Perigee means that a planet is at its closest approach to the Earth, therefore, exercising maximum influence. This always occurs during the Mars Retrograde when it opposes the Sun.

This Perigee will occur around the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and the Cardinal Cross.
So, Perigee is an event that occurs every 2 years.
The Eclipse and Cross make this one more unique.

ADDENDUM: This has been a very difficult Mars R but typical of Libra. In Libra, everyone has had relationships difficulties — major ones or minor ones. And, because Mars is Retrograde, you never really know what is going on with the other person.
Friendships end suddenly for reasons that seem unknown.
If you end a friendship, do the other person a favor and explain WHY

Personally, anything that can go wrong has — computer problems are driving me crazy and I have to buy a new desktop, my dad’s car died, my yard tractor would not work and the people who answer the telephone questions gave me a lot of wrong information which totally delayed the repair, causing me to have to mow my acre of grass with a push mower.

There have been health issues for many people. Read my Cardinal Cross and Health article on this website.

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