Thoughts on the Galactic Center

Thoughts on the Galactic Center

At the recent NCGR conference, Linea Van Horn said that the Galactic Center occupied a rather large space in the heavens so it is not isolated to 26 degrees Sagittarius.

In 1990, when I first traveled to visit astrologers in Eastern Europe, the founder of the Czech astrological Society, Pavel Turnovsky, showed me a historical timeline whereby the Jewish Nation was always affected by the Galactic Center changing degrees. It entered 26 degrees in the late 1930s when Hitler rose to power. It will enter 27 degrees in the Summer 2011.

I have made some observations of planets conjunct the Galactic Center. I only used the exact degree. I found that it was a highly sensitizing area.
I studied Theosophy in the 1980s and I was able to apply theosophical concepts to the Galactic Center conjunct a natal planet. NEW: In recent years, I realize that the GC is much larger than 1 degree so I allow 2 degree orbs.

For those of you who know Theosophy, I will say that it incorporates Ray IV energies to the planet. Ray IV is the sensitive and intuitive ray energy – it is sensitive to sound, color and vibration. It is not exactly sensitive like Neptune because the Galactic Center has an Uranus “feel” to it. When you experience a “hard” Uranus transit, it over-stimulates the nadis and the nervous system so that you feel like your fingers are stuck in an electrical outlet.

Some astrologers have felt that this was a Spiritual placement but I feel that one needs to connect with some type of spiritual discipline to assist in regulating the energies of the Galactic Center.

Purely scientific research has been conducted (see my Septile article on this website) with the Remote Viewers who worked for the government. It showed that, within a 2-hour window, when the earth was blocking the Galactic Center, psychic ability dramatically increased. The only possible reason for this was concluded that the “intense noise” coming from the Galactic Center was being blocked. You will know when this occurs as Orion’s Belt will be directly overhead. An inexpensive starfinder will show this more clearly.

This “noise,” I feel, is what sensitizes the individual.

RAB: The center of the galaxy (GC) aligns with 27Sgr and is quite near the ecliptic, so when 27Gem passes the MC the GC is opposite, on the other side of the Earth which is then providing maximum blockage.

Visually, when there’s a clear night sky, the point opposite the GC is located in the tri-boundary zone where constellations Taurus, Auriga, and Gemini converge, several degree north of the ecliptic.

The time of maximum blockage occurs when this region culminates — that is, when it passes your local meridian. Orion is the brightest constellation in this general area, located just below the anti-GC point, so it’s a good marker.

Most psychic experiences are linked with geomagnetism. The GC is the strongest source of cosmic radiation, so when it’s blocked, we can attune to subtle terrestrial influences with less interference.

The influence of the GC via planetary conjunctions may be more cosmic or celestial than terrestrial. In a very real way the GC is the center of the sky, the Heart of Heaven and the Sun behind the Sun.

DAVID: The Galactic Center is simply the hub of the Milky Way galaxy, around which our Sun revolves, at 26Sag53 currently.

I posted the following previously but this is interesting for research:

Transiting Pluto conjunct Galactic Center:
Using Alphee Lavoie’s Super Search and Star Trax Millennium by AIR Software, I’ve constructed the following table below of the days with an exact conjunction going back to just before the GC entered Sag. I hope this will help with your investigation.

Peter Standaart
Date Pluto at the Galactic Center:
01/12/-221 => 25Sc58’49”
04/23/-221 => 25Sc59’30“r
11/10/-221 => 25Sc59’17”
1/19/26 => 29Sc23’34”
4/18/26 => 29Sc24’12“r
11/15/26 => 29Sc23’59”
11/28/273 => 2Sag49’26”
07/04/274 => 2Sag50’37“r
09/22/274 => 2Sag50’23”
12/17/520 => 6Sag15’29”
06/06/521 => 6Sag16’32“r
10/18/521 => 6Sag16’14”
01/16/768 => 9Sag41’15”
05/02/768 => 9Sag41’58“r
11/14/768 => 9Sag41’42”
12/15/1015 => 13Sag07’33”
06/17/1016 => 13Sag08’38“r
10/14/1016 => 13Sag08’21”
01/25/1263 => 16Sag34’26”
04/28/1263 => 16Sag35’06“r
11/22/1263 => 16Sag34’59”
01/03/1511 => 20Sag01’39”
05/29/1511 => 20Sag02’34“r
11/05/1511 => 20Sag02’13”
01/01/1759 => 23Sag28’38”
07/02/1759 => 23Sag29’41“r
11/01/1759 => 23Sag29’21”
12/29/2006 => 26Sag56’41”
7/16/2007 => 26Sag57’50“r
10/27/2007 => 26Sag57’32”

Paul Hewit gives this insight: The GC is so active that astrologers could think of it in planetary terms, since that is what astrologers seem most comfortable with. I look at the GC by house position in every chart, and the Sagittarian theme works well. Solar arcs and transits to this spot in every chart bring up travel, educational, spiritual and philosophical themes in client discussions. One of the most devastating times for a client has been Solar Arc Pluto square the natal GC. A profound crises of faith and belief occurs almost every time.

  1. Sydney Coale Light Says:


    Psychic ability increased when the Galactic Core and Earth were in a direct line, BECAUSE the Galactic Core was positioned such that the rays were going through earth, not because “noise” was being blocked. The intense electromagnetic energy was going through the mineral, crystal, water elements and magnifying these powerful signals. The entire reason 2012 is an issue is that these energies will not be blocked by anything and will hit us with full, unblocked force at time.
    This is a important distinction. The ancient “Yugas” (Vedic cycles of history) change whenever these energies flow unobstructed (every 26,000 years or thereabouts)….many changes will occur, and nobody really knows what they will entail.

    Best Wishes~

    Sydney Coale Light

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SYDNEY: Thank you so much for this excellent comment. I did not explain that this research was conducted in the 1990s so the research was not influenced by the current alignment. This is from the Spottiswoode research conducted by scientists, not astrologers, which makes this very interesting.
    The increased Psi always occurred during a 2-hour period only. The 2-hour period shifted over time (with the shift of the positions of the stars in the sky) and it changed based upon location. Many reasons were examined and the only conclusion was that, in those specific locations, the “noise” from the GC was being blocked.
    I have discussed this “noise” with astronomers with no knowledge of astrology and they concur that there is a tremendous amount of noise and static coming from black holes.
    Pertaining to the GC alignment of which you were talking, a California astrologer showed that this GC area is very wide and that it will last a long time, much longer than astrologer predict with specific dates.
    This is all very interesting and hindsight will probably give us a better view of events.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    VIRGINIA: I do not use the GC in my personal research. This point in the sky is a lot wider than the given degree (1950 = 26 Sag 10/2000 = 26 Sag 52). Linea Van Horn lectures on this approach.
    I have found that planets other than the Sun at 26 Sagittarius may have more sensitivity to vibration but I am not sure this is really the GC. Most people who consult me are receptive to thesse energies anyway.
    For me, I would want the alignment to be exact in longitude and latitude, an occultation in astrological and astronomical terms.
    This would be a planet “around 26 degrees” longitutde and 29N42 latitude….but since the Moon is the only orbiting object that most frequently gets close to this degree, this combination is difficult to find. I believe that 28 N is as high up in the sky that any planet reaches (called Out of Bounds). So, I can only use 28N as the occultation point.
    This is how I would research the GC…but I have not done this. I will keep an eye out in the future.
    So, if there is a planet at 26 degrees (does not have to be exact), look at the latitude to see if there is really a true alignment.
    The point 26 degrees is a long line running from North to South — a planet could be very low in the sky and another very high in the sky… and they would still be conjunct…but they would not be near each other.
    For something like the Galactic Center, I would want a true alignment…but this is just my approach.

  4. jen Says:

    interesting page here – just want to say, i have jupiter conjunct the GC squared to venus, opposite uranus – this life has been a very mystical experience, with many otherworldly things happening. profoundly affecting my journey –
    I have total trust in the universe to safely unravel its mysteries, knowing God knows, and God cares –
    Wishing you all a safe journey thru the Apex – jen

  5. Michail Says:

    I wanted to say: or 42’ every 50 years

    Excuse me for that.

  6. katesisco Says:

    I think that this must be similar to energy passing through on the path of least resistance, exactly what it does here on E. Alignments must set up the path of least resistance but there has to be a charge to move through, and perhaps some other requirement that needs to be met; similar to our brain neurons passing a signal.
    And even wierder, it might be similar to our brains in yet another way. 80% of the glucose the brain uses goes to rebuild a neuron that is in complete disarray after a signal passing. What if the the sending nova (other) has to use most of its energy to transmit this energy and the disarray is the nova?

  7. Drew Says:

    My Midheaven is at 26 Sagittarius, which is the galactic center. (I was born 4/4/86 at 4:53am in NY, USA.)

    I was wondering what the possible implications would be?

    Is this considered a malefic influence?”


    I WAS BORN 4/4/86 AT 4:55AM IN New York, NY AS WELL!!

    I came here from Google to find out what the galactic center could mean if it’s conjunct my MC (just like you)

    Would be awesome if we could chat and exchange what we have learned about our respective charts etc…

  8. Geraldine Says:

    Hi everyone, this is a fascinating topic. I think there are several clues to understanding the GC. A lot of astrologers would advance their understanding of celestial bodies and features by actually looking at them instead of stressing over degrees. Astrology has become highly maths prone since we all got computers and most of what is consensual astrophysics is theoretical not direct observation. This is radical, but I believe with the incoming Ray 7, the electric universe model is the one we should be studying. In Bailey/DK’s work, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and Esoteric Astrology the essentially electric nature of the universe and its bodies is explained. This is all consistent with the new scientific electric universe model. So what of the galactic centre? Or any galactic centre? We are told there is a black hole at the GC, with light mysteriously escaping from it. But a black hole has never been actually seen. The concept of black holes is a calculation, not an actual observation. What actually is seen is an intensely energised field of plasma. This is created by massively intense cosmic electric currents called Birkeland currents which pinch together to create this field and a resultant galaxy. The spiral galaxy is the accretion around the field. The amazing thing is that this electric and plasma phenomena can be scaled and produced in a lab. So above so below. The stars at the GC can increase in brilliance in a very short space of time. The star SGR 1806-20 did this in 2004 sending out an intense wave of synchron radiation which, by the time it travelled outwards and interacted with Earth caused the Boxing Day tsunami. It is the most highly magnetised object ever observed. Other stars have increased rapidly in brilliance relatively recently. Donald Scott of the Thunderbolts project is an expert on the electric nature of stars and I think all astrologers should look at his very easy to comprehend work plus that of his colleagues at Thunderbolts. Their understanding of Venus as a comet and the mythology spawned from it is outstanding. I think our whole solar system and probably a few others are getting an upgrade from the GC now. I have found symbols pertaining to the galactic centre in very old Tarot cards. There is a möbius of intensely charged plasma at the GC photographed by the Herschel telescope and this same figure of 8 in horizontal form also appears in many tarot cards, from the Marseilles deck to the Rider Waite. Physicist Paul La Violette discovered the link between the history of our evolution and the GC told through the zodiac. His book Earth under fire explains this story although he had not when he wrote it, grasped the electric model and still refers to gravity waves. As I said earlier, Bailey’s work Treatise on Cosmic fire describes the electric nature of the universe, it’s systems and man perfectly. The new scientific work on this is tremendous. I have a feeling that if you have planets or specific points within a few degrees of the GC, as Lyn eruditely says, they will be sensitised and by the rays emanating from the GC. I think this is an evolutionary kick start. The actual rays coming from the GC are gamma or synchron radiation. Depending on the intensity the effects of gamma ray on DNA can destroy it or mutate it. There are a multitude of clues to this being presented in the crop circle phenomena by … Lets say friendly visitors! Putting all the pieces together, given that DNA is also conductive material and will absorb light we may be experiencing actual physical phenomena. As blood is a magnet, being full of iron, we can expect to be highly sensitive to increased magnetic fields and I would say increased gamma radiation from our increasingly sensitised sun. Has anyone noticed how bright the sun is compared to say 30 years ago? Sunlight used to be more golden but it is now bright white. I hope it’s ok to mention it here but Thunderbolts project are doing incredible work with a new model of the universe which actually makes simple sense! When science confirms Alice Bailey’s work its definitely time to take notice! I have my natal true node conjunct the GC so I suppose its fitting that I am so drawn to research it!

  9. Agnes Says:

    I WAS BORN 4/4/86 AT 4:55AM IN New York, NY AS WELL!!’‘

    Hi Drew, i also have the MC at 26 Sagittarius. It would be great to share what might be in common. My email address is (I sent Drew this as an email privately so I am deleting the email address but I do have it on file)

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DREW (3-2013): If you read my article on the GC, you can see that this is never malefic. It can set a standard for the globalization of your spirituality but it is up to the individual to aspire to this — not all can.
    Both Drew and Agnes might look at the Soul Purpose Triangle articles on this website to get some idea of this direction.
    Both of you have a Grand Fire Trine (using Transpluto at 19 Leo) which is highly motivational, inspiring others.

  11. Leena Wåle Says:

    This is an extremely interesting stream of conversation to me, because I have my Sun at 27’42 in Sagittarius square Mars conjunct Jupiter almost at the same degree in Pisces in opposition to Neptune at 25’30 i Virgo. Born on Dec. 20 1939 at 3:29 PM in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    In my youth, this super sensitivity caused a lot of confusion but, after my mid forties, this calmed down to some extent and I could begin to bring it to good use. At 48 (in 1988), I started working as a professional astrologer, in 1996, I finished a course in clairvoyance -- and all ended up by learning Reiki Healing in 2001. This way I found my calling -- to help and heal my fellowmen/-women who are as confused as I was as a young person. Has this relevance to the GC as I see it, do you think?

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LEENA (3-2013): This is exactly how the GC works when conjunct a personal planet.

    With the other planets, this affects a Soul Group or a generation of people.

    You should look at your Soul’s Purpose Triangle for the healing ability – Gemini ASC – Venus in Capricorn in 8th: this is the World Teacher, sharing knowledge, and healing.

    Saturn is the 3rd part of the triangle and this is struggle, struggling with a collective of people in the 11th, and working towards an Initiation.

  13. Agnes Says:

    This is really interesting, i can identify with extreme sensitivity and interest in astrology (i sometimes do readings for friends), clairvoyance and Reiki (i’ve done Kundalini Reiki). When i was born the doctors told my mom i’ll be a very sensitive and irritable child, which was true:) even when being a baby, i hated when strangers touched me. I also started speaking and walking quite early.

    Recently i developed a keen interest in alternative medicine and particularly shamanism. I meditate a lot too. However being a practical Capricorn, i don’t really understand how i could convert my hobby into a business unless i was authentic in what i was doing. There’re so many healers these days.

    Leena- glad to hear you found your calling!

  14. Agnes Says:

    I forgot to mention that at least for now i am more interested in the sustainability and environment field.

  15. Gra Says:

    I wanted to ask whether or not many of the above posters are understanding that tropically, the GC is in the second degree of what they call Sag, and that any studies of theirs charts might have to account for this as well, and that older interpretations using the GC as a reference point would have probably been observed siderealy?

    I also wanted to respond to some of the issues above, as I realize you may not be in a position where you would want to:

    To Sydney: The earth is never not in a direct line with any point in the cosmos. We as individuals, however, live through times in the day when the ecliptic point directly over our heads (Gem. as pointed out) has us directly between it and the G.C., and the earth is therfore directly between us and the G.C.
    Also, the concept of the Ages, or Yugas, in Vedic philosophy is based on the precession of the equinox, and there are energies that accompany it.

    Some of the posters mention “Mayan predictions” and 2012. 2012 had no special significance to the Mayans other than as a date for a cycle turnover. Can anybody say what planetary or star cycle is involved? They simply didn’t feel the need to make a calendar that ran any further than several centuries into the future, or that was the archeologists thought at the time the particular Mayan calendar that ended in our 2012 was found. That was in the ’90s I believe. Since then, technology improved archaeological surveys and allowed more Mayan excavation discoveries, including a calendar or two that runs much further into their future than 2012. So now we have more that go beyond 2012 than don’t, evidently. The earlier known calendar that the (what’s the title?) industry- piggybacking onto astrology as it does- made use of was “out of date” before the 2012 “spiritual rebirth phenomena” mini-industry hit full market swing. Not that we heard much about it, that would be about as popular as pointing out that Sag A* moves! As listed above in your SagA* ephemerisis.

    It’s hard for me to slow down and center. I actually had to stop attending my local astro teacher’s classes because it was hard to listen to an astro professional have 2-3 hour discussions attempting to turn anything that came up, especially “2012”, into some profound cause for spinning out into the stratosphere of new age buzzwords like untied balloons, with gasps and applause going to the giftest of gab that could draw the longest syllogisms via word association. Many charts were looked at for the influence of the G.C. Never once did I hear a reference to the role sidereal astro played in the lead up to tropical astro, or the role that the politics of Roman Christain philosophy played in the birth of tropical astro. Anywho, I learned a few things of value from your GC observations, I wanted to say thanks, and I paid attention to your mini list of the sidereal G.C.


  16. Ananda Says:

    I wanted to comment on Sydney’s statement about the Vedic Yugas. They do not change every 26,000 years. This is more Mayan. The current Yuga we are in still has over 400,000 years to go. Humanity is Much Much older than the established orders of power want us to believe. That being said, I have felt the psychic intensity since 2012 and have noticed that everyone around me is either making quantum leaps or going crazy, so I definitely believe what you are saying about the Galactic Center. Anyway, maybe the whole thing about Christ, Kalki, Guetzalcoatl, coming back to save humanity from the Darkness of this Yuga will be an interception so that we do not have to suffer through the entire several hundred thousand years. Maybe that was Christ taking away the collective humanity’s karmas. Maybe Christ did his alchemy on the crucifix for the sake of making this Yuga shorter, or “saving” those whose consciousness is fit for evacuation. I don’t have all the answers, but the Yugas are definitely more that 26,000 years and the Galactic Center is definitely having an effect! I wonder what this means for babies born to these frequencies…

  17. Michael Says:

    Re: 23.Gra Says:
    Jul 17, 07:10 PM
    I wanted to ask whether or not many of the above posters are understanding that tropically, the GC is in the second degree of what they call Sag, and that any studies of theirs charts might have to account for this as well, and that older interpretations using the GC as a reference point would have probably been observed sidereal?

    I am responding to the above entry. My Sun is first degree Sag & my Venus is second degree Sag. I’m a portrait artist and I include Auras in color around the individuals I paint. I have also see auras brightly around Rembrandt paintings in a museum, and most beautifully around a 30 member choir, at a Unitarian Universalist Church.

    I’ve compared the Auras in my paintings, to Kirlian photographs of the same subject, and the colors are identical; although the photographic image is generally less vibrant.

    As many of you probably know Kirlian Photography was accidentally discovered in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian, noting that if a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source an image is produced on the electronic plate that shows a vivid electrical field. (Look it up on Wikipedia.)

    I also see vivid flowing organic “liquid crystal”. Sometimes it appears to be glowing from within, or reflecting light (energy) circulating around people, animals, plants, gems, etc. Has anyone else had experiences with the concept of liquid crystal?

    As far as interpreting the meaning of the colors, I have my own interpretations, and from a vivid ultraviolet to a brilliant white transforming into a beautiful gold, it’s all visible, flowing and can be articulated. I believe that like vivid dreams or trance interpretations, everyone will embrace their own meanings to various colors.

    In my experience I believe that we al have this acute visual ability, and I have taught many. Centering into one’s higher self, and meditation, enhances the experience. And there are simple techniques to test the experience, showing that it not simply a visual hallucination.

    I have Neptune and Saturn conjunct my ascendent in Libra, which may help explain why seeing the best and highest (Spirit, etheric, or auric) in others, and creating an inspiring timeless oil painting portrait is a passion of mine.
    Wishing the best to everyone, Michael

  18. carol Says:

    Mars was conjunct the GC this week of Oct 20th to Oct 24, 2014, approx. and my sun is 26 degrees sagittarius. Infrequently in my life metal things have bent spontaneously. On Wednesday of this week the stem of a 24 inch lamp that I moved to another area bent like it had melted. Impossible to bend it back to being straight. So I was looking around on the internet about the GC and spoon bending by Uri Geller. I found that Uri Geller is sun 27 degrees sag. But I still don’t know why that stem melted in a matter of seconds.

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CAROL (10-2014): Very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I have not really researched the GC beyond what I have written so I appreciate new insights. With such events, look at the Septile (51+). I have an article on this topic on this website.

  20. Chiron Rising Says:


    Thank you very much to all of you who have posted in this thread. It is really touching when people take time from their very busy lives to bring in explanations, opinions and suggestions that help others.

    The central focus in the posts above have been regarding planets in conjunction with GC. However, i wonder if GC influences other planets through aspects that are not conjunctions. I was born September.22.1968 at 6:00 PM in Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brazil.

    This is a new completely new phase in my life. Researching on my Natal Neptune/Scorpio/8th – the most elevated planet in my chart (during a conjunct transit of Saturn) , i found about GC. It is in a trine with my Mars/Virgo/5th (Ruler of my chart) and Saturn/Aries/1st (co-rulers of my chart).
    Now, actually, even though Neptune is the most elevated planet in my chart, GC is the most elevated sidereal body in my chart.

    Researching further, i found out that My Sun/Uranus/Virgo/6th is within 1 degree from the Super Galaxy Center.

    These seem to be tow pretty big discoveries. My head has been spinning around these findings. However, i still don’t know what to make of them.

    One thing i can say for sure is: All my life i have felt that i have been sent to Earth as an Alien agent with a specific mission. However, this mission is to be revealed just at the right time, at the time when it is to be fulfilled. I have been longing for it since i was born.

    Thank you again for any clarification, opinion or suggestion any of you can bring. :-)

  21. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CHIRON (11-2014): Many people who have incarnated at this time feel like Aliens – that they should have gone to Arcturus and not planet Earth. This is pronounced when Chiron is strong in the chart.

    Yods and Inconjuncts (Saturn is Apex of Yod) involving the 8th House are very susceptible to multi-dimensional phenomena.

    I do not use these Centers in my interpretations but they do generate a sensitiveness. Many times, as in your own chart, the issue is generational.

  22. John Shanks Says:

    Consensus among astrologers suggests that the Galactic Center has a sensitizing influence on a factor located at or near that celestial point.

    My experience suggests that this location in the sky does indeed imbue a factor located in its vicinity with special qualities empowering that factor with acute sensitivity and good fortune. The sensitivity is subtle and the perception it facilitates can be used for personal and collective benefit.

    In one client’s case, with natal Mars conjunct the Galactic Center, I have the impression that, as a boxer, he anticipates his opponent’s moves, style and tricks in advance because of his heightened intuitive sensitivity to the subtle winds moving in his opponent’s chakras, channels and nadis and any distortion or obstruction that may exist within them. Of course, I could be wrong but that’s my impression. I also perceive that this sensitivity operates on a day-to-day basis in his interactions and dealings with others in different situations. He is the Mayor of the town in which I reside.

    I have my Part of Fortune at this GC location in my Second House, in exact grand trine with my Moon and Part of Spirit, and it definitely seems to work in my favor. I’m adept at managing my resources, irrespective of whether these are large or small, and am never without what I need from moment to moment. I may be sitting at the side of a road and need a piece of wire to fix a clasp on my rucksack; I look around and there is exactly the right sized piece of wire within reach without even having to move from my seat. It can be quite uncanny but it always happens. At another level, when I need money (I mean ‘need’, not just ‘want’) it comes to me, in so many different ways. Basically, with this placement of the Part of Fortune, throughout my life I have never been without what I need to achieve beneficial goals. Undoubtedly, something is happening here.

  23. Lynn Koiner Says:

    jOHN (2-2015): Hi John, Thank you for posting good information – not much on this article that I wrote. I do not know what other astrologrs have observed but I have observed the sensitivity that occurs with the GC. I have an article that discusses this under SEPTILES & MULTIDIMENSIONAL PHENOMENA. It is based upon the Spottiswoode research – purely scientific.

  24. ella Says:

    I have natal Moon 28 deg 16 min conjunct Neptune 25 deg 53 min in Sagittarius 8th House…with the Galactic centre sandwiched between the two…
    Life for me from the outset has been non stop work, work, work… of an intense emotional and spiritual nature. Delving the dark depths, the unseen, the hidden, rolling around in the mud and the muck of the personal, the collective, the family ancestral legacies. In my mid 30’s now I am finally sensing a beginning of a clearing and spaciousness, with less static, less noise, less interference, less influence from beyond.
    I have found very little information on the GC and how it relates to specific aspects. I’d be interested to know more.

  25. Levi Says:

    How do you interpret a partile conjunction between the Galactic Center and the Ascendant (0° 16’s)? My Sun also forms a wide conjunction (8° 39’s) with the Galactic Center AND the Ascendant (8° 59’s).

  26. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LEVI (10-2916) I am sorry to say that I rarely use the GC in my chart interpretations but, when I do, the alignment is exact. I have only worked with the conjunction with personal planets and it generates a heightened sensitivity. To be honest, I have not made observations with the ASC.
    I am sure that there are other astrologers who have done more work than myself. I just try to share what I know but it is definitely NOT the complete picture.

  27. Ronald Hokanson Says:

    I question the GC as it is so large it cannot be confined to 26 Sagittarius, but if you were to plot that degree on a 90-degree dial, it would be within 4-degrees of 0-degrees Aries which serves as an important personal point in the Hamburg School. I sort of view planets or midpoints on the Aries Point as how others (the public) would most likely describe us. Such influences must be quite powerful themes in our lives, no?

  28. Lynn Koiner Says:

    RONALD (10-2016): If you read previous posts, you will know that I rarely use the GC but, when I do, it use the exact degree. However, what you state makes perfect sense to me but I do not use the 90 degree dial so I cannot comment on this part.

    I know that Linea Van Horn gives a good explanation as to why the GC covers a wider area. She talked about this when Pluto was crossing the GC and people thought that the world would come to an end in December 2012. She did a great job for our group and she is a logical astrologer.

    Sorry that I cannot give you more information.

  29. marilyn Says:

    Hi… and thanks all for your comments. Especially would like to thank Sydney (first comment)… that so resonates with me.

    I’ve been feeling the influence of this Galactic Core… especially during this last month of 2016 (preparing us for a sensational 2017).

    I noticed the influence of this potent place at the centre of our Galaxy as the planet Mercury prepared and entered his retrograde cycle. I even got a visual! Mercury diving into the Black Hole! I thought… these are unexplored times filled with extravagant and boundless opportunities. We’ve entered a new portal.

    2012 was oustanding for me… filled with truly ‘cosmic’ experiences (and I’m double Earth!!). Talk about beyond the veil… in 2012 the new world birthed… I saw it with my very eyes.

    And… it’s only very recent that I’ve become aware of the Galactic Centre… it just started jumping out at me. Fascinating explorations. Thanks again… marilyn

  30. Lyra Says:

    I am curious if others can comment. My ASC is 29.30 deg. Sag conjunct Saturn at 0.00 deg. The GC at 26 Sgr 17’22”.

    Sun in Virgo



  31. Julia Says:

    Wow, I love finding this article today. I ave all kinds of things I could say about my background but I’ll keep it simple for now. I have a natal sag/cap stellium – my natal Saturn and Uranus are in lat Sag, conjunct my Sun/Merc at 0 degrees Cap, and My Neptune a few degrees later. Natally, Galactic Center is 26 degrees – closest conjucnt Uranus at 27.

    Now – what brought me here today, to this article – I had a powerful 4.5 hour session with a coach I met recently. We did a few exercises in which i went fairly deep into trance. Not a new thing for me, but new with this person, and its been a while. I have always have extremely high sensitivity/sensuality/clairvoyance/etc and in more recent decade of my life have intentionally developed this and acknowledged these gifts me. Today was indeed a new moon in Taurus, which probably helped ground this whole experience.. but i had a profound experience tracking a certain energy in my body/consciousness during this session whic i dont want to et into detail about. We also got very eep into wha t my purpose in here in this life. Most profound healing sessin Ive had ina long time.

    So this led me to check whats going on astrologically.
    The transitting Galactiv Center (whatver that means) is pretty much EXACT with my natal Uranus today: Natal Uranus=27’6Sag, transiting galactic center 27’6.
    Additionally transitting Saturn is just a degree away. This is all in my 9th house. In the mean time, transiting Pluto in my 10th is square natal Jupiter in my 1st, and during the session time, natal Pluto (7H) was opposite transiting Taurus Moon (1H). Transiting Jupiter also happens to be opposite my Ascendant in Aries.

    Anyway reading this article got me excited because this experience today, of reinvigorating my deep eternal universal or galactic connection (that was part of my body tracking experience) and giving love and attention to my sometime neglacted psychic abilities and love for exploration and purpose… It all feel very Uranian/Galactic Center related. I am a Galactic Center baby indeed. I’d be curious to connect with others, but I probably already have onnecte dwith many without trying and without officially knowing :)

  32. Amber Says:
  33. Aeriane Says:

    Hi everyone!

    I just have found out- GC in conjunction with my
    ASC SAG 29
    and isis is on my sun
    that is so fascinating
    and it is full moon in pieces
    I think it energies drawed me to sort out all info about fixed stars

    Is anybody here can help to realize the potential
    of this positions?

  34. Lynn Koiner Says:

    AERIANE (9-2017): I only use 25-26 degrees for the conjunction. I do not know what ISIS is – this is a name for an asteroid and a Point in Cosmobiology.

    I will repeat what I said for LEVI — I am sorry to say that I rarely use the GC in my chart interpretations but, when I do, the alignment is exact.

    I have only worked with the conjunction with personal planets and it generates a heightened sensitivity. To be honest, I have not made observations with the ASC.

    I am sure that there are other astrologers who have done more work than myself. I just try to share what I know but it is definitely NOT the complete picture.

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful. But it might help to read what others said about this in their charts — look for the long posts.

  35. Lunesoleil Says:

    Thanks for this nice work on the galactic center, I wrote a few articles on the subject.
    There is currently Pholus in conjunction Saturn on the Galactic Center, do a search on my blog


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