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I have had so many responses to the Transiting Septile Dates that I making this an annual post – the prominent dates of transiting Septile Clusters, when many occur in the sky.

I find this a time when unique, unexpected events occur. This aspect is very, very strong at the time of UFO sightings and Near-Death Experiences. Now, do not expect such an event but it is an excellent time for unusual meditation and multi-dimensional experiences.

*The strong dates have many septiles. This is unusual. Sometimes the “left curve” events are troublesome but sometimes there are wonderful solutions. It is excellent for the connections with other realms.
*In looking at my research for Cult Suicides, Septiles figured quite strong with these events – and, they were all seeking to go to a higher realm in their own strange way.

What is so interesting about the Septile is that it is the same angle used in the construction of the Great Pyramid — 51.25 ̊ At a lecture by Robert Blaschke, I pressured him for a clearer explanation of the Septile, one that could be connected to my observations. He replied that it was a SUSPENSION aspect, suspension of one’s belief and control, so that you express yourself in a new reality.

NATAL SEPTILES: When there are too many septiles in the natal chart, the bizarre energy from this aspect is very difficult to handle. Just read about the late Roy Sullivan who had 7 Septiles in his natal chart. Roy was struck by lightening 7 times – and he finally just committed suicide. Princess Diana had many Septiles in her chart and it added to the instability in her life. Yet, I know some individuals with many Septiles and they are actively involved with Multi-Dimensional Realities – ghosts, UFOs and NDEs.

This is not always an indicator. Dannion Brinkley only has one Septile between Venus and Pluto. When the Septile is combined with Quintile aspects, it can produce genius. Research on this subject can be obtained in THE EUREKA EFFECT by Nick Kollerstrom PhD and Mike O’Neill.

RICK LEVINE: Rick attended my Septiles Lectures at the MAC conference in 2005. When I gave my findings for the Signature of a Near-Death Experience, Rick told the audience that this was absolutely true. That afternoon Rick incorporated this information into his own discussion of Septiles – but he did so in such an astutely articulate manner that I hardly recognized his source until he told the audience that he had just heard this in my lecture. I was so impressed. If you ever have a chance to hear Rick discuss the Septile aspect, please do so.

Because I allow wide orbs for the natal Inconjunct (150 degrees), this actually extends to the Tri-Septile (154 degrees). Anyone who has a Near-Death Experience always has an Inconjunct involving a planet in the 8th House or the ruler of the 8th House.

I observed that a Solar Arc Septile always precedes and triggers the Near Death Experience. My first research subject, Dannion Brinkley, actually had 3 NDEs and I consider his chart the classic model. Dannion surprised me at seminar in Virginia Beach when he attended my lecture on this topic.

What I learned from Rick was that the natal Inconjunct could actually be the Tri-Septile, the 154 degree aspect, may be more influential than the traditional Inconjunct.

NOTE: Lecture Tapes by Lynn Koiner and by Rick Levine on these subjects can be obtained from

SEPTILES by Robert Wilkinson:
Robert Wilkinson has this website. Someone sent the link to me and Robert also wrote with his link. He has excellent information on the Quintile and the Septile. Check it out!

In the past, I indicated that very powerful Septile Clusters would occur on March 21-22 2002. “If you are drawn to UFO or experiences with Aliens, these are good periods for this work. There are 5 hits now but all personal planets.”

To my amazement, I received an e-mail from a friend saying that, while flying in an airplane, he spotted a UFO…“The UFO was flying roughly from the Northwest to the Southeast, across my field of vision to the South. I would describe the UFO’s path as being roughly from the ___ Airport (N41-04; W073-42) to the Islip/MacArthur Airport (N40-47; W073-06).” The date was March 21 between 10-11pm.”

In 2003, the period around January 30 was very strong with Neptune septile Pluto, accompanied by other personal planet septiles. Looking back, this date was highly significant in terms of feeling guided by a Higher Hand in everything that happened. There was a spiritual quality to the events. The correct words flowed when I needed them.

JUNE 1: Around this date, Jupiter septiles Chiron. This aspect favors connecting with like-minded people who share your spiritual beliefs. This is a period to follow one’s heart, to be guided by intuition and not tradition. Awareness of one’s own “alienness” — this can cause some dissatisfaction with the mundane world.” On this date, I took a friend to a Japanese Light Center on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC where anyone who walks in can get a free Light Treatment. For me, it was a time when I experienced a lot of “little miracles.” Events just worked out miraculously. After visiting the Light Center, I found a policeman writing a parking ticket. He suddenly, stopped, tore up the ticket and walked away!

“Neptune septile Pluto is exact on December 5 but it adds strength to the minor septiles occurring on November 23-25-26-30 and December 2-3 (2003). This is a good period for using psychic receptivity for problem solving. Awareness of one’s own alienness — this can cause some dissatisfaction with the mundane world.”

On December 2, a reader wrote that her cousin and her family of 8 woke at 2:30am upon hearing a loud noise outside followed by colorful lights flashing in their hallway. The dogs were parking too. When they looked outside in the morning, there were no tracks in the snow, none anywhere near the house. The first thoughts were that it was a UFO. I immediately checked my 2003 column and found the above statement for this time. While I gave a personal interpretation of this cluster period, all of the cluster dates are potent for multi-dimensional connections.

“February 19-20 2006: Mars-Neptune/Pluto, Neptune-Pluto, Sun/Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Saturn (continuing through the 23rd). This is particularly strong because inner planets are triggering the outer planet Septile aspects.”

On February 19 2006, I met with friends to meditate because this was a strong Septile Period. During this meditation, I had a life-altering experience. Since 1992, I have had a strong urge to understand myself through understanding a past life that I had in the 12th century. I know many details about this lifetime but I have avoided seeking information about my family life. On February 19, I experienced a powerful past-life throw back in which I saw my parents as my 2 children in that lifetime that I abandoned. This was so liberating in connection with my decision to take care of my parents and my grandmother in this lifetime. The question that I asked in this meditation was, “Will I return to Mittenwald in May?” There was a resounding NO! My father would need me to help with the farmers’ market on Saturdays – then the past life images unfolded before me. It was, indeed, a portal in time wherein I was able to see my past more clearly. These portals are highly significant under Septile Clusters.

In January 2007, during a long series of Septiles, I was feeling old, rejected and “snubbed.” I asked for something to happen that would perk me up. Within minutes, Shelley Ackerman asked me to be on the NCGR Galactic Center panel. What was so synchronicitous about this event was that she sent out a notice several days earlier but only just that minute did she realize that I was not on the e-mail list. It came just at the moment that I asked for it! Obviously, this is a good period for Mental Magic and Telepathy

DECEMBER 22-28 2008: This was a strong cluster period with the strongest period being near the Jupiter-Uranus septile on the 26th. This is strong for synchronicities and coincidences that may be considered as Lucky Breaks, a positive change of fortune.

WHAT HAPPENED: A friend and I went to the ARE in Virginia Beach. We were both able to connect with our Spirit Guides and gain wisdom and insights upon our current life direction. The synchronicities for me was in meeting people with whom I had a childhood connection and to resolve a relationship problem.

RESEARCH: In the “Journal for Scientific Exploration,” the Spottiswoode research conducted with former government “remote viewers” revealed that there was a 2-hour window of dramatically increased psychic ability when the earth blocked the noise coming from the Galactic Center. To determine this on one’s own, use a Star Finder Dial or visually observe when Orion’s Belt is directly overhead. Since the transiting Septiles facilitate psychic ability, blocking the Galactic Center will give you an extra edge of receptivity.
Frequently, there will be septiles between the Sun-Mercury-Venus and Neptune-Pluto. These will not be so strong due to the frequency in which they occur. As Septiles, they are always useful for multi-dimensional connections and psychic support. Septiles involving the outer planets occur less frequently and, therefore, are more significant as they last for longer periods.

There are not many strong Septile Clusters through December 2017. When an outer planet is involved, it has a stronger influence but it needs Septile Clusters from the inner planets to be truly powerful. The last such important clustering occurred on March 21-22 2002.

I am not going to analyze each aspect as I have done in the past but rather give the series of Septile Clusters.
In 2007, there were many dates in which Septiles occur. I have only listed the strongest clusters for this e-mail post. I am personally trying to work with Septile dates for manifesting ghosts. Since Blaschke feels that this is a “Suspension” aspect, it can lift the veil between the seen and the unseen.

Your personal observations would be appreciated. With psychic work, look for the time when Orion is overhead. Noise from the Galactic Center will be blocked and reception will be improved.

UPCOMING SEPTILES: The strongest Septiles occur when the outer planets are involved – Jupiter to Pluto. There is only one occurring in 2017, October 20 with Jupiter Septile Saturn.
Almost every other day, you will find at least one Transiting Septile between two planets, especially the personal planets (Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars). I select dates with Outer Planets forming a Septile or clusters of personal planets.

December 8 2016: Venus Bi-Septile Jupiter and Mercury Bi-Septile Uranus
December 28: Sun-Mercury Bi-Septile Uranus
December 30: Mars Septile Pluto and Mercury Septile Venus

February 18-19 2017: Mercury Septile Saturn, Sun Septile Uranus and Mercury Septile Venus
March 14-16: Mars Septile Neptune, Sun Tri-Septile Jupiter and Venus Bi-Septile Saturn
March 30: Mars Tri-Septile Jupiteer and Sun Bi-Septile Saturn
April 22-24: Sun Bi-Septile Pluto, Mars Tri-Septile Saturn and Sun Septile Neptune
May 24-25: Mercury Tri-Septile Jupiter and Mars Tri-Septile Pluto
June 5-7: Mars Bi-Septile Jupiter, Mercury Tri-Septile Saturn and Mercury Tri-Septile Saturn
June 18-19: Sun Bi-Septile Neptune, Mercury Tri-Septile Pluto and Mercury Bi-Septile Neptune
June 21: Mercury Bi-Septile Jupiter and Sun Bi-Septile Jupiter
August 3-5: Sun Bi-Septile Uranus, Mercury Bi-Septile Saturn and Venus Bi-Septile Jupiter
August 15-17: Venus Tri-Septile Saturn, Mars Tri-Septile Neptune and Mercury Tri-Septile Venus
September 24: Venus Septile Jupiter and Sun Tri-Septile Uranus
October 20: Venus Tri-Septile Neptune and JUPITER SEPTILE SATURN
December 2-5: Mercury Septile Pluto, Mars Tri-Septile Neptune, Mercury Bi-Septile Mars


  • When Venus and Uranus are involved, these can trigger intuitive flashes and creative solutions. You can experience some telepathic rapport with another.
  • The inner planets support intuition, mental creativity, telepathy and synchronicitous occurrences. This is a strong period supporting psychic breakthrough, contacts with multi-dimensional realities and supernatural experiences.
  • Jupiter Septiles relate to a psychic connection with multi-dimensional realities, inner guidance and intuitive compassion and understanding through going beyond normal consciousness. Psychological perceptions and awareness, eureka solutions and inspired action. Jupiter septile Pluto favors psychological perceptions and intense inner awareness.
  • Mars-Chiron aspect urges us to go with intuition rather than what seems logical and practical.
  • Jupiter-Neptune supports psychic breakthroughs, contacts with multi-dimensional realities and supernatural experiences
  • Neptune septile Pluto adds strength to the other septiles occurring at this time. Psychic receptivity is strong. Synchronicity in relationships is strong. In the past, this aspect was highly significant in terms of feeling guided by a Higher Hand in everything that happened. There was a spiritual quality to the events.
  • Chiron-Saturn-Pluto – This is a favorable time for multi-dimensional connections in establishing a specific order in your life.

Does the Galactic Center Affect ESP Ability?

Researchers at the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto have found that a person’s extrasensory perception ability is strongly influenced by his or her orientation relative to the star background field. In particular, in a paper published in The Journal of Scientific Exploration, Dr. James Spottiswoode reports that a clairvoyant’s effectiveness in conducting remote viewing was completely null when the Galactic center was at the zenith, a period corresponding to between 17.5 hours and 20 hours local sidereal time (LST). The Galactic center is at the zenith at 17.75 hours LST. The diagram shown below is reproduced from figure 3 of their paper. Also they found that a clairvoyant’s effectiveness, which they plot vertically as a quantity they call “effect size” reached a maximum around 13.5 hours LST in the form of a broad peak extending from 12 hours to 14.5 hours LST during which effectiveness increased about 400 percent. This corresponds to a time when the Galaxy’s North Pole is at the zenith, galactic north being situated in the Coma Bernices constellation about 30̊ north of Virgo. This study analyzed remote viewing data gathered over a period of 20 years. The graphic image can be obtained at – I must advise that this was excerpted from a strange website but it was the easiest for me to access.

The Spottiswoode articles can be obtained directly from The Journal for Scientific Exploration –

The Galactic Center is blocked when Orion’s Belt is overhead. This Belt is easily seen in the northern hemisphere from November through February.

  1. c.todd Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I was referred to this page by Rick Levine in an email, after he and Jeff Jawer mentioned the ‘background action’ Septile transiting this past week and I’m absolutely fascinated with the phenomena.

    In my own natal chart [at least the version i’ve been given, from] there appear to be no septiles. I was wondering if this is unusual, or if septiles septiles are even a recognised transit in the Liz Greene/Placidus charting methodology.

    If you have any further interpretation regarding this phenomena, or would care to share anything regarding them before the next transit please drop me a line at the given email address.

    Also i’ve noted the angle you mention (51.25), and given this times seven we come up with 358.75 — is there something missing? Is 51.4285 closer?

    Best regards and thank you so much for sharing these insights with us!

  2. karen Says:

    Lynn, I just read your article on the septiles! Your amazing! I am wondering however, for the times that you noted septiles from 2002-2007 when i look back on my own experiences during these dates. especially with those that were involving neptune, they all seem to correspond to me realizing that deceptions or illusions were involved and that somehow insight was given “lifting the veil” so to speak. I am wondering if you have had others with similar experiences.
    As far as the UFO correlation, I can tell you that I did have a friend in 2003 who saw a UFO during the November time frame in which you describe. Specifically he was driving at night from work about 2-3 am i believe, he saw a ‘white ball’ looking like a head light (or so he thought) but when he came to a stop sign that was in a well lit area, it disappeared. he then drove on, the light again followed him. He said he was so disturbed by it that he stopped and got out of the car. He approached the “ball” and it was hoovering about 8 feet from his tailgate of the car and about 4 feet off the ground. he didnt touch it, but ran his hands around the ball at a distance of less than 12 inches. We lived in las vegas and he wasnt far from the area 51 site. HE was and stayes convinced that the ball was a UFO of some kind. Being a non-believer in such things, he was definately shook up by it. His siteing and experience directly correlates to the time frame in which you discuss the septile that occurred during November 2003.
    Would love to hear more about your interpretations, as well as others experiences with septiles!! thanks!!! k

  3. Mark E. Clark Says:


    I am so glad to find your work. I have at least four septiles in my natal chart, have had several NDE’s (one partic. big one), and tend to connect with people who’ve experienced huge personal changes, as in phychic transformations.

    I’m doing a chart reading for a former client with septiles by transit and otherwise, so your information is very helpful. Events have held this reading in “suspension” for some time, and I wonder how much of that has to do with our various septiles.

    I’ve always been interested in UFO’s and other ways to contact the spiritual realm (natal Uranus septile natal Pluto -1st house, Asc.)

    Let me know if I can help you in any way in your research.


    Mark E. Clark

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Thank you so much for writing, Mark. I collect data when the exact dates of the phenomena occur.
    Septiles operate best when accompanied by Quintiles. Too many Septiles in the chart are very difficult for any individual to handle. They seem to be balanced with the Quintiles.
    Strong Septile energy can be seen in the lives of Princess Diana and Roy Sullivan (struck by lightening 7 times – committed suicide in the end).
    Be sure to look at Robet Wilkinson’s website as he has done some very good research.
    Again, if you have exact dates of events, I am always interested in looking at this data….Lynn Koiner

  5. Micheline Cloutier Says:

    Hello again Lynn, this is a fantastic article as well. I knew about septiles but I had not idea the power they had. I do have a few things I need to clarify with you about this article so that I can understand correctly.

    I sitll don’t understand the galactic center’s importance in our lives and astrology much yet. So, I had not idea there was white noise coming from the galactic center. How does this affect us here on earth. I am a sag and I have my sun/moon midpoint at 1 degree in cap in the fifth house. I also have my solar arc venus at 28 degrees right now. I am not sure how this will affect me.

    thanks for the article again
    very enlightening

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Thank you for writing. First, I do not use the Galactic Center in the chart. I do find that, when a natal planet is conjunct this area, the individual is more sensitized and empathetic and, therefore, easily stressed physically, mentally or emotionally by the Galactic Center.

    The information on the “noise” coming from the GC is not astrological. This information is scientific actually. The reserach on Psi was conducted by a scientific group who only discovered by accident how the GC affected psychic abilities in the remote viewers from Russia and the US.

    I would not spend so much time worrying about the Galactic Center and trying to use it in the horoscope. I do not, unless someone asks about it.

    The only way I sometimes use the information is for meditation and personal channeling. No, I do not channel but I can access information for myself. I try to select a time when “receptivity” is best…but I cannot always do this.

  7. Micheline Cloutier Says:

    Hi, Lynn thanks a couple more questions….. sorry. I just need to clarify what you said about the septile cluster dates above.

    and thanks for answering my questions about the galatic center…
    per the August period you say that between 4 to 7 am is a period when the white noise is blocked, do you mean on all the dates???

    and last the current cluster septile from the 24 to the 38 and the also on 30 and 31st, you say this is an important psychic alignment.
    can you expand on that….i don’t quite understand that idea to well and how i would apply to my life….

    thanks again….

    this is a brilliant site

    i can’t wait till i go to Canada for my vacation I am going to look for your books

    thanks again


  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I am always glad to clarify. First, 4-7am works for all of the dates. This is a time when Orion’s Belt is overhead. You may not be able to see it because of the Sun but it is definitely overhead. I use a Rand McNalley Star Finder to determine what stars are overhead at any given time. This means that the earth is blocking the Galactic Center.

    The period for May is actually not very strong, most clusters involving the fast moving planets, so it is ony good for general psychic, meditative and intuitive work. When the slow planets are involved in the Septiles, events happen TO YOU; the psychic experiences and insights just come to you all of a sudden.

  9. Mark E. Clark Says:

    Hello again, Lynn and others,

    I’d forgotten to check back, but just relocated you in my Favorites list. Thank you for replying to my comment. I wonder this – has anyone done any research into the recent terrorist incident in Mombai, India? Is this something possibly indicated by the irrationality of the septile?

    I will stay more in tune with your site in the future.

    Thanks again,

    Mark E Clark

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Having just returned from Europe, I have not looked at the data for Mombai. However, years ago I collected the birth and deaths dates of people killed in the concentration camps in WWII.
    I was amazed to find many transits such as septiles and the 45 and 135 degree aspects occurring in their charts at the time they were sent to the gas chambers.
    I did not have the birth time but a 12pm chart worked fine. I obtained such records at the camps that I visited and from the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.
    If one could obtain the birth dates for the people killed in Mombai, I would suspect that these minor aspects were pronounced.
    As you accurately state, there is a sudden, unexpected and highly irrational quality to the Septile — a left curve for which you are unprepared.
    You use the word IRRATIONAL and this is interesting since I have found that people with many Septiles had an irrational side and often unexpected catastrophes occur in their lives — Roy Sullivan was struck by lightening 7 times and he eventually commited suicide and Princess Diana had many Septiles in her natal chart and her life is well documented. It is the Solar Arc Septile that triggers the major events, such as Near Death Experiences.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I just found a blogspot where Melody discusses this article. She has added her personal insights which I feel are excellent…

    Lynn Koiner

  12. Linda Says:

    Dear Lynn
    The Transiting Septile Updates is so very valuable. It’s a staple in my daily life. When will the 2010 be out?

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I just returned from a month in Europe. It will be a couple of weeks before I can get the next clusters out…sorry but thank you for your interest…Lynn

  14. John Davenport Says:

    Dear Lynn

    Very much enjoyed reading your work.
    As an astrologer, I tend to keep my work quite low key.
    However, here in England I have been [ in the past ] quite prominent. I’ve lectured extensively in London and worked alongside Nick Kollerstrom.
    I thought you may wish to know that as a physical/ transfiguration [trance] medium, I have the following natal configuration.
    Sun and Asc both in Scorpio, with Mercury[Scorp 12th H] Septile Pluto [Virgo in 9th]. In mutual reception they deposit the entire horoscope, whilst pluto quintiles the Asc. Saturn also squares the Asc. Hope this is useful.

  15. Gray Says:

    I found another transit Septile worthy. I have to guess the date, with reverse engineering though.

    Aug 5 1996, transit Sun semi-square MC
    transit Uranus and Pluto quincunx MC
    and transit Neptune tri-septile MC

    very odd. Walking on a hot summer I wasn’t the least bit acclimated to from hanging out inside drinking coffee.
    My brain stopped working properly, for a number of reasons, 1 of which was dehydration. Somewhat similiar to a NDE maybe without the dying, tunnels, lights, etc

    I was still on my feet but I’m sceptical I was making it home on my own. I would’ve gone down without a healthy leader.

    I think I was starting to dream up a pantheon of gods in preparation for my impending death. But that just 1 channel I was running. I was going quite insane, if briefly. The details are not really accessible any longer.

    Then I walked back and walked right into a thingy watering the lawn and I was saved.

  16. Gray Says:

    correction: Aug 5 1995, you could probably determine that I typed in the wrong year if you held onto my chart from the UFO story on the prior similiar page. There’s a good handful of transit septiles and other ‘obvious’ transits.


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