Venus Retrograde for 2018



  • The 2004 Gemini transit was surprisingly favorable for relationships in general but a friend with Venus in Gemini in the 12th felt unloved and unappreciated…until Venus turned direct. An advertisement that I bought at the time was a relative loss and, though over-extending my self with too much relating with others, I was exhausted and contracted the Epstein-Barr Virus.
  • On the day that Venus turned retrograde in Scorpio, I was able to tell a woman, who had greatly angered me in the past, why I was angry with her – that she was always using me and taking advantage of me. It was different from what she expected and she seemed relieved.
  • In Scorpio, I observed a friend being very unkind to an elderly family member. I also observed that she has no patience with people who are ill. While Venus was in Scorpio, I was shocked but I said nothing. Later I knew that this is a great friend whom I care about dearly…but I will just not go to her when I am ill!
  • When Venus was in Scorpio, I felt resentful of needy, overly sweet and manipulative people.
  • When Venus was Retrograde in Capricorn, I was out of control with eating and my self-esteem was non-existent! A man became very angry when I did not teach astrology classes as I had intended. He took it upon himself to call local astrologers and attack my reputation. While this was disturbing, I became aware of people who did not defend me when he attacked me. I learned who I could trust.
  • With regard to financial issues, a store credited 40¢ to my account when I actually paid $40. It took months to straighten this out.
  • In Virgo into Leo, I was depressed a lot, feeling alone and isolated and feeling sorry for myself for the most part as Venus retrograded back into my 12th House. Health problems became a major issue for a lot of people. With Venus in Leo, we were very aware that our needs were not being met.
  • In Aries, it was entirely different! I attended a conference in Serbia. I met some wonderful people who urged me to get on an E-List and this changed my life. I later learned that many people did not size up my personality correctly. As a 12th House person in the midst of outgoing people, I came across as shy and not very knowledgeable. In later meetings, they were amazed that I was not this way at all. I have subsequently become very good friends with many of the people I met in Belgrad.

*Overall, many people contacted me who I had not seen for a long time. Over and over again with each Venus Retrograde, people re-connected from my past!

  • In 2007, I had my Greatest Astrological Picnic with Venus Retrograde. As advertised, many people from my past attended and a lot of shy people came because they felt that it would be a special day for shy people. Everyone commented that this was the best picnic ever. People really helped with the clean-up which has not always happened.
  • In late December 2013 through January 2014, I reconnected with people from my elementary school. Since so many of my friends have died or moved away, reconnecting with people from my past has been very helpful. Venus was in Capricorn at the time.
    Sometimes we do experience relationship difficulties and stresses but, if it is a good relationship, the differences will not affect the quality of association. It is important to realize that, in a relationship, the problems that you experience in the beginning of the union will always be there and only get worse in time. These are the basic differences between you and the other person. You should make an evaluation at the time of Venus retrograde to determine if you can tolerate and understand these differences. I have been through many Venus Retrograde cycles and the good relationships are still with me.
    While we can readily distinguish the problems in a current relationship, this will not be true of a relationship formed while Venus is retrograde. Because the retrograde motion alters our perspective, we are unable to see the obvious and we can too easily misread the signals. Before eloping or making wedding plans, wait until Venus turns direct to get a balanced perspective. This Venus does not imply deception but rather a distorted perspective and attitude. Faulty presumptions can be easily made. For example, if you meet someone at the tennis court, it does not necessarily mean that the person likes tennis. Maybe that person was simply there to pick up a friend! These presumptions can cause erroneous evaluations and eventual disappointment when we discover that the person of our dreams is not what we thought at all!
    In August-September 2015, I felt that another period was disappointed in me. This made me despondent but all was fine after it turned Direct.

Years ago when I first studied astrology, I warned my parents about spending excessively on an antiquing trip when Venus was retrograde. To my surprise, they came back with the best bargains! They discovered many valuable antiques with very low prices because the seller did not know their value. Purchasing real estate is not always a problem with Venus retrograde. If you know that the property is a bargain, you can make an excellent deal. Discrimination is essential. Do not be motivated by a flashy appearance.
According to Delphine Jay, who has lectured extensively on retrogrades, she finds that Venus retrograde is a favorable time for re-negotiating a financial situation such as a contract or bank loan. It can be helpful in resolving a long-standing legal matter. When Venus is station (around the retrograde/direct dates), it is a good time to change lawyers.
Mary Shea states that this is a time to reflect on the inner value of your experiences rather than outer display. Material rewards may be delayed and material or possessions that you expect to acquire may not manifest. A luxury item purchased may not please you in the long run. Relationships started now will be associated with inhibitions – clandestine or possibly more spiritual.
Something may be withheld and, if so, someone will be disappointed. Existing relationships may be up for review. Outer assurances and displays of love and affection are not readily evident. Old friends and lost loves may be contacted for a second look.

My friend and fellow astrologer, Pat Geisler, says:
While the favorable transits from Venus retrograde offer an opportunity to benefit from this transit, the afflictions cause us the most difficulty, especially in relationships. The planets involved describe some of these problems.

This is a general description of Venus afflicting a natal planet:
Sun: A time of general poor cooperation and hurt feelings. You feel that you do not get the recognition that you deserve. Pride issues can present problems.
Moon: A time of overly sensitive moods and hurt feelings. It someone gets upset with you, back off and allow the mood to pass. The person is over-reacting and irrational. There is nothing that you can really do. Attempts to appease will only make matters worse.
Mercury: A time of sensitivity through disagreement and not seeing eye-to-eye. Hurt feelings with something said. Watch communications on this date.

Venus: A general time of poor cooperation, feeling unloved and unappreciated. The sign that Venus is not transiting will block the sign needs shown by the natal Venus sign position.
Mars: Anger and jealousy can cause relating problems. Someone met at this time will have an unsettling affect upon your life. Hormones rule over reason. Love-hate situation in relating.
Jupiter: This aspect will cause phoniness and role playing in a relationship. If the person seems too nice or if the opportunity seems too good to be true, know that it is an unrealistic situation.
Saturn: Responsibilities and the demands of others will make you feel unloved and unappreciated. Learn to say NO!
Uranus: Unpredictability and erratic behavior in a relationship or an attraction to an unpredictable person is indicated. A very unstable time in both relationships and finances. Emotional upsets, financial problems, rebellious spending.
Neptune: A time of deception and misreading signals. You may be dealing with an ambivalent person. Your own passivity can get you into trouble now. Disappointment in relating.
Pluto: Relating can be intense, controlling and manipulative. Overwhelming behavior can be a signal of attention needs. Back away from any relationship that seems karmic!
Transpluto: Criticism by a perfectionist person will cause a separation and alienation.
Ascendant: Your sense of self-worth, self-esteem and sense of lovability are not good now. You can start to feel sorry for yourself and feel disappointed in others who may not meet your needs…at least, in the manner that you anticipate.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    In a job started when Venus is retrograde, be nice to everyone since you do not know who will change…and actually be friendlier later on. People often do not project themselves as they are when Venus is R. Sometimes they are in a bad place so being nice and friendly scores a lot of points….Lynn

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:
    BREEDING SHEEP & VENUS R: My father used to raise 6 sheep to keep the grass down around the pond. Even that, I have no experience with this matter. The last time Venus was Retrograde in March was in 2001. How did it go at this time for breeding?
    This should give you some type of answer….Lynn

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I find that the wedding chart does not really affect your future marriage. I know too many astrologers who have picked perfect dates for a marriage and the relationship did not last 2 years — so, do not worry about this.

    Do not calculate a chart for the marriage date and time. If there are any problems in the chart itself, seeing the chart will energize it. I know this from experience.

    The Moon does oppose Venus R. This could mean that someone could behave inappropriately at the event or there could be some hurt feelings. Be diplomatic.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:
    ONLINE DATING: People who you meet online are not as they seem anyway and, with Venus R, you need to take time and wait until it goes direct before making any decision about this person.
    Do not wait. Size him up as soon as possible.

  5. Hopeful Says:
    CONCEPTION w/ VENUS R: Babies are always conceived when planets are R without difficulty for most. You may look into the Jonas Fertility Cycles. This is a time when the Moon is at the same distance from the Sun as it was a birth. This was a technique used by a Czech astrologer in the 1950s. Sometimes it really works but not always.
  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I do not find Solar return charts helpful to me so I do not use them. Canadian astrologer, Pricilla Costello, uses them with her own interpretation style, which is very good.

            Of the eight placements Venus has in the solar return chart, one is usually consistently retrograde, though irregularities occur. Venus retrograde indicates a time of comparison and contrast. Your increased ability to distinguish and value inner qualities separate from external situations signals an opportunity to compare and contrast the importance of each. Relationships, finances, and priorities should all be reassessed on the basis of the inner qualities they exhibit in comparison to the external pleasure or stress that they generate. Your focus on internal values will tend to overshadow your need for external manifestation; consequently, you will make adjustments in your pursuit of materialistic and external goals.

            Relationships are always more important for the love you give and receive than the external trappings; however, this issue will become more evident during this year. You may be in love with a special person who treats you wonderfully, but refuses to consider marriage. If you were attracted to this person because of his or her inner qualities, it is important to appreciate your feelings for one another, and not get hung up on the legalization process. During this year you will tend to assess relationships you see or experience for the inner and outer qualities which they possess or lax. You can always find others who have the external trappings you desire without genuine caring. (Example: a verbally abusive marriage.)

            External, artificial indicators of affection are meaningless. It is the inner and sometimes less apparent qualities that are important. Your attention to this issue will make the incongruity more obvious to you. Part of this discernment process can involve frustration with personal involvements which do not conform to your external expectations of what a relationship or partner should be. Love does not necessarily occur in neat little storybook packages, and frustration results from close attention to external storybook details which cannot truly satisfy internal needs. Outer limitations stress the importance of inner beauty. Because third parties may not easily see the qualities that you appreciate in your loved one, they may criticize your choice. Their criticism will encourage you to further define the inner beauty that attracts you. Those relationships which possess no redeeming inner qualities will seem void and unfulfilling. They can be discarded regardless of the external advantages they supply.

            Values must be more closely attuned to the individual’s aesthetic appreciation and therefore may be less consistent with societal preferences and standards. One can see unique beauty in what might appear ordinary to others. Your taste in material objects might depend on the emotional qualities associated with those objects. Price or status is unimportant.

            Venus retrograde symbolizes an emphasis on the quality of life over the desire for financial gain. The money you earn should not be as important as the quality of your working environment and your satisfaction while on the job. Focusing on your inner need for contentment and fulfillment allows you to let go of a large salary, and search for an enjoyable employment position even though it may involve a pay cut. If you continue to work at a stressful job because of the pay, you may be very unhappy. Materialism will not bring you true happiness this year or any year. If you must remain in a stressful job, develop a strong belief in yourself and your abilities. Set goals that are rewarding and doable. Do not focus on your inability to perform at your best when conditions are at their worst. Some work environments are dysfunctional. Financially, this is generally a time to be conservative with funds. You cannot make good decisions about the quality of your life if you are more concerned with your monetary situation.

            Social contacts and involvement in social activities are not emphasized while Venus is retrograde in the solar return. You need more time to focus inward and may withdraw from some or all social functions because you welcome the time alone. You might no longer enjoy these functions, or you might realize that certain social relationships are too difficult and unrewarding to maintain. For those individuals who require counseling, this can be a time of isolation. Withdrawal is common with Venus retrograde, but generally any time alone can be put to good use. You could want to be alone with one special person.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    COSMETIC SURGERY: In the past, I have researched the transits when someone has cosmetic surgery. I was surprised that for truly cosmetic purposes there were strong Neptune transits. When it was something like gastro-bypass surgery, something extreme and life altering, it was a Pluto transit.
    One person had surgery done on a great day astrologically, even though Mercury was R. A stitch was left in the ear lobe and it took months to discover the source of the soreness in the ear lobe.
    I have no observations with Venus R. The

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    COSMETIC SURGERY: It sure seems like a lot of people want to have cosmetic surgery when Venus is retrograde.

    I have no experience in observing how these surgeries turn out when Venus is Retrograde.
    It is just not a time when I would personally elect to have cosmetic surgery. I have had emergency surgery with Mars and Mercury R and all went extremely well.
    I would definitely avoid electional with Mercury R as something wrong will always happen, if this is elected (not emergency)
    If I just had to select a date a surgery date when Venus is R, I would pick a date when the Moon’s aspects are all favorable before leaving the sign. The last aspect must always be good as it indicates the outcome.
    Yet, I know people who have just gone in for elective surgery when the last aspect was bad but the surgery turned out well….it just may not have lasted so long.

    I get my hair done when I need it. I used to pick good dates astrologically until I realized that I have a great hairdresser and any day I go in is always a good date. She never messes up. I think a good doctor can override bad aspects.

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:
    RELATIONSHIPS IN GENERAL & VENUS R: Venus R is a good time to see these relationships in a new light…and then let these people go in your mind.
    This requires both maturity and insight — but Venus R does offer the opportunity to see the problems in these former relationships.
    Venus R is a good time to be kind to others because many people will be feeling unloved and unappreciated at this time. It is a good time to draw out shy people and cultivate a friendship.

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BUYING CAR: When Venus is R, you need to buy something that is conservative, a bargain, so to speak. Do not buy anything luxurious or you will regret it. I always pick a date when the Moon’s last aspect is favorable, including parallals, before leaving the sign.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:
    THE VENUS TRANSIT OF 2004 and 2012: The transit of Venus is indeed a rare event. It occurs about every 125 years (guessing here).
    It occurred on June 4 2004 and again June 6 2012.
    This is Venus passing over the face of the Sun. This happens with Mercury too, a little more frequently.

    I find that new ideas break through with the Mercury transit.

    Fortuitous? Well, many of my friends found 2004 to be life altering — divorces, major illnesses, major changes that were not easy. But, indeed, life altering.

    Historically, the Venus Transit influences how we view our world — Impressionism in art, the American revolution and the concept that the common man could rule himself, discovering new worlds…it goes on. Usually, the 2nd transit marks the culmination — but I have not clue as to how this current Venus Transit has affected society.

  12. Al Says:

    Venus RX / Cosmetic Surgery – do not do it! I did my first nose job on a Ven Rx.

    The surgeon was very minimal with it. So I had it done AGAIN with a surgeon that was more aggressive and gave me the transformtion.

    I too agree, Venus RX is not the time for elective plastic surgery. In fact I wonder if Michael Jackson had some of his surgeries resulting in not liking the results and re-doing them.

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DE (6-2012): Do not trade your car in. Venus R does not mean that the car is going to be accident prone. Venus R is good for bargains.

    You need to change your attitude about the car by putting some type of protection around it. These are some suggestions —

    + High John the Conqueror Oil from Mystic Curio now located in Port Charlotte FL

    + A strong quartz crystal (I have one in my car called a shielding crystal but these are difficult to find) – you can send a thought form into the crystal for protection.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DEBBIE (10-2013): Somehow, I always seem to get renovation work started when Mercury is R. Well, last year, they discovered that the pipes under the kitchen floor had dissolved from age so a plumber had to do this before they could start on remodeling the kitchen. But, it all went well. I just did not CHOOSE to start then – it just happened.

    I do not like starting work with Mercury R because of the delays. Venus R may not be so bad for remodeling and renovating.

  15. Lynn Koiner Says:

    COSMETIC SURGERY& (10-2013): Al in an above post said that he was very disappointed with his rhinoplasty. I would never ELECT a surgery when there is a Retrograde.

    I am not a big proponent of the shadow periods, although I avoid action close to the planet’s changing direction.

    You need to pick an electional date – a day when the Moon only makes favorable aspects before it leaves the sign. I do this on my website but not so far into the future. I can let you know about the dates that you choose.

  16. Maya Says:

    PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: 5 or 6 years ago I bought a brand new BMW years ago during a Venus retrograde. The car locked itself a week after I bought it at a gas station. A flat beed truck had to pick up the car. It took 4 hours for the truck to arrive. The dealership kept the car for a week. A couple of months later the car locked itself at a gas station with our luggage in it as our family was leaving town for a vacation at Disney World for the Christmas holiday. After a multi hour wait the dealership picked up the car and we rented a new one and got our luggage out of the car. It was unbelievable. The dealership had the car for a month. The engine light came on constantly. I also paid a ridiculous amount for the car. The car salesman told me I was paying a certain amount but after I calculated the lease cost I realized I paid way over sticker price. I normally read every single word of every single document, even those statements you receive from your credit card company announcing credit term changes, so I can’t believe I didn’t pay attention. A month after I had the car I got a letter from BMW requesting increased insurance coverage that almost tripled the cost because it was a lease and BMW required a huge amount of coverage. The insurance was almost $300 per MONTH, rather than $600 every 6 months, for the total cost for the increased coverage. Every single time I got in that car I was disgusted. The day I got rid of that car was one of the happiest day of my life. 2 years after I got the car my home insurance increased from $2,400 per year for all of my policies to almost $10,000 per year.

    My sister redid her floors in her house during a Venus retrograde 7 or 8 years ago and although they look very nice to me she is unhappy every time she looks at them. Her disgust with her floors almost causes her physical pain (yes, it IS that upsetting to her). She actually wanted to sell her home as soon as the floors were done but she owes more than the house is worth and is a single parent mom working full time and going to school part time. She’s trapped. She has to live with the floors that she hates.

    Definitely don’t have elective surgery during a Venus retrograde. I had breast augmentation 9 or 10 years ago. I redid the surgery and am still not happy. I asked the doctor for C cup and got double F. When I redid them the doctor said that I could not go smaller than a DD or my skin would sag and I would be disfigured. I’m never comfortable (constantly embarrassed). Nothing I wear looks good on me (to me).

  17. Karen Says:

    HAIR CUT & COLORING EXPERIENCE: This period is not the time to have your hair cut or colored and made a mistake last time Venus was in retrograde. I was not happy with my cut and it took awhile to grow out. The color was too dark.

  18. Julie Says:

    Hi Lynn , I would very much like an ending in a relationship. I have been deeply in love with a man now for 2 years who is with someone else. I have suffered more pain then is imaginable and prayed that I would stop feeling deep love for this man who has repeatedly rejected me or ignored me for over a year & half. At first I was so optimistic as my love was so strong how could it be unrequited I thought and prayed for a happy ending. Then the depth of pain & suffering I experienced I prayed for any ending but an ending. But my love for him never goes it just keeps growing deeper & stronger with the passing of time. I have almost wanted to perform a burial ceromony to put an end so I could have a final grieving episode and an end as I keep repeated the cycle of acceptance grief hope bartering pain reality acceptance grief hope bartering….

    Do you think venus retrograde could give me the acceptance & ending I need to move on. Virgo is on my 5th house cusp after the retrograde period I should have both venus & jupiter in my 5th house & I hope this will be fortunate for my love life which has been lonely & painful for the last 2 years??

    Also how will uranus turning retrograde at the same time as venus turning retrograde impact on this ?

    Will saturn turning direct during venus retrograde period have any effect too?

    Your thoughts would be very very much appreciated!

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JULIE (7-2015): I do not know anything about your chart so I cannot say too much. People think I am a psychic but I am not.
    Neptune must be very strong in your chart and, if Neptune is connected to his personal planets, then it is difficult for you to let go of fantasizing about this man.
    The outer planets changing direction have absolutely nothing to do with relationships. Venus turning R may help you to see that you have been wasting time on a man who is a waste of time.

    If you could get angry or energize your Mars, this could help you make a break.

    Years ago I was in a relationship with — let’s call him Loser. When it ended, I found it difficult to make a break with Loser’s energies. However, I started visiting friends who lived out of town, socializing with friends, keeping busy and very active. You need to activate your MARS to move beyond this fantasy.

    By fantasy, I do not mean to sound condescending. It happens a lot when we need to escape something in our lives. My Moon in Gemini gets bored and fantasy helps. Now I travel, write, attend lectures, I am involved in groups…so there is no time for day dreams.

  20. Julie Says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. My neptune in sagitarius conjoins his neptune, sun & mercury in sagitarius. I have been trying not to think about him because just a thought can bring up overwhelming feelings of love for him which my ego does not like at all. I have battled with why I have feelings of love in my heart but in my mind feels just pain. I do feel ashamed that I feel love for this man as he has not treated me kindly at all. I think maybe I have found strong fantasies I have created to justify his unkind behaviour to me. I do spend a lot of time on my own as going through a lot of deep changes in my life. & feel I need to be by myself. Pluto is transiting my 8th house at the moment & I have pluto in my 5th house on my natal chart. I think I am going through deep changes within at the moment & this connection I have with this man is a bit of a catalyst perhaps. He caused me to end a 14 year relationship with the father of my 7 year old twin daughters. He motivated me to start my own business to learn Reiki, which has set me off onto learning so much more occult esoteric stuff. I have had Saturn transiting my 6th house where I have 7 personal planets. It has caused no end if obstacles and blocks with gaining paid work.

  21. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JULIE (7-2015): You have chosen to allow this man to destroy your life. You need to stop writing about him, get a life, and move on. You have children to care for – stop obsessing on you and this loser. And, there is not much money in metaphysical and holistic careers. Be practical and think of your children.

  22. gwen Says:

    I agree that i too have a Great hairdresser but I made an appt for Thurs 7/23 for “express keratin” treatment ….should I worry about Venus retrograde since my Sun is Leo and asc Sag??
    Thank you!!

  23. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DENISE (7-2015): Venus R in publishing would have a limited readership. Pick a good electional day to support you. I have July on this website and I will post the good days in August at the end of July.

    GWEN: I do not know what express keratin treatments are. I am not good at hair questions. If it really concerns you, ask the question and pull 3 tarot cards. If they look good, go ahead.

  24. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LIV (7-2015): Venus Retrograde has never affected a good relationship – only the bad ones whereby you see what is wrong. If there is nothing really wrong, nothing will happen.

    Years ago under Venus R, a craft shop owner called to criticize me for going to a gem show and not her open house. I realized that she was only my friend because I spent money in her shop. The connection ended then.

  25. Kristen Says:

    Thank you to everyone in this feed, it has been very informative to read all the responses regarding Venus retrograde. I appreciate your neutral approach to placements, that the intrinsic lesson is what is central, not a good or bad judgement. Feelings of self appreciation, and self worth issues were mentioned, and the way that these issues relate to our relationships. This could not hit closer to home right now for me. I would really love to hear how you feel about chronic health issues which in some way relate to self worth issues. Within this Venus retrograde I have been researching ways to treat chronic severe acne–a condition that has eaten away at my confidence and self worth for 18 years. I finally feel that I am ready to let go of the familial conditionings around religion and being myself that I believe created the condition years ago. In my research just last week I ‘discovered’ a new non-toxic treatment and had a consult today. A photosensitizing agent is applied and light therapy. It seems like a miracle–options in the past I avoided, as they could cause dangerous health risks and side effects–feels like a metaphor. However, even the hope of positive change brings up much fear and doubt and forces me to literally ‘face’ these issues. The only time I can make this work in my schedule with recovery time is August 28th. My concern is aggravated by hearing that Venus retrograde is not the time to undergo any kind of cosmetic procedure. Is this true even if the condition is medical and chronic as well? I have been looking at my chart and considering my birthday is on August 31st, and that I might get a positive boost from sun conjunct Jupiter on the 26th in Virgo. My ascendant is Libra though, so Venus does figure strongly. This issue is very close to my heart and feels like so much more than a small procedure, it feels like the possibility of freedom from an old pattern manifesting. If it isn’t a great idea, however, I am willing to be patient, as waiting and experiencing what these circumstances bring up without judgement is truly the aim. Would be very grateful if you or anyone else with experience with Venus retrograde had any advice about this.

  26. Kathryn Says:

    Hi Kristin, I feel so much empathy for your skin condition, I have suffered with adult acne off and on for years. I have some scars too. I have finally managed my acne so I just want to share what my routine is that seems to not just clear my skin but also reduce fine lines and age spots. Every night after washing my face I use Retin-A (Tretinoin) gel 0.025% which is the mildest percentage available in the gel. The stronger stuff will burn your skin. In the morning I use Clearasil cleansing wash and while I’m washing my face I gently rub off the top layer of dead skin with my finger tips. The massage seems to help bring circulation to the surface of my skin and gives it a rosy glow. My skin is also dry so I hydrate with an anti wrinkle treatment by Lancôme (they are all good but expensive) If your skin is oily then only use a little cream. Once your acne is under control, you can use more and more hydration because this treatment does dry your skin somewhat. Another thing that is amazing is having the doc put a little botox in the area where you have acne scars because sometimes its the muscles that accentuate the scars and when the muscles are relaxed the scars seem to smooth out. I would avoid any major skin treatment on Venus retrograde that could have permanent results. I’m not as worried about less invasive treatments like botox or fillers as they are not permanent. Make sure you go to a reputable doc for those. I hope this helps !

  27. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KISTEN (8-2015): First, thank you Kathryn for sharing your personal experience. I value this over theories and, next, I will give Edgar Cayce theories.

    You can Google “Edgar Cayce Acne” and get information on what Cayce said about acne. I will try to summerize.

    1 – Poor eliminations (87% in readings) so that toxins are released through the skin. For this, I always recommend the Turkey Rhubarb formula from Utah. Now it is called WORKS LIKE CLOCKWORK from This is great for everyone, as opposed to the stressful colonics. Do not follow instructions. I personally take 2 with a glass of water each day. When it finally works, you will know why my friends are thrilled with this product.

    2 – Glandular incoordinations that affected eliminations. You can try the Atomidine protocol but, for the average person, I would find a good Endocrinologist to test hormone levels in the glands. If you have afflictions to Mars (use wide orbs) and planets in Cardinal signs, you may have something called Adrenaline Dominance. Seriphos cams the adrenals by producing Serotonin (better than 5-HTP). THis should be taken at night on an empty stomach. It is very relaxing.

    3 – Deficiencies in the blood, especially iron. Nutritional tests can be run by your doctor.

    If you try any of these suggestions, let us know what works.

  28. Kelly Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Just to clarify. Elected cosmetic surgery not ideal during Venus RX but what if you need to do a fairly mom invasive surgical procedure and the recovery time is short but ideal to schedule around the long holiday or somewhere btwn aug 28-SEPT 4. If you are an aries -Jupiter is in our house of health and fitness. Can we move forward or do you still advise, if we can wait to do so after Sept 8th. It’s a small procedure but will allow me to focus on something bigger in the future.

    Thanks for responding to this question and all the others the information has been enlightening


  29. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KELLY (8-2015): When a surgery is necessary, the Retrogrades are no concern. I broke by foot off (held on only by the skin) when both Mercury and Mars were Retrograde. Surgery HAD to be done and, even now after almost 30 years,
    I have no arthritis in that foot.

    What concerns me is that you picked a time near the Crises Full Moon, on August 29. August 30 is a Sunday. September 1 is a good electional date and the Moon is moving away from the Full Moon.

  30. nina Says:

    Hello. i was born with venus retrograde in 1999 on august 21st. i have a question about when it will go back to direct. the retrograde of that year was from july 30th to september 10. Will i stay in venus retrograde until i am 20 since there were only 20 days left of that retrograde?

  31. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NINA (12-2015): It depends upon your time of birth but it will change directions when you are about 20-21 years it will turn Direct. It signifies a relationship event that will powerfully impact your life.

    However, your Venus will always be retrograde for your entire life. This was the wrong article to read — read my natal retrogrades instead.

    Natal Venus R or turning retrograde close to birth was almost always involved with rescuers during the Holocaust – even Schindler had this.

  32. Michelle Cremer Says:

    Quick question on Neptune retrograde as it applies to cosmetic surgery. I have read that Neptune retrograde is a no-go for cosmetic surgery and I wonder what your opinion is. I understand Venus retrograde, but not Neptune. All things seem ok for me but for this aspect. I’d be grateful for your opinion.

  33. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MICHELLE (5-2016): There is a lot of junk on the internet and this statement about Neptune R is one of them. It is retrograde for almost half the year – every year! I have actually found that people have cosmetic surgery under strong Neptune transits, even the so-called bad aspect.

    One client who came to my home showed me her new “hooters” when I mentioned that Neptune crossing her Venus in Cancer could lead to this.

  34. Kelly Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I just came out of a relationship with someone whom I met mid March 2014. On June 15 of this year we took a break (Mars retrograde was not kind to us), and last night, July 3rd, hours before the new moon, we ended things for now. Incompatibility was not the problem; we both need to work out some of our own issues in order to be in a happy relationship. We agreed on minimum 2 months of no contact. I am wondering for the second part of 2016 and the year 2017, if there are any points that you believe are a fortuitous time to reconnect with a loved one. I have read that Venus retrogrades are an ideal time to rekindle. Thanks so much for your insight in advance.


  35. Kelly Says:

    By the way, this may help with above. I am an Aries with Libra rising, and he is a Cancerian (astrologically odd match, but we both have some tendencies of the other’s sign(s), and we click).


  36. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KELLY (7-2016): I cannot tell anything from he’s a Cancer and I am an Aries – only that it is a very difficult sign combination.

    BUT, I can answer the Venus R question. No, Venus R does not bring a troubled relationship back into your life. Venus R allows you to see more clearly the problems and issues that eluded you in the past. Cancer probably feels very insecure around you because you are so different. Let him go and move on.

  37. Lizzy Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I have someone in my heart for a while, he knows about My feelings for him but still nothing is happening between us. Do you think there is a possibility for us being together during this Venus R? I’m Taurus and he’s a Scorpio/Sagitarius. Is it true than Venus R is taking place on July 19th till September 24th this year? 2016?

    Thank you!


  38. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LIZZY (7-2016): Did you read this article at all? In the first sentence, I gave the dates in 2017 when Venus is R. Nothing goes R on July 19. A man who has feelings for a woman will act on those feelings rather quickly. If nothing is happening, nothing is going to happen. Let this go – as painful as this sounds. No, Venus turning R in 2017 will not change his feelings for you. But, you are a Taurus and Taurus rarely hears what they do not want to hear.

  39. Parth Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Nice article as usual. I have a couple of queries. When you said Rx Venus is afflicting a natal planet, are we considering hard aspects (like conjunction, opposition, square to the natal planet) or there is something more to it?
    Secondly, is there any significance of nodes getting involved in the affliction? Since you have considered outer planets in the list.

  40. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Yes, there can be a brief period when the transiting Venus R makes a square or opposition to a natal planet that it can trigger the negative R effects – hurt feelings and a relationship stresses.

    The conjunction can go either way because it can actually bring someone back into your life. If it brings a relationship, it is often either unconventional or temporary.

    Two astrologers who met back in the early 1980s under Venus R never married — until 2015 when one of them needed surgery and being married (civil and nothing formal) allowed the partner to make medical and legal decisions.

  41. Laura Says:

    Curious. I am starting a line of clothing which will launch when Venus goes into retrograde. It’s a higher price point line of clothing. Will I find success? My finances have been really strained all through 2016…

  42. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LAURA (12-2016): I cannot tell anything about what is going on in your chart. Take heed against any difficult Neptune transits. BUT, it would never start a clothing line with Venus R. I know that our local Mall started years ago with Venus R and it eventually went bankrupt. Venus R only favored the low end clothing and this did not support the Mall.

  43. Aitana Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for your helpful article. I have a question: I suspect (and I have good reasons for this) that my boyfriend will propose to me on my birthday, March 30th. How could Venus retrograde affect this event?
    Many thanks!

  44. Chris Says:

    Hello, I love your insight and would greatly appreciate your advice. I have a question about an elective, cosmetic surgery. I have already picked out the date March 6th, due to timing and travel (out of state) issues. Would it be best to hold off a few months before following through? Would having the surgery on March 3rd be much better? It would be difficult to work this out but I can make it happen if it’s a more auspicious date. I’m nervous and want things to go smoothly as possible. I’ve always heard warnings against cosmetic procedures during Venus Rx. Please help if you are able to. I can also send details about my Birthdate if this would be of help. Thank you so much

  45. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CHRIS (1-2017): The Moon is well aspected on March 3 but, as you know, Venus turns R on the 4th. The 6th is not well aspected.

  46. Lori Says:

    I have a cosmetic surgery scheduled for March 7, 2017 and just discovered all the bad news about Venus Retrograde. I can’t change the date because I have a girls trip to celebrate my birthday in May. Now I am nervous. Is this everyone’s view?

  47. Lily Says:

    Hi Lyn ,
    I have cosmetic surgery scheduled for 21 Feb . We are in shadow period ,is that day OK since it is my face .
    Thank you ,

  48. Carrie Says:

    Lyn, I’m also interested to hear your thoughts from Lori’s question above. I also have a cosmetic surgery scheduled March 7th (secondary rhinoplasty) and concerned about doing it during this period. Would like your thoughts! Thank you

  49. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CARRIE (2-2017): I wrote to Lily privately as Venus will not be R then and I am not a big believer of the shadow period. No, I would not have surgery just before a planet changed directions. However, you are having this during Venus R.
    I would not do this then but it may be too late to change the date. Yet, I know people who have had surgery during unfavorable periods and it all turned out well.

  50. Sofia Says:

    Hi Lynn in the year of 2017 Venus retrograde takes place in my 8th house. I have some responsibility concerning my taxes but just come about the revelation I may have been ripped off by a man who did my taxes years ago as of now I will be going to my local irs office to ask the question has anyone receiving my taxes back. Not to pleasant but this retrograde have all kinds of suspicion was just getting stronger and stronger due to the 12th house 02/11 eclipse witch also made contact with my natal mars,keep you updated.

  51. Kathryn Says:

    Hello Lynn! Back to another Venus retrograde period, this time Venus conjuncts my Mars at 10 degrees Aries then back tracks over it then when direct goes back over it again! My Mars in general is aspected favorably to Uranus (trine). When this happens during a retro period would you call it a learning experience because obviously its a time of retrospection not action….since Aries is not really a retrospective sign I would think this would be hard for people with Aries strong in their chart! Do you have any advise for Aries people or people with planets in Aries being conjuncted by retro Venus? I’m a Cancer sun.
    Thank you! Happy to see your postings up again!

  52. Kathryn Says:

    …one thing I can add to my post above, so far my experience of Venus conjuncting my Mars I’ve noticed that I’ve been compelled to champion womens causes, not petty causes but real causes like physical abuse of women not just in the USA but in other countries as well.

  53. Sabrina S Says:

    Greetings. Great stuff in here. Thank you!
    On March 3, right before Venus went Rx, I made a decision to order a new car. (Horrors I know with Venus Rx but it wasn’t Rx yet!!!). This was through a broker. A BMW. The lease price was fantastic as I shopped around A LOT. She did not get the paperwork done before Venus went Rx but told me on Tue Mar 7 that she ordered the car. I said I wanted to see the paperwork FIRST and check with my tax guy as this is a business lease. I have not had time to contact her this past week nor I have checked with the tax guy. The car was more than I wanted to pay for a lease in general but a fantastic price on this car. Ironically, she crazily did not get a deposit from me – $1000 is required and non-refundable. So I can get out of this since I have put no money into it. My thoughts based on all of this is that I should cancel and wait. However, the car will not be delivered for 8 to 12 weeks – likely when Venus is in Taurus. I am Taurus rising Sag (hello Saturn!) with every personal planet in Capricorn. I don’t like making mistakes!!! I wanted this done BEFORE Venus went Rx but it didn’t happen. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  54. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SABRINA (3-2017): I am in Europe so I cannot do much. Why a BMW? Do you know how much an oil change costs on these cars. It is not easy to do this. I would cancel and wait.
    I am traveling with Venus R and it has not been good! KLM is charging for every little thing — they even weigh my carry on. This is more costly than I thought.

  55. Taz Harris Says:

    I have Venus rx 11° natally in my 10th house but in Virgo (11the house cusp). Transiting Venus rx is 11° Aries(6th house). How will I be affected?

  56. Sabrina S Says:

    Lynn … The BMW is a lease. Basically you rent the car for three years and then turn it back in. The oil changes and warranty stuff is all covered because you only keep the car 3 years/12,000 miles. I drive 40 miles to work and back 3-4 days a week and 60 miles to the airport 2-3 times a month. I really enjoy driving and appreciate the BMW ride and performance. You can get way more for your money when leasing. This car is all wheel drive and a convertible. I’m a bit of a Motörhead which is unusual for a woman!!! I also have a Toyota Tacoma for personal use. I don’t want just any old cheap ass sedan. Not my style. As it turns out, I did cancel this order because I saw the interior in person and I HATED IT!!! And the trim I picked out would not have matched either. So a new color, new roof color and new interior are all in order. How Venus retrograde to completely change your mind on “colors” and “trim.” I have not consented to anything yet, however. Thanks for your feedback! And safe travels to you!

  57. SS Says:

    how (venus retrograde) worked for me.
    creative projects that I was once in love with returned from 20 years ago such as writing; plays, poetry, books and working with children by reaching out to volunteer then turned to job opportunity that I won’t accept until venus goes direct. able to get fully over a past relationship that’s been over. met a new love, super romantic seems to good to be true so i’m just having fun. He’s not coming to my house and i’m not going to his either for now anyway. I’m a Scorpio!

  58. Tia Says:

    I’ve been havin major anxiety this retrograde. Over nothing particular. Just everything! Loss of sleep. Never tired. Turned off from my creative pursuits, like writing and querying my book to get an agent. I feel like crying all the time. I’m sure a lot of this is pmdd, but I feel like it’s an energy greater than me. Could retrograde be behind this influence.

  59. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TIA (3-2017): It is unlikely that Venus R is the true culprit. I would look at transits from Saturn outward and the progressed Moon in your chart.

    Venus R, if it aspects your chart, can make you feel unloved and unappreciated…and even isolated at times.

    Venus was R about 7 years ago when I traveled to Europe. During the time it was R, people were depressed due to health issues or a death in the family – it made me sad. Then, it turned D on the day I left for Slovenia and everything changed Everyone was well and happy.
    On this current trip (I am in Poland), I was sick for the 1st 5 days of the trip – a time when I wanted to be hiking. I have had bad ticket karma on this trip (miss train, wrong date on another ticket and no refund) and it has been more costly than I anticipated.

    I do not know what PMDD is but, if it is premenstral, Wild Yam and Chaste Tree from the health food store used to help me in the past.

  60. Paola Says:

    @Tia lol so am , Lynn i feel like i have PMS but im not sure !! Can venus affect how i feel about work i started on my career and relationship and left home about 7 -8 years ago and now ive finally completed my studies and happy with where i am but i stil feel there is a lack…

    Im never and never have been a materialistic person but, man, i feel like i desperately need to prove myself through work, also with the new age of feeling really old and like im running out of time……

    I dreamt of a bug massive yellow sunflower, any thoughts ?!?!?

  61. Kathryn Says:

    One little bright light~ Venus will be in sextile to Mars for part of the time it stations in square to Saturn this month

  62. Milton Says:

    Need some help..

    Seems venus Rx impacts are absolutely happening true for me since March 8th. I have lost conjugal happiness where my wife left me (after 5 yrs of marriage) and home by taking her belongings. Some misunderstandings exploded and never thought this would happen. It’s been more than a month now and my hope is kind of dwindling day by day whether we we will be reconciled. Have tried a lot by sending messages but becoming futile, as she is not willing to talk, reply and feeling unloved:-(

    Awaiting if venus turning direct could help from 15th Apr.

    I kw just a date of birth will not help, just sharing though..
    Myself Leo : born 6th Aug 1977.
    Wife is Taurus: 16th May

    Any hopes for me for reuniting??
  63. Ruby Says:

    Could you please give me some advices. Should I wait to see his next move or should I give up?

    Thank you very much Lynn!

  64. Lynn Koiner Says:

    RUBY (4-2017): Give Up! If you really paid attention to my article, you would know that Venus R is a terrible time to start a serious relationship.

    Astrologically, you are a total mis-match! Most are your planets are in opposite signs. Forget him and move on…it is sad but replace him with someone or some thing else.

  65. Virgo Says:


    I was wondering how Venus retrograde affects a person who is born in the beginning of the shadow period? And also how it affects the mother when giving birth during the shadow phade?


  66. Lynn Koiner Says:

    VIRGO (5-2017): First, I have no idea about a mother giving birth during a shadow period, if at all. The Shadow Period is something only popular since the Millennium (2000). So, I am not in the habit of considering it.

    If one is born in the beginning of the shadow period, this means that, using 2ndary progressions, there can be a time in the life when Venus will turn Retrograde by progression. This can mark a time of re-evaluating relationships. There can be a loss at this time that affects future relating and friendships, what we need to feel loved and appreciated changes.

  67. Eleanor Says:


    Venus rx says a bit there about beauty and baubles but I’m having a squabble over its effect on professional relationships. Clearly it might be a bad idea to start an office romance at this time but what about hiring former employees? We have a Mercury rx starting right after venus turns direct this month, is it possible that they’ll leave? Do you think it might be a case of coming back to repeat former behavior?

    By the way, I can relate to skin problems when venus transits certain signs…like libra. When it hits rx libra my skin starts drying up even though I’m using deep moisturizers and exfoliants plus hydrating masks. It’s maddening because I’ll break out too..and odd because my routine worked like a charm before dancing back into a square.

    ANSWER: Venus R definitely affects professional relationship. Even in my own case, a couple of incidences have come up that are quite uncomfortable. Smoothing things over when appropriate is helpful. But, when you hire under Venus R, you can misread the person and find out the facts later on. With Mercury R, they usually quit or get fired. You have to wait until December for the best aspects. If you do not mind, I will put you on my Astro-Column list so that you get the Good Days first.


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