Due to the extensive renovations on my lower level, my desktop is in storage and I only have a lousy iPhone and this unbearably slow laptop. I do not have earlier columns or the materials that I use for this column. This will continue through August and possibly early October.
• September 6: NEW MOON at 14 Virgo 38 at 8:52 pm EDT
• September 14-15: Mars enters Libra
• September 20: Full Moon at 28 Pisces 13 at 7:55 pm EDT
• September 22: Autumn Equinox with Sun entering Libra at 3:21 pm
• September 26-27: Mercury Retrograde Station at 25 Libra

No Crisis Lunations until next month

CRISES NEW MOON: October 6, November 4, December 4 (exact) and January 2 2022

Crisis Lunation periods occurs when, at the time that the Moon is New or Full, the Moon is physically very close to the earth. This closeness-lunation parallel will amplify our emotional reactions, bringing matters to a crisis point. This Crisis Moon period usually begins about one week before the New/Full Moon and lasts several days afterward.

GOOD DATES/PERIODS for SEPTEMBER 2021 – All times are ET

SEPTEMBER 7: The Moon is in the sign of Virgo and it is making a trine to Pluto and crossing Mars in Virgo. The best timing is from 10 am EDT to 3 pm EDT. This is a better time for business transactions and activities. Mars is at 25 Virgo, an ending period to finalize business or project activities.

SEPTEMBER 9 (after 5pm EDT): The Moon is in the sign of Libra and it trines Jupiter (giving luck in a matter), parallel Mercury (communication agreement) and crossing Venus at 29 Libra. This is an ending aspect – a good time to amicably end a relationship or to favorably finalize a relationship or partnership arrangement.

SEPTEMBER 11 (after 7:30pm EDT): The Moon is in the sign of Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto, parallels Saturn and sextiles Mars in Virgo at 28 Virgo. This is an excellent time for finalizing business or professional projects. Mars can actually be strong in Virgo because it is exalted in the Earth sign, Capricorn. I learned this from Gil Navarro and this seems to work.

SEPTEMBER 15 (after 6 pm EDT): The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn and well aspected for business and practical concerns after 6pm EDT. The Moon sextiles Neptune, Venus parallels Jupiter, the Moon trines the Sun (favors dealings with authority) and ends with a crossing overe Pluto. With Pluto, success comes by simplifying and eliminating everything that is non-essential. Pluto works well alone but with the support of a larger group or organization.

SEPTEMBER 18 (until 5 am EDT): The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius but it seems a better time for those in Europe or Australia where it will not be in the middle of the night. The Moon trines Mercury and crosses Jupiter Retrograde. This is an excellent time for communications. Jupiter Retrograde favors charitable or humanitarian activities, as well as re-connecting with a relationship.

SEPTEMBER 27 (after 5pm EDT): The Moon is in Gemini and Mercury turns Retrograde. The Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury R making this a Grand Air Trine – an excellent configuration, even with Mercury Retrograde. Not an ideal time but it favors the typical Retrograde activities – reviewing, reconnecting, re-negotiating, re-evaluating etc. in order to achieve success.

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