INTERCEPTED PLANETS: Use Placidius House Cusps

ATTENTION:  A reader wrote to me about the authors — The “unknown astrologer” is (are) Marion D. March & Joan McEvers, winners of astrology’s prestigious Regulus Award for Education, and the copyright has not expired.  The material you shared from THE MERCURY HOUR is actually on pages 106 of “The Only Way to Learn Astrology Volume II” (© 1981 March & Mc Evers).  Unfortunately, this person gave a bad email so I could not thank her.  The email that she gave bounced.

Intercepted planets operate like 12th House planets in that they represent blocked energy. Unlike 12th House planets, the intercept planet can only express itself in the House in which it is placed. Once the intercepted planet gains momentum, it is very powerful.

Initially, the energy of the planet is intercepted, fenced-in and blocked by the parents or the environment. Once the individual finds an outlet for the energy of the planet, it is a very powerful force in the life.

I found an old article without the author on Interceptions, which I believe was THE MERCURY HOUR. Since the copyright has long since expired (from the 1980s), I feel that I can share this. The author states: If the Sun, Moon, ruler of the Ascendant or if the ruler of the intercepted signs are also intercepted, there may be some delay in getting the life stated in the right direction. Tensions and frustrations must be worked out. Often the best avenue is through the House that the intercepted planet rules. If there are no planets in the intercepted signs, the House itself needs attention.

This author iterates my thoughts exactly as I have observed them in natal charts. I will also add that, if the ruler of the intercepted sign is in the 12th House, life will also be delayed.

I use interceptions in medical astrology. If there is no outlet for the sign/planet, it can lead to health issues. I have three planets intercepted in Gemini — Moon-Uranus-Mars. These energies were definitely blocked by my mother as I was growing up. Eventually, I developed allergies and respiratory illnesses until my studies in astrology liberated these planets. In the 10th House, it was through my practice of professional astrology.

NOTE: On my website, under Medical, I have an article on medical astrology and the intercepted signs.

SUN: A sense of “who I am” was not instilled by the parents so that the individual initially lacks a sense of purpose, direction and career ambitions. The individual feels no respect for their own individuality. Once the intercepted Sun is released into the House in which it is placed, the leadership qualities begin to manifest. Like a 12th House Sun, they may not feel that they can be ON, extroverted, 24/7. They need time to retreat and have “quiet time.”

The unknown author states: The Sun intercepted may indicate one who is under some kind of restraint, especially in the early years of life. The need is to find a special field or place where this person can be comfortable and stand alone. Often, there is a feeling of some lack within self, making it difficult for the individual to relate to others. With dedication and proper direction, the individual can go straight to his/her goals.

I might add that, using Astro-Carto-Graphy, the individual is encouraged to visit the Sun Asc/MC or even IC line. The Sun-Descendant line would give more power to others so this is not advised.

MOON: During the childhood, the individual was not allowed to express or be in touch with emotions, often experiencing them as being cut off or compartmentalized in some way. This repression can lead to health issues that are connected with the emotions. Yet, at other times, like a beach ball being pushed under the water and the released, the emotions can flare up beyond the individual’s control, dominating over reason. The family did not have empathy for the individual’s feelings.

As a child, I was reprimanded against crying. Any type of emotion made my mother feel uncomfortable and angry. I learned to keep my tears inside until severe allergies developed whereby tears could flow from my eyes in a more accepted manner. My eyes would tear and my nose would run just as if I was crying. Diseases associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra can be affected.
The unknown author states: “An intercepted Moon intensifies the emotions. Feelings are accentuated but there may be a problem in communicating and, at times, even a speech impediment (although this would have to be verified elsewhere in the chart). There may be a feeling of rejection and a withdrawal at the emotional level. Once this is handled, the person can be very effective in communication — then others will listen and heed words spoken.”

MERCURY: The individual felt that he/she could not communicate during the early environment – and everyone needs to communicate in some way. They come to feel that no one understands their ideas or thoughts, especially since they have no experience in communicating with others. Communication is blocked or frustrated. This can eventually slow the thyroid as Will and Words become stuck in the Throat Chakra. When you do not express yourself, you do not get feedback on your ideas so they can become distorted or illogical.
The unknown astrologer states: Mercury intercepted indicates that the thinking process works along lines different from those of others and often this person feels misunderstood and out of step with peers. Once the individual has learned to evaluate his/her own intellectual integrity, becoming very good at appraising values so that others respect his intellect.”

VENUS: When Venus is blocked, the individual feel unable to reach out, express and get love in the life in a normal manner. Relationships may be unsatisfying and unfulfilling because they do not know how to express what they want. The sign of Venus will indicate the type of love that they need and appreciate. When you do not know what you value and what makes you feel loved and appreciated, you will ultimate attract the wrong types.

The unknown astrologer states: “With an intercepted Venus, the individual seeks love in an entirely personal way that may even be secret or held apart from all other area of the life. Since the idea of love is very intense and limited, the individual may feel that he/she has never really experienced real love. In this case, a creative outlet is of great benefit.”

Medically, Venus is connected with blood sugar disorders, Lyme disease (and I do not know why) and the Heart Chakra.

MARS: When Mars is blocked, anger becomes frustrated and interrupted. Initiative is blocked by the parents or by early environmental factors. Anger may be seen as BAD or don’t do this because you might get hurt.” Nothing normally excites the individual into action so that they need externals to motivate. Frustrated anger causes intolerance and sudden outbursts of temper.

Medically, Mars can be accident-prone; it affects the thyroid and the adrenals; auto-immune diseases and chronic inflammations. This is not so difficult to remedy. I only have thyroid issues. However, in the 10th House, while I am not very ambitious, a lot of energy goes into my work in astrology. Mars rules my 9th House and international travel is another energetic outlet for me.
The unknown astrologer states: “An intercepted Mars intensifies power and energy in the horoscope and how it will be worked out is shown by the activities inherent in the House position. The individual needs a specialized goal for unlimited drive and aggressive energies.”

JUPITER: When Jupiter is blocked, there can be a limited ability to find an area of freedom and expansive self-expression. Freedom may be found in externals ruled by the House position since internal freedom cannot be experienced inwardly. Inner faith may be lacking. The individual may only find something to believe in from Jupiter’s House position. Practicality and logic supplant faith.

The unknown astrologer states: “Jupiter intercepted may indicate difficulties in the early life and a bottling up or frustration of the natural enthusiasms. The individual has a sense of values that is uniquely his/her own. When opportunity knocks, the individual can take advantage in a different way than contemporaries.

Medically, Jupiter is associated with role-playing, moderation and proportion. For this reason, it is connected with diabetes and eating disorders, and disease of excess.

SATURN: When Saturn is blocked, there can be issues with the father. As a result, it may be difficult for the individual to define limits, structure and cultivate a sense of responsibility. Where are my limits? Activities of the House position will quickly define these for the individual.

While Saturn is not intercepted in my chart, it is very weakly aspected in the sign of Cancer. I was never given real supporting structure and a sense of responsibility for my life. This was a real problem for living in the real world. Astrology became my substitute parent. With its House position in the 11th, I developed a real sense of responsibility in groups, in some type of leadership position. I also learned lessons about commitment from Capricorn friends — “who I hated at first and then, as I become more responsible, I came to love and appreciate.”

The unknown astrologer states: “An intercepted Saturn gives great sensitivity to other’s problems and an uncanny knack for solving problems. However, things that upset others rarely bother this person and he/she develops an outer expression to enable him/her to take the risks needed to achieve goals.  NOTE: That is, without a strong structuring system, one can more easily take risks.

Medically, without limits, health issues come from taking on too many responsibilities for others. This leads to osteo-porosis, osteo-arthritis, neuropathy and back pain.

URANUS: When Uranus is blocked, the individual is inhibited in expressing the need to be different, to pursue progressive and unique interests, worrying too much (from the parents) about what others will think. Like Uranus Retrograde, the individual will bottle up-bottle up-bottle up and then explode with a sudden decision or action that may shock others. The unconventional may make the individual feel uncomfortable. These actions may be externally motivated.

The unknown astrologer states: With Uranus intercepted, there is a certain timidity of expression, particularly where originality is concerned. There is a fear of ridicule. There is a need to overcome the sensitivity that will not allow the individual to express his/her idealism and uniqueness.

Medically, Uranus rules the electromagnetic field, the electrical currents that run through the Nadis and the nervous system.

NEPTUNE: With a blocked Neptune, it may be difficult to get in touch with ideals and materialize them. The individual is cut off from fantasy life and, thus, they can become phobias. It is important to seek ideals outside of one’s self, possibly in some humanitarian work or travel. Being practical and realistic were emphasized in the early environment. While the Unknown Astrologer feels the person can be a recluse or dreamer, I do not feel that they were allowed to dream but rather to be more practical and realistic. Practical studies in creative subjects and mythology are suggested.

The unknown astrologer states:  When Neptune is intercepted, there is a desire to avoid leadership. This is the person who must be urged to step out and assert self or he/she can become a recluse or a dreamer, completely introspective. If Neptune is angular, there is a strong need to reach out to others and this should be encouraged.

Medically, Neptune is connected with the immune system, allowing overgrowth of bacteria and parasites and even some cancers, such as skin cancer.

PLUTO: With Pluto blocked, the need to feel powerful, to express personal power, is limited except in the House position. Transformation occurs from outside of one’s control. Feeling empowered will come through the activities of the House position.

The unknown astrologer states: With Pluto intercepted, the life motivation is different from that which spurs others. This person’s need for action often comes from a group feeling and a giant need for approval. The individual should be urged to use the deep sense of obligation to investigate the life thoroughly and completely.

Medically, Pluto is associated with psychological feelings of powerlessness. This occurs with prostate cancer. Many cancers arises from repressed resentments that suddenly surface in the life.

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  1. The “unknown astrologer” is (are) Marion D. March & Joan McEvers, winners of astrology’s prestigious Regulus Award for Education, and the copyright has not expired. The material you shared from THE MERCURY HOUR is actually on pages 106 of “The Only Way to Learn Astrology Volume II” (© 1981 March & Mc Evers). For works created after Jan 1, 1978, a copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus an additional 70 years. Even if it was expired, these gifted astrologers should still receive credit due them for their insights, as well as for their wonderful 6-book “The Only Way to Learn Astrology” series. I hope you’ll update your post to include their names. Thank you very much for all of your wonderful articles.

  2. Most of my personal planets are intercepted and my outer planets retrograde, this all feels familiar. Whether I’m using Placidus, Koch, porphyry, etc. houses are intercepted as well. I do use Placidus though, which feels most accurate to me, with my 12th house and Aries planets, Sun, Moon, Saturn, NN intercepted and Mars too…… It’s almost like all of my houses are intercepted!
    But I’m almost 53, it’s been a journey and things improve with time and effort.
    Thanks for the article!

    1. Gina, Interceptions in the 12th denote qualities and even talents that are buried deep inside of you. One way, if possible, to release these planets in relocation — usually a a new time zone from your birth that brings the planet out into the open. I believe provides Astro-Carto-Graphy maps. Actually, you do not have to actually MOVE to a new location but visiting there can help. I had to see the Berlin Wall coming down in November 1989. This put my 12th House Mercury and ruler of my ASC in the 10th House. The change was not immediate. I started traveling every November and connecting with astrologers in Central Europe — except for the CV19 and an EBVirus in 2004, I travel there every year. With each visit, I began changing and my life has been altered in so many ways.

      1. Lynn, I’m a Taurus rising, Uranus will be crossing over from the 12th House into my first house in a couple years. I love to travel but have never traveled as much as I dreamed I would as a child. I work a lot, financial reasons and other obligations have interfered with my dream.
        Recently I bought a new home but have become tired of the chores and responsibilities of owning a home….this is not my first home but having sold the home I lived in 10 year after my ex and I divorced, I thought this new home would be a good idea And to make this my last home. But I’m not as happy as I thought I’d be. Working and owning a home….I’m tired of the routine.
        Who knows! Maybe I’m ready to move away or commit to traveling and not letting work and responsibilities run my life!
        The best time of my life was when I was 15 and spent a summer in Italy. My aunt and uncle lived there at the time. I would have been very happy to have never returned home!
        I’ve tried to use’s relocation chart but… many confusing lines! I’ll have to give it some more attention.

        Thank you for taking time to respond.

  3. My moon is in the sign of Piscis and intercepted in the 12th house! My Quiron in the sign of Aries is intercepted in the 12th house.
    And yes, I have been stuttering up to 38 yo.
    And yes it was as if I did not allow my heart to speak freely, now I do, many factors have contributed, though, to the shift. Also, I always had a hard time expressing aggression (Aries) and putting myself first. Btw my Mars is also intercepted in Libra, in the sixth house, together with Uranus, Venus, Pluto. This is the first time that I find this information and I DO testify for me it fits 100%. There is still a long way to go in strengening my heart. I would like to ask if these kind of difficult interceptions might have some karmic reasons. So much to discuss on these interceptions. You say that the way to liberate the planets is working though the signs: Aries would mean sport, assertivity and allowing anger? Libra through art and music? Thank you so much.

    1. Batik, you gave an excellent description of the Moon intercepted in Pisces — and using it well. A friend who had Mercury intercepted in the 12th (Pisces) told me that she had thoughts (you have emotions) buried so deep inside of me that I do not even know what they are. Her profession resolved this — she was a therapist in a womens’ prison. At a deep psychological level, she found a way to articulate her thoughts. The 12th is actually a healing how because the individual become a “guinea pig” — personal experiences are used to help others. Once you solve YOUR problem, you can use this to help others. I am a 12th House persona myself and this is always a Eureka! position for me. Like you, I appreciate my 12th House planets (Leo).

  4. Scorpio rising. I have a Capricorn sun and mercury that are intercepted in second house. When working with Placidus it places my Scorpio Venus, Noon, north node, and Uranus all in the 12th house too. I had thyroid issues and decided to resolve this “medical issue” on my own by writing and meditating rather than prescriptions. I would love more direction mainly career and how to unlock planets intercepted and in 12th house. I feel like I have been sloshing through mud my whole life seeking a profession that would fill me up with vitality.

    1. Scorpio-Taurus; Saturn (throat chakra) and Mars are connected to thyroid issues. Mercury does not rule the thyroid but, when badly aspect, it can indicate repressed Will and swallowing one’s words. The Cardinal sign can react to stress by producing high cortisol levels. Relocation from the birth so as to bring the 12th House planets to the MC or ASC can be helpful.
      Intercepted planets are like planets in the 12th House — only they can only be expressed in the House position of the intercepted planets.
      Mercury would involve some type of communication or teaching. The Sun involves leadership and a position of authority — but it is impossible to give a career based solely upon the intercepted planets.
      The 2nd House also rules healing — body movements that stimulate Chi such as yoga, Tai Chi, aerobics and Bioenergetics as examples.

  5. Yeah, Sun , Mercury and Mars intercepted in the third house, in Aries. I’m somewhat a frustrated student, not smart enough to excel academically but always trying to keep my active mind busy. I not happy or patient twiddling my thumbs. At the age of 55 I seem to have the ambition I didn’t have at 20 or 30. Taurus/Scorpio houses are doubled at 4/10 and 5/11 houses and I’m still trying to find my “niche”. Too many things I’d like to do, can’t decide what I want to do, too busy fighting to survive, to live.

    1. One of the problems with several planets in the 3rd (and intercepted) is that you can have a lot of ideas about many things but you do not get to act on them. When I see this, the best way to resolve the blockage is tomove to a different time zone whereby the blocked planets are angular, especially on the ASC or MC where you have more control.

      1. How do I go about checking for that? Would I find that information in a relocation chart? I don’t know how to read one of those.

  6. I’ve been wondering because the ruler of my ascendant (the moon), my sun and mercury are all intercepted in my 12th house. It gets complicating the more I learn. I’ve always identified with 12th house interpretations (except the sun since its also in conjunction with my ascendant) but I never thought it could also be because of the fact that my planets are actually intercepted.

    1. Tracy Marks has a good book on the 12th House. If this was my chart, I would relocate so that those 12th House planets would be on the ASC ( does this). In the 12th, thoughts and feelings are buried deep inside. I mentioned a womens’ prison psychologist said that she had thoughts buried so deep that she did not even know what they were. Yet, in counseling her feelings came to the surface. Relocation from the birth place is helpful. Yet, you need private time as you cannot be ON 24/7

  7. Help me. I know I have something important to do, but I can’t get past these blocks. No one so far has been able to give me any advice. I’m so frustrated and discouraged. DOB 5/4/76 2:07PM (14:07) French Camp, California. Please I don’t know where else to look.

    1. I only answer questions about the article and I am not giving readings due to home renovation. However, you do have the Taurus-Scorpio opposition in intercepted signs. This give a highly sensitive nature to subtle vibrations. These people often go into careers that utilize this sensitivity — creative work, healing practices, psychological counseling. T Uranus has been crossing your Sun-Jupiter and, in 2022, it will sextile your Moon. The energies are trying to unblock you with changes — such as a move or relocation, hopefully, to another time zone that will pull those planets out of interception. Read my article about T Uranus — it should make you feel “wired” and ready to make a change. With the ASC in Virgo and planets in Taurus-Cancer (a good combination for teaching), you resist change. When the status quo no longer offers security, you will change. In 2022, T Pluto will oppose your Saturn for 2 years — marking a great ending cycle during this period.

  8. Taurus/Scorpio are intercepted for me. My sun and moon are both in intercepted Taurus in the 12th house (mercury is also in my 12th house, but it is in Aries, which rules my 12th house). In my 6th house, Pluto is in intercepted Scorpio. I definitely resonate to the sense that I have almost no way of identifying my own feelings until they bubble up and feeling disconnected and misunderstood. I feel like I’ve had my life flipped on it’s head since Uranus entered Taurus – way more aware that I need things to change, but I’ve just gotten stuck and frustrated as of late despite making a lot of changes and putting in a lot of work to try and locate the things that I want/need/feel.

    1. Sometime, relocating to a different time zone can release intercepted planets but you will still feel them but not as intensely. A Sun-Moon conjunction indicates that one parent dominated your up bringing, usually it is the mother. With Pluto, that parent when a child felt alone, different and did not fit in and, presuming this was your mother, she projected this sense of not fitting in and aloneness onto you. This is actually due to an old ancestral pattern and you need to break this. You are not your mother despite her controlling nature.
      What the Taurus-Scorpio opposition does is that it makes you hyper-sensitive to subtle vibrations, energies being in discord and out of balance. This usually pulls the individual into a career that utilizes this sensitivity. The sensitivity to color and vibration favors anything creative, fields of psychology and alternative healing

  9. Hi! Any advice on how to let go of the blockages that my interception creates? I haven’t been able to find any specific advice. I would appreciate yours dearly. Birth info: 15th of February 1997, Barakaldo (Spain), 6:45 AM. Thank you!! 🙂

    1. I think the easiest way to free up Aquarius intercepted in the 1st House would be to relocate EAST of Spain. Capricorn ASC denotes a fetus what may not have been wanted during the gestation period. Move away from Capricorn conservatism of the early environment and liberate yourself into Aquarius issues.T Saturn in Aquarius in the 1st marks a cycle for redefining YOU and doing things YOUR WAY and not what others want.

  10. Hi! This is so interesting, I’ve been researching several articles about interceptions. I remember seeing my intercepted signs, and knowing that it’d be important one day, but not that day. I have capricorn intercepted in the 2nd house and cancer intercepted in the 8th house, with a moon-venus-jupiter-North node stellium in Cancer. this makes my 12th and 1st house cusps reside in scorpio, and 6th and 7th house cusps in taurus. I resonate with your description of the intercepted planets, I have troubles communicating with others, and emotionally expressing myself, even in intimate relationships. though honestly they don’t feel too intimate, thanks to the intercepted venus at play. what are your thoughts on this configuration? 😀

    1. With a Stellium in the 8th House, the planets can only be released by 8th House activities

      EIGHTH HOUSE: This House rules all things beyond our control and our attitude towards these things. It is the most obsessive house – all planets here act obsessively. Bowing to the Sun helps direct the energy outward. Cultures, as in the orient, that practice bowing do not experience psychological obsessiveness.
      It rules the resources of others, mass resources, how the partner handles money, our attitude towards sharing. There are strong control issues indicated here. It is essential that these individual learn when to release to others. They cannot always control. They need to learn to just let it go.
      When these people change, when the transform themselves, they do it in an instant. This could be giving up smoking, losing weight or major lifestyles changes. Once they make up their minds, they do it completely and immediately.

      ESOTERIC: This is a Healing House – healing those who are totally out of control. But, healing can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and even technological. It has great power for transformation and rejuvenation.
      Neptune here rules a spiritual guide of someone we knew in our youth.
      With the 4th and 12th, it rules our connection with our Soul Group. When there are strong afflictions between the 4th and 12th Houses, this often indicates a violent death in the past life. This can be part of the trauma.
      It rules psychic dreams, out of body experiences, life after life studies, near death experiences (inconjunct to ruler) and a connection with spirit guides. It can help others make transitions.
      It is our attitude towards death – do we fear God? Saturn in the 8th is often afraid of God. But, studies in reincarnation and life after death are transformational for these individuals, liberating them from the fear.
      It is also a House of Inventions. Spiritually, it is associated with finding money for those in need. A lesson is found in learning acceptance through studies in reincarnation.
      NOTE: Liberating and change can come with the death. A friend with Virgo rising and the Moon in the 8th helped others cross over.

      MEDICAL: This is a powerful healing and medical House. These people have an ability to intensely investigate what seems like unsolvable problems, especially medical problems. This House is not necessarily associated with health issues but rather with healing abilities on the part of the 8th House person. Psychologically, there is a pattern of obsessiveness that can lead to health issues.

  11. Hey Lynn
    Thanks again for all the info you share on your website. It’s been very helpful for me.
    I’m 28years old, taurus ASC, aquarius moon with a stellium of sun, mercury, mars and jupiter in intercepted sign Libra. So, my 6th house is in virgo and the 7th house is in scorpio.
    Aries is also intercepted. In your articles you say that the ruler of the sign can help release some of that energy, but my mars (ruler of Aries) is also intercepted in Libra. The ruler of Libra, venus, is conjunct chiron in virgo in the 5th house. So, where in my chart can I find help on how to release mars/Aries blockage? Should I look to my first house is taurus–> ruler venus? Or not?

    Kind regards

  12. 12/28/75 4:39 am EST
    Scorpio rising with a stellium in Scorpio, Venus, Moon, north node, Uranus. Venus is exactly on my ascendent.

    My third and ninth house is intercepted, Capricorn and Cancer with Sun and Mercury intercepted in Capricorn. Saturn in 10th in Leo. IC – Aquarius and MC in Virgo. Mars 8th house in Gemini opposite Neptune in 2nd house Sagittarius. I struggle with relationships, finances and control from others. I would love to know how to pull myself out of what I call a spiral of feeling discontent and stressed my whole life. I have a past life regression this week, hoping it will help guide. Pluto is in 12th house in Libra and seems to creep on me when I find a spiritual path I feel will help me seems to backfire …. Words of wisdom would be appreciated.

    1. First, the Nodes are not objects so they do not count as an object to be a stellium. Yes, your 1st House is loaded, denoting that you want life to be on your own terms. I have the Sun in the 1st and this is always the case. I would recommend Betty Lunsted’s book, ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PERSONALITY, to understand your aspects better. I have a Mars-Neptune square and it is a signature for a parent did not want you to grow up or go away and sabotaged your energies for independence. I find working with others who provide support and get me going — or the pressure of doing something at the last minute.
      With Mars R, you need to read my articles on natal Retrogrades. But, it always indicates a family that did not know how to handle anger. If it becomes internalized, it causes depression,

      1. Thank you! I’ll be sure to look into the retrograde article. I am also part of Cosmic Community with Heather Eland and love being apart of that community too. ☀️🌙

  13. For your information Lynn although this will probably be too awful to publish on your site. My birth chart has Gemini intercepted in the 7th house. Gemini contains Uranus, Mars, and Saturn. The standard interpretation of this is sudden or unusual death of the male partner. And, indeed, I had three male partners die anywhere from one to three years after we were no longer involved, usually at a distance and sometimes with poor explanations. My last relationship was of a decade and more years and more restricted but with a deep, abiding love on both sides. He died of an illness while we were still close. We had been looking to relocate to the West Coast and a few years later I did so alone. You suggest this relocation would alter the situation and it did. There have been no more partner deaths — because in 27 years, there have been no more partners. Not even the hint of one. So, escape through relocation is not always a solution. Many people would find this extremely depressing, so you may choose not to print it. I’d prefer you not use my name. But I can give you the names of longtime acquaintances who will confirm this.

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