by Lynn Koiner
Written in the late 1990s

The Kite pattern occurs — and it does more frequently than an unopposed grand trine — when a planet opposes one of the planets in the Grand Trine. Sometimes, there can be more than one opposition.


When I examined my old notes on the Kite, I had written that the Kite often affected money issues. My earliest research involved Pluto oppositions to Aquarius in a Grand Air Trine, common in the 1940s (the month of February with Aquarius) with Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Libra. I observed that these people often had a distortion or wrong attitude where money was concerned that kept them from using the Kite. This problem attitude was POWER and CONTROL, symbolized by Pluto (and Transpluto). With this specific Pattern, the control attitude was that they were not going to compromise their vision. They were going to do it themselves (financially) so that they would not have to take orders from anyone. “I am going to do it my way even if this means that I have to come up with the money myself.” This limitation based upon an inability to compromise keeps them from ever using the Grand Trine. Asking for help and working cooperatively with others is the big hang up with a kite.


In the 1980s, when I got my first computer, it became more practical to calculate the horoscopes of major and minor disasters. A collection built up quickly and I noticed that the charts of catastrophes, government changes, plane crashes, disasters in nature all had a kite pattern. Sometimes, I would have to make a stretch and include the Ascendant as part of the Grand Trine and Transpluto. There was one case of Chiron but most had a true Kite Pattern. It got so that, whenever a client would come in with a Kite pattern, I would look in a book of disasters and find what happened somewhere in the world. One girl was born at the time of a great flood in Wales.
As I looked back over the disasters, they were often disasters that resulted in changes in policies, structures, procedures – that is, significant preventative measures were taken. Both NASA disasters had Kite Patterns.

THIRD STAGE OF RESEARCH: What Kite energy feels like. . .

From “The Amethyst:”

On July 17 of this year, I was able to experience and feel the energies involved in the Kite configuration. A friend and I were traveling to Chicago to attend the AFA convention. There was a strange, negative and disruptive electrical sensation in the air. We learned from airport staff that airports around the country were being affected. First, we found ourselves stuck in a Kentucky airport for 5 hours. To complicate matters, this airport experienced a disruption in their air conditioning system. Soon, everyone became irritable and cranky from the heat and patience was running short. Almost 12 hours after our journey had begun, we finally arrived at our hotel. When we turned on the news, we heard about the plane crash in New York. We no longer complained. The energies were so bad that day that we felt lucky to have arrived in Chicago at all! That strange, disruptive electrical energy that we had felt all day was the energy of the Kite Grand Fire Trine opposing Uranus in Aquarius! The massive power of the Fire Trine had been blocked energetically by Uranus and it erupted in the plane disaster. People who were born at the time of a Kite pattern feel this energy all the time – it was bad enough for just one day!

Recently, I recognized that I was feeling out of control with my eating. At first, I presumed that it was a hormonal thing as it lasted persistently for about 2 weeks. This is unusual for me, as I do not normally have such hormonal reactions. I felt a nervous, compulsive energy and, when I was not eating, my hands would shake with a neuro-muscular irregularity. I knew exactly when these compulsions began, the evening of July 26, and I checked the aspects for that night. A friend reminded me, “Isn’t that the night of the bombing in Atlanta?!” Indeed, it was! At 1:20 AM on July 27, a bomb exploded at Atlanta’s Centennial Park. Lo and behold, there was the Grand Fire Trine with a Kite pattern formed by Uranus in Aquarius opposing the Sun in Leo! For the first time, I was aware of exactly what Kite energy feels like. In this case, the electrical energy of Uranus opposing a planet in the Grand Trine was like a rod thrust into the spokes of a spinning wheel! The motion of the Grand Trine abruptly halted and exploded with the bomb.


In the Summer 1995 issue of AMETHYST, I wrote an article on the significant astrological factors surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing. Since the Challenger explosion, I have become aware of the significance of the Kite Pattern in certain disasters, especially disasters that resulted in important changes in regulations, defenses and fortifications. Most disasters will be triggered initially by a preceding eclipse. Four days prior to the Oklahoma bombing, there was a Transformational/Crisis Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra. When placed in the Bombing chart, it formed a perfect Kite. This Kite was based upon a Grand Fire Trine, a particularly ominous Trine.

I wrote in 1996-97 that: “This year, there has been an inordinately high incidence of flight disasters. This year, with Saturn and Pluto transiting Fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) all year, there has been an inordinately high number of transiting Fire Trine Kite patterns. The eclipses this year are all in Aires/Libra! There is a specific reason that these Kites have affected air travel. In 1986, I wrote an article on the Challenger disaster and connected air disasters to the transits to the Birth Chart of the Airplane, first described by Rick Klimczak, as being the Kitty Hawk Flight chart. The square between Venus at 8 degrees Scorpio in the 8th House and Mars-Saturn at 4-6 Aquarius in the 12th House have continually demonstrated themselves as highly sensitive points. Now that Uranus is at 4 degrees Aquarius, we can look forward to continued problems with flight.”

“Until recently, I had no insight into the Kite pattern in disasters and the Kite pattern in personal horoscopes. About 12 years ago, I noticed in the horoscopes of some students who had strong Grand Trine configurations that they were not lucky in terms of their Grand Trine. They seemed unable to access the talent and potential indicated by their Trine pattern; however, these people all had oppositions to at least one of the planets in their Grand Trine. One woman with a Grand Air Trine with Pluto in Leo opposing and an Aquarian planet in the 8th House had a great humanitarian vision which she was never able to actualize. In terms of financing, she insisted that she had to do it herself; she wanted no outside assistance because she did not want anyone telling her what to do. If she sought outside financing, she perceived that she would be unable to do it her way. She was totally unwilling to compromise on her vision, feeling that she would lose control to outside interference. Now, 12 years later, her vision has still not manifested. Her way is not necessarily the best way but she is projecting through Pluto that all authority figures will control and usurp power. This is probably true regarding how she exercises authority; however, she does not see herself in this manner but it is how she sees authority figures in general.”

“I soon noticed that the opposition in the Kite totally blocked the energy of the Grand Trine. Considering the massive energy in the Grand Trine, this must be experienced as an immense degree of frustration and this frustration, if not resolved through compromise, could eventually lead to health problems, as demonstrated by the element of the Trine.”

“The opposition or 180-degree aspect operates quite differently from the square or 90 degree aspect. The opposition represents qualities – hostilities, attitudes and resentments – that WE project onto others, forcing them to respond with a similar reaction. For example, when a female has her Moon square Mars, it describes a mother who was jealous of her daughter because she was very frustrated and unfulfilled in her own life. Perceiving the daughter {with the Moon-Mars aspect) as being closer to the father than herself, the daughter is seen as a competitor and a threat. She will be perceived even more of a threat when the daughter starts to date, to have fun with her friends, and to do things that the mother feels that she cannot do herself. However, when the daughter has an opposition between the Moon and Mars, the daughter becomes jealous and resentful of the mother because, being young, she cannot do the things that her mother is able to do. The daughter will project this resentment onto the mother, causing the mother to react with anger and hostility. The daughter, indeed, sees the mother as angry and hostile but she is not able to objectively examine her own behavior that led to and instigated the mother’s angry responses.”

“The opposition requires a lot of self-examination. In 1984, a student whose chart was dominated by oppositions candidly confided that it always appeared that everyone opposed what she wanted or wanted to do but, if the truth be known, she anticipated their reaction and then purposely chose the opposite. With maturity, she learned to examine her reactions and make healthy compromises in her life and in her relationships. She is now a successful mediation attorney.”

“Obviously, the opposition bestows a high degree of independence and willfulness that the square does not. It is this quality, fed by the power and confidence of the Grand Trine, that makes it extremely difficult, although not impossible, for the individual to make the necessary compromises to activate the Grand Trine.”

I asked: “Are there more of these dangerous patterns lining up? As I wrote in the 1995 article, there is an ominous Kite manifesting at the time of the Lunar Eclipse on September 27, 1996. At this time, Mars in Leo will activate the Grand Fire Trine and it will be opposed by Uranus. Upon closer examination, the explosive events may occur a bit earlier when Mars is more closely aligned with Uranus. The tighter orb is found near the Transformational New Moon on September 12. Here, Mars is conjunct Venus and within one degree of an opposition to Uranus in Aquarius and it forms a Grand Trine with Saturn in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius. I have included the Astro*Carto*Graphy map for this ominous lunation. The darkened lines show where this eclipse and Mars-Venus/Uranus will fall on the axis. Take note that the ASCIDESC axis for Mars/Uranus runs through the western U. S. with a Pluto crossing at the Canadian border and through the Middle East, specifically through Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia.”

“What happened? During the first half of September 1996, the US began attacking Iraq’s southern air defenses and, on September 13, Iraq agreed to stop shooting at our airplanes. At the time of the Eclipse, violence occurred in Jerusalem over the opening of the tourist tunnel, the Taliban Muslim fundamentalists captured the capital of Afghanistan and there was “ethnic violence in Zair.”


In Europe, kite patterns are referred to as Dragons because of the great power and energy that they contain. Europeans are more concerned with patterns in a chart.

There is another kite based upon all “inharmonious” aspects – the Black Kite or Black Dragon. It contains an opposition that is crossed by a square at one end. This pattern then creates a series of semi-squares (45º) and sesquiquadrates (135º) to create the pattern of a kite. On August 21, 1914, a solar eclipse occurred at the time of a Black Kite. This summer was the beginning of World War I – a war that lasted through 1945.

In a book by Czech astrologer, Pavel Turnovsky, he states that “this pattern brings to perfection the characteristics of the Grand Trine in either a positive or negative sense. It is productive, contemplative and sophisticated and it is through the great energy passing through the opposition that the desired goals can be reached.” Like the White Dragon, there are powerful energies generated here but they can only be harnessed in a positive sense when the energy of the opposition is positively regulated.

I feel, at this point in my research, that MINOR ISSUES CONTRIBUTE TO THE CONFLICTS. Even in the Solar Eclipse of 1914 chart, there were minor issues (assassination of Archduke Ferdinand) that contributed to the War. If you address only the opposition and the square, you will miss the REAL issues involved in the conflict. In on horoscope, the hard aspects showed problems with closeness. The minor afflictions, especially the Sun 45 Venus, indicated that she really felt very unattractive. A lot of energy was put into wearing expensive clothing and beautifying her self . The undercurrent was that she felt ugly and that, if someone got too close, they would realize this and see through the image she projected.


45 degree: This aspect represents a subtle undercurrent of which we have little awareness. It is always there creating fears, insecurities and nagging edges that drain off energies. It is like a faulty foundation and, until you deal with the issues of the planets involved, you cannot build on it. You cannot resolve the major issues of the square and opposition if you do not deal with the minor issues first. This is an aspect that requires patience because you have to deal with the underpinnings first. It is too easy to deal with a quick fix of the opposition (in one chart, just be alone or end a difficult relationship). Get back to basics – the basic problem.

135 degree: This is an aspect of excessiveness – excessive criticism and analysis to the point of missing the point (approaching the opposition point) or excessive dissemination and intrusiveness that irritates others. There is action with the sesquiquadrate but only after much indecision. You know what you have got to do but you do not want to do it. Like the 150 degree aspect, there is often some misinterpretation of the issues of the planets. RESOLVE THE MISINTERPRETATION.


In the personal horoscope, the key to understanding the dilemma of the Kite is in understanding the influence of the opposition. Years ago, a student with a Seesaw pattern confessed that, while it always seemed that others opposed what she wanted to do, she secretly knew that she was the one who always anticipated what others wanted and then she would want the opposite. She was the one who was projecting the conflict onto others but rarely will the individual have such insight about themselves.

The OPPOSITION represents qualities – hostilities, attitudes and resentments – that WE project onto others, originally our family and our environment, forcing them to respond with a similar reaction. It has been my interpretation that, when a female has the Moon square or conjunct Mars, it describes a mother who was jealous of her daughter because she was very frustrated and unfulfilled in her own life. As the daughter begins to socialize and achieve on her own, mother appears angry and resentful of the freedom that the daughter appears to have; perceiving the daughter (with the Moon-Mars aspect) as being closer to the father than her self, the daughter is seen as a competitor and a threat.

I have observed that this situation is very different with the opposition. The daughter (with Moon-Mars) will project this resentment onto the mother, causing the mother to react with anger and hostility. The daughter sees the mother as angry and hostile and she may even perceive the mother as being jealous and competitive with her. The Moon-Mars opposition daughter is actually jealous and resentful of the freedom or activities of the mother. Later in life, this daughter will project her hostility onto others, especially women.

Obviously, the opposition requires much self-examination to utilize effectively, to resolve the conflict and harness its power. The OPPOSITION bestows a high degree of independence and willfulness that the square does not. It is this quality, fed by the power of confidence of the Grand Trine, that makes it extremely difficult, although not impossible, for the individual to make the necessary compromises to activate the Grand Trine.

With the opposition, YOU have the power and the control to change things. It cannot come from others.

SUN-MOON OPPOSITION: This is an aspect of great discontent. It represents a basic inner conflict that is projected onto life choices. They grew up with parents that were totally different or, at least, the child projected this and accepted this as his/her reality. There is always a pull in 2 different directions, a head versus heart conflict. Cancer/Capricorn. Choices become dissatisfying until some type of compromise is found that satisfies both.

The block to the Grand Trine – they are not content with the choices that they make, switching from one to another. They may project that it is the fault of the other person or the situation but the fault lies in the lack of integration of the polarities in their choices.

MARS: Remember, the opposition is what you project onto others. When Mars is involved in the opposition, the individual projects much anger, resentment and competitiveness onto others. If Mars is retrograde, in the case of an opposition to the Sun, the individual does not show this anger, sends out mixed messages and explodes all of a sudden.
The individual may blame others, react defiantly and end relationships and situations before any fruition or results can be achieved. In Mutable signs, the individual gets angry and leaves; Cardinals continually create crises through causing them, getting involved in them or through their indecisiveness and fear of the unknown/outcome; Fixed just don’t compromise out of stubbornness as a control issue.

JUPITER: This planet projects high expectations onto others and situations. Jupiter has a poor sense of moderation and proportion. The individual can have unrealistic expectations that are projected and then give up when the going gets rough. The individual must learn a sense of moderation, not to give too much of themselves away in order to make people like them. Jupiter needs lots of freedom that they do not want to compromise; Jupiter role plays, does things in order to establish a relationship, get what they want, then feel taken for granted and quit. This is a highly creative planet but there is no role model in the family for doing something with the creativity. Mars-Jupiter overreacts to anything unjust or unfair; Jupiter-Saturn; Jupiter-Pluto

SATURN: This planet needs to learn how to handle responsibilities properly – not to assume responsibilities that would limit you; not to assume responsibilities that you do not really want but have been conditioned to accept through parental indoctrination. Saturn can generate fear and guilt, fear of commitment; it can distort the sense of responsibility as with Saturn-Pluto aspects. Saturn projects an ATTITUDE that others will limit, restrict or entrap you so you are not going to compromise. Sun-Saturn squares are much more insecure than the opposition; oppositions cop an attitude. The individual will not be a team player; they project this image and, therefore, they do not go very far – Insubordination!

URANUS: What Uranus projects is that others will change on you, they will suddenly leave or abandon you so you rebel and do not trust. Uranus bestows a highly charged electromagnetic field. When people get too close to them, they go off and push others away. NOTE: look at the degree of separation in the opposition and you will find the event that triggers the problem .

NEPTUNE: This planet is one of denial. They project their own reality upon others and circumstances. Then, they do not understand what went wrong. With the Sun, they can see themselves in an unrealistic way. Stan saw himself in a heroic role. Neptune in Scorpio is the worst. With Mars, there may be a lot of talk about doing something but there is too much indecisiveness and not enough resolve.

PLUTO: This is a control issue. They project that others will try to take control and their power. No one can really take your power away – you probably did not have it in the first place. This person is often very much out of control, grew up in an out-of-control environment and they project that others are controlling and manipulative, too inclined to see the darker side of issues and will not compromise.

Several footnotes did not copy into this article —

+ The Kite Pattern is created when a planet in a Grand Trine formation is opposed by another planet. This “opposition” planet then forms sextiles to the other planets in the Trine. When lines are drawn between the planets, it looks like a kite pattern.

+ “Transformational Lunation” is a term coined by Czech astrologer, Pavel Turnovsky. According to him, there are lunations (New and Full Moons or Eclipses) that are connected with major planetary patterns to the outer , transpersonal planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The transformational energies of these planets can be used for personal, social, cultural and planetary change. Where the lunation or the outer planets fall on the Axis (AsclDesc or MCIIC), as seen on the Astro*Carto*Graphy maps, both the area and the individuals in that area will experience powerful transformations. For example, when a powerful Transformational Lunation fell on the Ascendant in Moscow, it brought about a great challenge to Yeltsin’s power, forcing him to make serious compromises to the military. It is essential that we use these energies now to bring about personal and global change. After February 1997, there will be no Transformational Lunations until 2012!

+ A “Crisis Lunation” occurs when the New or Full Moon is physically very close to the earth. This closeness is called the Moon’s perigee. This closeness of the lunation will amplify our emotional reactions, bringing matters to a crisis point.

+ With the Grand Trine, at least 3 planets are connected by 3 trines to form a triangle In one of the four elements – Fire, Earth, Air or Water. This pattern denotes great natural talent, confidence in that talent, and it is associated with luck or lucky breaks. For example, OJ Simpson has a pure Grand Water Trine (no oppositions to the trining planets). Indeed, this man has led a charmed life!

  1. Geraldine Says:

    GERALDINE: I notice there is a grand trine in water on July 18th and two kites, one with Orcus, one with PLuto.

    There is also a Yod with Sun/Varun, Sedna and Galactic centre.

    Mercury will be conjunct Sirius and square. I can see this as a reversal of a tide of emotion but just water generally? Actual water? Any clues?

  2. Geraldine Says:

    GERALDINE (5-2013): Yes, there is a Kite on the period around July 18. This is often a very frustrating period, especially in World Events.

    Mercury conjuncts Sirius every summer. Sirius is a Fixed Star so, unless Mercury “occults” or covers Sirius, I do not consider it important.

    I do not know any astrological colleagues who use the Galactic center and the minor asteroids to make a pattern. Yes, I have included Hygeia in my own chart to make a Grand Air Trine that attracts me to medical astrology but this is a personal feature in my chart, not one that would impact world affairs.

    The Kite is bad enough so that you do not need to look to other points in the sky.

  3. Kathie Says:

    What do you mean when you say, “NOTE: look at the degree of separation in the opposition and you will find the event that triggers the problem,” in the paragraph about Uranus being involved in the opposition? I’ve got a kite aspect pattern in my chart that involves an opposition between Uranus (12 degrees, 36 min. Libra) and Chiron (12 degrees, 26 min. Aries). (Uranus is involved in a grand air trine with Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Gemini.)

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KATHIE (5-2013): You asked a good question but, to be honest, I do not always use Chiron (acting alone) in patterns.

    I do use Chiron in the horoscope but I am reluctant to make the Grand Air Trine into a Kite, using only Chiron.

    The Grand Air is really strong to talent in communications, activism, networking ideas, education etc.

    But, to answer your question, if an aspect is exact, then the issues were occurring around the time of birth. It may be that, from the time that your parents brought you home from the hospital, you felt a stranger in a strange land.

    If this is a Kite, then it may be possible that, feeling different, you might be reluctant to express yourself…but you definitely need to use that powerful Grand Air.

  5. Starship Says:

    I have a slanted kite shape with 150 degrees from a moon/venus conjunction in Aquarius to pluto in Virgo, with mars Cancer and Neptune Scorpio as sextiles to pluto. From the chart, it clearly looks like a kite with several slanted kites from this figuration, and Uranus opposite but 10 degrees off from an opposition to moon/venus. Being that this is 150 degrees rather than opposition, what would you say this bestows on me, or does it not count if it’s not opposite. Many thanks for the interesting article.

  6. Jack Says:

    I am just an amateur interested in astrology. I must admit that I have never before heard about the Black Dragon – but a quick head calculation of my chart implied what I found when picking it up – I have both the White and the Black.
    The trine is Gem Sun h11/ Aqu Moon h8/ Ura Lib h4. Uranus is in EXACT opp to my Ari Chi h10 – and Chi is also squared by Mars in Leo h12 and BML in Cap h6.

    I guess that if you usually do not use chiron in patterns, you are unlikely to use the Liliths either? However, the Lilith themes are extremely strong in my chart and a whole dimension fell into place when I explored that symbol. Asteroid Lilit is conjunct my sun and they are in exact opp to Waldemath.

    I am now approaching 40, and finally my life has came into normal, after a childhood of sexual abuse, bullying, criminality and all the drugs that can possibly be taken. I need the peace and quiet, and I would most of all move into a hut in the deep woods and become a self-sustaining hermit – BUT something odd is very clear to me; during my turbulent years I was extremely psychic and felt a close connection to God, an almost tangible presence. I am not talking about a drug induced state. As my life has stilled, so has my formelry acute psychicness and … I have become an atheist. I find that weird.

    Anyone has any thoughts to share on this?

  7. Jack Says:

    PS: Waldemath, the Dark Moon, is also exactly conjunct my True and Mean Node. As the South Node is conjunct my Sun, Waldemath opposes the Sun as well.

  8. Jack Says:

    Oh sorry, but I have so much to think about with the new info – if it is of any interest; BML is in exact trine to my Pluto conj IC in Libra.

    Thanks, I promise not to spam anymore than this! embarrased

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JACK (10-2013):
    The trine is Gem Sun h11/ Aqu Moon h8/ Ura Lib h4. Uranus is in EXACT opp to my Ari Chi h10 – and Chi is also squared by Mars in Leo h12 and BML in Cap h6…..
    Jack, I have no clue what this is. I do not see a Grand Air Trine for the regular Kite from what you have listed and I do not see the 45 and 135 aspect for the Black Kite.

    I usually spot a Black Kite when I see in the chart a square cutting across an opposition.

    The only thing that I can answer is that, yes, I do not use Lilith. And, there are 3 Liliths – one is the perigee point, one is a rock and one is something else that I cannot remember.
    So, when people mention Lilith, I never know which one they are using.

    NOTE: I just saw that there are 4 Liliths.

    Sorry, but I just cannot answer your question. I cannot even talk about Lilith since I do not use it…Lynn

  10. Heather Says:

    Lynn, I have a kite in my natal chart, a fire trine with an opposition to Pluto in Libra. I will email my birth data (you’ve had it before) if you want a closer look. I would say your notes about Grand Fire Trine with a kite aspect to natal pluto are exact! I completely see myself in it, I am afraid to let anyone help me as I’m afraid they will try to control the situation, I did grow up in an out of control home, I do project my control issues onto others to the point I don’t have relationships (natal pluto in libra) as I’m afraid someone will try to take over my life! Sounds crazy but there is kind of a survival instinct attached to it. My chart is actually a double kite, I have a grand fire trine with pluto in libra and moon in Gemini, so a double opposition to planets in the trine.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    HEATHER (10-2013): You have accurately described your Kite problem and the problem is very clear – your control issues are blocking the “inspirational” and “motivational” energy of the Grand Fire Trine.

    A stellium (Aries here) is always obsessive and obsessive energies need to be projected onto interested and goals – not self and others.

    You need to learn TRUST and let go of trying to control everything. As you say, it just alienates.

    As Dr. Phil always asks, “How is this working for you (control)?”

    Work as a mediator and conflict resolution might work with your chart.

    The Moon in Gemini – which I like – gives a mental restlessness. For me, I get bored with trying to control anything. It takes up too much of my time.

  12. Maya Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I can see the triangle when I go to a site that makes charts. How do you know what element your grand trine is? The triangle points straight up. Is the ascendant always at the top of the chart? If so, and the ascendant is air, would that make the element of the grand trine air?

    I see a kite too. It looks like 2 kites sitting on top of each other. How do I know what the kite(s) is / are opposing? Is the opposition the element of the sign of the tip of the triangle? Or is the opposition the one I can see in the list of aspects / conjunctions?

    Astrology is amazing! I relate to your comment about feeling like a stranger in my home from my earliest recollection. I have 2 planets that are 1 degree and 2 degrees. When I was a kid I was certain I was adopted because I had nothing in common with my mother. When I grew up I found out that I had everything in common with my grandmother, but when I was a kid I thought that either I was an alien or they were. When I saw my birth certificate for the first time my parents names were not on it. My mom put an alias name for herself and my dad on the birth certificate because she was going to give me up for adoption. Instead a family members took me for my first couple of years. I spent a few months with each of my aunts and uncles for the first coupe of years.

    The site I went to let’s you see the chart of the day. It has a big red square with an X in the middle. Is that significant energy?

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MAYA (12-2013):

    First, the Ascendant is never at the top of the chart. It is always at the 9 o’clock position on the left. And, the Ascendant element has nothing to do with the Kite Pattern.

    You do have a Kite. It is formed by the trines between planets in all of the Water element — Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces.

    The Kite is formed by the opposition to the Moon by Pluto in Virgo – fear (of criticism) and control issues blocking the intuitive, psychic and imaginative forces.

    A kite always involves planets in all 3 signs of an element – Fire, Earth, Air or Water. You do not have 2 kites on top of each other.

    I have no idea what the “chart of the day” looked like or the red square X. I do not draw lines between the aspects when I calculate a chart.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MAYA: It was stated in the 2nd paragraph….“You do have a Kite. It is formed by the trines between planets in all of the Water element — Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces.”
    This is a Grand Water Trine.

  15. Anne-Sofie Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    First of all – thank you for a very interesting site and a lot of great info! Personally I find the whole pattern/formation question very intriguing, but I have, however, come across a bit of a conundrum. In my own natal chart there is a Grand Earth Trine (perhaps even two, since one of its ‘legs’ is Neptune/Uranus in close conjunction), there is a Grand Fixed Cross (again, perhaps multiple since two of its ‘legs’ are planets in close conjunction), and finally a Mystic Rectangle. I have, because of the Cross and Trine combo, at least two Triangles of Potential and essentially two kites as well.
    I have always thought it a bit strange, that of all the natal charts I have seen, mine was the only one with all those symmetrical lines.
    I have tried to find some astrological information about the combination of those pattern, the rarity of it, meaning, and so forth, but in vain.
    I was wondering whether or not you could answer some of my questions?

    And finally I was wondering, since I have read above that you do not use Chiron, whether or not you would use the Ascendant or the Midheaven when interpreting kite patterns?

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANNE (1-2014): I am not sure what your questions are except for the last one — Chiron. I do use Chiron but I never use the Ascendant-MC-Nodes to make a pattern.
    Chiron would be too complicated to discuss in an article since it needs to be synthesized into the chart

    You list so many patterns that I am confused. I have no clue what your chart looks like.

    If a chart is confusing, I analyze the aspects. I strongly recommend Betty Lunsted’s book, ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY, for a good interpretation of aspects between the planets.

    For Crosses, I look to see the fastest moving planet and I will consider this an Apex planet, even though there is “supposed” to be no apex in a Cross. I feel that the Personal Planet in a Cross will be the personality issue that drives that Cross.

    If there are 2 personal planets in a Cross, the square or opposition between the 2 personal planets would be the driving force.

    Bil Tierney has a great book on aspect pattern – DYNAMICS OF ASPECT ANALYSIS.

    Still, I would analyze the aspects over the pattern. I use the Apex as the driving force.

  17. stamatis diamantopoulos Says:

    halo, i read your kite article and comments with great interest
    here is my case…

    grand fire trine

    Moon leo 10°42’26” at 2nd house Saturn leo 11°33’21” “” Neptune sag 15° 6’10“R at 6th Mars aries 20°20’19” at 10th Venus aries 19°28’15” “”


    Pluto libra 11°36’50“R at 4th house TrueNod lib. 23°31’56” “”

    any comments, interpretations are most welcome with the intention to use these energies creatively and fruitfully

    thanks a lot


  18. Brady Shackelford Says:

    I was born on April 8, 1972 at 8:34 PM in Alexandria, Virginia. I have an Air Grand Trine with two Kites. Would someone please profile me and explain how my Kites affect my personality? Also, I just learned that I have a Mystic Rectangle, so would someone please explain what that means and how it affects me? Thank you!

    NOTE FROM LYNN: I am having a website crisis and I do not receive notifications for posts. Molly is supposed to add a workable email. I am on my way to Serbia. No one ever gives an analysis for someone who posts requesting one. I am not sure what you consider a Kite. There is a Grand Trine with Gemini, Uranus in Libra and the Moon in Aquarius/opposing Neptune. This GT has great communication, problem-solving and mediation skills but Neptune "talks self out of..." and this can be a problem. Using Transpluto in Leo with Ceres, there is a Grand Fire trine with the Aries Stellium and Neptune in Sagittarius. Fire signs are motivators and people who inspire others to be creative or to accomplish. Mercury opposes Pluto and you would need a mentor to get started....thinking about, brooding and pondering before taking action. How do you feel that the Kites would in your chart? Remember, I am on my way to Serbia and I cannot always check in for your own analysis.
  19. Jerry Says:

    I have got a Great triangle: Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto conjunct Uran in Virgo and Sun in Capricorn. Kite pattern is made by Neptune in Scorpio in opposition to Jupiter.
    Would someone please explain how my Kite pattern affect my personality/work?

  20. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JERRY (7-2014): It is called a Grand Trine but it is a Kite when there is an opposition to one of the planets, as you indicated.
    It is Jupiter-Neptune in Fixed signs that is the culprit.

    Letting others take advantage will cause problems. There is a need to define boundaries for self and others. Delusions and illusions of Neptune can block the accomplishments of Earth.

  21. Deniz Says:


    I have a kite pattern made by these planets which are trine to each other;
    Sun in Aries in 10th House
    Mars in Leo in 2nd House
    Jupiter in Sagittarius in 6th House

    and Moon in Aquarius in 9th House opposing Mars in Leo.

    I’d be glad to have any comments, interpretations and any tips for using this kite’s energy efficiently.

    Thanks so much.

  22. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DENIZ (10-2014): The benefit of the Grand Fire Trine is that it gives enthusiasm to inspire and motivate others. Strong Fire signs people are often more quiet but not introverted.

    I do not know the degrees (very important) but Mars could be conjunct Transpluto (see website for ephemeris) indicating the block is due to a fear of failure or not living up to expectations.

    The Moon-Mars aspect often indicates irritation and anger from mother, who may be envious of you. Read Alice Miller’s DRAMA OF THE GIFTED CHILD. This could sabotage your initiative.

    So, in a general way, there can be a fear of criticism, failure and triggering conflict in others.

  23. Leonard Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank you very much for this great article.
    Can the Ascendant be part of a kite even if no planets are next to it? My chart shows a kite pattern with venus( in 10 th house) Sextile both my Capricorn ascendant and Saturn . And moon, Saturn and ascendant in Grand Trine; also moon opposite Venus. In this case, since there is no energy coming from the ascendant, how would it play out to be ?

  24. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LEONARD (10-2014): You asked a very good question and I had not thought about it, when writing the article.

    First, I never use the ASC to make a T-Square or a Yod but, yes indeed, I have used the ASC to make a Grand Trine — because this works.

    Years ago, with the NASA flight disasters, I noticed that there was a Kite Pattern and I used the Asc in some cases.

    But, there IS energy coming from the ASC itself, forming the Grand Earth Trine.

    It is difficult to me to mentally see your chart. I presume that the Moon is in Taurus and Venus would be in Scorpio. It is not easy for me to analyze this pattern when the problem is not connected to an outer planet.

    The key to the block, albeit a minor one, is the Moon-Venus opposition. This usually indicates that the mother did not like the traditional female role in life. She may have played emotional games to get her needs satisfied.

    It is possible that you do not trust women — it is not like you feel they will abandon you…you need to think about your relationship with your mother. Some of these issues can come out when working with females.

    You might better use the Trine energy working with men.
    It may produce a conflict between the practical energies of the Earth element and the irrationality of the Moon-Venus.

  25. Anna Says:

    Hi Lynn.
    Thank you for sharing your many interesting observations about the kite pattern. Looking at constellations is new to me, however I recently learned that I have a grand trine (fire)in my natal chart. Reading more about it I found that it is actually a kite, or a double/mirrored kite. I then found an image of it where it is called “the envelope”. It looks like this:

    What I am wondering is whether an envelope is an extended kite. I have found very little information online and would like to understand it better.
    Hope that my question makes sense.

    Best regards.

  26. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANNA (10-2014): Thank you for posting this. I have never heard of an envelop (these formations are very European) so I cannot answer your question.

    To me, I feel that it is more important to analyze the aspects in the chart and I strongly recommend Betty Lunstead’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY.

  27. thyra Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I have a grand trine with:

    mercury virgo 18°57’43, 8th house

    saturn capricorn 19°53’36, 1st house

    mars taurus 21°03’34, 4th house

    and they form a kite with pluto scorpio 15°04’52, 10th house opposing mars.

    I would be very grateful for any comments on how to better understand, use this energy, and how it might affect my personality.

    thank you!

  28. Lynn Koiner Says:

    THYRA (8-2015): When there is a pattern – Grand Trine or Cross – when there is not clear Apex planet, I use the most personal planet as the Apex, the most important planet in the pattern.

    Here, Mercury is the Apex to the Trine. Fortunately, there is no opposition to this so it is not so difficult to activate the talent in practical, analytical communication and thinking skills.

    Pluto opposing Mars indicates control issues that can slow down the energy in the GT through always needing precision and control.

    Taurus energy does not like to listen to others. It will take effort but put energy into listening to what others say, especially if it is something that you do not want to hear.

  29. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NEILLE (10-2015): I know that I asked to see your chart as many people say they have patterns or alignments and often they do not. However, since I receive between 2500-4000 nits each day, I have to stick to the questions that pertain to the article.

    The Bad News – you do not have a true Kite. The Good News — you do not have a Kite. For a Kite Pattern, you need a Grand Trine involving planets, not angles. Mars is never opposing the Asc – it is conjunct the Desc!

    With the internet, there is a lot of bad astrology out there and it is really confusing to new astrologers – even some young famous astrologers are doing some REALLY BAD astrology.

    You do have a Grand Water Trine. This means that you need to find work that you FEEL strongly about — you need a visceral passion in your life. Planets in the 8th have healing energy what can use your creativity. There is healing art and art therapy.

    Those planets in the 7th are troublesome, forming a Mutable T-Square. I suggest Betty Lunsted’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY for aspect interpretation. BUT, I would advise to be at least 200 miles from your family, These are people who criticize yet they do not tell the truth. THis only confuses you and this translates into career indecision.

    Neptune R in the 10th is very troublesome with a career choice. It can be used along humanitarian/educational lines.

    Look at Alan Epstein’s book on Inconjuncts but he says -

    The Sun rules the meaning and purpose of your life. With the Inconjunct, you may not feel that you are living out your life’s purpose. You may feel that you need to justify yourself to avoid rejection. When Neptune is strong, you feel that you are not fulfilling your life’s purpose because OBLIGATIONS get dumped on you.

    Sun-Moon: There is a theme of self-acceptance – to over-come a fear of rejection, to not worry about approval and to stand up to social pressure. There is a combination of skepticism and a need to work on emotional sensitivity. There can be period of being emotional reserved and then emotionally overwrought. The lesson is to accept emotions, in self and others. You can attract people who are emotionally controlled and they do not accept your sensitive feelings. This discourages emotional sharing. There may be a need to justify feelings before acting. This is an aspect that signifies a struggle against social conditioning. In this struggle, your discover your meaning, purpose and direction in life. Your emotions do have a great impact upon your health!

    TALENT: There is an interest and concern for others that benefits through fields of health, healing, psychology and public relations. Excellent for teaching and writing as well.

  30. Sara Says:

    I found this article interesting, although I’m not sure of the date of its publication. But I think, with all due respect, that you’ve failed to look at the opposite side of the page regarding the grand trine and kite formation.

    The Air Grand Trine in my natal chart has Pluto in Leo /12th House opposing my Venus/Sun/Mercury in Aquarius/6th house, which forms the Air Grand Trine with Neptune in Libra/2nd and Uranus in Gemini/10th forming the head of the Kite. And because Pluto is such a sneaky Pete, all it has ever meant to me is the way it was laid out to me – that whatever I was going to do would be brought to light later – which is what is happening now. Access my creative streak? I have three books published, working on more, and an online gallery of bug/bird/botany photography. I just waited for the right time.

    In regard to being stubborn about ‘do it myself’, well, my lifetime of experience has been that if I asked for help from anyone, I was expected to repay it in a revolting way – with sex, as if I were some sort of desperate prostitute. If I said ‘no’, I didn’t get the help I needed.

    I guess I just looked like easy prey, but this is from a lifetime of being bullied and picked on with no prompting from me. I know that am not the only person who has had to put up with this kind of thing. I found that it did not pay to be nice. It was better to become a bitch. I’ve seen both sides of that coin, too. Some people are nice and others just have to find your weak spot and abuse it.

    Now I’ve been subjected to online stalking by someone who has a very dark, evil side to him. I’ve ignored him for months. He obsessively tracked me down and stalked me by phone, then by mail and I still ignored him (but filed it with local police) and now he’s suing me – for ignoring him.

    And, yes, I did ask for help paying attorney’s fees up front from someone I thought I could trust, but his response to my saying I will repay him was that he’d take it out in trade.

    Well, I have nothing to ‘trade’, so he meant sex, which is not going to happen. I deeply resent being treated like this.

    I also resent the idea that you see only one aspect of this particular formation. I don’t think you really dug into it enough. Not everyone who has this formation in a natal chart brings this stuff on herself.

  31. bluemoon Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I have a kite configuration in my chart. This involves a grand trine (in water) between moon/pluto, mercury and mars. The top of the triangle points to neptune/uranus in aquarius (1rst house), sextiling pluto/moon(10th house) and mercury (2nd house). The opposition points to mars in cancer in 7th house. How would this configure in my life? thank you.

  32. bluemoon Says:

    Ok so my grand trine consists of:
    Mercury Pisces in 2nd;
    Pluto/Moon Scorpio in 10th;
    Mars Cancer in 7th.

    Mercury and Pluto/Moon form sextiles to Uranus/Neptune (in the 1rst). Uranus/Neptune in 1st would be the top point of my kite, thus opposing Mars in 7th. I hope this made it more clear, sorry!

  33. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BLUEMOON (3-2016): Grand Water Trines always need to pursue something wherein there is a visceral connection, a great passion that you feel strongly about doing.

    The opposition is the block — Mars in Cancer opposing Uranus-Pluto. These are relationship conflicts. My old astrology teacher always said that Mars represents the Battleground of your Life! In the 7th, it is relationships.

    Mars-Neptune can attract people who sabotage your efforts – just as a parent did. Working independently is essential, not with partnerships. Since the opposing planets are in the 1st House, there are qualities within your self that cause the opposition – so working alone is essential.

    I suggest reading Betty Lunsted’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY for interpretations at a psychological level.

  34. Lore Says:

    Born March 5, 1956 Quanah,Tx 7:30 pm Do i have a kite configuration? Also do I have any other configuration?

  35. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LORE (3-2016): OUT OF SIGN PATTERNS – I can see why you cannot determine the patterns in your chart since they all seem to be Out Of Sign. This happens when planets are in very early and very late degrees – and you have a lot. I have a Manual on Beginning and Ending Planets but it is not free.

    First, your Mars is Out of Bounds but it may be more difficult for you to regulate because Saturn is a Beginning Planet. This means that you have to teach yourself how to use that planet.

    There is an OOS T-Square with Neptune opposing Venus/square Uranus. When planets transit this pattern, it marks a great ending and beginning cycle – beginning with a bit of confusion, like God has put a brown paper bag over your head.

    There is an OOS Kite with Pluto trine Venus and then trine OOS Moon in Capricorn. Venus opposes Neptune and this is the blocking energy. I suggest reading Betty Lunsted’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY for interpretations at a psychological level.

    If using planets of transformation, there is an OOS T-Square with Transpluto opposing Chiron/squared by Neptune. There is an article on Transpluto on my website. The BRIEF article is the best – it moves from criticism/perfectionism to wholeness and integration. This does not involve your personal planets so it is not integrated at the personal level.

  36. Stacy Welch Says:

    I wanted to share an interest observation since I “coincidentally” happened upon your website. On July 27, 1996 I was at the Centennial Park moments before the bombing occurred. We were there to watch China play USA in basketball. I remember the night events so vividly.

    We walked through the precise area of the bomb just after 1 am as we walked to our parked vehicle off Luckie Street. I recall the eerie feeling of the night air literally as if time had stopped. I even commented to my fiance about the still energy. We left. We stopped for a bite to eat at Waffle House. Then, we ended the night at a friend’s house. The next morning I woke to the TV displaying the scenes from the night at the park and quickly called my parents to tell them we were okay even at 24 years old. We didn’t know.

    I have a grand Earth trine with two overlapping kites. Even more interesting are the Stellium & Yod patterns. I’ve been using the information you posted about the houses to understand my life purpose.

    See I am 43 and I turn 44 on June 22. I was born in Long Beach, CA at 10:14 am in 1972 as Roe vs Wade was in full swing and a similar pattern of eclipses occurred just as in this year 2016. I am very sensitive and intuitive. I know my life is changing and I am sitting still to see what I am led to do. The easiest part was letting go a 200K annual contract while the hardest is my family believes I’ve gone nuts.

    I endure even more verbal, emotional, and physical abuse as a result. It’s my way to learn and practice Grace instead of spit spiteful words and/or hit back. We’ve evolved into such a cruel world shifting blame to the one standing across from thee.

    I’m also waiting on my husband to “get” it too. I believe we must join our efforts together creating an equal conscious partnership serving humanity together. He has more anaretic 29 degrees than me. I’m in waiting mode until he makes a decision. I cannot make it for him.

    He’s my polar opposite rising to Cancer born January 12, 1977 at 5:32 pm in Yuba City, CA. Isn’t it curious we met in Georgia and married on Fire Island, NY on April 22, 2012 (Earth Day) before the void of course. The island was destroyed the next year in a hurricane. Even the island was meant to transform through its own death and rebirth cycle.

    I keep actively writing learning to disclose information freely knowing that one day someone will take heed and gravitate toward me. Check out my twitter ms.dubbieu. I’m using the account to demonstrate to other alternative ways to #SolvingChallenges we leverage to tear each other down.

    That’s what I “know” I am to do in the meantime although waiting has been quite tormenting. See I’m watery with a distinct Leo rising having no planets in the 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 12 houses. Chiron happens to be Aries in 8th house. I relate it to Roe vs Wade.

    Life matters! All living things matter! Standing authentically in the essence of who we truly are matters! Our personal individuality matters while consciously obligated to include and/or consider impacts to others in our daily decisions and what we do here on Mother Earth.

    We come into existence the same: through the equal conscious partnership of a father and a mother. We are all equal as whole systems made up of varying combinations of elemental parts that make us who we are: unique individuals!

    This life focus for me is then on 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11. I am here to serve humanity and creatively inspire improving our systems and the foundation of our structures with the skills I’ve acquired and my Scorpio moon knowing.

    I humbly wonder curiously if I just so happened to have influenced humanity that night energetically. Synchronicity? Was it my Earth grand trine transited by the Fire grand trine as I walked through the Atlanta Centennial Park that lessened its impact and fury on our worn nation? I wonder?

    You know, the Pluto/AS Line runs right by Atlanta. I live on the west side midway to the Venus/MC Line (my Venus is in Gemini in the 10th house. Imagine that!).

    I appreciate the information you share on your website. It has enlightened me. I hope what I share reciprocates. I am share requesting nothing in return. Thanks for taking the time to read it.


    Here’s my stats so you see what I see to understand:

    Grand Trine – Earth
    N Node 26° CAP 15’ R 05th House SAG
    MC 23° TAU 40’ 10th House TAU
    Pluto 29° VIR 22’ 02nd House VIR
    Note: Pluto Anaretic Degree

    Kite to Grand Trine
    Mars 26° CAN 14’ 11th House GEM
    S Node 26° CAN 15’ R 11th House GEM
    Mercury 20° CAN 22’ 11th House GEM

    Stellium 11th House GEM
    Mars 26° CAN 14’
    S Node 26° CAN 15’ R
    Mercury 20° CAN 22’
    Sun 01° CAN 21’ FYI

    Saturn 12° GEM 50’ 10th House TAU
    Fortune 12° CAP 15’ 05th House SAG
    Lilith 13° SCO 23’ 03rd House LIB
    Moon 16° SCO 05’ 03rd House LIB
    Lilith/Moon I feel this is relevant

  37. Rosie Says:

    This is interesting to me as I also have a kite formation and had never heard this theory that the kite frustrates the gift of the trine. I had always heard that the planet that creates the kite is the outlet for the trine and that a trine alone makes everything come too easily and the person never has the motivation to actually ‘work’ to use the energy. I’d love to hear what you think of mine: grand air trine -Sun in Aquarius (12th house), Mars in Gemini (4th house), Pluto in Libra (8th house) with Neptune in Sagittarius (10th house) opposing Mars/sextile Sun and Pluto. I’ve been trying to get a clear understanding of this FOREVER.

  38. Rosie Says:

    Also just read this in one of your previous replies: ‘Mars-Neptune can attract people who sabotage your efforts – just as a parent did. Working independently is essential, not with partnerships.’ This has been sadly true for me and comforting to read. (I do now work for myself, too, and am quite stubborn about not giving it up even when it’s hard.)

  39. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ROSIE (4-2016): You just gave yourself the answer in your second post – Air is about communications but sabotaging can talk you about of being successful.

  40. Hlkasting Says:

    So, I have a grand trine, but it is slightly different:
    Sun Aquarius 0’50” conjunct north node 5’ 31” Aquarius (9th)
    Pluto 1’58” Libra (5th)
    Saturn 29’39” Taurus (on ascendant) 1’41” Gemini
    My kite is made by Neptune on the descendant at 4’41” Sagittarius (7th)
    Any input on how I am supposed to access the power of my grand trine would be appreciated. I know that I need to create more boundaries and let go of my fear of responsibility. Both are things that I have actively been trying to work on. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

  41. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Hlkasting (5-2016): Well, you have done a pretty good job of identifying your problem areas with Neptune. That is the problem – denial and avoidance.

    But, even I do not like responsibilities so, having an Air Kite as well, I live out of my head writing, teaching, traveling and communication.

    Saturn in late degrees never trusts authority. Something happened to a parent about 2 years before you were born that set this mental pattern. The solution is not to work under the thumb of authority – self employed or an independent worker. I have even seen teachers with this as they autonomy in the classroom.

  42. Hlkasting Says:

    Thank you for your response!
    Interesting about Saturn. My mom and dad both had a lot of parental issues that led to issues with authority. They respected it, but never trusted it and they ingrained that into me. And my dad ran his own business, because he did not want to work under a boss.
    I love stories, I love to live in someone else’s head. I write a lot, but I struggle with getting the stories out of my head and organized on paper. This might be because my Mercury is in Capricorn in the 8th house? From what I have read, planets in Capricorn may take until later in life to fully develop. It squares my moon/ Mars cunjunct in Aries which straddles the cusp of my 12th house and squares my Pluto in Libra 5th (which opposes that same mar/moon conjunction and trines my mid heaven in 10th Aquarius) My Mercury is also part of a T-square with Mars and Uranus. I know that the squares are supposed to be difficult, but I am hoping that they will, in the end, have a positive effect on my writing.

  43. Hlkasting Says:

    I just ended up reading your article on Aries, which seemed to relate a bit to what I just posted. I have moon and Mars 7 degrees apart. Moon at 9 degrees and Mars at 16 degrees (11th house) They are opposite Mercury at 14 degree Capricorn (8th house) ( OCD territory?) And make a t-square with Uranus at 18 degree Libra (6th house). I’m not sure what the Ray energies are, but I always feel my engines reving and feel as though I am stuck in mud. I could never understand why one crisis after another seemed to be inhibiting me from going where I wanted or get what I wanted. I kept thinking it was all because of my Neptune placement, but maybe it’s my planets in Aries. Maybe it is something I create for myself. I am amazed at how much understanding one can get from their chart. Now, if I could only figure out what to do with that information moving forward.

  44. Maca Says:

    Hi! I think i have a Grand Water Trine and a kite, but some websites draw my chart differently. My birth data is 8/25/94, 22h07 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. If I do have a kite, then the opposition is formed by Saturn Pisces 11th – Sun Virgo 5th. What could this mean?

  45. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MACA (8-2016): I use all students to eventually learn to calculate aspects and not rely upon these free software site as there can be errors.

    There is a Grand Water Trine with Mars in Cancer – Jupiter in Scorpio – Saturn in Pisces. There is an opposition with Saturn and the Sun.

    Water bestows imagination, intuition, trust in the future so one can go with the flow. The Sun-Saturn denotes fear issues with Dad that began around the age of 7 years. Yet, Saturn is R so it may be his absence that is the issue (not being there for you). The bottom line is that there are fears that block creativity and you need to overcome this. Being around creative people may help you

    With Saturn R in the 10th, the individual wants to do something creative with the life but often does not succeed so they choose a more technical career and blends the creativity. Years ago, a client studied at Yale to become an actress but she did not succeed. Later, she because a speech therapist and she said that this career used her acting skills and she loved it.

    There is a Grand Earth Trine in the chart, using the Ascendant. and the Neptune-Uranus conjunction is the Apex of a Cardinal T-Square — if you are drawn to crises, make sure you get paid for it or these can be very draining and depressing. Conflict mediation would be helpful.

  46. Keri Says:

    I have a kite, but one element out of place.
    Jupiter at 0. Leo(not quite in cancer) 10th house
    Uranus at 21 Scorpio 2nd house
    Merc at 24 Pisces and moon at 28 Pisces (6th)
    Opposition is Venus at 25 Capricorn in 4th

    I feel the forward expansive pull of Jupiter, but the expansiveness can trigger fear of leaving the familiar/home and I then pull back/hide/retreat into the watery ocean of emotions that felt like home. (6th house has Pisces stellium including sun at 5 and Mars at 0. Mars is actually in 5th house)

    I feel I must focus on jupiters expansion in a creative pursuit that empowers others. In a unique/innovative way. Communicating emotions to heal past wounds seems an important part of the work I do to heal myself and empower others to go the same.

    If so stay small I get sick. My physical body hurts and so can feel all the somatic pain locked down when I don’t expand and empower myself. The safety of home can only be a recharge, or I start to feel trapped in home and my body.

    any other insights on working with this kite would be fantastic!

  47. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KERI (9-2016): Yes, you do indeed have an out of sign Grand Trine with a Kite opposition. First, Jupiter is the most creative planet but it is in 0 degrees. Planets in early degrees are qualities that you need to teach yourself – you will not learn this from the family. Jupiter is creativity but also our sense of moderation and proportion.

    Venus opposing Jupiter denotes one who does things at the beginning of a relationship that you do not really relate to doing. I have Venus in Cancer and I used to cook for people whom I had just met. But, I hate to cook, except for awards in baking contests or at Christmas. Then, when this is expected from others, I feel taken for granted and I stop doing it…well, actually, I not longer cook. I learned that lesson.

    So, you may do things for others at the beginning and this is a waste of your creative skills. Always be yourself in relationships or you will end up attracting a lot of phoney, role-playing people.

  48. Gabrielle Says:

    Thank you for this article, Lynn. I finally turned to Astrology after not being content with the answers I was getting from most psychics. There was one who told me, but I didn’t know what the healing was about or that it even applied to me because I was calling about a relationship. Now I know and now I can get the healing. I have since realized how everything is connected, only more exact with astrology. I have the kite shape and it is interesting how this pattern of the opposition was also activated or charged in my youth with a dysfunctional house. I have sought healing and finally realize what i need to heal from reading your article, or almost found it. I have a moon-neptune opposition.

  49. dawn Says:

    hi. i have to say i am grateful to have read this findings. it has enlightened me but it also made me down since i discovered i have a black kite.

    moon in 7 degrees leo in MC, saturn in 6 degrees aries in 6th house, pluto in 0.20 degrees sagittarius first house. moon opposes uranus in 1.52 aquarius IC. my jupiter in 6 degrees capricorn (3rd house) squares venus in 5 degrees cancer and mars in 12 degrees cancer (9th house).

    any advice?

  50. Hannah Curtis Says:

    Hi so i have a grand water trine including my Cancer ASC, Scorpio Pluto 5th, and Pisces 9th. My opposition is between my Cancer ASC and Neptune Capricorn-(conjunct descendant). That opposition also forms a T-Square with my Aries Moon 10th.(Neptune sextile both Saturn and Pluto).

    i’ve yet to figure out who i am, but when i’m in love with someone i learn a little bit more about that person. (myself).

    I also have major oppositions in my trine that don’t form a kite such as my Scorpio Pluto 5th opposite Gemini Sun 11th-which forms a T-Square with my Leo Mars 2nd, also Pisces Saturn 9th opposite my Virgo Chiron 3rd).

    i’ve also discovered: Vesta conjunct ASC (almost exact). Sun conjunct True Lilith, and Mercury conjunct Mean Lilith.

    My Scorpio True Node (4th) is also opposite my Taurus Venus (10th). The only other aspects to my Venus are from asteroids: Trine my Virgo Chiron (3rd) and Sextile my Cancer Pallas (12th).

    My Birth Info: May 25th, 1995 at 9:47 Greenville, SC

  51. Oghmanann Says:

    I have a grand trine in Fire: Moon, 1st house, 24 Aries; Uranus, 6th house, 24 Leo; Jupiter, Conjunct MC, 26 Sag. To this, I have Chiron, 12th house, 25 Aquarius. How does this translate?

    Am I blocking physical healing? With the 6th and 12th involved could it pertain more to work than health? Any insights would be welcome. Thank you.

  52. L Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the enlightening article.

    Although I could divulge some disquieting (to say the least) things about my more recent and present circumstances (which, I think, the pattern above would do much to give insight), I shall restrain from my own analyses/interpretations. If you care to comment/inquire Lynn on the acute astrological dynamic presented, without context of my entire chart, it would be most appreciated. In advance, much thanks.

  53. Jose Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I find your article really mind opening for me, because I think I can understand how I myself have been the biggest factor of all my predicaments.

    I have an Earth Grand Trine in Tau Moon 12th, Cap Neptune(Rx)/Uranus(Rx) 8th, and Vir Mercury/Venus(Rx)/Mars.
    It forms a kite with Sco Pluto 6th opposite the Moon.
    Mother figure have been really difficult in my life which I feel always trying to control my every decision (fact is, she also have Scorpio Sun).

    I quit my late job as a design engineer because I feel the company always try to dictate me how I do my design work. My nascent business relationship with my friend also had a falling out because I fear he’ll wrest creative control from me. Thing is, I’ve been aspiring to exit engineering field and try to delve in artistic vocations, and I think it’s natural to have total control lest everything I create will not project my own vision.

    I know my chart maybe imply I have more talent in practical things, but people always say I have artistic talents, and my Leo Sun and Jupiter (both square Pluto and Moon) really want to shine :) But right now my control issues really bring my vocational activities to a halt. Now I really want to resolve this internal issue, how do you think I should deal with my fear based from my chart?

  54. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JOSE (11-2017): Yes, Moon-Pluto denote control issues. Mom was very lonely as child and she pushed this concept upon you — we are different, we are loners, people will abandon us if we do not have control — all lies but it was reality for your mom.
    You need to make a break with this ancestral pattern but you need to do this your self. I cannot tell you what todo.

  55. Jenks Says:

    I’m very new to astrology and am looking at a kite in my chart – can you help me decipher or point me in the direction of where I can reference?
    I don’t understand how to determine #1 – what the sign of the grand trine is. and then where to go from there. The summary of the kite is
    Mars Trine Pluto
    Saturn Trine Pluto
    Venus sextile Saturn
    Venus sextile Mars
    In Opposition: Venus opposition pluto with pluto in the 12th house

  56. Lynn Koiner Says:

    If you are asking about the element, you have to look at the element of the signs in the Trine.

    The most important factor is the Venus-Pluto opposition. This will indicate the psychological factors that create problems in manifesting the Trine energy.

    I would advise reading Betty Lunsted’s book, ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY for the interpretation of aspects.

    I do not know what you chart looks like but Venus-Pluto usually stems from the complicated relationship with the mother – manipulative and controlling issues. She may have felt that she knew what was best for you.

    I have Pluto in the 12th House and I like it there but I could not be more powerful than my mother when growing up. What I did develop from this but not about controlling others but not allowing others to control me. AND, I learned psychological insights into the behavior of others which helps in astrological counseling.

  57. Robyn Morrison Says:

    I just discovered that my father, my daughter, and I all have Grand Kite’s in our natal charts… three generations with a pattern that I have read is rather rare. My father’s includes: Sun/Conjunct Venus in Libra, Moon in Gemini, Jupiter in Libra, with Neptune in Leo creating the opposition to the Sun/Venus in Libra. My daughter’s involves her Moon in Aries, Neptune in Sagittarius, and Saturn in Leo — with the opposition being a Pluto/Sun conjunction in Libra. My Grand Kite includes: Sun/Pluto/Mercury conjunct in Leo; Moon in Aries; Mars in Sagittarius — with the opposition being Neptune in Libra.
    Does this represent some kind of family karma that we are working out? It is challenging enough to interpret one Grand Kite, let alone the evolutionary intentions of our three generations.
    Any ideas or resources to help the three of us.

  58. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ROBYN (1-2018): You are absolutely correct to interpret this repeating pattern as a karmic pattern — and an ancestral pattern.

    Remember, it is the opposition that stalls the Grand Trine and I also urge you to read Betty Lunsted’s book, ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY for the interpretation of aspects.

    However, as I look at what you have written, Jupiter must be in Aquarius and not Libra for this to be a Grand Air Kite.

    What is interesting is that Neptune is involved in all of our patterns. Generally, Neptune can talk one’s self out of doing, dream rather than doing or tune out as some critical point.

    Your Daughter has the Pluto Control Issues and the need to be in control can block opportunities.

    Fire signs are good at motivating and inspiring others. Air signs are also good for communications.

  59. John Says:


    Thanks for the article. I see that the comments section is still active after all these years :)

    I recently found out that I have a combination of a kite and stellium in my natal chart. Could someone try to help me find it’s meaning? Placements are as follows:

    Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto (stellium) in Libra opposed by Moon in Aries
    Sun/Jupiter/Pluto sextiles with Neptune in Sagittarius
    Jupiter/Pluto sextiles with Mars in Leo
    Neptune trine Moon in Aries
    Mars trine Moon in Aries

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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