Mars in Cancer 2023



From March 25 through May 20, 2023, Mars will be transiting the sign of Cancer.  The transit of Mars has a general but important influence over human behavior.  The sign that Mars transits describes what makes us angry and how we respond to aggravating situations. It describes how we handle our energies – for either anger or accomplishment!  In some signs, such as Mars transiting Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn, it is much easier to accomplish our goals.  Transiting a Water sign, Mars in Cancer may cause many people to whine and complain about the weather, feelings of fatigue and, thus, not really accomplishing very much.  Where the energy is high, it is due to emotional zeal and enthusiasm or there is some threat to security which draws out our Mother Hen instincts.

When the weather is humid, those areas wherein Mars in Cancer will be angular during the lunations will experience a lot of water in the atmosphere that can act as a dross upon the physical body.  Any irrational mood – and Mars in Cancer when harshly aspected definitely triggers irrational moods – can be explained away as being the result of adverse atmospheric conditions.  Many feel that they cannot think because their brain cells feel soggy!  Fiery or spicy foods can help to relieve the congestion.

With Mars in Cancer, people will tend to be more emotional in their anger and their reactions.  Any adverse atmospheric condition will amplify these moods.  Try not to act upon irrational reactions. Take time to cool off before making important decisions.  Avoid critical or complaining people as they can sap your energies.  Do not obsess upon your feelings as this can make you moody and hypersensitive.  Remember, angry people never get what they want and your moods will only drive people away – and, in my opinion, you may never be able to return to a former level of closeness once you drop an “emotional bomb” onto another.

Health problems can arise through emotional anger, depression and hurt feelings.  This transit can cause an imbalance in the homeopathic cell salt, Calcium Fluoride.  Symptoms arising from a deficiency in this cell salt are fatigue that rest does not cure, dry cracks between the fingers, toes and mouth, poor memory, digestive problems and joint irritation.  Cancer has a strong connection with the lymphatic system.  Congestion here can cause swellings, edema, sinus infections and a myriad of other symptoms.  See my article on the Lymph on this website.

NOTE: During the 2009 transit through Cancer, emotional outbursts and emotionally driven inappropriate displays were pronounced – Serenna Williams outburst during the US Open, Joe Wilson yelling “You Lie” to the President and Kanye West’s very inappropriate behavior at the music awards.  On my website, I received many emotional demands for me to solve problems, which I could not.

Healthwise, I observed many sinus infections.  Since these are connected with the Lymph, these are ruled by the sign of Cancer (lymph is ruled by Mutable signs, Water signs and Neptune).


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