Lunar Return House Positions

A Lunar Return chart is one that is calculated for the exact moment that the Moon returns to the same sign-degree-minute where it was at birth. This occurs every month. I use these charts to see where my energies will be applied and the sphere of activity during the coming month.

When I am in Europe, the Moon’s House position in Europe prevails during that Return period but, when I return home to the Washington DC area, the Return Chart recalculated for Washington DC better describes what is going on in my life.

I also use the Mars Return chart that describes where the major activity will be in my life for a 2-year period. You can use these descriptions for the Mars Return chart as well.

1st House: You feel more in control of your life and activities. It is easier to be in the spotlight. Social interaction is easy. You feel better now. There are exceptions when the Moon is heavily afflicted and you may have to address health issues.

2nd House: Finances are emphasized. Money matters can improve. However, watch spending now. The 2nd House is the most compulsive House.

3rd House: This is a mentally active time. Lots of new ideas, short trips and mental interaction with others are all favored. I often travel to visit a friend in Virginia Beach with this Return.

4th House: You may feel stuck in the home or in the office during this period. If you need private time, it can be fulfilling. You are more focused in this private area. Sometimes health issues may keep you at home. Sometimes family responsibilities and commitments take up your time. I have traveled when the Moon was in the 4th during a Return. The trip did have an emotional impact. Personally, I tend to feel trapped and over-eat due to frustration.
NOTE: If you are considering a move or real estate purchase, the Moon in the Return 4th can trigger this event.

5th House: This is a time to focus upon personal creativity and just having fun. If attempting a pregnancy, this is a good cycle. In psychological terms, it is an important time to give structure to the Creative Child within.

6th House: This is a busy time. I have traveled at this time but I had a lot of work to do…professional activities, conferences, seminars and lectures.

7th House: Relationships are the focus. Meeting and interacting with people is strongly indicated. It is a social time but usually on other people’s terms – doing what they want which can facilitate growth and new experiences. I had an Open House event. I took a trip to visit an old friend. I have met new people as well.

8th House: Money Issues! Lots of bills can come in. I have received “unearned income” at this time as well. I am thinking that it may be a good cycle for playing the lottery— but I never won anything. My mother passed away with this Return, although it rarely indicates death by itself.

9th House: All expansive activities are stimulated— travel, education, communications and media activities, publications. Spiritual activities are favored.

10th House: Career and professional activities are highlighted. It is a good time to be out in the world and seek recognition. I like having a party during this cycle. I have found that my work suddenly gets recognition. I am in the spotlight.

11th House: This is a good social time with meetings with friends, groups and organizations. I have given lectures to groups and I have attended new lectures. During one Return when the Moon was intercepted, I felt that my socializing was blocked. You need to PUSH under such circumstances.

12th House: A sense of isolation prevails. If you are not comfortable being alone, this can be a frustrating time. You can feel walled off from others. It is a good time to get in touch with yourself and your feelings. It is a good time for retreat and meditation. Personally, I feel very lonely and isolated.

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  1. Hello, thank you for this helpful information. Do you have guidance for actually calculating the lunar return chart? I’ve used Astrodinest and AstroSeek, but they don’t give the same result, so I must be doing something incorrectly or not understanding something.

  2. To Jen, AstroWin is an astrology program you can find for free on the web. Once you install it and input your information, you can click on “lunar return” and pull the lunar return chart up in an instant.

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