The Blue Moon Periods

There is always a lot of talk about the Blue Moon periods. This is a period when there are two Full Moons in one month. This is supposed to occur once every two years. At first, when friends would inquire about the Blue Moon, I would casually state that it was nothing more than two Full Moons in one month… PERIOD.

As I experienced the energies the events that occurred during a Blue Moon month, I realized that there was an excess of amplified lunar energies such as would be found in a Crisis Full Moon period. In May of 1988, I wrote an that I was trying to suppress “homicidal tendencies,” especially when anything would go wrong. Never again did I say that there was nothing to a Blue Moon period. So, with any Moon period, know that you are not crazy— it is the Lunar Phenomena. Know that there are dynamic forces in the cosmos hitting you and be assured that these feelings are normal.

In May 2007, the entire month of May seemed like Mercury was retrograde. If anything could go wrong, it did… but Mercury does not turn Retrograde until June 15! Because of the time zone differences, Europe will experience its Blue Moon month in June.

What is a Blue Moon? Full moons are separated by 29.5 day intervals— the moon’s Synodic Period. By counting out synodic intervals, and checking to see when a pair of full moons falls into a single 30- or 31-day month, we can easily and precisely figure out when the next blue moon is due: December 2009 and November 2010.

  • The Lunar Synodic Period is the time between successive New Moons or 29.5 days.
  • The Lunar Sidereal Period is the time it takes the Moon to complete one orbit around the Earth with respect to the stars or 27.3 days. The Sidereal Period of the moon is measured watching its motions against the background stars.

Why are they different?

While the Moon orbits the Earth, the Earth orbits the Sun. Start at New Moon: Sun-Moon-Earth aligned. It takes the Moon 27.3 days to complete 1 orbit around Earth with respect to the stars. In the meantime, the Earth has moved through 27.3 days of its orbit (about 27deg along its orbit). The Moon & Earth must move together for an extra 2.2 days to re-align with the Sun.

Astronomy 161:

Moon Phases from 2007-2015 (Universal Time)

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    First, it would take extra time to see if someone was born under a Blue Moon. When I used to calculate charts by hand, it would be easier because I would be looking at the ephemeris but it never occurred to me to do this.
    It is only possible when the Full Moon birth occurs at the very beginning of the month or the very end of the month…but I never bothered to take this into consideration so I have no observations.

    If someone was born at the time of a Full Moon, their parents were often totally different. I suggest reading Betty Lundsted’s book on ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY. (

    Some peole have told me that, because they were born on a Full Moon, they are more emotional during that time.

    These December Full Moons are Crisis Full Moons so that there are often highly charged events occurring at the time. With an Eclipse, there are often national or internation events occurring – and we have had many of these.

    For how this is affecting you, look at my article on the Crisis Lunations on this site.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CANDI (8-2012):

    + You can be more sensitive to the monthly full moons

    + There is a greater internal tension because the parts were totally different from each other – basically, because the parents were totally different from each other and the individual has inherited polarizing traits from both

    + Heightened sensitivity favors creative or alternative healing careers

    + A major turning point can occur around the age of 29-30

  3. Moooning Says:

    I was born in India, on 31 JAN 1999 at the midnight when 30th became 31st, around 12 midnight. Was I born under a blue moon? And what effect does that have on me?
    Mother is a Scorpio and my father has no birthdate (it was never recorded). My parents are polar opposites and I’m always in the crossfire. I’m their only child.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MOONING (7-2015): Yes, you were born in a Blue Moon month and, most significant, is that the Full Moon occurring after your birth was a Lunar Eclipse. I have an article on eclipses and pre post natal eclipses on this website (it is not my specialty though).

    With all Full Moons in a birth chart, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, indicating that the parents are 180 degrees from each other. There are many people or unusual people who were born at an eclipse.

    The oppositions in your chart cause you to have the same opposing qualities within yourself so you often feel pulled in different directions. What it gives is an ability to mediate situations or even ideas – pulling together opposition views in a new, integrated form.

    This link will take you to an article by my friend, Ema Kurent. Scroll down and see information on eclipses. This link is not live so you will have to cut and paste into your browser...
  5. Bluemoonman Says:

    I was born on 30/07/1996 at around 6pm in the uk. Was i born under a blue moon?

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BLUEMOONWOMAN (4-2016): Since you call yourself BlueMoonWoman, I presume that you knew this…the answer is YES.

  7. Bluemoonman Says:

    Great… so what does a blue moon mean to humans? what is to be said about blue moons astrologically and the person that is born under one?

  8. Janele Smith Says:

    I was born July 21 1967 at 9:51 pm. Was I born under a blue moon ?

  9. autumn Says:

    This is exiting because it’s all things I already knew about myself just the confirmation I’m not crazy I’m young but my soul feels the truths I coincidently on my 18th got a purple sun tattoo because that’s what I wanted not realizing the science behind the blue moon . My heart is lonely when the moons gone from the sky and my feelings are raw when it’s around this is to cool I need to explore this more and get everything under control to use to my advantage

  10. Jlynne Says:

    Nov 8 1972 1:34 am in central Virginia outside of it being Election Day and far too long ago…I believe that it was a blue moon 🌚 month and that night was the first. Is that correct?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JLynne (1-2018): In November 1972, the Full Moon was on November 20 so there was no Blue Moon.


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