WORKING WITH NATAL ECLIPSES: An Excellent Lecture/Workshop by Bill Meridian
Bill Meridian, who lives with his Austrian wife and astrologer, Surya, works with the writings and teachings of the late Charles Jayne. Bill has been able to distill Jayne’s writings so that they are understandable by all astrologers, not just the astrological intellectuals. I can only give the highlights of his talk. Ideally, you should order his book from – Dave will mail it out immediately and he mails internationally as well.

First, he gives Eclipse Rules:
1. Events that occur in the days around an eclipse are always memorable. He uses a time orb of plus or minus 10 days. Events that occur 7-10 before an eclipse work out in an unexpected fashion. Jayne states that these events are not always anticipated. These events are more fated.
2. Solar Eclipses can have an effect up to 3 to 6 months before they occur and as long as 1 year afterwards. The Lunar Eclipse can have an effect about 6 weeks before and after the lunar eclipse, according to Jayne. However, Meridian has observed events connected to the eclipse to occur as long as 1.5 years after the phenomena.
3. Eclipses occurring before or after the birth have an effect upon the life of the individual. If a natal eclipse is eclipsed again – that is, occurring near the same degree – the effects are very powerful. Eclipses near birth have an effect upon the life of the individual. At birth, the eclipse will last for your entire life – this affects the career orientation.
4. It has been traditionally thought that the path of an eclipse is not of concern unless you are a political leader or if you visit that area. Meridian has observed that such paths do affect the average person.
5. With regard to eclipse paths, the central path is the mot powerful and the eclipse path of a Total Eclipse is the most powerful. Eclipses add energy to any activity that takes place near them.
6. Eclipses stimulate the energy of the planet before it occurs and then triggers after it occurs.
7. Look at the Converse progressions for the timing of Pre-Natal Eclipses
8. Event triggers can be the transiting Sun squaring the Nodes or the transiting Mars squaring the Nodes. 9. It is my experience and Meridian states the same that events that commence just before an eclipse tend to flop. I say that some other event will “eclipse” the situation and I always use the example of Charles and Cammilla who were supposed to marry just before an eclipse…and then the Pope died so that they had to change their wedding date! Eclipses can affect a collective destiny in a group event – such as something happening to a group of children. But, whatever you do around an eclipse takes on great importance.
10. Eclipses conjunct the Sun-MC-Asc are the most important. Eclipses increase awareness, even if it is a health problem that makes you aware of a physical problem.
11. MOST INTERESTING: Eclipses on the birth dates of royalty will end the royal line – Diana, Charles and Katie were born on eclipses! I cannot find this passage now but I definitely remember reading a Nostradamus prediction that said that Charles would be the last king of England.
12. Meridian advised doing a synastry chart with the natal and eclipse chart to see how these work.

13. Eclipse paths at the Poles will have a global or international impact upon the world
14. Eclipses on your Sun give you power; eclipses opposing the Sun will take power away.
The theme of his talk was to look at the eclipse path of the Solar Eclipse before birth. My PNE occurred on July 9 1945 at 16 degrees of Cancer.

My Solar Eclipse Path crosses Hudson Bay and northern Canada, Greenland, Sweden and Finland and finally ends in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. These places, so far, have no meaning for me. There has never been an eclipse exactly on the PNE degree but, on July 10 1953, July 9 1964, July 11 1991, and July 11 2010, an eclipse occurred within one or two degrees of 16 Cancer. If I allowed a wide time orb given by Meridian, I can say that the periods around 1964, 1991 and 2010 were significant.

Yet, when Meridian shows charts that appear in his book, the Eclipse Paths of famous people, including himself, were very important. His own Eclipse Path goes through Austria – he is married to an Austrian astrologer and he lives in Austria. I can only suggest that you try this yourself to see how it works.

Another technique is to progress planets to the PNE eclipse point. In 1983 through Spring 1985, my progressed Mars was at 16 degrees of Cancer. This was a significant time for me in that I began my studies in Esoteric Astrology and Psychology, taught by Alice A. Bailey. I can truly say that this was a life-altering period in my life because I am still applying this form of esoterics to my natal and medical research. My progressed Moon at 16 Cancer has not revealed anything of major importance.

There is much more to Meridian’s methods that I am applying to my chart. His examples always work. Our Slovenian member, Ema Kurent, has had great success working with his theory of eclipses. And, eclipses are definitely very important!

Using the Synastry technique, the July 9 1944 eclipse throws a great emphasis upon the 11th House. It is strong in my natal chart as well, being the home of the ruler of my 10th and 3rd cusps. I am an only child who grew up on a farm, over a mile from the nearest children of my age. It was a wonderful life on the farm and a very lonely life as well. Saturn in the 11th often indicates that the individual grew up in a world of adults and not easily relating to one’s peer group. This Saturn often assumes responsibility roles in groups in order to connect with others. This is very true for myself – in my position of responsibility, people have to come to me. I do not have to reach out myself. I have learned everything about myself through group interaction, teaching in groups and coordinating groups. It is the field of my life lessons. This may be emphasized by my PNEclipse in the 11th House.

Something else that works using the Meridian theory – if I progress conversely to my PNE, this occurred when I was 52 years of age, 1997-98. If I have to think of one of the turning points in my life, it would be 1997-early 1998. I made dramatic changes and I will never be the same again – it was a good thing.

This link gives a long list of Eclipses:

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ECLIPSE ON BIRTHDAY (4-2013): An eclipse or even a New or Full Moon falling on your birthday indicates a major change within the coming year – it is just a change, not a bad change.
    Look to the House position of your Sun to determine that area of your life that will be affected.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PI (4-2013): INITIATING JUST BEFORE AN ECLIPSE: You asked a good question. Do not initiate during the 2 days before and the day of the eclipse. If you initiate just before the eclipse, something will “eclipse” the event.

    A great example occurred on the wedding day of Prince Charles and Camilla – on the day of an eclipse. Well, the Pope died that day and they had to reschedule the wedding.

    It is not gloom and doom but something happens that takes the energy away from the event.
    This period only lasts 3 days, not a week before through a week after.

  3. Micheline Says:

    Hi Lynn. This is really a fascinating subject. I had a Solar Eclipse two days before my birth (born Dec.6/1964). The eclipse was at 11 degrees Sag 56. Almost 12d! Remember you told me that my point of Sonia was at 11! How cool is that!!!! I was wondering if there was a way to find out its path. I am really curious!!! Thanks for posting and writing about this!

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MICHELINE (9-2013): The path of the eclipse can be found at
    but the Solar Fire program is a lot easier.

    Usually, something happened in the family when you were around 2 years of age.

    Using converse progressions (going backward), my PNEclipse was triggered when I was 52. This was a powerful transformational yer for me. I made some major changes and, as a result, I lost a dear friend. I started catching her in lies – for no reason except that she was a Gemini. But, it was significant because I was older.

    Unlike Bill Meridian, I have not found my Eclipse Path significant. I goes up northern Canada and over into Greenland down into a remote part of the world. Yet, if it does cross major continents, I am sure those part of the world will be important.

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Classic critical degrees are as follows:

    0, 13, and 26 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)

    8-9 and 21-22 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius); and

    4 and 17 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

    These are considered sensitive, and sometimes strengthening, points. If a natal planet is found in a critical degree, that planet is thought to be emphasized and to assume more power in the life of the native due to its placement. ——————————————————————-
    I have Uranus at 17 Mutable and it is powerful in a positive way so the word Critical does not mean bad.
    I have Mercury at 21:59 Leo and I am a writer and communicator. It is a great planet and a strong one in my chart.

    These degrees must be EXACT in the natal chart.

    In horary astrology (time of a question), a critical degree means the issue is very important or it has reached a critical point for the person asking the question.

    Jan, your Sun-Moon-Uranus are not on critical degrees and they were not affected by that eclipse so this eclipse was not important in your chart.

    Eclipses in specific degrees are not rare. They occur at that place about every 19 years – Metonic Cycle of eclipses.

    So many planets in Cardinal signs have been bad enough — mechanical problems (computer crises-car died), relationship crises (everyone is writing about anger crises) and health issues (even my neighbor’s little dog has a tumor on her lung).
    So, I would not worry about an eclipse that does not activate anything specifically in your chart.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    VICKY (1-2015):
    ECLIPSE ON BIRTHDAY: An eclipse or even a New or Full Moon falling on your birthday indicates a major change within the coming year – it is just a change, not a bad change.
    Look to the House position of your Sun to determine that area of your life that will be affected.

    This was written in Post 1. Vicky, I never interpret an eclipse aspect by itself. It needs to be taken into consideration with the other transits and progressions occurring in your life.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ECLIPSE ON MC (3-2015): I feel that the eclipse conjunct the MC is far more important. If the eclipse is not conjunct a natal planet, it is not significant to me.

    I personally have only had great experiences with an eclipse on my MC. However, the eclipse is less important than the outer planet transits.

    I emphasize the transits to natal; progressed to natal; and progressed to progressed in the chart, more than eclipses.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BECKY (3-2015): I have never had an injury when an eclipse occurred on my Ascendant. There is a great book, published a long time ago, TABLES OF PLANETARY PHENOMENA , by Neil Michelson. It lists the eclipses by degrees so that I can find the ones that occurred on my Ascendant very quickly.

    I have only experienced Lunar Eclipses on my Ascendant at 2 Virgo and these were significant periods for me. The first, in February 1970, occurred just after I began doing astrology professionally — I started to charge. The next occurred in 1989 – a powerful turning point for me when I began traveling to Europe for the first time (an how every year since then) and this has transformed my entire life.

    So, I disagree with the injury statement and I agree with the 2nd statement. Good question — because I know the answer!

  9. Lita Says:

    Hi Lynn!
    Like some others here, my Ascendant is at 29 Pisces, so i got that total solar eclipse right on it. I am pleased to say that i found myself maintaining a whole new degree of healthy boundaries rather than continuing to compensate for or embracing unacceptable relationship behavior from a guy I’d started seeing. Yay! But i’d really love to hear your more general interpretation of a total solar eclipse on one’s Ascendant. Everything else i’ve seen about this on the Internet is super-vague—“increasing awareness,” etc, as if that weren’t happening all the way around the wheel. I’m asking this question also as a means to better understand the Ascendant itself!

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ECLIPSE ON ASC (3-2015): I do not know what more I can say about ASC Eclipses. As I said earlier…I have only experienced Lunar Eclipses on my Ascendant at 2 Virgo and these were significant periods for me.

    The first, in February 1970, occurred just after I began doing astrology professionally — I started to change.

    The next occurred in 1989 – a powerful turning point for me when I began traveling to Europe for the first time (an how every year since then) and this has transformed my entire life.

    All I can add is that these periods were major turning points in my life. And really GOOD turning points.

    In 2007, there was a Solar Eclipse at 28 Pisces so you can look to this time for some turning point in your life.

    While I only use conjunctions, the 2007 Solar Eclipse did trine my Venus in Cancer in the 11th House. Right around the time of this eclipse, I lectured at the Baltimore NCGR. This was the first time that I had lectured on my specialty (medical astrology) in my own area. This was also a turning point in my profession. As a result of this lecture, I started my Common Cures articles and I learned more as I organized by knowledge.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:


    LYNN: I have found that the Lunar Eclipses force me to address my feelings. It is an emotional time which what you seemed to have done.

    Comment: The lunar eclipse on 4th April 2015 drove me crazy a week before – everything that can possibly go wrong, went wrong within 7 days

    - I abruptly left my meditation group due to a sex scandal of the group leader
    - I fired my maid
    - I ask my parents to move out of my home
    - I punished my own dog very hard (which is unlike me as I am totally against using corporal punishment on animals)
    - my husband is making me surrender 2 out of 3 dogs of mine for adoption
    - I had major emotional breakdown compounding with nerve related physical manifestation.

    This prompt me to do a lot of research and stumbled into your eclipse related article:
    1) This Lunar Eclipse conjunct my MC at 14 degrees Libra (and opposite sun on my IC that day)
    2) I was born 24th November 1984 in Asia, just under 24 hours universal time after the 22nd November 1984 Total Solar Eclipse.

    Funny though, I started a job on 6th April, just 2 days after the eclipse, so far it is the most relaxing and easy job I have had in my life – easy money, very nice colleague and very low workload (and, and AND – it is a 6 months contract!).

    Just before 6th April, I was having these deep exhaustion and thought to myself that this can possibly be the worst time ever to report to work. I am glad I mustered the energy and did report to work.

  12. Diana Says:

    I just came across the correspondence regarding what to expect from an eclipse conjunct one’s Ascendant. A few years ago my husband’s Ascendant hosted an eclipse in Virgo. Virgo represents work and health. A few month’s later my husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons. Then, because his job required him to drive, and they were worried about liability, his company let him go. But, because he was in his late 50’s (soon after he had his Virgo Saturn Return), and he had been with the company for 31 years, plus they didn’t want to have him file a lawsuit over age discrimination, they gave him a nice settlement. He started a new career doing photography and often says he can’t believe how happy he is. So, yes, the eclipse was ‘bad’. He got Parkinsons and lost his job. BUT, 21st century medications for Parkinsons have made his life almost normal AND he loves what his is doing every day, plus, he has a reasonable pension. He considers himself very lucky, and the eclipse spurred the changes he needed to ultimately be more happy.

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DIANA (5-2015): Thank you so much for sharing this. A lot of people write asking what does the eclipse on a planet or angle mean – eclipses are only triggers for whatever is happening with the transits and progressions.

    Eclipses when conjunct something in our chart do trigger change as you have indicated. I am so happy that this has all worked out for the best and your husband is doing well.

    Let me add something about health. First, I find that people with Parkinsons are usually very psychic and sensitive to their relationships. WOW! And you say that he switched to a creative career!

    Second, there was research conducted last year with mice – not people. They found the cinnamon halted Parkinsons in its tracks! I was disbelieving and I called a nurse at Life Extensions. A week later she emailed the research information and said that it was just plain cinnamon – but it was on mice and the amount for humans has not been determined. There are different types of cinnamon and the best quality comes from the Far East.

    THe LEF sells a cinnamon formula for diabetes to lower blood sugar. If this was me, I would give their supplement a try but always ask your doctor first.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Here are my notes from Dr. Platt -

    It is actually caused by something called Adrenaline Dominance – it is a cycle of stress that upsets our hormones.

    ADRENALINE DOMINANCE: First, it seems that I attribute everything to Adrenaline Dominance. This is more common now with Uranus and Pluto in Cardinal signs, triggering stress reactions to personal and global events.

    • Adrenaline/Epinephrine is released when the body feels stressed or is
    confronted with some type of thread.
    • Adrenaline increases the sugar level in the body (it helps make the brain
    feel alert)
    • Excess Adrenaline can produce anger and even rage (think of road rage)
    • Blood flows to the brain and muscles (what we need in a time of
    • Blood flow is reduced in non-essential organs such as the gastrointestinal
    tract and the kidneys

    If the brain is not receiving sufficient fuel (glycogens from carbohydrates such as with the low carb diets), adrenaline is triggered to stimulate the production of glycogens. We feel sleepy without glycogens – coffee triggers adrenaline release and we wake up!
    There is a close relationship between adrenaline and insulin. If we do not exercise sufficiently or burn up the glycogens when they are released, the pancreas/Islets of Langerhans releases insulin.

    “Under the conditions for which adrenaline was originally designed, all or most of the elevated blood sugar would have been burned up during the fight-or-flight response. Insulin was only needed to take care of small levels of residue sugar.”

    “However, nowadays, because of continuous low-level stress, ongoing excess adrenaline, and not enough activity to use up the sugar, much of the sugar is not burned up. So, insulin moves this extra sugar into fat cells, where it is turned into fat (even if you do not eat a lot).” Even worse, the increase of adrenaline makes the individual feel stressed – or more stressed.

    The end result of this process is an increase in Cortisol. The first effect from the Cortisol is an increase in sugar – so the body can have energy to physically fight the dragons. If there are no dragons and only stress, the sugars are driven into the fat cells of the body, which promotes hypoglycemia, which in turn “prompts the body to release adrenaline and cortisol to raise the sugar level again in a cascade of hormones.”

    As indicated, Cortisol leads to osteoporosis, it impacts the heart (rhythm), it increases coronary artery calcification…among other effects listed in this Profile.

    The adrenals and adrenal stress eventually impacts the thyroid gland. “It causes T4 (thyroxin) to convert into T3, a form of thyroid that the body cannot use. The resulting hypothyroid state is not detectable if only the
    T4 level and not the T3 level is tested. Excess Cortisol can promote thyroid resistance at thyroid receptor sites.”

    Eventually, Cortisol impacts the pituitary gland, where it suppresses the production of thyroid-stimulating hormone and growth hormones. Treatment must regulate adrenaline-cortisol-insulin, the 3 major hormones associated with stress.


    First, Dr. Platt feels that the root of AD is a brain hungry for fuel.

    “This is best achieved by following an appropriate meal plan (low glycemic foods), bio-identical hormones (yes, even men need progesterone) and nutritional supplementation needed to support the brain function.” The positive results can occur within 24 hours!

    The brain can be low in sugar for two reasons: 1) the over-production of insulin, which causes the blood sugar to drop;

    2) the individual is not eating correctly.
    Low glycemic carbohydrates are digested more slowly and release sugar more steadily. Most low glycemic foods are green vegetables, which are the perfect food for the brain. People who live on adrenaline usually skip breakfast, except for coffee, and they do not eat regular meals. Adrenaline takes away the appetite.

    The only hormone that helps to control adrenaline/cortisol is Progesterone.

    This should be applied in the form of a bio-identical transdermal cream. It possibly blocks insulin at its receptor sites. Progesterone always the individual to maintain the sedentary lifestyle of working in an office without the negative side effects. In women, Progesterone blocks the negative effects of excess estrogen – cramps, migraine headaches, fibroids, POSD, asthma, gall bladder disease and even certain cancers. MEN NEED PROGESTERONE TOO!

    1. Low GI Foods (55 or less)
    • 100% stone-ground whole wheat or pumpernickel bread.
    • Oatmeal (rolled or steel-cut), oat bran, muesli.
    • Pasta, converted rice, barley, bulgar.
    • Sweet potato, corn, yam, lima/butter beans, peas, legumes and lentils.
    • Most fruits, non-starchy vegetables and carrots.

    Low glycemic foods are those that cause but minor changes in blood sugar levels. Such foods can be grouped into one of two broad classes, according to carbohydrate content:

    1. “No carb” foods that consist entirely or mainly of proteins, fats, and/or water. These mainly include:

    • Meats, poultry, fish
    • Eggs, tofu
    • Cheese
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Many vegetables
    • Oils and Fats

    2. “Good carb” foods that – because of the biochemical properties of the component carbohydrates – result in relatively small increases in blood sugarwhen eaten in “normal” or “average” portion sizes.

    These “good carb” foods are the focus of this website, and should constitute your “go to” carbohydrate sources.

    So, this is the first step in treating AD, preparing low glycemic index meals.

    ► Second and most important, apply bio-identical Progesterone onto the soft part of your skin before each meal. Dr. Platt offers Natural Progesterone Cream (5%) for $42 per bottle or $117 for 3 bottles. or 760-836-3232 (California time)

    ► Adrenal Supportive Supplements – Dr. Platt recommends the following…

    • Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that helps us to be less anxious and less depressed. 5HTP requires that it be taken with B6, Folic Acid, Magnesium and vitamin C. It is easier to take Seriphos before bedtime of when you feel anxious (on an empty stomach though)

    • Taking any one of the following will be a good alternative to 5-HTP

    1. Ashwagandha 200 mgs daily
    2. Holy Basil 500 mgs twice a day
    3. Passion Flower 100 mgs per day
    4. L-Theanine 400 mgs per day (converts to GABA, that cannot be absorbed
    when taken directly)
    5. Use Stevia and not other artificial sweeteners

  15. Shaelyn Says:

    Eclipse in a positive aspect to natal Sun is a time for a new beginning, renewal, new relationship with a man not only romantically but as a mentor too.
    Eclipse in positive aspect to natal Venus, could be a new love, your current relationship could go to the next level, or you could develop a passionate interest in your life. You could have cosmetic surgery or make changes to your appearance in some way. This can be a very social and creative time.

    A debilitated/afflicted natal Mars especially retrograde typically indicates adrenal problems. It also point to low iron a or low ferritin which iron storage as well as low B12. Venus and Mercury debilitated/affected usually means thyroid problems especially in hard aspect to Saturn.

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ECLIPSE ORBS (9-2015): This is a good question and I think that most older astrologers use 1.5 degrees and I agree with the narrow orbs.

    That eclipse is too far away from your natal Pluto. For me, an eclipse is never more important than the transits and progressions occurring in your chart.

    I am not so sure that an exact eclipse on an outer planet would have a strong PERSONAL effect. Millions of people of a specific generation would experience this eclipse so it may have a transpersonal effect. In the 4th, that could be anything from a neighborhood power outage, redevelopment etc.

    Jane Kane, who uses eclipses a lot (she has a free newsletter), observed that, when several eclipses activated a House, it wold highlight th affairs of that House. For example, hits to the 5th House could cause a pregnancy.

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ALEXIS (9-2015): First, I believe that eclipses are not more powerful than the outer planet transits and progressions.
    The eclipse can highlight an area of your life.

    This year there was an eclipse on my progressed planets and nothing happened.
    I like a conjunction of an eclipse to be exact. Your Ascendant needs to be rectified (it could be off by 1 degree usually).

    The bottom line is that all that eclipse can do is stimulate changes but only the outer planet transits will give information about what changes will occur.

    I would focus upon learning about outer planet transits and not worry about eclipses – do research and observe eclipses but do not worry about them.

  18. Al Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Could you please tell me if progressed lunar eclipses are relevant when compared to the other annual eclipses.

    You see, my progressed sun just entered my MC and this year my progressed moon will enter IC, and will be aspected in a lunar eclipse that happened month and a half after my birth, according to the secondary progressions.


  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    AL (6-2016): I will post an article that comes from Ema Kurent’s She has a service that gives individual daily transits and progressions.

    I looked at the past progressed Full Moons in my chart. These were significant years for me. In early 1968, Ernie Grant sponsored my membership to the American Federation of Astrologers. I became a professional astrologer in June 1969.
    This occurred at an Ending Degree (28) – when I began charging for readings instead of giving free readings many of these people stopped speaking to me – they were really angry that I would no longer provide a free service to them!

    In 1997, there were major changes in my life. It was a year of culmination of changes that commenced around 1991. A friendship ended – this had to happen because we both grew in different directions. And, a new life began for myself. I found the PFM to be a good time in my life, although there were endings. This PFM also occurred in an Ending Degree (27).

    THE PROGRESSED FULL MOON: Ema Kurent with very minor additions by Lynn Koiner

    At the progressed Full Moon we reach the zenith of the lunation cycle and we must therefore compare it to the highest point of the horoscope, the MC and the 10th house.
    Simply stated: At the Full Moon, we experience either a climax or an anti-climax. Having reached Saturn’s house, we may expect either a concrete achievement or a disappointment. Both our hopes and fears may now materialize.

    At the Gibbous phase (the period of about 2-3 years leading up to the Progressed Full Moon), we were pregnant; now we are delivered of our baby – be this a real child, a theatre production or a new idea.

    So for some of us, the Full Moon means a high point in our life or career; the fulfillment of a dream. In stories, we reach the apotheosis as quests are fulfilled and fiery dragons are slain. The story of the sacking of Troy is probably the best example of such a denouement. The giant horse statue laden with warriors gives birth to the ultimate victory to the Greeks — but death and destruction to the Trojans. Greek poets, in fact, relate that the event took place during a Full Moon.

    We are at the MC and, therefore, we may be very much out there on the world stage and in the public eye. This does not necessarily spell good fortune or success, however. A scandal may break, bringing us much unwanted attention. We may also have to face the inevitable consequences of our excesses during the Gibbous phase and suffer burn-out or a heart attack. If we have done well, however, we will achieve much success and fulfillment.

    One client stated that…”Everything that I was working on just fell into place.”

    If we frittered our energies, our carelessness may result in an event that brings us to a dead stop. We may feel that we have reached the limit of our endurance and run away from an untenable situation or we may simply not get the prize of promotion to which we had been looking forward. This is not necessarily because we are undeserving but because there is little room at the top — so often there can only be one winner.

    At his Full Moon Al Gore suffered defeat at the 2000 elections which he had probably expected to win and John Kerry suffered the same fate in 2004. And, there was much controversy over this election and he did win the popular vote.

    Failure or success, the Full Moon always brings a release of energy as we experience the relief of a definite result. We have run into our limitations and must now resign ourselves to the situation or we have scaled our mountain and can now spend a few moments enjoying the view.

    Ideally, therefore, the Full Moon brings a sense of liberation. Our goals achieved, we can now treat ourselves to a holiday. Subsequently, the later part of the Full Moon is often more quiet that the exciting but hectic Gibbous phase.
    For the time being our struggles are over, and we can begin to look at our situation and achievements more dispassionately and set ourselves new objectives. Sometimes, however, an emotional crisis is needed to clear the air first.

    Detachment and separation are in fact major themes during the progressed Full Moon. The distance between the Sun and Moon is now at its maximum and this may lead to polarization in our lives at this stage. We want to rid ourselves of our demons and to leave our old life as far behind us as we possibly can. I know several people who decided to emigrate at this phase, others who felt they should at least take a trip round the world. At the MC, we are opposite the 4th house and so the Full Moon may find us very far from home. For children it is not uncommon to experience their parents’ divorce at this stage: their father and mother are now worlds apart.

    At the Full Moon, both solar and lunar forces are at their peak. The Moon is at its most visible and dramatic as it reflects the Sun’s light with maximum effect, while the MC is the Sun’s province, the point of noon where the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky. With all this light, we must see clearly. It is for this reason that the Full Moon is often quoted as being a time for visions and revelations. We are on top of the world, talking to the gods. The religious quest and spiritual fervor of the Gibbous phase now crystallize into a concrete vision, conversion or articles of faith. According to legend it was also during a Full Moon that Siddharta liberated himself from all worldly illusions and became the realized Buddha.

    For some of us, the awe we experience during the late Gibbous and early Full Moon phase can be such an inspiration that we find our vocation and a career direction. At his first progressed Full Moon, a six year old Neil Armstrong was taken up in a small aircraft and fell in love with space and flying. His second, thirty years later, found him in outer space on the Gemini 8 mission, very far away from home indeed.

  20. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Lynn

    I find you writings fascinating and very informative, as I found with the view on pre-natal eclipses LE or SE affecting the personality i.e. introverted or extroverted.

    My query is if an eclipse is also advised as being felt before it has actually happened, would the post natal eclipse also affect the personality? Would one be stronger than the other? For example, my prenatal eclipse took place on 24 June (LE) and I was born 3 July. Then there was a post-natal on 9 July (SE) which actually conjuncts my natal Mercury by 1 degree. Wouldn’t that eclipse also influence my personality as it is even closer to my dob, and be stronger?
    Hope that makes sense. I look forward to your thoughts on this if possible.

    Many thanks and all the best

  21. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JENNIFER (8-2016): I have an article on Pre and Post Natal Eclipses on this website. It would answer more of your questions. Yes, both will affect you. The PNE is actually a sensitive degree in the chart. You can add it into your chart like a small planet.

    You can use converse progressions (counting backwards from July 3 to June 24 – about when you were 9 years old) for some important event. The Post Eclipse would be triggered around the age of 6.

    I am writing a manual on the Progressed Moon with eclipses but it is not finished yet.

  22. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks so much Lynn for getting back to me.

    Wow!! Two very major events took place just before turning aged 10 and in my tenth year which completely changed my life and which I refer to as becoming a displaced person, that emotionally as a result affects me up to this day (aged 52). This demonstrates the premise that the effects of an eclipse last a long time after the date of the eclipse itself.

    I will now try conversing to see what may be in store for me in the next few years.

    I now the 2 July 2019 total solar eclipse will be 1 deg from my natal Sun

    This September’s 2016 solar eclipse at 9 Virgo will be in my first house conjunct my Uranus at 7 degs

    This month’s lunar eclipse at 24 Aqu will conjunct my descendant by 1 deg

    Upon reading your article above also I note that on two occasions eclipses have hit my pre-natal eclipse point exactly actually on the same date too (of course different year). Is that common? And major things life changing happened around those times.

    Awwww, those are the major ones. Should I be scared? Then there are a few that are a little wider up 3-5 degs that will connect with my ascendant the next time and other planets and Chiron. I seem to be getting hit near and wide by LEs and SEs over the past and next few years and it makes me nervous.

    It’s all so amazing but scary when you don’t know what you are looking at.

    Best regards and thanks for sharing your wisdom

  23. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Jennifer (8-2016): Eclipses occur around the same degree every 18 years. If you read the posts, eclipses are not more powerful than outer planet transits and progressions.
    Do not worry about conversing your chart. I never use these except when researching prenatal eclipses.

  24. Marissa G Says:

    My daughter who is 16 is about to experience the eclipse at 9 degrees virgo in exact conjunction to her natal ascendant . I am student of astrology and have been researching but I have seen many conflicting articles on whether this a good thing or a bad thing and I think I am to close to see this clearly … especially with all the other transiting aspects…. I have made myself nervous … Her birthday is July 21 2000 and she was born at 9:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time in New Rochelle NY

    At first I thought wow great since she sings and acts so I thought maybe this would be here out in the public but I keep seeing people indicating illness or trouble with an eclipse on the ascendant

    Would someone help me if they know … if I should be concerned or not ….

  25. Jane Says:

    My natal Uranus is 9 degrees Virgo in 12th house and ascendant 20 degrees. Natal Chiron is 10 degrees Pisces. It looks like the eclipse is going to be right on top of my Uranus. My natal Pluto is close by at 14 degrees Virgo in 12th house. This feeling very intense. My dad is not well. Tests being done and I am worried. Lots of emotions and family issues coming up. Can anyone give any explanation. Many thanks. Jane

  26. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JANE 98-2016): As I have written above, eclipses are not my expertise and I have quoted information from other experts whom I respect. The 12th House for me rules distant places, places where you can go to be your New Self.

    I cannot tell about your dad from an eclipse. I only looks at outer planet transits and 2ndary progressions. I wish I could tell you more.

  27. john cole Says:

    Dear Sir/Ma,

    I love your article/blog write up, it was nourishing.
    Please, i would like to ask few questions.

    There are occultations of planets where by one planet covers another planet.
    What are the impact of occultations of either mars, venus, or any of the planets on another planets with regards to health, technology, and research in biological fields.

    Thank you for your response.


  28. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JOHN (9-2016): These are not easy for me to spot because it is more than a conjunction. Raphael’s ephemeris always has these but I never buy this little ephemeris.

    Near the Sun, a planet is cazimi but “burnt up in the Sun.”

    It is usually Sun that occults another planet or a Fixed Star. I never use this so I am not the expert.

    Occulatations are used in horary astrology, the time a question is asked. The energy of the occulted planet is blocked and rendered ineffective.

    When I was first studying astrology in the 1960s and even into the 1970s, the Old Farmers’ Almanac would have perigees and occultations.

  29. Diana Says:

    With the next series of eclipses in Leo/Aquarius, I am wondering how the eclipses will play out for me. At the end of The eclipse cycle in 18 mos. or so my Asc/Dsc will get hit within 2 degrees. I have progressed Venus and Mars conjunct my 7th house ruler Uranus in my 1st house Leo now (which also sextiles natal Venus). Transiting Uranus is on my mid heaven now. Transiting Saturn in my 5th house though but it’s trining my 7th HR. Relationship/love in my future look promising?

  30. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DIANE (10-2016): As I told Jane in #26, eclipses are not my specialty and I do not make predictions with them.

    Yes, I am sure that the eclipse last August 2016 may be connected to the next one in February but my personal preference is to look at the transits and progressions to see how the eclipses will play out.

    Saturn in the 5th is pretty good.
    1 – You realize what you need to feel loved and appreciated so you can be demanding of friends. If they are your friends, they will be happy to do what you want.
    2 – You learn to make your creativity marketable. I was always writing obscure Cayce articles that could only be published for the local ARE groups. I got a job writing for a big Sun Sign magazine so I learned how to write a marketable product. Another woman turned her wool weaving into a business.

    Planets in the first House want relationships on your own terms. So, there can be a great shift in what you need in order to feel loved and appreciated.

  31. Millie M Says:

    Can annular solar eclipse in work house can bring some good news to my career. The last two SE really brought very good result to my career. But that was total and partial SE.

    I am a gemini and on February 26 there will be an annular eclipse.

  32. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MILLIE (11-2016): I do not always pay attention to the type of eclipse is occurring. An eclipse needs to aspect your natal chart for it to produce noticeable effects. I prefer to look at progressions and transits. So, I honestly cannot say if a Pisces eclipse will affect you.

  33. Dina Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thank you so much for all the fascinating information that you so selflessly and tirelessly share with us on your website -I am a regular visitor :)

    I was born on November 8th 1984 at 8.20PM in Cairo, Egypt just 11 minutes after a lunar eclipse and after doing as much research as I could as to what this could mean, I found out that being born right after an eclipse portends failure and hardship.

    I have never been successful at anything in life and constantly find myself crashing into brick walls. All my relationships have been disastrous and all my ventures fail, too. I always assumed that this was due to Saturn opposing my Moon and conjuncting my Sun but now realise that this could be the effect of being born right after a Lunar Eclipse.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you so much in advance,


  34. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DINA (11-2016): Many famous people were born around an eclipse — Pope JPII, Mark Twain…just to name a few. A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse indicates that your parents were totally different form each other – 180 degrees apart. You inherit traits from both that need to be synthesized.

    A Taurus-Scorpio axis is very powerful — a highly sensitive nature that picks up subtle vibrations. Such people often go into a creative arena, holistic health or another medical area.

    Saturn holds you back due to the fears and limitations of the parents. Break free – move away from these people (even though you love them).

    I am leaving for Europe in a couple of days for the month of December so I cannot always answer emails then.

  35. Rachel Griffiths Says:

    Hi Lynn very interesting that I just found your post whilst looking up information on eclipses hitting a natal planet as the eclipse this week (February 2017) was exact my daughters mercury and was curious to see what that would mean for her. What was interesting to me though was your very last comment in regard to Saturn holding you back due to fears and limitations of parents and breaking free from them. September 2016 eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo was exact my natal Saturn. Both of my daughters who are 14 and 13 have had no communication with me from around a week after that eclipse. They have completely cut me from their life for trivial reasons such as making them come grocery shopping. This has been devastating to me as you could well understand. I have been a wreck, they have not communicated one word to me, their father my ex husband has “supported” their decision as he went against court orders to take them to a friend of his wife who is a counsellor and it was after this counselling session that they made this decision based on their counsellor telling them that I had an illness and to ignore my communication with them. I have never met this woman or communicated with her so not sure how she made such a diagnosis however I looked at it from the perspective of the girls obviously are unhappy with me for some reason and I need to work on myself to get a better understanding of what my issues might be. I have since done several courses both parenting and relationship focused and the more I do the more I come to the realisation that what is happening is truly not called for. This was a big step for me as I have a virgo moon and Capricorn rising and I tend to be incredibly hard on myself. Do you think this eclipse being exact her mercury might reopen the lines of communication?

  36. Lynn Koiner Says:

    RACHEL (2-2017): I cannot make a prediction based solely upon an eclipse but it could very well be that communication starts up again.

    One would have to look at the charts of those involved, considering the outer planet transits and progressions, and this is an arduous task.

    I know this is so stressful. I would suggest a horary astrology who would answer a specific question — that is, about the relationship with your daughters. I can make 2 suggestions if you write to me privately.

    I am getting ready to leave for Europe and I will be gone until April.

  37. Mary Ann Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I am worried about August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse at 28 degree Leo.
    My Ascendent is 29 degrees Leo and I have a sixth/7th house Mars in Aquarius opposing the Ascendent. I have a fifth house Sun in Capricorn.
    My birthday information is 12/28/1952 8:54 pm Jersey City, NJ
    I am worried about my health. My son will be moving that month in our first floor apartment. His wife is pregnant with their third child. We have to move upstairs. We are trying to make costly repairs but it is very stressful. My husband has bad knees so more difficult for us climbing stairs for both of us. I will also have to make a bedroom out of a dining room for now. Not enough bedrooms.
    Thank you.
    Mary Ann

  38. Nancy Says:

    Does anyone know if an Eclipse makes a strong aspect (conjunction or opposition) to the Progressed Moon, does that mean anything? I’ve never looked at that before. I know the P Moon is important and am wondering about it.

    NOTE FROM LYNN: Does anyone have experience with this? I have never looked but it sounds good since this would be a rare event.
  39. Christine Says:

    I have wondered about the use of exact degrees re critical degrees. For Sabian symbols the degree is always rounded up – e.g. My moon is at 10 virgo 11 minutes so I look at the Sabian Symbol for 11 Virgo. Does this apply for critical degrees. For example my Venus is a 22, 46 minutes of Leo — is that a critical degree or is that considered 23 degrees?
    Thank you!

  40. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Yes, Sabians are rounded up but not the critical degrees. My Mercury is at 21 Leo 59. 21 degrees is actually the critical degree; my Uranus is a 17 Gemini – another critical degree.

    Critical is not bad. It simply indicates that it is critical that you use these planets, especially along professional lines. My whole life has been around Mercury and Uranus, being an astrologer, writer, traveler and lecturer, I have used my critical planets. So, think of it as a good thing.

  41. Hollie Says:
    I am on the cusp of making a major decision about a career change this fall, and with the upcoming eclipse on August 21st, I would like to get input about the astrological implications of such a move. The solar eclipse will be conjunct my natal sun in my 10th house. I know not to make the decision during the time of the eclipse itself, but I am wondering if this may be an indicator to go for my dreams and take the steps to make the change. I have been waiting on a "sign" of sorts that I should make this change. Your thoughts? HOLLIE, your post disappeared so I reposted it.
  42. Lynn Koiner Says:

    HOLLIE (8-2017): LUNATION OR ELCIPSE ON ONE’S BIRTHDAY — this is an easy answer that I have given many times since the 1970s (a long time ago I learned this).

    If there is a Lunation (this includes eclipses) within a day of your birthday, it portents a major change within the coming year.

    The first time I used this was for a young neighbor girl. The lunation on her 3rd House Sun brought a change from public to private school.

    The change always comes in the area of the House position of your Sun so, in the 10th, it is a good things career-wise.

    Other than that, you need to look at the outer planets transits to natal planets. Also, T Mars will hit the eclipse point in early September, triggering a change.

  43. Sarah Says:

    My birthday is this aug 21st, on the new moon eclipse. i will be turning 36. its in my 12 th house, since it is on the edge leo28 degress, it falls in my first house. what major changes could this indicate?

  44. Meghna Says:

    .I am nervous.Am Gemini ascendant.The aug 21 2017 solar eclipse in leo falls on my 3rd house with natal five big planets in leo Jupiter ,moon,Saturn ,Mars and north node. plus having dasha of North node and Sun. am worried how it will impact me.m already facing problems in my career n home. have been warned i will be sacked n at home hav been warned will b thrown out. hav hopes of 2 3 positive big events which i hav been awaiting since few months. how will be this ssolar eclispe of 21st aug. my sun is exalted in 11 house being lord of 3rd house.
    Five major planets in 3rd house in leo sign
    pls advice. will there b major changes related to all houses related to these 5 planets in leo.

  45. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SARAH (8-2017): I do not make predictions with the eclipses. I cannot tell from the 12th House from where the changes will come. I would have to look at the transits, especially from Uranus, if there are any.

    MEGHNA: Well, if the Eclipse exactly conjuncts one of these plans, there can be a change in your environment or a new education program. Frankly I never make predictions from eclipses alone. I always look at the outer planets transits and, with Leo planets, I would look at the transits of Uranus — and such would be favorable.

  46. Starlight Mills Says:

    I do not know if I was supposed to conceive a child during yesterday’s solar eclipse. Did I miss it? This eclipse is very rare and hasn’t occurred since 1979! There was incredibly powerful energies and synchronicities weeks before and leading up to the eclipse. Its over and I do not know necessarily how to harness the energy, other than to be happy. I am psychically connected to two children who I assumed were an orphan and from another woman but now I wonder if I am supposed to birth either child. I am stressed out of my mind wondering how these children will come into the world. I didn’t have too much time to research it but children born under the eclipse have extra stardust. Tahitian myth says the gods made love during the eclipse. I made love immaculately close to the day or day of the solar eclipse this month (Aug. 31) but will not conceive as protection was used. Which now I regret. How do I know about these kids? I guess divine timing or the universe will unfurl.
    sad to say in this way, but did I miss a once in a lifetime or rare eclipse (Aug. 21) by not conceiving a child? Or am I being dramatic. I never wanted kids but learned they are part of and will enhance my life mission. I can’t figure it out and can’t take the stress.
    Now that the eclipse is over, now what?

  47. Lynn Koiner Says:

    STARLIGHT (8-2017): I cannot imagine why anyone would want to conceive under an eclipse but you will have another chance in 2024.

  48. Tomas Says:

    I recently read about an upcoming (2020) Annular solar eclipse falling 0.20 degrees Cancer (2nd house ) that conjuncts exactly (0.01 orb) the ruler of my 8TH house (Jupiter) while simultaneously oppøsing my 8th house Sun (0.50 capricorn) , ruler of my 4th with a tight orb of 0.30 and also sextiling my 4th house Saturn with a very tight orb.

    In other words I should be getting my things in order.

    NOTE FROM LYNN: I would first look to the outer planet transits and progressions to really see what events might be taking place. Yes, it can trigger some financial event but Annulars are weak and there are no trigger aspects from the outer planet transits until Neptune trines it in 2025!

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