Pre-birth and Post-birth Eclipses

In November 2001, I attended an excellent lecture by Sylvia Jean Smith at the Toronto Astrological Conference in which she discussed her research on Pre-Birth and Post-Birth Eclipses. She stated that the Pre-Birth Eclipse (regardless of how many months before the birth that the eclipse occurred) always leaves an imprint on how we approach decisions and interact with others. It even shows how we approach our careers – will it be very public or very private.

The Post Birth Eclipse adds to the life experiences and it moves us toward our life purposes, producing dramatic changes in our life patterns. Sometimes, the transitions can be confusing, especially if it is different from the Pre-Birth Eclipse. The Pre-Birth Eclipse leaves a profound imprint – the Lunar Eclipse leaves a Lunar imprint and the Solar leaves a Solar imprint. The Post-Birth Eclipse can take on a new energy but it will NOT alter the Pre-Birth Imprint.

SOLAR PRE-BIRTH ECLIPSE: These people feel comfortable with a leadership role. They like Center Stage. They often know where they are going in life and how to get there. Extroverted energies are cultivated. It is very similar to a Diurnal chart pattern wherein most of the planets are above the horizon. For these people:

1) POST-Birth Solar Eclipse only supports their extroverted energies, further giving a sense of direction, accomplishment and purpose.

2) POST-Birth Lunar Eclipse can be very confusing for these people because it increases their sensitivities, they feel more vulnerable and they can become more domestic, more interested in the personal side of life. One woman started writing a book at home and, when the Solar Eclipse occurred 14 years later, she sold her first book.

LUNAR PRE-BIRTH ECLIPSE: These people are more introverted and introspective in their life expression. They are not comfortable in the limelight and they do not push to be out front. They can possess inner resolve and confidence but they are not disposed to being in the limelight. These people are not equipped to “steam roll.” This works for the PBSolar types but not these people. They are not self-promoting. They prefer to be in the background. They are quiet, more contemplative and, while fully capable, they allow others to take the lead. They are often good at promoting other people but not themselves. It is similar to a Nocturnal chart pattern with most of the planets below the horizon. One person described herself as a shy child, pouty and the influence of the mother was very strong. For these people:

1) Post-Birth Solar Eclipse thrusts these people into the limelight and this can be difficult. It is a confusing transition and they need and often seek out a strong role model, often male, to mentor them and teach them the “Solar ropes,” showing them how to be a leader. One woman experienced a Solar Eclipse at 7 years of age. She became a brat, a tomboy, rebellious and just knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She found Solar types to mentor her.

2) Post-Birth Lunar supports the natural inclination of this type. They can marry, start a family and attend to the private side of their lives.

POST BIRTH ECLIPSE TO ECLIPSE of 14 years can represent a major cycle – a cycle that begins with the first eclipse and ends 14 years later with the second eclipse. If the first eclipse is a Solar Eclipse, it represents an ARC OF PROMINENCE, a time of recognition in our lives that lasts for 14 years. If the first eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse, it represents a 14-year Private Cyle, a time of working on personal issues or preparing for the Cycle of Prominence that occurs 14 years later.

NOTE: PB-Solar in the 12th often does not show the Solar qualities as they often are 12th House people, disliking Center Stage or, at least, they cannot be on Stage all the time. There was often no strong father figure to teach them. For example, in WWII with Saturn in Cancer, the fathers were off fighting the war and not there for the children.

In the United States, according to Sylvia, Americans like Pre-Birth Solars for president and Pre-Birth Lunars for Vice President. Bush is Solar; Cheney is Lunar. Clinton is Solar; Gore is Lunar.

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Is the eclipse closes to the birth the dominant one? I was born 4/13/44; there were solar eclipses on 1/25/44 and 7/20/44 and penumbral lunar eclipses on 2/9/44 and 7/6/44. How do I interpret these in the context of the information you’ve presented here?
    Many thanks,

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    This is a very good question, Suzanne. This article is actually based upon the research of Canadian astrologer, Sylvia Jean Smith, at a SOTA conference a few years ago. I just took good notes and found her information quite interesting.
    Using Sylvia’s system, you should use the Lunar Eclipse on February 9 as your pre-birth eclipse.
    In other eclipse systems, this eclipse degree of 4 Aquarius is considered a sensitive point. You can test this yourself.
    However, since millions of people would have this same sensitive point, I do not place a lot of emphasis upon this theory.

  3. joyrjw Says:

    What effect,do you think, this type of eclipse would have on a person if being a post eclipse?

    3.04.1977 20:08:52 GMT-8 20°44’11“Vir Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

    Or should I go with the Solar Eclipse that’s
    18.04.1977 2:35:25 GMT-8 4°44’02“Ari New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse ?

    Either way, thank you for your help:-)

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JOY: I only know what is written in this article and it is really based upon the research of Sylvia Jean Smith, a wonderful astrologer in Canada.
    As written in this article, the period from the Lunar Eclipse to the Solar Eclipse would focus the life upon more personal issues. The later Solar Eclipse would become more extroverted.
    Sorry, I am only reiterate what is in the article. I have not looked at the signs of the type of Solar Eclipse. You might want to write to Sylvia since this is totally her material.

  5. Cam Says:

    I was born on the same day as a partial solar eclipse-a few hours later. What is the significance? Thanks.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CAM (7-2011): If you would only read the posts (1-4), you would have your answer.
    I have asked people who were born before an eclipse and I find no common answer. Pope John Paul II was born at the time of an eclipse and he died at the time of an eclipse (but we have 4-8 each year so do not worry about upcoming eclipses).
    You can progress your chart to see what happened when the Moon progressed a conjunction to the progressed Sun (not natal) or you can look at the degrees of separation from exactness and translate that to a year in your life — what happened then will tell you the answer.
    Yes, this is all very complicated but this is all that I can tell you. Sylvia is the real expert.

  7. janet o'connor Says:


    i’m 69, born on sept. 10th, 1942 at 7:14 a.m. in ft. dodge , ia. it seems to have been not only a new moon in virgo, but a solar eclipse.

    have had a v. unusual life – psychic/healer for 25 yrs., have just found the love of my life – at this age !

    can you shed any light on birth at new moons on eclipses ? (saturn squared my sun and moon in 12th house, by the way…and neptune/mars were conj. on my asc.) needless to say, i have a rotten immune system ! but have persevered and learned/accomplished much.

    thank you for anything you can tell me.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JANET (11-2011): Please the posts, esp. 1-4 and 6. As I have said in almost every post, I did not write this article and it is not my expertise. I am not going to repeat everything all over again.

    I can tell you that 1) ALL Solar Eclipses are New Moons. They are never anything else,
    2) This eclipse triggered events in 1940 and 1944,
    3) The Auto-immune is due to the Mars-Neptune in Virgo in the 1st House. Energetically, you were not protected during the gestation period.

  9. lalit Says:

    I was born on 7 oct 68…evening 6:10 pm… was next day to a full lunar eclipse.
    my life has been gracefull…though money is not very much earned but spritualy I am blessed by my master….
    for materialistic progress can U suggest some thing…?

    lalit joshi.

  10. Kate Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I just can’t stop saying “huh?” in response to the pre-birth solar eclipse profile. I was born the day before a total solar eclipse but do not fit the profile at all. On the contrary, I’d say nearly everything is the opposite for me: extremely introverted, often confused, prefer independence over leadership roles, etc. Leaving a big footprint? Huh?? Just getting grounded is a major task.

    While it’s true I have a majority of planets above the horizon, 4 out of 6 are in the twelfth house (yeah, that one). So I’m wondering what role the astrological houses might play in all of this and more to the point, how I might harness some of that Pre-SE energy from this position.

    I know you didn’t write the original article, but if your interest in it has led to further research, I’d love to hear a bit more about how this phenomenon plays out in the chart.

    Thank you!

  11. Richard brannan Says:

    I was born on 2/26/79 st 4:55 pm in toronto at the prime of the solar eclipse…

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    RICHARD (1-2017): It would be better if you told us how this Pre-natal eclipse affected your life.

    But, something may have happened just before birth and at 3 years of age. This may have involved the parents. probably the father.

    When someone is born with a Sun-Moon conjunction. one parent, usually the mother, brings up the individual.

  13. Shannon Terry Says:

    This resonated very strongly with me. I was born in Melbourne, Australia at 11am on 28th Feb 79 (we’re a day ahead here) but I believe this astrology strongly affects my life path and that it has imbued me with odd abilities etc.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Shannon (7-2017): Thank you for writing. I found that the degree of the pre-natal eclipse is a strong one esp when aspected by an outer planet transit of progression.

  15. Dot Says:

    The 8/7/17 eclipse is conj my prebirth solar eclipse. Will that release something? The 8/21/17 eclipse is near my 24 Leo north node. It is also conj my friend’s north node. What may we expect from the eclipse on our north nodes? Thank you.

  16. Angela Says:

    I was born July 20, 1981 in between two eclipses. One July 16th 1981 it was a partial eclipse and one on July 31st it was a complete eclipse.

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANGELA (8-2017): Count the days between your birth and the eclipse. So, it was triggered around 14-15 years of age. Solar can be more extroverted.

    One had to be a lunar eclipse and the other a solar eclipse. The article will tell you the difference.

  18. Octagon Says:

    Hello! Interesting but confusing.. Born on April 10 1977, I’m exactly between the lunar and solar ( first quarter).
    Eclipse always go by 2, but are they not always starting by the lunar (full moon) and ending by the solar (new moon) ?
    I had to search :)

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    OCTAGON (12-2017): I am not sure what your question is exactly. The Lunar Eclipse occurred on April 3-4 (depending upon time zone). This is your pre-natal eclipse.

    The post natal Solar Eclipse occurred on April 18 so it was triggered when you were about 7-8 years of age.


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