The Greatest Astrological Picnic in the Known Universe

SUNDAY, JULY 12 2015, in Downtown Silver Spring
Lynn Koiner – 301-589-2074
737 Easley Street; Silver Spring MD

This is the major social event of the year! Great Food and Great People!

SUGGESTIONS: Last year we had too many desserts. We really need main dishes. You do not have to spend a lot of money on your dishes. Last year, a woman made spaghetti and it was a hit. I buy Lasagna from Costco but this goes very quickly. If you bring fast food chicken (always a great choice), do not bother with a box of 4 or 5 pieces. Bring something to SHARE — bring a bucket!
When you make something or buy something, make sure it is something that you want to eat when you get to the picnic. If you do not want to eat it, no one else will and I have to throw it away. Avoid mayonnaise-based foods as these spoil quickly and I must remove it after about 15 minutes.
There are some people who bring/make awesome desserts – so do not bring cheap pound cake from the Safeway. Only the birds eat this.
Salads are always a hit. It you need a couple of fresh tomatoes, let me know. I have them here.
Sorry for being so dictatorial but I need to do this every few years when the food brought is less than stellar.

Bring your friends, your family — everyone is welcome! Remember to bring a chair or blanket for sitting, if possible. This is a family picnic and children are welcome but please bring toys or games that will entertain and satisfy a small child’s restless energies.

It is our tradition to have highly qualified readers at this picnic. Their fees generally range about $20-$30 per reading. So that my regular readers can make sufficient money, I am only allowing readers who have been invited to be at the picnic to give readings for money. There will be a Star on their tables indicating that they can charge. All others must be free!

Looking for a good day astrologically, this year is not the best with so many retrogrades. It is a surprise to many that this picnic will now be at the end of August. Scorpio, not Libra, is on the Ascendant but Mars is in its ruling Sign and well aspected. I chose a degree on the Ascendant with a favorable Fixed Star, Agena. The Moon is in Sagittarius trine Mercury in Leo (9th) and Eris in Aries (5th). Rose O’Hara can always be counted on to practice her Celtic spells so that the weather will treat us well. On this day, the Sun is on my Ascendant and the MC is on my natal Sun.

GARDENING ADVICE: Charlie will be available for free gardening advice after 4pm
Charlie will be the subject of a documentary that was shown at the American Film in 2010 and in Tajikistan in 2011. It was picked up by our State Department to be distributed to Embassies around the world.

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