Saturday, May 14, 2022, 12:00 pm EDT
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Izabela Podlaska-Konkel, “The Secrets of the 8th House”

The 8th house is quite infamous among astrologers. Throughout the centuries it has been considered a house of loss, fear and even death. In the 20th century, humanistic astrologers assigned big money, sex and hidden, sinful pleasures to this house. However, is it really as black as it’s often painted? I shall investigate its old and new meanings and look at examples of how they have changed over the past few centuries. The lecture is for astrologers of all levels.

Izabela Podlaska-Konkel has been a professional astrologer for many years. She teaches astrology and tarot at the Warsaw School of Astrology and publishes on popular astrological websites: Astroportal.pl and Czary.pl. She is the author of two books: The Horary Astrology in Practice (2017) and The Astrology Textbook (co-authored with Miłosława Krogulska, 2014). She is the NCGR Poland Delegate and the president of the Astrologers’ Association in Poland. Visit her at www.izabelapodlaska.pl Contact her at iza.podlaska@gmail.com

FROM LYNN KOINER:  I first heard Iza give this lecture at the Chicago UAC conference.  At first, she commented upon the old interpretations of the 8th House and I thought that this might be IT.  However, she soon went into the “meat” of the 8th House, the core meaning of the House and I knew that she GOT the deeper meaning of this House. I have studied the 8th House since the 1980s (I have many 8th House friends) and I know what this House does – Iza gives another view of this House and a very accurate view.  Her English is excellent.

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