Lunar Return House Positions

A Lunar Return chart is one that is calculated for the exact moment that the Moon returns to the same sign-degree-minute where it was at birth. This occurs every month. I use these charts to see where my energies will be applied and the sphere of activity during the coming month.

When I am in Europe, the Moon’s House position in Europe prevails during that Return period but, when I return home to the Washington DC area, the Return Chart recalculated for Washington DC better describes what is going on in my life.

I also use the Mars Return chart that describes where the major activity will be in my life for a 2-year period. You can use these descriptions for the Mars Return chart as well.

1st House: You feel more in control of your life and activities. It is easier to be in the spotlight. Social interaction is easy. You feel better now. There are exceptions when the Moon is heavily afflicted and you may have to address health issues.

2nd House: Finances are emphasized. Money matters can improve. However, watch spending now. The 2nd House is the most compulsive House.

3rd House: This is a mentally active time. Lots of new ideas, short trips and mental interaction with others are all favored. I often travel to visit a friend in Virginia Beach with this Return.

4th House: You may feel stuck in the home or in the office during this period. If you need private time, it can be fulfilling. You are more focused in this private area. Sometimes health issues may keep you at home. Sometimes family responsibilities and commitments take up your time. I have traveled when the Moon was in the 4th during a Return. The trip did have an emotional impact. Personally, I tend to feel trapped and over-eat due to frustration.
NOTE: If you are considering a move or real estate purchase, the Moon in the Return 4th can trigger this event.

5th House: This is a time to focus upon personal creativity and just having fun. If attempting a pregnancy, this is a good cycle. In psychological terms, it is an important time to give structure to the Creative Child within.

6th House: This is a busy time. I have traveled at this time but I had a lot of work to do…professional activities, conferences, seminars and lectures.

7th House: Relationships are the focus. Meeting and interacting with people is strongly indicated. It is a social time but usually on other people’s terms – doing what they want which can facilitate growth and new experiences. I had an Open House event. I took a trip to visit an old friend. I have met new people as well.

8th House: Money Issues! Lots of bills can come in. I have received “unearned income” at this time as well. I am thinking that it may be a good cycle for playing the lottery— but I never won anything. My mother passed away with this Return, although it rarely indicates death by itself.

9th House: All expansive activities are stimulated— travel, education, communications and media activities, publications. Spiritual activities are favored.

10th House: Career and professional activities are highlighted. It is a good time to be out in the world and seek recognition. I like having a party during this cycle. I have found that my work suddenly gets recognition. I am in the spotlight.

11th House: This is a good social time with meetings with friends, groups and organizations. I have given lectures to groups and I have attended new lectures. During one Return when the Moon was intercepted, I felt that my socializing was blocked. You need to PUSH under such circumstances.

12th House: A sense of isolation prevails. If you are not comfortable being alone, this can be a frustrating time. You can feel walled off from others. It is a good time to get in touch with yourself and your feelings. It is a good time for retreat and meditation. Personally, I feel very lonely and isolated.

  1. Toni Says:

    Hi Lynn, This is very interesting. How do you recalculate a chart for a different location? Do you have to change anything or do you leave time and date of birth the exact same and put the new location as the birth place? Sorry if this is a silly question.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TONI – Any software that does this calculation will always maintain the Moon’s exact birth location. This is how you know that it is calculated correctly. Just change the location, not the time.

  3. Tina Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I use lunar returns, too, but never know how to interpret house rulerships.

    For example, if my lunar return Moon is conjunct by, say Mars, should I look for the house Mars rules in the lunar return or should I use the house that Mars rules in my natal chart?

  4. Toni Carlson Says:

    Hi Lynn, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I have another question that is a bit off track, but it is about using the chart for where you are presently living. When I recalculated for my present residence, the moon position barely changed, but some of my house rulerships certainly did, (but not which house my moon is in). Do these also become more relevant than the natal chart when you are living elsewhere?

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TINA – Use what Mars rules in the Return chart. And, any Return occurring at the same time as another Return makes the Return more powerful – for example, if a Mercury Return occurs at the same time as the Lunar Return etc.

    TONI – Use the Return chart for where you are currently living, not where you were born.

  6. Ruby Says:

    How do I find out my lunar positions? I have my Indian birthchart done, can that be helpful? Would you help me interpret it?

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    RUBY – A Lunar Return chart is one that is calculated for the exact moment that the Moon returns to the same sign-degree-minute where it was at birth. This occurs every month.
    This has nothing to do with your Indian chart. I would suggest going to as this site often makes calculations. I do not read Return charts for others. You will have to make do with my intepretations above. This is all I really do for myself – look at the Moon’s House position.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Do you interpret the lunar return against the natal chart? Would meanings change once viewed against the backdrop of the natal? For example – my lunar return this month appears fairly innocuous, but when viewed against my natal, the Asc/Dsc axis is exactly backwards (in my husband’s as well). Is this significant? What about aspects to the solar return?

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JENNIFER: You asked a good question but, unfortunately, I do not have a good answer.
    I only look at the House position of the Moon for the direction of my life that month — and not how it aligns with the natal chart.
    This is only a 1-month chart so I never put a lot of effort into an analysis for a brief period in time.
    There is a Canadian astrologer, Priscilla Costella, who does the best interpretation of the Solar Return. She does this by placing more importance upon the RULER OF THE ASCENDANT. Look at this Planet’s position for more information of the month’s events.

  10. Micheline Says:

    Just a quick Q! I am just getting into LR’s lately! I love coming over to your site and reading your fantastic articles.

    Thank you

    My question is: I have the Lunar return moon in the 12th but it is within 3 degrees of the ascendant. Do I read it as as 12th house or first house experience?

    Thanks again!!!!

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MICHELINE (1-2014): I would interpret this as a 12th House period. But, it does not last and you can look to next month’s return.

  12. Amit Lamba Says:

    Very Interesting Article .
    Keep Writing

    Amit Lamba

  13. Ullhas Says:

    Wonderful explanations. Thanks a lot.

  14. leyla Says:

    You only talk about the position of the Moon. What about other planets? Do stelliums, conjunctions or important aspects (without aspects to Moon) have any importance for the interpretation? You say LR charts cover a short period of time and they’re not that important, but I’m just curious.

  15. alexa Says:

    What happens when the lunar return moon house matches your natal moon house? My next lunar return will have the moon in cancer in the 10th house, just like my natal chart (but there the moon is conjunct the mid heaven) thank you!

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ALEXA (5-2016): Maybe a New Moon can have more energy for the House but only if it conjuncts your natal Moon. It is minor compared to the outer planets transits and progressions.

    As New Moon Return is the strongest and it portends new beginnings for that House — otherwise, just read the House position as described above.

  17. Nicole Says:

    My Lunar Return is actually tomorrow during the Gemini Full Moon (12/13) My natal Moon is in Gemini in the 9th house @ 21 degrees trine my Uranus/Ascendant conjunction in Libra I will be doing the first day of clinicals at a nursing home after obtaining my CNA. I’m looking to get my LPN in 2017, god willing.

    My Lunar Return has the Moon in the 11th house opposite Saturn in the 5th, trine Jupiter in the 3rd and sextile Uranus in the 8th. I’m excited, yet nervous and I’m feeling somewhat morbid but I feel as though that has more to do with me feeling anxious about being in a new environment. The Moon rules the Lunar Return 12th house (hospitals) interesting enough.

  18. Lisa Meyerson Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I love your site and read it a lot. It is so helpful!

    Can you tell me which house system you prefer to use?


  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LISA (5-2017): I have always used Placidius as it works best with 2ndary progressions, which is what I use. Glad you asked.


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