Notes on Transpluto

The life lesson associated with Transpluto is learning wholeness and integration in your relationships with others. The concept of wholeness and integration is doing something, fighting for something, because it is correct for the WHOLE, not any specific individual or the self. With a sense of integrity, it is the correct thing to do in a wholistic sense. Others cannot make you whole. You need to do this yourself. You CAN provide wholeness and integration for others and this process can assist you in becoming whole.

Transpluto strong in a chart indicates one who grew up in a critical, perfectionist environment – an environment wherein the personality, the ego, felt picked to pieces. Many times, and in the initial stages of the process of integration, we look to others to put us back together and make us whole. These OTHERS, we learn, only put us back in the way that THEY want us to be. Only we can truly know how we want to be. Others may make perfectionist demands upon us but, in all of the cosmos, there is NO PERFECTION! This is a Dead End direction that we often take. Being Whole is not being perfect!

In doing what is best for the Whole, we do not react to the criticisms of others because we know in our hearts that what we are doing is best for all concerned. 1) One part of this process that helps us achieve wholeness is to find something that we are so attuned to doing, that we are so hooked into, that we do not care what others think – personal happiness is more fulfilling than the approval of others! 2) Another process towards wholeness will come through your work with groups. When you know that you are doing what is best for the whole, you will not worry about what others think. This will be supported by Pluto in Sagittarius transits (a cycle for being honest about ourselves and our needs).

When there are strong transiting aspects from Uranus/ Pluto to Transpluto. The practical outcome of this transit is to end care-taking or dependency relationships in your life. Sudden and abrupt, you no longer tolerate this behavior in yourself and you end such associations. These aspects seek to make changes in the personal and work environments so that you can be self-sufficient.

  1. Transpluto represents a long process of achieving wholeness and integration— becoming what we want and need to be regardless of what others think.
  2. It works to bring you to the point wherein you will address the needs of the inner person rather than the outer shell.
  3. We may experience separations, alienation and loss, criticisms that estrange and sometimes painful experiences that drive us towards self-approval and being what we need to be for ourselves.
  4. The less painful experiences are choices for self-sufficiency – to distance yourself from critical, dependent types so that you can live your own life for yourself.
  5. It represents the long process from perfectionism, to self-sufficiency to wholeness.
  6. It is a time of doing what YOU want to do regardless of what anyone says, a time to follow your heart and do what is creative. It means taking a risk, the risk of criticism, but the change undertaken brings such joy that you are not burdened by what others think. Also, it is doing what is best for the whole. In knowing this, what others think is not a problem for you.
  7. The more you know who you really are and what truly defines who you are – and not what others expect of you – the less you are affected by what others think, expect or say.

EXAMPLE from Reading: With the Venus-Saturn, there is a pattern of responsibility that feels that the only way to be connected and interacted with others, to truly be responsible, is to assume a lot of responsibilities and “parent” others. The message from your childhood and mother being that, “before you can be happy, the people you love must be happy and you are financially responsible for them.” These people will never be happy so you must get over the guilt and be responsible for yourself. The experiences of Transpluto over a 4 year period will attempt to elevate you to a new level of self-sufficiency by which you can establish a new type of relating – personally and professionally — to others, wherein you can be your own person, doing what is right for the WHOLE rather than just try to please/appease another person. You will learn how to be responsible for YOURSELF and not seek security through this “parenting” pattern. From … (aspecting Saturn in Libra), there is a time of working through these issues. You may attract a relationship or a work situation that reminds you of the childhood demands and parenting messages. By … (when transit ends), you will achieve a new level of self-sufficiency in terms of responsibilities and commitments… what you do not need to do anymore.

NOTES on TP transiting Jupiter: What Transpluto is attempting to change is the pattern of role playing in which you grew up. It did not matter who you are or what you felt… you had to look good, pretend that everything was great and play the role for outer appearances. In close relationships, you can give great excuses and pat answers as a smoke screen that hides what you really feel or your insecurities. Actually, many of your real thoughts are buried so deep inside that you often do not know what you really think or feel. When they do come to the surface, they can shock others. You need to get more in touch with this so-called shocking stuff. After the 4-year cycle, you will be elevated to a new level of confidence and self-sufficiency wherein you should find it easier to be more honest about what you think, less fearful of judgments and what others think. The role playing aspects in your chart are extremely creative! Jupiter rules a high degree of creativity. However, you have no role model for doing something with your creativity in a manner that you truly want to express it. The parents deemed it safer to play the role and do what was expected. Without such a role model, you yourself will find it difficult to use the creativity in some professional way but you must if you are to really find happiness.


  1. Jessica Says:

    I have transpluto-Isis conjunt my mars/uranus/venus conjunction in the 12th on my Leo ascendent. Transpluto is within orb of my pluto at 28 leo. What types of things can I expect from this transit?
    thanks for your help,

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    In your chart, Transpluto will be crossing your natal Pluto, influencing your 2nd House, from the end of 2007 through the summer of 2010. If you read my Notes, Transpluto rules a Process, not specific events. It is a process towards Wholeness and Integration — to be who you really are and who you want to be without concern for the criticisms and expectations of others. What about Pluto needs transformating in your chart? What do you need to do in order to gain a greater sense of Wholeness and Integrattion? Saturn is the real problem in your chart – problems saying NO, problems defining boundaries, problems with driving yourself to prove yourself and to live up to the expectations and standards of others. I have a new “Keeping It Simple” article in the Medical articles. Read this. During Transpluto’s 4-year transit, events will try to elevate you to a new level of self-sufficiency by which you can be empowered – empowered so that you do not feel that you have to assume responsibilities in order to prove yourself to others. You will learn to say NO, empower yourself to let go of what needs releasing and, if you do all of this just right, the Great Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries trine your Venus from the 9th House cusp will bring an opportunity for you to take a major transformational risk, possibly involving travel, educational activities and a shift in your professional activities.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I gave a lecture on Transpluto for the MAC conference (tape available thru A-C Tapes) and several people joined the lecture thinking that it was Transiting Pluto.

    No, this is not Pluto but “something else.” Theodor Landshciedt developed an ephemeris for what he called Transpluto in the early 1970s. The except from the Noel Tyl book (free in this website) describes my research technique.

    I feel that it is the ruler of Virgo, accounting for its critical, perfectionist tendencies, and it is significant in many diseases, especially auto-immune diseases whereby the criticism is internalized and the body begins to attack itself.

    Landscheidt, who has passed away, developed its position based upon the erratic orbit of Uranus-Neptune-Pluto. It is very exact and I can make very specific predictions with this “planet.” I believe that it takes about 1200 years to travel around the Sun.

    You can obtain its position in your natal chart with the Solar Fire, WinStar and Kepler programs. Thank you for writing…Lynn Koiner

  4. Jamie Darkstar Says:

    Thanks for your pioneering work Lynn. This planet is new to me. It takes me a while to digest new things but this looks very important for me so I hope to be able to give some useful feedback later.

    With natal Mars on Regulus I’ve been closely observing what Neptune is doing to my life. Now TransPluto adds another dimension. I straight away get the integration theme. Need to work out what influence TP is having on my Mars Regulus aggression and need to conquer. I don’t want to fight anymore like I always have. Interestingly, Israel has Mars on Regulus.

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JAMIE: I was inspired by your Regulus article, changing into Virgo in 2012. I knew about this a few years ago but I did not realize how it was going to manifest.
    I gave a reading to a woman with Mars at 0 Virgo. With the transiting Transpluto-Neptune opposition, I also drew upon your statement that she needs to follow her bliss in her new career direction.

    Transpluto is beginning to aspect her Jupiter and this is a time (lasting 4 years) when the individual no longer wants to play the role (Jupiter). Playing the role is a pattern that some learn to avoid abandonment (not playing the role and living up to others’ expectations) and rejection/criticism. Under Tp-Jupiter, the individual develops some level of wholeness whereby they have be true to themselves.

    I will look at your chart later but I need to finish my medical forum questions. Readers, Jamie has a great website/blogsite under DarkStar Astrology….Lynn

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DIANE (1-2014): If you know anything about the history of Pluto, you will know that astronomers knew – due to the erratic motion of Uranus-Neptune – that there was another planet. P. Lowell calculated where it would be found and, indeed, it was found exactly where he said that it would be.

    I still have old books whereby astrologers debated its rulership — Aries or Scorpio.

    Hawkins was an excellent astrologer but, from his lectures many years ago, he based his rulership upon his observations in world events. Then, he applied this to the natal charts. I could never relate to his observations. I should add that I began my observations much earlier, in 1972.

    Valerie actually worked with a man, Brad Clark, a Libra, and she published the research without him, causing a lot of hurt feelings.

    He lectured on this subject locally because he lives nearby. He talked about Transpluto as seeking perfection in relationships.

    Instead of associating PERFECTION with its true rulership, Virgo, he applied it to Libra.

    I am an EMPIRICAL RESEARCHER. I agree with Richard Tarnas (Psyche and Cosmos) that, after Saturn, the myths for the planets do not work very well.

    Most astrologers will take the myth and cram the interpretation into that myth without conducting any real research.

    Around 1975, I was offered a grant by Charles Emerson to research Transpluto but I had done my research — as best I could at the time. I needed to grow in my knowledge of astrology before I could complete my work on Transpluto.

    I was offered the grant because Emerson’s group agreed with my interpretation and my association of TP with diabetes. Emerson was conducting his own research on diabetes at the time.

    I never considered a myth. If you read the chapter from the Noel Tyl book, on this website, you will read how I conducted my research…so I will not repeat it here.

    I have been a professional astrologer since June 1969 so I know how to research objectively. I too did not know if TP ruled Libra or Virgo.

    I consulted Wendy Ashley, a very famous myth-based astrologer who has actually been consulted by astronomers to name some of the newly discovered objects in the sky. When she read my research, she said that I might not like her opinion but she could not fit Transpluto with the traditional Greek and Roman gods or goddesses, although she definitely saw TP as feminine.

    She associated the myth of SOPHIA with Transpluto, who sought perfection.

    Uranus-Neptune-Pluto are transpersonal planets because they are the higher octave of the personal planets. There can be no more transpersonal planets.

    I associate the slow moving objects as ruling the TRANSFORMATIONAL process in our lives. You should read my information of the Centaurs and Eris on this website.

    Wendy stated that Transpluto rules Transformation at the personal level. In the next century, the next planet will ruled Libra and rule transformation at a social level.

    But, anyone can use any object is any way that they feel that it works for them. Using Transpluto as the ruler of Virgo, perfection being an impossible goal that Virgo often seeks. Wholeness and Integration is the true objective of Virgo and Transpluto.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DIANE (1-2014): You mentioned Regulus and Transpluto changing signs. I have written about this already.

    Regulus, the Royal Star, has left the royal sign of Leo for the sign of the common man, Virgo. When Regulus shifted, it was the day that the OCCUPY WALL STREET event occurred.

    It will take a long time for us to see the shift of empowerment.

    Transpluto entering Virgo is a much longer story but it will start with a new type of healing. Eventually, according to AABailey, we will preceive each other in terms of light, brilliance and intensity rather than the color of our skin.

    Healing connection with wholeness and integration will be emphasized. I will have to find my notes.

  8. Ceth Says:


    I am currently considering a move to another province and am looking at my relocation astrology chart. I am considering Ottawa, Ontario as a place to move to. At this location it puts the AC in exact conjunction to my Jupiter, and the MC in a close applying conjunction to my Moon.

    In this location the MC is also in an exact conjunction to my natal Transpluto. I can’t find any info on aspects to Transpluto, so was wondering if you happen to know anything about this aspect. I know it is related to major life altering events good and bad, but with a conjunction from the MC, I don’t know whether that would spell success or catastrophe from a career standpoint.

    Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CETH (4-2015): I personally use the A-C-G maps for my clients and they really work for me. I have not been to my Transpluto line but I have observed it in the charts of others.

    TP works best on the MC for being self-sufficient in your professional activity. Working independently is best.

    It also favors work with the environment or where you can make changes and reforms.

  10. jen Says:

    Hi Lynn!

    Do you have any thoughts/info on hard transits (TP transit square natal Neptune) regarding TP Isis and Neptune?

    All input much appreciated. :)

    Thank you,


  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JEN (6-2015): I am not really sure. This is a transformational aspect that take 4 years to complete. It is more psychological than portending specific events.

    I am presuming that your Neptune is a 0 Sagittarius. This Neptune starts new cycles seemingly in a fog because, if you knew where you were going, you would resist.

    One lesson can be to learn discrimination in exercising your intuitive abilities. To be honest, I have not observed this as Transpluto has only just entered 0 Virgo. The last time it was at 0 degrees (Leo) would have been in the mid-1930s.

  12. jen Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for response…. :)

    Close, my Neptune is at 29’45. It’s been extra tough with Saturn transiting over it. Do you subscribe to the Anaretic degree theory? Is it the end of something for me rather than beginning as in 0 Sag?

    Always appreciate any and all info from you. :)


  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JEN (7-2015): Your Neptune is at an Ending Degree – you end cycles by tuning out and disengaging. This transit of Transpluto is long over for you.

    No, I do not use Anareta.

  14. jen Says:

    Just what I wanted to know. Thanks so much, Lynn, you’re awesome.

  15. Angelah Limon Says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I have read your article on transpluto and it resonates with me so strongly. I am trying to figure out how to look for it in my natal chart. Where do I specifically go in the astrodienst site to find my transpluto placement? It did not show up in my natal chart when I did it under the free chart.

    Your site is such a wealth of new information that I find quite helpful in assisting me at this time of integration. I am under a Neptune square transit as well as a Uranus opposition. The transpluto aspect seems to coincide with all these as well. Thank you for your kindness in sharing your gifts with us!

    Birthdate: September 1, 1972
    Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
    Birth time: unknown (early morning)


  16. Angelah Limon Says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I finally found it and this came up: Isis transpluto

    15 Leo 16’ 52”

    What can I learn by this information? You say that it is a 4 year cycle…I am trying to figure out when it began for me and when it ends?


  17. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANGELAH (7-2015): Transpluto is now at 0 Virgo so it is not aspecting anything in your chart. The transiting Uranus is trine your natal Transpluto but this is a generational aspect. It is a good time to liberate yourself from activities that involve a lot of rules and regulations, to liberate yourself from critical, perfectionist people.

  18. Angelah Limon Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for responding! It’s funny how you mention, “…liberate yourself from critical, perfectionist people.” I am learning to liberate myself, from my own perfectionist tendencies. It has been a year of surrendering due to the transits I am deeply experiencing.

    I am decan 1 Virgo ( 8 Virgo 48’ 31” ) with a Leo ascendant. Does this have any correlation to the transpluto event? Or in the coming transpluto timeline?

    Again, I appreciate all that I am learning…so much gratitude.

    All my best,

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Angelah (7-2015): I do not understand your question. Also, Transpluto is not Isis as Isis is an asteroid so it is best to just use Transpluto – even though others may make this mistake and it gets carried on.

    You have Mercury conjunct TP in the 12th – this can internalize criticism. You can appear critical to others and this can cause alienations at times but Mercury in the 12th is always good for communications and teaching, using self as an example (I have this myself).

    The only other aspect to Transpluto will occur from Saturn in Sagittarius but this is a good aspect and, for many, it forms a Grand Fire Trine with Eris. For many older people, this will be triggered in September-October 2015 – I am curious as to how it will affect people and society in general.

    Transpluto only has a 4-yar cycle when it is transiting an aspect to a natal planet. Transits from outer planets to Transpluto only last a year.

  20. LPB Says:


    Currently TP is exactly opposite my ASC, and inconjunct my Sun-Venus.

    Have you any thoughts on these aspects?

    Thank you

  21. Charlotte Says:

    hi it would help to have the year on posts.
    So april 2017 is exact Tp Rx conj. progressed sun leo. 3 degrees and sun will outspeed it but it will be close all this year. I just read about it but I commented earlier to my 55yr old daughter how Wholesome some of her earlier pictures were. My consciousness must be growing.
    She has Tp conj venus leo conj. NN with hygiea 10 degrees away in 7th hse. I would die to know more about progressions. Am I becoming aware of leo s? . Is it about others AND me too? or is it me ending my dependent relation so I can become more creative? I hope your still near by and see my inquiry. Thank u for answering…!

  22. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CHARLOTTE (4-2017): These are really old posts but, for the past couple of years I have been putting in the year – very helpful!

    When the progressed Sun enters Leo and passes 0 degrees, you become more confident in how you project yourself, you seek more appreciation from others and, when the P Sun makes favorable aspects, you can gain recognition in some way.

    YES!!!!! End those dependent relationships so that you can become more creative — EXCELLENT!!!!

    BTW, when you become more independent and wean off the sucklings, they will start to criticize you — Leo gives you the confident to ignore them!

  23. John Edmiston Milich Says:

    Thanks very much for the prodigious resaerch. Well Done.
    I’ve been researching Transpluto ~ aka Persephone and Bacchus ~ for more than thirty years.

    Do you know where I can locate a digital online Transpluto ephemeris ?

  24. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JOHN (9-2017): Bacchus and Persephone have nothing to do with my research. I guess you need to choose one that you like and stick to it. Unlike the others, I have it ruling Virgo. If you read the chapter from the Tyl book, you will see how I conducted my research.

    There may be an ephemeris for TP on this website. Let me know if it is not.

  25. Charlotte Says:

    Full circle. Here it is 2018 super moon Leo, cancer constellation and it landed on my sons trans Pluto 11 Leo, in the third. Another Taurus and family provider, highly disciplined. Favoring Tony Robbins. His mercury is atop my venus in Taurus. I just didn’t notice his trans Pluto before today. Jan. 3.
    Cupido and Saturn have been playing havoc but I found this new book called Hands of Light, Barbara Ann Brennan which is wonderful. She says that when one is loving, heart open, is when you see the wholeness in the other. I think that’s way better than trying to be perfect. But getting that heart chakra to open can be a challenge in itself.
    Other than that I seem to tune in easily to Leo’s on inner level.
    You have given much of your time to answering people which no doubt is appreciated – as I do too. Happy 2018.

    In regards to 2015 and your research, my 92 yr pisces mom March 14/1924 Hayward, Cal., died in August cause food went down wrong way and infection of lungs took her strength in care home. Trans Pluto hum and I inherited $$.
    Which affects all of us quite a bit. 8 months ago. so much awareness so quickly. regards.


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