SATURN IN AQUARIUS 2021-March 6 2023

SATURN IN AQUARIUS – 2021 through early March 2023 – Lynn Koiner

 In my 50+ years as a professional astrologer, I have observed many generations and many transits of Saturn through the signs.  Early in my career, I observed that people born with Saturn in Aquarius were very rebellious of authority.  The generation born in the 1930s had Saturn in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries.  They were not as rebellious because they were born into a conservative time and culture in history.  They saw authority figures as rigid, chauvinistic and excessively authoritarian, especially women.   Men were inclined to become rigid and authoritarian in an attempt to maintain the status quo.   Yet, at the time, there was a role model for women with the dynamic Leo, Amelia Earhart, who showed woman what they are capable of accomplishing, what they could achieve and that they did not have to wear dresses and skirts!

The next time Saturn was in Aquarius was in the early 1960s and it was quincunx Uranus in Virgo — minor aspects do work with outer planet transits.  This generation is overtly rebellious of authority. The times were changing.  Youth in America were invigorated by a young, energetic President Kennedy.  The war in Vietnam was starting and, by the time Saturn entered Pisces, it opposed Uranus in Virgo and young people, emboldened by the current political scene, rebelled en masse, as this was an illegal war.  The authorities, aka the government, did not listen and so this was a generation that was very rebellious and angry over the actions of authority figures.

When Saturn entered Aquarius in the early 1990s, there was no connection with Uranus.  Globally, everything was changing – no time for individual rebellion.  The Berlin War fell after a Saturn Cycle and communism lost its grip upon its satellite nations.  There was no need for rebellion – the Berlin Wall fell upon its own weight and oppressed people felt liberated as they walked through the opened Wall.  The liberation also manifested with newly formed independent nations, formerly under the control of the USSR.

Now that Saturn is in Aquarius for the first time in the 21st century and it is square the rigid, unyielding Uranus in Taurus.  The anti-government theme is prevalent with the rebellion against being told to get the vaccinations.  Uranus is more RAGE than anger as it goes to extremes in what it feels.  Pushing a vaccine or any government agenda sets some people up to resist and resist at all costs.  Psychologically, they do not want an authority figure to tell them what to do.  Resistance is powerful with Uranus in Taurus.


When Saturn first entered Aquarius in December 2020, it formed a powerful conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius, forming a 20-year cycle alignment that portends a great social and cultural shift.  Where this alignment falls in our natal charts (House position) will show where we need to grow and expand in achieving our personal goals and making changes in our personal world, socially and culturally.

This cyclical alignment occurred at 0 degree of Aquarius, foreshadowing a totally new event cycle, socially and individually.  Global and political events are occurring that trigger the new cycle and the changes that will occur in our individual lives.  It marks a new beginning with a new social consciousness.  The energy of the Zero Degree is inchoate – not yet developed. The awareness of the new consciousness commences at 1 degree, but comes to full awareness around 15 degrees.

The Pandemic we are experiencing with the Capricorn Stellium and the Saturn-Uranus square will create a shift in our consciousness and our behavior.  This new Shift will be in tune with Aquarius.  While we will see this pronouncedly when Pluto enters Aquarius, there is and will be a shift from an emphasis upon status, hierarchy, greed and material power to a rejection of these constructs, lifestyles and work models.  Just as the founders of the United States of America rebelled and overthrew the oppressions of a royal dictatorship, society, plus we as individuals, will come to reject the rule of oppressive governments, corporations and the systems that have previously defined our lives.

Due to social isolation, many companies are now supporting the 4-day work week and working at home.  Expensive office space will no longer be needed.  The great migration is not just about refugees but a migration from an unfulfilling job to meaningful work and work self-sufficiency.  New opportunities in business are presenting themselves.  For example, most restaurants closed due to the pandemic – until they could develop the to-go takeout meals.  This also gave rise to food trucks coming to communities to sell to-go meals.  Even now that restaurants are open, these food trucks are still operating.

For the individual, Saturn transiting Aquarius symbolizes the struggle to be free.  The hard aspects made by Saturn will indicate the intensity of the struggle.  It is the struggle to liberate one’s self from unfulfilling employment, from the oppression of the System in which we find ourselves.  While in a squaring sign with Uranus in Taurus, the struggle is emotionally passionate.  Power has shifted to the worker who can now demand better pay, better benefits and even the right to form unions.

As the transiting Mars approached Saturn in Aquarius, the sign associated with the Common Man and a rebellion of the common man, New York Amazon workers scored a major victory in establishing a union.  This victory is super charging a new labor movement.  According to AXIOS, “A remarkable confluence of factors — including a pro-labor White House, once-in-a-century pandemic and a super tight labor market — helped Amazon workers in Staten Island achieve a David and Goliath union victory with almost no backing from traditional institutional labor.”

In our individual charts, the House position of the Jupiter-Saturn and Mars-Saturn conjunctions will show where we can manifest the liberating energies.  Anger is not the solution but Action is.  Aquarius is one of the only two futuristic and visionary signs (with Sagittarius).  It is essential that we set a goal, a liberating goal, in our lives and turbocharge ourselves into achieving those goals.  Aquarius is a sign that always needs to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Focus upon that light and work towards it. You do not have to achieve that specific goal in the long run but it is rather the journey of liberation that is the most important.

At, there is an article of this conjunction through the Houses.  Where it fell in your chart portends a 20-year cycle for personal change.


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  1. I wanted to add another change in the restaurant industry. Some restaurants have you scan a barcode at the table. The menu pops up, you order, pay and they bring your food out. All this reduces the need for servers which restaurants have found hard to find.
    As a Sagittarius / Aquarius type I find the impending transit exciting and hopeful especially in these political times.

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