These are the names of people who are my Service Professionals. These are people whom I consult personally and they come highly recommended. No one can be placed on this list unless I have been consulting them for a very long time.

1. Dr. JENNA HENDERSON Naturopath
I have known Jenna for many years. While she is a licenced Naturopath, in the 1990s, she was the youngest president of an NCGR astrology chapter.
She has a special interest in kidney diseases and transplants. However, she knows so much about all alternative medicine issues and how to treat health issues alternatively.
I consult her all the time for information on various diseases and she gives me wonderful information. She provided the information on chemical and metal toxicity for the Medical Forum.
She works in Connecticut and New York.

Jenna consults from anywhere in the world by telephone
First consult $240
Follow ups $140
Call (866) 273-1653 to schedule an appointment in the office or by telephone.

Questions about natural medicine for:

· Kidney disease
· Diabetes
· Hypertension
· Dialysis Care
· Post-transplant care

2. Angie Andereton Massage Therapist Phoenix Arizona
I travel to Phoenix every year just to have a manual lymph drainage with Angie. While I ask for a 90 minute massage ($90), I tell her not to look at the clock. I bring plenty of cash and she can massage until she cannot work anymore. She also uses a Buffer this is to die for!
When I arrived in Phoenix in 2009, I had a terrible ear infection. My ears where bloody and scabby. Thirty minutes after leaving Angie my ear were totally healed and I have not had another ear infection.
There are many excellent massage therapist but few have Magic Fingers. Angie has this! She offers many other services as well. In 2012, when I visit, I will add reflexology to my service request.

3. Elaine Hruska Massage Therapist ARE Clinic in Houston TX
NOTE: I was horrified to learn that Elaine is heading the ARE clinic in Houston, no longer in Virginia Beach!

Angie and Elaine have a very different style but Elaine has the magic fingers. When I first had a lymph massage with Elaine many years ago, her hands were cold. I send the thought form your hands are cold; warm up! And, her hands immediately became almost red hot. I was impressed!
When I visit the ARE Clinic once a year, I get the lymph massage, reflexology, the castor oil pack and, the next day, I sit in the steam cabinet.
Elaine has written a book on the Lymphatic System which I use in my Medical Astrology classes. While it is titled, KEY TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH, it could easily be called The Lymphatic System for Dumbies, as it has everything you need to know about lymph in simple laymans language. More signs and planets rule the lymph than any other part of the bodythis is how important the lymph is to good health.

4. Tina Perrone Novel, Herbalist Berkeley Springs WV
304-258-9228 Sage Moon Herb Shop
I have known Tina since the early 1980s. Whenever I have a herb question or health issue, I always ask Tina. Tina used to be the Herbalist at SMILE Herbs in College Park Maryland. Anyone can call for a consultation and she sends out the orders immediately. Better yet visit Berkeley Springs WV. The owner of the STARS movie theater is the well known astrologer, Jeanne Mozier.


7. LYMPH DRAINAGE MASSAGE in the Washington DC area.
Until recently, I did not know anyone who I could recommend in my area. I have found Jill Nelson in Bethesda Maryland, as she has given the back massages at my annual picnic.
OFFICE: 4641 Montgomery Ave, Suite 208 ; Bethesda between Wisconsin and Waverly St, right next door to the big Waverly St parking garage.

8. ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY: Many people have made inquiries about Esoteric Astrology. I have just learned that the Douglas Baker Foundation teaches esoteric astrology online at a very reasonable fee. I do not know anything about this course but I did study with Baker in the 1980s. I use my own style of esoteric astrology but he was a good teacher.
A good friend who studied with me in the 1980s give Souls Purpose readings.
Wilson, Adele
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