Uranus Retrograde 2018


Obviously, this is an excellent time for mental studies that explore human behavior and psychology. It favors activities that require bursts of inventive and intuitive energy. It favors psychological counseling connected with freedom urges and disconnected patterns of relating.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    For TRANSITING URANUS IN 12th, hard aspects can cause insomnia. It is a 7 year cycle when you need to “hide your wierd” or go places where you are not known in your traditional circles and express Uranus there.
    I once know a collge professor who would sneak off to astrology lectures — and no one at the university ever knew until much later in her career.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ERIN (10-2011): I confess that I have been more agitated by the Uranus R opposing my Jupiter than I was when it was direct — but it is not that much different. I have gotten more insights regarding my “wired” energy under Uranus.

    Astrologers always have a good excuse with other astrologers — we just tell them that we are going through a bad Uranus transit and all understand and forgive.

    Yes, we need to monitor our “moods” under Uranus. When young and female, Wild Yam and Chaste Tree herbs can help with moods.

    A constructive outlet for energies — activist, fighting for others in some way — can be helpful.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PAM (12-2011): Uranus in the 8th makes changes/transformations in a heart beat. It may take a long time but BOOM…they are transformed. Retrograde is even stronger because it bottles up, bottles up…then CHANGE!

    SURYA: Uranus in the 7th is strong for activism. When it transits the 7th, changes will come into your life due to the actions of others. I was motivated to fight for farmers rights when my dad was affected by a local policy — and I won.

    Uranus and Pluto in the 11th are never drawn to touchy-feely group involvements — more ad hoc or cause related.
    In big groups, Pluto feels like a lemming going to sea with other lemming — and does not want to go along with the crowd.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    If Uranus is in the 10th House natally, the individual needs to find a unique career where they do something different, something original so that comparisons cannot be made.

    I have Uranus natally in the 10th House and I used to say that I was the Best Astrologer in Silver Spring because I was the ONLY astrologer in Silver Spring. I always use techniques that others do not use so that I am not like others.

    READERS: Please keep your questions to something about the article. Since I receive 2000 hits each day, I cannot give personal readings.

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NOVLADY (10-2012): You have asked a good question. I looked at a transit of Pluto over my dad’s 4th House Venus — nothing happened when it crossed Direct-then Retrograde…then, with the 3rd crossing, Uranus AND Pluto were aspecting his Venus — and his living area (above mine) was burglarized.

    This event provided me an opportunity to secure our home with security doors and window bars. I also renovated the lower level kitchen when we discovered rotted pipes under the floors. The kitchen looks great.

    Six months later, BOTH Uranus and Pluto aspected his natal Pluto (natally, he has Venus opposing Pluto) and a terrible storm did a lot of damage, uprooting trees. None of these affected the house but, for me, a tree fell on my beloved yard tractor. Insurance replaced this totally and I have a new one. Nothing else has happened.

    So, when I look at the triple crossings, you are not affected by each of them. One crossing will be stronger and that is when something happens.

    Uranus will be hitting his Pluto again in 2013 and I am hoping to renovate more of the lower level. My dad will be affected by this since he will pay for it.

    With Uranus, it wants to break up something in your life – a relationship, a situation that you have outgrown, forcing you to move on. Once you make the change, Uranus will leave you alone.

    So, to answer your question precisely – no, you will not repeat the same event 3 times.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LOULOU (4-2013): Uranus wants us to break free from the the issues ruled by his Moon’s Sign and House. If he really needs solitude, he would not have picked up with the Hot Honey.
    He is only telling you to wait as it is only a phase because he wants someone to come back to if the relationship does not work out. And, truly, this new relationship will not work out. It is a stepping stone to something else.

    Astrology is what kept you from leaving him??!!! Are you crazy! Dump the bum and find someone who truly loves you.

    You have to look at his entire chart to see what his relationship issues are — and he surely has them.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LYNNE (6-2013): MEDICAL ADVICE FOR CARDINAL AFFLICTIONS — That is a rough series of transits. I will add something medical for all going through Pluto-Uranus (and astronomers say Pluto is not a planet!).

    Afflictions to the Cardinal signs causes stress on the adrenals and this can affect the thyroid. This can lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, morning headaches, heart palpatations, dryness (I had dry eyes), dizziness.

    Cut & Paste this to your browser

    The easiest support for the adrenals is Raw Adrenal Gland (you really have to look for this), taking 2 pills in the morning.

    I strongly suggest finding a gynecologist who does Hormone Saliva Testing. This test tells your adrenal and thyroid levels all during the day. My adrenal/cortisol flatlined as soon as I got out of bed. BUT, too much cortisol is bad too.

    I plan to write an article soon on my experience for the Common Cures articles.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    The complete material on B&E Planets is under Publications on my homepage.

    BEGINNING URANUS: With a Beginning Uranus, the individual needs to learn how to use intuition and to trust creative flashes. They must come to terms with the fact that they are different and not like other members of their family.

    I often refer to the Beginning Uranus person as “the first horse to cross the creek.” Having ridden horses for many years, I know that, when a group of horses stall at a creek, the others will follow if you can get just one horse to cross the creek first.

    But, being the first to initiate some new trend, philosophy or activity, there is a sense of being alone, isolated and different. Especially if Uranus is Retrograde, these people often do not realize how weird they are. They may not be aware of their pioneering qualities – they may want to be like others, to fit in but they are just different.

    These people begin new cycles by spontaneously bringing in the new and the new is indicated by Uranus’ sign. For example, Uranus in Gemini brings in new ideas and new modes of learning and education, and cultivates new communication skills. Uranus in Cancer brings in the New — the “New” that changes and challenges traditions, alternative techniques in healing, the environment, and the quality of family life.

    ✮ One woman described herself as the first hippie in school.

    ✮ A friend with Uranus at 1̊ Cancer said that he was convinced that he was switched at birth because he had so little in common with his family.

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JOAN (9-2014): Like other posters, this should be asked under the Medical Forum on my homepage. So, I will just make a quick list…

    Uranus-Mars in Aries stresses the Ardenals with an over-production of Cortisol. While I strongly suggest a hormone saliva test for this, Seriphos really helps calm the adrenals, especially at night when the cortisol levels are naturally higher. Seriphos should be taken at night and it produces Seratonin. Actually, an endocrinologist is helpful.
    This ca help with insomnia as well.

    Tinnitus has many causes — under-active thyroid, lymphatic issues (manual lymph massage helps) – castor oil drop in the ear also help with lymph problems affecting the ear.

    There can be a deficiency in CoQ10 – many people are deficient in this and you need at least 100 mgs.

    A good endocrinoligist can help but I would address the endocrine system first and foremost.

    Uranus transiting the 7th does not always produce relationship issues, especially if the relationships are good. THis did not happen for me but I got involved in activism to help local farmers, including my dad.
    Uranus in the 7th brings changes through others.

    Skin issues can be caused by Leaky Gut (read Dr. John Pagana), an acidic diet (Kali Sulphate helps – but this must be taken without any food as it is homeopathic) or too much Cortisol.

  10. Klio Says:

    Hi, first of all many thanks for the page, many things are explained in detail, and can be useful for everyone. I have read in some Greek sites – I come from Greece – that when Uranus is at your 7th house this has an impact on all kind of relationships. Lifeless relationships come to an end. However I have also read that when those changes take place when Uranus is retrograte do not last and we usally return to those relationships. Is that true? By the way I am born on the 22nd October 1978, at 17.15 universal time +2. My horoscope is Aries. Thanks in advance for any advice provided.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KLIO (9-2014): Yes, Uranus in the 7th will bring changes that are initiated by others or the needs of others. Only under the “hard” aspects will a bad relationship end. The good aspects bring stimulating relationships that help you to change and take risks.

    As I said above, I was drawn to working as a local activist to save local farmers — even under the bad aspects, I was very successful so do not be discouraged by difficult transits.

    No, that someone will return under the R is not true. Does anyone read what I say??? Uranus is more rebellious when R and more inclined to make the necessary changes.

    BUT, it does not have to be a difficult time – it can be an exciting time when you do things that you never before thought possible.

    Yes, people in bad relationships will find those relationships ending – probably due to the action of the other person.

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SANDRA (11-2014): Please read my article on the Vertex. I do not consider transits to the Vertex very important but the article may give you clues — qualities to be cultivated due to the demand of others or events. Capricorn is about being responsible, fulfilling commitments and the Cardinals are about priorities — only doing what you absolutely HAVE TO DO and nothing more.

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NANCY (7-2016): First, if you have to play games to keep a relationship stimulated, it is not real and cannot go for the long term.

    I was in a Uranian relationship years ago. For him, the games were stimulating but they cannot be sustained. I was not really myself but it was fun. He always looked for a new relationship so that he could “tell his story anew.” Once it got old for anyone he dated, he moved on.

    T Uranus in the 7th brings changes into our lives due to someone else. To protect my dad and the local farmers market, I was galvanized into political action.

    Uranus R never works like Mercury R. It is Retrograde for half of the year — EVERY YEAR. Even the description of Uranus R does not sound like Mercury.

    It actually sound more like Neptune interacting in your charts since it is very difficult to move away from the other’s energy field when the relationship ends.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANGIE (8-2016): Very little can be revealed with just a birth date and I do not read charts here. There are many causes of beast cancer but it is often a Heart Chakra issue – losses, taking emotions to heart.

    With a Cardinal affliction transit-wise, Uranus/Saturn, it is due to high inflammation levels (cortisol). Usually, such growth are due to congestion in the lymph (Mutables-Water signs-Moon-Neptune). With high inflammation levels, the grow can become cancerous. Look in one of my Common Cures here about cancer.

    If it is not cancerous, pregnenolone from the health food store will remove it in about 3 months — BUT NOT CANCER.

  15. Abuchi Says:

    Does the Uranus retrogade has to do with nightmares and setbacks? pls I need an answer.

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ABUCHI (9-2016): Uranus R half of the year so it does not count. Aspects to the 12th House or the 8th and 4th can do this too. Or, healthwise, high Cortisol levels at night.
    If this is the case, Enerphos (2) at night will help.

  17. FS Says:

    Libra rising here – Can’t wait for Uranus to get out of my 7th house. It’s been an absolute nightmare – add to it the square to Pluto it was really depressing!

    A bit less than 1 year and 7 months to go (yes I am counting months seriously!!! and I ll pop the champagne when it’s gone too)

    What an atrocious set of transits.

  18. Eea Says:


    I am writing to inquire about the mars uranus square on the 29th. I am pretty worried as it appears to be exact on the 29th, when I am scheduled for a transatlantic flight. Mars will conjunct my ascendant that day (also uranus will square my ascendant from the third house). In addition, Uranus is opposing my Moon in Libra in the 9th that day, and Sun and Mercury that day are conjunct in Scorpio in the tenth, square my natal Uranus in Leo in 7th. Sounds like a pretty potent day. I am worried! Any thoughts?

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    EEA (10-2016): Good News – the Moon-Mars-Uranus aspect is over around 6:10am on the 29th so this will not affect the flight later in the day.

  20. Eea Says:

    Thanks. Would this be true for Europe as well? I am flying from Europe to the east coast.

  21. Maggie Says:

    Hi All,
    Uranus is transiting back over my moon, again, and I felt it the minute it made the exact hit. I had some relief once it hit exact this summer for 4 months, it was blissful as it moved forward and away from my moon. But now that it is retrograde, all the feelings I experienced when it was approaching my natal moon returned. I am filled with anxiety and fear but know that once Uranus goes direct and passes over my moon for the last time, all should be well again. Just 4 more months to go. For me, as soon as it hit exact, I was fine. It was the building up to 1-3 degrees away that were and are the worst. I also notice my food allergies are acting up and causing eyelid inflammation – I guess that is the Aries effect. Just waiting for these months to pass. I know that no matter what I do, nothing will work, since this is how I am suppose to feel. :(
    Thanks for the insightful information Lynn ! Always helpful.

  22. Melissa Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    On the 11th April 2016 I recalled having to move due to unexpected family and housing matters and travelling. At the same time I had an important talk with an ex (Uranus was around 20 degrees) who owed me money. Then we did not reconnect until end of June (Uranus was at 24 degrees). This person has Mercury at 24 degrees (so there is a conjunction to my MC and fair enough we connected through business and via social media- not sure if good!). At that time I was also relocating due to work commitments.

    At the lunar eclipse in September 2016, Uranus (23.30) was also closed to my MC and I was relocating due to housing and family matters. I had a serious talk with this ex and we stopped talking as he was not reliable. Around the 29th December 2016 we spoke again by email and as always we connect immediately and it is like we have not stopped talking to each other.(The attraction remains no matter the time that we don’t talk or see each other). Uranus at that time was around 20.30 degrees. By that time I was not travelling but had unexpected family matters to deal with. Around that date I also had some unexpected career opportunity coming to me.

    Around the time of the eclipse on 26 February 2016 Uranus was almost in exact conjunction to my MC (22.00). It was again a time where I had changes with a complex family situation which did not allow me to travel. I also had news from this ex that were different from other talks we had. The feeling was like this eclipse was going to bring news that could be a turning point and it was somehow like that. We spoke again on 7th April and Uranus was at 24.00 degrees so over the Mercury of this person and 2 degrees from my MC. We met again at the end of May 2017 and Uranus was around 26.00 degrees (too far from my MC but over the Jupiter and close to the Mercury (24.00) of this person. At that time this person was coming back from a long distance trip). I was finding some balance with my life as I was not having house moves, family matters but still career and finances were up and down (recovering from many unexpected shake ups).

    At the eclipse on 7 July I had to put distance and stronger boundaries with this person as he was still unreliable and trying to play both sides. Uranus was at 28.13. I guess that this helped me (as well as the fact that Pluto was opposing my natal Venus) but almost one month later (so Uranus was retrograde again at 28.29) this person tried to reconnect by email using an unexpected business excuse which was bringing back some business of some years ago. At that time Uranus was in opposition to my natal mars.

    At the beginning of November I received unexpected news that I needed to move again as the landlord is selling the house. Funny enough I was also having an unexpected business trip and some complex family matters to resolve by email. Uranus was almost at 26.00.

    I had to send a business email at the end of November to this ex and Uranus was at 25.00 (so touching the Natal mercury of this person). Uranus is now approaching 24.00 (so the mercury of this person and getting close to my MC) and again I am moving and travelling before Christmas and after Christmas when Uranus will stop to be retrograde.

    I guess all of this is related to Uranus transit over my MC! Uranus rules my 7th and 8th house so I guess this also explains the financial ups ad down situation as well as the issues of this person with me in regards to emotions. Funny enough the career opportunity that came to me by December 2016 relates to money of others, separations and requires me to work a lot through internet with my client.In terms of health I feel exhausted but not sure if this is due to the retrogrades of Uranus. What I do believe is that Uranus describe quite well the health issues related to the family complex situation that I had to deal with (different issues as people have different ages and circumstances but all somehow are connected with mental health).

    As Uranus stops to be retrograde over the mercury of this ex and close to my MC (And taking into account that it makes a Trine to my vertex which is around 21 Sagittarius) should I expect Lynn unexpected news coming from this person? I am now getting into the second part of this career project that I have been dealing with since December 2016. Should I expect some kind of unexpected career news that allowed me to feel that I am moving forward and not getting stuck by all this back-and-forth situations?

    I would really be grateful to hear your thoughts about this Uranus retrogrades over my MC. Thanks. Astrology is fascinating as it can be so accurate!


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