Twins: Biological, Astrological, and Astro-Similarity

Many times, during the course of my career, I have given a reading to an individual who was a Biological Twin. The frequent comment is that the reading was correct for them but their twin was entirely different. I often joked that I never seemed to get the “other twin.” Actually, the reading would have been correct for the “other twin” but each used the energy in the chart differently.

A student with a Mutable T-Square involving the Sun-Saturn-Uranus stressed that she was very different from her twin. I am sure that both experienced great resentment towards authority figures but one twin emphasized Uranus while my student emphasized Saturn. The Uranian Twin ran away from home early feeling that the home life was oppressive while the Saturn Twin stayed home to take care of the oppressive parents. The Saturn twin was obedient and compliant yet she experienced the Uranian influence as restless irritation and feelings of entrapment with the role that she way playing.

In my research with biological twins, the interpretation of Saturn can be the differentiating factor in the personality development – one complies to the demands of Saturn (which may not necessarily be oppressive) while the other is less involved with Saturn’s restrictions and responsibilities. Since biological twins have basically the same horoscope, they express their individuality through emphasizing different planets.

In establishing different identities, I have observed another planetary pairing for differentiating with Mercury versus Jupiter. This is a less frequent pairing used for personality polarity but almost always involving females. In such cases, one twin would develop strong intellectual skills. The other twin would cultivate strong social and role-playing skills. This twin would be popular, highly social and usually regarded as being more attractive. The “smart” twin seemed to have less social skills but was regarded as highly intelligent, an A student in school and having a professional orientation. This twin was often regarded as less attractive by the parents. This does not mean that this twin was actually unattractive but, in comparison with the other, more attractive twin, this individual was deemed “less attractive,” whereby she did not cultivate personal appearance.

Astrological Twins are individuals who were born on the same day, the same time and in a similar locality. In the early 1970s, I collected horoscopes and data on schizophrenia. I collaborated with a fellow researcher, Dr. Harry F. Darling, astrologer and primary psychiatrist at the State Hospital for Criminals in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. In sharing data on this subject, I sent him the birth data and complete biographical data for a woman born on December 16, 1940, at 5:55am, in New York City. At the same time, astrologer Barbara Watters sent him the data for a schizophrenia born on December 16, 1940, at 5:55am, in Washington, D.C.!

Both individuals had been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, both had similar family circumstances. Dr. Darling, now deceased, presented the material from our mutual research at the 1972 American Federation of Astrologers convention in Dallas.

There is another phenomena which I call an Astro-Similarity. You do not have to have the exact birth data to be an Astro-Twin. Several years ago, a woman came for a reading and I commented that, except for 20 years difference in age, her chart looked identical to that of a friend. Both had Taurus rising, a 10th House Sun-Mercury in Aquarius, the Moon in Cancer in the 3rd House and 2 planets in Pisces in the 11th House. To my amazement, their life stories were identical! Both had come from impoverished black neighborhoods, both felt that the only way out of their circumstance was to get an education and both chose Education for their under-graduate degrees, both attained an advanced degree in mathematics. In both cases, they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps with little or no help from anyone. There were many other similarities but these are the most prominent.

Another case of an Astro-Similarity involved my own chart. In 1979, I met a small group of astrologers. A woman in the group, who was 3 years older than myself, had a chart that was strikingly similar to my own. We both had 2 degrees Virgo rising with the Sun in Virgo near the Ascendant; we both had 3 Gemini planets, including the Moon, intercepted in the 10th House; we both had 2 planets in Cancer in the 11th House, we both had similar Leo planets in the 12th and we both had a Bundle pattern with all of our planets falling between the Moon in Gemini in the 10th House and Neptune in Libra in the 2nd House. The similarities: We are both named Lynn, we both had a pony when young but we had overly protective mothers who discouraged us from riding alone, we both hiked on the C&O canal and, of course, we are both astrologers!

Since 1972, I have conducted research involving the medical influence of Transpluto. In conducting my medical research involving Lupus, an auto-immune disease, I spotted another Astro-Similarity. In both cases, Mars in Aquarius and Chiron were in the 2nd House opposing planets in the 8th House (in both cases, Jupiter was involved) and these planets were squared by Saturn in Scorpio in the 11th House. Typical of this disease, each had the Sun in an Air sign afflicted by Saturn, a hard Mercury-Saturn aspect, afflictions involving the sign of Aquarius, the 2-8 House opposition and a strong influence from Sagittarius. Both women are about the same height, weight and with similar hair color, both are highly creative, both are astrologers and both belong to the same astrological organization (even though they live 60 miles apart)!

ADDENDUM: Astro-Twins

In the 1990s, when my progressed Venus crossed Chiron (to the day), I met a Capricorn scientist at a UFO abductee meeting. I always say that Chiron represents all of us “aliens” on this planet. When I met her, she reminded me so much of a friend, an astrologer and acupuncturist. I knew that her Mercury was in the same sign and degree as my friend. This position, 22 Sagittarius, always inspires me mentally in a way that I never experience with anyone else. I kept saying, “You remind me so much of “My Friend! I can’t believe it!” Then, one day we were in Borders Bookstore looking at books and there was My Friend! As they talked, personal habits, interests and even people they knew were all the same – and, when she asked for her birth date, this was exactly the same! Sometimes, when I could not understand the Capricorn, I would ask My Friend and she would explain how she is and why she is this way…then I could understand my Capricorn friend’s behavior.


From 4 sets of twins the following are the results:

Set I – 2 boys, Age 4, Sun Sign – Aries, April 19

Set II – 2 boys, Age 8 , Sun sign – Aquarius, February 15

Set III – 1 boy, 1 girl, Age 8, Sun Sign -Taurus, April 25

Set IV- 2 girls, Age 8 , Sun Sign – Sagittarius, Nov. 27

All of the above sets are fraternal twins. I don’t have any data on identical twins.

Patterns – The First Born The Second Born

1. More aggressive More passive

2. Learned to crawl, walk and speak first Learned to crawl, walk and speak later

3. Shorter of the two Taller of the two and slightly heavier

4. Active, needs others Can be content to play by him(her)self

5. Must be in control Allows other twin to be in control

6. Can be aggressive with others Doesn’t really fight back

7.Strongly exhibit characteristis of their Sun Sign Manifest the chararteristics of the polar opposite

8. In an educational setting, appear to grasp concepts sooner Catch up a litter later

All of the twins seem to be very independent and unique with differing interests.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Just because the charts are very similar, it does not mean that you are exactly alike. With my “Astro-Similarity” friends, we are very, very different but there are areas wherein we are similar that is most uncanny, even with ancesters that come from southern Germany in the 1700s.
    Focus upon these.

  2. Peter Fish Says:

    Someone asked about a database for astrological twins. I came across this site when searching for something like that. It occurred to me that it would be very interesting to collect a large number of (as far as possible) identical charts and see if there are the kind of correspondences that have been found in studies of identical twins.

    This would be very difficult to do, and probably involve a good deal of expense, depending on the kind of data one would collect and the means of collecting it. In genealogical research, I have used the Social Security death index extensively, and it would be possible to use that for a database of people sharing the same birthday, but unfortunately the index doesn’t show place of birth. If you had access to birth records in a large city hospital over a period of many years, you could accumulate a file of people born in the same place with the same date and time of birth. That kind of access would probably be limited to medical personnel, but it could be done. If you had enough people with unusual names, it could be possible to locate them online, and to devise some way of comparing their biographies. You wouldn’t need more than about a dozen twins (or triplets or more) to get a sense of things, and I imagine that once the project got rolling, people would be quite interested in participating.

    I realize that even biological twins are often quite different. I have cousins, identical twins, who are now in their sixties. When they were 18, they were riding their motorcycles and one of them had an accident that left him permanently wheelchair-bound.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PETER (2-2012): You are not the first personal to ask about a data bank. I do not know any and raw data has never suited my research style.
    I personally prefer to interview the twins and evaluate the personality profile of each and how they are different. With raw data, you would not know who was born first, who is the dominant twin and which planet each twin aligns.

    There is an addendum that I have procrastinated in adding to this article. A friend has a set of grand-twins. And, she has friends with twins. She has observed that one twin manifests the traits of the Ascendant and the other twin manifest the traits of the Descendant. I have her observations but I have, unfortunately, failed to add it…but I will.

  4. Michael Sorlie Says:

    I am a twin myself, but i have a twin sister. Her and I a phaternal twins and scince we are not identical, how do the charts and energies affect us in general. All i hear about is identical twins and nothing a phaternal twin. If you could, would you enlighten me on the subject. Thank you kindly, have a great day:)

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MICHAEL (2-2012): You asked a good question. In my research, I did not differentiate between Identical and Fraternal Twins. The same interpretation applies.
    I have not reached the point of knowing, before talking with Twins, which is the Dominant twin.

    And, as I said in #3…She has observed that one twin manifests the traits of the Ascendant and the other twin manifest the traits of the Descendant.

  6. stephanie serra Says:

    What are the odds of 2 people, born 3 years apart, having such similar natal charts? This is actually blowing my mind. I think we both felt each other as “charming” lol -- any insights? Not only this but astrocartographically -- where I live, Hawaii, in its induction as a state, it was sun/leo, rising/libra and moon/aries – like mine.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    STEPHANIE (11-2013): As long as charts LOOK similar,they can definitely be Astro-Similarities. I have discussed this in the article. And, Similarities can be many years apart.

    As the article implies, I spot my own Astro-Similarity persons every so often. What is the most interesting is how similar we are. Yes, there are many differences but the similarities are striking.

  8. Merry Says:

    I have recently become romantically involved with a man who is 5 years older than myself. When we were becoming acquainted, I mentioned that we were both Libras … my birthday was September 29 …. what was his? September 29 also, which I found to be an amazing coincidence. Then last night we were talking and he mentioned that he was born at 12:01 p.m. in 1948 …. and I got out my birth certificate and verified that I was also born at 12:01 p.m. in 1953. I am still trying to wrap my brain around this amazing coincidence, but I also wonder what this means for us as a couple? Are we star crossed lovers?

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    STEPHANIE (4-2014): Even born 3 years ago, your charts can still look very similar. Most of the examples in the article, except where indicated, the individuals had different birth years but the charts looked very similar.

    MERRY: Just because you were born on the same day – but not the year – and the same time does not make you an Astro-Twin.

    I am not sure what it means but, except for the Sun, none of your planets through Saturn are in the same sign…all are completely different. So, you may not really have that much in common.

  10. Gretchen Says:

    I am the mother of fraternal twin daughters, who think they look nothing alike yet new friends can’t tell them apart. Thank you for stating what I theorized, they are very similar, but have opposite scholastic interests and personalities. One is rule follower and the other could care less about structure.

  11. Kelly Kerrigan Says:

    Hi Merry,
    Just wanted to say I am also a Sept 29th b-day (b. 1973) and briefly dated another 9/29 guy a decade ago who was 6 years older. We were together less than 2 years and still loosely in touch to this day. Our charts were not similar, he had a much more “Libran” type chart with a loaded 7th house and most stuff above the horizon & a lot more fire planets (I have a lot of air/water) and mine is much more Scorpio/Plutonic & also Cardinal but regardless, there were some similarities in how we related, particularly to family & being lone wolf types. It is an uncommon b-day w/ some specific traits. It felt very fated to meet, there was a lot of synchronicity – too much to recount here – but we had actually relocated from the same city, 4 years apart, and circled around each other for years. I fact, my boyfriend at the time had taken the place as the guitarist in a band he just left! Eventually, in a city of 13 million people, he ended up as my neighbor living directly across from me w/ identical mirror-image apartment. (Which we had set up exactly the same, down to placement of furniture and everything.) lol. He even drove the same car as my ex, had similar handwriting & note books, similar tchotchkes and that’s how I first took notice of him. (Turned out they both had Aquarius rising & had been born miles apart in Connecticut.)
    Speaking of mirroring, I think that was the main point and I really absorbed much about the self and self – love through my experiences with him some very joyful but some also emotionally quite painful at the time.
    You could say it was karmic, there was nodal stuff, a lot of conjunctions, a strong composite & Saturn but a lot of it was challenging. He is the only partner I’ve actually dreamed about before they showed up. We’ve both moved on but get a kick out of wishing each other “happy birthday” most years. ;}

    P.S. It’s not astrology (more tarot) but check out Love Cards – the Destiny Cards book by Robert Camp (8 of Hearts, 6 of Spades) and the affinity & themes outlined there may interest you. I’ve found it to be very accurate.

  12. Esra Says:

    Hi, interesting read. I think I also found my astro twin. I’m a researcher, so I write articles. I had read a dissertation for my work, and cited it in one of my articles. Then, the writer of that dissertation got a job at my place and we met. We found out that we were born in the same month and year. I’m an 8 mar pisces and she is 9 mar. Later, we found out that our mothers’ names are the same. And we do the same job. We have figured out lots of similarities, and today she asked me how to find her rising sign, so I looked for her birth chart online. I compared it to mine and all out planets are in the same signs. Isn’t it interesting? The only difference in the chart is our rising and moon signs, but all the others are the same. Is this common or expected since our birthdates are so close?

  13. Esra Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to tell that our names are the same too :)

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ESRA (4-2015): When the charts are very much the same, you will find these coincidences that are amazing, as you described.

    One does not have to be born on the same day – I gave examples of people whose charts looked like mine but they had a different date and year.

    You asked a good question – No, just because you have the same birthday (within a day) does not mean that there will always be these synchronicities. But, many times there are.
    It is always amazing to find these people in our lives.

    One woman whom I have known for years has a chart that looks exactly like mine – different years. It turns out that we share a common ancestry – German ancestor coming over in the mid-1790s and settling in Lancaster. Surely, we must be related.

  15. Jennifer Suamalie Says:

    I found your information very helpful. I am the mother of fraternal twin girls born Oct.11 1997 at 11:12 and 11:22. The The oldest has always been incredibly smart but not very social. Let her stay in her room reseaching from astrophysics to pirate gold and she is content. She is pretty but everyone seems suprized when they realize that. Her younger sister has always been considered seen as the georgeous one. Even when she was a baby strangers would comment how beautiful she was. She loves any social activity and looses attention durring the first paragraph of almost anything scholastic. I often think how can they be born minutes apart, share pretty much the same everything and still be so very different. Your information was very helpful.

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JENNIFER (7-2016): Your example reminded me of something important that I forgot in the article.

    Boys often prefer the Saturn/Uranus combination of personality expression.
    Girls often prefer the Mercury/Jupiter combination of personality expression.

    Another astrologer in my area has researched twins — she has a set in her family — and she found that, when they were born close together with basically the same chart, one would express the Ascendant and the other would express the Descendant.
    That is, one has Aries on the ASC and he is very Aries but his brother is very Libran, the Descendant.

    Thank you for sharing. As you can see, this article does not receive a lot of hits.

  17. simone Says:

    Hi there. I was wondering if date twins could be compatible in a relationship. I met my date twin born on the same day, same year, two hours apart. We instantly felt connected and I have never had more fun and laughs with anyone else. there are numerous times when there has been sort of cosmic coincidences between us that seem totally magical. There seems to be also a slight tension between us at times too, like something in the air isn’t being said. I truly adore him and feel as though I want to take our incredible friendship to a romantic place. But I’m scared of ruining our friendship by being honest. we have literally everything the same except for our ascendants, his Gemini, mine Pisces. A lot of our planets are at the same degree too. In our composite chart it’s basically the same both of our charts except for a taurus ascendant. Is this bad or good for a romantic relationship?
    Thanks you for your article!


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