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These are quality computer generated astrology Reports. I am only selling reports that I feel are worthwhile. If you want a hardcopy of the report, this will cost more as some have extensive color graphics, especially Diana Rosenberg’s Fixed Star Report. If you want them sent as an attachment, they will cost much less. These reports are quite long. These prices may be subject to change. The first price is by e-mail in a PDF file; the second price is for a hardcopy mailed in the U.S.

You can pay by Paypal or send your check and birth data to —

Lynn Koiner
737 Easley Street
Silver Spring MD 20910

  • Solar Return Report (Mary Shea Interpretation)
  • Fixed Star Report (Diana Rosenberg Interpretation)
    Diana offers a traditional interpretation of the Fixed Stars in your natal chart and conjunct natal planets. She is considered the leading authority on this topic.
  • Biorhythm Map and Interpretation
    $25 for one year – Full Color – Mail Out only, not e-mail

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There are some reports that I do not really like. I am selling them inexpensively as a PDF file:

  • Classical Chart Interpretation Report by Lee Lehman – $10
  • Classical Temperament Report by Lee Lehman – $5
  • Transit Report (with intepretation) by Stephany Johnson – $10
  • Natal and Progressed Lunar Phase Report – $5.50 (interpretation with nice graphics)


  • 40,000 Asteroids – $20 as PDF only
  • Galactic Report on Chiron and Prominent Asteroids – $10
  • Vertex Report – I am adding my own information on the Vertex to this Report Writer and I should be ready for sale in late 2014.
  • Major Asteroid Interpretation Report – $10 (just order any $10 report but tell me that you wish this specific report. This was written by an Austrailian astrologer who does a very good job.

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NOTE: Please contact me if you are interested in the Winning Times printout. This printout will identify the best times for games of chance.


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