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Ghost hunting

Video: Ghost Hunting in Montgomery

Zoša Kinkorova

This is my friend, Zoša Kinkorova. Zoša is the most popular and most commercial astrologer in Prag. She has written 6 books and, in her 5th book, she had this photograph of me. The title, Tajemstvì Promĕn, is called The Secret of Change. She writes that, when the planets are giving you a difficult time, remember the most happy memories in your life… and she included this photograph of me with her husband.

There is so much love for me in Europe. Since I am an only child with no family, this means so much to me. At our 2007 gathering, the astrologers in the Czech Astrological Society remembered that I brought them their first astrological program…on an original floppy disk.

It seemed impossible that such a thing would happen but I arrived with books and this little program just after the Velvet Revolution. Within 6 months, every astrologer in Czechoslovakia had this program copied. I realize now that it is not important for me to be famous but it is very important for me to be remembered….and I am.

When I visited Zoša in November 2007, she told me that she loved me very much. This means so much to me and I love her and all of my friends in Prague just as much.

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