MARS IN LIBRA: From  AUGUST 27 THROUGH OCTOBER 11, 2023, Mars transits the sign of Libra. Mars describes what makes us angry and how we respond to aggravating situations. As a Cardinal sign, this period will attract relationship crises. When you cannot deal with these crises, you will experience indecision and even resentment, especially if the resolution seems unfair. Periods of depression can often arise because of the relationship stresses, especially if you feel powerless to resolve them equitably. Depression arises from feeling alone and isolated, from sitting on the fence – avoiding confrontation or taking action — without resolving the stress and from simply giving in to the other person just to keep the peace. Fairness is a theme while Mars is in Libra.

Libra is a sign that has great difficulty dealing with anger. It simply is not nice to be angry — what will other people think. Despite its charm and diplomacy, Libra is not always a very nice sign. If you think that Cancerians and Pisceans whine, just remember Nancy Kerrigan (Sun in Libra) who whined, Why me, when she was attacked at a skating event.

When manifesting in a positive manner, Libra demonstrates qualities of mediation and harmony. Many may be drawn into conflict resolution in reaction to those who only seek to disturb the peace. In anger issues, Libra prefers strategy or manipulation. I have found this to be a period when people either cannot express their anger directly so that it becomes highly manipulative or they deny their anger completely. Some may use a temper tantrum to get another to appease their ruffled feathers. This is because they feel that they have been treated unfairly and they need to manipulative another in order to solicit the response that they desire. Sometimes, when people are in the wrong, they will use these tantrums to take the blame away from themselves.  The best defense is a good offense.

I am not fond of this transit because I find myself being caught in the trap of a person who wants their anger appeased. If I give in and placate the person, I walk away feeling manipulated and exploited. On numerous occasions, people were not honest with me so that I could not make accurate decisions. I was unfair to myself when I allowed clients demands to go to excesses. Drawing the line and establishing boundaries in order to keep the peace was difficult. I often experienced allergies when I did not or could not express my anger.

In 2019, I had minor health issues but still suffering with anxiety attacks from the loss of my dad.  I was stressed with some of the people working in the gardens — lots of passive-aggressive issues.  Big time boundary issues so I told everyone who had a key to my house to return them asap.   Some of these people were downright mean to me and I felt that I did not belong in my home.

Libra rules the homeopathic cell salt, Natrum Phosphate. This cell salt preserves the acid/alkaline balance in the fluids of the body. Nat. Phos. Is nearly always indicated before other salts can be administered successfully because, in nearly all physical diseases, there are acid conditions present and it is essential that these be neutralized before the body will respond to other treatments. A common problem with the imbalance is an excess of gastric and uric acids that cause a yellow coating to appear on the tongue. The Father of Modern Holistic Medicine, Edgar Cayce, said that colds and flu cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

NATRUM PHOS (Libra) – sodium phosphate- regulates the acid/alkaline balance. Catalyses lactic acid and fat emulsion. Imbalance is indicated by a coated tongue, itchy skin, sour stomach, loss of appetite, diarrhea and flatulence.

Experience in 2010: There has been an obvious grumpiness and impatience manifesting early in the 2010 Mars in Libra transit. This could be caused by the alignment with Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus, the Crises New Moon on August 8 or the CME causing a ringing in the earth’s electro-magnetic field or the horrible heat experienced in the U.S. Whatever the reason, people just appear more grouchy and uncooperative. Friends have called me wanting to vent. I listen.

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