper, clearer knowingness of what you are exploring and what you are expressing.

Most strongly we ask you to not see illness or challenge as judgment, to not accept this as an expression of your flaws or your lacks. Instead take away the language of judgment and look at these things as those you simply must cope with – events in your life that have come through the sea of being. Events that call upon you to meet challenges, to feel emotions, call upon you to redefine, perhaps, your self, your goals or your understandings. But do consider that these events do not call upon you to judge, to turn away from, to dislike yourself, your actions, choices or outcomes.

It may be a more difficult path toward having changes occur when you speak to that Immune System Guardian from disappointment and anger, from judgment and blame – you can see that it weakens your partnership. Instead begin with an acceptance – this is as it is. ‘I will question to learn more but I understand there may be a harmony here I cannot see.’ If you speak in such a way and then engage, invite, ask of the Immune System, ‘What can we do? How can we work? Can we do this? If I picture this can we bring it into being?’ Engage yourself as a team in the process. You are inviting known elements of you and perhaps elements you cannot see or label or understand as well, to come into a circle, a moving circle of realignment, rebalancing, honoring and accepting that which is and that which can come and that which may evolve.

You can consider this talk an addition to all that you may come to know about the Immune System and health. As you learn, remember the idea of the sea, of multiplicity. When you begin to visualize or write an affirmation or receive a healing or a massage or energy work or a medication or a surgical intervention, see each element as part of a great weaving. A great Whole. A great web of interconnections. Do not isolate the elements of life. Consider that what seems simple is always part of complexity and multiplicity.

Sometimes all of these ‘multiple views’ become overwhelming and you think, ‘All I can do is focus on this one thing now.’ That is exactly so. It may be that all you can do is focus on one thing, that is why it is important that we share reminder that while you are focusing on the one thing, a part of you remembers the many things and therefore, if the one thing seems not successful or not as you imaged it or leading to a different path, you will then give yourself permission to say, ‘Perhaps there is a harmony here that I did not perceive.’ Give yourself permission to question where life takes you, to question ‘Is it needful that I accept this element?’
Acceptance is not capitulation. It is not giving up to a lack. Acceptance is, instead, honoring that you are part of many things and many aspects of living and that the conscious mind and the conscious self often can only see a certain view at a certain time. Acceptance is simply an honoring of the complexity of life; honoring the idea that there is a spiritual arena that perhaps you do not fully understand, see or comprehend. Acceptance can lead the way to change.

The Immune System is part of you. You are part of it and together you are part of much more than you can imagine. We hope these words invoke your own knowingness of your alignments and your connections with yourself.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    In my research with “mulit-dimensional phenomena,” the 8th House is a key factor here. So, with the trine to natal Neptune, this can be an excellent time for studies and activities connected with Spirit Guides and the utilization of your psychic abilities. When Neptune transits the 8th, it portends a spirit guide of someone whom you knew in this life (but they have since passed over). Studies in healing, especially vibrational healing, are favored.

    If, during the 13 year transit, Neptune makes a difficult aspect, you must be careful with investments and where your money is tied up with another. Knowing this ahead of time can prevent any difficulty.

    If the transiting Neptune makes a difficult aspect to a planet in the 11th House, there can be concern over the health of an older family member who is already in poor health.

    The period from 2012-2015, as I wrote in my Pluto article on this website, will bring a fiscal crisis that thrusts us into another recession. I plan to have all of my money in long-term tax-free bonds to ride out the difficulty.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    When anyone has planets in the 8th House, it always bestows great powers of HEALING — but this healing can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic (financial advisors) and even technological (the man who created the computer system for the US postal service told me that he does not fix computers…he HEALS computers).

    As I say in my article, Neptune dissolves and it can dissolve all that is not real in our lives. We are shifting, changing, even floating into a new direction but you are never sure where yo are going under Neptune.
    There will be a passing away of people in your life but this often frees your energies to move into the new direction.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    First, the Neptune transit to a planet in the 8th House always indicates a new spiritual guide — and someone who is known to you (possibly passed away when you were younger). This Guide will be very helpful in guiding you through this transit.

    Neptune transits do not always indicate a passing away of someone who you know. When it is connected to the 8th House, it is possible but not always. Do not worry about this.

    This aspect opens you to subtle energies, hence, the ability and interest in healing, astrology, metaphysics and reincarnation.

    There are several Online Astrology Schools. Google this and you may even find names of schools in China. I teach medical topics at the Online Astrology College. You can check here for class schedules.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Neptune will be in your 7th House for about 13 years. In the 7th House, it will dissolve many connections that you have presently in your life. This will actually free up your energies to move on.

    Neptune rules my 8th House cusp and, due to my age, when this begins in 2014, I expect it to be a long cycle for the passing of many old friends. I learned from my mother that getting older requires Courage to stay on this planet when your friends have moved on.

    A lawyer told me that her ability to size up people was non-existent while Neptune was in her 7th House. She lost a big client. She realized that the pressure to bring in business to the company was too great. So much dissolving gave her the courage to let go of her corporate work, leave the expensive DC area and move to a smaller community where she could practice law on a less complicated level. It really worked out but she never would have made this decision if it had not all dissolved around her.

    Remember, Neptune dissolves all that is not real in our lives so that our energies can shift. This will only happen as Neptune aspects planets in your chart…Lynn

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:
    NEPTUNE & 8th HOUSE:

    The 8th House rules all things totally beyond our control and our attitude towards these things – death, taxes and the resources of others.

    First, Neptune can indicate that there is someone (or a pet) who is getting old, becoming weak and frail and a passing can be indicated – the lesson of letting go.
    Second, you have strong sensory perceptions of this Beloved Pet being around you. This is the next lesson — to connect with other dimensions, to develop our intuition and to work with these energies.
    The 8th House with Neptune can provide information through dreams, past life recollections and psychic messages. It is very good to cultivate your ability to work with these energies.
    NOTE: I have one cat now who is getting very old. She has kidney disease. I give her IVs but I have to know when it is her time to go. This is not easy. I have taken her in twice, feeling it was “her time to go” but the Vet said, “No, let’s pump her with vitamins. This will keep her going.” — she is still going.

    Next, the negative side – dishonesty, betrayal and self-delusion. If you sense that your ex-husband is doing something that can cause you harm financially, you need to act immediately. Neptune can allow you to put your head in the sand and not become “aware” until it is too late.
    Neptune can delude us when we really need to take action.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:
    NATAL NEPTUNE IN 7th: have Neptune in the 7th in the Fixed Pattern (T-Square) natally so that the problem inherently lies within yourself — Neptune in the 7th always looks for the potential in others, rather than confronting the reality of what is, and it wants to rescue others rather than working on one’s self.
    A very famous psychotherapist once said,
    There is no such thing as a rescuer — only 2 people vying for the victim slot.” This is a hard lesson to learn. Neptune is very tolerant because it can overlook the unplessant. The unpleasant always comes to light. Hopefully, the fog will clear when Neptune passes.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:
    EMPOWERING THRU VIBRATION: Basically, when Neptune is a problem, I look to the condition of Saturn. Your Saturn is in Pisces in the 12th House and very afflicted. The key with Saturn is to learn to SAY NO!!!

    When I used to teach Esoteric Psychology (AABailey), I would advise people like yourself to wear Deep, Regal Red and listen to Wagner’s Greatest Hits — not the funeral marches — but THE ENTRANCE OF THE GODS INTO VALHALLA.
    This is empowering music and it seems to work very quickly.
    Deep Red can be worn as underwear if it does not go with your skin tone.
    Another option is to meditate on the note A Major.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    1- Neptune can cause hormonal imbalances, including adrenal/thyroid. Do check your body temperature. If low, it is the adrenal/thyroid. Only a hormone saliva test, usually a gynocologist gives these tests, will reveal this. Insist upon the HSTest as the blood test is useless.
    Source Naturals does have a thyroid and adrenal supplement that is quite good. When I run out of Armour Thyroid (read Common Cures I), I take 4 of these pills from the health food store. Do not take adrenal supplements every day continuously — a week on and a week off is good, in waves. I have written about this in my CC articles.

    2 – There could be a chemical sensitivity because Neptune can trigger allergic reactions. If you can do an allergy test, absolutely make sure the allergist gives the IGg Elisa test.

    3 – Your regular doctor can give a blood test that shows all of the vitamins and nutrients in the blood. This can tell where there is a deficiency.

    Neptune transits cause a thining of the etheric web (outer rim of the etheric body) and energy can be drained.

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    The signature of Fibromyalgia is the Cardinal placements in your chart, gravitating to fixing crises; Mars-Neptune on the Asc causes boundary problems, problems defining boundaries for others; the Saturn-Pluto inconjunct. Please read my article on the dysfunctional Saturn on this website.

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    This article gives cures for the low energy. These suggestions can be very helpful as the adrenals are often fatigued with this transit. Food intolerances can be a problem too, draining energy.
    Saying that you should work on spirituality under Neptune is not helpful. I am old and I have lived through many Neptune transits. This article tells you what happens
    I have had people in business be on the alert for deception and they both saved their business and turned a hefty profit.
    In the chart for a client in the Middle East, I gave him a description of someone who was cheating him. He said it described his company manager but “he could not possibly cheat me” — and he did … millions! If he had heeded my warning, he would have done much better.
    We experience deception when we put our heads in the sand and refuse to see the truth about those around us.
    We all stick our heads in the sand so do not feel that you failed in this matter.
    When Neptune opposed my Venus, I could not believe that my best friend was no longer my friend…but this happened.
    In actuality, when this happened, I had outgrown the situation and it was time to move on. Neptune dissolves all that is not real in the life.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    EMPATH ENERGY: If you Google Orion Wisdom, you may come up with a friend’s website and she has a fantastic article on Empaths. I would like to post it here. This is always intensified with Neptune transits.
    Eating meat is very grounding and this may be sounding that you needed under the influence of Neptune. Red meat can dull the Solar Plexus receptivity.
    JUPITER-NEPTUNE-CHIRON: At first, I did not think that it did much but I did formulate a vision for 2010 — Global Gatherings where people around the world can tune in (such as Skype) and hear me interview astrologers in Europe, or anywhere for that matter. Right now, it is just a vision but I have lined up the astrologers to interview.

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    It is important — for both you and your child — that you feel grounded during and after pregnancy. I suggest the Bach Flower Remedy, Clamatis, taken daily to help with this.
    Neptune itself would not cause pregnancy problems so do not worry about this.
    Neptune is the Crisis of Disconnectedness and this is a most uncomfortable feeling. Follow the suggestions in the article. Feeling grounded now will help develop and strengthen your unborn child’s etheric body.
    While you are under the Neptune transit, after the child is born, do a lot of close cuddling. The child will sense when you have just tuned out and you must practice connectedness with your baby….before and after birth.

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:
    BEGINNING PLANETS: All of those planets are your beginning planets. It often indicates that you have not spent a lot of time on planet earth and, with the outers, you have not spent a lot of time in modern history. You could have been working on “the other side” transmitting and developing ideas to be picked up by those of us on earth.
  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Yes, the Bach Flower Essence is indeed Mimulus for gently pulling you back into your body during a Neptune Transit.
    When other transits occur, such as Pluto, this sometimes helps with the grounding.

    When there are planets in the Water Houses (4-8-12), especially Neptune, there is a powerful connection with multi-dimensional realities — the veil between the seen and unseen is extremely tenuous. “Is this me or something else that I am picking up?” This sensing can cause anxiety when one does not know from where the feeling is coming.

    The information on Empath Energy may help. A black tourmoline crystal carried around the body can block negative energy (it will eventually crumble when it becomes overloaded with negative energy).

    With Neptune tansiting the Grand Air Trine, training one’s self in the handling of these energies — such as healing — might help.

  15. Lynn Koiner Says:

    AMBER: This is an excellent addition to the Neptune information. Thank you for posting. Also know that, when a transit occurs in late degrees, it is an ending cycle. Some endings are pleasant and others are not. Neptune ends through disappointment or dissolving.

    One friend has developed a health issue, palsy in her hands. She is a physiotherapist in Europe and she knows that she will have to end the type of therapy that she offers. Fortunately, she has faith that this is because she must go into a new direction professionally.

    Neptune transiting the 7th is often a time of dissolving relationships…but relationships that you have outgrown. It is time to move on. One woman had a long-term client leave for another law firm. She could no longer make enough money to be a partner in her firm. She knew it was
    time to move to another, less expensive city and be self-employed, where she did not have the pressure to make a lot of money for the firm.

    In 2012, Neptune will cross my 7th House and it rules my 8th as well. I am at the age when many friends will start to pass away. I see this even now with the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in the late degrees.

    Even now, I can see the endings in my life – not bad – and a time to end some of my activities that I have been doing for a long time…it is time to move on.

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:
    FIBROMYALGIA -- is associated with the Cardinal signs (adrenal-thyroid) and it is the result of an allergic reaction to the adrenaline, which you psychologiclally rebel and recent the crises with which you must deal.

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:
    NEPTUNE TRANSITS & NODES(3-2012): I have a very different interpretation of the Nodes. I am old so I have observed transits and progressions to the Nodes for about 50 years (I am 66).
    Most astrologers read a book on this topic and then they never challenge the information — I always do if it does not fit my personal experience.
    While there is much to say about Nodes, I will give my answer to your question.

    The Virgo-Pisces Nodal Axis indicates that, in this lifetime, you must let go of details and learn to work with chaos, eventually learning that there is really order in chaos.
    The ultimate destiny is to bring order out of chaos…because you understand chaos.

    When any planet aspects a Node (with any aspect; it does not matter), it will highlight the qualities of Neptune. There can be an interest in metaphysical subjects, psychic development and even new levels of creativity. Another lesson is in determining what is real and what is not in relationships and about your childhood.

  18. Lynn Koiner Says:

    This is an excerpt —
    Neptune first entered the sign of Pisces during the summer of 2011. It is now in Pisces through January 2026! Mass consciousness is ruled by Neptune – the Neptunian hardware has penetrated everywhere with its transit through Aquarius. This transit will bring radically new ways that we can solve problems of everyday life. Reality is broken, as Neptune leaves the Rational Air sign of Aquarius and enters a Water sign, a sign with no sense of boundaries! The veil between the Seen and Unseen will become more tenuous. Rational people will be able to hold onto shreds of reality. When such people say that they have the answer, they have no clue – trust and take care of your self!

    From April 4 through August 5, 2011, there was a preview of the Neptune cycle – a cycle that began in 1862. As with all final phases, you harvest what you have sown in the past. Fairy tales were developed in the last Neptune in Pisces cycle.

    Neptune in Pisces with no other outer planets in Air signs, the Age of Reason will vanish. You will not miss this shift – you will FEEL IT! She warned that, with this transit, those who have a very tenuous grip upon reality may very well lose it.

    During the summer of 2011, I had four acquaintances call me from what they described as the Funny Farm. Through a sense of isolation and social interaction with realistic people, they just lost their grip upon reality.

    Neptune in Pisces will also manifest great Spiritual Delusions. It marks the End of the Age of Reason (the Air signs). Rational people will fare better and be more able to “hold onto shreds of reality.” Many will feel seized by the power of God due to Neptune in Pisces.

    People who do not believe in psychic energy are in for a shock, especially when they too have visions. Learning how to tune out this incoming Neptunian flow will be important, since we do not want this to impact or interfere with our daily routines.

    If it is too much, more people will look for escapes – chemicals, virtual reality experiences, living in fantasy worlds with “increasing levels of detail,” and some others will get “drunk on God” – something even worse than alcoholism! When our world seems to be blowing apart at the seams, many will want to just tune out.

    And, our world will be shrinking due to the speed of connectivity. Neptune rules states of mind – the dream world, the meditative, inspired and even confused states of mind. Even those with clear purposes will become confused at times – what is real and what is not!

    Find ways to protect yourself, to tune out or block the negative energies. These can be all too readily absorbed during the transit of Neptune in Pisces. Find your “Safe Place.”

    NOTE: Mystic Curio, run by a man who graduated from the University of Maryland, sells High John the Conqueror oil in Port Charlotte, Florida. I find this to be a powerful protector when applied to the base of the spine and the back of the neck. I first met Richard in New Orleans where his family had been making these oils for years. He moved to Port Charlotte after Katrina. He has such wonderful energies and, when in New Orleans, he was always rescuing animals and baby birds.

    So, the obvious moral of Neptune is to get off drugs!

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Neptune is squaring my progressed Mercury in the 4th House and I had big plumbing problems, requiring all of the lower level pipes to be re-routed from under the floor to overhead and back in to the boiler…it is horrible and everything is torn apart.

    Year ago a friend warned me to never have renovations done under a Neptune transit as you will feel completely disconnected and even lost. Well, it seems that I only do renovations under a Neptune transit – probably to change the energies in my home but, indeed, I feel lost and disconnected.

    Sometimes health is affected with the 6th House but sometimes it is betrayal in a professional situation. Follow the health suggestions in the article to build up the immune system.

  20. Lynn Koiner Says:

    1. BURDOCK (Orctium Lappa) – this herb helps detox the skin, liver and blood; it is high in iron and it stimulates the lymph.
    2. Blood Cleaners are Red Clover (anti-cancer herb), Burdock, Stinging Nettles (a powerful antihistamine for allergies) and Cleaves. These rid the blood of toxins and impurities.
    3. Dandelion Root is a Blood Purifier what supports the liver, pancreas, kidneys and spleen. It has diuretic properties.
    4. Yellow Dock is a blood purifier that supports the liver and gall bladder and, because it is high in iron, it helps with anemia. Iron should only be taken through herbs.

    For information on blood purifiers:

    LILY: Yes, indeed, the 8th House is very much a healing house, of the strongest order.

    Since Neptune is transiting your 2nd, stimulating Chi through Tai-Chi, yoga, aerobics and African types of dancing will be very important, especially since you have planets in Mutable signs. These activities stimulate the lymph and this will be VERY important.

    Periodically, treat yourself to a lymph drainage massage. I prefer someone who uses the mechanical type. Find someone who has good healing energies. Locally, there is only one lousy lymph person so I go to Virginia Beach and Phoenix for my lymph drainage massages.

  21. Peter Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    One of your recurring themes is that of transiting Neptune making an aspect to late degree planets signifing an ending cycle for some structure in one’s life. What about transiting Neptune making an aspect to an early degree planet? Does it signify a begining of a new cycle? I currently have transiting Neptune opposite my natal Jupiter (tenth house) to 25 January 2013.

  22. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PETER (10-2012): You asked a timely question — Transiting Neptune making aspects in early degrees:

    First, there is a transiting Neptune-Transpluto opposition occurring at the same time –

    + There is a transiting opposition in the skies (Neptune opposing Transpluto) operating since fall 2010 and into 2013, that is causing people to want to end a pattern in their lives.
    Many find themselves saying: “I am tired of being a Good Girl/Boy, I am tired of care-taking, I am tired of menial tasks, I am tired of seeking the approval of others, I am tired of being a perfectionist, I am tired of micro-managing…I want to let go of it all but I do not know what will take its place, especially after years of maintaining the pattern of behavior!”
    This is a great ending cycle (Transpluto leaving Leo for its ruling sign of Virgo) but sensing the new is inchoate – do not be impatient for the new. It is a matter of timing.

    + There are those responding to Neptune in Pisces. These people feel lost, ambivalent, unsure of what to do next but no suggestion seems to appeal to them.

    As I stated in my Astro-Column, a beginning Neptune means that one starts new cycles in a cloud/fog with no clear sense of what is coming. One has to operate on intuition but be careful not to make commitments until clarity presents itself.

    People can take advantage of us when we are in the vulnerable cycle. It is important to accept that you do not know where you are going and not to make commitments that would actually prevent you from going into “the promised land.”

  23. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PETER (10-2012): Neptune will always affect us the same way UNTIL we start to establish boundaries for ourselves. Once this is achieved, it will work in another way that needs working on.

    Jupiter at 0 can jump into new situations like diving into a pool without looking to see if there is any water in the pool. We eventually learn caution and to use intuition in assessing a new situation.

    Neptune opposing Jupiter is what I call the “Sap” aspect — someone can appeal to Jupiter in Virgo’s relating at a task oriented level and take advantage. It is a new situation and you need to thoroughly assess any new situation before jumping in and helping out.

  24. Mia Says:

    I have been going thru Mid Life transits…I am finished with Pluto square Pluto and Neptune square Neptune…but have Neptune opposing my natal Sun (2nd to 8th in Tropical Placidus/4th to 10th if using Whole Sign Houses), and my “natal promise” is an out of sign Sun in Virgo square Neptune in Scorpio.

    I relate to the lost feeling; however I am using the energy to develop my psi dreaming abilities more fully and began filming a documentary on dreams and I am very involved with The International association for the Study of Dreams. I have been fending off my boyfriend’s wishes to get married and merge our resources because a) I know I have this transit to the 8th house (tropical placidus) and b) I “feel” unable to commit to anything…moving in with him was a real struggle for me, but I did because I knew I had to show him some level of “inness.”

    Along with the above I am riding the Mid Life transit Uranus opposition Uranus, which retrogrades back and forth for several years…started in 2011 (natally I have a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction conjuncting my MC all in Libra); and an upcoming Saturn in Scorpio opposition Saturn/Part of Fortune conjunction in Taurus (4th – 10th tropical placidus). My mantra has been “bring it on” for the last few years, LOL!

    In about 10 years I will have Neptune conjunct my North Node in Pisces/3rd house (natal promise Neptune Trine N Node), and then Neptune opposition Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Virgo (natal promise Neptune sextile Mercury/Pluto).

    Thanks for this web page!!!

  25. Rosie Says:

    Hi Lynn, I have neptune transiting my second house with natal Sun, Venus and Mercury in Virgo in my 8th house and Pluto at 28 degrees Virgo in the 9th house – Will Neptune in the second cause major affects to all my 8th house planets? Thank you !

  26. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ROSIE (10-2012): In my observations, all of the planets in the 8th will not be affected at the same time. I only use exact orbs for transits — when Neptune first enters the degree of a planet to when it leaves for the last time the degree/minute of the planet.

    Pluto at 28 degrees is an ending planet — this aspect as Neptune leaves Pisces will bring many problems to an end as you let go and move on.

    One of the problems with the 8th House is that it is obsessive and such obsessions can lead to mistrust and distrust, esp. in the obsessive sign of Virgo (I am a Virgo so I know Virgos naturally obsess).

    With Neptune, there will be such a fog in your life that it will SEEM impossible to differentiate between what is real and what is no, especially in the beginning of Pisces/Virgo. Then it will be OK.

    Many 8th House folks are OCD, to some degree. I am always attracted to them because they are always so creative and interesting and they have natural healing ability…a subject that interests me.

    So, this aspect will only last a couple of years until Neptune gets out of the early degrees of Pisces.

  27. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NEPTUNE IN 7th (12-2012):

    Early degrees describe new situations in the work and maybe with an authority figure (MC).

    + The situation at work will be confusing and not all will be clear.
    +Make sure that you document everything, appear to be documenting everything, so that you cannot be blamed for anything.
    +Do not listen to rumor or hearsay at the office.
    + Do not initiate changes yourself but flow with those that happen
    +Do not sign papers on contracts that create a new situation

    This is an interpretation that can benefit readers.

  28. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NATHAN (5-2013): That is a very bad money aspect that you are experiencing. Neptune can be controlled through discipline, only going with what is practical, avoiding all get-rich-quick schemes and playing it very safe financially.

    You never said when you got into the investment but, if under Neptune, it is never going to get better. You need to talk to a good and reputable financial adviser.

  29. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PAIGE (7-2013): First, I do not find a transit to a non-angular House cusp to be significant until the transiting planet aspects a planet in the natal chart.

    Second, any planet crossing a Node, in my observation, only highlights the energy of the planet…in this case, Neptune. It does not matter if it is a good aspect or a bad one – the planet is only highlighted.

    There can be an interest in spiritual, metaphysical subjects, developing creative talent, partaking in recreational activities…all are favored.

  30. Lynn Koiner Says:

    FIBROMYALGIA (12-2013): My friend moved away many years ago but her condition did improve.

    If you have traditional fibromyalgia, it is a disease of the Cardinal signs with Libra and/or Virgo influences. These people where often compelled to handle many crises in the life.

    There is a resentment towards this “compulsion.” So, the individual develops an allergic reaction to the adrenalin that is produced.

    With any pain, the first line of defense is to eliminate many foods from the diet. Basically, grains and dairy to begin with. Life Extension Foundation offers a relatively inexpensive Food Intolerance test (not food allergy!). In May and June, it is half price for members ($148). The Elisa Test is hard to read and confusing and really expensive ($900).

    But, any one can start to eliminate possible problem foods. I found that many people show a reaction to pineapple and almonds. On my Medical Forum, there could be something about FMS there and there is a food intolerance list — but grain and dairy are the biggies. You can even ask questions on that forum.

    With Neptune, you need to learn to define boundaries.
    If you have insurance, an endocrinologist to test for all hormones – adrenals, thyroid etc. Even borderline conditions are helped with natural supplements. I take Armour Thyroid or NaturThroid (CVS even carries this now) and DHEA and other supplements that have helped my condition.

    Let me know how this all turns out. You can improve but you must make life style changes.

  31. MsMariette Says:

    How long will my Neptune stay in my fourth house of Aries?

    12/02/1958 @5:20am, Tewksbury, MA.

  32. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BUNNY (4-2-14): I see that you wrote while I was traveling in Europe for a month so I did not see your post.

    My best advise is in the article. I am experiencing a similar pattern in my own chart and even I am unsure of what will happen. Generally, whatever you THINK will happen or what person you feel will disappointment you – you will be wrong, often because you do not see the situation.

    Since Neptune seems to be transiting your House of Finances, you must be careful in this area – do not lend money or go into debt with some purchase or investment. Years ago, my regular financial advisor was away and this “loser” put my money in something very risky and I lost $6000.

    When I lost weight and found a new relationship under Neptune — because you can really transform yourself under Neptune — I could not believe that my 2 best friends would turn on my because they did not want me to change.

    Neptune dissolves all that is not real in your life so let go and do not look back.

    Neptune can affect your health through the lymphatic system (see Common Cures) or through hormone fluctuations. Since your were likely born in the 1960s, you need to have these checked by a gynecologist.

    Neptune does favor dissolving your psychological boundaries — travel is often a good trigger.

    There are too many possibilities to list here but do let us know what happens.

  33. Cello Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I suffer from an autoimmune disease “alopecia areata”. Luckily it has only affected my eyebrows but quite depressing none the less. I experienced an emotional breakdown in mid September 2009 when the Uranus / Saturn opposition fell across my natal Pisces Ascendant and Virgo Descendant. Then progressively since then my eyebrows have fallen out. It became quite desperate and I started treatment with a Dermatologist around April 2014 when Neptune started squaring my natal moon at 7.00 Gemini but nothing has worked (cortisone injection, creams, compounded medications, vitamins etc). I read many stories on the internet about other sufferers had their eyebrows grow back and I too wonder if once the square from Neptune to my moon and the opposition to my 10.41 Virgo sun will change the situation? This is really the only long lasting hard aspect that I thought might attribute the situation?

    I would be really interested to hear your thoughts.

  34. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CELLO (3-2016): I have not collected any charts for Alopecia. I know that Edgar Cayce related this to the glandular system. He prescribed Atomidine to cleanse the glands but it must be taken a specific way so you would have to call the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach for this information. But wait for this.

    I would find a very progressive endocrinologist for complete glandular testing and hormone saliva tests.

    Neptune has a connection with hormones, although the Cardinal signs rule the endocrine system, with Neptune.

    You must have many Mutable signs occupied and these rule the Lymphatic System. Google Edgar Cayce Head Neck Exercises for the lymph in the brain (everyone should do these as it affects the immune system and auto-immune activity).

    I have an article on the Lymphatic System on this website under Medical Astrology. Stimulating the lymph is essential.

  35. Peter Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    I now have my progressed Venus, 0 degrees 10 minutes Taurus, 5th house opposite my natal Neptune 0 degree 15 minutes Scorpio, 11th house forming a t-square with my natal Uranus 0 degrees 53 minutes Leo, 9th house. I no I have something to look forward to in regards to a new cycle with Neptune dissolving psychological and physiological boundarie, but progressed Venus moves very slowly and it looks like I will have this aspect for at least a year. This aspect is currently tearing me apart with sleepless nights! Should I look to the opposite of Leo, i.e. Aquarius and my 3rd house for the means of a possible antidote and a clue to where boundaries will be dissolved? I have my natal Venus in my 3rd house and natal Mercury in opposition to my natal Uranus

  36. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PETER (4-2016): Yes, the progressed aspect will last about a year but it will be the strongest in the autumn when the Progressed Moon is at 0 Aquarius.

    When planets are at 0 degrees and making an aspect to natal planets, it indicates a new cycle or a new activity is beginning. However, because these are disruptive aspects, the beginning will not run smoothly because you are not clear about what is happening or what is going on.

    I find it easier to have a mentor or to hire people to help you. Because you may feel clueless, you need help.

    I had a square to my Jupiter at 1 degree in the 2nd. I was asked to teach for an online astrology school. Using new technology and organizing my knowledge on medical astrology was very difficult – overwhelming actually.

    I hired a man to set up my new laptop and showed me how to do run everything. I had to organize my own courses. It was the best decision.

    Venus at 0 and afflicting cautions you against a new situation where there is MUCH unclarity — a relationship or a financial situation. Exercise caution until you have all of the facts.

  37. Maria Says:

    Hi Lynn!

    Right now I have transiting Neptune conjunct Saturn in my 11th house and opposition March 12 degrees, Uranus 11 degrees and Pluto14 degrees in 5th house Virgo . At the same time, I have transiting Saturn in 6th house square all these planets.
    I feel whitout al energy and enormously unmotivadet to most thing. Can this transit have anything to do with that?

  38. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MARIA (5-2016): Absolutely as Neptune fatigues the adrenal glands. I have to remember to take my raw adrenal gland that I buy online. This is my 3rd year as I have a lot of Mutable sign planets. I feel lost and disconnected.

    Neptune wants us to dissolve something in our lives. Sometimes Neptune to Saturn can indicate a career change but there is a need to make plans and not just quit. When Saturn is in the degree of the other Mutable planets in your chart, do not assume any new responsibilities or take a new job – it will be more trouble than it is worth and you will have to change again.

    With Neptune, there can be hormonal upsets or the signs of menopause. Taking bio-identical hormones really helps with energy as well.

  39. Angella Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’m almost done with Neptune in the 7th where, as you predicted so accurately, many people who were rather nebulous to begin with, left my life.

    While Neptune was conjunct my natal Saturn at 4º55’ in Pisces, I encountered some very confusing and confused people. After much heartache, I learned how important discernment is and how it is completely acceptable to love someone from afar. I learned I could keep all the love I felt for others but have firm boundaries with those who were deceptive.

    Neptune is now 11º47’ in Pisces on the cusp of the 8th house where I have natal Chiron at 25º07’ Pisces. In about 2 years it will be 2º away from Chiron. I would love to prepare for this in advance.

    Any advice?

  40. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANGELLA (5-2016): You will not have to worry about Neptune on your Chiron at 25 Pisces until 2021-22. I never count an transit to be active until it hits the degree of the planet. In 2018, Neptune will only be at 13-16 degrees of Pisces, not even close. UNLESS, this is a typo and you meant 15 Pisces.

    Any aspect to Chiron indicates a time in your life when you must follow your intuition in making a major decision – you cannot use the same logic in decision making as you have done in the past. You must follow your heart!!!!

  41. Neptune-Mercury Says:

    Neptune in Pisces is opposing ny natal Mercury in Virgo. My Mercury is in 8th and my Neptune is in my 12th. I usually experience the fine things about Neptune, but this transit is just showing me everything people hate, fear and warn against Neptune.

    I just out of nowhere became delusional, and say to people “You did that!”, whereas they did nothing! This transit has just began and it’s going horrible. I don’t know what measurements I can take against this. I should think not twice, but hundreds of times before I talk to people and reach to conclusions, obviously.

    Mrs. Lynn, Do you know anything I can do to deal with this?

  42. Neptune-Mercury Says:

    However, the strange thing I noticed about this delusional state is that people are vey forgiving & understanding when I falsely accuse them, they just think there’s some confusion and misunderstanding going on in my head. And they don’t react in a very negative way. This is some lesson for me, because Pluto is my strongest planet and I’m a very unforgiving person. I’m pretty revengeful, actually.

    I’ve been making so many mistakes with this transit, and I get so much understanding, it’s making me think about forgiveness. Maybe that’s why I’m getting this. Normally, as a very organized and planned perfectionist, I never need understanding from others. That’s why I’m not like that towards other people maybe. But the crazy mistakes I’m doing under this transit is making me think about these. I’m realizing I might need understanding and foregiveness too.

  43. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NEPTUNE-MERCURY (6-2016): When clients go through a difficult Neptune transit, I warn them to keep notes and document everything as someone may make a false accusation.

    I warned one client about one of her employees. She documented everything and, eventually, the employee was arrested.

    When Neptune was crossing an astrologers Moon in the 7th, another astrologer made her remove all references to declinations, saying that it was her specialty. She even had a lawyer write to my friend. My friend knew this was crazy but rather than have a long legal battle she removed all declination information from her website.

    I have many stories like this. Yes, Neptune dissolves boundaries and it allows others to be tolerant and sometimes TOO tolerant.

  44. Angella Says:

    Yep: it was a typo…my apologies. I inadvertently wrote the degree of Chiron in transit instead of its natal placement.

    My natal Chiron is 18º47’ Pisces so, if we don’t use any degree of orb, Neptune will transit Chiron in 2019 in the 8th house.

    As for following my heart with a Neptune transit, I did that when it hit natal Saturn in my 7th and got slammed!

    Delusions abounded around the area of romantic relationships, it idealized people to the point where I was not seeing them truthfully or even loving them for who they were but for who I wanted them to be.

    I am not sure how it will affect Chiron. Will I just delude myself in terms of shared resources, sex, psychology and healing?
    Or is there the possibility of truly healing others or at least seeing deeply into the heart of other people’s problems?

  45. Peter Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    I should love to hear your views on a Neptune transit of the 4th house. In particularly, should people under the influence of a 4th house Neptune transit buy a new house or even move?

  46. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PETER (6-2016): Neptune takes many years to transit through a House and it is only obvious when it is making aspects to a natal or progressed (personal) planet. With Neptune, you may not see the results until AFTER the transit is over.

    With Neptune transiting my 7th House, I realize that 2 people never paid me back for the money they borrowed.

    It transited my 4th House years ago and the energies in my home transformed. I suddenly wanted all light colors. Only when the transit was over did I discovered that my grandmother, who lived upstairs, was an alcoholic and she would steal things from my lower level. So, one’s property can be vulnerable.

    Neptune is going to be trining your Scorpio planets so I do not know the concern AND Neptune has already been in your 4th House for 10 years. You should know what it does by now.

  47. L.M. Harbaugh Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    My progressed Moon in Pisces in 6th is opposing natal Virgo Moon in 12th. Transiting Neptune affecting all of conj. and oppos. I also have natal Neptune conj. my Libra Asc.

    Have felt fairly spacey, needing rest, unproductive for some time. (Neptune just finished a fairly long stint opposing natal 12th Hs. Virgo Moon).

    Three things I’ve noticed and am wondering if they are typical of these transits. 1. Feel a lot of anxiety, sometimes an almost paranoia too..2. I feel best late at night..and although sleep well, my patterns are crazy..long naps during day, stay up late 3. Have developed a sore back…never had before. Saw comment that body pain u said helps us to be grounded. Maybe that’s what’s up.

    One more question: Is it a good idea to push yourself to accomplish goals, even tho’ you just want to sit and stare. I’m a musician and took on a challenge via a FBook site for anxiety to finish a song and post it. Was hard really hard to put nose to grindstone, but finished song and posted it. They have weekly challenges. Not sure if can or shld. do again Is this a good way to help handle this incred. foggy transit?
    Thanks, Lynn!

  48. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LM (6-2016): First, the P Moon opposing natal Moon only lasts about 3 weeks – this is the orb that I use.

    I find that your symptoms are common but more specifically with Saturn squaring Neptune. It has been hitting my Moon in Gemini and this has been a very anxiety time for me, lacking motivation and energy.

    The suggestions are written in this article. Which ones have you tried? I find a good Raw Adrenal Gland (Nutri-Meds best) — no amino acids just the raw gland taken in waves, on and off.

    I do better with aerobic exercises under Neptune. Napping too much (I am guilty) just makes you more tired. I do not want to work so hard with astrology so I have lessened this work and do more of the garden work – physical and mind-less.

    Pushing may not work but float into goals may be easier.

  49. lynne morgan Says:

    i have a lot of planets in pisces and they oppose the generational planets pluto and uranus in virgo. These piscean planets also make very strong trines with neptune, ascendent and NNode in the other water signs.

    As uranus and then chiron have recently transited pisces i wonder if there will be anything left to dissolve. When Uranus moved into aries the effect was momentous. I felt free for the first time in my life. It all seems very arduous and as I am going through menopause and developing strong autoimmune response it is incredibly nebulous. I am most definitely getting out of my head !

    I have chiron at 8 degrees of Pisces; jupiter at 14; IC at 21; Moon at 25.

  50. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LYNNE (7-2016): Neptune transits, for people of a certain age, will trigger menopause symptoms because Neptune affects the hormones.

    I could consult a really good endocrinologist to test all hormones. Some gynecologists can do this but some are really bad and do not believe in bio-identical hormones.

    I have no idea what your chart looks like or where your Pisces planets are located. Neptune has left your Chiron — a time for follow your heart in making important decisions.

    Neptune will not cross Jupiter until 2017. It can trigger a connection with humanitarian groups or activities but this depends upon the House.

    Water signs, when activated, feel a visceral passion for something that they believe in very strongly.

    Neptune can trigger auto-immune responses as makes us sensitive to allergens. AI diseases are helped with an anti-inflammatory diet.

  51. Mary Feely Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I’m very interested in transit Neptune because at 10 degrees Pisces it is (a) conjunct the cusp of my 2nd house, (b) conjunct my natal Chiron and natal Jupiter, and © trine my natal Neptune, which is very close to my mid-heaven. So, I feel like this is major for me. The thing is, I’ve just been through 5 years of intensive therapy leading to a lawsuit / breakup with various family members. The lawsuit has been settled recently and my therapy will be ending. So—I feel like this is a good, grounded, clear-eyed time when I have a better sense of myself and reality generally. BUT, given all the Neptune influences, could I be fooling myself? Or can Neptune also signify genuine spiritual and emotional growth?

  52. Nathalie Neylan Says:

    Anything with Neptune is generally associated with (delusion, deception addiction) unless it is well supported by a strong Saturn (grounding effect) and a benevolent Jupiter relation to it somewhere.

    But at its best, it is my experience that NepTUNE can be also a different kind of reality glasses with extra vision. It can go beyond what one is used to. Too much of it means losing contact with reality (drugs, escapisism). But the right dosage of itlimi could bring a new level of creative sensitive vision in the house where it is transiting. Dissolving the limits (house and sign) more in tune with your ideals.

    Neptune challenges is about using intuition feeling mode toward something beyond selfish narrow minded needs. It is a knife with two edges. Positively Neptune is an opportunity to see beyond materiality. But an immature Neptune feel too much and cannot cope with the outside world. The result is a drainage of vitality. Neptune rule the endocrine system…So if you are always tired maybe it is because your not TUNING in the right direction. Be inspired says Neptune and follow your inner radar.

  53. Emma Says:

    Hi there,
    I have natal moon 10 Pisces in 6th (along with SN at 16) so Neptune currently conjunct in fact has been exact for some time. Just getting reading for the next oncoming hit :-(

    Finding this so difficult; energy and motivation gone (mars and Mercury in Aries person so this is insanely different), my anxiety and panic attacks are through the roof.. I literally feel my physical body dissolving which triggers my adrenals, I feel like I’m not real, to the point where I have to hold on to something or someone, super sensitive to everything.. artificial light, noise probably the hardest, Cold/heat, I have foodallergies anyway so I always have to watch what I eat, totally apathy and not wanting to do anything apart from curl up in a ball in my bedroom.ive never taken drugs, I can’t even have a glass of alcohol, my body aches! But by far the worse is feeling my physical body literally dissolve. With Chiron in 8th in Taurus my biggest fears are fears are happening. I tried grounding, I tried crystals, I tried walking bare foot in nature. I’m too scared to try any herbal stuff because I’m so sensitive. I can’t even take my normal multi vitamins because the vit b overfires my brain! Any advise would be very much appreciated xxxwith deepest thanksxx

  54. Lynn Koiner Says:


    The Bach Flower remedy grounds you during this difficult time. When ungrounded, the body triggers health issues to make you aware.

    ENERPHOS by Neesly — 2 a night on empty stomach – and again at night when needed. I take 1 mg of Melatonin with this.

    BEST-REST Formula is another good sleep and anxiety supplement

    HOLY BASIL and LEMON BALM help with anxiety and can be taken During the day. Best-Rest does not bother me during the day either.

    ADRENAL SUPPORT – only raw glandular works. Nutra-Meds has raw adrenal glandular extract that I take.

    The current political situation has me suffering with PTSD from the election and the unleasing of the Neo-Nazis, KKK and other Hate Groups.

    Google High Cortisol and you will find many of your symptoms.

  55. miss a Says:


    I have had an allergy/ autoimmune problem for about 10 years which causes swelling and doctors have been unable to resolve it (have been on lots of medication none of which works and also have had some bad reactions to medication.)

    When Neptune goes direct on 19 November it is almost exactly conjunct my sun at the time. Both my natal sun and nepture are in my 8th house. Do you think I might see some progress at this time?

    I have another longstanding health problem which has started improving in the past week (it has been unclear what the cause is but recently I have been researching histamine levels being too high causing anxiety and sleeping problems) this is improving so I am wondering about my other issue

    Also for reference my natal nepture is in sagittarious in the 6th house. And my natal sun is in pisces but in opposition to Saturn in virgo in my second house

  56. Emma Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for your reply. I’ve been in an awful place these last 3 weeks, my anxiety and panic attacks been so bad been unable to leave my house more like fear stricken. Doc given me month off work and prescribed tablets but I’m too scared to take them. You mention you have PTSD… I think I have that too. Trouble sleeping, some days my balance has gone (really odd feeling around my head), anxiety, depersonalisation, sometimes my leg tremor.

    I’ve been taking rescue remedy which seems to have eased the severe panic I use to get in… now I’m in a weird state where all days merge into one. What are you PTSD symptoms and how are you coping? I realise over the last year I’ve been mentally pushing myself too much… giving of myself so much that I’ve not taken care of myself, now I’m in the awful mess. Warmest regards Em xx

  57. Lisa Says:

    Lynne, my husband just accepted a new job but, it will be Pittsburgh PA and we live in a suburb of Cleveland OH.
    He presently has Neptune transiting his 11 house and it will soon oppose his natal Uranus. Can you give me some words of guidance for this uncharted time in our family’s future? I have read things that say he may have an encounter with a “soul mate”. Should I be prepared for some challenge? Thank you.

  58. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LISA (1-2017): Neptune opposing Uranus is a generational aspect. Everyone born in the year that your was born will experience this. It is not important unless it aspects personal planets.

    Generally, it causes a restless disillusion with the lack of creativity in the life. He should take up a hobby but it is not about a relationship by itself.

  59. Debbie Says:

    From my personal expeirnce, I have found that the only way for me to work with what is rising as Neptune rises through the etheric waters is to find the courage and fortitude to wade step bybstep into the emotional lake, cleaning it up as you go bit by bit so as nit to become unravelled until one feels at its cetre, then bevwilling to dive deep to reach for that cetral point where the etheric waters becomes the emotional andvremove any sludge there blocking the centre, with patience kindly and gently as this is also where ones deepest wounding is and our soul is very pure and vulnerable at that point, yet worth it to be parr of the healing rather than the disease. Not sure if that makes sense and only an offering I feel compelled to give.

  60. StephT Says:

    I have had Neptune competing a t-square in my natal chart for the last few years. Natal Moonconjunct Asc in Gemini is the final placement. Saturn in Virgo 4th, Mars in Sagittarius 6th complete the t-square, which Neptune from the 10th from the 10th makes the grand square…..
    Recently I have felt a great deal of anxiety, I am normally fairly grounded…any suggestions for help during this time?

  61. Lynn Koiner Says:

    STEPH (2-2017): As this article describes, anxiety of Neptune can mean ungrounding and the article tell you to use CLEMATIS.

    The Mutable signs and Neptune rule the Occipital Lobe of the brain so there is a need for Seratonin. Enerphos (brand name) and a really good form of 5htp help. I use Enerphos at night on an empty stomach (or during the day but on an empty stomach).

    Enerphos or Seraphos (the old formula only) help with anxiety. For sleep, I use Best-Rest Formula at night but I need 3-4 pills.

    Pain is the body’s way of telling you that you etheric body is lifting up out of the dense physical body and it is afraid. Physical activity, massages and even talking to your body helps.

  62. kavita Says:

    Lynne, thank you so much for your educative astrology articles and insights. The collegial nature of the comments section is both useful and heartening (especially in this new era).

    Specifically, your observations and suggestions have been beneficial to me in addressing the physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges of this transit. (I live with Hepatitis C and Lyme so am well-practiced in self-care, and am always grateful to find allies with regard to healing modalities.)

    Of late, I do find myself struggling with the limiting cognitive influences of this transit regardless of supplemental supports. Both HCV and Lyme influence my cognitive function, but Neptune’s transit seems to enhance / exacerbate these already-existing issues. It’s rather like wearing a copper diving helmet 24/7. This effect can be – at times – physically debilitating and emotionally distressing.

    I appreciate your web presence, and the support I receive from your articles and the information shared in the comments. It’s a kind of sanctuary in these stimulating, intense, and often overwrought times.

    Best wishes to all.

  63. bitsi Says:

    Hi Lynne, I would be very happy to hear your take on this: In pisces I have natal venus 11 degrees, descendant 8 degrees and south node 8 degrees (7th house) – all opposing pluto 8 degrees in virgo. And then comes neptune as you know. First time it entered pisces I began to have some food intolerances and now after 5 years I am actually quite sick from this and from chemical sensitivities and ME. Also loosing friends faster than I can count (typical pattern I suppose). But can you give some inspiration and hope?
    I have started counseling others with food intolerances and multi system diseases (using internet and social media among other), so some good has come of it. My natal Neptune is in 3rd house scorpio and I have a mercury in aquarius. Looking forward to hear from you :-)

  64. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BITSI (7-2017): Yours is not an uncommon occurrence under the Neptune transit. It often compromises the Adrenal gland so that a raw adrenal glandular (Nutri-Meds online) taken 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off will support the adrenals.

    Another problem with Neptune is that it can cause leaky gut syndrome and the test for this is not always reliable. That is, under Neptune, bacteria overgrows (SIBO) and eats away from the intestinal lining so that toxins are released. There is a book by the late Dr. John Pagano who uses the Edgar Cayce technique.

    There could also be parasites under Neptune but Para-Force from the health food store is one recommended by a Kidney Specialist in Connecticut (she was an astrologer when she was in her 20s but later got her MD and then Kidney specialty).

    The liver is usually stressed causing intolerances. I take the Liver Cleanse (4 tablets on an empty stomach) by Planetary Herbals, at night before bed and I know my stomach is empty.

    Argentyn 23 is a non-toxic colloidal silver and this works with bacteria but I do not know the amounts to take.

    Check into these and good luck.


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