Medical Astrology and the Cardinal Cross
By Lynn Koiner

The alignment of Uranus and Pluto in Cardinals signs is having an impact on global situations with crises in every country. However, Uranus-Pluto combined with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer is also having an impact upon the health of many people with planets in Cardinal signs in their natal charts.

In my Medical Astrology courses, I have developed a totally original approach to medical astrology. The fundamental premise is that the root of all major diseases in the life will be found in the Quadruplicities – Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable.

The Cardinal signs will cause problems associated with the endocrine system, specially the adrenal gland. Cardinal signs respond to all crises. They can respond by trying to organize a crises, mediate a crises, address the crises head on or simply go into an avoidance mode and internalize the crises in the life.
Other hormones are affected by the Cardinal signs. For example, the Cardinal sign of Libra rules the kidneys. In addition to removing wastes, the kidneys release three important hormones:
• Erythropoietin, or EPO, which stimulates the bone marrow to make red blood cells
• Renin, which regulates blood pressure
• Calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D, which helps maintain calcium for bones and for normal chemical balance in the body
• Oxytocin – the bonding hormone that allows us to feel empathy and become socialized
When we produce too much Cortisol, we can develop osteoporosis! The Cardinal signs are also connected with the Four Lobes of the brain.

• Aries/Fire – Frontal Lobe (Pre-Frontal Cortex is ruled by Saturn)
• Cancer/Water – Occipital Lobe
• Libra/Air – Parietal Lobe
• Capricorn/Earth – Temporal Lobe

As many planets are transiting the Cardinals signs, I am receiving numerous telephone calls from people who are experiencing health crises. If they have Cardinal signs in their horoscopes, before they tell me what is wrong, I give them a list of symptoms. They are shocked that I have identified their problem but feel reassured that they do not need strong anti-psychotic drugs, as many doctors will prescribe for these symptoms. I tell them to see a good gynecologist who tests for all hormones or an endocrinologist.

This is the list of Cardinal Crisis health symptoms due to Adrenal stress and Cortisol Imbalance:

• Shakiness, higher heart rate and a pounding heart when you move
• Panic Attacks
• Inability to handle stress and difficulty focusing
• Emotional Sensitivity — even becoming paranoid at times
• Episodes of low blood sugar (you feel better when you eat – eating stopped some of my shakiness)
• Severe headaches – as soon as my Cortisol levels spike, I get a terrible headache and aspirin does not help
• Chronic Fatigue and constant hungries
• Breathing more to get more oxygen
• Dark circles under the eyes (I never had this)
• Persistent Allergies
IBS/diarrhea symptoms
• Critical insomnia – Cortisol will keep you awake
• Depression (I never realize how depressed I was until I started taking these supplements)
• Insomnia (I never realized that I had serious sleeping problems until I took DHEA and slept soundly for the first time in years)
• Calcium Loss

In the spring of 2013, my hairdresser told me not to come back until I saw a doctor. My hair was brittle, falling out and I just did not look healthy. The doctor who I selected was a holistic gynecologist. I feel that she saved my life.

First, she prescribed Armour Thyroid in a small dose as my thyroid was low-normal. Even at low normal, my body temperature was 97.4 degrees, I lost my eyebrow hairs and I had chronic fatigue – all symptoms of low-functioning thyroid. I took Armour Thyroid several years earlier when I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from the Epstein-Barr Virus.

Because I was taking liquid Melatonin under my tongue, the Melatonin was building up in my system by attaching to my salivary gland tissues. My body was constantly battling the sleep mode that Melatonin created and my adrenals were exhausted. Dr. Berger said that it would take about 6 months to get the Melatonin out of my system but I could take it in a small-dose pill form after this time. She also prescribed the bio-identical hormones from a local compounding pharmacy. This corrected the hair loss.

Dr. Berger used kinesiology or muscle testing to see what other supplement I would need. I tested strongly for an under-the-tongue form of DHEA with Pregnenolone produced by Energetix. When I took this combination, I felt fantastic. My heart rate was calm and I felt enthusiastic about life.

However, I am finding, with the Cardinal Transits, my body over-reacts to stress. Even with minor stress, the Cortisol levels spike, the heart pounds, and the migraine headaches return – until I go to sleep at night.

When I lectured on medical astrology a few years ago in Chicago, several nurses attended my lecture and they gave me wonderful advice. They told me about a supplement called Seriphos which calms the adrenals. Seriphos actually helps the body produce Serotonin, a calming hormone. It is supported with Dairy Peptides so I take both at night before I go to sleep.

There are many supplements and adaptogens that support the adrenals. This is what I teach in my classes. I also teach another theory – that all major diseases that we develop in later life are connected with an unexpressed childhood trauma. We all experience traumas as children but, when they are unexpressed or repressed, they can resurface as a disease. I teach a very simple technique for determining when these traumas occurred.

I teach using a Profile Method – students submit the chart for a specific disease and I show them how to create a Disease Profile for organizing their ideas about the health issue. I also approach each disease in terms of a psychological pattern. So, many diseases are connected to a psychological pattern and a childhood trauma. If one addresses the psychological issues, a healing can more easily occur.

In Course II, I teach Progression and Transits contributing to medical problems. I continue with the Profiles. In Course I & II, I actually write up the Profiles myself. In Courses III-IV-V-VI, we research the diseases associated with the four elements and the four lobes of the brain. At this point, the student needs to start writing up the Profiles, always with my help.

Lynn teaches the Medical Track for IAA. To learn more about her courses being offered please visit the Professional Module – Medical Track.

Lynn will offer her BDTB3 lecture in the Research Track on Friday, 14 November at 2:00 p.m. EST. She will be discussing: The 12th House

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