INFINITY#2-Log in, and take it for free, this time, too 🙂
1. Venus, Oh Venus” (Author: Vanessa Guazzelli Paim)
2. Euro, Greece’s future in the EU and 8º Scorpio (Author: Smiljana Gavrančić)
3. Where God Divided by Zero: New Thoughts on the Galactic Centre (Authors:Mandi Lockley and Rod Chang)
4. The Meaning of the Mayan Long Count Calendar in Context with Modern Astrology (Author: William Stickevers)
5. Club 27 rockstars: “Hope I die before I get old…” (Author: Alan Annand)
6. Medical Astrology with Lynn Koiner (Author: Lynn Koiner)
7. Dancing Girls (Jonathan Flanery)
8. Eclipses – How they will change your life? (Author: Toni Thomas)
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