My telephone consultation fee is $200. Write to me at and I will send you an invoice.

$200 Service: This is a telephone or a Skype or Telephone consultation. All of my readings cover a 2 to 3 year period. With the telephone, I use FreeConferenceCalling to record the session which you can download when I send it by HighTail. For the technologically challenged, I do have old fashioned cassettes.

$250 Service: This is for an in-person reading at my home in Silver Spring Maryland. People tend to stay a lot longer when they come to my home so I am charging extra. I prefer the telephone consultation.

With both services, if you need to ask about another person, please include their birth data as well.
Add $25 extra for an additional chart for me to work on. So, the first is free but a second chart is $25 extra.

Before paying on PayPal, please make an appointment first. You have up until the day of the reading to pay using PayPal.


OTHER REPORTS: You may order a number of other reports directly from me. Details on my report writers page.

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