Intercepted Signs in the Horoscope and Their Impact upon the Physical Well-Being of the Individual

NOTE: I researched the material for this article in the 1960s – one of my first research projects as a student of astrology. I later typed it for my classes and for “The NetWorker” in the early 1980s.

In my 50 years of research and experience, I have found that an intercepted sign (and, of course, any intercepted planet) can provide a strong clue to possible health problems, especially when the energies of that sign are not apparent. Any frustration or thwarted energy on a psychological level is likely to be manifest physiologically.

During my early years in astrology, I recommended the usage of the biochemic cell salt for an intercepted sign rather than that of the rising or sun sign. Years later, my recommendation was vindicated. A friend, with Capricorn rising and Aquarius intercepted in the First House, was advised to use the biochemic cell salt Nat. Mur., which is simple salt. She related that all her blood tests reflected low blood sodium, a rarity considering the amount of salt that Americans use in their diets.

For example, in my own chart, I have 27 degrees Taurus on the 10th cusp with Gemini and three Gemini planets intercepted in the 10th House. Professionally, my natural inclination was to follow the direction of Taurus. In college, I majored in economics and finances. I had a natural flair for passing economics exams but not much more. My Gemini talents were initially unrecognized. As a result, during my first semester in college, while a business major, I developed the Gemini health problem of sinus allergies. As my schooling continued, the allergies worsened. When I left college to pursue astrology (which I had studied as a hobby since high school), I had not yet resolved the conflict between what I thought I should do and what I wanted to do. The allergies continued. However, when I became a full-time professional astrologer in 1969, the allergies began to improve. My entire practice, being conducted by mail or telephone, denied Gemini’s need for direct contact with people. The allergies, while much improved, persisted. When I eventually began conducting in-person consultation, the allergy attacks ended. At that point, I was fully manifesting the Gemini energies in my professional life.

It is interesting to note that the allergies did not manifest during my childhood. Remember, when one sign is intercepted, its opposite sign is also intercepted. With Scorpio on my 4th cusp, I did experience the control situation that characterizes the life of an only child with a dominating mother. However, the intercepted sign of Sagittarius was fully functioning during those years. I lived on a farm and experienced much physical freedom. After moving into the city to attend college, the Sagittarian experience was closed to me and the allergies developed immediately. This substantiates my theory that at least one of the intercepted signs must be functioning in order to avoid any health dysfunction related to the intercepted signs. To this day, feeling trapped and confined, and limited social contact will stress my immune system, triggering the allergies.

ARIES ON THE CUSP / TAURUS INTERCEPTED: The impatience of Aries disturbs the status quo and sense of security in the life. Aries will create crisis in the House area when Taurus would like conditions therein to be static. This can affect blood sugar levels and throat inflammations due to unarticulated anger. The Taurus cell salt is Nat. Sulph.

TAURUS ON THE CUSP / GEMINI INTERCEPTED: Opting for security and taking the line of least resistance over freedom, change, variety and dealing directly with people can create allergies and respiratory aliments. The Gemini cell salt is Kali. Mur.

GEMINI ON THE CUSP / CANCER INTERCEPTED: The continual flux in the life (ruled by the House) upsets security and closeness needs. This can lead to stomach and digestive disorders when the individual finds that the many changes do not allow him much time for the affairs of this House. The Cancer cell salt is Cal. Fluor.

CANCER ON THE CUSP / LEO INTERCEPTED: Playing the child as a dependency role in a relationship or situation without seeking respect or authority can lead to heart and circulation ailments. The Leo cell salt is Mag. Phos.

LEO ON THE CUSP / VIRGO INTERCEPTED: The individual may feel that he is forced to take charge when he would rather be in a more subordinate role, tending to details and out of the limelight. The tension could lead to hypoglycemia, inflammation of the intestines, constipation/diarrhea or poor eating habits based upon internal frustration (getting your “bowels in an uproar,” so to speak). Avoiding details and allowing them to sabotage your big plans can cause an imbalance in the Virgo cell salt of Kali. Sulphate.

VIRGO ON THE CUSP / LIBRA INTERCEPTED: The critical tendencies of Virgo, which prevent the individual from accepting people and conditions ‘‘as is,” keep him from relating, sharing and cooperating successfully with others. The need for approval through service and doing everything one’s self and trying to do it perfectly prevents sharing and reciprocity. This combination makes the individual too critical (fear of failure or rejection) in some creative aspect of this House position. There may be a tendency to develop diabetes, hypoglycemia or acid- alkaline imbalances. The Libra cell salt is Nat. Phos.

LIBRA ON THE CUSP / SCORPIO INTERCEPTED: There is a need to assert control over this House position in your life Repressed resentments through being overly accommodating in this area can lead to kidney and bladder infections, arteriosclerosis and other Scorpio illnesses when you try to please others rather than take control for yourself. The Scorpio cell salt is Cal. Sulphate.

SCORPIO ON THE CUSP / SAGITTARIUS INTERCEPTED: The desire to be in control or the tendency to feel controlled by this House position keeps the individual from experiencing freedom and spontaneity in this area. Feeling trapped can lead to sciatica, respiratory ailments and the tendency to be accident-prone. The Sagittarius cell salt is Silica.

SAGITTARIUS ON THE CUSP / CAPRICORN INTERCEPTED: Freedom and independence is sought at the expense of security. The individual may very well be out of touch with his ambitions. The individual may be unable to achieve anything permanent or secure. If Sagittarius rises and Aquarius is on the 2nd House cusp, the fluctuation would occur with both the personality and the personal finances. This could lead to rheumatism, joint and skin problems. The Capricorn cell salt is Cal. Phos.

CAPRICORN ON THE CUSP / AQUARIUS INTERCEPTED: The need for independence and freedom is subjugated for security urges. Capricorn can fear dependency, being helpless and loss to the point that they worry themselves intro a dependency situation -a job, a relationship or a financial situation. The loss of freedom in the House area can lead to low blood sodium, high blood pressure and circulatory problems. The Aquarius cell salt is Nat. Mur.

AQUARIUS ON THE CUSP / PISCES INTERCEPTED: The objective, scientific, black-or-white views of Aquarius may be at variance with the imaginative tendencies of Pisces. This combination is often resolved through humanistic or humanitarian activities in this House area, The individual needs to cultivate feeling and empathy of matters of this House. Piscean health problems may develop through repression of feeling such as water retention, high blood pressure or a generally low vitality. The Piscean cell salt is Fer. Phos.

PISCES ON THE CUSP / ARIES INTERCEPTED: Being the “nice person,” rather than doing what one wants, and not being assertive in a situation can create tension headaches, acid-alkaline imbalances or arteriosclerosis. The Aries cell salt is Kali. Phos.

NOTE: To my knowledge, the following intercepts will not occur on the Ascendant: Taurus with Gemini intercepted, Cancer with Leo intercepted, Virgo with Libra intercepted, Libra with Scorpio intercepted and, except with 29 Scorpio rising in certain latitudes, Scorpio with Sagittarius intercepted.

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  1. I want to thank you so much for this insight. How spot on…(my biggest fear always seemed to be that Of abandonment.). In my 20s (im 74 now, may 14, 1946; 12:27 AM, Mount Clemens, Mich.), a well-known astrologer in Santa Barbara told me I had Capricorn rising (about 28° )near the cusp of Aquarius intercepted by Aq. Although my grandmother was prof astrologer I dint know, I’ve always been just a student & never knew what intercepted signs meant although I did see one book about intercepted signs. Not sure how significant it is because every time I had my chart done no one ever said anything about asc. being intercepted. Because I appreciate the hard work of astrologers/genuine psychics I’m not the type to ask for freebies though I did a lot of trades when I had, “New Age forum, ” my radio show of two years in the 80s.
    The health info also accurate tho I won’t burden you with that. In relation to that, I didn’t really worry about becoming helpless/dependent but it manifests this way now. Sounds like we both went through the 60s. Aging seems to be gods worst joke…

    1. Trina, your ASC is not intercepted but you have a sign intercepted in your 1st House (and the 7th). This is not unusual for Capricorn ASC in northern latitudes. Aquarius is almost always intercepted in the 1st House. Jupiter and Saturn will be transiting this area INTERCEPTED. It is essential that you step out of the practical realism of Capricorn and its control issues to be a risk taker and go with the portended changes and new cycle. I am writing articles on this now. Aquarius rules the circulatory system so exercise and deep breathing will be helpful. In Tarot, I think of the card, THE FOOL. I love this card because it urges the reader to take a risk, a leap of faith.

  2. Greetings & thank you. This information is extremely helpful. My question is what do we do if the damage has already been done? For example, I was severely congested as a child 1st House Scorpio on the cusp / Sag intercepted and 6th House Taurus on the cusp / Gemini intercepted. So, I feel that the constant congestion as a child has caused bacteria build up and now I’ve been forced to live with halitosis for a very long time and it’s been a challenge finding a cure. Is there anything astrologically to clear the bacteria? I no longer suffer congestion so I wonder if the salts will clear the bacteria.

    1. I am a bit confused about your chart. You cannot have Sagittarius intercepted in the 1st House but Gemini intercepted in the 6th House. I am presuming that you have Scorpio on the 12th with Sagittarius intercepted.
      Interceptions are the most problematic if there is a natal planet intercepted. If no planets in the intercepted sign, then planets are only problematic when a slow moving planets transits the interception.
      No, the cell salts will not get rid of bacteria. First, has a doctor diagnosed bacterial over-growth in the gut — those would cause a lot of bloating. The main cause of halitosis is almost always an infection in the gums. The cure for this is a deep gum cleaning — very costly — and then keep rinsing with colloidal silver. If there is bacteria on the tongue, CS will correct this. AND, Colloidal Silver does cure bacterial over-growth. Holistic practitioners often prefer the from called Argentyn 23 which you can order online. It is non-toxic but regular CS has never been toxic to me or my friends who use it.

      1. Yes, you’re correct about the 12th House. I was so excited to find this amazing information, I wasn’t thinking correctly. Thanks so much for the advice, I’m going to get right on it! Blessed be!

  3. Thank you, Lynn! I’m discovering so much every day. Yes, I have the CAP ascendant and Aquarius intercepted in the first house.

    Aquarius is my SUN. Wondering how so many (six) planets in Aquarius will be affecting me during my natal return on Feb 13th (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter)! As well, Pluto will be in the first house, Capricorn.

    While I’ve avoided table salt in food for most of my life, I’m starting to use a little bit. It’s an overwhelming taste to me.

    1. I think the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21 2020 is the most important aspect — see my article. In the 1st House, it is changing how you project yourself to the world, in terms of social transformations (like those going on in the world). One thing about the intercepted Aquarius and your Sun is that women often develop anemia. Food sources of B12 and iron as the best. B12 is best under the tongue or a rub on cream.

  4. I’m headed to your article right now! Thanks for the quick reply and your valuable insight. I truly appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge on this page.

  5. Hi Lynn! I was thrilled to stumble upon this article. I’ve got Taurus11th/Scorpio5th intercepted with 11° Taurus moon and 29° Taurus sun intercepted. No planets in 5th (cancer rising). I’ve had breast cancer and numerous surgeries over the past 13/14 years. I saw you above comment about only if you’ve got natal planets and then they get transited by slow planets… I see that Uranus transit coming up on my moon, and I’m wondering what I can do (cell salt wise, lifestyle, energetic tools) to help me get through this Uranus transit affecting thus axis.

    1. It is very difficult to analyze what a transit will do without knowing the chart. Look to the House position of Uranus to determine from where the changes originate. You Moon is intercepted so your emotions were blocked during your childhood. I think I have an article on intercepted planets on this website. When intercepted, a planet can only express itself in the House wherein it is located — the 11th House of friendships, groups and organizations, and people with whom we share a common goal or vision – like-minded people. You might find emotional expression in “unconventional” groups. Since this transit lasts through early March 2022, the pandemic may be over and you can actually socialize in groups. Do not dwell on health issues. Health is only affect when we repress the energy for change. Uranus can cause low-grade inflammation so avoid inflammatory foods – bad cards and sugar are the main ones. Find a way to express your feelings — even if it is just with friends with whom you get together for lunch. Look up Uranus transits and intercepted planets on my website.

      1. Thank you! Uranus is 4th libra. I have had LOTS of changes in that area, so that makes tons of sense (family disruptions/crises since 2017, we just moved states after thinking about it since 2019, I just completed a second round of breast reconstruction surgeries that started in 2018, etc). And I didn’t feel like I “came alive” until I found “my people” in groups and I do feel like i can fully express myself now that I’ve discovered how to find my people. Ah! I love astrology! It’s so fascinating!🤩 and Thanks for the tip on inflammation. I’m noticing this lately.

  6. What about when your nodes are intercepted? My north node is in intercepted Capricorn in my 8th house. Jupiter and Venus are also intercepted in this house. Many thanks for your wisdom!

    1. I have not paid much attention to Nodes intercepted. Since they are not Objects, I confess that I have ignored them. I have a controversial perspective of the Nodes anyway, since I have been observing them since the 1960s.
      When there are no planet in the intercepted sign, I look at any planets from Mars outwards transiting the interception as you will have to PUSH to activate them. When T Jupiter would go through my intercepted Sagittarius in the 4th House, I would feel trapped in the house. So, in the future cycles, I would plan short trips to get away.
      I am not a big “Karmic Relationship” believer — at this stage of humanity’s evolution, everyone we meet is “karmic” or someone whom we have known before. Going over 70+ years of outer planet transits to my Nodes (and the Progressed Moon), I observed that the transits (regardless of the nature of the aspect) only triggered the energy of the aspecting planet. When my progressed Moon crossed my NN, my mother died. This is not the signature of a death (there were other transits and progressions) but it was a highly emotional time.

  7. Thank you Lynn for these wonderful insights. I find so much resonance with this and the other article on interceptions here on your website. I love your example of how this manifested for you with intercepted Gemini in 10th house and how you were able to overcome it.
    I have Scorpio intercepted in the 12th house with Scorpio Sun, Mercury and Uranus. I find the given advice “There is a need to assert control over this House position in your life” a little tricky for applying to the 12th! Would so appreciate your insight.
    My 17°Scorp Mercury is in a grand fixed square opposite intercepted Chiron in Taurus 6th house and square Leo north node (9th) conjunct Midheaven/Aquarius South node conjunct I.C.
    Absolutely I relate to the ‘delayed’ life and not truly knowing the self.
    This has manifested as ME/CFS for the last many years – (Unable to access life-force energy of Sun?) calling me to dig deep in that discovery of self. Sometimes I feel like I have cracked the code though change/progress is still elusive!
    Thank you for any insights you may be able to share around keys to unlock these energies!

    1. Frist, Fee, you do not have a Fixed Cross. The Nodes are not objects so they are never used by professionals to form a pattern. I say professionals because there are a lot of people posting on the internet who are not as knowledgeable as they pretend. And, I do not use the MC to form a Cross. However, I do use the ASC and the MC to form a Grand Trine.
      CFS is likely connected to the Scorpio/Taurus opposition, especially intercepted. These sign impact the thyroid. I had CFS and my dentist gave me Armour Thyroid (raw thyroid gland — prescription) and it perked me up in 3 days.
      However, there can be other causes for CFS such as Lyme, FMS…just to name a couple. But know that low thyroid is hypothyroid. Check your body temperature. It is in the 97s, it is the thyroid.
      If I had planets intercepted in the 12th, I would consider moving to a different Time Zone where these planets would be on the MC or ASC (try These are issues buried so deep that you do not even know what they are.
      A friend has Mercury in Leo intercepted in the 12th and she said that she had thoughts buried so deep inside of her that she did not know what they were — hence, where I got this phrase. She was a counselor in a women’s prison and she connected with herself by counseling others and identifying with their problems.

      1. Hi Lynn. I’m so grateful for your detailed response, thank you! Big resonance with Mercury intercepted in 12th being thoughts buried so deep they’re unreachable/unknowable. I’ve recently been seeing a hypnotherapist to see if I can alter that. Maybe a little progress but early days.
        My health issues have been totally elusive – thyroid is involved/affected for sure though actually tests more on the hyper side (& only borderline) which doctors have often found surprising. May be linked in to having Mars (conjunct ascendant) and Neptune in my first house. Amazing to hear you had such a swift recovery with the right remedy. That must have felt so wonderful. Like coming back to life!
        I spent some time looking at for relocation…. looks like Alaska is the key! Currently in Australia so would just be a small change! Hehe
        Thanks again Lynn!

  8. Hello Lynn
    Thank you for your site. I stumbled upon by accident because I searched for “venus intercepted in first house” because here I am thinking: does not venus in the first house make me attractive?
    My love life has just stunk my entire life. Can’t keep a relationship. I was born 28 Mar 1963 at 2:15am in the Los Angeles area. My Mars I think is also intercepted in Leo.
    My midheaven has some outer planet sitting right on it.
    Have you ever heard anything about Saturn returns, or even Saturn transits to your midheaven as a time one might pass on from this life? I thought I once read it about Princess Diana. She had some transit to her midheaven all those years ago.
    Anyway I would appreciate any insight you might throw my way, regarding love and relationships, friends family work motivation self worth
    Love ya!

    1. I cannot answer in detail in this format. I suggest obtaining Betty Lunsted’s ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY. Venis-Saturn are interceptd in the 1st House and Mars-Transpluto (see articles on this website) intercepted in the 7th. You have a Fixed Cross with the Moon-Transpluto (10 Leo)-Neptune and Saturn. You get into Fixed Patterns of relating. Mom tuned out by the time you turned 3 years, feeling that she would never fulfill her dearest hopes and wishes. She was not there for you or anyone else. By almost 10 years she was unhappy with the traditional female/house wife role and you do not like it either. Around 7.5 to 9 years, criticisms abounded in the family through much dissatisfaction. By 12-13 years, there were unexpressed childhood traumas that have impacted your attitude towards relationships.
      I have a friend with a Fixed Cross and he keeps attracting the same bossy women, just like his mother. Venus-Saturn was a message that, before you can be happy, the people you love have to be happy — feeling that in love you have to be responsible for others. WRONG!!!
      With Neptune, you look for something that you will never find so that you will not be stuck with it.
      There are possible thyroid issues healthwise — lots of kelp tablets are helpful. It stems from swallowing words and blocking the throat chakra. Neptune R tens to be more humanitarian. Healing and the 2nd House are associated with body movements that stimulate Chi and Lymph — Tai Chi, yoga, bio-energetics, aerobics, etc

  9. I was born 12/28/75 4:39 therefore a Capricorn Sun. Capricorn Sun and Mercury intercepted in 3rd house also ninth house of Cancer intercepted with Vertex. I desire to use songwriter as an outlet if my emotions and help others heal with my words through some form of holistic healing but find blockages and obstacles to pursue a career. I am currently pursuing masters in Psychology.

  10. Hi! I’m just getting started in astrology trying to get my life in order after a bipolar diagnosis, raising two kids during year 3 of a pandemic 🥴 Anyway! I have Cap ascendant with Aquarius intercepted in first house. My Jupiter is sadly intercepted in that house. Then opposite that obvs Cancer 7th house cusp with Leo intercepted in Leo I have mercury, mars and Venus 😩 I often feel that my life is falling apart just recently diagnosed PMDD as well, this last cycle I’ve had swollen hands, faster heartbeat, I have had high blood pressure since college (African American therefore runs in my family as my ancestors were clearly the ones who could hold onto their sodium and therefore stay hydrated on the slave ships on the way over), I can no longer take my own bp because the anxiety causes constant elevation until I just flip out. My concern is, being bipolar my routine has been my only saving Grace with kids/pandemic etc… How can I embody an Aquarius 1st house sense of self without sabotaging my mental illness. Thank you. I am absolutely loving your work! XOXO Kori Hall

    1. Working with the intercepted Aquarius will do nothing for BiPolar. BI-POLAR ANALYSIS:

      I have examined charts for bi-polar. These children grew up at a time when the family was in crisis. These individuals seem to have a poor sense of self and cannot detach from the crisis…hence, they find themselves patterning emotionally with the family’s emotional roller coaster. Things can improve in the family but the emotional patterning continues. The poor sense of self is due to Saturn and or Neptune afflictions to the Sun and or Moon.
      Even in an Edgar Cayce reading for a bi-polar, Cayce advised that they get the person out of the terrible family. In one example, Neptune in the 4th indicates the empathy with the family dynamics.
      Septile transits (52+ degrees) can be aggravating transits.
      People with BP seem to do well on the anti-inflammatory diet (no sugar and identify food allergies) and lots of physical exercise.
      Uranus can be strong as it takes one to extremes
      Out of Bounds Planets are common as the individual needs to be taught HOW to use the OOB planet.

      An anti-inflammatory diet is essential as you have to see this as a lifetime commitment. Anti-inflammatory supplements are essential but not a cure. I have not found vitamins and supplements to be a substitute for traditional BP medications.
      Adrenal Dominance is often common — see article on this website
      Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy repatterns the roller coaster pattern form the childhood.
      PMDD is a bad form of PMS – I found that Wild Yam and Chaste Tree helped with PMS moods. Pain and cramps are caused by the depletion of blood calcium 5 days before the period starts. I would contact Life Extension Foundation for a good source of a calcium compound, one that is easily absorbable (most are not)

  11. Hi Lynn!

    I am curious what your interpretations are for a Pisces interception in the 2nd House and a Virgo intercept in the 8th House. I’ve read so many conflicting thoughts, but I am curious about what you think!


    1. You just have to read intercepted signs for that information. If there are no planets in these signs, I ignore them and emphasize the ruler of the House cusp, not the interception. They can be highlighted when Mars outwards transit those Houses. T Neptune is obviously intercepted in the 8th so it s important to define boundaries with finances and your involvement with others. Keep an eagle eye on joint finances and investments. Look at Pisces health issues through fears. Cultivate dreams and psychic experiences.

  12. My best girlfriend suffered a brain bleed, from an AVM aneurysm 8:15am October 4, 2023 Jensen Beach, FL and by the grace of God her husband was there and able to get her flown to a stroke hospital within that initial ‘golden hour’. She survived the neurosurgeries. I looked at the transits and found Mars/SN near/on the midpoint of her natal yod’s sextile (boomerang?) opposite the apex of her 29º Moon, in intercepted 1H Aries. Though I initially wanted to read/learn more on intercepted signs and the houses that occupy them, after being led to this thread I was thrilled as I have admired your medical astrology gifts for decades! I wondered what you might have to say on this seemingly unusual set of circumstances. We’ve been besties for over 28 years I know she would love to learn any feedback as she regains her abilities and returns to her former self. She had been avidly pursuing astrology knowledge and experience recently and we both became curious why we kept learning of people coming down with some sort of traumatic illness/event around the age of 53/54 some aspect (me being one in that ‘group’) and she half-joked she was determined to stay even MORE vigilant with her health as she was approaching her 53rd birthday (11/11/70) and didn’t want to be in that ‘club’. She lived very holistically, exercised and ate well (save a bit of a sweet tooth) only whole foods and organic everything in/on her body even growing some of her own veggies and herbs. Her stats are Brooklyn, NY; 14:22; 11/11/70 to confirm her natal Yod and interception, etc. She has a loaded 8th house Scorpio, so I know she will make it through this. I too am 8h Aries Sun conjunct Mercury quincunx Pluto conjunct 1º Virgo Asc, born to live and die over and over. 3/31/63; 15:38; Maywood, NJ

    1. About a Moon intercepted, I have an article on my website on the intercepted planets. Healthwise, relationships issues can trigger health issues – skin or kidneys. Saturn in the 2nd House in Taurus opposing Scorpio definitely indicates thyroid issues — problems expressing Will. It is part of a Fixed T-Square is Transpluto at 14 Leo in the 6th. I think that the biggest trigger is Neptune, part of the Yod, crossing her ASC for a 2 year period (I have my Mars at 24 Gemini). Aries really does have rulership over health issues with the head, although there are many, many rulerships for parts of the head. P Moon was crossing Chiron in Aries, a repressed wound.
      Putting her head in the sand and not speaking up for herself can generate pressure in the head area.
      For a 4-year period at least (I have not looked this up in an ephemeris) P Jupiter is crossing Mercury in the 8th can trigger an aneurysm

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