THE STELLIUM – 4 or more planets in the same House (updated April 2021)



by Lynn Koiner


A stellium occurs when 4 or more planets fall in a House.  One can have a Stellium with 4 or more planets in a sign (that can cover more than one House) but I am focusing upon the House Stellium.

This configuration creates too much energy coming into the activities and affairs of that House.  It generates obsessive energy.  The individual becomes obsessively focused with the activities of that House.  A better term is HYPER-ENGAGED.

Yes, a Stellium portends talent in its House and Sign activities but the affairs of that House take up all of the energies of the individual.  It is essential that the individual GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE by going to the opposite House.  A stellium likes an opposition to it.  The opposition makes the individual clearly aware that there is a choice whereas a stellium without an opposition can get trapped more easily in the congested House.

Besides the obsessive quality, the House activities will be upset for long periods when any planets transit a hard aspect to the planets in the Stellium.  Everything goes awry!


1st HOUSE:  When 4 or more planets fall in the 1st House, so many energies are coming into the personality segment that the individual can change from one day to the next.  This can cause physical disabilities.  If the individual cannot control the energies of all of the planets, they become too strong.  Lessons in patience and self-control are needed.  Since self-centeredness can become a problem, working through partnerships and 7th House matters such as counseling or consultant work can be helpful.  A partner or other people, such as clients, can balance the personality by drawing the energy, the focus, away from the individual’s own personality.  One young man with a stellium in Libra was excessively self-conscious.  He did not like the focus to be on himself.  He submerges his identity with others.  He went into the most dangerous brand of the Israeli army.  His mother commented that “You cannot say anything to him.  He is sensitive to any criticism (self-absorbed).”  His attitude is “What’s wrong with me?!!”

Lyndon Johnson had a stellium in Virgo with Leo rising.  He was a very arrogant man but he accomplished great things when he took the focus away from himself and obsessed upon human rights issues.


2nd HOUSE:  Too much energy in the 2nd House is not good for finances, even though these people can do well salary-wise.  With too many energies, too many choices, the financial reins should be given to a partner, a financial consultant – letting go of attachments to the physical is essential here!  These people can get so wrapped up in managing their own possessions and finances that these things rule their lives.  Any little transit from Mars or, worse yet, an outer planet, will cause chaos in the area of finances and possessions.  This, in turn, can affect the health.  One client had real estate holdings around the country and he wrote a book.  He would not release the energy to an agent – he was promoting the book himself and he traveled around the country trying to sell his properties.  He exhausted himself holding on to everything.

A friend with that unpleasant outer planet stellium in Leo (late 1940s) says that she is always being sucked into financial crises.

Years ago, a man with a 2nd House Stellium, kept canceling appointments – which was very unusual for this long-term client.  I think subconsciously he did not want to hear what I had to warm him.  Transiting Pluto was opposing his 2nd House Stellium and I knew that he was going to get into a professional project that was way over his head.  Pluto warns against anything complicated.  I later hear that he did indeed get into a project way over his head and had to declare bankruptcy.  Many of his investors lost a lot of money.


3rd HOUSE:  Many planets here can produce a “mental collector” with all sorts of ideas and mental interests.  Too much energy here can short-circuit the mind so that it does not feel comfortable in literary areas – too many choices.  They find it hard to relax mentally.  The mental energy should be thrown into the 9th House wherein knowledge is shared and theories and concepts are developed from what is acquired mentally.  There is a potential for consciousness expansion.  Formal education is essential here.

I have talked with many clients with this pattern.  They know they have abilities for writing and teaching but they do not know what subjects they should choose.  Yet, when they focus, they obsess mentally, losing perspective and becoming oblivious to what is going on around them.  Travel without any mental activity is a release.

The daughter of one client writes ads freelance but she obsesses over ideas causing mental frustration.  She acted as a surrogate mom to her siblings (obsessing over them).  She is very into her own thinking

Anytime many planets are focused in a cadent House the individual becomes a mental ponderer.  They think so much that they actually miss opportunities.  They find their timing is bad as a result.  It is like sitting at the bus stop thinking so hard about what you are going to do at the Mall once you get there that you miss the bus – all of the buses!  People with many planets in Houses 3, 6, 9 and 12 need to get out of their heads and be more physical.

Ideally, using the Astro-Carto-Graphy chart, the Cadent Stellium individual can relocate so that the Stellium is on an angle and it can be activated more easily.

An old astrological axiom is that, if the ruler of the 2nd House is part of a 3rd House stellium, the individual has a lot of ideas about making money but NO MONEY!


4th HOUSE:  There is a need to take the energies out of the “personal” home and put them into a professional activity that deals with 4th House issues.  The home life is often tumultuous, especially being upset with every little transit.  They do well in such 4th House areas as real estate, building and construction, archeology and anthropology, genealogy, history, historical preservation or activities connected with the past.  It favors working with weather conditions and environmental issues.  One woman helps adoptees find their biological parents.  Another was a mortician!  Their obsession is dwelling too much on their own past when they keep their energies in the personal sector.

The past is always a frame of reference for almost any 4th House placement, stellium or not.  The individual gets emotionally stuck in the past.  Getting out and working the land is very helpful.  I have observed that people who work with environmental issues obsess and lose perspective about what is really workable.

The 4th House is a Water House and events portended there can denote childhood traumas that control the life.  One individual born around 1989 with Neptune in Capricorn as part of a Stellium had problems around the father.  He had a successful career, he was physically active but something happened – the father began to drink, he lost his job, he went through the family money and finally lost the house.  This individual, as a child, had to move to a distant place and live with relatives.  Being extremely bright, I believe that he is driven by a fear of failure like his dad.


5th HOUSE:  This is the house of creativity but, with a Stellium, there can be too many options.  Hence, there may be a potential for helping to cultivate their own creativity.  They work well with creative groups.  In romance, the love life can be a maze.  There is a need to concentrate more on social relationships in order to take the heat off of the solar plexus and its personal, emotional involvements.

They need to work with impersonal relationships and KEEP them impersonal. While they often do not have children, their own children do take up too much of their energy.  They frequently have child-like qualities – do whatever is fun.  I know 2 individuals with a 5th House stellium.  One was a teacher whose students were like her own children.  She invited them to her home.  She became very involved in their problems.  She loved being a teacher because she was the drama teacher and helped the students create films.

The 5th House rules a specific field of psychology – the development of the personality, psychodramas and the use of the chakras in healing and personality training (Carolyn Myss).  The 2nd individual is a psychotherapist.  She has studied chakra therapy.  Her favorite is child therapy.  She never has clients hang on for years.  They work on their problems and they get cured and leave.


6th HOUSE:  Many Virgo traits show up with a Stellium in this House, even when there are no Virgo planets.  They obsess upon their jobs and their work.  They are perfectionists who too easily get wrapped up in their work and menial tasks.  Work and service activities absorb too much energy because of their affinity with the menial.  This can lead to hypochondria or, at least, a lot of complaining about their work.  They are dedicated to some service work – professional and personal (care-taking others).

They need to be in charge and to be self-sufficient (people never get so close that they can criticize, try to change or tell them what to do) but they also need to learn to delegate the menial to others.  Always, there is a need to go to the 12th House and get away from work and find some seclusion.  They must also find work that has a purpose.  Unfulfilling, menial, routine tasks can lead to health disorders in the nature of the sign but relating to assimilation and elimination.

A Libra Stellium would cause lower back pain (kidney connected) when work and work relationships become chaotic, Virgo would produce skin irritations or constipation (holding it all in), Leo causes back problems from shouldering too much of a work load, Cancer would cause stomach and digestive disorders due to fears and insecurities in work activities, Gemini could cause allergies and respiratory problems when the individual feels trapped and cannot “breathe” in the workplace.  The emphasis here is to take charge in service activities, delegate the menial and get away from work as much as possible.  Never work more than 40 hours per week.

One individual with a Virgo stellium has lupus.  She is a perfectionist and becoming ill forced her to take a break from her work obsessions.  NOTE:  I have found that the 6th House rules congenital health problems or health weaknesses.


7th HOUSE:  Individuals with a 7th House stellium as the least likely to marry or stay married.  So many energies come out in a relationship that they feel swallowed up by other people in close relationships.  They are often loners or they suddenly end relationships to break the relationship obsession.  Libran traits manifest in relationships, specifically indecision when dealing with others.  It is excellent for work in counseling or consultant occupations.  These de-personalize the one-on-one relationships.  The many planets in the 7th can describe many types of clients with whom the individual would deal.  This is excellent for a lawyer, arbitrator, psychologist and business consultant.

I have observed this Stellium firsthand.  The individual complains that the relationships take up so much of their energy that they lose their own identity.  It is easier to be a loner.  However, upon closer inspection, I observed that, when involved in a relationship, the individual obsesses upon that relationship to the point wherein he or she loses perspective, becoming oblivious to anyone or anything else.

A friend with such a Stellium visited the United States.  He stayed in Baltimore for 2 weeks and then he stayed with me.  When he was with me, he forgot all about his friends in Baltimore.  And, when he left to stay with one of my students, he became oblivious to me and certain obligations that he had to me.  He focused in on the person he was with and lost sight of everything else.  If I had not seen this myself, I never would have understood this phenomenon.  A very independent friend with such a Stellium would always lose herself in a relationship, devoting all of her energies to what the partner needed without regard for her own needs.  To end this obsession, she would just run away from the relationship.


8th HOUSE:  The 8th House Stellium must be in control of one’s own resources and finances.  If not, situations that seem totally beyond his/her control or upheavals seem to plague the life.  Gaining control over the uncontrollable is important so that studies in the occult, life after death, medicine, holistic health, financial planning are good outlets.  In handling large amounts of money, the individual should always be personally in charge.  Accountants and other financial planners can really mess things up.  This House also rules the partner’s finances.

I believe that the 8th House rules all things totally beyond our control and our attitude towards such affairs.  There is a pattern of taking control and then knowing when to release.  Obsessions with the uncontrollable can greatly complicate the life.  One individual with a stellium in Cancer is a financial planner yet he always feels out of control in his relationships because I have observed that he disempowers his relationships – he does everything and makes all the decisions, and then the other person cannot stand alone.  This is a problem in knowing when to release.

The healing talent of the 8th House is taking control, orchestrating the changes and repairs alone and then releasing it (to a client).  Healing can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and even technological.  One client with an 8th House Stellium said that “I do not repair computers, I HEAL computers.”  He set up the computer system for a branch of the government.

There can be problems sorting out sexuality or a conflict between sexuality and spirituality.

Another facet of the 8th House is to obsess to the point of distorting reality.  One friend confessed that her 8th House sibling had a totally different perspective on her childhood than any of the other siblings.  Another woman only saw the positive in her husband – she was in total denial that he was a very controlling and abusive man.  I observed this firsthand and was amazed that the 8th House woman could not see what he was like.


9th HOUSE:  As with all Cadent Houses, the individual can come to live too much in the head – the ponderer — and not enough in the practical reality of life with real, livable philosophies.  These mentally oriented people can easily live in a world of philosophy and theory.  Theories about life and relationships can keep them from living in the real world which is so typical of Sagittarius.  Rather than become moralistic, they need to teach and share what they know – then allow others to draw their own conclusions.

They should never be oriented towards any single religious, spiritual or academic point of view – of course, they are never really sure of what they believe anyway!  Instead of always searching for a philosophy, something to believe in, a meaning to life, they should share what they know and travel to learn from others.  Travel always helps to gain a perspective.

I have observed some people with a 9th House Stellium in Fixed signs always thinking about travel but they stay at home!  In going to the 3rd House, you teach what you know, get the information out rather than just consuming more.

In a class with two 9th House stellium students, one was aggressive and one was passive but both agreed that THEY HAVE AN OPINION, especially about religion and politics!  They were obsessive in their beliefs.  One was offended when people asked for advice but did not follow it or ignored it.


10th HOUSE:  With a stellium in the 10th House, there are problems with the professional choice and dealing with authority figures.  The professional life should be connected with the home and one’s own property (hotel, day care or just being a house wife) or working out of one’s own home or property.

Being one’s own boss takes the pressure off of authority figure confrontations with every minor transit that afflicts the 10th House!  There could have been a very intense relationship with one parent and this, in turn, can create intense confrontations that affect the career.

Years ago, I had a client with a Stellium in Pisces in his 10th House.  Mars in Pisces, when hit by a transit, often describes a person who comes into the life who like working out in a gym.  My client was a self-employed CPA.  Transiting Neptune began squaring this Stellium.  I told him that he would get a client who worked out in a gym.  Indeed, this client came in second in a Mr. America Body Building contest and own a gym.  Because it was a square, I knew that he could be cheated and lose everything while Neptune was squaring his 10th House Stellium.  I told him to tell the client, if he did not have a check to pay his newly expanded staff on Friday, that no one would show up on Monday.  This happened twice but a courier came on Saturday with a check!  He told me that this job took up his entire life but, if the man ever did not pay him, he would have lost everything.  But, because of my advice, he made a lot of money, sold the business and because a coach in a gym (a retirement job).  This demonstrates how, using astrology, can turn a bad transit into a good transit.

11th HOUSE:  Involvements with groups, associations and organizations swallow up the individual and keep the individual from gaining a perspective (lost in the group Cause or values, like a lemming going to sea).  They find that they become part of the herd in terms of collective values when in any group.  They need to work with more personal goals and values and work with small, creative groups in which they feel a sense of control and stability.

In going to the 5th House, I say to stay with a group of about 5 people.  This could be a scouting group, an exercise gathering, a study group or a small support group.  Greater fulfillment goes through focusing with one’s own children.  Too much socializing can be neglectful.


12th HOUSE:  This is the Serve-or-Suffer House.  These people may have come from a past life monastery experience.  In this life, they need to get outside of themselves and involve themselves with service to others or they can become quite neurotic!  I have only 2 planets in the 12th, including the Ruler of my Ascendant so I know this House all too well.

In coming from a past life situation of seclusion which formed a life pattern of isolation, they must break this pattern now!  There is a need to get outside of one’s self and work with others.  It is easy, however, to escape within rather than go out into the world.  One woman with a Stellium in Aquarius had her finest hour when she dedicated many years of her life to taking care of a disabled child.  When not involved in service, she retreated to being a neurotic recluse!

It must be noted that 12th House people can never be out-and-about all of the time.  They need to retreat, to be alone and to be quiet.  They cannot be ON 24 hours a day.  They find it easy to disappear, to be invisible and tune out when around more aggressive or assertive types.  I have observed 12th House students simply shut down when more assertive types speak up or interrupt.


NOTE:  Only in more recent times have some astrologers said that only 3 planets form a Stellium but this is not true.  I have 3 planets in the 10th House and they definitely do not work like a Stellium.  Three planets in Gemini do describe my career but I am definitely not hyper-engaged with my career.  A transit to the first planet in the 10th, the Moon, is the most powerful but any transits to Uranus and lastly Mars tend to be less eventful.

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  1. Hi Lynn
    Lately I’ve been duing research on my natal chart and specifically having 5 planets in my 2nd house- Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune (all in Aquarius) and Venus in Pisces. As I read, it means trouble with finances ???? Is there any way To fix it or to make it more beneficial? My whole life I feel like my financial state ruins all other areas of my life. Thank you for your time, Anghelina

    1. A Stellium is neither good nor bad but you can become hyper-engaged or even obsessed over financial matters. Saturn will be crossing them soon (depending upon the degrees). This is a time to re-structure your financial life. With a Stellium, go to the 8th House. This means getting financial advice from trusted advisors. With my 2nd House planets, I have 2 investment brokers make the investments for me. No, I am not rich but my dad and his sister left me a small inheritance. As Saturn goes through the 2nd, it is a great re-structuring time, a time to save but a time to ask for advice. I am not good with money so I reply upon professionals.

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I have a stellium of 5 planets in Aquarius ( sun, moon, Saturn, Mars and mercury) 4 are in my 5th house and Mercury is in the 4th. I became ill in 2008 and no one could diagnose what I had until everything became so severe that I couldn’t work anymore in 2014. I was diagnosed with connective tissue disease overlap syndrome which is systemic sclerosis and polymyositis overlap and I have secondary Sjögren’s syndrome. My question is with all of the planets in one area, can that cause energy to be restricted etc. and can some kind of Saturn transit be one of the reasons that I have scleroderma? Thank you.

    1. I believe that I wrote to you privately as I have a friend who was born with that same Stellium in Aquarius. When Transiting Neptune crossed the Stellium, she developed an inflammatory disease (RH). It took years to finally get a diagnosis that taking low dose antibiotics encouraged bacterial overgrowth in the stomach and intestines (SIBO). This lead to leaking gut and then toxins entered her body, causing inflammatory issues. Argentyn 23 is a non-toxic form of Colloidal Silver (that kills this bacteria). You can get this online but I would urged you to be tested as there is a 24 hour test for bacterial overgrowth. Leaky Gut causes so many health issues that do not seem to be related. Dr. John Pagano studied the Edgar Cayce readings and he was able to cure many health issues related to this. I think his remedies – well, some are old and outdated. A good health practitioner can do something more current. A doctor in Boston swears by Argentyn 23 but I do not know the dosage.

    1. Planets in the 12th House do not make you emotional BUT Neptune in the 12th makes you extremely sensitive to subtle vibrations. You need protection — carrying a nice crystal in your pocket when going out expands your energy field. High John the Conqueror oil is a powerful protector. I cannot think of others right now. Some Flower essences help but I do not know which ones. The most powerful for me was High John Oil but the man who made it has either retired or passed away. 12th House need cannot be “ON” 24/7 and you need to retreat to recharge your batteries. Do not stay alone too long. Go to the 6th and engage in working activities that you enjoy, that are not draining. Since I do not know your chart, I cannot advise any more.

  3. Where do I go if I have a stelliums in my 12th and 6th houses? It’s interesting that you mentioned Lyndon B. Johnson, he is/was my 5th cousin. 12th- Sun in Tau, Mer in Tau, Chiron in Pis, Saturn in Pis. And 6th- Uranus in Vir, Mars in Vir, Pluto in Vir, Neptune in Scorp. Thank you for this video, it helps me figure out what’s coming in my life. It’s been a wild ride so far.

    1. Kimberly, this is a difficult pattern to resolve. Actually, I do not mind oppositions because they allow you choices. You may find yourself swinging back and forth — “hyper-engaged” with work, then swinging back into the reclusive 12th. You actually need this pendulum life style. With Uranus and Pluto in the 6th House, you need to work independently from others as you are sensitive (Neptune) to vibrations in the workplace. This conjunction is connected with reform, rehabilitation and even holistic health activities.

  4. Hello Lynn. I discovered your website today and have enjoyed your writing and knowledge. I do not have a stellium but I do have three planets in 12th house Sagittarius. I have Uranus Retrograde conjunct Jupiter Retrograde and Neptune Retrograde, the South Node and the Galactic Center all conjunct each other. 29th degree Pisces Moon in my third house square Neptune and south node. I feel like this is an important part of my chart. Can you share some thoughts on how you would interpret these placements?

    1. Caesar, it is impossible for me to visualize when people say “this planet is here; that planet is there.” The Moon at 29 degrees squaring Neptune tells me that, when your emotions become intense (reaching a point of critical mass), you tune out and emotionally disappear. Intimacy is a problem but you hae to work with this. I have similar aspects. When I actually lived with someone, he was on the 3rd floor and I was on the 1st floor. I have been in another relationship for almost 30 years. For the first time, he is moving in with me but he will be on the 2nd floor and I will still be on the 1st floor.

  5. I find your written articles fascinating and love your approach to the intercepted one, as my daughter and I both have Virgo/Pisces intercepted. I’ll be buying those cells salts.

    For the stellium I have a few questions I hope you can answer. I relate most to the placidus, but when used my Leo stellium is cut in half into the 6th/7th houses. In whole sign houses it’s in the 7th.

    I have Venus and Mercury in the 6th and sun and Mars in the 7th, all conjunct within 6° and my DC is the Leo cusp.

    Is it possible to have zodiac stelliums and not just house ones? I know so many astrologers have different opinions on stelliums. I also thought to have a stellium you would need 4 or more luminaries and personal planets to be accurate. However if you had luminaries in that placement you would need 3 personal planets to be considered as one.

    I am very much an Aquarius, just as much as I feel my Leo. Learning to live with those parts working together, rather than one extreme to the other.

    Would love your opinions on these questions. Thank you so much!

    1. First, you only use the cell salts if you have the health issues associated with the salts of the signs OR if a planets such as Mars is transiting the intercepted sign.
      Second, I only use Placidius. Whole House was developed because in former times these Houses had to be calculated with Trigonometry. The potential for error in calculations was very common so Whole House made it easy
      just as Cosmobiology without an Houses made it even easier.
      You are absolutely correct — you can have a Stellium by House and a Stellium by Sign. This makes the Sign more prominent in your life. It does link the two Houses together — 6th House service can be combined with 7th House consultations.
      You do not have to have personal planets in the Stellium to make it a Stellium but I do think that Stellium would be more powerful and possibly more beneficial.

  6. Hello Lynn,
    I haven’t been into astrology for many years now, but got curious recently since 2020 seems to be a beneficial year for me, to the point I feel guilty because the whole world is in despair.
    I wondered what the link with my chart might be and I found your website. I have a stellium in the 11th house (Venus, Sun and Chiron in Mars, and Jupiter and Mercurius in Taurus). Of those, the three ones in Aries are intercepted. In the opposite 5th house I have 3 planets (Pluto and Moon in Libra, and Uranus in Scorpio). Pluto and Moon are also intercepted. All these 8 planets form a square with Mars in Cancer in the 1st house and Saturn in the 2nd house, also in Cancer. As said, 2020 has been beneficial to me. I got laid off due to the pandemic, but used my time to create an own creative business, did many creative side projects, renovated our summer house with my spouse, planted 200 trees and shrubs, connected with nature, and a couple of months ago I found a new job that I love. I am much interested in life stories and like to observe people; and although I like being around people and I am happy I have to go to the office, I am even happier not having to deal with social events (I totally shut down in groups), and have lunch alone at my desk. I guess the current alignments must work well with who I am. Would love to have your opinion on these. Thanks a lot!

    1. Somehow my post did not show up but I praise your spiritual growth in handling the Pluto transit and to see the wisdom in the lesson that Pluto had to teach you. Not everyone is so enlightened. Some may have gotten very ill with this transit or found themselves in a bad place without a light at the end of the tunnel. But, some people like yourself can overcome fear (Mars in Cancer – I have Saturn there and I still battle fears). Your lesson will hopefully inspire others to go with the flow of Pluto.

  7. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for the informative post. I have 4 planets sun mercury Saturn and jupiter in 6th house.
    I have severe detachment and trying to find my purpose of life. Does this stallium tells about it or any suggestions that can help. I am Aries ascendant.

    1. It is difficult to answer without knowing your complete chart. You do have a true Stellium with 4 planets. The 6th House is associated with health practices. I have a friend with a 6th House Stellium and she has been an acupuncturist since the 1980s! HOWEVER, with a Stellium, you need to go to the 12th House periodically, retreat and get away and recharge your “batteries.” You tend to become hyper-engaged with the Stellium House. If you work too hard, become to engaged with work, you can become ill.

      1. Thanks Lynn for your precious time on my post.
        If you get chance to see my birth chart I am sharing the details:
        DOB: 19 Sep 1981
        Time: 8:30 pm
        Place of birth: [City: Hyderabad, State: Telangana, Country: India]

  8. Hi Lynn I enjoyed this write up very much. I am just beginning my journey learning astrology.
    In my own chart I have a double stellium. 1st house Aquarius(Venus Mars Saturn). 12th house Capricorn(Neptune Uranus north node). I’m realizing now the north node might not make the 12th house a full stellium.

    Sometimes it feels like my brain is on fire, my mood swings can be quite quick, the part you wrote about Aquarius stellium being a different person from day to day resonated. Anything you can suggest with these placements would be lovely. Thank you.

    1. First, you do not have any Stelliums. In former times, a Stellium was always 4 planets in a sign or in a House. Only in recent times do the young astrologers include only 3 planets. I have 3 planets in my 10th House and, after 60 years of researching astrology (I started in high school but I am s till old), they do NOT act like a Stellium . No, I never use a Node as a point in a chart pattern because it is not an object.
      Uranus and Neptune in the 12th denote repressed energies — very powerful energies. It is essential that you manifest these planets in your daily life — psychic and intuitive powers (especially with a planet in each of the Water Houses denotes a strong connection with multi-dimensional realities. If you eliminate all of the Objects of Transformation (such as Transpluto in Leo in the 7th – see 2 articles on my website), Jupiter is a Singleton and the Handle of a Bucket. When Patterns were develop about 8 years ago, these objects were unknown. This just needs to be used — healing arts are supported or financial counseling. It is also powerful because it is the Apex of a Wide Yod. Using Transpluto at 22 Leo, you have a Fixed Cross. Detoxing and oxygenating the blood (deep breathing) will be an essential technique. There are many patterns in the chart but too many to address here.

  9. This is a very beautiful and insightful article. I have a stellium of 8 planets (Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, North Node, Lilith, Sun and Saturn) all falling into the 1st house (with the asc point that makes 9 aspects over there). These are spread out across Capricorn and Aquarius. It can be overwhelming at times, especially these days with all those transits in Capricorn and Aquarius. However, I can testify that what helped me throughout 2020 to temper down all the energies from the 1st house, was indeed focusing on others, for example doing astrological readings, counselling or maintaining relationships amongst groups. Currently also experiencing the Saturn return, which culminates everything after he passed/touched each of the other planets (Saturn being the last planet from the stellium). In a way it can feel exciting to have all those energies to work with, but probably your point on compromising your health when too much energy is being consumed at once, made me wanna slow down a bit.
    Keep on writing inspiring content like this.
    Thanks! 😄

    1. You did an excellent job using your 1st House Stellium correctly. I will only add that I never use Lilith or the Nodes. There are 4 Liliths but the one most commonly used is not an object but an apogee point and the Nodes are not objects either. But you still have a Stellium!! I have a weak Saturn in Cancer and my 1st Saturn Return only had me socialize more (11th House) because I was so absorbed in astrology. The 2nd Return was not too pleasant as I need to learn about boundaries — and this may be your lesson with that Neptune in the Stellium. Learning to say NO is a healthy lesson for all. Going too far into the 7th and being helpful can sap all of your energies (as it did for me). With my 2nd Return, I developed the Epstein-Barr Virus and for 2 years I had to take care of myself rather than others.

  10. Hi Lynn,
    what does it mean if I have stelliums in both the 10th house and 8th house? I’m a cancer asc with Aries sun. Sun, mercury, Saturn, and mars are located in the tenth house, and venus, uranus, moon are located in the eighth house, aquarius. It feels overwhelming dealing with the unknown and the death issues, throughout my life I had many ups and downs in my life and it never seems to stop. Chiron both squares the moon and venus which is in the 5th house. I’m really curious about this and especially this one’s karmic side and can’t find answers for this. Do you think I should focus on the opposite houses like the 2nd and 4th? Thanks. I love your writings!

    1. If you read the title of the article, it takes 4 planets to make a Stellium. It is only in very recent times have young astrologers narrowed it to 3 planets but this does not work with my interpretation. I have 3 planets in the 10th and it definitely does NOT act like a Stellium. But you do have a Stellium in the 10th House. This means that, while there is a focus upon the career and achievement, so many planets in the 10th will cause issues with authority figures. In going to the 4th, you would be better off self-employed, working out of your own space (the 4th House also rules the place in which we work and our extended family there).
      Three planets in the 8th must really seem like the intensity of a Stellium because the 8th House is the most obsessive House in a chart. You actually NEED interests outside of yourself to obsess on. It is a powerful healing and research House — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic and even technological.

      1. Thanks a lot, but you also mentioned above that 4+ planets in a house or a sign means stellium and even though Uranus is in the 7th house, it’s still in Aquarius with the other three planets so I guess this also means a house stellium but maybe I should interpret them under an Aquarius stellium? Are those planets in the 10th house or even an Aquarius stellium indicators for career choosing? Thanks!

  11. Hi,

    I’m such a fan and hoping you can help me understand by the opposition.
    I have my Sun in 1st house of Sagittarius, but also in the first house are Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus.
    With this type of Stellium, I’m trying to understand how I should interpret and focus on the opposition, especially since that is committed relationships (house 7)

    1. Ali, I cannot tell you more than in the article. With a large stellium in the 1st House, it can be overwhelming if focusing upon yourself. Any activity that allows you to work with others — a team, coach, clients, consultant, the public and public service (such as the example of President Johnson). Since I do not know your chart, I can only give general interpretations.

  12. im a rising libra with sun, mercury, venus, Pluto all in my 1st house and nothing across the way in aries. I joke that I’m at my ‘best self’ when married! My adhd seems to mellow out significantly and the success of the partnership becomes more focused, but ive been divorced twice now! I’ve been very publically transformed by these marriages, the collapse of the last one even led to a spontaneous kundalini awakening, coinciding with the birth of our only child. Being single though for five years now, I’m trying to figure out how I’d even incorporate these energies into a successful relationship, lol. I feel slightly doomed because when I do focus on the empty 7th house the partnerships fall apart! They’ve never been bad, abusive, or negative either, it’s like the end appears and I just move on. Perhaps it’s the empty aries 7th that allows me to go so easily? I certainly feel compelled to have a partnership, eventhough I’m content in my singledom(not for lack of suitors either! even @my age). I have a 4th capricorn moon, maybe that square negates some of the intensity of that libra stellium? It’s difficult to understand how it plays out for me cause it’s almost like the best of and the worst of(minus abusive/ bad relationships but I think that’s been avoidable due to having sooo many options and no problem leaving if I notice a red flag, which mars in leo helps with). I’m new to astrology but I think this stellium has probably run my life and my 5 years of ZERO relationships(save for short random unemotional flings) is hopefully helping me subconsciously understand it! I have a friend that wants to go into a business partnership together and I’ve been very weary of my ability to partner-up with her. If I can’t make it work in my personal relationships…I’d hate to lose such a good friend and collaborator too, lol! Successfully focusing on the opposite house makes me think I might need to dig deeper into an empty aries 7th, cause I’m not sure I’m not sure I’m doing it right! lol

    1. Thank you for sharing. Whenever there are planets in the 1st, the individual wants relationships to be on one’s own terms. They can share but because they want to share, not because it is demanded. I know many people with the Libra Stellium in the 1st House. One belongs to Mossad (leadership) and one is a politician in a powerful role. I have never married but I have had 2 long term relationships. They lived with me but I put them on the upper level so that I have may space — a his and hers Duplex joined house would also work.

  13. Hello, Lynn

    Thank you for sharing your knowlegde 🙂
    I have a stellium (mars, mercury, jupiter, sun) in the 6th house in libra, but my
    sign libra is intercepted. Does this change anything to the effect of the stellium
    on my chart?

    Kind regards

    1. Yes, this is a Stellium but all of the planets are intercepted. I have an article on intercepted planets and one on intercepted signs so you need to read these articles. The 6th House Stellium indicates that you periodically need time off from work — do not allow it to suck up all of your energy. Going to the 12th means that you need periodic escape from the hyper-engagement of work. Because the planets are intercepted, you need work that allows you to manifest these planets. If you read the intercepted signs article, you can see how astrology helped me to manifest my 3 intercepted planets. Libra in the 6th warns that yo never find yourself in a toxic relationship or work environment or this will eventually affect your kidneys.

  14. Hi Lynn,

    I came across. Your website while doing research on my son’s natal chart. He has Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, and North Node in his 12th house. He is a Pisces rising with moon in his 6th house in Leo. He was born with a dna mutation causing him to have Tuberous sclerosis. He is also a very shy boy and keep to himself. He longs friends but he has always had trouble making them. I cant help but feel sadness. Could you give me insight according to his chart placements. Thank you very much!

    Love, a worried mom

    1. You have not told me much about your son’s chart but I am no longer giving readings anyway. First, he does not have a Stellium – the Node is not an object and, as the article states, you need 4 planets to make a Stellium – but I do use Chiron.
      I presume that your son was born around 2009 so he must be around 12. Anything in the 12th House denotes one who will tune out and isolate because of sensitivity. The Moon needs recognition.
      At some point, he should do volunteer work for children with disadvantages. Helping will be natural and empowering. If you google Koiner Farm, you will see that I have a 1 acre farm in the city. Parents to volunteer to work in the gardens bring their children to help.
      Children have better eyes and spotted a small “worm” that is defoliating my currant plants. They love being helpful and useful.

  15. Hi Lynn!!
    I was fascinated by your article and your words. I think I have a stellium in my 12th house. I’m very new to astrology and was wondering if you could please give me any advice or inside. The planets are Moon, Venus, Mars, and Saturn. Thank you so much.

    1. Your rising sign has nothing to do with a Stellium. A Stellium in the 12th (or just having planets in the 12th — I have 2) can cause periods of withdrawal. This can lead to depression and isolation distorts reality. Yet, 12th House people ALWAYS need time alone to recharge their batteries. They cannot be ON 24/7. This can also show a past life monastery lifetime, keeping vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and silence. Your family sent messages about repressing your talents, often due to their own fears. One friend, whose family was hidden during the Holocaust, had her Sun in the 12th — the message was to hide her identity. Do not be too Jewish.
      I would suggest reading a book by Tracy Marks on the 12th House.
      But, as my article tells you, after short periods of getting away, you need to occupy yourself with work, a hobby or avocation to get you outside of your head and imagination.

  16. Hello! This is fascinating. I have a Stellium in 12th house in Capricorn (Mars, True Node, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune). I am an artist, all about creativity (and spirituality, too). Gotta learn more how to help my soul and my talent.

  17. Thank you for this article! I have Mars, Venus, Saturn and Rahu conjunction in 5th house in the sign of Capricorn.

    1. First, the Nodes are not planets or even objects so they cannot contribute to a Stellium. I have 3 planets in my 10th and they definitely do not act like a Stellium. What I do know from 50+ years as a professional astrologer is the Capricorn is one of the most creative signs and they can make money with creativity if they focus upon an objective. Jupiter, on the other hand, is the most creative planet — Venus rules our sense of taste and Neptune rules imagination. Jupiter is pure creativity.

  18. Thank you for posting. Excellent information. I have stellium in my 3rd house ruled by Scorpio, moon in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio, Saturn in Scorpio, and Uranus in Sagittarius. I do have lots of ideas and often get stuck overthinking! I have so many business ideas and just plain ideas in general! I often feel stuck exploring them because of lack of money. How can I use astrology to go after my goals with a small budget? I find that I get out of my head best when I’m able to work on these hobbies/ideas. My second house is ruled by Libra 8*36 with 3rd in Scorpio at 8*22. My sun is in Cancer, moon Scorpio, ascendant in Virgo. Your info is so helpful thanks again for posting. Much love

    1. Jenna, you gave am excellent description of the 3rd House Stellium. If this was my chart, I would first relocate to another time zone that would put these planets on the ASC or MC or at least of of a Cadent House. Then, I would look to the House position of Venus, ruling the 2nd. However, the 2nd ruler is not that important. The chart as a whole is better. If you live in a world of ideas, then your profession should be mentally orientated. I am a good idea person but for problem-solving for others. I do not have to act upon the advice. Virgo needs to be appreciated and useful (I have a Virgo Sun and ASC) – any service occupation such as a counselor, teacher, mediator, healer…there are lots.

  19. Hi, I have stellium 6 planets in 6 house (Capricorn). What did you meant by “people never get so close that they can criticize, try to change or tell them what to do”? Can you please write me anything more about 6 house stellium?

    1. Without knowing anything other than you have a stellium in Capricorn in the 6th, it is difficult to give much more information. With a 6th House Stellium, if you are unhappy in your job, it will affect your health. Capricorn is a sign that likes to be in control. Self-sufficiency means that you are in control, that there is no one looking over your work and be in a position to criticize what you are doing. With Capricorn/Saturn, shouldering too many responsibilities and not feeling supported in what you do, the bones can be affected. If Mars is in Capricorn, internalized anger for these reasons can affect the gall bladder.

      1. Thanks for your post. Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune are in 6 house. Also lot of conjuctions here. Sun conjuct Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune. Also Venus conjuct Mars, Uranus, Neptune. Mars conjuct Uranus. Neptune conjuct Uranus.
        I really am not a very dedicated person who would like to help, but I can help well. Maybe because I found many times people used it and didn’t give it back. I heard that people with a stelium in the 6th house have to learn put them first, and this is hard for me. I can not live on my own interests.
        I meant, I didn’t understand “people never get so close that they can criticize, try to change or tell them what to do” – is this something that people with stelium at 6 should change? Is it a bad trait?

    1. Yes, with 4 planets, you do have a stellium. What is it about the article on the 12th House stellium that you do not understand or need clarification? While all 12th House people need private time, they need to get outside of themselves and be involved in work activities to get outside of themselves. Isolation and being alone for TOO LONG can lead to obsessions and feeling self a victim. I have 2 planets in the 12th and I can do this. With any 12th House planets, there were events before you were born that led to the repressions of the 12th House.

  20. thank you for the wonderful article! i have 7 planets in the 6th house & 4 planets in scorpio. is there something i should know about the combination of these two stelliums? things *are* very intense for me almost all the time. i put a lot of pressure on myself and work is at the forefront of my mind. work does not go smoothly for me & it’s very much a source of daily stress. your article mentions that 12th house activities would be good for a person with 6th house stellium. what might be some good 12th house activities? thank you again!!

    1. Marina, I rarely see a chart like yours. Indeed, you have 2 stelliums by sign — Scorpio and Sagittarius. It is the 6th House that is emphasized. I also use Transpluto (2 articles on my website) and it is at 20 Leo in the 4th House — this means that you need to move away from your family. It also means that, square Saturn in Scorpio, you have a lousy sense of responsibility — you feel that you must be in control and everything must be done perfectly. Scorpio is also intercepted — not good for health if you are not in control of work. Relocation will be important to free up these planets. There are no really 12th House activities but it is about taking a break from work and having private time for your self — going to distant places where people do not know you so you can evolve into a different person (I did this when the Berlin Wall came down). I have been traveling to Europe every year (except 2020) since that time. I see that you were born in Ukraine so leaving there is good.
      Chiron represents childhood wounds connected with Gemini. Due to renovations, my trusty desktop is in storage and I do not have my Martin Lass Chiron available to send you). But Chiron in the 12th indicates that your family did not want you to express your “alienness.” Your alienness means that you are different — you are not like other Earth people — such as your interest in astrology. In Gemini, this denotes a repression in communications. This is shown by the Mercury-Saturn conjunction. At almost 4 years of age, you developed a fear of being dumb or stupid — it makes you very smart but born about of a fear.
      There is something called LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). I do this with Harry Potter LARPs in Poland. This really helps you to be something that you are not.
      With so much on the right/occidental side of the chart, there is a needs-to-be-needed emphasis so a service occupation is important — and one in which you get paid — no freebees for others. It is a great chart for an astrologer.
      BTW, my power lines go through Ukraine. Please invite me to Ukraine!!!!!

      1. thank you so much for such a detailed response! i’m truly grateful. my family left ukraine for the USA in 1989, so i’m afraid i can’t invite you to ukraine as i grew up in the US!

        “your family did not want you to express your “alienness.”” this is totally accurate. i went along with their strong desires for me for as long as i could, but it sort of crushed my soul and i couldn’t take it. i went as far away as i could to go to college (my parent’s house was a very difficult environment) and then i moved even farther (across country) and now i live even farther (on hawai’i island – an ocean away). i’m happy here and i can be myself. people are very accepting and kind here for the most part. i can work remotely, set my own hours, and spend a lot of time outside. this has all been very healthy for me.

        “there is a needs-to-be-needed emphasis so a service occupation is important” this is accurate as well. i will think about this as i think about whether i’m in the right field or whether i need to make some changes. thank you again, i’m extremely grateful for your time and effort in responding to me.

  21. I have moon pluto and chiron in Sagittarius in my 6th house. Also lilith and mars in scorpio
    In the 11th house there are mercury jupiter venus saturn planets mercury jupiter and venus in Aries and saturn in Taurus.
    Uranus neptune south node in Aquarius and 9th house
    Are you comments?

    1. As I try to understand what you have written, you have Moon-Pluto-Chiron-Mars in the 6th House. Regardless of the different signs, this is a Stellium by House.
      There are actually 4 Liliths but I presume that you are using the Moon’s Apogee which is not a planet or even an object so I never use this. I do use Chiron, small as it is.
      The 6th House denotes that, if you are not happy with your work, if you feel trapped and see no light at the end of the tunnel, you will get sick. You need work that is educational and inspiring and this gives you some control and freedom to escape to the 12th.
      You do have a stellium in the 11th so you can get swallowed up in groups. You need to work the 5th House small, manageable groups with people who share a common vision. Saturn often assumes some responsibility in a group so that you have a natural connection with others. I have Saturn here as well.

  22. Lynn, I heard that 6 house is house of enemies and it is misfortune house. Please can you say few words about that? People who has stellium in 6 do not feel very positive after reading this.

    1. I have never heard that the 6th House is connected with enemies. Old time astrologers said that the 12th was hidden enemies and the 7th is open enemies, people who are known to you. I never think about enemies.
      Houses show our attitudes towards the affairs ruled by that House. The 6th shows our attitude towards work, our health regime and how we like to work plus our relationship with co-workers — if we are unhappy in our job, it can lead to health issues. It has nothing to do with misfortune. This sounds like something from Vedic astrology. When I say GO TO THE OPPOSITE HOUSE, this means that you need time away from your job and your work or you will wear yourself out if your are hyper-engaged in work. The 12th House also rules distance places — going to distance places (this does not have to be foreign countries), you can liberate yourself into being something new and different.

  23. hiii
    i have 6 (omg)planets in mu first house(saturn)uranus,neptune,sun,venus,mars and mercury
    i counfused!!!!could some one help me???

    1. Somaye, did you read the part about the Stellium in the 1st House? I presume that it is in Sagittarius, a sign that can think that it is always right. Travel is essential for this sign. Working with others can re-direct the energy away from yourself. I know several who joined the Peace Corps but this is not for everyone. How are you confused?

      1. I read it again ,ascendant is Capricorn,how I control these energies?the energies confused me,I can’t decide very well and I think these energies have made me think obsessively

  24. Hello Everyone, I wanted to see if you had any info to share on planets aspecting the 1st house. Example; my Libra moon conjuncts my Virgo Ascendant. I have Uranus & Venus also in my 1st house. Both Uranus & Venus conjunct one another, they also conjunct my Moon & Asc. The fact that these planets are sharing a house occupied by the Asc. & my Moon, makes them more significant. This is the part that I’m interested in; so we have Uranus & Venus in the 1st house, they are both in Libra (the same sign my Moon is in). They share the same house plus now they share the same sign (Libra, same as my Moon. Always keeping in mind that the first house is the house of the Asc. Ponder that for a few moments.
    Pluto is also in my first house. It happens to be in Virgo, the Asc. I have counted at least 7 conjunctions in the first house. I also have Mars conjunct my Sun in Leo. One more thing that you might find interesting is Mercury is in Virgo in my 12th house. I wanted to also know is there anything significant between having Mercury in Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo. Is there anything going on when this planet is the one ruling my Asc. Plus Mercury is involved with all of the conjunctions going on in the first house because of its aspects to everything mentioned above. Here we have again Mercury in the 12 house configuration because of it being Virgo’s ruler. How can that be best explained or understood? I hope this makes since.

    1. First, since this is posted on the Stellium article, I need to address this issue. Astrologers do not count every conjunction. I may have an article on aspects on this website. What you have is a Stellium by House, the 1st House. If all were in the same sign, it would include a Stellium by Sign and House.
      I will not repeat what I have written in my article. These planets are your Ending Beginning Planets (plus Jupiter at 28 Libra). This Stellium is activated at the end and beginning of a major life cycle – and this has already started. I have Venus at 29 degrees so I end relationships when this is triggered but, as an ending planet, I hold onto relationships until there is nothing left to learn. Relationships can be groups, friendships, work and, ruling the 9th House, through relocation.
      Pluto in Capricorn started forming a Grand Earth Trine in 2018 when it started to trine Saturn and this will continue until it leaves 28 degrees. It marks a cycle for drawing some part of your life to a conclusion, to let go and move on. Pluto near the Ascendant has control issues. Venus in Virgo needs to feel useful and appreciated in relationships.
      Later, Pluto will trine Moon-Uranus as a Beginning Cycle. The Moon as the true Beginning Planet:
      BEGINNING MOON: This Moon is indicative of an individual who is learning in this lifetime how to harness the energy of Emotions or Instincts. One’s Instincts need to be seen as an ally, a support system, assisting the individual in making assessments and evaluations. I have observed that these people “lead with their emotions.” That is, they do not act or make any changes until they are emotionally ready, until the feel right about the new situation. In such an assessment process, these instincts/emotions are indeed an ally. Once harnessed, they ultimately allow the individual to respond intuitively with confidence. But, if they do not feel secure, they withdraw. In Libra, the individual needs to sense fairness and cooperation in the relationships (I am writing a book on this topic since it is discussed nowhere else).
      The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction (read article) marks a 20 year cycle and this occurred in your 5th House trine Moon-Uranus.
      Most significant but having nothing to do with a Stellium (I allow wide orbs) is the Fixed T-Square with Saturn opposing Neptune (boundary issues) squared by the Leo planets (and this includes Transpluto – read article on this website). This pattern may have been triggered around 13-15 years of age. I cannot go into detail here so I suggestion Betty Lunsted’s book, ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY.
      I have the ruler of my Virgo ASC in the 12th. You learned to keep thoughts to yourself. Around 8 years, there was an event that made you fear appearing dumb or stupid – even thought you are very bright. It is essential to become an expert in some subject of your choosing (mine was astrology) so that I would develop intellectual confidence.

  25. Hi lynn
    I have jupiter conjuct mercury in 11th house aries and saturn conjuct sun 11th house in taurus. And im struggling with problems in my career although i work hard and always see the bigger picture but in the end things have a habit to turn againts me . My rising sign is gemini and i have moon in scorpio

    1. There is no way that anyone can analyze your Stellium and tell why everything goes against you. I guess I can classify it as a stellium by House for the Aries and Taurus planets are not connected to each other.
      First, I would change your email address from POOR I AM… to LUCKY I AM. This is a negative projection. With Sun-Saturn, there is a negative self-image that is connected with issues around the father, very negative issues triggered around 1-5 years of age.
      I am resuming that you were born around April 30 1999 as this is the only time the aspects you mentioned can occur. At this time, Neptune squares the Sun-Saturn. You parents did not teach you anything about life on planet Earth — you need to teach yourself everything: about responsibility, about who you really are and not what was creative by your family, about how to express anger (try not to be passive-aggressive). If Venus is in Gemini, it is your best aspected planet, favoring communications and media. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition always denotes trauma and tension in the home but it gives you a great sensitivity to energies (out of balance) Such people of the go into the artists, holistic health whereby you sense energies, or certain fields of psychology where by sensing energies is involved.

  26. I have a 6th house stellium containing sun, moon, mercury, jupiter, and saturn (all in gemini). The opposite house which is the 12th, has pluto and mars in sagittarius. What do you think would be the best way for me to find balance within? I always feel overwhelmed and nervous even in the smallest of things that it ultimately leads to shutting off everyone or everything.

    1. First, were you born around May 23-24 2001? There are more important issues in your chart with Sun and Saturn in early degrees of Gemini Please read my introduction to Beginning and Ending Planets on this website. Mars R is an Ending Planet — before exploding, you can pull the plug on anger. You have had to teach yourself about who you are and how to be responsible without being overwhelmed. Oppositions indicate one who should be a mediator, a bridger and one who pulls together opposing points of view or opposing concepts. With the 12th and 6th opposition, it is finding the balance between time alone and withdrawing to recup energies and obsessing on your work and professional interests. It is a seesaw energy that goes back and forth.
      While you did not ask about this, your health throughout life will depend upon a healthy lymphatic system. You can google this and I have some information on my website. I have a lymphatic physiology myself and all health issues are connected with respiratory (bronchitis), swollen glands, ear and throat infections and cysts. Body movements are essential to lymph health.

      1. Yes, I was born around those times. Also, I tried checking the article about early degrees but nothing showed up. I really appreciate your response!

  27. Dear Lynn, I have a stellium in the 12th house in Capricorn (Mars, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune, plus True Node is also here). I do find myself feeling happier and at peace learning more about spiritual things. I am an artist (painter). Is there anything you could say about this placement, especially career wise? (being a creative it might be challenging at times, even though I feel happy and at my place doing what I do). Thank you so much!

    1. First, the Node is not an object in the sky and I do not use it to form a Stellium — but you do have a Stellium! It is impossible to choose a career by only looking at a Stellium. Planets in the 12th denote qualities that were repressed by your parents as they were deemed intolerable by them. They are powerful but it was easier for you to repressed energies and initiative and anger (Mars), repressed communication and swallow your words (Mercury), repress any tendencies are make you appear weird or different and, bad for a creative person, be practical and not creative. Fortunately you are creative and this is where you need to be.
      You need a career that allows you to express all of these planets — communications, non-competitive but physical in some way such as a physical activity/hobby. be weird and eccentric (such as I am an astrologer), and be creative.
      If you read my article, you cannot be ON 24/7 — you need periods of solitude and quiet but you cannot stay there too long or you distort through isolation and feel sorry for yourself (I am a 12th House person so I know I can wallow when I am isolated too long). Getting out of isolation is going to the 6th House and involvement with work and working with others.

  28. Thank you so much for responding! I appreciate it a lot. So happy I follow my heart and listen to myself as I’d definitely felt ‘no’s from my family members regarding being weird or too creative, etc., also ‘swallow your words’ is something that is very familiar to me, too. Amazing how this works.

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