by Lynn Koiner
Written in the late 1990s

The Kite pattern occurs — and it does more frequently than an unopposed grand trine — when a planet opposes one of the planets in the Grand Trine. Sometimes, there can be more than one opposition.


When I examined my old notes on the Kite, I had written that the Kite often affected money issues. My earliest research involved Pluto oppositions to Aquarius in a Grand Air Trine, common in the 1940s (the month of February with Aquarius) with Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Libra. I observed that these people often had a distortion or wrong attitude where money was concerned that kept them from using the Kite. This problem attitude was POWER and CONTROL, symbolized by Pluto (and Transpluto). With this specific Pattern, the control attitude was that they were not going to compromise their vision. They were going to do it themselves (financially) so that they would not have to take orders from anyone. “I am going to do it my way even if this means that I have to come up with the money myself.” This limitation based upon an inability to compromise keeps them from ever using the Grand Trine. Asking for help and working cooperatively with others is the big hang up with a kite.


In the 1980s, when I got my first computer, it became more practical to calculate the horoscopes of major and minor disasters. A collection built up quickly and I noticed that the charts of catastrophes, government changes, plane crashes, disasters in nature all had a kite pattern. Sometimes, I would have to make a stretch and include the Ascendant as part of the Grand Trine and Transpluto. There was one case of Chiron but most had a true Kite Pattern. It got so that, whenever a client would come in with a Kite pattern, I would look in a book of disasters and find what happened somewhere in the world. One girl was born at the time of a great flood in Wales.
As I looked back over the disasters, they were often disasters that resulted in changes in policies, structures, procedures – that is, significant preventative measures were taken. Both NASA disasters had Kite Patterns.

THIRD STAGE OF RESEARCH: What Kite energy feels like. . .

From “The Amethyst:”

On July 17 of this year, I was able to experience and feel the energies involved in the Kite configuration. A friend and I were traveling to Chicago to attend the AFA convention. There was a strange, negative and disruptive electrical sensation in the air. We learned from airport staff that airports around the country were being affected. First, we found ourselves stuck in a Kentucky airport for 5 hours. To complicate matters, this airport experienced a disruption in their air conditioning system. Soon, everyone became irritable and cranky from the heat and patience was running short. Almost 12 hours after our journey had begun, we finally arrived at our hotel. When we turned on the news, we heard about the plane crash in New York. We no longer complained. The energies were so bad that day that we felt lucky to have arrived in Chicago at all! That strange, disruptive electrical energy that we had felt all day was the energy of the Kite Grand Fire Trine opposing Uranus in Aquarius! The massive power of the Fire Trine had been blocked energetically by Uranus and it erupted in the plane disaster. People who were born at the time of a Kite pattern feel this energy all the time – it was bad enough for just one day!

Recently, I recognized that I was feeling out of control with my eating. At first, I presumed that it was a hormonal thing as it lasted persistently for about 2 weeks. This is unusual for me, as I do not normally have such hormonal reactions. I felt a nervous, compulsive energy and, when I was not eating, my hands would shake with a neuro-muscular irregularity. I knew exactly when these compulsions began, the evening of July 26, and I checked the aspects for that night. A friend reminded me, “Isn’t that the night of the bombing in Atlanta?!” Indeed, it was! At 1:20 AM on July 27, a bomb exploded at Atlanta’s Centennial Park. Lo and behold, there was the Grand Fire Trine with a Kite pattern formed by Uranus in Aquarius opposing the Sun in Leo! For the first time, I was aware of exactly what Kite energy feels like. In this case, the electrical energy of Uranus opposing a planet in the Grand Trine was like a rod thrust into the spokes of a spinning wheel! The motion of the Grand Trine abruptly halted and exploded with the bomb.


In the Summer 1995 issue of AMETHYST, I wrote an article on the significant astrological factors surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing. Since the Challenger explosion, I have become aware of the significance of the Kite Pattern in certain disasters, especially disasters that resulted in important changes in regulations, defenses and fortifications. Most disasters will be triggered initially by a preceding eclipse. Four days prior to the Oklahoma bombing, there was a Transformational/Crisis Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra. When placed in the Bombing chart, it formed a perfect Kite. This Kite was based upon a Grand Fire Trine, a particularly ominous Trine.

I wrote in 1996-97 that: “This year, there has been an inordinately high incidence of flight disasters. This year, with Saturn and Pluto transiting Fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) all year, there has been an inordinately high number of transiting Fire Trine Kite patterns. The eclipses this year are all in Aires/Libra! There is a specific reason that these Kites have affected air travel. In 1986, I wrote an article on the Challenger disaster and connected air disasters to the transits to the Birth Chart of the Airplane, first described by Rick Klimczak, as being the Kitty Hawk Flight chart. The square between Venus at 8 degrees Scorpio in the 8th House and Mars-Saturn at 4-6 Aquarius in the 12th House have continually demonstrated themselves as highly sensitive points. Now that Uranus is at 4 degrees Aquarius, we can look forward to continued problems with flight.”

“Until recently, I had no insight into the Kite pattern in disasters and the Kite pattern in personal horoscopes. About 12 years ago, I noticed in the horoscopes of some students who had strong Grand Trine configurations that they were not lucky in terms of their Grand Trine. They seemed unable to access the talent and potential indicated by their Trine pattern; however, these people all had oppositions to at least one of the planets in their Grand Trine. One woman with a Grand Air Trine with Pluto in Leo opposing and an Aquarian planet in the 8th House had a great humanitarian vision which she was never able to actualize. In terms of financing, she insisted that she had to do it herself; she wanted no outside assistance because she did not want anyone telling her what to do. If she sought outside financing, she perceived that she would be unable to do it her way. She was totally unwilling to compromise on her vision, feeling that she would lose control to outside interference. Now, 12 years later, her vision has still not manifested. Her way is not necessarily the best way but she is projecting through Pluto that all authority figures will control and usurp power. This is probably true regarding how she exercises authority; however, she does not see herself in this manner but it is how she sees authority figures in general.”

“I soon noticed that the opposition in the Kite totally blocked the energy of the Grand Trine. Considering the massive energy in the Grand Trine, this must be experienced as an immense degree of frustration and this frustration, if not resolved through compromise, could eventually lead to health problems, as demonstrated by the element of the Trine.”

“The opposition or 180-degree aspect operates quite differently from the square or 90 degree aspect. The opposition represents qualities – hostilities, attitudes and resentments – that WE project onto others, forcing them to respond with a similar reaction. For example, when a female has her Moon square Mars, it describes a mother who was jealous of her daughter because she was very frustrated and unfulfilled in her own life. Perceiving the daughter {with the Moon-Mars aspect) as being closer to the father than herself, the daughter is seen as a competitor and a threat. She will be perceived even more of a threat when the daughter starts to date, to have fun with her friends, and to do things that the mother feels that she cannot do herself. However, when the daughter has an opposition between the Moon and Mars, the daughter becomes jealous and resentful of the mother because, being young, she cannot do the things that her mother is able to do. The daughter will project this resentment onto the mother, causing the mother to react with anger and hostility. The daughter, indeed, sees the mother as angry and hostile but she is not able to objectively examine her own behavior that led to and instigated the mother’s angry responses.”

“The opposition requires a lot of self-examination. In 1984, a student whose chart was dominated by oppositions candidly confided that it always appeared that everyone opposed what she wanted or wanted to do but, if the truth be known, she anticipated their reaction and then purposely chose the opposite. With maturity, she learned to examine her reactions and make healthy compromises in her life and in her relationships. She is now a successful mediation attorney.”

“Obviously, the opposition bestows a high degree of independence and willfulness that the square does not. It is this quality, fed by the power and confidence of the Grand Trine, that makes it extremely difficult, although not impossible, for the individual to make the necessary compromises to activate the Grand Trine.”

I asked: “Are there more of these dangerous patterns lining up? As I wrote in the 1995 article, there is an ominous Kite manifesting at the time of the Lunar Eclipse on September 27, 1996. At this time, Mars in Leo will activate the Grand Fire Trine and it will be opposed by Uranus. Upon closer examination, the explosive events may occur a bit earlier when Mars is more closely aligned with Uranus. The tighter orb is found near the Transformational New Moon on September 12. Here, Mars is conjunct Venus and within one degree of an opposition to Uranus in Aquarius and it forms a Grand Trine with Saturn in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius. I have included the Astro*Carto*Graphy map for this ominous lunation. The darkened lines show where this eclipse and Mars-Venus/Uranus will fall on the axis. Take note that the ASCIDESC axis for Mars/Uranus runs through the western U. S. with a Pluto crossing at the Canadian border and through the Middle East, specifically through Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia.”

“What happened? During the first half of September 1996, the US began attacking Iraq’s southern air defenses and, on September 13, Iraq agreed to stop shooting at our airplanes. At the time of the Eclipse, violence occurred in Jerusalem over the opening of the tourist tunnel, the Taliban Muslim fundamentalists captured the capital of Afghanistan and there was “ethnic violence in Zair.”


In Europe, kite patterns are referred to as Dragons because of the great power and energy that they contain. Europeans are more concerned with patterns in a chart.

There is another kite based upon all “inharmonious” aspects – the Black Kite or Black Dragon. It contains an opposition that is crossed by a square at one end. This pattern then creates a series of semi-squares (45º) and sesquiquadrates (135º) to create the pattern of a kite. On August 21, 1914, a solar eclipse occurred at the time of a Black Kite. This summer was the beginning of World War I – a war that lasted through 1945.

In a book by Czech astrologer, Pavel Turnovsky, he states that “this pattern brings to perfection the characteristics of the Grand Trine in either a positive or negative sense. It is productive, contemplative and sophisticated and it is through the great energy passing through the opposition that the desired goals can be reached.” Like the White Dragon, there are powerful energies generated here but they can only be harnessed in a positive sense when the energy of the opposition is positively regulated.

I feel, at this point in my research, that MINOR ISSUES CONTRIBUTE TO THE CONFLICTS. Even in the Solar Eclipse of 1914 chart, there were minor issues (assassination of Archduke Ferdinand) that contributed to the War. If you address only the opposition and the square, you will miss the REAL issues involved in the conflict. In on horoscope, the hard aspects showed problems with closeness. The minor afflictions, especially the Sun 45 Venus, indicated that she really felt very unattractive. A lot of energy was put into wearing expensive clothing and beautifying her self . The undercurrent was that she felt ugly and that, if someone got too close, they would realize this and see through the image she projected.


45 degree: This aspect represents a subtle undercurrent of which we have little awareness. It is always there creating fears, insecurities and nagging edges that drain off energies. It is like a faulty foundation and, until you deal with the issues of the planets involved, you cannot build on it. You cannot resolve the major issues of the square and opposition if you do not deal with the minor issues first. This is an aspect that requires patience because you have to deal with the underpinnings first. It is too easy to deal with a quick fix of the opposition (in one chart, just be alone or end a difficult relationship). Get back to basics – the basic problem.

135 degree: This is an aspect of excessiveness – excessive criticism and analysis to the point of missing the point (approaching the opposition point) or excessive dissemination and intrusiveness that irritates others. There is action with the sesquiquadrate but only after much indecision. You know what you have got to do but you do not want to do it. Like the 150 degree aspect, there is often some misinterpretation of the issues of the planets. RESOLVE THE MISINTERPRETATION.


In the personal horoscope, the key to understanding the dilemma of the Kite is in understanding the influence of the opposition. Years ago, a student with a Seesaw pattern confessed that, while it always seemed that others opposed what she wanted to do, she secretly knew that she was the one who always anticipated what others wanted and then she would want the opposite. She was the one who was projecting the conflict onto others but rarely will the individual have such insight about themselves.

The OPPOSITION represents qualities – hostilities, attitudes and resentments – that WE project onto others, originally our family and our environment, forcing them to respond with a similar reaction. It has been my interpretation that, when a female has the Moon square or conjunct Mars, it describes a mother who was jealous of her daughter because she was very frustrated and unfulfilled in her own life. As the daughter begins to socialize and achieve on her own, mother appears angry and resentful of the freedom that the daughter appears to have; perceiving the daughter (with the Moon-Mars aspect) as being closer to the father than her self, the daughter is seen as a competitor and a threat.

I have observed that this situation is very different with the opposition. The daughter (with Moon-Mars) will project this resentment onto the mother, causing the mother to react with anger and hostility. The daughter sees the mother as angry and hostile and she may even perceive the mother as being jealous and competitive with her. The Moon-Mars opposition daughter is actually jealous and resentful of the freedom or activities of the mother. Later in life, this daughter will project her hostility onto others, especially women.

Obviously, the opposition requires much self-examination to utilize effectively, to resolve the conflict and harness its power. The OPPOSITION bestows a high degree of independence and willfulness that the square does not. It is this quality, fed by the power of confidence of the Grand Trine, that makes it extremely difficult, although not impossible, for the individual to make the necessary compromises to activate the Grand Trine.

With the opposition, YOU have the power and the control to change things. It cannot come from others.

SUNMOON OPPOSITION: This is an aspect of great discontent. It represents a basic inner conflict that is projected onto life choices. They grew up with parents that were totally different or, at least, the child projected this and accepted this as his/her reality. There is always a pull in 2 different directions, a head versus heart conflict. Cancer/Capricorn. Choices become dissatisfying until some type of compromise is found that satisfies both.

The block to the Grand Trine – they are not content with the choices that they make, switching from one to another. They may project that it is the fault of the other person or the situation but the fault lies in the lack of integration of the polarities in their choices.

MARS: Remember, the opposition is what you project onto others. When Mars is involved in the opposition, the individual projects much anger, resentment and competitiveness onto others. If Mars is retrograde, in the case of an opposition to the Sun, the individual does not show this anger, sends out mixed messages and explodes all of a sudden.
The individual may blame others, react defiantly and end relationships and situations before any fruition or results can be achieved. In Mutable signs, the individual gets angry and leaves; Cardinals continually create crises through causing them, getting involved in them or through their indecisiveness and fear of the unknown/outcome; Fixed just don’t compromise out of stubbornness as a control issue.

JUPITER: This planet projects high expectations onto others and situations. Jupiter has a poor sense of moderation and proportion. The individual can have unrealistic expectations that are projected and then give up when the going gets rough. The individual must learn a sense of moderation, not to give too much of themselves away in order to make people like them. Jupiter needs lots of freedom that they do not want to compromise; Jupiter role plays, does things in order to establish a relationship, get what they want, then feel taken for granted and quit. This is a highly creative planet but there is no role model in the family for doing something with the creativity. Mars-Jupiter overreacts to anything unjust or unfair; Jupiter-Saturn; Jupiter-Pluto

SATURN: This planet needs to learn how to handle responsibilities properly – not to assume responsibilities that would limit you; not to assume responsibilities that you do not really want but have been conditioned to accept through parental indoctrination. Saturn can generate fear and guilt, fear of commitment; it can distort the sense of responsibility as with Saturn-Pluto aspects. Saturn projects an ATTITUDE that others will limit, restrict or entrap you so you are not going to compromise. Sun-Saturn squares are much more insecure than the opposition; oppositions cop an attitude. The individual will not be a team player; they project this image and, therefore, they do not go very far – Insubordination!

URANUS: What Uranus projects is that others will change on you, they will suddenly leave or abandon you so you rebel and do not trust. Uranus bestows a highly charged electromagnetic field. When people get too close to them, they go off and push others away. NOTE: look at the degree of separation in the opposition and you will find the event that triggers the problem .

NEPTUNE: This planet is one of denial. They project their own reality upon others and circumstances. Then, they do not understand what went wrong. With the Sun, they can see themselves in an unrealistic way. Stan saw himself in a heroic role. Neptune in Scorpio is the worst. With Mars, there may be a lot of talk about doing something but there is too much indecisiveness and not enough resolve.

PLUTO: This is a control issue. They project that others will try to take control and their power. No one can really take your power away – you probably did not have it in the first place. This person is often very much out of control, grew up in an out-of-control environment and they project that others are controlling and manipulative, too inclined to see the darker side of issues and will not compromise.

Several footnotes did not copy into this article —

+ The Kite Pattern is created when a planet in a Grand Trine formation is opposed by another planet. This “opposition” planet then forms sextiles to the other planets in the Trine. When lines are drawn between the planets, it looks like a kite pattern.

+ “Transformational Lunation” is a term coined by Czech astrologer, Pavel Turnovsky. According to him, there are lunations (New and Full Moons or Eclipses) that are connected with major planetary patterns to the outer , transpersonal planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The transformational energies of these planets can be used for personal, social, cultural and planetary change. Where the lunation or the outer planets fall on the Axis (AsclDesc or MCIIC), as seen on the Astro*Carto*Graphy maps, both the area and the individuals in that area will experience powerful transformations. For example, when a powerful Transformational Lunation fell on the Ascendant in Moscow, it brought about a great challenge to Yeltsin’s power, forcing him to make serious compromises to the military. It is essential that we use these energies now to bring about personal and global change. After February 1997, there will be no Transformational Lunations until 2012!

+ A “Crisis Lunation” occurs when the New or Full Moon is physically very close to the earth. This closeness is called the Moon’s perigee. This closeness of the lunation will amplify our emotional reactions, bringing matters to a crisis point.

+ With the Grand Trine, at least 3 planets are connected by 3 trines to form a triangle In one of the four elements – Fire, Earth, Air or Water. This pattern denotes great natural talent, confidence in that talent, and it is associated with luck or lucky breaks. For example, OJ Simpson has a pure Grand Water Trine (no oppositions to the trining planets). Indeed, this man has led a charmed life!

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  1. Hi Lynn – I’ve always been curious about the kite pattern in my natal horoscope, but I’m fascinated by the theses you make in your article. I have a natal Kite / Grand Air Trine opposing Pluto in Leo (1949), with my ascendant on one of the trine vertices, and Venus in Aquarius conjunct my Mid-Heaven (exact). I’ve found very few discussions in the classical texts that resonated with me, and none of the readings I’ve had done even mention it. If you are a practicing astrologer, would you be willing to do a virtual reading / consultation for me?
    Joe Leach, Media PA

    1. First, a Kite is made up of a Grand Trine – in this case, a Grand Air Trine that supports communications, relating to others through the world of ideas and information with objectivity. The Kite is a difficult pattern because there is a core opposition that blocks the talent of the Grand Trine — until that opposition is resolved. First, Venus in Aquarius opposes Pluto. A lot of the issues with the opposition stem from the “relationship” with the mother, a relationship based upon control, manipulation and “game-playing.” The Moon is also Out of Bounds. Out of Bounds means the planet (Uranus and Pluto are also OOB) that the planet is much higher in the sky (or lower if living in the northern Hemisphere) than the Sun ever reaches. In this case, the Moon is 27 degrees 27 minutes in latitude. It is not traditional and always outside the box in relating (Oprah Winfrey has an OOB Moon). An OOB Moon often has a disconnect with the mother emotionally and this was very true with Oprah. Living outside the box portends great talent. I feel no fondness for NORMAL or ORDINARY.
      The bottom line is that control issues, connected with the relationship with the Mother, is a block to effective communication and objectivity.

      Now there is another opposition — I have researched an Object that has been termed TRANSPLUTO (I have articles on this website). Mercury opposes Transpluto at 5 Leo R. This also makes the individual highly intelligent but overly sensitive to criticism (of one’s ideas). Yes, most of us are sensitive to criticism. It is one of the most common pathogenic parental attitudes towards a child. With the opposition, alienations and a breakdown in communication can occur when any criticism is sensed — but also the individual can be critical when feeling vulnerable. It also interferes with objectivity.

      I hate sounding critical. This is a very common issue with the Air sign Kite. I have a friend with the exact type of Kite. She feels that she never achieved her Air Sign potential because Pluto wants to be in control and everything has to be done her way or not at all. With Transpluto, when criticized, she goes in the opposite direction. I have never experienced these “problems” in my friendship with her but this is what she has told me.

      With Transpluto, finding an interest or activity that gives you great joy — this is the solution. When feeling joy, you do not care about what others think. You need to learn lessons in Wholeness and Integration — not being perfect but being complete as you are.

  2. Hi! I hope today has gone well for you. I have always had a nagging sensation about my chart, and yesterday, I was told by a friend that she thinks I really need to focus on the little details before moving forward with my current plans. Well, just for fun, I looked at my chart with a different software than I usually use and decided to add the asteroids and their aspects. I never realized Vesta was conjunct my Midheaven and completing a kite formation in opposition to Venus, and Venus being sextile Mars and Jupiter (which are trine one another). Does it not count because it’s Vesta?

    1. First, I do not use the MC in the formation of a Grand Trine — my choice but others may differ. It is not personal life the ASC. I do use the ASC with a Grand Trine. I do not use the asteroids but I will consider Chiron, especially since I work with it a lot. I do not use Vesta either.
      Frankly, you do not want a Kite — it is blocked energy. BUT, you can think about Vesta as a block in your career choice. As astrologers, we are always researching and observing and opinions change.

    2. Dear Nina:
      Although Vesta is one of the 6 major Fixed Stars, most Astrologers will not take it into account.
      Normally, in most cases, only the 10 planets, the Lunar nodes (NN +SN) and Chiron (and in more cases, Part of Fortune) will be taken into account for a KITE formation. The OPPOSITION b/w the two planets really holds the key here as the other planetary bodies are in harmonious aspect anyways (trines & sextiles). The “opposition” b/w those 2 celestial bodies involved show how an individual can PROSPER if they know how to CONTROL its energy, or simply FAIL, if the native gets lost in their own path to self-destruction, lack of control, fear, lack of balance or compromise (Opposition Aspects = require a constant equilibrium/balance/compromise b/w those 2 celestial bodies). It doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. Check their planetary house Rulerships, that should give you further hints. But, all in all, I stay away from Vesta/Juno/Ceres/Pallas/Vertex/
      I hope this shed some light into your question.
      Astro Doyna

  3. Hi, I was searching for this pattern and just found your post.
    I have a kite pattern in my natal chart, it is a Grand water Trine, with Uranus conjunct Neptune in capricorn in the XII house opposing Mercury in cáncer in the VI. The Grand Trine is formed by Mercury in cáncer 6h, Pluto un scorpio 10h and Moon in Pisces in The 2h.
    I understand the watery influence of this trine, yet I don’t fully understand the meaning of the opposition, as it involves transpersonal planets like Neptune and uranus, and the last house of the Zodiac where everything gets blurry and subconscious.
    Also, uranus happens to be the regent of my chart and ascendant.
    Would you like to give a interpretation to it? Thanks in advance for the great article and sorry about the crappy english

    1. Grand Water Trines, especially when the Moon and Mercury are involved, portends writing/communicating skills. The opposition denotes a block in one’s communication skills. Uranus in the 12th rules the fear of being weird (yet, weird is good) and Neptune in the 12th is a fear of intuition and creativity — an ancestral pattern. There is also a fear of saying what you really thing, doubting your own decisions and giving into the opinions of others who seem more authoritative. I have a similar aspect and what helped me was developing confidence — in knowing astrology. I know so much that I have the confidence to respect another’s opinion when they disagree with me. When I was young, I would back down. Family did not always tell the truth when you were growing up and this has lead to the self-doubt — adults do not lie so I must be wrong. Get over it — THEY LIE!

    2. I think we have a handful of similarities! I have Neptune in the 12th in Capricorn and my Uranus is in Sagittarius and in the 12th as well. I also have Pluto in the 10th.

  4. After hours of browsing the internet, thank you Lynn for posting such an informative piece. I’ve been looking everywhere to find something to do with Kites to help me understand mine. I have a Kite pattern with my Moon and Mars in opposition and this article has me thinking my subconcious envy has been blocking me from my true potential. I do feel like I’ve been thrown the lower hand in life and tend to get jealous of others for having it easy. Thanks for helping me identify the root.

    1. Thank you for your testimonial. And, the source of the Moon-Mars aspect is difficult. I have a wide conjunction in Gemini (with Uranus). My mother was always angry and, after reading DRAMA OF THE GIFTED CHILD, I realized that my mother was actually envious of me, especially when I started to date. She was angry because she had issues with my dad (their Moon’s squared so they could not connect with each other’s emotional needs). As a result, I became competitive with my mom (getting even by winning baking contests etc). This led me to be competitive with girls that I went to school with and this left me without female friends. BUT, Astrology saved my life in many ways. I started to teach astrology in my home. The students were mostly woman, women who had similar problems to my own. I learned that women are not like my mom and I cultivated many female relationships. When the relationships with my mom was the most strained, I attracted on 2 occasions women who were just like my mother, older women who eventually began very jealous of me because of my knowledge and popularity in the astrological and metaphysical community. But I am older now so all of my friends are a bunch of old people (in their 70s) but no jealousy or competitiveness. So, we can outgrow the problem with Moon-Mars. Talking about it with close friends helps release that energy. But, you must do this in order to release the Grand Trine. But, it IS possible.

    1. Molly, I do not know anything about the Grand Sextile but I do know what it means to have a lot of sextiles in the chart. This indicates a karma lesson to force the person to ASK FOR ADVICE OR HELP and not try to do everything one’s self. Now there are a lot of oppositions — these are easier aspect to resolve. But, they require compromise. You can have one OR the other but not both at the same time. I knew someone with a 4th/10th opposition. She would not be able to have a career AND raise a family. I urged here to prove herself professionally and then take time out for a family. Once the children are independent, she could go back to work. If there are NO SQUARES, this means that the individual needs to demands and PSUH from others to get anything done. This is not a great answer but it is the best I can. My favorite book was Betty Lundstead’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO PERSONALITY. I am big on analyzing individual aspects.

  5. So happy I found this – I have a fire grand trine – (saturn, neptune, moon)… I then have a kite pattern (jupiter in the 10th opposite neptune in the 4th)… I now see this as a tendency towards over ambition … and a kite with pluto in the 2nd opposite moon in the 9th (placidus) …

    1. It is very difficult for me to visualize when people tell me where their planets are. With a Grand Trine, the personal planet would act like an Apex (Focal Point). The Moon in Fire has emotional zeal and enthusiasm that inspires and motivates others. The oppositions block the Fire energy. Pluto has control issues (connected with mother who, herself, was very lonely as a child). With Jupiter-Neptune, illusions instead of reality can lead to loss and disappointment. The Grand Trine has great talent but you can get side-tracked by false expectations, false promises — you need to partner with more practical and logical types. Pluto wants to do it your way so you need to learn to cooperate. Once you learn these lessons, the great talents can manifest. Fire signs do not work behind a desk.

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for this article. I do relate to the experience of having this great vision that does not manifest, and in my case I was very aware it is related to my own short-comings, so I went to look at my chart. I believe I have a water sign kite. I have a Mars on the 5th house in Cancer opposition Uranus and neptune conj. on the 10th house in Capricorn, possible Grand Trine (mercury, pluto in scorpio, mars in cancer trine the ascendant in pisces). I think have every “problem” in my life related to Mars/Cancer energy: lack of self-confidence, social detachment, difficulties expressing my anger, all are there; but also I feel clumsy, I’ve a speech impairment and am physically inept despite being a dancer and a very active person pretty much all my life. I also have my sun AND moon in scorpio, so it kinda explains my desired career that I’ve always felt like I could never pursue. I’ve always wanted to be a singer/songwriter but my memories of being ridiculed for being weird and messy (which I have been) at times trumps the amount of awe I brought when I put my emotions on stage or shared my poetry which I could use to have more confidence. I know I probably should concentrate more on what my mars means but is anything I said even remotely correct? Hahaha I’d appreciate your time

    1. It is Uranus-Neptune that are the problem but Mars in Cancer is not a strong position. I have Saturn in Cancer and I consider it my weakness. Neptune indicates that a parent did not want you to grow up or grow away or succeeed where that parent failed with her dreams — then discouragement sabotages your energies. I have a Mars-Neptune aspect myself. Maybe information from my article on Mars and Depression might help…

      This Mars (in Cancer) finds it easier to express anger towards family members rather than directly at the offending person. Fear and Fear of the Unknown are at the root of Mars in Cancer depression.
      This Mars is both emotional and irrational in its angry reactions. There may be moods that cause the individual to shut down emotionally rather than express anger. If this mood lasts too long, it becomes a depression. These people should never eat when angry or upset since foods become toxins in this state.

      The Mars will sulk and cry when depressed but a good cry is very helpful to pulling them out of a depressed state. Men are less likely to cry; men are more likely to shut down and withdraw.
      Depression can occur when they feel that they have given too much nurturing to others and nothing is given back to them.

      GETTING OUT: I find that Mars Water signs can release anger, anger that could become depression, by symbolically “killing something.” A woman with Mars in Pisces gave an excellent solution: she confided that she hated loud noises so, in killing something, she threw her sweaters around the room. When she was finished, she just picked them up and packed them back in the drawers. This Mars always needs support and reassurance, affection, to get out of a depression. Talking with an Empath can prove helpful. A well-known therapist in my area told me that, if you can talk about your feelings with a good friend, this is as good as therapy.
      Mars in Cancer square Neptune in Libra can have a family pattern of alcoholism. Even if the person does not drink or use drugs, there will be other addictions, such as food or gambling, which are a release or escape from depression. But, after they have eaten too much or lost money, they eventually become depressed.

      With Mars in Cancer, the individual should never eat when angry or upset since food will become more of a toxin.

      With Water signs so strong, the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM becomes congested without movement or when feeling fear. Yoga, Tai Chi, Aerobics, using a rebounder or walking outside and drinking water help.

  7. I second everyone’s gratitude for coming across this post on kites! This is so well-researched and comprehensive, thank you, Lynn. Do you use the nodes in kite formations? I have a client who has the nodes as the opposition points with a grand trine in fire and am curious what this would be interpreted as given that the nodes are naturally in opposition. Thanks so much!

    1. A good question but Nodes are not any object in the sky. I never use them in patterns such as the Yod. I have a controversial interpretation of the Nodes based upon over 50 years of observations. Your client does not want a Kite. It so frustrates the Grand Trine.

  8. Hi! I was born on June 6, 1971 and have a kite configuration with Chiron in Aries in 4th house (apex planet) opposing Uranus in Libra in 10th house. Uranus is one of the planets in an Air Grand Trine configuration with Sun in Gemini in 7th and Mars in Aquarius in 3rd house. I’m 50 yrs old and I’ve never been able to actualize my deep desire to have my dream home and each day that dream seems further away. Suffered a major relationship crisis, ending a 25 yrs partnership (we never married), a couple of years ago. Besides from being very successful as a higher learning geek (collecting college degrees just for fun) ended being employed as a blue-collar employee and never as a professional white-collar one. So far, it seems a somewhat bitter sweet experience. Not as fortunate as a Grand Trine though. Thank you.

    1. You actually have an excellent Grand Air Trine with nice planets for a trine. The opposing planets pose the problem. Chiron in Aries has the wound of a self-worth deficiency – valuing others over self. This needs to be addressed ASAP! There is another Object (check out Transpluto on my website) that indicates a fear of criticism and rejection. There is no perfection in this world or any of the lower dimensions. I AM HUMAN, THEREFORE, NOTHING HUMAN IS ALIEN TO ME. You have a gift as a communicator and problem-solver. It is not too late.

  9. Hello,

    Thank you so much for this informative article on kites. Here I was excited to learn more about the aspect thinking there would be a pot of gold written in my script, and to my surprise they stand in the way more than they help. Either way I’m excited to learn more about this star configuration as it relates to my personal chart. If you have any advice I’d appreciate it.

    My kite features a Moon 23 Taurus and Mars 24 Scorpio in opposition. Additionally, Sun in 27 Virgo, Neptune in 27 Capricorn. The moon is in the 6th and Mars is in the 12th house. Sun is in 10th and Neptune in 2nd. I’m also a 23 year old male. Thank you!

    1. The Key here is the Taurus-Scorpio opposition. In Esoterics, it is a Ray 4 pattern — Harmony from Conflict. There was much conflict in the early with a mother – the Taurus-Scorpio opposition creates a tension like a spider who feels a tug on its web. It is an extreme sensitivity that can make you appear fussy or moody without understanding that you are sensitive to sound, color and vibrations — to which very few others are. Yes, there are a lot of anger issues but you must transmute this. These people do extremely well in careers that utilize this sensitivity — holistic healing (sensing subtle vibrations) and the arts, anything utilizing the sensitivity to sound, color and vibration. But, unresolved anger can be the stumbling block. Alice Miller wrote a very small book, DRAMA OF THE GIFTS CHILD. This might help you understand why your mother was so angry and jealous.

  10. Hi! I have a grand fire trine that features Jupiter in Leo 17 degrees , Sun in Sagittarius 22 degrees, Pluto in Sagittarius 17 degrees, and Moon in Aries 23 degrees. My kite happens because of the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius 25 degrees. I’m 18 years old now and I have been trying to learn astrology for 5 months now but I don’t know how to solve the opposition to reach my full potential with my grand fire trine. I would be so glad if you can help. Thank you so much and have a great day!

    1. Many people are writing to me with this same Kite and born in 2002-03. Fire Trines are highly motivational, not fond of desk work. Saturn in Gemini does not like the burdens of undefined responsibilities, or feeling trapped. I have 3 planets in Gemini — I cannot work for others; I am responsible but I need to know exactly what I have to do so I know what is my FREE TIME. Jupiter opposing Uranus in Aquarius needs a lot of space and you cannot RELATE to conservative types, wearing suits and working in a office. There may be a conflict between feeling a free spirit and control issues.

  11. Hello Lynn, thank you so much for sharing all the resources that you do, I feel they give me more perspective on things.
    I have possibly 2 kites: Sun in 27° Gemini _ Ascendant in 26° Libra (conjunct Chiron in 25° Libra) _ Jupiter in 21° Aquarius + Descendant in 26° Aries opposing the ASC
    (But this might not count as the ASC and DSC oppose each other by nature)
    Kite 2 is: Mercury in 18° Gemini _ Ascendant in 26° Libra (conjunct Chiron in 25° Libra) _ Jupiter in 21° Aquarius + Saturn in 18° Aries opposing the ASC
    Sun in 9th house, Mercury in 8th house, Jupiter in 4th house, Saturn in 6th house.
    Considering squares to the oppositions I have Venus 17° Cancer 9H square Saturn
    and Neptune 29° Capricorn 3H square both my ASC and DSC.
    With where I’m at in my life right now I think I’m looking for purpose/identity and Saturn has me beating myself up for not being at the top of everything already. I also want to find a way to reconcile with my Scorpio moon in 2H that I pushed away as a child because it used to really break my spirit/friendships with its massive intensity. They remind me of this with strained neck/shoulders and an everpresent icky feeling of something stuck in my stomach haha.
    I think mostly this life for me is about finding selfconfidence and then having the guts to follow that (yod of moon sextile neptune + apex sun). It would surely make it easier to give into Virgo mars conjunct Virgo north node in 11H urges to be involved with activisim, where I’m still too scared to damage my reputation now.
    I feel like I have already learned many lessons in 23 years yet I still feel so impatient to learn more soon, like I really achieved something meaningful. I hope you don’t think I am oversharing too much, I don’t mean to seem rude!
    But thanks again for this website, it’s rare for me to find experienced astrologers among all the young trendy bloggers haha.

    1. You only have 1 Grand Trine in Air with Sun-Mercury/ASC-Chiron/Jupiter. Normally, to most astrologers, it would just be a very nice Grand Air Trine — communications, networking, counseling (Libra is a Fixer), coordinating…working with the mind.
      I have used Transpluto (22 Leo) since 1972 and I have 2 articles on my website. The Brief is the easiest one to read but it is like a super Virgo. In the 10th, there is a need to be a perfectionist and to be self-sufficienct so that people cannot get so close that they can criticize, try to change you or tell you what to do — a block to “people skills.”
      You have a LOT of Ending Planets. This is from my manual that I am writing as a book….

      An Ending Planet is the one that is the latest by degree in the chart but the planet must be positioned between 24-25 and 29 degrees. There is an energy that may be over-developed by the individual and, as a result, it can become distorted. With the Ending Planet, the individual must and does learn to let go of the tendency to hold onto the planet’s energy. But, individual may go to extremes with the Ending Planet before releasing the energy. Some students observe that they feel compelled or even forced to do this.

      There is a noticeable trait that colors an Ending Planet – the attribute of DISENGAGING. They reach a certain point and then they disengage. When others become upset and emotional, the Ending Moon disengages, becoming a calming force. When there is nothing left to learn in a relationship, Venus disengages. When they become angry or bored, Mars disengages. When what initially gave them a sense of control but now makes them feel out of control, Pluto will disengage.

      When there are many Ending Planets in the chart, it describes an obsessive type of personality that must go to extremes with everything before they can let go. They must go to the precipice before they can take that leap of faith, let go and move on. To be honest, this is really a style of action and, as with an Ending Mercury, it is a process that they must go through before they feel sufficiently secure and comfortable enough to move forward. This is not a pattern that needs to be changed but rather a pattern of behavior demonstrated by the Ending Planet.

  12. Hello, thank you for writing such an informative article! I feel almost well versed in the subject, and I have been looking around online for a while trying to truly interpret the different aspects and parts of my zodiac chart so I can better understand astrology. I was wondering if there was any way you would be able to help understand the kites in my chart, as they seem to be the part of my chart I am personally having a lot of trouble interpreting. I have two grand trines, one air with my Saturn ASC and Sun (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra respectively) and one earth with my Moon Mars and Venus (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo). The Air grand trine has my Saturn opposing my Sagittarius Pluto and my Earth grand trine has my Mars opposing my Cancer Jupiter. There are so many elements being meshed in my placements and I am super interested in knowing the details of how I can overcome the obstacles that can come with these oppositions. I completely understand if you do not want to engage as this is a question of personal curiosity, and I’ve learned so much from your responses to other replies already; there is an important Lunar eclipse coming up in regards to my chart and I would love to understand these oppositions more. Thank you for your time and energy, and wonderful article again!

    1. It is very difficult for me to visualize charts when only the planets are mentioned. The oppositions denote the blocks to your Air and Earth Trines. First, Saturn in Gemini opposing Pluto denotes a major problem with commitments and responsibilities. I have 3 planets in Gemini so I empathize! Saturn in Gemini needs to know exactly what is expected in a work situation — basically, so that you will know what is your free time! If you try to be in control (Pluto) by trying to maintain high standards (in Sagittarius), you will only feel frustrated and frustration leads to health issues (respiratory).

      Mars is always well placed in Capricorn but the opposition to Jupiter in Cancer is an aspect that causes one to OVER-REACT when something is perceived as unjust and unfair. I have a square and I will go to my grave over-reacting as my personal flaw to overcome. I have to stop myself and realize that, if I am angry, I am probably wrong. Not wrong about what is unjust or unfair but by how I am reacting. Anger issues cause cause (Capricorn) gall bladder issues and disturbances in your Earth sign sense of security.

      1. i appreciate your response, it was extremely helpful for my interpretation of this constellation. if you were interested i could provide more specifics, but this reply and the article has helped me immensely in understanding astrological constellations, especially with my confidence in understanding my birth chart!

  13. Hello Lynn, I have a kite formation in my chart and another grand trine, I am unsure of what it entails. My kite’s opposition is between my Moon in 3 ° Gemini in the 11th house with both my Mercury & Pluto in 7° & 8° Sagittarius in my 5th house. The other two points of the trine in my kite are Mars 3° in Libra in the 3rd house & Uranus 9° in Aquarius in the 7th house. The other trine I have that does not form a kite is between the Moon & Mars again but with Neptune 0° in Aquarius in my 7th house.

    1. First, I use Transpluto in the charts (2 articles on my website) and, at 25 Leo R, it forms a Grand Fire Trine which is NOT a Kite (TP-Venus-Saturn). TP and Saturn in Ending degrees indicate that you need to be either self-employed or work independent from an “overseer.” Strong Fire in the chart indicates a good teacher (all kinds of subjects), inspiring and motivating others.

      Since I always use wide orbs, all of the planets in the Air signs form a single Grand Air Trine. Psychological astrologers from the 1970s always used wide orbs. It is too long to explain here. I also use Placidus because interceptions are important.
      Whole House was selected because using trigonometry to calculate House cusps was horrible and subject to error in the math. Whole House was an option for those who did not want to do that much math (some astrologers use to do this in Prague until the 1990s). But, Cosmobiology does not use House cusps at all – everything works bit each in a different way.

      Mercury R in the 4th marks someone who is a brood and ponderer who needs quiet in order to think. There is a Stellium by sign in this chart with Sagittarius so the planets operate in unison. But, to simplify, I will focus upon the tightest aspect. Moon-Mercury opposition denotes a fear of communicating one’s feelings – a pattern from the childhood. There is a fear that one must always be right or criticized. Pluto denotes a family where either words were used to control or one much control one’s words and feelings.

      The tightest Grand Air Trine is with Beginning Planets – you always have to teach yourself how to use these planets. Fire and Air are communicators but you much not allow the family patterns to block your gift.

  14. Hi, I’ve learned some new things reading your article. Everything resonates. I was born August 29, 1999. I have a fire grand trine (Moon in 13° Aries, North Node in 11° Leo, Pluto in 7° Sagittarius). I have Uranus in 13° Aquarius which sits in my first house opposing my north node in Leo. I’m curious to any feedback you would have on this aspect. Thank you!

    1. First, Aaron, the Nodes are not an Object of any kind so it is not used as a Point to make a Grand Trine so you do not have a Kite — and you really do not want one. The Moon-Pluto trine is a good aspect on its own. I suggest reading Betty Lunsted’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY where she analyses aspects psychologically.
      I have not posted my Nodes lecture here. It is very controversial.

      THE NODES OF THE MOON – The Journey of the Prodigal Child with Lynn Koiner

      Most people always refer the Martin Schulman’s book on the Moons’ Nodes as the Bible on this topic. This interpretation, because it is KARMIC, is never challenged but I do challenge these old interpretations. The interpretation works but not exactly as he described it.

      The North Node-South Node-North Node transition is what I call the Journey of the Prodigal Child, a Journey to experience the Not-Self (South Node) and integrate it into the True Self (North Node). Indeed, some people do get stuck in the South Node but we all must venture back home to the North Node.
      South Node Aquarius/North Node Leo:

      The individual must learn how to be a part of the collective, the issues of the masses, learning what it is like to be a small part in the whole. Aquarius needs to learn to be objective, to see the Whole/the Big Picture and to not have favorites.

      If you stay too long in Aquarius SN, you can become isolated and lost in collective. Power and authority of Leo can seem strange or intimidating – but you are going to have to take this journey. Teaching astrology and honoring your authority in a subject is moving in the Leo direction. But, when you go there, you should be the good Leo who honors diversity in others because you have known being different yourself.

      1. Oh wow, this is very insightful! Being in an authoritative position has always felt awkward for me and it’s interesting you mentioned “teaching astrology”, I could see myself doing that in the future.
        Anyways, thank you for the quick feedback and I will be sure to check out that reading!

  15. Hi! I was born on March 15th, 1998. I have a kite configuration as follows: Mercury in 12° Aries,
    Ascendant in 4° Leo, Pluto in 8° Sagittarius, Mars in 8° Aries, Uranus in 11° Aquarius, and
    Venus in 9° Aquarius. I have a Grand Fire Trine with: Mercury in 12° Aries, Ascendant in 4° Leo,
    Pluto in 8° Sagittarius, and Mars in 8° Aries. Multiple planet opposition with: Neptune in 1° Aquarius, Ascendant in 4° Leo, Uranus in 11° Aquarius, and Venus in 9° Aquarius. I have been looking into what this means and would appreciate what you have to say. Thank you.

    1. Anna, while I use the ASC to make a Grand Trine, I never use it as an opposition point. So, without an actual planet in Leo, you would not have a Kite. But this is a good thing. With regard to the planets in the 7th, Uranus and Aquarius are associated with transpersonal relationships whereby the vision and goal in the relationship is more important than the relationship and actual closeness — they should be goal-oriented.

  16. Good afternoon Lynn, funny, we have almost the same name fam! I recently got interested in the chart patterns and would like to dig deeper into it and improve my personality to the fullest, while seeing which part of me I have been taking for granted and what potentials I can develop. Couple things about me that friends always talking about is: my funny side (Gemini 9° 48′ sun conjunct Gemini 10° 8′ mercury in the 11th house), a guy with long hair and highly stylish sense (I think it is the rebellious Aquarius moon in 7th house + Leo rising at 1st). In short, I am Mercury and Mars evenly dominant, Air and Earth evenly dominant. After the general info, I would like to hear your insights about how to take full advantage of my “Kite” pattern.

    My Grand Trine is:
    Mars in 8° Virgo
    MC in 3° Taurus
    Neptune in 4° Capricorn

    Mars in 8° Virgo
    MC in 3° Taurus
    Neptune in 4° Capricorn
    Venus in 2° Cancer

    As you can see, my Venus Cancer is opposing Neptune Capricorn. The tricky thing I have tremendous amount of drive and a very self-disciplined person who wants to succeed very much, and I have very high standards on my appearance. I always use my look/clothes to add icing on the cake to my life/career. But my love life hasn’t been going well. Just turned 24 y/o this June, but I have never been in a relationship for more than 2 months. I always want to prioritize school/work before deciding to seriously fall in love. If I have a new job or when the new semester kicks in, I will automatically return to the “single” mode, because I don’t think I can combine work and relationship well together at the same time.

    Although I am a care-free Gemini dominant who likes changes, I always like to make plans, especially before important dates or daily schedules/routines. I think this has something to do with my Mars Virgo. And when I started dating someone, my inside became very clingy and nurturing (it took me a long time to train not to show this), I think this is the reason for Venus Cancer.

    Does this have anything to do with my “kite” pattern, since Mars, MC, Neptune, and Venus are all involved in everything I just shared.

    1. Personally, I do not consider a Grand Trine that involves the MC to be a true Kite (why would you want a Kite anyway). But, you do have a beginning Venus and it opposes Neptune. That is the main issue here. Beginning Venus cannot size up the difference between Friend and Friendly. You are on planet Earth now and the rules are totally different. You are looking for something/someone that worked on say, Arcturus, but you will not be able to find it here. Take time to mature and learn the relating rules on this planet. I have 3 planets in Gemini and I do not want to be trapped either. Transpersonal relating will work better for you — finding someone with who you share long range goals

  17. Hi Lynn
    I have the following in my chart: (8H) Mercury 7 Scorpio, (1H) Moon 1 Pisces, (6H) Saturn 4 Cancer. Opposition: Mercury/ Mars (2H) retrograde 6 Taurus. In recent years I have learned to channel my mars energy in a healthier manner which has helped me enormously. Prior to this I suffered depression for years. I’m not sure how my Grand water trine manifests but I’m aware other people do spill their insecurities, worries to me rather a lot. Almost confessional and sometimes folk I’ve just met.
    Also I have on occasion (when someone has said something to me I’ve taken as unjust or hurtful) fired an unintentionally cutting reply back at them, lightening speed. They have been quite taken aback. Not intentionally offensive (but truthful and home truths not always welcomed), it just comes out so fast it hasn’t gone through my usual filter. My Jupiter squares both Mercury and Mars. Also if I’m stressed in fight or flight mode, I’ve tried to something appropriate and its come out wrong and has been taken with offence. I’m an (8H) Libra Sun (conjunct Uranus) – stellium in 8th. Any comments gratefully received. Thank you!

    1. Stacey, I have a Mars-Jupiter square and I may go to my grave working on my tendency to over-react when I perceive something as unjust or unfair. I actually think it has gotten worse in my old age but I will not give up. Learning to channel your anger is excellent because anger internalized = depression. Avoid wearing the color blue around draining people. Wear regal red (even expensive red underwear helps) and listen to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyrie and The Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla. These are empowering techniques that work very well.
      I have an article on Retrogrades through the Houses. Some are missing and I need to find them in the archive of my old website. But, Mars R indicates that your family did not know how to express anger effectively so you have inherited this lesson to be learned. Water signs rule the Occipital Lobe of the Brain. This is connected with Serotonin (5HTP) which is mainly stored in the stomach. Learn to stay calm, always put your cards on the table and be honest about how you feel.
      BTW, the 8th House is the most obsessive House but it is essential that you obsess on issues outside of yourself — it rules all types of healing, even technological and financial. You must direct energies towards other and not self.

  18. I am so happy I found this site! Thank you so much for writing this! I have a grand fire trine. Moon in Aries, Ascendant, Mars and Venus in Leo, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius. My Kite is moon (9th house) opposite Pluto in Libra (3rd house). I have been trying to understand this, and how I can unlock the grand trine. I would appreciate any insight you may have. Thank you!

    1. You have some great planets in that Fire Trine. Fire should work in areas that inspire, motivate, challenge and drive others into action. Fire needs recognition and they do not like people to go against their better judgment. It is interesting that anger in Fire can impact the gall bladder. You can google what helps the gall bladder but I know that the gall bladder cannot process cheese and chocolate I take Ox Bile if I eat these as a digestive aid for cheese and chocolate.
      The Moon in Aries prefers people who think and act like yourself or agree with you. The opposition to Pluto has to do with control issues that came from your mother generally. It means that, as a child, she felt different, not like other children. She was lonely and did not always feel that she fit in. This has impacted her relationship with you.
      If you give advice, just give it and move on. Do not try to fix anyone. Travel and explores different ideas will prove beneficial See if you can find Betty Lunsted’s book, ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY.

  19. Hi Lynn. Not excited to have two kite formations in my chart after reading your article and the commentary you’ve generously responded to. I am trying to decode them and noted your book recommendation by Betty Lundsted. I am born June 6, 1977. Grand Air Trine is 2H Jupiter 14* conjunct Sun 15* Gemini, 6H Pluto rx 11* Libra, 10H Moon 17* Aquarius. 1st Opposition point is Moon to 4H Saturn 12* Leo. 2nd opposition is Jupiter/Sun conjunction to 8H Neptune rx 14* Sagittarius. These oppositions are key for me; particularly the Moon/Saturn one as it is part of a grand cross as well (1H AC10*Taurus, 4H Saturn 12* Leo, 7H Uranus 8*, 10H Moon 17* Aquarius). Feels like a whole lot of potential for blockage. Looking for a focus are or a key area to work on to help unlock. Maybe no such thing. 🙂

    1. There is only one Grand Trine/Kite but it involves 2 oppositions. Saturn is actually conjunct Transpluto at 16 Leo and you can read about this on my website. Saturn-Transpluto denotes a critical-perfectionist sense of responsibilities that Gemini cannot tolerate for there are avoidance issues that keep you from using your potential. Bottom line, stick with your excellent Grand Air Trine and stay in a field of communications. I have 3 planets in Gemini and a lousy Saturn. I live out of my head with astrology. I have problems with avoidance because Real World Responsibilities make me feel trapped. With a beginning Venus and a Sun-Jupiter-Neptune aspect, you may have a difficult time sizing up people. Stick with people who a real and keep their cards on the table — avoid phony role players.

  20. I have learned so much from this site. Thank you so very much! I have a grand water trine kite and would appreciate any help you can offer.
    02/21/1967 – 2:42pm-Abingdon VA
    Moon 22 conjunct Jupiter 25 conjunct ASC 20 in Cancer
    Trine Mercury 18, Chiron 24, Venus 27, 9th house Pisces
    Trine Neptune 24 Scorpio 5th house
    Oppositions to Uranus 23 and Pluto 19 Virgo 3rd house
    I feel strongly called to learn more astrology and seek the Akashic records. Should I pursue this path? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any input.

    1. Angela, Planets in Water signs and Water Houses are connected with a specific Soul Group: There is a strong connection to the GROUP MIND. Your thoughts are your thoughts but they are colored by the others or the thoughts of others trigger your own thoughts. This group is strongly associated with HEALING WORK and RITUALS — and the TRANSMUTTION OF ENERGY. M.G feels that his specialty is the healing of emotionally based illness – possibly due to his own strong emotional nature. When doing hands on work, he makes a clicking sound. Sometimes Michael feels depressed and feels that he wants to go home. In his case, it is those left behind who long to have him return and he can pick up on their thoughts.
      FOCUS: Healing and Ritual. Acupressure type seems more his style. Ritual activity seems to help him feel connected. Energy work and rituals are very tangible to his group. Healing and ritual is grounding and anchoring. There is an interesting connection with the ritual of sex but I will not comment on it here.

      Sometimes Michael has “drained” periods. It is during these period that he is actually working with his Group on another level. He has to tell them to STOP when it causes an interference. He starts bumping into things as he is not fully in this world. These People are members of the RanDOW. One of the Orion group is a Lizard and it is the one who is furthest out, rarely speaks.
      The 8th and 12th Houses have the strongest connection with healing and research. With so many planets in early degrees, it shows that you are not really an Earth Person and you have not been on this planet for a long time (like most Atlanteans). Much of earthly life is very new for you. With a Beginning Sun, you manifest a free-floating personality (a good thing) by which you will have many new cycles in your life — you enter a cycle to learn something but when you have learned all that you need you move onto a new cycle — you extract what you need to know and then leave. You are learning about life here and you have a lot to learn. Life should be a smorgasbord.

      The Opposition from Pluto warns against stubbornly reacting to control issues – people putting words in your mouth, when you feel bullied. I recommend reading Betty Lunsted’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONAITY.

  21. Hi Lynn, I have found it very interesting to read your article and gain more insight into how the energies of the kite formation interplay with each other, thank you so much for taking the time to write this! The fact that you give such detailed responses to people questions and comments is also really valuable and so appreciated as one can learn so much from reading through them (they are like little miniature case studies!)

    Something about the fact that you keep mentioning variations in the comments of “you don’t want to have a kite” is somewhat jarring to me however, since to me astrology is really not about what we ‘want to have’ in our chart, and too often I think we really WANT to paint either a beautiful picture (or a story of drama/victimhood) that we can use and an accessory for the forming/projecting of our identity, rather than being fully present with ourselves and our situation – I know I certainly am guilty of this! I see Astrology much more as being about working with the makeup/situation we are presented with (or have chosen!), and the challenges it presents for us to overcome to achieve the most growth/evolution. So to me the emphasis on kites as a “bad” thing, takes away from the fact that it is (like anything in astrology) ultimately something neutral, that can be expressed in either a negative (blocked) or a positive (channeled) expression. The challenges the kite poses, although difficult, can present huge (and beneficial) opportunities for self development. I know you also do describe this in your post and responses, but I just wanted to emphasise!

    As this relates to me personally, as it I have a grand water trine with Mars in Taurus (conjunct Moon) opposing Jupiter in Scorpio. I’m not sure to what extent the Moon is playing a role here as it doesn’t quite form the right aspects with other planets to be part of the kite (I’m sure its easier for you to see this than that i try to explain > 6/6/1994, 12:38PM, Gaborone).

    I’ve read here how you characterise hard Mars/Jupiter aspects (over-reacting, anger, lashing-out etc.), but don’t really feel these expressions in my life as much and am wondering if you could elaborate more on the various possible expressions of this aspect, (especially of course in its context to the kite formation in my chart!). Im very curious on your thoughts of what role the position of the moon could play here as well.

    Thank you again and I wish you a lovely day!

  22. Hi Lynn
    Thank you for Your great research!
    Me and my partner, my mother and daughters Bf all have kites and my daughter does if you include NN .. ?

    So I’ve done some observations and how you explain it, is how I have previously felt. It is hard work , living with this energy for sure. But lately I feel more comfortable within myself.

    10th H – Pluto Libra 17* opposite 4th H Aries moon 21*

    Moon part of grand fire trine-9th house Leo sun/Jupiter 19*leo Venus 15* all trine to 1st house sag Neptune 17*

    Sun/Jupiter/Venus all square to Scorpio Uranus 17*. To add to that, an out OOB 8th cancer mars with no major aspects just a semi sextile to 8th mercury that also has no major aspects, Scorpio rising 29*. I feel like I survived an apocalypse and Im putting things back together.

    1. Many people ask this question about the Nodes but Nodes are not objects of any kind so that cannot be used to form patterns. My interpretation for the Nodes is based upon over 50 years of experience (yes, I am that old but I did start early). I always analyze these separately.

      Your Grand Fire Trine is a good one — Fire is good for a motivator, one who inspires others, educator, and creative communicator (seminars workshops, webinars etc)
      The Block with Moon-Pluto has to do with control issues. This comes from Mother who felt alone and not like others when she was a child. She projected this onto you around 4 years of age.

      When your are strong Saturn or Pluto, a “bad” Uranus can be helpful as it is more rebellious. But, it can be passive-aggressive. I always recommend Betty Lunsted’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY. This really helped me get a handle on aspects.
      There is a Moon-Uranus 150 aspect — in communicating, use humor and allegory to get people to change their mind rather than the direct approach that may shut down communication. Alan Epstein’s book on Inconjuncts is my favorite since he gives the Talents that go with the inconjunct — and these are VERY, VERY important and people usually do manifest these.

  23. Hi Lynn, I am learning so much from your writings, thank you very much. I hope my placements description don’t get lost in translation, English is my second language. Please help me find out how many kite patterns I have. I have counted seven. OMG am I doomed? Is there any way to alleviate this energy? Thank you for your time and knowledge.
    Placidus house system:
    10th house Jupiter r 25 Cancer trine 6th house Venus 1 Aries, Mercury r 18 Pisces, Saturn 29 Pisces, and Chiron 24 Pisces. 10th Jupiter r 25 trine 2nd house Neptune r 24 Scorpio. 10th house Jupiter sextile 12th house Pluto r 19 Virgo and Uranus r 23 Virgo.
    10th house Jupiter r 25 Cancer square 1st house Mars 2 Scorpio.

    2nd house Neptune r 24 Scorpio trine 6th house Venus 1 Aries, Mercury r 18 Pisces, Saturn 29 Pisces, and Chiron 24 Pisces. 2nd house Neptune r 24 Scorpio sextile 12th house Pluto r 19 Virgo and Uranus r 23 Virgo.

    6th house Venus 1 Aries opposition Uranus r 23 Virgo.
    6th house Mercury r 18 Pisces opposition Uranus r 23 Virgo and Pluto r 19 Virgo
    6th house Saturn 29 Pisces opposition 12th house Uranus r 23 Virgo and Pluto r 19 Virgo
    6th house Chiron 24 Pisces opposition 12th house Uranus r 23 Virgo and Pluto r 19 Virgo

    1. You only have ONE Kite in your chart. There is only ONE Grand Water Trine and it is the opposition of the Virgo Planets and the Pisces Stellium that make the opposition to the Kite. The Pisces planets are intercepted and this means that they can only manifest in the 6th House — healing. That was a difficult year for people too be born but many go into some area of holistic health. Yes, the Virgo planets are intercepted too. Sometimes relocating to a different time zone can free up the planets.
      You have a Beginning Mars so that starting new cycles is difficult — hesitation or jumping into like a Bull in China Shop.
      Saturn is your Ending planet and this means that you never trust authority or that the System will take care of you. There is a need to be self-employed or working in an independent work environment.
      Mercury is your most powerful planet since it is Station. Communications and teaching and writing should be your focus.
      I see that Neptune is Station too. Not too sure about this but the 2nd House rules body movements that stimulate Chi in the body — yoga, tai chi, aerobic and bioenergetics are favored

  24. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for this nice article, I couldn’t find many resources on kite pattern, I’m so glad to see your article.

    I was born on 20.12.1977 at 7:35. I have a kite pattern. I always have a feeling of frustration. It’s like I’m blocking myself. I am a perfectionist in my work and relationships. I give value it, but when I feel that I am not valued, I quit. I have a very good education, I am a very loving person, but I have never had a job and a relationship as I wanted. I’m aware of this, but I can’t get over it. Some astrologers say that the kite aspect pattern is a very lucky pattern, but I have never experienced it. What advice would you give my chart to overcome this situation?

    Thanks a lot again

    1. I do not believe that it is merely the Kite that produces such frustration and disappointment. First, you have many planets in 0-1 degrees or beginning planets (red introduction to B&E planets on this website). While Saturn is well aspected, it is a 0 degrees and Retrograde. You have to teach your self how to use Beginning Planets and dad was not really there for positive structuring. Sometimes, when we teach ourselves, we over-do and become a slave to perfectionism. Saturn is in Virgo and it was with Transpluto (perfectionism) and Mars in Leo. This is a difficult combination with regard to perfectionism.
      Also, with many Beginning planets, you have not incarnated on Planet Earth for a long time. Life here is not as wonderful as on other dimensions.
      Next, Neptune is very strong — Neptune causes you to seek an illusion that you will never find. I think the ages of 13-15 years was a time of a trauma that needs to be dressed.
      Jupiter is also strong so you learned to play a role to make others happy. And, you probably attract people who play a role as well. Soon, you see through the role and become disappointed.

  25. Hello! First of all – thank you for your amazing work. A lot of thing comes to light because of it.
    I have a question. I have a kite with fire trine with pluto in sagittarius in 2nd house(in 1st degree), saturn in aries in 5th house (in 5th degree) and venus conjunct mars in 10th house (8th and 17th degrees) and with uranus in aquarius in 1st degree and 3rd house opposing venus, uranus beeing conjunct with neptune and moon in capricorn. Im just starting with astrology and wanted to ask how do i work with this energy to grow through life? I would be very grateful for an answer.

    1. I am not good at visualizing so this is hard to do. You have a Grand Fire Trine fueled by the personal planets of Venus-Mars in Leo. Fire is highly motivational and inspirational, which makes for good motivational speakers, educators, leaders, politicians, writers — and anything that gains recognition and respect in your profession. You indicate that the opposition is from Uranus in the 3d House to your Venus. Uranus has a fear of commitment, being trapped by your choices due to instability in your early life. What I notice is that you have a lot of Beginning planets. You need a mentor when starting something new. I have an article introducing the theory of Beginning and Endings Planets. This will help.

  26. Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your research ! its very intriguing to witness your process and the stages your findings went through. I am on a journey to remove all blockages from my life so I can reach my highest potential. I just discovered I have a kite formation Venus in 19° Scorpio, Ascendant in 22° Pisces, Mars in 14° Cancer, Pluto in 21° Scorpio, Neptune in 16° Capricorn. There is a major part of your research that stuck out to me, the feeling that I want to be cooperative but I also feel I need to do it on my own so no one controls me *insert smiling sweat bead emoji here* As a singer songwriter, music lives in collaboration so I feel like im moving slower than I’d like. lol I’m a libra sun as well so idk, I need some help with resolving this?

    1. Water signs are best utilized in the creative arts. I rarely count the angles in aspect patterns but I do with the Grand Trine pattern. Edgar Cayce one said that creativity is our way to connect with higher realms. I will add, especially involving the Water signs. The opposition is always the block to fully manifesting the Grand Trine. I know Mars-Neptune all too well. This indicates a parent who sabotaged your efforts to grow up and grow away. In planning goals or activities, you need a support system that helps you to focus your creative energies. Because, as “trained” by a parent, you can talk yourself our of doing or acting on your own behalf — and then not utilizing the Trine.
      I do find that Mars-Neptune can find for causes that you belief in — fighting for others seems easier than fighting for yourself. Do NOT put all of your energies in THINNKING ABOUT because there will be no energy left for taking action.

      1. Hi Lynn, wow this resonates so much. I matter of fact have a both parents that have tried to sabotage my efforts in many ways… I can go on for days with how accurate your interpretation is. Thank you for your insight!

  27. Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your research on kites! I haven’t read anything else like it, and I appreciate it. I was born on 4.10.73 and have a kite pattern. I have a Grand Air Trine: Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Libra, and Saturn in Gemini. The kite part points at Neptune. I feel like I’m at a transformative place in my life, like I’m on the verge of something. But that’s it, I don’t know what the next steps are. Is Neptune where I need to look? Thank you!

    1. The Grand Trine is the talent, some form of communications, negotiations, problem solving, crises intervention etc. The problem is the opposition — Neptune denotes BOUNDARY ISSUES whereby you allow people to syphon off your energies and take up your time. You have another opposition to your best aspected planets — Mars-Jupiter in Aquarius connection you with progressive ideas, activism and reforms but they are opposed to Transpluto at 14 Leo (I have 2 articles on Transpluto on my website). The problem is insecurity born of self-recriminations and self-criticism that can be internalized. The secret of TP is to do what gives you great joy so that you do not care what others think.

  28. I have read all the comments, it is truly amazing what you share. I have been thinking about my kite for the last couple of days , because the focal point is my Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn in the first house and this kite is now being activated by the Neptune Jupiter conjunction to my sun. The grand trine is Pluto 22 Scorpio , moon 19 cancer and sun 23 pisces. The moon in cancer opposition with Uranus Neptune have a square to mercury in aries. what would you say is the best usage of my kite and what do I need to learn from it?

    1. Your chart has a Grand Water Trine which is excellent for creative work, working with your intuition and, with Pluto R (see this website) and Jupiter in the 8th and Planets in the 2nd House, this is a capacity for psychology, profiling and healing work. The 2nd House rules body movements that stimulate lymph and Chi — Tai Chi, Yoga, Aerobics and even Bio-Energetics.
      The Moon in Cancer opposing Uranus-Neptune denotes a block that occurred around 1-2 years of age whereby there may have been a trauma of separation picked up by a very sensitive baby. Moon-Neptune indicates mother tuned out and she was not there for you in an energetic way. She tuned out because she felt that she would never be able to fulfill her dreams. Learning trust, learning to connect with your emotions and find real closeness with others will allow your creative energies to flourish. It may be through counseling others that you learn this.
      TO be honest, I had a lot of intimacy problems with my Moon-Uranus and Venus-Jupiter aspects. However, teaching astrology in my home for years allowed me to identify my emotions through dealing with the emotional issues of others. Jupiter plays a rule that you feel is expected of you. Moon 150 Mars denotes unresolved anger issues that flair up occasionally in relationships.
      Your chart is rather bundled due to the Latitude of your birth. A Swedish astrology who I have known for years told me that this actually works (Placidus) when in the culture of Sweden. If you moved to a more southern latitude (use astro-carto-graphy), you can shift the energies of the planets.

  29. I have learned so much reading your blog but I am not sure if it makes me feel blessed or cursed. I am definitely appreciative of the knowledge and insight you are sharing.

    I have a Grand Air Trine with 6H Pluto 6° Libra, 11H Venus 11° Aquarius, and 2H Moon 5° Gemini opposite 8H Neptune 6° Sagittarius forming my kite. I also have Mars in Taurus 1H and TP 5th house in Leo.

    I really struggle connecting with people in relationships. It always seems I am doing something wrong – either I am too emotional or I am a robot with no feelings. Plus, I have dealt with so many liars and manipulators. I question if I am the way I am because of nature/ nurture. Am I hardwired to be this way or was I nurtured and I am the way I am because of my adverse childhood experiences?

    I have heard from so many astrologers that a kite pattern indicates fate and destiny. Which seems like a romantic idea assuming that fate and destiny is a positive thing. In retrospect, I have to wonder if fate and destiny could be a punishment for the sins of my previous lifetimes.

    1. The Grand Trine is a powerful talent for communications, negotiations, counseling, mediation, bridging ideas in dealing with others. Around the age of 1, your mom tuned out emotionally and you learned to establish closeness by psychically tuning in. I have friends with the Moon-Neptune aspect and they somehow feel that they are closer to others than others feel. When you energetically or psychically connect, others do not always feel it unless they are also Empaths.
      Venus opposing Transpluto denotes a relationship fear — if people get close, they will criticize, try to change you or tell you what to do. Air signs and Aquarius do best with transpersonal relationships — what you are doing together in the world is more important than the relationship and, therefore, the relationship becomes very important. Something outside of nitty gritty relating is the true source for a connection.
      With Mars in Taurus, you may shut down if criticized. Tp wants to to find some activity that it so much fun that you do not care what others think. One friend painted – maybe not great but she did not care. Other loved research and writing. She knew editors would criticize her work but she did not care because she enjoyed it so much.

  30. Hi Lynn, I am really thankful to have stumbled upon this post. Thank you so much for your dedicated research and insight into this configuration. I was actually born on the day that you mentioned, July 17, 1997 – the same day of the plane crash. I didn’t actually know this fact until I was in college, it is interesting to note how disastrous that day was considering that I had many birth complications and almost didn’t make it. I was wondering if you’d have any insight on the kite for that day as a horoscope.

    Grand Fire Trine:
    Aries Saturn in 3H at 20deg
    Leo Venus in 8H at 23deg (conjunct Mercury at 16deg)
    Sagittarius Moon in 12H at 25deg

    Aquarius Jupiter RX in 2H at 19deg opposite Venus (and Mercury)

    I would really appreciate any insight on it, I’ve only been able to do research on my grand fire trine. I definitely feel like a burnt out gifted kid, I am a digital artist who has a lot of creative potential but I will probably never be able to actualize my talents or reach my dreams in this lifetime if I don’t push myself really hard. I tend to lack a lot of consistency and dedication even though I naturally have a creative gift, so a lot of it just goes to waste. I hope that learning about Jupiter’s influence I can find the key to activating these talents in a healthy way (and not crashing and burning).

    Thank you so much again!

    1. It is very difficult for me to visualize your chart with scanty information. Venus-Jupiter is always very creative (mental creativity as well) but this may not have been supported. Jupiter rules our sense or lack of moderation and proportion. Jupiter is always the role player so you may attract people for the role they play rather than who they really are or what you really have in common with them. Playing role is a block to real intimacy. Learn to be honest about your feelings and learn to put your cards on the table with frankness. In my weight loss article, I wrote “Play the Part; Play the Role — so no one knows your heart and soul.
      Mars opposing Saturn is very frustrating and causes a lot of mental crises — torn between what you want to do and what others expect you to do = indecision. Fire Trines are always motivational and inspirational when activated.

  31. Hi Lynn,

    I’m trying to put the pieces together. It all feels tied to creativity and career, but I’m just not sure.
    I have a Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 16° Pisces in the 5th, MC in 10° Cancer (My Cancer moon 8° in the 9th conjuncts my MC, if that means anything) & Neptune in 17° Scorpio in my 1st.

    I also have a T-Square – Pluto in 14° Virgo in the 11th, Jupiter in 21° Gemini (end of the 8th house), Chiron in 22° Pisces and Saturn in 16° Pisces in the 5th. I understand there’s something about the house missing that would make it a grand cross, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with that info.
    Finally, I’m told I have a Kite. But I believe you said you don’t count MC. Saturn in 16° Pisces in the 5th, MC in 10° Cancer, Neptune in 17° Scorpio in the 1st, Pluto in 14° Virgo & Uranus in 12° Virgo in the 11th.
    Thanks for your detailed comments.

    1. Without knowing all of your chart, I can only give a simple answer. The Grand Water Trine especially with Neptune in the 1st denotes strong Empath Energies. The Houses denote creative and psychic abilities. The 5th and 9th Houses are connected with education — webinars, seminars, conferences…all educational events that are transformational and where people have fun. The Pluto in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces makes it a Kite. CONTROL ISSUES (and the fear of being powerless) and a difficulty working in large groups can cause a block to manifesting the creativity of the Grand Trine. Pluto in the 11th actually works best in ad hoc groups — coming together to accomplish something and then leaving the group.

  32. Hi Lynn, I just came across this post in some more intensive research. Thank you for this deep dive! I’ve been told time and again I am “lucky” because I have a grand water trine. However, I have always felt so stuck. On the verge, yet unable to take the leap. Your post really spoke to this feeling in me.

    I think what is often overlooked is the relationship of the grand water to my extensive stellium in Capricorn, which is 5 planets plus my ascendant. All crowded into my first house.

    Uranus is in Capricorn directly opposing Jupiter in Cancer, and the others are somewhat nearby. Sun and moon in Pisces, Pluto in Scorpio. Is there anything I can focus on to clear some of the blocked energy? I am bursting with ideas and creative energy and yet I am stagnant. I’m not sure what’s in my way.

    And, if a different question or other info is more appropriate, I am happy to revisit. Thank you!

    1. First, there is a free book on the Kite and other patterns by Bil Tierney
      If you have a stellium in the 1st House, you should read what I say about a 1st House Stellium. Having an opposition is helpful to draw you into working with others rather than focusing upon yourself. Also, you have Transpluto at 17 Leo which forms a Fixed T-Square with Pluto as the Apex. The Stellium and the Pluto denote control issues. Read my 2 articles on Transpluto on this website as it is like Virgo. There could be a fear of criticism and not measuring up to the expectations of others. Around the age of 14 years could be the trigger for this anxiety/fear. With Mars-Neptune and Saturn, a parent probably tried to sabotage your initiative and so it carries on in some inner voice who repeats the parental pattern. You need to work with others to support your goals and creative ambitions.

  33. Hi,

    I have Kite with an Air Grand Trine (11H Gemini Sun, 7H Aquarius Moon, 3H Libra Pluto) and 5H Sagittarius Neptune.

    I was looking for a 2nd pair of eyes on this to see your thoughts on how this can manifest.

    Greatly appreciated!

    1. That is a really nice Grand Air Trine. Neptune may not always know in what direction you should go. Dad was not there for you (the age he tuned out is shown by the distance from exactness the Sun is from Neptune) but I know this aspect and it portends a destiny whereby you are to redeem your father by fulfilling some aspect of his own unfulfilled dream.

  34. Hi Lynn,

    Great article and amazing research! I’ve been digging for more info on kite patterns specifically for about a year now and this is a unique and in-depth perspective that was new to me, so thank you very much! I would be honored to get your opinion on my own kite if possible!

    (grand water trine: Jupiter-Saturn-Mars; kite: Saturn oppose Sun)

    1. First, I would read books on the aspects between the planets such a Betty Lunsted’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY and there is another written by Erin Sullivan – and another by Susan Tompkins. These are psychological astrologers whose interpretations are more applicable.
      A Sun-Saturn aspect indicate that around the age of 2 (you) your father felt that he would never be successful with his dream in life. So, he may have been successful in something now really of his choosing. The Sun in Virgo usually indicates that Mom is dissatisfied with dad. It may be a fear of failure on your part that is the block to the Grand Water Trine. Water needs to TRUST, trust in life to pursue your great passion. In communications, Water should be open enough to communication emotions.
      BTW, Saturn R in the 5th will have difficulty saying NO, especially with the 1st born child. Learn to define boundaries in all relationships.

    2. OMG! the same! and this article was so helpful understanding my grand trine and kite!
      (Grand trine: Mars – cancer 4h, Jupiter – Scorpio 7h, Saturn – Pisces 12h
      kite: Sun – Virgo 6h opposite Saturn)

      1. Yes, you do have a Kite. Study the Sun-Saturn opposition for the blockage. For the Sun in Virgo, the mother was dissatisfied with the father and this gets passed onto you. Try to work on that aspect.

  35. Hi Lynn,

    Your insight is amazing, It is so appreciated, I am learning so much!

    I’m quite confused as to how much my kite is affecting my chart. I have Kite with an Air Grand Trine:

    Jupiter in 8° Libra
    MC in 12° Aquarius
    Ascendant in 5° Gemini
    Saturn in 13° Aquarius
    Moon in 6° Sagittarius (top of the kite/apex)

    I feel like it might be blocked because my sun in Sagittarius in 2º degrees opposes my ascendant in Gemini. Do you have any insight?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Good news – you do not have a Kite. Do not use angles to make a Kite. I do use the ASC to make a Grand Trine. So, there is an emphasis upon Air talents. You cannot have a planet opposing the ASC — that planet is simply in the 7th House. You would need to have a planet in Gemini to have a Kite. There must be other aspects in your chart that causes blockages or a outer planet transit.

      1. It’s really difficult to find any concrete information on the web about this very topic that has been puzzling me about my own chart, so I have been enjoying this article of yours very much indeed!

        I have a grand trine between Pluto in 12th (Sag), Mercury in 8th (Leo) and Jupiter in the end of 3rd house (Pisces), with an Orb of 5°. The Opposition is between Mercury in 8th and Neptune in 2nd (Aqu), which makes Neptune the focal point of my kite pattern.
        I struggle to grasp what the houses and planets mean in combination in my own chart – Until now i believed it to be connected to a very clear and analytical mind that grasps all the details of interpersonal relationships (Mercury in 8th), which in turn loads off onto a kind of lucid and hard-to-grasp sense of self (Neptune in 2nd) but i find Neptune very difficult to portray and I think there is more to be dug up. Insight would be much appreciated.

        1. First, Fire signs have an ability to use enthusiasm and energy to inspire, motivate and educated others. With a Kite, always look at the opposition for the problem that frustrates this energy — Neptune saps your energy. Look for books on the psychological patterns of aspects — Sue Tompkins and Betty Lunsted.
          This aspect denotes a family that does not always tell the truth — I have a semi-square to my Mercury in Leo. This can initially cause confusion in a small chart when adults lie. Self-doubts occur until you learn to cultivate an expertise in some subject that gives you confidence. I am a Virgo so astrology gave me this mental confidence.
          I can get bored and tune out so I had problems paying attention at school.
          Tuning out, ambivalence and avoidance is the problem with Neptune. You need to be with people who encourage your Fire rather than discourage or sap your energy.

          1. Thank you very much for the quick response. I looked into Sue Tompkins’ descriptions on aspects between the planets and gained lots of more insight – more books on the topic as a whole have been ordered 🙂

  36. Thanks for this! I’m still trying to understand my pattern – Air grand trine with Uranus 4 degrees Aquarius, Chiron 8 degrees Libra and Gemini Mercury 0, Mars 1, Moon 9, with the opposition being across from Chiron with Saturn at 6 Aries. Also have Venus and Sun in later degrees Gemini and North Node at 14 Libra. Any insight much appreciated.

    1. First, never use the Nodes like a planet. They are not even objects so they do not count. I rarely use asteroids but I do use Chiron as it is a powerful little guy even though it is only an in-house comet — it has not always been in our solar system and, when its lessons are learned, it will disappear.
      Air trines are connected with communications, mental activity, networking and social interaction and even conflict resolution. Saturn’s opposition indicates problems and blockages connected with being responsible. I have an article on this website on a dysfunctional Saturn. I cannot say more since I do not know its other aspects — and I allow wide orbs.
      Most of these planets are in early degrees (read my introduction to Beginning and Ending Planets on this website). You will see opportunities connected with this Trine when Pluto enters Aquarius and triggers the Trine, starting with Mercury. If stressed, get a mentor because this will be an excellent long-term opportunity

  37. Hi Lynn,

    Like so many others here, I’m so grateful for this post and for all your work on this – and your generosity in sharing and commenting.

    I think I have 3 kites in my chart, all involving Chiron. How would you interpret that? I have Chiron opposition Pluto. Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

    If I have read my chart correctly I have Chiron trine Jupiter, the Sun, and Neptune, also Chiron trine the moon.
    I was born on 6 December 1971 at 11:30am (near London, England).

    1. I cannot see 3 Kites.  There is a Grand Fire Trine that you have pointed out and there are 2 oppositions — Saturn R opposing Neptune and Chiron opposes Uranus-PlutoI am afraid that my desktop with my Chiron descriptions is on death’s door and I cannot get a new computer until the Rs go D.I do know that Chiron in Aries and in the 2nd House are connected with a lack of self-worth.  When this is deficient, you may not aspire to gain adequate reward (money) for your efforts.Saturn is in a Beginning degree so you were never taught about responsibility, how to handle it and how much you need to do.  R means that there may have been a disconnect with the father.  Especially opposing Neptune, you have difficulty defining boundaries.  Learning to say NO is a lesson that, if not learned will eventually affect your health.  Gemini does not like heavy responsibilities where you feel that you cannot breathe.  Fire signs like to inspire and motivate others – all types of educational pursuits.  Insecurity and not knowing how much you HAVE to do can limit you.  I have a lot of Gemini planets and I get respiratory ailments when responsibilities are overwhelming.  Find a good mentor who can teach you about responsibility and how much you can handle.  Frankly, people think I am responsible because I work out of my head and, as a president, I delegate responsibilities to people who know what to do.  Example, after 18 years as president of the NCGR Annapolis (join my facebook) and the responsibilities because a burden (my worker bees resigned and moved away), I resigned and turned the job over to another astrologer who is much younger and doing a good job.      BTW, you have 2 YODs, using Transpluto at 15 Leo (Mars in Pisces as Apex – a Mars that finds it difficult to fight for self but easy to fight for others)   Venus in Capricorn as apex with Moon-Saturn.  Alan Epstein has the best book on the 150 aspect.  Bil Tierney has the best book on patterns in general   Keep looking for this one because it is free on some website — but it is on my dead computer.

  38. Thank you so much, Lynn – once again, it is very generous of you to offer all this knowledge so freely. Appreciate your additional comments about Chiron and Saturn – I definitely relate to what you wrote.

    If you have time – and no worries if not – may I ask about the YODs? I just looked them up as they are new to me, and the websites I’m finding tell me they are when the apex planet forms two quincunx – 150 degrees – angles to other planets.

    Is it still a yod if the apex planet forms a quincunx to one planet and a biquintile to the other?

    e.g. in my case, Venus as the apex planet is quincunx the moon but biquintile Saturn… does that still qualify as being a YOD, or have I misunderstood?

  39. Hi Lynn,

    This resonated with me, so thank you for researching and writing! I have a double grand fire kite (Saturn in Leo in the 2nd, Neptune in Sagittarius in the 6th, with sun & mercury in Aries in the 9th (conjunct mid heaven/Venus/Chiron), opposite Pluto in Libra in the 3rd). I’m a counsellor (& nearly qualified psych), who works in domestic abuse and sexual assault – so relationships essentially. (I also have black moon Lilith conjunct Asc – so abuse is a theme of my own life). I use it to help others heal and empower them to make their own decisions on what is best for them. I feel I have mastered it with my work but not in my personal life. I have issues of control always with others, either them trying to control me or me trying to control my environment to keep safe. I can also see the deeper meaning in things and bore of superficial conversations which can be too intense for others. Any advice on harnessing the opposition for my own personal life?

    1. I have no clue as to how you can overcome your control issues. You were born into a highly manipulative environment and the control issue helped you navigate through that environment.
      Control issues are trust issues. Learning effective cooperation essential, learning to delegate. I have T Pluto opposing my 11th House Venus and, after being president of a group since 2006, I am having to LET GO and it is hard. The new president has turned out to be very controlling and making a lot of mistakes. But I have to disengage and not care about what he does to the organization.

  40. Hallo Lynn, only recently saw this article of yours on the kite pattern, thank you!
    I have a kite in my natal chart with grand water trine: Moon in Cancer in the 11th trine Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd trine Jupiter in Pisces in the 7th. Jupiter is conjunct Chiron, and in opposition with Pluto in the first in Virgo. It has been a hell of a ride in relationships (Pluto is also square Mars in the 10th, was sexually abused as a child) In the past, I often lost my sense of self in a relationship, giving it my all and receiving little in return… much expectations and not seeying the other for who he or she is. My first love died from bloodcancer when I was 21. After that painful experience got married too soon for the wrong reasons, he gave me 3 beautiful children though, I left him after 19 years of utter tension and deep solitude. I’m 60 now and started drawing and painting at 56, pouring my emotions in my images. My illustrations are for children mainly, enjoying the quiet hours at my drawing table (Sun, Mercury conjunct North node in Leo in the 12th). But the pain remains for not being able to maintain a strong, loving, healthy relationship, someone to come home to. Very strange is the fact that people come to me (of all people!) for relationship advice. Perhaps because life taught me to love and cherish myself first …
    Greetings from Belgium!

    1. Not knowing your full chart, that is a nice little Grand Water Trine. Jupiter is the most creative planet but Neptune gives imagination. Creative work is the best way to use this trine. The Moon in Cancer always has a telepathic connection to the family, even a dysfunctional one. I always feel that you need to be at least 200 miles from family so they do not plug into you.
      I have 12th House planets myself, including Mercury. I have an introduction to the 12th House on this website so read this. These are talent planets but you cannot express them 24/7 — you need retreat time to recharge your batteries. I have Mercury in Leo in the 12th and I am a successful communicator – although I was not allow to express myself as a child, only my mother. After a lecture, I go into silent mode to recharge.
      Jupiter-Pluto is a combination that can cause relationship problems. It is because, if you pick up any sense that someone is being manipulative or playing a role, the wall goes up and you cannot relate again.

  41. Hi Lynn and everyone else sharing their beautiful stories!
    This article and the ensuing discussion has been helpful to me conceptualizing the oppositions in my own chart and what I believe to be a kite formation involving 7 planets with a grand earth trine in water houses opposing my cancer Sun conj Venus. Uranus and Neptune are conjunct in Capricorn in the 4th, mars in Taurus in the 8th, and moon tightly conjunct Jupiter in the 12th in Virgo. (July 4, 1992). The Uranus/Neptune in Cap opposite Sun/Venus in cancer in the 10th poses problems for me, but I feel the issue is integrating the fourth house planets. My mars, moon, Jupiter all seem to support my sun in the 10th’s drive for success in the creative field (Sun conj Venus). I have been fairly successful by powering the enactment of others’ goals, and have always done things my own way (self employed) and bucked convention, but somehow without truly developing my own style and vision. Uranus and Neptune in the 4th seem unstable to integrate since they feel threatening to my ego needs by pulling focus away from my ambitions and toward home, but these placements also symbolize something I can’t quite fathom based on my family dynamics alone.

    Interestingly for me, my chart’s axes are on all four cardinal degrees with Libra 0 Asc and cancer 0 midheaven. North node exactly conjunct the IC, which is another indicator of the 4th house as a confusing area of focus. I haven’t been able to really understand this and appreciate anyone’s insight!

    1. If you have rectified your ASC, 0 degrees is the World Point and attracts you to international activities. With the opposition, you have to choose one or the other Since Venus-Sun is a nice combination, I would ditch the home and domestic life. But, when you feel the need for a domestic life, it will not be traditional and, with Neptune, you need to be at least 200 miles from your family. Cancer itself is particularly empathetic.

  42. Hi Lynn

    Thanks for the brilliant post.

    I have a kite with Pluto (Scorpio, 12th house) opposing Jupiter (Aries, 5th house) , in the “anaretic” degree at 29’42. The kite’s tail is on the cusp of Taurus/the 6th* (using whole signs)

    The kite is made up of a Grand Fire Trine, with Uranus in Sag in the 1st, Jupiter in Aries in 5th and my (balsamic) Moon in Leo in the 9th. Potentially there is a Grand Earth Trine there as well (tbc – please let me know your thoughts) if you consider the kite’s tail to be effectively positioned in Taurus, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Virgo in the 10th, trining Neptune in the 2nd, and Jupiter essentially in Taurus in the 6th.

    The Pluto-Jupiter opposition in the kite is the only surface level ‘negative’ or ‘difficult’ aspect in my chart (it’s all conjunctions and trines otherwise, and even my Saturn is unaspected…).

    I am still young (35), but feel like i have lived many lives already. After material success in my earlier years, I have become less interested in money, power – and other material world things.
    These days, I find myself turning more to esoteric subjects, such as astrology, the occult, mysticism and shamanism. These tools are helping me to better understand myself , my place in the Universe – and what i’m really here to do! I think a better understanding of the Pluto-Jupiter opposition may help me on my journey of self-discovery, but i’m still not sure how to interpret this aspect in the context of the kite formation.

    I would be very grateful for any thoughts, comments and insights you have to offer.

    With love

    1. 29 degrees is an Ending Degree — see the introduction to Beginning and Ending Planets on my website. I never use Whole Sign — it was developed at a time when astrologers had to use trigonometry to calculate the House cusps. Some astrologers in Prague had to do this until 1989! I guess you have a Grand Earth as well but I cannot tell — I need visuals. So, it seems that the block to the Kite is Pluto opposing Jupiter. This aspect is sensitive to control issues. If you feel that someone is playing games, manipulative or passive-aggressive — you can no longer relate to that person. The Wall goes down and this is it. Highly perceptive in assessing people and situations but it can block some relationships. If these are in Ending Degrees, as you seem to describe, you can take things to extremes and then suddenly let go.

  43. Hi Lynn – I’m wondering if you could give me some insight into my kite. I have Moon in Pisces 10th house at 7 degrees, Pluto in Scorpio in 6th house 7 degrees, Mercury in Cancer 2nd House 7 degrees, and the opposition with Neptune in Capricorn in 8th house 6 degrees. So the opposition is Mercury-Neptune and I also have Venus in Cancer in 2nd house at 10 degrees opposing Neptune – does that count as a second opposition in the kite? So it feels like Neptune is the key here and I just went through a major breakup that left me feeling used but not jaded and I’m committed to still trusting people but only those who are worthy of it. I’ve resolved now to release delusions and work hard at stepping into my role as a healer, Astrologer, Akashic records reader and medium. (They say Neptune in Capricorn is in fall but personally I think it being in Capricorn is helpful and lends a stability to it, especially in the 8th house.) It’s all early days and I’m developing my skills. My North Node is in Aries 11th house and Mars in Leo in 3rd so I’m supposed to get out into the world with a message. I’m trying really hard. Any thoughts on how I can better utilize my grand water trine/kite to step into my purpose more successfully? I’m definitely standing on my own two feet now and I’m correcting any financial and relationship issues. Next time I date someone they will be fully independent lol. I would be eternally grateful for any help you would be willing to provide. Thanks for such a great article!

    1. You cover too many issues so I will stick to the Kite. First, never use Nodes — they are not objects but just points in the sky where the Moon crosses the Sun’s Path. You have a Grand Water Trine and Neptune is the block — dealing with reality and not delusions. People lied to you as a child. This leads to a whole range of problems that I cannot address here. I use Transpluto which is at 20 Leo in your 4th House so you have a Grand Fire Trine and the Kite is formed with the opposition from Chiron in Gemini — blocks through a lack of confidence in your intelligence. You have learned to doubt yourself with that Mercury-Neptune — people lied but adults do not lie so you mut be wrong (I have a similar aspect so I know what this is all about). Developing an expertise is a subject goes you confidence — as astrology did for me. You had a YOD with Mars in Leo as a Beginning Planet and the Apex of the Yod. Alan Epstein has a great book on THE PYCHODYNAMICS OF INCONJUNCTS. This Mars has problems in initiating appropriately — a family problem as well with anger issues. This block started around 2-3 years of age. Yods always bestow a talent when you learn to express the planet appropriately. Mars-Neptune can visualize movement. Physical is important to activating Mars, such as dance or even sports. Health is affected through the lymphatic system.

  44. Hi Lynn, I don’t think my first comment went through… I have a Grand Water Trine (Cancer Mars, Scorpio Jupiter, and Pisces Saturn) with a Pisces-Virgo opposition (Sun, Chiron, Mercury). I was born on August 25, 1994 at 10 pm. I was wondering how the opposition could be resolved or “compromised” since I do feel extremely blocked when trying to access creative or psychic abilities, despite always feeling a pull toward these. Thank you,

    1. I am presuming since Saturn is opposite the Sun and Saturn is Retrograde. I believe I have an article on a dysfunctional Saturn on this website. You have a lousy sense of responsibility — lacking a sense of boundaries then feeling that you are a victim. There is a fear of failure that comes from the father. With any Sun in Virgo (me too), the mother is often critical of the father — at least dissatisfied. You need to learn to define boundaries, say NO, and do what you enjoy doing and the joy will remove any fear of failure. Serotonin (5HTP) help Water signs, ruling the Occipital Lobe of the brain. With Mars in Cancer, you need serotonin for the stomach where most in stored. Do not eat when angry or upset as food then becomes a toxin. Look up my article on natal retrogrades in the Houses.

      1) Problems and lessons come through dealing with the reality of responsibility.
      2) Need to prove self responsible, limiting freedom, assuming responsibilities and burdens
      3) May have had to assume responsibilities for parents, foregoing play in order to assume the worry and burden of family survival.
      4) The parents often felt that they themselves were making great sacrifices and handling great responsibilities when they were actually dumping these on the child.
      5) They permit others to unload their burdens on the individual who is not always efficient and effective in these tasks.
      6) Find themselves surrounded with irresponsible or needy people – these inept people give a sense of purpose and connectedness.
      7) Premature, adult-like assumption of duties — that the individual never does learn how to handle responsibilities effectively. The enjoyment of life is very much limited by these chores. Saturn says: Before you can be happy, the people you love must be happy.
      8) Feelings of isolation because of these responsibilities
      9) Forced to wait and be patient; sense of timing is inappropriate
      10) As a child, the individual was either forced to wait or rushed and pressured.
      11) The individual fears a total collapse if they do not do it all.

  45. Hi Lynn, I found your article while googling kite patterns, as I have one and oddly enough I was born on September 16, 1996, during the example you mentioned here. Very interesting discovery that kite patterns align with disasters. I think you could explain my kite pattern perfectly since you have already looked at this pattern before!

    I was born 9/16/96 at 7:27 pm in central north texas. I have mars, Lilith, and Venus all conjunct in Leo in fifth house forming the point of the trine. I have Saturn in Aries in first and Pluto in Sagittarius in 8th forming the two points of the trine, and Uranus in Aquarius in 11th house where my opposition is.

    I see you mentioned how to take control of your trine despite the opposition, however I find it almost impossible to compromise in my relations with others as I have Chiron in libra in my 7th house of relationships, along with mercury and sun in Virgo also in 7th (not apart of the trine or opposition) but just something I feel is blocking me even further from cooperating with others. I also have a Pisces ascendant and my Neptune is in Capricorn in my 11th house along with Uranus in Aquarius(my opposition). I also have a square on top of the kite between my moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
    As you can see, I struggle really hard socially.
    I want to utilize my talents as I have a passionate interest in art, writing, etc.
    Any advice ?

    1. While you did not indicate your city of birth, I just pick a place in Texas. Your Grand Fire Trine involves Beginning planets so it is difficult getting started. I am writing a book on Beginning and Ending planets but I have published the introduction on this website. People with a lot of Beginning Planets have not been on planet Earth in a long time so life here seems strange. You always need a mentor to help you get started. When Pluto squared my Beginning Jupiter I hired someone to help me set up a computer system so that I could teach Medical Astrology for IAA — it was stressful but highly successful. With Pluto in Aquarius, it will be hitting all of your Beginning planets in the Grand Trine. In ending a cycle, you have learned to just tune out. A parent may have talked you out of doing or initiating so you need support getting going. Resist the Mars-Uranus tendency to contrariness which can be an obstacle. Beginning Plnaets indicate the commencement of a new cycle for you but you need to ask for help.

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