I am writing a book on this topic but I have given the lecture many times

I have been researching Beginning and Ending planets since the 1980s and I am writing a book. This is the Introduction — BEGINNING AND ENDING PLANETS by Lynn Koiner LPMAFA

A Beginning Planet is one that is the earliest by degree in the chart. This does not involve the sign, only the degree, but the planet must occur between 0 and 5-6 degrees of a sign. A Beginning Planet shows where the individual is young in their experience of the energy of that Planet and, therefore, it is not always used well, especially when starting or in a new situation. Some of my students have commented that the Beginning Planet is where they feel dissimilar, not fitting in with others. Often, as I will discuss later, we had to teach ourselves how to use the Beginning Planet. In my observations of my own Beginning Planets, I feel that they are quite naive or “not fully ripened” – but they also show how we begin new cycles in our lives.

An Ending Planet is the one that is the latest by degree in the chart but the planet must be positioned between 24-25 and 29 degrees. There is an energy that may be over-developed by the individual and, as a result, it can become distorted. With the Ending Planet, the individual must and does learn to let go of the tendency to hold onto the planet’s energy. But, individual may go to extremes with the Ending Planet before releasing the energy. Some students observe that they feel compelled or even forced to do this.

There is a noticeable trait that colors an Ending Planet – the attribute of DISENGAGING. They reach a certain point and then they disengage. When others become upset and emotional, the Ending Moon disengages, becoming a calming force. When there is nothing left to learn in a relationship, Venus disengages. When they become angry or bored, Mars disengages. When what initially gave them a sense of control but now makes them feel out of control, Pluto will disengage.

Of course, there can be more than one Beginning and Ending Planet in the chart but they must be positioned in these early or late degrees. In my own chart, I have Jupiter at 1̊, Neptune at 5̊ and even the Sun at 6̊. However, only Jupiter at the earliest degree influences how I begin new cycles. Neptune and the Sun have Beginning Planet traits but Jupiter is how I begin new cycles.

When there are many Ending Planets in the chart, it describes an obsessive type of personality that must go to extremes with everything before they can let go. They must go to the precipice before they can take that leap of faith, let go and move on. To be honest, this is really a style of action and, as with an Ending Mercury, it is a process that they must go through before they feel sufficiently secure and comfortable enough to move forward. This is not a pattern that needs to be changed but rather a pattern of behavior demonstrated by the Ending Planet.

With the Beginning Planet, there may be a compulsive or instinctive style to its manifestation because the individual may not know how to regulate the planet’s energies. For the Beginning Planet, there is a lot of insecurity surrounding any new cycle or activity. This may be due to an innate insecurity about life on planet Earth. The Beginning Moon needs more time to adjust; however, the Beginning Uranus seems to adapt well to this style – possessing a pioneering spirit.

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