Intercepted Signs in the Horoscope and Their Impact upon the Physical Well-Being of the Individual

NOTE: I researched the material for this article in the 1960s – one of my first research projects as a student of astrology. I later typed it for my classes and for “The NetWorker” in the early 1980s.

In my 50 years of research and experience, I have found that an intercepted sign (and, of course, any intercepted planet) can provide a strong clue to possible health problems, especially when the energies of that sign are not apparent. Any frustration or thwarted energy on a psychological level is likely to be manifest physiologically.

During my early years in astrology, I recommended the usage of the biochemic cell salt for an intercepted sign rather than that of the rising or sun sign. Years later, my recommendation was vindicated. A friend, with Capricorn rising and Aquarius intercepted in the First House, was advised to use the biochemic cell salt Nat. Mur., which is simple salt. She related that all her blood tests reflected low blood sodium, a rarity considering the amount of salt that Americans use in their diets.

For example, in my own chart, I have 27 degrees Taurus on the 10th cusp with Gemini and three Gemini planets intercepted in the 10th House. Professionally, my natural inclination was to follow the direction of Taurus. In college, I majored in economics and finances. I had a natural flair for passing economics exams but not much more. My Gemini talents were initially unrecognized. As a result, during my first semester in college, while a business major, I developed the Gemini health problem of sinus allergies. As my schooling continued, the allergies worsened. When I left college to pursue astrology (which I had studied as a hobby since high school), I had not yet resolved the conflict between what I thought I should do and what I wanted to do. The allergies continued. However, when I became a full-time professional astrologer in 1969, the allergies began to improve. My entire practice, being conducted by mail or telephone, denied Gemini’s need for direct contact with people. The allergies, while much improved, persisted. When I eventually began conducting in-person consultation, the allergy attacks ended. At that point, I was fully manifesting the Gemini energies in my professional life.

It is interesting to note that the allergies did not manifest during my childhood. Remember, when one sign is intercepted, its opposite sign is also intercepted. With Scorpio on my 4th cusp, I did experience the control situation that characterizes the life of an only child with a dominating mother. However, the intercepted sign of Sagittarius was fully functioning during those years. I lived on a farm and experienced much physical freedom. After moving into the city to attend college, the Sagittarian experience was closed to me and the allergies developed immediately. This substantiates my theory that at least one of the intercepted signs must be functioning in order to avoid any health dysfunction related to the intercepted signs. To this day, feeling trapped and confined, and limited social contact will stress my immune system, triggering the allergies.

ARIES ON THE CUSP / TAURUS INTERCEPTED: The impatience of Aries disturbs the status quo and sense of security in the life. Aries will create crisis in the House area when Taurus would like conditions therein to be static. This can affect blood sugar levels and throat inflammations due to unarticulated anger. The Taurus cell salt is Nat. Sulph.

TAURUS ON THE CUSP / GEMINI INTERCEPTED: Opting for security and taking the line of least resistance over freedom, change, variety and dealing directly with people can create allergies and respiratory aliments. The Gemini cell salt is Kali. Mur.

GEMINI ON THE CUSP / CANCER INTERCEPTED: The continual flux in the life (ruled by the House) upsets security and closeness needs. This can lead to stomach and digestive disorders when the individual finds that the many changes do not allow him much time for the affairs of this House. The Cancer cell salt is Cal. Fluor.

CANCER ON THE CUSP / LEO INTERCEPTED: Playing the child as a dependency role in a relationship or situation without seeking respect or authority can lead to heart and circulation ailments. The Leo cell salt is Mag. Phos.

LEO ON THE CUSP / VIRGO INTERCEPTED: The individual may feel that he is forced to take charge when he would rather be in a more subordinate role, tending to details and out of the limelight. The tension could lead to hypoglycemia, inflammation of the intestines, constipation/diarrhea or poor eating habits based upon internal frustration (getting your “bowels in an uproar,” so to speak). Avoiding details and allowing them to sabotage your big plans can cause an imbalance in the Virgo cell salt of Kali. Sulphate.

VIRGO ON THE CUSP / LIBRA INTERCEPTED: The critical tendencies of Virgo, which prevent the individual from accepting people and conditions ‘‘as is,” keep him from relating, sharing and cooperating successfully with others. The need for approval through service and doing everything one’s self and trying to do it perfectly prevents sharing and reciprocity. This combination makes the individual too critical (fear of failure or rejection) in some creative aspect of this House position. There may be a tendency to develop diabetes, hypoglycemia or acid- alkaline imbalances. The Libra cell salt is Nat. Phos.

LIBRA ON THE CUSP / SCORPIO INTERCEPTED: There is a need to assert control over this House position in your life Repressed resentments through being overly accommodating in this area can lead to kidney and bladder infections, arteriosclerosis and other Scorpio illnesses when you try to please others rather than take control for yourself. The Scorpio cell salt is Cal. Sulphate.

SCORPIO ON THE CUSP / SAGITTARIUS INTERCEPTED: The desire to be in control or the tendency to feel controlled by this House position keeps the individual from experiencing freedom and spontaneity in this area. Feeling trapped can lead to sciatica, respiratory ailments and the tendency to be accident-prone. The Sagittarius cell salt is Silica.

SAGITTARIUS ON THE CUSP / CAPRICORN INTERCEPTED: Freedom and independence is sought at the expense of security. The individual may very well be out of touch with his ambitions. The individual may be unable to achieve anything permanent or secure. If Sagittarius rises and Aquarius is on the 2nd House cusp, the fluctuation would occur with both the personality and the personal finances. This could lead to rheumatism, joint and skin problems. The Capricorn cell salt is Cal. Phos.

CAPRICORN ON THE CUSP / AQUARIUS INTERCEPTED: The need for independence and freedom is subjugated for security urges. Capricorn can fear dependency, being helpless and loss to the point that they worry themselves intro a dependency situation -a job, a relationship or a financial situation. The loss of freedom in the House area can lead to low blood sodium, high blood pressure and circulatory problems. The Aquarius cell salt is Nat. Mur.

AQUARIUS ON THE CUSP / PISCES INTERCEPTED: The objective, scientific, black-or-white views of Aquarius may be at variance with the imaginative tendencies of Pisces. This combination is often resolved through humanistic or humanitarian activities in this House area, The individual needs to cultivate feeling and empathy of matters of this House. Piscean health problems may develop through repression of feeling such as water retention, high blood pressure or a generally low vitality. The Piscean cell salt is Fer. Phos.

PISCES ON THE CUSP / ARIES INTERCEPTED: Being the “nice person,” rather than doing what one wants, and not being assertive in a situation can create tension headaches, acid-alkaline imbalances or arteriosclerosis. The Aries cell salt is Kali. Phos.

NOTE: To my knowledge, the following intercepts will not occur on the Ascendant: Taurus with Gemini intercepted, Cancer with Leo intercepted, Virgo with Libra intercepted, Libra with Scorpio intercepted and, except with 29 Scorpio rising in certain latitudes, Scorpio with Sagittarius intercepted.

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