Saturn retrograde 2018


Saturn turning retrograde will slow down the normal rate of activity so that better methods and strategies can be developed. Saturn rules the physical and psychological supports, structures and armatures in our life. It produces the rules and regulations by which we guide our lives, our sense of responsibility, and our limitations. It allows us to define boundaries for ourselves by saying NO! When Saturn is natally retrograde, this capacity does not function properly, making us insecure and unable to accurately assess what can realistically be expected in any situation. The most common flaw is the tendency to say YES when we should say NO, especially in activities and relationships ruled by Saturn’s house position.

During the period when Saturn is transiting retrograde, it is essential that we go back and assess and solidify commitments made, projects started and responsibilities undertaken in the past. This must be done before we can continue. Saturn transiting retrograde provides the opportunity to reassess what we have taken on, to finally say NO, to back out of a commitment and to improve the organization of a project. While the process is going on, while you are working with what you have at hand, you should be warned against taking on any unnecessary responsibilities or long-range commitments. Only deal with issues from the past; do not take on new ones!

Saturn turning retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and reorganize or renegotiate any activities or commitments that seem to be a source of frustration. If you merely persist under Saturn frustrations, the frustrations will merely persist! Weed out the source of frustration at this time. Remember, my definition for being responsible is in knowing how much you can do before you start to feel frustrated, trapped or confined – and drawing the line and saying NO before you reach that point! It is essential that you do not start any new business activity while Saturn is retrograde!! You will only find that a lot of reorganizing has to be done before any successes can be made.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Starting a new business in January will pose problems but there is a way to get around this. This can be acheived by having a Grand Opening at a better time when Mars is Direct.

    Starting a business with Saturn Retrograde indicates that the business will need some restructuring and reorganizing. If you are willing to do this, then it will be fine.

    Starting a business with Mars Retrograde is a bigger problem in a business chart.

    To get around this, as I said, have another Starting Date after Mars goes direct.

    For this 2nd Starting Date, just have a party or some type of offical celebration for the new date. It works well with the Mars and Saturn Retrograde because, with the 2nd date, you will be re-starting the business date.

    I hope this helps and much success in both endeavors!

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN TRANSITING the 8th, in general, is a time to empower yourself by paying off debts. If Saturn is transiting difficult aspects, you can feel powerless and out of control. Under favorable aspects, the resources of others may become available to you.

    The 8th House rules all things totally beyond one’s control and your attitude towards all that is beyond your control.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:
    SATURN R Natally:

    Saturn is Retrograde is about DEFINING BOUNDARIES for others – saying No! Saturn transiting the 5th is about 1) defining what makes you feel loved and appreciated — and then asking the people who say they love you to give you what you need. Years ago, I asked my friends to invite me to lunch .. and they were thrilled to do this. Virgo planets are not good receivers…so they always attract takers.
    2) the 5th is about cultivating your creative skills in some productive way.
    Saturn in Virgo keeps on very busy but it can be very productive in the long run.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN TRANSITING MC I almost never take Saturn R into consideration when I give readings. This is only useful for people in business where they need detailed information for the comng year.
    The passing of your Mom was connected to the Neptune transit. Neptune is in your 11th House ruling death in the family circle and it also rules your IC. Indeed, Uranus is coming from the 8th while crossing the IC so this can be a factor as well.
    31 years ago there was a Saturn-Neptune solar arc progression.
    There is an aspect in your chart that tells me that your mother is still with you through February 2010.

    Your question is about the Saturn-Uranus opposition on the angles. Sometimes this can denote a conflict between your personal environment and the career. With Saturn, there should be a focus upon the career but NO COMMITMENT should be made when Saturn is afflicting any planet in your chart. You would take on frustrating responsibilities. Just say NO under Saturn.
    The 4th House rules the place in which we live, our environment and the place in which we work. During its 7 year transit, both your personal and work environment will undergo many changes.
    Uranus in Pisces is associated with activism so that taking activist action can be a positive use of this transit.
    Uranus square NN is a time of liberation in our lives.

    Uranus makes us aware of what is limiting and frustrating our lives and we need to end what we have outgrown. Uranus will be aspecting Ending Planets so it is a time to end limitations in your life.
    When these hit you, with Saturn, I like to use the “Uranus Transit” essence from Now I have no connection with this website so I am not promoting these but URANUS TRANSIT (not Uranus”) makes me feel like I am free. I do not feel Saturn. It helps when despondent because of the pull of Saturn and Uranus together.

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:
    SATURN TRANSITING THE 11th HOUSE: I enjoyed Saturn transiting my 11th House because I am a group person. It favors aligning with friends, groups, organizations, networking with others…people who share a common belief or opinions.
    I have noticed that Saturn in Virgo keeps people very, very busy. I am busier now than ever but it is all good busy and I set priorities.
    When offered a promotion, you have to ask what is the cost-benefit — am I really making more money or is it just a lot of responsibilities. If it is the latter, say NO!
    With Saturn hitting my Mutable planets, I was offered a position as Director of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. This is a LOT of work but I chose a position that I can easily handle — International Liaison…connecting with astrologers in other countries about forming a less expensive “Study Group” chapter so that they can have their articles and research projects published through this organization. This is very easy as I travel abroad visiting with astrologers every year. So, I modified my commitment.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN & ALLERGIES – Since I have allergies myself, it is very rare for allergies to manifest for a short period of time and never come back. As we get older and as we have taken a lot of antibiotics over the years, we are very susceptible to all types of allergies. And, environmental pollutins are just getting worse.
    One needs to address the source of the allergies. Stinging Nettles tincture (HerbPharm) taken every day (and it takes 14 days to kick in – and, if you stop taking it, you need to start all over again) is very helpful…but it does take 14 days.
    Saturn opposing Mars generates stress that can compromise the immune system and make allergies worse.
    I cannot guarantee that they will never return.

    ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that severe allergies (which I used to have) often require Adrenal Support. This is using a Raw Adrenal Glandular Extract (check the label or order from Nutri-Meds online) and Keto-DHEA.
  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    First, Saturn is R for 5 months out of the year. While it does mean something, possibly where you have trouble defining boundaries, but this is not serious in itself.

    The reason I do not hold with the idea that a perfect wedding date chart will portent a perfect marriage is that I have seen so many astrologers select a perfect date — and the marriage lasted 18 months…or less.

    A horary chart would be asked — “Will our marriage work out?” This type of chart would give more information about the relationship, as well as a synastry chart. Most important is the maturity of the two individuals.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN IN PISCES: These people can shoulder responsibilities, putting the weight of the world on their shoulders. This can lead to illness or a lot of whining and complaining. Define boundaries for others, define your own boundaries and shoulder responsibilities for something that you believe in strongly.

    BEGINNING SATURN (1 degree): With my initial observations, I found that individuals born with a Beginning Saturn often feel that they were never taught how to live in the real world so that they often do not have a real concept of responsibility, no innate common sense, and no concept of what is expected from them in terms of commitment. In approaching tasks, they do not start early enough, they may take on too much, they have no concept of how long it will take to do something and they have no sense of when to stop.

    This Saturn often indicates a poor paternal role model. Sometimes the father was not really there for them which can make them feel insecure in dealing with life’s problems and responsibilities. These individuals need a relationship with someone who acts as a structuring parent, someone who assumes responsibilities for them or who teaches them how to be responsible. They need some type of “parenting” in a relationship – but not like dad! They really need a mentor, someone who “shows them the ropes” and helps them to learn how to define boundaries. One individual commented that, as an adult, he suddenly realized that his father had never even taught him how to change a tire! A Beginning Saturn that is also Retrograde has an even more difficult time defining boundaries and saying NO, especially in those matters ruled by its House position.

    In essence, his problem with responsibility will be very frustrating to your Virgo Sun.

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN IN 12th: Since this is an article on the transiting Saturn, I presume that Saturn in Libra is transiting your 12th House.
    There is a great book on the transits of Saturn by Erin Sullivan. This is a retreat time, a time to shed the old persona and prepare for the cycle when Saturn enters the 1st House.

    I do not know if you will really notice a different when Saturn is Retrograding or Direct. I usually do not but it is important in the timing of events. In the 12th, Saturn R may be better for letting go and releasing the activities of the past.
    It is also an excellent time to change aspects of yourself — to stop smoking, lose weight, change any patterns.

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KARMA: When you are as old as I am, you realize that everything in your chart is Karmic and karma related.
    Because Saturn definitely brings lessons into our lives (but all of the planets do actually), then you can say that these lessons are karma working in our lives.
    When the Law of Karma is not in effect, it is the Law of Grace that is working.

  11. anu Says:

    I am born mar 29, 1978 at 430 am in India. I over-reacted with a new love interest and broke it off with him the day saturn went retrograde. It made me emotional and because natal saturn is in my 7th house, its retrograde motion always affects my relationships. I realized I was hasty and am trying to make amends. What are the chances that I will be able to recover?

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANU – Common sense tells me that, if a man ends a relationship like this, he was just looking for an excuse to end it. Your over-reacting was his excuse. Let him go, as a man who loves you would work it out. Do not go begging.
    When Saturn transits the 7th House, it is always the other person, the man, who is actually having personal problems and these problems impact the relationship.

    I do not use Mars Transits, except for the Mars Cycles and this article is on this website. Mars hitting fixed signs usually causes poor cooperation with others and, with Uranus, it contributes to a mood of contrariness. If it is accident prone, it is due to repressed anger.
    Difficult Saturn Transits are a time to say NO to commitments or responsibilities as they will be more difficult to handle than one expects.

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    What you are describing is not the Retrograde but simply Saturn transiting the 7th House. This transits causes the people in our life to have a lot of personal problems and, therefore, they cannot be there for you. There is usually something else going on with the other person and you may not know what it is.
    When Saturn last transited my 7th, many of my friends were in 12-step programs. Some could not drive so I was hauling them to meetings (male and female friends). No one was there for me!
    It is not a cycle for getting married or getting pregnant — both situations bring lots of responsibilities.
    I recommend Erin Sullivan’s TRANSITS OF SATURN as an excellent resource for Saturn.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    You cannot fix others; you can only fix yourself. Since you are experiencing very difficult aspects, you must learn to say NO — unless it is totally your own problem. If not, say NO!
    The crises of others, since they cannot be fixed by you, will only make you ill.

  15. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Saturn transiting the 9th is actually very good for higher education and international activity. It favors gaining any type of credientialling or experience that will help you advance when Saturn enters the 10th House.

    Only when Saturn makes difficult transits, do blocks occur. As it squares your Neptune, the blocks can be associated with illusions and impractical expectations — or simply the confusion you experience before a major change. You could move forward after this passes.

    TRANSITS TO EARLY DEGREES:, as I have written elsewhere on this site, aspects to planets in early degrees are never bad….it only describes a NEW SITUATION. Because it is totally new, there can be difficulties in adapting…so do not worry.

    I have a manual available on this website (no, it is not free) and, for those who have Neptune in early degrees, they always start new cycles by feeling confused, in a fog and disoriented. This is actually a good thing.

    This is from the Manual so that you do not have to buy it….

    BEGINNING NEPTUNE: These individuals often do not know how to incorporate creative imagination, psychic receptivity and even the influence of spirit guides into their life. Since they do not recognize such influences, they often begin new situations in a state of confusion. They need to learn to allow themselves to be guided by faith in a High Power when making such transitions.

    They may want change and the future to be well planned out but this is NOT their lesson! Their lesson is to learn to trust, to have faith and to truly believe that there is a Higher Power or the Higher Self in their lives who has their best interest at heart, who will guide and influence if the individual will only listen and follow the directing intuition. They need to learn to “float” and to allow things to happen without knowing how it will all turn out. If they learn to follow their Inner Guidance, it will all turn out well, although maybe not exactly as they planned.

    ✮ One student commented that, during a new transition in her life, she simply tunes out until everything falls into place.

    ✮ “When I feel that I am beginning a new cycle, I feel in a void, daydreaming and floating, sensing that something is going on but I do not know what.”

    In starting new cycles, the Beginning Neptune person seems confused. Others may not understand what is happening in their lives. Friends and family need to learn to exercise faith as well.

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN PROGRESSED RETROGRADE: In 2013, Saturn will progress Retrograde in my own chart. I have asked many people about this and it seems like a good thing.

    All have said that demands were made upon them and they rose to the occasion. Saturn R develops an internal structuring so that, in the future, you can handle any situation that arises more efficiently.
    Sometimes there is a loss in the family. I feel that this will be true for me and I will have to handle family finances all alone.
    Turning Direct, Saturn brings some external structure into our lives and this can be quite limiting. One man, who had always been independent, had to take over the family business after the death of the father. This external structure makes him feel trapped, yet others might enjoy feeling empowered.

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN NATAL STATION: If there is an S (for Station) after the planet in the printer horoscope, this means that it is apparently sitting still in the sky or Station.
    Such a planet will always be the most powerful planet in the horoscope. The qualities of that planet will dominate the life, good or bad.

    I have Mercury S and, even though it is in its fall (Leo) and in the 12th House, Mercury colors my life as a writer and communicator.

    Sometimes, if the planet is not used properly, it can cause health issues. My heath problems have been ruled by Mercury with ear infections, infections that have left much scarring in my ears and impaired my hearing.

  18. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NATAL SATURN IN 11th HOUSE: I have this also. Usually, such people were raised in a world of adults. They can often feel like wallflowers in groups. So, they often seek a position of responsibility within a group so that people have to come to them — they do not have to reach out. It draws them into naturally belonging. After awhile, they do learn to reach out.

    I am an only child raised on a farm, not close to other children. I was raised around adults – parents, grandparents and the men who worked on the farm.
    As I started to socialize in groups, I would become the VP or editor of the newsletter. When I went to a gathering, people had to come to me.

    As I am older, all of my Air and Mutables work more easily in outreaching. However, I still gravitate towards a position of responsibility in groups. I am president of the Annapolis NCGR, I am on the National Board as International Liaison, I am coordinator of Silver Spring Ghosts and, last but not least, I am Vice President of the Maryland Slovenian Womens’ Union — and I am not even Slovenian!! And, this is just what I do now. I have a long history of being President, VP and newsletter editor for many groups.

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN TRANSITING 7th HOUSE: I never really look at Saturn R, only the House it is transiting and aspects it makes. It is in your 7th House so there is always problems in relationships.
    Usually, the problem is that the people in your life are making a lot of problems so that they cannot “be there” for you.
    Under favorable aspects, the 7th House favors finding a practical person who can counsel or “parent” you in some way.
    Years ago, when this occurred in my chart, it seemed that all of my friends were in Recovery. No one was there for me and I had to haul them to their meetings.
    I did ask Noel Tyl to “parent” me with my astrological research and he was wonderful!
    I would advise all to read Erin Sullivan’s book on the Transit of Saturn…excellent!

  20. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN TRANSITING 4th HOUSE: Saturn transiting the 4th House actually puts a strong emphasis upon changes in the home, family and even the workplace (the place or building where you work is ruled by the 4th).

    Saturn in the 4th forces us to focus upon our personal life, fixing up our home, making repairs, making changes and dealing with family issues. It is a good time for this, specifically when the transitng Saturn is making favorable aspects to the other planets in your chart.
    Naturally, during those periods when T Saturn is afflicting other planets, do not commence changes as these will take more time and be fraught with delays.

    Saturn going through the 5th is a time to learn to make your creativity more practical (turning hobbies into something more marketable) and it is a time to realize what you need in order to feel loved and appreciated. This can make you a bit demanding of others but, if they truly love you, they will be happy to do things for you.

    When this happened to me, I started resenting my doing everything for my friends. I told them to invite me to lunch! They were thrilled and I knew my friends were my true friends. So, when they are too busy, they are not your friends.

    See SATURN TRANSITS by Erin Sullivan for her insights.

  21. Lynn Koiner Says:

    The 2nd return is very different from the first. So, you cannot make any comparisons.
    First, I would recommend SATURN IN TRANSIT by Erin Sullivan, although she does not say too much about these returns.

    It has been my experience that the 2nd return makes us aware of our mortality — that we are getting older and, if we do not fulfill our dreams now, we may never get to do this.

    It is a time that, if we do not take responsibility for ourselves, our health will suffer.

    Saturn transiting the 7th House is a time when those around us are going through difficult times (not necessarily your husband) and they cannot be there for us.
    Do not devote all of your time to dealing with their crises. Take care of yourself and find friends who can help to parent you.

    Much depends upon the entire chart for a bigger picture. I can only answer about the Return and the 7th House.

  22. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN TRANSITING 2nd HOUSE: /span> (1-2012): When Saturn transits your 2nd House, it is a time to shore up your financial situation. DO NOT make any major decisions, changes or commitments that affect finances whenever Saturn is in the degree of your Mars, Mercury and Neptune. These will tie you down for a long time or take more time than you anticipate.

  23. Lynn Koiner Says:
    SATURN TRANSITS: I spoke with another astrologer yesterday about Saturn Transits. She felt that Saturn crossing her Moon was a time to shoulder big responsibilities. Of course, she has major health issues that are all related to an excessive sense of responsibility (one of which is Osteoporosis).

    When Saturn makes a hard aspect to a natal planet, it is a time to SAY NO! to demands and responsibilities. Yes, there will be demands or limitations that arise but do not initiate on your own.

    Saturn crossing the Moon can make one feel despondent at times. If an opportunity is offered with this aspect, SAY NO since it often entails big responsibilities with little benefit.

    Saturn is about learning boundaries, setting boundaries for others AND ourselves.

    Now, sometimes we cannot help initiating. I was compelled to initiate major house repairs when the Prog. Venus squared Saturn. All of the pipes under the floors of the lower level had dissolved after 80 years and these had to be replaced. It cost more than I ever anticipated but the renovators and plumber did a fantastic job. Saturn transiting the 4th House actually puts a strong emphasis upon changes in the home, family and even the workplace (the place or building where you work is ruled by the 4th).

    Saturn in the 4th forces us to focus upon our personal life, fixing up our home, making repairs, making changes and dealing with family issues. It is a good time for this, specifically when the transitng Saturn is making favorable aspects to the other planets in your chart.

    Naturally, during those periods when T Saturn is afflicting other planets, do not commence changes as these will take more time and be fraught with delays.

  24. Lynn Koiner Says:
    SECOND SATURN RETURN & HEALTH: This is not always an easy period in one’s life as it forces us to change our relating patterns, even if it is a harsh lesson.

    At my Second Return, I developed the Epstein-Barr Virus. I was “fried” and exhausted from taking care of visitors from Europe and not taking care of myself. One of these visitors has never taken responsibility for giving me this virus since she had a relapse towards the end of her visit.

    Being ill forced me to take care of ME. It is a good excuse for keeping some people at a distance. I suffered for 2 years with this but, to be candid, I learned so much about medical issues that it was a turning point in my astrological knowledge. I am where I am professionally because of EBV.

    As Saturn activates your 7th House Saturn, it is an ending cycle because your relationships are based upon Parenting Issues. You need to change and attract different types wherein there is parity and equality in the give and take.

  25. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TRANSITING SATURN in 11th House (1-2012): First, I do not pay a lot of attention to Retrograde/Direct with a Saturn transit unless you are in business and working with business cycles. Retrogrades do allow you to go back and re-connect with people and situations in the past.

    If you are not a group person, then you probably will not become involved in groups.

    The 11th House rules “old friends from the past” and not new ones, as you have indicated. My old astrology teach told me this in the 1960s.

    It is a cycle for shifting your goals and aspirations. People in your life can trigger this.

    And, this House rules Death in the Family Circle — but that is a wide circle and you can hear the news of a passing of some distant cousin.

    My last Saturn transit through the 11th was not an easy one. I contracted the Epstein-Barr Virus from a woman from Germany who was staying with me who had a reoccurance. I was ill for the entire time that Saturn was in the 11th House. This is highly unusual since the 11th House does not affect health.

    What happened with this House is that I made connections with a lot of yahoo groups on the internet connected with holistic health. I did not know what was wrong with me as I had neuralgia with the EBVirus. These groups later helped me to research medical subjects (e.i., my Medical Forum).

    So, do not think that the 11th is new friends but rather friends from the past. There is some shift in your life direction (vision-wise). And groups may not always be one-to-one but on the internet, taking online courses etc.

  26. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BUSINESS START (2-2013): I agreed that you should never have a business chart with Saturn R. Yes, you can start doing business but then pick a good day to celebrate the beginning of the business.

    It is best to start a business with Saturn and Jupiter D but sometimes this is not possible and you have to select another better date for Grand Opening.

  27. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JANE (2-2013): It is impossible for me to give a full discussion of Saturn crossing the Ascendant – PLEASE read Erin Sullivan’s TRANSIT OF SATURN.

    Saturn crossing the Ascendant:

    1) This is a time to commence activities that you started to conceptualize when Saturn was about 5-6 degrees into the 12th House, the planning phase of Saturn.

    I was asked to teach courses on Medical Astrology for IAA when Saturn was in the 12th House. I organized my materials for the course. The classes began after Saturn crossed the Ascendant.

    2) The health can be affected when Saturn crosses the Ascendant. It is not often serious — I usually need dental work when Saturn crosses my Ascendant.

    3) This begins a 7-year self-absorbed cycle when you MUST focus upon your self and what you want to do with your life. If you have planets in the 7th House, then others will oppose you but it is essential that you assert yourself and make choices for YOU.

    4) This 7-year period, when Saturn transits the 1-3 Houses, is my favorite. I work very hard but I accomplish the most.

    KIRA: Saturn transiting the 5th:

    1) This is a time to focus upon your personal creativity is some new, marketable way. A talent or sport can become more professional.

    I used to write a lot of Edgar Cayce and metaphysical articles that had not marketability. When Saturn entered my 5th House, I was asked to write for a commercial magazine – and I learned how to write professionally.

    2) Mainly, this is a time to learn what you need from your relationships in order to feel loved and appreciated. You become more demanding. You learn to ask for what you want. You should learn the Art of Receiving.

    People who do not give you what you ask – dump them. They are only takers. Those who do you will know are your friends.

    So, if you are always GIVING, you will only have Takers in your life. Who needs these people. You will know your true friends when you ask for help or what you need.

    SOFIA: When a planet aspects a Node, it only highlights the favorable qualities of the planet – Saturn is about learning responsibility, organization and accomplishment through long range planning.

    I do not have an article on the Nodes at this time, as I am still lecturing on this topic.

  28. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SATURN TRANSITING THE HOUSES: Saturn transiting through a House will only show where your interests lie — where will be the focus of your life and activities. It does not indicate the outcome – only the outer planet transits and progressions can indicate the full picture of what is going on in your life.

    Upcoming changes usually start when Saturn is 5-6 degrees into the 12th House.

    Saturn in Houses 1-3 is in the Self-Absorbed Cycle when you must focus upon YOU and not others. If you allow others to rule and dictate your life, you will become ill so that you will be forced to focus upon your self – choose YOU now!

  29. Ale Says:
    EXAMPLE - Saturn in 9th

    While I picked up some fights with the teachers, because I felt that it all was outdated and too academic, and I lacked motivation, which lead me to some failed assessments.

    Finally, I integrated the university course-work into my real-life projects. Now I feel OK about repeating some of these parts, because I feel the purpose in learning the discipline, which will eventually improve my future self-employment prospects.

    Also, under big scary Saturn, my company has started a big international project . It happened right after Saturn has turned retrograde. Now nothing is happening with it. We have a pleasant waiting time when we still don’t have to do anything, but we are all excited about keeping it in back of the mind for later. The best part is that is all seems to be scheduled for some time later, which roughly matches the Saturn direct in June.

    Viva Saturn retrograde with Jupiter direct. The art of non-doing!

  30. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DWIGHT (7-2013): STATION PLANET — A planet is always very powerful when it stations but it only affects the individual if the Station Degree aspects something in the natal chart.

    Saturn stations at 4 Scorpio and it is close to the eclipse degree in April (5 Scorpio). This could impact some world event connected with countries with planets at 5 degrees.

    You have nothing that I can see that would be aspected by the station. I would be more concerned about Pluto-Uranus to your 8th House Mars and the Saturn afflictions in September.
    Let us know what happens.

  31. Laura Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Saturn is now on my 7th house and about to move back into the 8th, where it was before it went retrograde. It has been opposing my Taurus Sun since October 2012 and the opposition ends this October. In fact because the Sun, Moon and Mercury are in conjunction in my 2nd house Saturn opposes all of them! It already went over them twice and is now moving slowly towards exact oppositions for a third time.

    When ironing a shirt, one glides the iron slowly forward to smooth all creases, glides it back lightly so as not to create more creases, and then moves it more forcefully forward for perfect smoothness. This is exactly how I feel, like a shirt about to be ironed for a third time.

    Since January 2013 it’s been one lenghty, draining, nerve-wrecking reconstruction of the building I live in. Nothing threatening, and I love the results, but after 6 months of not being able to rest properly and people occasionally invading my space I am ready to scream. Moreover, my father’s health is deteriorating. He’s a Libra.

    My point is, these don’t seem aspects for either the 7th or the 8th house. And since the 8th house is the house of death among other things, I fear it tremendously.

  32. Lynn Koiner Says:

    RODNEY & LAURA (7-2013):

    SATURN TRANSITING 7th HOUSE: Saturn in your 7th House causes problems in relationships. But, usually, the problem is that the people in your life are having a lot of problems themselves so that they cannot “be there” for you.

    So, the problems in relationships is due to the fact that THEY are having a lot of problems in their lives.

    Under favorable aspects, the 7th House favors finding a practical person who can counsel or “parent” you in some way.

    Years ago, when this occurred in my chart, it seemed that all of my friends were in Recovery. No one was there for me and I had to haul them to their meetings.
    I did ask Noel Tyl to “parent” me with my astrological research and he was wonderful!
    I would advise all to read Erin Sullivan’s book on the Transit of Saturn…excellent!

    SATURN TRANSITING the 8th, in general, is a time to empower yourself by paying off debts. If Saturn is transiting difficult aspects, you can feel powerless and out of control.
    Under favorable aspects, the resources of others may become available to you.

    The 8th House rules all things totally beyond one’s control and your attitude towards all that is beyond your control.

    Saturn in the 8th is connected with a death (and this could be anyone) when or if it afflicts a planet in the 11th House. I do not know why but it does. If there are no planets in the 8th, then I cannot make such a prediction.

    It is a Neptune transit that usually indicate the deterioration of the health of someone close to you.

  33. Lynn Koiner Says:

    From your childhood, you have learned to be responsible for others, to take care of people who cannot take care of themselves. The gift is service to others – but you must get paid for this!!! A consultant who helps others organize is good.
    However, because a ST Saturn is so strong, if you continue to take care of and parent the people in your life, it will cause health issues connected with Saturn and the sign it is in (often, osteoporosis or spine problems). Change this NOW.

  34. Lynn Koiner Says:


    I’m feeling a bit frustrated looking at my chart right now. On July 21, Saturn stations direct EXACTLY opposite my natal Mercury at 16’42 Taurus. The very next day, July 22nd, Uranus stations retrograde EXACTLY opposite my Ascendant at 16’34 Libra (and therefore conjunct my DSC in Aries).

    AVA: This Saturn opposition will last from the month of July through early August — all while it is at 16 Scorpio.

    All during this period, do not sign any papers, agreements or make a commitment – no matter how enticing it may be. If you make an agreement or major decision under this aspect, you will be burdened by the decision for a long time.

    If you say NO under bad Saturn transits, nothing serious will happen. I am presuming that Saturn in transiting your 7th House and this brings a lot of problems for the people around you and you may be dragged into the events. It is important to define boundaries for these people.

  35. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PETER (5-2014): This interpretation has worked for me personally. I disengaged from former social connections — with the last 12th House transit due to health issues.
    It was a time when I had to do a lot of internal work — cause of health issues which I used to help others.
    Indeed, from June through August, Saturn will make a long back-and-forth over 17 Scorpio. This crossing first started in early December 2013. Look to this period for a clue.

    It is impossible for me to predict what Saturn crossing the Moon will do without taking the entire chart into consideration but I cannot do this on this website.

    With any Saturn transit, it is a time to say NO to the demands of others. Complying will make you feel trapped. Your moods can be affected by this transit because it is a reminder that the 12th House Moon denies your emotional needs. You need to take care of yourself and not others at this time.

  36. Lynn Koiner Says:


    The 7th House is Other People in your life. With Saturn here, other people in your life will be experiencing a lot of personal problems. As a result, they cannot be there for you when you need them.
    You must realize that it is not YOU but the problems these people are experiencing. Do define boundaries with these people – set limits for how much help you can give.

    Under favorable aspects, you can ask someone to PARENT you. When Saturn transited my 7th, I asked Noel Tyl to help me organize my Transpluto information and he generously gave his time.
    Another friend hired someone to help her organize her business.

    However, when Saturn makes bad aspects, definitely say NO to the demands of others.

  37. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JULIET (7-2014): Yes, Saturn in the 7th is drawn to care-taking in relationships. With Saturn opposing Venus, the message from your mother (usually it is mom) was that, before you can be happy, the people you love must be happy — and, of course, they will never be happy as long as you feel responsible for them.

    The signs involved would tell a lot but oppositions are good for mediation and counseling (but not one-to-one – couples or groups or organizations).

    I have an article from Alan Epstein’s book on the Dysfunctional Saturn. And, in the long run, excessive responsibility will only contribute to major health issues — unless you learn to say NO! and define boundaries for others.

    Some people with Saturn in the 7th can attract partners who act like the missing parent in your life. A parenting relationship will always lack closeness and true intimacy.

    Saturn in the 7th IS GOOD for something. You need to find a way to utilize it.

  38. Denise Says:
    NOTE FROM LYNN (I am having trouble posting): I never noticed anything when Saturn crossed my Nodes so I cannot give you a good answer. I have observed transits to the Nodes - good or bad - and all that happens is that planet is highlighted for the year. So, Saturn could bring more responsibilities but only looking at the other transits could I tell the story about the qualities of the responsibilities - a promotion or burdens. I know that whenever Uranus aspects my Nodes (Conj-Square etc) I feel a sense of independence and liberation. I do not believe in the "past life" connections since everyone we meet at this stage of evolution is someone from our Soul Group or whom we have met in a past life. I have lecture notes on the Nodes in great detail but they are not on this computer at this time.
  39. Lynn Koiner Says:

    The 2nd Saturn Return is a time wherein we realize that we need to work on what makes us happy because life is getting short. For others, like myself, it can cause health issues but, for me, I learned a great deal about medical issues that I now teach in my courses for IAA. So, in some way, it was indeed a turning point in my life.

    Whenever Saturn makes a difficult aspect to a natal planet (while it is in the degree of that planet or 22-23-25 Fixed in your chart), it is a time to say NO to whatever is offered because it is likely to be limiting and unrewarding. When Saturn is off those degrees, it is better.

    Saturn never opposes the Ascendant – it crosses the 7th. When Saturn transits the 7th House, it is a time when others cannot be there for you because they are having problems. When Saturn transited my 7th, most of my friends were in 12 Step programs and I had to help them. I did my best but I drew the line when their problems because out of control.

    Saturn opposing your Moon will not happen for at least 2 years and the 7th House is even further away. Let go of this and deal wiith your current situation.
    Why don’t you look at the favorable Uranus transits and not dwell on the bad Saturn aspects 2 years from now.

    Yes, that Saturn Return is a bad one. You have a Grand Water Trine with Mercury is the Apex — emphasize this.

  40. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MARIA (202016): Generally, Saturn (or any planet) transiting the 7th House denotes changes that occur due to other people and the changes in their lives.

    Years ago, because Saturn in the 7th House would make a lot of afflictions to my natal planets, I discovered that many of my friends had drinking problems and I had to take them to AA meetings. I felt frustrated because my needs were being neglected.

    At another point, because Saturn in the 7th is good for asking people to “parent” you, help you will organizing your life etc – I asked Noel Tyl to help me organize a book. He did a fantastic job!

    When Saturn crosses Venus, it will form a Grand Fire Trine to Eris-Chiron and Hygeia-Transpluto. This can bring an important relationship with someone who is in the healing arts, who can teach you something. Fire is highly motivational.

  41. Lynn Koiner Says:

    E (7-2016): SATURN TRANSITING THE 12th AND 1st HOUSES — My last transit of Saturn in the 12th House was very difficult but I learned a lot, especially about health issues and it was a turning point in my medical astrology research.

    When Saturn gets to about 5 degrees BEFORE the ASC, you need to work on plans for the future. When Saturn crosses the ASC, this is a time to take off on that project or interest.

    I planned my courses for the International Academy of Astrology but began teaching when it crossed my Asc.

    The 12th House also rules distant places where people do not know the “old you.” This allows you to change and transform yourself. The 1st House marks a 7-year Self-Absorbed Cycle — you are SUPPOSED to be self-absorbed, focusing on yourself and your interests.

  42. Al Says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I would like to ask your opinion regarding the Saturn opposition natal Moon transit! Is it really that bad, depressing,etc.? Can I make something possitive of this transit?

    Saturn is about to enter my 12 house and aspect in opposition my natal moon for at least 3 times. Since, I have moon square uranus, this saturn transit will also square my natal Uranus.

    Paradoxically Uranus transit will enter the 4th house and make sextile to my natal moon. And my progressed moon will enter the 4th house.

    So with Saturn-Uranus at work I have the idea that I will balancing the old and the new. And the 4th and 12th houses somehow represent endings of some kind. But what is the basic message to my natal moon? I guess, I will be pressured to evolve and mature.

  43. Lynn Koiner Says:


    It is my technique to only use the 3 periods (for you) when Saturn is in the degree of your natal Moon as a time when you must say NO to any offer or opportunity presented to you. That’s all you have to do.

    It is not a time to seek any opportunity or it will not work out. It can be depressing but no necessarily. Other transits need to be occurring for this.

    When opportunities have been presented to me under a bad Saturn transit, I soon realized that it would be more trouble than it was worth. Another opportunity fell through that I had sought but I was glad because it would have been too much work.

    Saturn AND Neptune have been afflicting my natal Moon at 10 degrees and my aunt passed away and we have someone breaking into the house again stealing a little at a time.

  44. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PETER (3-2018): A slow moving planet changing signs or direction is significant but, since Mars changed signs a long time ago (since it is a 6 degrees now), you should know how it is affecting you.

    If Mars has progressed into your 2nd House, it would affect personal finances. Saturn crossing a progressed planet is fairly exact to the time that the computer picks it to happen. So, you should have made your observation in February.


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