Pluto in Capricorn

with Astrid Zekul (Berlin), Zdenĕk Bohuslav (Prag), Bill Meridian and Surya Sarubbi (Austria) and Janet Kane (Maryland)

During my recent trip to Europe, I queried the astrologers in Berlin, Prague and Austria about their thoughts on this new upcoming cycle. In 2008, Pluto will be transiting back and forth from Sagittarius into Capricorn. This new Capricorn Cycle will last until 2023 when it transitions into Aquarius.

The sign in which Pluto transits denotes the world crises focus, the terrorism of the moment and what needs to be transformed in the current social order. When Pluto transited Scorpio, the crisis was AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. When it entered Sagittarius, AIDS did not go away but it was put on the back burner of our concerns as new, effective medications replaced the cocktail of drugs that did not always work. In Sagittarius, the new terrorism was fueled by religious fanaticism— not just by Muslim extremists but Christian fundamentalism as well. In 1984, I predicted that the Sagittarius cycle would “knock the hat off the Pope.” I have observed that any outer planet transiting Sagittarius will produce scandals and the Catholic Church was the first to take the hit. The only way to successfully survive a Sagittarius transit is to tell the truth. President Eisenhower did this in 1960 with Jupiter is Sagittarius and the Gary Powers U2 incident. His presidency was in crisis until he just told the truth— “Yes, we are spying on the communists!” Unfortunately, Martha Stewart did not have an astrologer on her staff.

The crisis of Sagittarius did not happen ‘all of a sudden.’ The Catholic Church had been covering up its scandals for years, Middle Eastern terrorists had been attacking our ships and attempting to blow up the World Trade Center all along, and the religious fanatics had been growing in power since Row v Wade in the 1970s. However, when Pluto entered Sagittarius, these took the center stage of our concerns. No longer on the back burner, these issues were in our face! Considering the current world crises and the recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto, it is hard to believe that, after 2008, the issue of religious extremism and terrorism will return to the back-burner of our concerns.

The new source of terrorism will be observed in government and big business. This is already occurring! Under the Bush administration, the president was given unprecedented power. Congress rolled back our Constitution with Checks and Balances, established by our Founding Fathers so that Fascism could not occur in this country. This Institutional Terrorism has been occurring all along but it will finally be in our face during the Capricorn Cycle. I remember anti-monopoly laws that prevented a single company from taking over its competition. Where are these laws now? Our communication networks are in the hands of a very few people so that our news is filtered through their personal, biased perspective. Stockholders do not challenge the big corporations when they lay-off thousands of employees in order to keep their expenses down and stock prices up. This Institutional Crisis will occur early in the Capricorn Cycle, from 2012-2014 with the Uranus-Pluto square that creates a massive fiscal crisis that throws us back onto another 10-year recession. I personally feel that the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in 2010 will cause the market and interest rates to spike. If you are a cautious investor like myself, this is a good time to lock into very long term tax-free municipal bonds. If you are a confident investor, I will recommend following Bill Meridian’s column in Dell “Horoscope” magazine. A friend tested his predictions for 2007 on an Excel spreadsheet— if you invested as he recommended, you would have made 20.1% profit.

In entering Capricorn, Pluto will be crossing a World Crisis Point (World Points are 0° Cardinal signs). Changes and transformations will occur that have a global impact. Initially, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 0° Aries will portend a great scientific breakthrough that impacts the world. This specific aspect occurs every 42 years in Aries and Libra (see article at ) with the pending changes beginning in 2009 when Jupiter and Uranus reach an applying 30° aspect. The last time this occurred in Aries was when Lindburgh crossed the Atlantic and, in Libra, man landed on the Moon. This portends a spike of optimism that impacts the stock market…temporarily!

During my “kitchen table” discussions with Zdenĕk, he interpreted the Capricorn transit in terms of its opposition to Cancer, impacting our sense of security and property issues. Governments will initiate changes that affect the security of the masses. During the last Pluto in Capricorn cycle ( 1762-1778), there was a liberalization that had a great impact upon the land. The liberal perks went to the rich, however, and the aristocrat-surf state existed until WWI. But, in Russia, this existed until the Great Capricorn Alignment of 1989— until that time, the people had to have permission from the government to move from one town to another. Even a friend in Germany seemed surprised when she learned that we do not have to inform the government when we are moving.

Zdenĕk’s concern is that, in 2012, more countries will be on the Euro. It is the smaller, poorer countries that will pose serious economic problems for the EU— there will be a great gap between the large, prosperous countries and the small, poorer countries…and each has an equal vote. With these changes, more borders will open so that citizens of the very poor countries can move to the prosperous countries without restriction— this has already become a serious problem now. In Europe (as well as in the United States), 90% of the wealth is held by 3% of the population.

During the last Capricorn Cycle, the reign of Catherine the Great brought Russia into political dominance in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. While she initially wanted to initiate progressive reforms, she lapsed into rigid conservatism and control over the people as a result of her fears regarding the Peasant Uprising and the French Revolution. The rigidity and oppression of Capricorn lead to a revolution. However, because Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus formed a 120° aspect, the true revolutions did not come until Uranus entered Gemini. Historically, Uranus in Gemini portends a great battle for the principles of democracy— the American and French Revolutions, the American Civil War and WWII. Uranus will begin its next 7-year transit of Gemini in 2026. In this current cycle, the change in the order of government and big business will be experienced first with the Uranus-Pluto square from 2012-2014. Bill Meridian feels that, historically, the seeds of free enterprise are planted under Pluto’s transit in Capricorn. In his Dell 2008 Forecast, he documents this observation.

At a meeting of the Czech Astrological Society, formed immediately after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, one astrologer offered insights into the practical and personal application of Pluto transits. He stated that Pluto was a tool for connecting with the unconscious— the results of its transit is only realized after the fact, after an action has occurred, usually through another transit of Jupiter or Saturn. Pluto transforms the current order— the nature of which depends upon the House transited, for a country or an individual. Saturn concretizes the transformation. “Pluto touches the personality via Jupiter and Saturn.” This astrologer predicted that the result of the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction will be seen when a transit of Jupiter or Saturn act as a trigger. Note that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto occurred with the Mars-Jupiter opposition. This was also the week of a Crisis Full Moon, the Full Moon at perigee. When I talked with other astrologers locally, they agreed that they did not always understand what the Pluto transit was instigating in their lives until Jupiter or Saturn acted as a trigger.

In Berlin, Astrid Zekul, cited the new terrorism being government tyranny and fascism— culminating in a World Government that controls us all. The World Government will make rules against so-called terrorism— rules that may affect the terrorists but will impact the average citizen as well. This consolidation against the threat of a nuclear war will be an excuse to increase their power. Astrid’s most interesting insight was about the next cycle, Pluto in Aquarius. It’s predecessor, Neptune in Aquarius, occurring now, is dissolving boundaries of communication and a new type of subversive activity is occurring, ignoring the laws, via the internet. When Pluto enters Aquarius, the new terrorism will occur through the internet. She added that Pluto in Aquarius brings a revolution against technology and the controls of technology.

Several years ago, there was an international election for who would run the World Wide Web. Only 3% of Americans knew about this election, much less participated in it. Astrid informed me about Hacker Sites. In order to access these sites, you must solve a hacker problem. To advance to the higher level sites, you must solve more complicated hacker problems. The plot of the hacker is to infiltrate the private e-mails of powerful people— are they going into sex sites?— and expose these communications. This form of terrorism is here now but it is still on the back burner. A friend in the military told me that most of the hacker attacks occur from the Chinese, not the Middle East. One can project how this will unfold in the next 20 years.

In Vienna, Austria, when I spoke with Surya Sarubbi, she felt that Pluto in Capricorn will make us more conscious of the need for certain rare minerals. Many of these rare minerals are found in Africa. A war could occur, not just over water but over these rare yet essential minerals used in our modern technology. Bill Meridian, her husband, ( generously shared his articles on the upcoming cycle.

Bill quoted Charles Jayne who, in the 1940s, stated that the transits of Pluto always represent shifts in power. “ He taught that Pluto is the planet of government and that the natal Sun opposed Pluto in many strong national charts. Pluto is the glue that holds governments together. When the outermost planet entered Sagittarius, we witnessed a movement to insert Islam into government. Through my historical research, I think that the sign of Sagittarius is connected to the Iraqi culture. Since Pluto entered this sign, Iraq has attacked two neighboring countries and has been invaded twice. Its departure from this sign will leave Iraq to heal but will work its transformative powers on new cultures.”

Bill predicts, under Pluto in Capricorn, attempts to impose a one-world tax. “Al Gore buys carbon credits from himself through his company, Generation Investment Management with offices in NY and London… Carbon offsets are voluntary at the moment. I notice voluntary contribution areas at European airports but I do think these ‘contributions’ will become mandatory. For example, purchases of homes and automobiles will require payment for carbon offsets. Let us call it by its proper Plutonian name— a tax. This tax will become global— Pluto is at the world point. And, the ‘contributions’ will be handled by the UN. Remember, Pluto dwells in the underworld, but he makes himself invisible when he travels on the surface of the earth, so this tax movement is disguised as an environmental effort.”

He sees Americans having to fight for independence once again. As a result of NAFTA and CAFTA, construction of the Tans Texas Corridor has already begun. The problems associated with security, seized property and the exportation of business to low-cost Mexico is obvious and many States are “adopting legislation to block intrusion into their states.” With a linking of the EC, Free Trade Association of the Americas, and a Far Eastern organization into a one-world government, Bill portends a greater intrusion of governmental power and resistance to it. As the USA debt becomes a global problem, “an international ‘Big Mac’ is appointed to restructure the US. Pluto was conjunct the USA Cancer planets in the 1930s. It will be opposite from 2008-2024.”

In 2008, the major transits to the USA horoscope are the square of Pluto to the MC (using the Sibley chart) and Uranus square Mars and opposite Neptune. Uranus was last in this place in 1841-1842. Newly elected President Harrison died in office!

Regarding the EU, Bill states that, “…the EU is also more than simply a trade agreement. We have watched it grow to the point where it now has its own constitution. And, that may be the tip of the iceberg. Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky has warned that there is a conspiracy to turn the EU into a socialist dictatorship. He understands it because he was brought up in the Soviet system.” He adds that…. “the events of 2008 will bring a need for Americans to fight a second revolution to maintain their constitutional freedoms.”

Bill Meridian added another insight regarding the upcoming election: The horoscope for the 2009 Inauguration, showing the course of the presidency, will have a rare conjunction of the Sun-Jupiter in Aquarius. This conjunction has only occurred twice before— the Sun in Aquarius was conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn in the 2nd inauguration of Reagan and the 2nd inauguration of Clinton. He feels that this pattern is indicative of a Democratic President who implements great social programs. Mars is in the 9th House but it forms a trine to the Inauguration Ascendant and Saturn in Virgo in the 5th House. While it is indicative of a foreign conflict, it is a low level conflict and one that this country will handle effectively. Bill added a sidebar that the next Solar Eclipse would have a great impact upon the country of Pakistan as it opposed Pakistan’s natal Sun in Leo.

In his reaction to my comment that the Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-14 would bring about a major fiscal crisis and a revolutionary reaction similar to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the 1960s, he stated that 2013 would see many bankruptcies but, of course, the government would effect a bailout. There may be conflicts during this period regarding the distribution of the earth’s resources. He added that, in 2044 to 2067, Pluto in Pisces will impact health issues due to pollution on the planet. During the second half of the 2040s, there will be another Uranus-Pluto configuration, a opposition between Uranus in Virgo and Pluto in Pisces.

Richard Tarnas in COSMOS & PSYCHE says, with his visionary perspective, that this configuration is similar to the “combination of the 1930s and the 1960s but in a 21st Century context: a sustained period of enormous historical change requiring humanity to radically expand the scope of its vision and draw upon new resources and capacities in ways that could ultimately be deeply expanding.”. Politically, this combination is “characterized by a volcanic eruption of revolutionary and emancipatory activity… activity that impacts every area of human experience.”

I remember the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960s. Not only were the young people rebelling against the government and the Viet Nam War but there was a major fiscal crisis with many small savings & loan companies setting up business on every street corner. Their come-on was a free transistor radio, a blender or mixer for opening up an account. Of course, they were not insured and soon they closed their doors with depositors lost their savings

Our local astrologer, Janet Kane has observed that, when an outer planet transits the middle degrees of a sign, the impact becomes obvious. Janet said that, when Pluto occupied 15° of Sagittarius, the sex scandals of the Catholic Church hit the headlines. Janet is more of an optimist than Zekul and Meridian. She feels that Pluto, since it breaks up anything that gets too big, will break up many of the large corporations, similar to the break up of “Ma Bell” (AT&T) into seven “Baby Bells.” The large corporations may be forced to transform themselves into smaller divisions which would specialize in manufacturing goods from US materials and also using US labor to satisfy the clamor for home-made products. The problems with quality-control in China may encourage demands that products be made in the USA. Globalization has pushed out the small businesses, not just in the USA but dramatically in Europe with the European Union and its rigid rules that exclude the small entrepreneur. Pluto in Capricorn with Saturn in Libra in 2010 may actually trigger the commencement of some of these “break-up” changes that may conclude in 2020, (Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn). The initiative to break up “Ma Bell” started in 1974 with Saturn square Pluto and it formally went into effect in 1982 with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Marva Mason attended Michael Lutin’s talk last Thursday night of the impending transit of Pluto through Capricorn. He discussed the fact that we are in a Pluto Return at the moment from the early days of the United States becoming a country. There was revolt at that time against France, and then against England as we struggled for a democratic state, and against heavy taxation. He brought attention to the fact that the French and English governments that our forefathers broke away from resented the restlessness much like a parent has difficulty with a teenager breaking away from the rules of the home.

In response to the presidential elections coming up in 2008, whoever takes that position will inherit the problems existing now and must be able to deal with the rebellion against all the new security issues. It was interesting that he talked about security at the airports on his trip to Texas and how people have begun to accept taking off their shoes at the airport going through security, and all the items which are now forbidden, and how next we will see more invasive security measures. On the following morning, on the internet and newspapers was the announcement of the Phoenix airport introducing full body xrays for people who don’t pass the initial security scanning.

Michael discussed that the transit of Pluto through Capricorn is going to bring about a rebirth of our nation, government, monetary systems as we currently know it. He talked a bit about Pluto going through Scorpio, bringing about an awareness of AIDS and a sexual revolution, and Pluto through Sagittarius bring an awareness of religion, philosophy, belief systems.

  1. peg ODonnell Says:

    What do you predict for Google? They got started in about 1996, with Pluto into Sagittarius, so global communication. But with Pluto in Capricorn (and they have gotten very big) what will occur?

    There is a good article on Google and their growth in this week’s New Yorker. See

    The article called “The Search party”


  2. Jily Says:

    I hope we take back the US Constitution

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Peg – I make no stock market predicitions. There are astrologers who do — Alphee Lavoie and Bill Meridian. Bill writes for Dell Horoscope and he is excellent! He does discuss different stocks each month but I do not remember any comments on Google stocks. Alphee has a website that offers a lot of information and he has a discussion group as well.

    Jilly – I feel exactually the same way — take back the constitution!!! I looked at this years ago and, from memory, I observed the Mars-Neptune configuration being activated when Fascism becomes a problem for this country. There was a time in the 1930s (and you can Google this) when the big corporate mogals tried to overthrow FDR and establish Fascism in this country. How this was stopped by a courageous spy is very interesting.
    One of these Big Corporate Mogals was an ancestor of George Bush.

    The Pluto-Uranus (and Saturn) configuration will bring a great rebellion, not only in this country but globally, as the New Terrorism is revealed as being Big Business. It is only through rebellion that we can take back our country.

    We live in interesting times. It will not be easy but these difficult changes must occur.

    For good news, we do have the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction occurring in 2009 (the last time being in 1945, when I was born) and the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in both Pisces and Aries — both patterns heralding great changes.

  4. raz Says:

    Rearding Pluto cycle and the USA: while transiting pluto will enter Aqarius in 2025, progressed Jupiter, in the US chart, will turn direct after more than a hundred years, (US progressed jupiter is retrograde since 1906). These are just my own thoughts: since Jupiter is the lord of the US chart this is important. Progressed Jupiter is wondering around in cancer between the eighth and seventh house. I am not an American and even less than an expert in US history so I do not know if these ideas make any factual sense, however i would agree with the ideas of rebellion or a “new order”.

    A few years earlier transiting Netune will be oppositing its natal position (2021), than Pluto will conjunct its natal position (2023), and in 2027, Uranus will be in conjunction to its natal position as well. With Neptune’s opposition I would think of a spiritual turning point, and Pluto and Uranus signify seeding of new beginnings. The progressed new moon occurs at 2024 as well.

    Are there any ideas about connections with Alien species? Is that to wild of an idea?!? just wondering…(with the US chart in front of me I am thinking of Mercury, ruler of 7th and 9th in the 8th..progressed north node will be in conjunction to it around 2029…hihi..who knows)…

    Greetings to you all.

  5. papo Says:

    Whistling Upwind at a Wall

    This article is in response to a thorough analysis of Pluto in Capricorn affecting power structures etc. by Lynn Koiner,

    I’m writing this just as the financial crisis is emerging in fall of 08, and I see the Libra conjunctions of the weekend of September 7 and Pluto turning direct in late Sagittarius back toward Capricorn as having coincided with an initiatory activity (Cardinal signs) to create equilibrium in an overly-leveraged financial market, beginning the process of balancing the equation away from an excessively inflated financial structure. (Jupiter in Capricorn squaring the planets in Libra in Sept and trine Saturn in Virgo, exact trine the same week Pluto entered Capricorn in Jan ‘08).

    The fundamental area being affected by Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is a re-evaluation of our relationship to basic resources and survival mechanisms; ie: homes, food, energy sources, water etc. with a particular emphasis on peoples’ insecurity around their structural foundation of the home etc. (Capricorn). This is affecting the emotional security (Cancer) dependent on this foundation.

    With this fear is a constriction, as people are witnessing the transformation of fundamental structures that have been taken for granted in their lives.

    At the beginning of Pluto’s sojourn in Capricorn, we are witnessing the catharsis and destruction of old forms and structures. The public will experience denial first and then emotional release as the depth of the transformation we are experiencing becomes apparent.

    One potential manifestation of this transformational crisis of Pluto in Capricorn, if it is not brought to light and experienced fully by humanity itself, will be the increase of volcanic and seismic activity around the Pacific rim and elsewhere.

    It looks however, as if America is releasing this energy in the economic spectrum following the September square of Mercury, Mars and Venus in Libra to Jupiter in Capricorn. That Monday, September 8, 2008, the government announced the bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

    The following new moon on Sept 29 ‘08 at 6 deg Libra accompanied a further development of this configuration. That Monday the house declined to pass the initial $700 Billion bailout bill and set off the wave of declines on Wall Street. It is likely that Mercury stationing direct on 15 October at 8 Libra will set the stage for the next phase of the transformation. This is the date of the final presidential debate of the 2008 campaign.

    Look for another dramatic event as the lead up to the election intensifies on Wednesday October 22. The Sun enters Scorpio that day and Mars transits 13 Scorpio, where the Sun will be on Election Day Nov 4. Mercury is also passing over 13 Libra on October 22 with the Moon at 13 Leo square Mars. The moon is transiting conjunct Barack Obama’s natal sun.

    We have long since lost a great deal of trust in America in the administration. Yet it is a participatory democracy. Our lack of personal responsibility and continued empowerment of a corrupt system now has an immediate consequence in the limitation of availability and means of distribution of basic resources such as shelter, food, energy etc.

    Under the pressure of the immediate crisis, Congress has now acted to consolidate a huge amount of property as a consequence of the financial bailout bill just passed.

    One potentially unnoticed effect, at least initially, of the consolidation/socialization of Freddy Mac, Fannie Mae, mortgage-laden banks etc. is that the Government now owns a tremendous amount of fundamental structural resources. Many people have just had their mortgage acquired by the government.

    The centralization of power, even with the likelihood of Barack Obama getting elected president in November, will continue. Obama’s natal Jupiter at the beginning of Aquarius will be transited by Jupiter during the inauguration in January of 09. So I predict that he will be elected and with Aquarius rising, implement at least a glimmer of hope based on forward-thinking Aquarian ideas in the midst of this transformation.

    A closer look at the horary astrology of election day November 4 shows the Moon in Capricorn during a long void of course cycle from 2:48 am EDT until 8:02 pm EDT when it enters Aquarius. The last aspect in Capricorn is a sextile to Mars in Scorpio. This indicates that the contraction of the economy and the wars over shared resources in the Middle East will remain as the popular emotional concerns for most of Election Day. As the election results come in from the East Coast and the polls close on the West Coast, the more futuristic Aquarius Moon becomes prominent. It will feel like the beginning of a renewed promise of hope for the American dream in the midst of a mess.

    The larger theme at work in the Election Day chart is the T-square between the idealistic future of Uranus in Pisces and the practical necessity and constriction of Saturn in Virgo with enthusiastically charming Venus at the focal point in Sagittarius.

    Whoever wins this election, the next president will be called upon to balance these two forces, steering us toward the future while dealing with a host of inherited limiting consequences in the midst of structural realignment. Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, holds a key to this resolution. Chiron is the teacher of heros, the wounded centaur Its current placement in Aquarius and approach toward Neptune indicates that the emphasis on progressive humanitarian ideals will trump the reliance on security in the game of politics. Chiron is also transiting Barack Obama’s Aquarius ascendant at 17 Aquarius through early 2009.

    Obama has captured the imagination of the disillusioned and potentially rebellious US populace. This is also evidenced by his natal T-square in fixed signs with Mercury (Leo) opposing Jupiter (Aq) with Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th House at the focal point. The T-square by transit to Obama’s natal sun at 13 Leo on Election Day from the Scorpio sun and North node in Aquarius is activating a potential solution for the economic scenario that emerged with the September 08 planetary configuration.

    Even so, John McCain will not be ignored. It is clear that in this case he represents the Saturnian pole of the Saturn-Uranus opposition on Election Day. He is perceived as the more folksy yet mature choice between the two candidates. His seventy-two years of age is accentuated by the proximity of Saturn in Virgo to his natal Sun in Virgo. His age however, is softened by his compassion gained through imprisonment in the Vietnam War and his naturally jolly demeanor. This is evidenced in the T-square configuration in his chart between Saturn (Pisces) and Neptune (Virgo) with Jupiter at the focal point in Sagittarius.

    Just as Obama’s Sun at 12 to 13 degrees Leo connected with the above mentioned configuration and subsequent alignments at 13 deg of various signs, so does McCain’s Mars at 12 to 13 degrees Leo. In this case, however, he is perceived by many as the hawkish, assertive candidate who is coming on with a little too much rash energy to judiciously handle the economic crisis. His temporary postponement of the first presidential debate and subsequent photo op instead of astute negotiations prior to the financial bailout vote in Congress came across as ego-based and impulsive.

    McCain does have the benefit here of appearing stronger in relation to dealing with terrorism and America’s enemies abroad as the honorable old soldier who has served his country. His reputation as a stubborn maverick is exhibited in the square between Uranus in Taurus and the Leo Mars. The Mars trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius gives him foreign policy experience and the wisdom of a tested veteran of the Senate. McCain should receive a spooky boost in popularity on October 31 before the election as Venus in Sagittarius transits his natal Jupiter.
    As Jupiter is a natural in Sagittarius, so is McCain’s joviality a strong factor in his popularity. This pre-election bounce will tighten the race toward the White House but it will likely be a case of too little too late.

    While McCain has a good deal of foreign policy experience, Barack Obama inherently has the capacity for international diplomacy by nature of his mixed racial heritage and the cross-cultural international experiences of his childhood. He will likely succeed in bringing the United States back into accord with its allies with a much more multilateral approach to foreign relations. His willingness to negotiate will be a case of the pen being mightier than the sword.

    However, the hard stone walls of the hole we have dug ourselves, both militarily and financially, will confront the next president almost immediately. Obama’s idealism will be short-lived in the face of the entrenched structure confronting him and the necessities of the situation.

    Pluto transiting Capricorn however, will eventually accompany the destruction of that very structure.

    In regards to the war and the hangover from Pluto traversing Sagittarius, Obama will focus on relations with Pakistan (also Leo) and eradicating the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He will be frustrated in this initially at least, with his natal Mars in Virgo inconjunct Neptune’s position in late Aquarius until mid 2009. Also Saturn is transiting conjunct his natal Mars at 23 Leo in late August of 2009, not quite reaching it before going retrograde at the end of this year.

    Afghanistan is fundamentally Capricorn in temperament. Dry mountainous rugged terrain occupied by an impoverished populace with a strong Neptunian influence.

    With Neptune in Aquarius and Pluto entering Capricorn again, the drug trafficking and production of Opium, tremendously expanded in Afghanistan since the occupation by the coalition, will come into focus as an issue preventing substantial economic growth in the country.

    It is possible that there will be a shift to a new economy in the region, but I don’t see it anytime soon.

    What will eventually happen, is that the US, exhausted and broke, will tire of invading other countries under the guise of liberation (Neptune in Aquarius again) for the purpose of control of energy resources (Pluto in Capricorn).

    When a redistribution of wealth and resources begins occurring through a humanitarian response to world hunger and impoverishment, then terrorism will cease as a response to the inequity between the haves and have-nots. This unequal distribution of resources is more explicitly the motivation behind most revolutionary actions in history, rather than the specific agenda of a militant interpretation of any ideology.

    After entering Aquarius in January of 09 near the inauguration, Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius in May of 09 as Neptune stations direct at 26 deg. We may see with this alignment an initial move toward redirecting the energy of the “war on terror” toward the needs of the populace in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    It is likely though, that the privileged world will not experience a global shift toward compassion without experiencing limitation and the destruction of its consumptive foundations with more consumer-oriented populations sharing the pain of poverty themselves. Humans grow through crisis. For the United States, the paramount example of luxury on the planet during the last century, this will be felt as a severe tightening of the belt lasting at least until the Juptiter-Saturn conjunction at the beginning of Aquarius in 2020. Pluto doesn’t finally transit into Aquarius until 2023.

    One initiative embodying Aquarius solutions during the catharsis of Pluto in Capricorn will be an expanded investment in sustainable energy technology aided by the distribution of information through the internet and communications technology.

    As part of the financial bailout bill, Congress passed and Bush signed the extension of the renewable energy tax credit for solar and wind. In the near future, investment in large scale renewable energy projects will still be hampered by the credit crunch.

    We will witness however, a tremendous stimulus to basic research and development of new materials necessary to reduce the cost of renewable energy production and make it more realizable as a replacement for subsidized fossil fuel energy sources.

    Once elected, Barack Obama will inevitably experience diminished support from his own liberal base as the shine wears off and he faces the necessity to balance futuristic goals and humanitarian concerns with the legacy of war, debt and economic constriction. A dramatic source of this disillusionment will occur if Obama persists in pursuing nuclear power as a viable energy source. The Plutonian shadows of Nuclear energy are nuclear weapons and nuclear waste. Addressing the challenges of potential Armageddon and toxic radiation of the environment are necessary before nuclear energy can be implemented safely.

    It is likely that a new invention allowing cheap reprocessing of nuclear waste into harmless material will be brought to light within the next generation. However, we’re talking alchemy as perceived by the current scientific paradigm. It is not until humanity can accept certain Aquarian paradigm shifts such as a resonance-based understanding of vibration as underlying matter, and a heartfelt realization of sharing in international brotherhood/sisterhood that this will occur.

    Note that in contrast to the symbolic earthiness of Capricorn, the glyph for Aquarius can be seen as two standing waves in resonance with each other, vibratory motion with the illusion of solidity. We are collectively experiencing a lightening of the heart and a loosening of the steel cables binding us to our material preoccupations. It really is getting better. This is just the necessary cathartic destruction of the old before the new can be born.

    With a successful reorientation toward this new paradigm will come a world undreamed of as yet, including abundant energy and enough for everyone’s need, not everyone’s greed, as Gandhi would say. So again, the message of the Uranus-Saturn polarity is that while the lofty ideals of new era are possible, the basic requirement to focus on the details and get it done individually while staying grounded in practical reality remains a necessity. Think globally, act locally. The elders have their wisdom as well. In the midst of our collective folly, there is also human brilliance and kindness.

  6. Warrior Says:

    When a redistribution of wealth and resources begins occurring through a humanitarian response to world hunger and impoverishment, then terrorism will cease as a response to the inequity between the haves and have-nots. This unequal distribution of resources is more explicitly the motivation behind most revolutionary actions in history, rather than the specific agenda of a militant interpretation of any ideology.


  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    This is exactly what Edgar Cayce said before his death in 1945 — that, until there is a fair distribution of wealth, there will be civil rebellions. Such a rebellion is coming in 2012-14 with the Uranus-Pluto square. The unrest may come from seeing CEOs syphen off the money and leaving the investors and employees backrupt. Many were horrified as the automotives CEOs showing up in their private jets to beg Congress for money — for themselves, obviously. These people need to be removed if they are to get any taxpayer money.

    There is something else to consider with the “terrorists.” There are some souls who have incarnated simply to fight — why have a normal job as a clerk or account when you can fight and die for God. I do not know what to do about this type of thinking.

  8. Sai Grafio Says:

    Pluto unveils corruption: In Saggitarius we saw pedophila in the church and in Capricorn it will be in the executive levels of government and business. The higher and lower aspect of Pluto is Phanes and Hades. Phanes is alignment with divine will and Hades is the opposite. What is not in alignment will we exposed. Note the period at the end of the last sentence.

    Now, when it comes to the upcoiming Cardinal Cross of which Pluto will configure we ill see changes of a monumental level. The U.S. is a Cancer country that projects its shadow of insecurity onto other countries. Karma is a boomerang whereby what we mete out will return. This cycle will require the best of what is in human nature to survive.

  9. Sai Grafio Says:


    In the natural chart with Aries rising 0 degrees Vernal Equinox, if you put Scorpio on the ascendant instead of Aries then Capricorn will be in the third house. Now when Pluto is in Cancer as it was during the depression, if you put Scorpio on the ascendant then Cancer is in the ninth house. Each of these cadent houses has to do with Gemini and Sagittarius respectively which in turn has to do with duplicity as a metaphor. Duplicity as a metaphor represents rackets, sleight of hand, Ponzie schemes and stealing.

    Now, Rush Limbaugh, conservatives all do not like to think of capitalism as street crime and they are fond of telling us that Obama is a Commie because they can feel the shift of their base of power going to the base of the pyramid rather than at the top of the pyramid where Ponzie schemers like to hold court.

    Why did Slumdog millionaire, filmed in India a Capricorn country win ten Academy awards? Rags to riches and riches to rags are the current Pluto in Capricorn theme we are all witnessing right before our eyes. Material power is shifting which means that those heavily invested will use Draconian means to hang on to power. But wait! Along comes Uranus in Aries June, 2010 and the rebels have had enough. Finally, when Saturn in Libra joins to make a T Square the pressure builds; add the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer and now you have a complete Cardinal Cross. Notice that all this will precipitate before the fated 2012 Mayan Event.

    Man is the dot at the center of this cross; that is, man with his arms outstretched is a cross and is connected to the one life. Man is already one and it is just a matter of realizing it. A free being as an enlightened being acts as if this is true as it is written in the U.S. Constitution. There is no separation from the one, only cosmic unity; be prepared for formless unity as all the material barriers are destroyed and replaced with a transcendental reality of going beyond time and money. Love all, serve all.

    Sai Grafio

  10. Sai Grafio Says:


    Saturn and Pluto is an interesting configuration and makes for strange bedfellows. The only metal that can contain the deadly Plutonium is lead, a Saturn metal. Plutonium is often stored in lead cases in transit. Since astrology is mostly metaphor one can easily see how the sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn will represent the lead casings (structures) for the metaphorically ruled Plutonium elements; terrorism, mob rule, chaos, benthos dwellers, etc.

    The U.N., India, Israel and Pakistan all have a Saturn Pluto conjunction and the two Capricorn ruled countries are India and Mexico. So far the only country that is able to keep the deadly plutonium elements at bay are Israel and it remains to be seen if that will continue. Mexico is unable to rein in the drug lords who are scourging the country with terrorism and Pakistan seems ill equipped to hold Al Qaeda at bay; India recently had their Mumbai bombings. Patricians, ruled by Saturn, can be Godfathers or heads of State and sometimes the heads of state can act like Godfathers; such as, Castro in Cuba or the president of Zimbamawe. The Bible tells us of pre-Antediluvian patriarchs who lived to almost a thousand years and some were giants. The legends say there were men of renown but the knowledge only led to wickedness. Titans ruled and along with the fallen angels, Nephilim and the like, they were condemned to Tartarsus.

    Pluto has rulership of both Phanes and Hades. Christ figures and avatars are Phanes figures as the Bhagavad Gita states that whenever the dharma is threatened great godmen come to restore the dharma and chase the evil back into the jungle. The real salvific component of Christ as Phanes is that he descended to hell for the redemption there. Through his sacrifice at the Mystery of Golgotha, the earth opened to connect with the heights of heaven. Christ brought cosmic life down to the depths (hades) of earth enabling us to eventually ascend. Higher and lower octaves of planets are illustrated in astrology can be negative or positive respectively. Fallen light represented by Uranus is electricity on the subterranean plane. Fallen love represented by Neptune on the lower plane is electromagnetism and fallen life on the lower plane is the atomic life of Pluto.

    The higher correspondence of Uranus, using the law of Paracelsus, is insight into the higher plane; Neptunian is divine love and Phanes is divine will or divine life. The subterranean aspect of Pluto surfaced with the discovery of that Planet concomitantly with atomic power and National Socialism in Germany. The will to power is Pluto/Hades and the power of love is Pluto/Phanes. Pluto conjunct the galactic centre in the last few years aligned us with the cosmic heart. The father to who Jesus said, “Not my will but thine be done” The other mystery of Phanes is that he was hermapthoditic and existed with his consort before creation. The Scorpionic serpent entwining Phanes is the kundalini awakening rising up through the auspices of Eros or divine love. In the negative age of Patriarchy, love was kept in bondage through the lower will. This is clearly indicated in the movie Slumdog Millionaire by the Godfather holding the young girl hostage; also reminiscent of the rape of Persephone.

    Look at the language and symbols of popular culture and you can semiotically fill in the blank. Another negative saturnine impulse is the Marquis de Sade like policies of torture. If corruption creeps into government we can look at the usurpation of social security funds and the rise of elder abuse. The positive aspect of the dharma is that it is usually preserved through saturnine wise men referred to as sages. My intuitive prediction is that many wise men, old souls, philosopher kings, et. al. are reincarnating
    to uphold the dharma and usher in a Golden Age. The first law of spirituality is inclusiveness and the unintegrated elements of society have to be brought into the fold.
    The have-not must integrate with the haves, the politically disenfranchised must be integrated into society and the United States must not further the prison industrial complex with citizens unable to find a life except through saturnine institutions.

    Pluto is OPM or “Other People’s Money” and Capricorn represents the structures containing OPM; e.g. Federal Reserve, corporations, banks and insurance companies. How can there be trust funds when there is no trust. Edgar Cayce said that the sin of the United States is exacerbated by placing “in God we Trust” on the currency. Pluto is death and taxes where most of the OPM goes. The issue is compounded by spending money we don’t have, buying houses we can’t afford and the fractional banking system that can loan out 33 dollars for every dollar it banks. Saturn represents exactitude, rectitude and not fuzzy math. Follow the money and you will follow the corruption.

    Sai Grafio

  11. Sai Grafio Says:

    Pluto in Capricorn: God-like decisions.

    This is my final comment on Pluto in Capricorn and there is ample proof already that will attest to the God-like decisions humanity is making or will make during this transit. Let us begin in the U.K. where their laws allowed cloning of animals with human genes. Yes, today there are sheep with 19% human genes. The most common transgenetic animals are cows, sheep, goats, mice and rabbits. I am not going to argue the efficacy of such decisions and its benefits or downfalls; I just want to list it as one of the foremost god-like decisions humans are undertaking.

    The next God-like decision I want to report on is population control. India’s former Prime Minister Indira Ghandi initiated a population control edict and with the help of her son Sanjay developed a sterilization program for the underclass. China’s policy of one child per family is and has been the law for some time. The extreme development of population control is mass genocide and if one believes George Green of Project Camelot, then the population of the world will be reduced to around 500 million which the God deciders determined is sustainable as opposed to the 8 Billion we currently have. Just as the Nazis had a “Final Solution” these proponents think that neutron bombs in most of the over-populated cities will solve the problem.

    The purpose of Capricorn is to develop God power. Nixon was a Capricorn with Pluto conjunct the mid heaven. When Frost questioned Nixon on the legality of his decisions (Watch the Nixon/Frost movie), Nixon succinctly states that when the president decides it makes it legal. Of course, Daniel Ellsberg, by the release of the Pentagon Papers showed how the government lied to make their case in Vietnam. This kind of thinking still pervades the Executive branch, now broadened, to allow for WMD disinformation to make their case to invade a sovereign country.

    Politics allows men and women to play with forces normally allocated to the gods. This is why Kings believed in their divine right as divine representatives; out of this reasoning came the sovereign immunity laws which placed them above the law. Today we have checks and balances to prevent dictatorship and the like but now the executive branch is elevated due to war. At every level we tried to prevent the distortion of the misuse of power. The biggest mistake made was to grant personhood to corporations who are a non living entities but operate freely to maximize their interest to lobbyist. This problem was not addressed in 1789 because they did not exist, ergo there are no checks and balances for the distorting power of corporations. I will only give a primary example where they are not checked. When underdeveloped countries reveal the discovery of vast natural resources and solicit corporations to help them extract oil, diamonds, etc., corporations want complete control over decisions. Since these countries are sovereign and they want to retain the decisions making power, corporations have been known to employ extra-legal means to get their way like arming opposing factions in these countries.

    Other areas of employing god like decisions are defense distortions, non-verifiable electronic voting and the rise of the shadow government. The size of our military and the corporations who profit was never envisioned by our founding fathers; was admonished by Eisenhower but never presently addressed. Obama is having a difficult time eliminating high cost, high tech weaponry from the budget even though a lot of it was necessary for the cold war. Finally, the “shadow government” implicated in the assassination of JFK and other dark aspects of our foreign policy, including the overthrow of governments not aligned with our economic interest.

    Some conspiracy theorist believes that god-like decisions are made by the Illuminati, international banks, et. al. Those who rule through power and money will try to maintain that control through their shadow side. Capricorn rules boundaries, walls, etc. and we witnessed the crumbling of the Berlin wall with Saturn, Urnaus and Neptune in Capricorn. What is the boundary of the shadow side of humanity? What is the psychological mechanism whereby we accept or reject something; it certainly has to do with projection? As long as we invest in ego, the last outpost of Saturn, then we have something to fear and a justification for the ends justifying the means; but, what if Pluto in Capricorn transforms our boundaries to go beyond ego into formless unity? There is great potential with this transit if we are willing to give up our illusions.

    Sai Grafio

  12. Rachel Says:

    Hi, Capricorn is my 7th house. How my personal relations (love)will be affected when Pluto enter Capricorn



  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Pluto takes many years to go through a House. It will bring transformations that come through others or your interaction with others, not self-generated. Changes occur through the partner, if one is married.
    Look to the House position of Pluto to understand where some of the changes will come from.
    Rob Hand’s PLANETS IN TRANSIT is a good resource for these interpretations.
    Pluto is generally only active when aspecting planets in your chart.

  14. Sai Grafio Says:

    Let’s not forget the upcoming mutual reception of Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Look to long range plans to deal with the nation’s infrastructure. The last time this transit occurred was during the American Revolution. This will push aside repressive regimes as we see in the news lately as to what is happening in Egypt and other parts of the world. Lead (Saturn)metal is the only metal that can contain deadly plutonium. Atomic waste will have to be managed. Mayans predict we will go beyond time (Saturn). Look to discovers in the space time continum; e.g. chronvision, quantum jumping, etc.

  15. karenbeth Says:

    This is probably the best article I have read in a long time.

  16. Cora Says:

    I am capricorn 30/12


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